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Top row (L to R): Albie Bramble ’04, Adam Dalva ’04, Sam Morril ’05, Jason Friedman ’06, Luc Vareilles ’04, Alex Sheridan ’04, Robert Bramble ’06, Henry Seto ’92, Director of Alumni Affairs Laura Neller. Front row (L to R): Director of Athletics Andrew West ’92, John Ray ’95, Michael Dorra ’92, Phil Blake ’95, Chris McLeod ’95, Graham Smith ’00, and Victor Catano ’94.


halftime break, and a “Willis Reed-like” late entrance by Bryan

By Andrew H. West ’92, Director of Athletics

Boisi ’00, the older alums dominated the younger guys to bring the score within 1 point (55–54) going into the final quarter. The

Older Alums (Classes of 1992–2000): 93 Younger Alums (Classes of 2003–2006): 84


or the second year in a row, the Alumni Basketball Game was divided into teams of older and younger alums, rather

than the traditional format of even class years versus odd class years. I think that after so many consecutive tough losses, the odd year alums may be afraid. This year’s game started out very one-sided, with the young guns coming out of the gate quickly and jumping ahead to a first quarter lead of 21–12. In the second quarter, the older alums were able to sort out some defensive problems and chipped into the lead a little bit, trailing 43–36 at the half. After a much needed

fourth quarter was more of the same for the older alums, who converted most of their opportunities and outscored their opponents 39–29, to win the game by a final score of 93–84. Special thanks to Christine Bramble and Patricia Zeuner for helping to man the scorer’s table so flawlessly, along with alumnus Henry Seto ’92. Thanks to all the alumni and faculty fans that came out to watch: Ian Allen ’06, Steve Clement, Zach Davis, Pierce Forsythe ’92, Rachel Gerber, Marty Haase, Alison Hilton, Sam Keany, Maureen Linehan, Olya Makhova, Laura Neller, Zack Perskin ’09, Jim Reynolds, and Soo Mi Thompson. Shout out to the kitchen staff for the delicious sandwiches and cookies following the game! I

Buzzer Spring 2011  
Buzzer Spring 2011