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Graduate Bakari Cunningham ‘16 with Dr. Weiss at Commencement


Dr. Larry Weiss Head of School I am grateful for your steadfast support of the School and heartened by the efforts of so many individuals who strive every day at BFS to improve and to safeguard the education of our amazing students.

As 2015-16 came to a close, I was reminded of how much a school’s ultimate health and success depends upon the human elements that make up the beating heart of any educational institution. The best facilities, a challenging curriculum, and expansive programming may form the building blocks of education, but it’s the teachers, students, and the many other important people who make up and support the school community, who bring life to a school. In all the human dimensions, Brooklyn Friends is blessed beyond measure. To begin, our teachers seek to spark in their students a palpable enthusiasm for ideas and for “the life of the mind,” to deepen and expand their students’ knowledge and skills, and to develop a growing confidence among their students that what they are learning – academically, emotionally, and experientially – will help them to understand the ever-changing world. Most importantly, our teachers strive to build a deep and abiding confidence in our students’ self-perceived potential to make a positive impact on the world and its people.  The closing ceremonies and commencement that mark the end of each academic year intentionally put our students, the primary reasons for our existence, on center stage. The heart of each ceremony is the celebration of new knowledge and skills, personal growth and maturity, a growing awareness of individual identity and common humanity, and a sense of the joy that comes from working in a friendly, collaborative community. Our students’ talents, thirst for knowledge, and desire to connect and learn from their peers were clearly evident in each ceremony. Our parents are encouraged to be participants in their children’s education and play a supportive and active role in areas of the School’s operations that are relevant to their interests, skills, and expertise. This past year, working through the PAT as well as the Advancement Office and initiatives offered by each of the divisions, parents were able to interact with students, faculty, administrators, and with other parents in many ways that advanced BFS’ academic, artistic, athletic, curricular, diversity, service learning, and philanthropic programs.  This year we especially appreciated a growing presence of grandparents in our school community. Grandparent Bob Woodward’s outstanding April 19 presentation on the upcoming presidential election – moderated by BFS parent and broadcast journalist Bill Weir, was one example of such meaningful participation. Grandparents also had continues on page 2


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BFS Journal Summer 2016  

BFS Journal Summer 2016