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Ten years ago, in a small school, there was a boy who was very good at football. He always played football with his friends in the playground. Max always scored a lot of goals.

After school or in his free time, his father and he went to see their favourite team playing, that team was FCBarcelona. When his team scored goals, he cheered and shouted, and when his favourite football player, Ronaldinho, scored a goal, he shouted even more and even louder! He had never missed a FCB football match.

Three years ago his dream came true: he signed a contract with FCB, at the age of 20. He signed for five years and he was going to earn 500.000â‚Ź a month. After he signed with FCB he took a lot of physical exams.

His first match was a real success! He scored two goals! During this match FCB were playing against Valencia, one of the best teams in Spain. When he scored the first goal, all the people shouted his name. His family was really proud.

Now, Max is an idol for a lot of children, after winning a lot of championships with his club. All the children want to play like him, and he is a happy man: he is living his dream.

His dream  
His dream  

the story of his dream