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Friday, October 26, 2007


Foreseeing No. 6 men’s soccer looks to pacify Quakers the NBA future By Jason Harris Assistant Sports Editor

I’m a bit rusty, but I’m hoping writing columns will be just like riding a bike if I had actually ever learned how to ride a bike. But what to write about? The National Patriots and Colts League, err, rather the NFL, is Tom Trudeau pretty uninspiring Tru Story this year. Major League Baseball died for me the moment I saw Jeff Francis throw his junk balls to Red Sox hitters. I think the NHL season started several weeks ago, but I’m not going to pay attention to that sport until the Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Finals, at which time I’ll make pink hat-wearing, post-’04 Sox fans feel like die-hards compared to my bandwagonry. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s talk about some pre-season basketball, baby. I don’t mean to brag, but in addition to being a level six Halo slayer, I’m also something of a soothsayer. I once predicted a Scott Brosius home run off Pedro Martinez. Do you know how unlikely that is? His name rhymes with atrocious! The following things will happen in the 2007-2008 NBA season: The San Antonio Spurs will make the playoffs. I know, I know, it’s crazy! I just think the Ime Udoka signing could put them over the top. Plus Tony Parker has to be pissed about watching all those episodes of Desperate Housewives to support Eva “Longboria” Parker. You know, since she had to go to all those incredibly fun nationally televised games, in which her husband’s team almost always won and indirectly gave her millions of dollars worth of free self-promotion and invaluable publicity. LeBron James will win the MVP award, fueled by the hatred for his situation. He grew up a fan of the Cowboys, Bulls and Yankees, so I think it’s safe to assume he’s something of a front-runner. How long will it be before he realizes that Cleveland is an incredibly boring city, Eric Snow is still the starting point guard, the second option’s name is Boobie and the Cavs are going nowhere even if he is the best player in the world? I just hope he’s a Denzel fan so that if he gets really pissed off there’s a chance he’ll say “I’m LeBron James! King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me!” The Boston Celtics will not reach the NBA Finals. They have the big names, but trust me as a Yankee and (former) Ranger fan, that will only get you so far. There’s a lot to like about the team — Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are all still great players even if they’ve slipped since their prime and Rajon Rondo is an absolute nightmare for other teams on the defensive end. However, the coach is still Doc Rivers, they’ll struggle to stay healthy and their bench is thinner than Keira Knightly in the morning. General managers will continue to be gun shy about making smar t trades. What’s the over/under on mutually beneficial trades that should happen but don’t? Ten? Twelve? More? Last season the trade deadline came and went with, among others, Jermaine continued on page 9

There’s a delicate balance in sports. Be confident, but be humble. Respect your opponents, but don’t fear them. How do athletes find the middle ground to ensure optimal performance? The men’s soccer team has found this balance. Throughout the season, the team has been confident, but not overconfident. This mentality has led Brown to a 10-1-1 record and a No. 6 national ranking. Brown’s grounded approach was evident in its most recent match, a 3-1 victory over Cornell. Coming off three overtime wins in a row, two against top-15 ranked opponents, it would have been easy to take the Big Red lightly. The Bears made sure this was not the case. “We didn’t want to underestimate Cornell,” said co-captain Matt Britner ’07.5. “It was tough-fought. It’s difficult, especially traveling all the way to Ithaca.” Brown’s attitude showed in its performance. The Bears dominated play throughout the game. Head Coach Mike Noonan was pleased with the win on the road. “It was good to get a result Ashley Hess / Herald File Photo away from home,” he said. “The goals we scored were good goals. Chris Roland ’10 and the men’s soccer team will try to get one step closer to winning the Ivy League title on Saturday when the University of Pennsylvania comes They were well-conceived.” to Stevenson Field. The win keeps the Bears as frontrunners in the Ivy League. said. “They have almost everyone Bears will have to bring energy In this position, it is even more back from last year.” to the match. “Defensive intensity is a key,” important for the team to bring The Quakers have just three its A-game every day. seniors on their roster, and eight Noonan said. “We need to have “We have good confidence,” freshmen make up a class that has the ability to attack and make Britner said. “But we don’t take already contributed this season. decisions a little quicker. Against anything for granted.” Freshman Loukas Tasigianis leads Cornell, we played well tactically, Brown hopes to maintain this the Quakers’ balanced scoring at- but executed slowly.” attitude and get one step closer tack with four goals on the season. To stay on the path toward the to winning the Ivy League title Penn has seven players with at team’s 19th Ivy League championtomorrow when it hosts the Uni- least two goals. ship, the Bears have to maintain “They possess the ball well in the attitude they have had throughversity of Pennsylvania at 7 p.m. at Stevenson Field. The Quakers the midfield and are fast up front,” out the season. They refuse to be are 5-6-2 on the season and have Noonan said. “Penn plays very, phased by the fact that each competitor is gunning for them. positive momentum coming into very quickly.” “We expect that we are going Last year, the Quakers played this weekend’s match after a 2-1 victor y last Saturday at home Brown to a tough 0-0 tie in Phila- to get every team’s best,” Noonan against Yale. delphia. To overcome Penn’s said. “When we play well, it makes “They are very good,” Noonan speed and aggressiveness, the it satisfying.”

Even without a pool, LeBeau ’09 scores By Stu Woo Spor ts Editor

Grant LeBeau ’09 seems to have trouble staying out of the spotlight. After scoring 11 goals on the men’s water polo team’s six-game road trip in California, he was named the College Water Polo Association Northern Division Player of the Week.

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK Apparently, LeBeau got a taste of fame and liked it so much, he came back for seconds. After scoring nine goals in three Brown wins last week, he won the award again this week. With all the recent honors, we figured it wouldn’t hurt if we bestowed another upon him, as The Herald’s Athlete of the Week. Herald: With the challenges of this season — a new coach, no home pool and a practice pool 15 miles away at Wheaton College — has it been difficult so far? LeBeau: Probably the biggest difficulty out of the pool is not so much the total amount of time — the total amount of time (for practice) hasn’t changed that much — but last year, we would practice in the mornings. We would get all of our swimming done in the morning and all of our conditioning and then we could scrimmage for two, twoand-a-half hours in the afternoon. So it’s a lot harder to work on the team defense and offense because we have split time (in current practices) between conditioning and practicing. Our coaches do a good job of budgeting time, but it’s so much more difficult than it was last year. With these challenges in mind, how do you think the team (12-7, 5-1 CWPA North) has done so far continued on page 12

W. soccer breaks Sacred Heart By Christina Stubbe Contributing Writer

Ashley Hess / Herald File Photo

Melissa Kim ’10 scored two goals in the women’s soccer team’s 4-0 victory over Sacred Heart University on Wednesday night.

“Running on all cylinders” was how Head Coach Phil Pincince described the women’s soccer team (5-8-1, 2-2-0 in the conference) after it beat Sacred Heart University 4-0 Wednesday night. Despite being without several veteran players, the Bears, led by Melissa Kim ’10 and Jamie Mize ’09, dominated Sacred Heart for 90 minutes on a rainy night at Stevenson Field. The Bears began the game aggressively, with several good shots in the opening minutes. Despite numerous opportunities to score, Brown’s inability to follow through on goals plagued the team early on. Not until midway through the half did the Bears break through. In the 26th minute, Anne Friedland ’08 passed the ball down the right sideline to Susie Keller ’08. Keller, turning toward the goal, made a run behind the line of Pioneer defenders. Sacred Heart goalkeeper Kristen Burch, left unprotected, sprinted out to meet Keller as she entered the box. But Keller quickly let fly a low drive

into the left corner of the net to put the Bears up 1-0. Although Brown had more chances to add to its lead, the half ended 1-0. But the Bears controlled play as they outshot the Pioneers 14-4 in the first 45 minutes of the game and kept constant pressure on their opponent’s defense. Brown started the second half with new energy. Less than two minutes after the break, the Bears drew just their second corner kick of the night. Brown tried a short corner, putting two players on the corner to draw out the defense. Pincince said he had recently devised the play to try to improve the team’s effectiveness on corners, as the squad recently had been “stuck in a rut.” Mize tapped the ball through the legs of Kim then ran on to the pass. With only one Sacred Heart defender on that side of the field, Kim had the space to run into the box and set up a shot. The Pioneer defense seemed unable to react as the ball soared across the box and landed in the top corner of the goal. continued on page 9

Friday, October 26, 2007  

The October 26, 2007 issue of the Brown Daily Herald

Friday, October 26, 2007  

The October 26, 2007 issue of the Brown Daily Herald