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B201 225ml Wine

B202 175ml Flute

* Engraving/decorating costs are extra

B204 225ml

B205 175ml

All gift boxed

B203 330ml Sm. Beer

2 Options for Decoration a.) Traditional engraving - see above b.) 25mm club/corporate logo - see below

B207 330ml

B206 330ml

B210 500ml

2 Options for Decoration: a.) Traditional glass engraving

B208 175ml

B211 500ml

b.) Engravable metal badge

B209 225ml


All gift boxed

B301 255mm

B302 205mm

B303 180mm

B304 150mm

B305 150mm

B306 180mm

B307 205mm

* Engraving costs are extra

B309 225mm

B315 225mm

B310 195mm

B316 195mm

B311 165mm

B317 165mm

B312 165mm

B318 165mm

B313 195mm

B314 225mm

B319 195mm

B320 225mm

B308 255mm


B401 255mm

B403 195mm

B402 215mm

* Engraving costs are extra

B404 185mm B405 205mm B406 225mm

B409 160mm B408 180mm B407 200mm



B501 240mm

B502 215mm

B503 190mm

* Engraving costs are extra

B504 195mm

B507 215mm

B508 195mm

B505 220mm

B509 175mm

B506 265mm


B602 150mm ht.

B601 170mm ht.

B604 120mm ht.

B607 152mm

B610 200mm ht.

B608 135mm

B611 180mm ht.

B612 180mm ht.

B603 120mm ht.

* Engraving costs are extra

B605 150mm ht.

B606 180mm ht.

B609 115mm

B613 150mm ht.

B614 182mm ht.

B615 165mm ht.

07 * Engraving costs are extra

B701 225mm

B703 165mm

B702 195mm

B704 165mm

B707 225mm

B708 195mm

B710 190mm ht.

All gift boxed

B705 195mm

B706 225mm

B709 165mm

B711 215mm ht.

B712 240mm ht.


* Large engraving plate not included in price

B801* 250mm

B802* 225mm

* Engraving costs are extra

B804* 255mm

B803* 175mm

Modern ‘simple cut’

B805* 205mm

B806* 180mm

Beautifully gift boxed

B807 130mm

B808 160mm

B809 175mm


* Engraving costs are extra

B901 245mm

B902 220mm

B903 195mm

B904 195mm

B905 220mm

B906 245mm

B907 245mm

B908 220mm

B909 195mm

B910 195mm

B911 220mm

B912 245mm

B913 245mm

B914 220mm

B915 195mm

B916 195mm

B917 220mm

B918 245mm

B919 245mm

B920 220mm

B921 195mm

B922 195mm

B923 220mm

B924 245mm


See NEW colour printing option!

B1001 325mm

B1002 295mm

B1003 265mm

B1004 265mm

B1005 295mm

B1006 325mm

Engraving/printing costs are extra

B1007 274mm

B1008 248mm

B1009 223mm

B1010 223mm

B1011 248mm

B1012 274mm


See NEW colour printing option!

B1101 235mm

B1102 213mm

B1103 184mm

B1104 184mm

B1105 213mm

B1106 235mm

Engraving/printing costs are extra

B1107 253mm

B1108 227mm

B1109 205mm

B1110 205mm

B1111 227mm

B1112 253mm

12 * Large engraving plate not included in price

B1201* 203mm

B1207 198mm

B1213 150mm

B1202* 174mm

B1203* 153mm

B1208 178mm

B1209 150mm

B1214 180mm

W1215 210mm

B1204 153mm

B1205 174mm

B1210* 150mm

B1216* 210mm

B1206 203mm

B1211* 178mm

B1212* 198mm

B1218* 150mm

B1217* 180mm

Add your medal cost

B1219* 180mm

B1220* 150mm

B1221 150mm

B1222 180mm


B1301* 190mm

B1302* 170mm

B1303* 150mm

B1304 150mm

B1305 170mm

B1306 190mm

* Large engraving plate not included in price

B1307 190mm

B1313 190mm

B1308 170mm

B1314 170mm

B1309 150mm

B1315 150mm

B1310* 150mm

B1311* 170mm

B1316* 150mm

B1317* 170mm

B1312* 190mm

B1318* 190mm


B1401 230mm

B1407 230mm

B1408 195mm

B1414 197mm B1413 222mm

B1403 155mm

B1402 200mm

B1409 150mm

B1405 135mm

B1404 160mm

B1410 150mm

B1411 195mm

B1417 190mm

B1415 197mm B1416 222mm

B1406 115mm

B1418 215mm

B1412 230mm

B1419 242mm


B1504 250mm

B1501 229mm

B1502 255mm

B1506 190mm

B1503 283mm

B1507 170mm

B1512 282mm

B1511 277mm

B1505 220mm

B1508 147mm

B1509 125mm

B1514 277mm

B1513 228mm

B1510 110mm

B1516 282mm

B1515 257mm

16 * Large engraving plate not included in price Add your medal cost

B1601 230mm

B1602 195mm

B1603 175mm

B1604* 175mm

B1605* 195mm

B1606* 230mm

Add your medal cost

B1607 200mm

B1613 245mm

B1608 250mm

B1614 220mm

B1609 297mm

B1615 190mm

B1610* 297mm

B1616* 190mm

B1611* 250mm

B1617* 220mm

B1612* 200mm

B1618* 245mm

17 * Large engraving plate not included in price

B1703 160mm B1702 190mm B1701 225mm

B1704 195mm

B1705 245mm

B1706 290mm

B1710 170mm B1708 230mm B1707 260mm

B1709 200mm

B1711 143mm


* Engraving cost to be added

B1801* 255X50mm B1802 160mm

B1803 210mm

* Engraving cost to be added

B1804* for 70mm medal

B1805* for 50mm medal

B1806 for 50mm medal

B1807* for 70mm medal

* Engraving cost to be added (All plaque measurements are from rear)

Back View

B1808* 250x200mm

B1809 225x175mm

B1810 200x150mm

B1811 175x125mm

B1812 155x105mm

19 (All plaque measurements are from rear)

B1901- 300x225mm B1902- 250x200mm B1903 - 225x175mm B1904 - 200x150mm

Back View

B1905 - 175x125mm

B1906* 155x105mm

B1908 - 300x250mm

B1907 - 375x275mm

* Large engraving plate not included in price

B1909 - 300x225mm B1910 - 250x200mm B1911 - 225x175mm B1912 - 200x150mm B1913 - 175x125mm

Back View

B1915 - 300x250mm

B1914* 155x105mm

B1916 - 300x225mm B1917- 250x200mm B1918 - 225x175mm B1919- 200x150mm B1920 - 175x125mm

Back View

B1921* 155x105mm

20 (All plaque measurements are from rear)


B2001 - 300x225mm B2002 - 250x200mm

Achievement Awards

Walnut colour

B2003 - 225x175mm


B2004 - 200x150mm Back View

B2005 - 175x125mm

Crystal (Optical) Desk Wedge

* Large engraving plate not included in price

B2008 - 225x175mm B2010 - 175x125mm

Back View



Laser Glass


Light Up Bases


B2015 - 200x150mm B2016 - 175x125mm

B2017* 162x115mm

Back View

18 6-7


18 - 20

Piano Finish Wood

16 - 20

Resin Awards

12 - 15

Wood Ranges

B2012 - 300x250mm B2013 - 250x200mm B2014 - 225x175mm

2 - 5, 8

Glass Mountains

Summits (Resin)

B2011* 155x105mm


Frames (Glass)

Optical Crystal

B2009 - 200x150mm



Medal Cases

B2007 - 250x200mm

9 - 11

Drinking Glasses

Glass Awards B2006* 155x105mm


12, 13 16 - 20

Evaton Awards  

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