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had just sat down after

moving. In sum, what I find most impressive about our music

speaking in mid-May

and arts classes is the joy our boys display when they work on

at an Upper School

their projects.

assembly in the Upper

But Browning is also a school for sports, I had just said to

Gym that featured the Lyman

the Upper School boys. Think of the season that our top teams

B. Tobin Public Speaking

have put together this spring. The depth and breadth is the

Contest. A senior faculty

strongest I can remember in twenty-three years. Our tennis

member had heard me speak

team, which benefits from home court at the West Side Tennis

the day before at Alumni Day

Club in Forest Hills, was ISAL champion and also winner of

on the role of arts at Browning. Particularly because of the

the end of season ISAL tournament. Baseball, too, was an

strength of our faculty, music and art have never been stronger.

ISAL playoff champion (for the third year in a row) and

Lucy Warner’s work with the younger boys, teaching them

decisively won the final game over arch-rival Columbia Prep.

about the composer of the month, encouraging creative dance

Varsity track came in a very strong second in the ISAL meet

to new music, and leading them in joyful choruses, engages our

at Riverbank State Park, and several of our relay teams will

boys at the beginning. The Lower School music program is

enter in the championship games sponsored by the New York

carefully orchestrated to add the study of instruments and

State Association of Independent Schools. And finally, a

knowledge of notes and scales. David Prestigiacomo continues

member of our golf team will play in the NYSAIS Golf

his music theory courses in the Middle and Upper Schools

Tournament at the Putnam National Golf Course in Mahopac,

with a strong instrumental program and robust choruses. At

NY. Director of Athletics Andrew West ’92 compiles statistics

Browning it is cool to sing. I have often said this is not the case

about competition and participation every year. This year

with boys in coeducational settings.

90% of the boys in the Upper School have been on a varsity

Similarly, our art program is amazingly strong. Nikolaos Vlahos and Zackary Davis are both successful artists in their

team. Outstanding. Music, art and athletics: it is not either or at Browning.

own right who are committed to the craft of teaching. At each

All three areas provide hallmarks of excellence that engage

level, boys hone their skills and draw on their creative powers.

every boy.

The annual Art Show displays several works from almost every boy in the school, and witnessing the progression of finished pieces from five year olds to eighteen year olds is deeply

Stephen M. Clement, III Headmaster

Buzzer Spring 2011  
Buzzer Spring 2011