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Bruno David Gallery

St. Louis, United States

Bruno David Gallery has been committed to the advancement of contemporary art and alternative visual culture in St. Louis, offering a comprehensive program of exhibitions and projects. To order soft-cover publications please go to


Judy Child: Unbounded

April 27, 2024

William Conger: Allusive

December 13, 2023

Daniel Raedeke: Playlist

October 28, 2023

Frank Schwaiger: Signals

October 28, 2023

Chris Kahler: Remix

December 12, 2022

Chris Kahler: Proximity

December 12, 2022

Jill Downen: Speak Truth

October 20, 2022

Van McElwee: Time Fork

September 1, 2022

Charles P. Reay: Trilogy

October 31, 2021

Char Schwall: Sea Lover

October 12, 2021

Chris Kahler: SHIFT

October 9, 2021