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SERVICING MOTS TYRES BRAKES A/C March 2024 - Issue 17 FREE EVERY MONTH IN BRADLEY STOKE, STOKE GIFFORD & LITTLE STOKE Carpets • Luxury Vinyl Tiles Laminates • Engineered Wood Room Size Remnants Vinyls • Artificial Grass Email: enquiries@phoenix OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND TRADE Laminates • Engineered Wood Tel: 01454 620707 Email: enquiries@phoenix Carpets • Luxury Vinyl Tiles Laminates • Engineered Wood Room Size Remnants Vinyls • Artificial Grass Tel: 01454 620707 Unit 15 Walker Way Thornbury Bristol BS35 3US Email: enquiries@phoenix OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND TRADE Opening Hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 4pm See our ad on Page 6 LOCALS have raised concerns about an “unacceptable safety risk” of construction vehicles driving to a proposed new housing estate. Crest Nicholson has received planning permission for the latest two phases of the Brooklands Park development in Harry Stoke. Phases six and seven will include 229 homes, on a corner of land next to the ring road and the Bradley Stoke bypass. South Gloucestershire Council granted full permission for the plans during a meeting of the strategic sites delivery committee last month. The proposed new housing estate in Harry Stoke is causing concerns for locals Continued on Page 2 > ‘Unacceptable safety risk’

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‘Unacceptable safety risk’

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But construction vehicles will access the site through Oxleigh Way and Clover Way, where many people already live. Hundreds of petitioners raised concerns about road safety with large lorries driving along streets used by many pedestrians.

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Councillor Andrew Shaw, from Stoke Gifford parish council, said: “There’s extensive residential traffic on these roads for the large number of dwellings now occupied. You’re being asked to approve adding additional construction traffic onto these same roads … creating unacceptable safety risk for the public.”

Neil Jarvis, speaking on behalf of the Brooklands Park residents association, added: “The roads and the pavements remain unsurfaced, and are likely to be until 2027. The degraded tarmac, potholes, raised ironworks and ramps all present a trip hazard to pedestrians, children crossing and also cyclists.

“There’s also regular speeding on the estate, all day. It’s chaotic and dangerous. There are taxis, vans, lorries and commuters

in large numbers. There young children playing on existing cul-de-sacs within yards of the construction route.”

But council officers and developers told the committee all the alternative routes for construction vehicles would be unsuitable. They also agreed to work with the local community to find compromises and solutions to long-standing concerns on safety.

George Yates, from Crest Nicholson, said: “The construction route has been in operation since 2020. We’ve worked with council officers to consider alternatives, which are either unsafe for people on foot or cyclists, would clog up the ring road or destroy natural habitats.

“As responsible developers, we will do as much as we can to minimise the disruptive impact of construction. When people buy a home from us, we explain there is likely to be an impact from construction and the timing of those future phases. I understand the residents’ concerns today, we hear the message loud and clear. We’re listening, we get it.”

Rail electrification plans scrapped

METRO Mayor Dan Norris has announced plans to electrify local rail lines starting with the tracks from Bristol Temple Meads from the north via Bristol Parkway and Filton Bank.

The carbon-cutting and reliability-boosting scheme was first announced by the Labour Government in 2009 but then scrapped by the Tories in 2016.

As part of the Mayor’s new plan, a detailed study will take place, aimed to reduce the unit cost of electrification. In 2016, it was around £3.5m per single track km and the aim is to try to slash that to £1.5m.

Just 38% of the UK’s rail network is electrified compared to 60% on average in the EU.

Mayor Norris emphasised the potential benefits of his renewed effort, saying: “It’s the right thing to do for people and the planet. I was proud to vote for electrification under the last

Labour Government, and today, we’re finally heading in the right direction again.

“If we’d stuck to the original plans, our local lines would have been electrified by 2017. Now, in the context of a serious climate emergency, it’s even more important.”

Typically an electric train emits between 20-35% less carbon per passenger mile than a diesel train.

Mayor Norris said: “One option that is on the table is to use some of the £100 million earmarked for regional transport on actually delivering this at pace. I would very much urge colleagues to support this.”

The first phase of work will look at Bristol Temple Meads from the north via Bristol Parkway and Filton Bank, and then the Mayor plans to move on to the Chippenham to Bath Spa to Bristol Temple Meads section.

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member of the

MP candidate backs shopworkers in the campaign against abuse

Shockingly, results of Usdaw’s recent survey of members showed that - in the last year alone - 65% of retail workers have experienced verbal abuse. Some 42% have been threatened by a customer. Another 5% have been assaulted. And 60% of these incidents were triggered by shoplifting.

Labour has committed to make a new specific offence of assault

against retail workers as part of a direct response to tackling this growing issue.

After the visit, Claire said:

“Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, and the rise in abuse of local shop workers is completely unacceptable. With crime and theft on the rise here

SHOPLIFTING has reached record levels after soaring by more than a third in a year.

For the first time since records started, there were more than 400,000 cases reported to police in England and Wales, according to the ONS.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris says the sobering stats are “no surprise” as he once again urged the region’s stores to apply for grants from his Mayoral Combined Authority to help the West fight back.

Safer Shops West allows independent shops to receive £2,000 towards the costs of security measures such as CCTV, screens, body cams and handheld radios.

Mr Norris said: “These figures will sadly be of surprise

to no one - especially those shopworkers on the frontline of a shoplifting epidemic in the West of England, and across the country.

“This level of out-of-control crime is unsustainable and risks some communities losing local stores. For the shops that stay open, they will be forced to put up prices to make up for the lost goods - making this frightening cost-of-living crisis even worse for all.

“I urge shops to get in touch with my Mayoral Combined Authority, and join the crime fightback.”

The Mayor is campaigning for tougher action from ministers to tackle shoplifting and protect shopworkers - including restoring the number of Police

in South Gloucestershire, this is also clearly linked to the failures of the current Conservative government and current Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner here in Avon and Somerset to tackle crime and shoplifting.

“With a third of PCSOs in

number of

the South West cut since the Conservatives came to power, the lack of visible deterrent is impacting our communities. That’s why I support Labour’s fully costed plans for putting 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs the streets, and to make it a specific offence to assault against retail workers.

“We also need to tackle the issues that make work harder - like the cost of living crisis, childcare that doesn’t work for working people, and long NHS waiting lists that keep people out of work for longer. After 14 years of chances, the Conservatives have failed our communities and - this year - we will all have the chance to vote for a fresh start.

“If I’m elected as our next MP for the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency, I will raise these issues in Parliament for local people and, as the party of law and order, we will act.”


Community Support Officers to 2010 levels, and introducing a standalone offence of assaulting bradleystokevoice March 2024 3 Got News? Contact us
a shop worker. Avon and Somerset saw a 41% increase in shoplifting in 2023. n NEWS LABOUR’S candidate for MP for the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency, Claire Hazelgrove, has backed Usdaw’s ‘Freedom From Fear’ campaign while meeting with local members of the shop workers union at Sainsbury’s in Filton. Usdaw’s ‘Freedom From Fear’ campaign calls for the prevention of violence, threats and abuse against workers. Claire heard their concerns about rising shoplifting and the abuse that is increasing along with that.
Shoplifting ‘epidemic’ sees record
Claire Hazelgrove supports Usdaw’s ‘Freedom From Fear’ campaign
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Dan Norris (pictured right) is trying to tackle the rise in shoplifting

Shopmobility charity welcomes hefty donation

SHOPMOBILITY South Gloucestershire is celebrating receiving a donation of £2,058.70 from the customers of the Winterbourne Co-op’s celebration fund.

Trustee Linda Bannister and Shopmobility Chair Janet Biggin received the cheque from the Co-op on behalf of the Shopmobility scheme, which is based in Yate. The service provides mobility scooter and wheelchair hire on a daily and longer term basis to help people who have limited mobility to retain their independence and to use the facilities of the centre and to access other services. Those with a concessionary bus pass can use it for their daily scooter hire.

Shopmobility Project Manager Sheridan Crew said: “I would like to express my appreciation to Co-op customers for their generosity in supporting us.

The funding is essential to help

maintain our service as the only shopmobility scheme within South Gloucestershire.

“We would like to thank the Co-op in recognising the importance of enabling those with physical or hidden

disability the ability to have access to services, undertake activities via use of a mobility scooter.’

Shopmobility Chair

Janet Biggin said: “Here at Shopmobility we are very

grateful for the funding we have received from the Co-op, which enables us to do more in allowing us to offer motability scooters and wheelchairs to people, which helps in reducing isolation for those with mobility issues or just needing to hire a wheelchair following surgery, or going on holiday.

“We are very keen to advertise what we do to the wider community, in making people aware of what we can offer and so allow people more independence.”

There are opportunities to help the organisation to deliver the service, especially if it is able to expand its operations, and there are opportunities to deliver its promotion strategy to help the service reach more users. Please call 01454 868718 or 07999 574474, or email shopmobilitysouthglos@, for further information.

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Shopmobility’s Linda Bannister (centre) and Janet Biggin (right) were thrilled to receive the cheque from the Co-op for their organisation

Disabled drivers speak out against plans to introduce fees for their blue badges

A GROUP representing disabled people in South Gloucestershire has spoken out against new plans to charge for blue badge applications. Applying for a blue badge, which allows drivers to park in disabled bays, is currently free in the district.

But from April, disabled drivers will likely have to pay a £10 fee to apply for a blue badge, or to renew one every three years. South Gloucestershire Council is planning to bring in the application fee to raise an extra £46,000 income each year.

Equalities Voice raised concerns that the new fee could “isolate an already isolated community”, if some drivers were unable to pay, in a written response to the council’s consultation on its budget. The proposals form one of several new income streams, including new parking fees.

A spokesperson for Equalities Voice said: “By introducing a charge, disabled people will be yet again financially impacted if they use blue badges to get out and about. If blue badges are no longer affordable for some, this will likely isolate an already isolated

community of people, and put further strain on transport companies to cater to the needs of disabled individuals.

“If these blue badges aren’t affordable, the independence of disabled people in South Gloucestershire will also be impacted. Such a fee would only impact the disabled community, and the South Gloucestershire Disability Equality Network feels very strongly that this is an unnecessary option, as it relies on an already financially drained and challenged community.

“It appears from the calculations in the consultation that it would not raise a significant sum of money as a result of being


Just over half of respondents to the budget consultation were in favour of the new application fee — equivalent to the cost of about two litres of petrol per year — while 29 per cent disagreed. Most other local authorities already charge for blue badge applications and renewals. Over the last three years there has been an annual average of 1,780 new badges and 3,851 renewals.

Councillor Claire Young, the Liberal Democrat council leader, was asked about the new fees during a cabinet meeting on Monday, February 5. She said the council would “work with” drivers who couldn’t afford to pay.

Cllr Young said: “We’ll work with individuals who can’t afford the £10 charge over three years. I would point out that it is £10 over three years, not per year. Elsewhere, we’re investing in support to help people maximise their income.”

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Tennis club is Avon’s Club of the Year


Stoke Tennis Club members have walked away with an impressive total of four awards from the Avon LTA annual tennis awards.

Almondsbury and Bradley Stoke Tennis Club has been awarded Avon LTA Club of the Year. This is in recognition of the friendly and outgoing club atmosphere. Club members are able to get involved in all sorts of ways, whether via social or competitive play, volunteering, social events, or joining tennis club trips and weekends. The club has also opened up its facilities to ‘pay and play’ so that the community is able to benefit. They would love to welcome visitors or prospective new members and the next open day is Sunday, March 24

Head coach Toby Huddlestone won Performance Coach of the Year. Toby has done wonders with the junior players who are going from strength to strength. Toby currently has 18 county players and three regional players across multiple age groups within his coaching programme, which in an outdoor, four court venue, is very impressive!

Toby won funding from the Luke Wheaton Legacy Trust which has given the most promising players access to additional training sessions, which has been much appreciated. Toby still plays competitively himself, taking part recently in the Cardiff Welsh Masters.

Longstanding member Maggie Tyrrell won two awards: a


lifetime achievement award and official of the year. Maggie was recognised for her long service to the tennis club over 25 years including many years as Chair, and also for her volunteering in running and refereeing regional tennis events. Outside of tennis, Maggie also represents her local community as a district and town councillor.

These winners will now go forward with other county winners to a regional judging panel for the south and south west with the regional winners

announced in April. The national ceremony will be held in London in July.
bradleystokevoice March 2024 6 To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email Tel: 0117 239 9683 Unit 4 Fairway Industrial Centre, Golf Course Lane, Filton, Bristol BS34 7QS £109.00 SERVICING from MOT TESTING TYRES from BRAKES from A/C REGAS from £49.00 £59.00 £99.00 £69.00 n SPORTS NEWS
information about the club, visit almondsburytennis.
tennis players are really getting into the swing of the game

ALMOST half of survey respondents say South Gloucestershire became a worse place to live over the past two years. Just three per cent of people said the district had become a better place to live, as new figures show a stark decline in satisfaction with local services and living standards.

Two thirds of people responding to a recent budget consultation from South Gloucestershire Council said they were satisfied with the local area, down from over three quarters two years ago, and 85 per cent a decade ago. Over 1,800 responded to the consultation on the budget.

Councillor Claire Young, the Liberal Democrat council leader, said the grim figures were due to a national trend that the public believe the “world as a whole is going downhill”. During a

cabinet meeting on Monday, February 5, she was asked why residents’ satisfaction is declining.

Conservative Councillor Rachael Hunt said: “A number of indicators show a downward trend compared with last year’s results, for example the council’s net satisfaction score is down by

more than five percentage points on last year. The proportion of residents who say they are satisfied with how the council runs things is down almost 10 per cent on last year.”

The Liberal Democrats have been in power in South Gloucestershire since May last year, in a coalition with

Labour. They took over from the Conservatives, who had run the council since 2007. Figures in the consultation report show a steep decline in satisfaction since at least 2013.

Cllr Young said: “I think that reflects a national trend. I think there is a general public perception that the world as a whole is going downhill. I think this fits into that national trend.”

Asked why South Gloucestershire has become a worse place to live, survey respondents most often mentioned the “worsening condition of the roads”, followed by “too much housing without adequate infrastructure”. Others mentioned changes to the high street in Thornbury, and a lack of maintenance of public areas and footpaths.

March 2024 7 bradleystokevoice Got News? Contact us Residents
is becoming
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say South Glos
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The survey results show the level of dissatisfaction felt locally

Volunteers scoop civic awards for work with two local woodlands

TWO local woodlands are celebrating their volunteers winning prestigious civic awards for their environmental volunteering.

Splatts Abbey Wood’s committee member Jenny James, who lives in Bradley Stoke, and the UWE student volunteer Greenspace group won South Gloucestershire Council Chair’s awards 2024 for their volunteering at Splatts Abbey Wood and Sims Hill Community Woodland. The awards ceremony was held at the end of January.

Splatts Abbey Wood group chair David Bell said: “It is wonderful news that our volunteers have won these awards recognising their contributions to the two woodlands and the local community. Jenny has served on the committee for five years and the students have been volunteering with the woodlands for 10 years.”

Jenny said: “The award came as a complete surprise. I would like to thank all those people who took the time to nominate me. It is a great honour to accept it and I am grateful and deeply touched.”

Senior student project leader Stefan Bigsby said on behalf of the student project leaders and volunteers: “The students embarked on the workday [on January 27] where we planned to carry the coppicing management plan as well as path laying to make Splatts Abbey Woods more accessible to the public.

“Coppicing is a sustainable practice which involves cutting down segments of a tree to allow sunlight to reach the woodland floor, it is primarily conducted on hazel in Splatts as it is fast growing and by following the management plan it ensures that trees across the woodland can grow sustainably. The coppiced wood then was used to create dead hedges which provides invertebrates and small mammal’s shelter.

“Additionally, path laying is important to ensure that muddy

sections of the path are easy to walk on and provide access to a range of people. The students worked hard in carrying out these activities and enjoyed themselves doing them. One of the student project leaders thought the workday went particularly well despite being a cold day and the turnout was impressive seeing as term time had not started for many students.”

And that’s not the end of the awards!

The Greenspace student volunteer group is happy to

announce that they are now also an award-winning group.

“On 31 January, they were invited to the SGS Wise campus to receive a community hero community award. As a group, they were delighted to be nominated for the civic award that recognises the group’s dedication to volunteering in South Gloucestershire.

Laura Thomas from the student union at UWE said: “We are delighted that our students have won the Chair’s Community Awards. For 10 years, the Greenspace Conservation Volunteering Group have worked hard to improve Splatts Abbey Wood and Sims Hill Community Woodland for both wildlife and the community and they have had a transformative impact. They have improved paths, removed invasive species, which allows native species to thrive, and much more. It is wonderful to have their hard work recognised.”

The student volunteers continue with their work at both woodlands, making a

transformative difference. They recently did a workday at Splatts and have more planned at Sims Hill.

Nicola from the Sims Hill community woodland said: “Congratulations to the student Greenspace group and Jenny James for their awards. Jenny volunteers with the Sims Hill Community Woodland Group, taking photos for social media and helping supervise tasks at our workdays carried out with the Greenspace group.

“The Greenspace group carry out much volunteer work at Sims Hill Wood and are very hard working and enthusiastic.

“Tasks they carry out include cutting back overgrown vegetation; litter picking; site inspections; tree planting; wildflower seed sowing; and helping our licenced ornithologist with bird box installation and monitoring. The student project leaders help to organise the workdays, carry out risk assessments and supervise the student volunteers which is very useful.”

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The volunteers have been working very hard at the woods and have been rewarded for their efforts The student project leaders with the Splatts committee’s Jenny


We are delighted to be writing a piece for Bradley Stoke Voice each month about what is or has been happening in Bradley Stoke and the work of the Town Council. Below are some of the things that have taken place over the last month, together with new things that are happening in the near future. We always like to hear from people living in our town and would very much welcome you if you would like to get involved.

Tree planting

The 2024 tree planting event took place on Saturday, January 2 at the Jubilee Centre and was once again a successful event with much positive feedback received. More than 60 residents collected trees/shrubs/hedges and marked their planting locations on the map.

Bradley Stoke Festival

Bradley Stoke Town Council is having its full summer festival at the Jubilee Centre on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June. Deputy Mayor Natalie Field has been the constant elected member providing input and leadership to the Community Festival Planning meetings throughout 2023 and so far in 2024.

Dayley Lawrence, Mayor of Bradley Stoke, said: ‘I am delighted that we will be having the full festival back again next year. It’s a wonderful celebration for Bradley Stoke and there will be

so much going on that there will be something that appeals to everyone with it being a great opportunity for the community to come together.”

The main festival day is a combination of music, dance, community stalls, food and drink, rides, displays and demonstrations, youth football festival and a street art project.

If you would like more information on the events over the weekend, please visit or contact Bradley Stoke Town Council on 01454 205020.

Town Councillor drop-in sessions/ surgeries

Town Councillor surgeries are held once a month, where you can meet us and other Councillors and discuss any matters affecting the town. The dates of the next one is:

Saturday March 23, 10-am to noon, Willow Brook Centre, BS32 8EF.

Red Dress Project and International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we have developed, together with Southern Brooks, an innovative textile project (working with local schools and community groups) where pieces of embroidery have been sewn onto a red dress which will be displayed around Bradley Stoke throughout the year.

The event on 8 March marks the launch and celebration of our local Red Dress project in the area and work will be carried out on the dress throughout 2024 culminating with a finale event in March 2025. Natalie Field, Deputy Mayor, said: “The theme of 2024 International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire & Inclusion’ which is what our local project is about.”

The Red Dress project is based on the model used for the worldwide community development approach to produce ‘The Red Dress’ at The creator of the award-winning project, Kirstie McCloud, is one of the main speakers at our Bradley Stoke event. More information is available on the Bradley Stoke Town Council website and we would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.

March 2024 9 bradleystokevoice Got News? Contact us
Mayor Dayley Lawrence with BSTC Staff

dream come true

WORKING as a member of the team who helped bring her IVF baby into being means that Abbie Walker’s feelings about her employer are not those of a typical employee.

Abbie was already working as service development manager for Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM) in Almondsbury, when she and her partner Chris learned that the chances of them conceiving naturally were less than five per cent.

“It’s now over a year since our successful frozen embryo transfer and having our beautiful baby girl in our lives is a dream come true,” said Abbie.

“But when we first received our diagnosis, it was devastating.

I’ve worked in the fertility industry for over a decade and knew the hardship we were about to face.”

The couple met online in 2019 when they were both based in London and within a year they were living together and had decided to start trying for a family.

Abbie already knew it might be difficult for her to conceive: she had been diagnosed with endometriosis at 25, and investigations carried out when she was 30 had revealed a low ovarian reserve, which meant the number of eggs in her ovaries

was below average for her age.

After 18 months of trying the couple requested an NHS referral, then realised - because Chris is in the military – that they qualified for NHS England funding. Despite several clinic options, Abbie says the decision to go to BCRM was an easy one.

“Our experience there was so positive, as I knew it would be, despite my nerves. It was agreed that I should have a long (agonist) protocol and that we would need ICSI,” said Abbie. “I hate needles, so this wasn’t great as it meant more medication than I had hoped, but you have to keep the end goal in mind.

“At first it looked as though that wasn’t going to be possible because he would be overseas, and I wasn’t ovulating that cycle as predicted. However, a scan revealed that my ovulation was imminent and ready for transplantation. Chris had returned home and was able to be with me after all. It was meant to be.”

She added: “And when my pregnancy was confirmed and proceeded smoothly, we were so delighted. Our gorgeous Darcie Grace was born on 30 June weighing 8lb 2oz, and we couldn’t feel more blessed than we do to have her.

“Every member of the team at BCRM was so kind and

March 2024 10 bradleystokevoice To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email n NEWS FEATURE
supportive throughout and treated
with privacy and respect during both our cycles. I was never in any doubt that we were in the best hands for our treatment.”
Colleagues make
PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS IN OUR APRIL ISSUE March 2024 Issue 17 FREE EVERY MONTH IN BRADLEY STOKE, STOKE GIFFORD & LITTLE STOKE Carpets • Luxury Vinyl Tiles Laminates • Engineered Wood Room Size Remnants Vinyls • Artificial Grass Email: enquiries@phoenix OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND TRADE Laminates • Engineered Wood Tel: 01454 620707 Email: enquiries@phoenix Carpets • Luxury Vinyl Tiles Laminates • Engineered Wood Room Size Remnants Vinyls • Artificial Grass Tel: 01454 620707 Unit 15 Walker Way Thornbury Bristol BS35 3US Email: enquiries@phoenix OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND TRADE Opening Hours Monday Friday 9am 5pm Saturday 9am 4pm See our ad on Page 6 LOCALS have raised concerns about an “unacceptable safety risk” of construction vehicles driving to proposed new housing estate. Crest Nicholson has received planning permission for the latest two phases of the Brooklands Park development in Harry Stoke. Phases six and seven will include 229 homes, on a corner of land next to the ring road and the Bradley Stoke bypass. South Gloucestershire Council granted full permission for the plans during meeting of the strategic sites delivery committee last month. The proposed new housing estate in Harry Stoke is causing concerns for locals Continued on Page 2 ‘Unacceptable safety risk’ 8,000 COPIES PRINTED EACH MONTH 7,600 COPIES HAND DELIVERED TO RESIDENTS 400 PLACED IN HIGH FOOTFALL AREAS For advertising packages & discounts please contact us via www. bradleystokevoice. com For advertising packages & discounts please contact us via
Abbie and Chris celebrated at
with their

Boxworks is coming to Brabazon

WORKSPACE provider Forward has confirmed it is moving Boxworks – Bristol’s original shipping container workspace – from Temple Meads to Brabazon.

Brabazon is the new neighbourhood being built by YTL Developments on the former Filton Airfield. Approximately 48,000 people already work in high-value manufacturing, life science and technology businesses within two miles of Brabazon. The arrival of Boxworks brings a valuable new incubator space to this ecosystem.

To date, approximately 150 homes have been completed and occupied at Brabazon. A further 250 are currently under construction. YTL Developments also have detailed planning permission for a new local community hub in the historic aircraft hangar 16U, 1,514 beds of student accommodation, 239 homes designed for later living and the supersonic new 19,000-capacity YTL Arena Bristol.

In addition, YTL Developments have consent for Brabazon Park: a reimagining of Britain’s tradition of Victorian public parks and the largest new urban public space in the South West for over 50 years. And more

than £100 million is being invested in local transport, including a new railway station that will connect to Bristol Temple Meads in less than 15 minutes.

Seb Loyn, planning and development director at YTL Developments said: “Brabazon is designed to be the new home

for Bristol’s next generation of pioneers. We want to live up to the legacy of Concorde and the former Airfield’s incredible record for innovation. Boxwork’s flexible and affordable work space for growing companies will provide a vital missing link in North Bristol’s business ecosystem.”

Gavin Eddy, founder & CEO at Forward said: “We are really excited to be relocating Boxworks to Brabazon. Boxworks sets the standard for innovative workspaces at Temple Meads, and by partnering with YTL Developments on the most ambitious and exciting development in Bristol, this move offers a long-term opportunity to create and nurture a new cluster of ambitious and exciting businesses at Brabazon.”

Sally Cordwell, CEO of Aerospace Bristol, said: “As a museum and charity that celebrates innovation, connects local communities, and aims to inspire future generations, Aerospace Bristol is pleased to support Boxworks at Brabazon. We look forward to welcoming Boxworks members and their guests for meals and coffees in the cafe, meetings and events in our first-class spaces, and fascinating museum visits.”

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Left to right: Alice Burling, chief operating officer at Forward; Gavin Eddy, founder & CEO at Forward; Sally Cordwell, CEO of Aerospace Bristol; Seb Loyn, planning & development director at YTL Developments

Investing in the young

SOUTH Gloucestershire Council’s budget for 2024 will prioritise investments in children’s services and costof-living support for those in financial difficulty, as well as taking action to help combat climate change.

Despite challenges facing the authority, with inflation, ever-increasing costs and an ongoing shortfall in the money provided by central Government, the budget is balanced over the coming three years.

In addition to delivering statutory services, the council wants to ensure that those in the greatest need can receive help with the cost of living, which for many has seen costs rising much faster than incomes. The budget also recognises the need for immediate action to help alleviate and to respond to the climate and nature emergencies.

It’s a family affair!

FIVE generations of women gathered when Angela Hurse met her great-great-granddaughter Arabella-Rose for the first time. And two women from Patchway were a part of that special moment.

Angela, aged 87, lives at Meryton Place, run by Hamberley Care Homes, on the Bath Road in Keynsham.

Arabella-Rose’s mother, Leilah Stevens, works at Lovell Place, Patchway, which is also run by Hamberley.

Angela’s daughter Lorraine Fox said: “Since we knew that Leilah was expecting a girl, we have been looking forward to a photo of five generations of girls, as it can be a rare occurrence.”

Angela lived all her life in Kingswood before moving to Meryton Place in July 2023. She has three children, seven grandchildren and 14 greatgrandchildren.

All five female generations of the family gather for the first time.

Angela is pictured holding Arabella-Rose at eight days old.

On the left is Lorraine Fox, 62, of Compton Dando, Angela’s daughter and great-grandmother to Arabella-Rose.

At the back is Laura Stevens,

41 from Patchway, Angela’s granddaughter and ArabellaRose’s grandmother.

And right is Leilah Stevens, 21, from Patchway, Angela’s greatgranddaughter and ArabellaRose’s mum.

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10-year vision for the district is published

SOUTH Gloucestershire should be a fairer, greener place in 2034, and the council has set out a draft plan for the next four years that will help achieve it.

A new draft Council Plan prioritises four goals, focused on climate and nature, inequality, children and health and wellbeing, where the council, working with communities and partners, will aim to make a positive difference.

This is underpinned by the intention to build better places, in recognition of the fundamental role that housing and transport play in delivering each of the other four goals.

The draft plan also describes clear action plans that will deliver on these ambitions.

Local people, businesses and partners including town and parish councils and voluntary and community organisations are being invited to comment on

the draft to help refine it, before it is adopted as the council’s guiding strategy.

The draft plan sets out the current position, which has seen gaps in inequalities, health and educational outcomes widen, particularly since the pandemic. As extreme weather events continue to remind us, our climate and natural environment are under real stress. So the next decade will be crucial if we are to collectively take action to not only stop these factors from impacting our lives, but to reverse them.

Many of the issues facing the district are bigger than the council can influence alone, but there are things that it can do, as well as contributions individuals, communities and partners can make to ensure a brighter tomorrow for everyone. At the same time, the council will work to influence Government and

other partners to play their part.

The plan doesn’t list everything the council does or will do, but sets out some of the key steps and impactful measures that it can take to change course.

This plan aims to put South Gloucestershire on the right path for the coming decades by:

• Driving the green transition with a focus on renewable energy, heating and green transport choices.

• Acting now to start reducing inequalities to at least prepandemic levels and then beyond.

• Ensuring the next generation gets the best start in life and that every child is able to thrive.

• Strengthening social infrastructure and taking action now to reduce long-term health inequalities.

• Building better places using our powers in planning, transport and housing, our strong voice in

the West of England Combined Authority and our influence with national government.

Council Leader, Cllr Claire Young, said: “Since forming the new partnership administration in May last year, it has been clear that the message from local people was that they love where they live. They want to protect what we have, make it better where we can and to share the benefits of a cleaner and greener future more equally.

“People want to live in communities that support each other, with better access to services and where it is easier to move around and enjoy life, so that we can thrive and achieve our potential, whether young or old. The next decade will be crucial if we are going to realise these goals, but there is little point in holding those aspirations if we sit back and wait for it to happen.”

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Community School retains its ‘good’ Ofsted rating

Bradley Stoke Community School continues to be a ‘good’ school. That’e the verdict of a team of three inspectors who visited the all-through school, which has 1,369 pupils aged four to 18, in November.

Here is an extract from their report. You can read it in full in the Ofsted website at file/50238516

What is it like to attend this school? Pupils enjoy school and most attend well. The school helps pupils to feel that they belong as part of the community. Pupils feel safe and know that they are valued. The way that pupils behave shows that they understand the school values of being ‘kind, ready and the best you’. Pupils trust staff to help them if they are experiencing difficulties. The school is calm and harmonious.

All staff have high expectations of what pupils can achieve at every stage of their education. Pupils achieve well. They move on to appropriate destinations after school.

Equality, diversity and mutual respect are taught through all aspects of the curriculum. The books pupils read challenge stereotypes and promote understanding of people from different backgrounds. Other cultures are celebrated through a plethora of events.

Pupils of all ages take on responsibilities in roles such as mental health ambassadors, buddies, school council members and tutor captains. Pupils raise money for charities and sixthform students volunteer in a local care home. This helps them to understand how they can contribute to wider society. What does the school do well and what does it need to do better?

The curriculum is ambitious for all pupils. And the school has identified the essential knowledge that it wants pupils to acquire at each stage. The curriculum is designed to enable pupils to build on what they already know and can do. However, the planned curriculum is not yet being taught to all year groups in key

stage 3.

Students in the sixth form take qualifications that are well suited to their interests and aspirations. Pupils have a wide range of subjects to study in key stage 4. However, the proportion of pupils who continue to follow a strongly academic curriculum in key stage 4 is low.

The school makes sure that teachers have strong subject knowledge. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported so that they can learn the same curriculum as their peers. Checks made by teachers identify pupils’ misconceptions. These are corrected promptly.

Clear routines for behaviour throughout the school mean that pupils can focus on learning. Instances of poor behaviour are usually stopped quickly so that learning is not interrupted. Pupils who need help to improve their behaviour get it.

. The varied enrichment offer means that all pupils have a rich set of experiences by the time they leave the school. For example, pupils visit museums, the theatre and places of worship. They attend clubs that help them develop their talents and interests. Many older pupils take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Pupils learn about the importance of mutual respect and tolerance.

To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email bradleystokevoice 14 n EDUCATION NEWS
March 2024
Headteacher Sophie Francis

The Brightwell offers warm welcome to Inclusive Change

The Brightwell is always looking for ways in which to support their community of members as well as the community. As a registered charity that has supported people affected by neurological conditions for more than 30 years, the Brightwell understands first hand that there are many invisible barriers to inclusion that can affect so many in society. A hugely important part of the work that the Brightwell does is enabling independence and fostering confidence. Particularly so that people affected by neurological conditions can continue to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. A large part of this is helping people remain in paid or voluntary employment, for as long as possible. A career can be a huge part of a person’s identity, and is something that many able bodied or neurotypical people can take for granted. Being able to remain in work is of huge benefit economically, socially and, of course, financially. Being able to

achieve success in a profession can really help people affected by illness or disability feel in control of their lives.

With this in mind, the Brightwell is excited to welcome an amazing organisation to their centre in Bradley Stoke.

Inclusive Change works with organisations to promote awareness and a better understanding of neurodiversity (ADHD, autism, dyslexia and more), alongside supporting individuals to achieve greater success in the workplace. Inclusive Change have a range of free resources available on their website and offer courses, coaching and access to work services for individuals, businesses, leaders and families. They also champion digital safety for young people.

They are at the centre from Monday-Friday and can be contacted via their website

Of course, Easter in Bradley Stoke would not

be Easter without our annual Easter Egg Trail, we have support so far from Bradley Stoke Matters magazine, West Country Water Park and Capri Gems Cleaning to make this year’s event the best yet. We also have an incredible Family Fun Day and Abseil coming up and the brilliant Colour Run making a return to Bradley Stoke this summer.

Please keep your eyes on our website and make sure to follow us on social media, you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

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Working with local residents

Parkway plans put station at heart of community

THIS month I have been very busy in our area focusing on transport, law and order and our area’s heritage and role in the aerospace industry.

I had a very interesting meeting with representatives from Great Western Rail, South Gloucestershire Council and Network Rail to discuss the exciting Bristol Parkway Redevelopment Masterplan.

Given the importance of Parkway, I believed it was necessary to get more information about this future infrastructure investment in our area.

I recently paid a visit to the bridge which connects Cuckoo Lane in Winterbourne Down with Emersons Green and Bromley Heath. Sean and his team from Highways England outlined that they are working to a planned two-three year timescale – half the time to that of many comparable projects which would usually take up to five years. They have assured me that they are in constant communication with local authorities, businesses and local residents to try to minimise disruption.

I am working with my Conservative colleagues on South Gloucestershire Council in calling on the Labour/Liberal coalition to reconsider their recent plans and continue to provide car parking free of charge. Many local residents have already signed our petition which can be found at:

It was great to see the public engagement that had been conducted and the great response received from consultation, showing a high level of local support for the project, especially with the masterplan looking to put the community at the centre of the development.

This will see more investment and jobs come to the area, as well

Last month I visited the Willow surgery in Downend – part of

as a business park and new green spaces, which will see Parkway become much more integrated into the local community.

This will have the result of Parkway not only being a transport hub, but also a centre for the wider community and an even more important asset to the area.

I also had a very productive round-table meeting with Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford, and local councillors Ben Randles, Terri Cullen and Liz Brennan, where we discussed tackling local anti-social behaviour, speeding and other issues relating to our area.

Mark updated us on the ongoing developments at Avon and Somerset Police, including their significant emphasis on action against cyber fraud.

the NHS Downend Health Group. We discussed issues many have had, and they promised to follow up and respond to me on them. There have been teething troubles with a new system of booking appointments which many patients in Downend have experienced difficulty with. I made representations to the senior staff at the NHS Downend Health Group on behalf of patients and I was assured their views were taken onboard. Later that day, I was invited to the Village Shop at Stoke Gifford Retirement Village. It was nice to meet the new proprietor, Avakash Patel, who provides excellent service to the residents. Great to discuss his plans for refurbishing and rebranding and the exciting prospect of a post office counter.

I look forward to attending the grand reopening.

We also discussed the expansion of Avon and Somerset Police force, with 520 additional officers for the year, above the recruit-

I attended the Bristol North Veterans’ monthly Breakfast Club at the Toby Carvery in Bradley Stoke. There was a very interesting

ment target set by government, and youth engagement such as the Mini Police in Patchway, which gets young people involved in fighting crime and enables them to work on policing operations.

and informative talk from Alan Rowe about veteran’s charity The BATON. Any funds donated to The BATON are used for immediate (often emergency) support as well as to assist individuals striving to improve their personal situation.

I was delighted to visit Cribbs FC with Pitching In. Grassroots football clubs like Cribbs rely on volunteers to put on match days – if you are interested in volunteering, I encourage you to check the Trident Leagues Volunteer Hub

I visited Rolls-Royce to meet with Jim Hardy, head of manufacturing at the lift works. We discussed their role in providing apprenticeships to young people in our area and I met with one of their degree apprentices.

I also visited Aerospace Bristol to meet with CEO Sally Cordwell. We discussed their STEM learning programme and engagement with businesses and schools. I will continue to promote the importance of STEM learning and engagement with young people for our crucial aerospace industry, and the opportunities Aerospace Bristol can offer to achieve this.

I also had the opportunity to meet the new leadership team of the Conservative group on South

I am always keen to promote job creation and apprenticeship opportunities locally, especially in the aerospace and defence manufacturing sector. Promoting apprenticeships in aerospace and defence manufacturing to expand opportunities for young people; protecting jobs working with national government support for these vital industries; and continuing to press the government to

Gloucestershire Council, Sam Bromiley and Liz Brennan. We discussed building more homes and improving local bus services.

I also had a great time at the Stoke Gifford Fete on May 29: it was a fantastic community event, and a great day for the celebration with great weather and lots of community support.

increase defence spending are some of my priorities. To that end, I asked the Prime Minister about upscaling our industrial defence manufacturing capacity, putting it on a war footing so that we may continue assisting our friends in Ukraine and replenish our own stocks. The Prime Minister responded: “In a word, yes!”

As always, should you need my help with anything, my office is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm.

Please telephone me on 01454 617783 or email if I can be of assistance, or to book a surgery.

As always, should you need my help with anything, my office is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm, no appointment necessary. However, if you would like an appointment, please telephone me on 01454 617783 or email at: jack.lopresti.

bradleystokevoice 16 To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email Offices in: Bradley Stoke | Central Bristol | Clevedon | Henleaze | Keynsham | Nailsea Portishead | Staple Hill | Thornbury | Weston-super-Mare | Worle | Yate Get in touch: 01454 204880 6-8 Fountain Court, New Leaze, Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 4LA Need legal advice? We offer expert legal services for you, your family and your business. Solving your legal problems ...locally March 2024 n NEWS FROM YOUR LOCAL MP JACK LOPRESTI
Jack Lopresti MP for Filton & Bradley Stoke

Community Festival ‘will be better than ever’

This year’s Bradley Stoke Community Festival looks set to be an amazing weekend of fun, entertainment and activities. Held on June 8-9 at the Jubilee Centre, it is sure to be an event not to be missed.

Councillor Dayley Lawrence, Mayor of Bradley Stoke, said: “I am delighted that our council have once again committed to bringing a first class event to the people of our community. It promises to be a great weekend of celebration and joy for the whole family. We have put together a weekend that is cost effective and taken on feedback to understand what you want from this event. We are proud to be working in partnership with community groups and supporting charities and businesses.”

The main festival day is Saturday, June 8 be at the Jubilee Centre. This is a combination of music, dance, community stalls, food and drink, rides, displays

a range of arts and crafts, and community stalls offering a range of local products and novelties.

Bradley Stoke Youth Football Club will run their Football Festival, which will include many age groups from Reception and upwards. This will involve

bradleystokevoice March 2024 17 n NEWS
LGBTQ+ fostering information event Come and find out more about becoming a foster carer for South Gloucestershire Council Tuesday 26 March, 6.30 - 8pm South Gloucestershire Council, Badminton Road, Yate, BS37 5AF

Boys’ deaths were shocking

I AM deeply saddened by the recent shocking and senseless deaths of two boys, aged only 15 and 16, at the end of January in South Bristol.

The grief being felt by the families of those boys and the impact it will have on their loved ones, as well as the wider community, is unimaginable.

Preventing knife crime and stopping young people from coming to harm must be at the forefront of all our minds.

This is an area of focus for our Violence Reduction Partnership, which provides education, mentoring, and employs a community-based approach to prevent these tragic crimes.

Additionally, to encourage people to safely discard any knives and weapons they are carrying, Avon & Somerset Police have installed weapon surrender bins across the area.

Lifesaving bleed control kits designed to provide emergency

help for someone who suffers a traumatic injury are also being installed alongside defibrillators.

I also want to focus on the process of police misconduct hearings, as this is something many people are rightly asking about this month.

I am proud to have lobbied for significant changes aimed at increasing the chief constable’s power to act on police officers who have been found guilty of misconduct. One of the outcomes of this, which comes into effect from May, is that chief constables will be able to terminate the employment of officers found guilty of gross misconduct. This move marks a pivotal step towards upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism within law enforcement.

One of the most notable adjustments is the composition of the panels responsible for adjudicating cases of


Formerly, only one independent panel member (IPM) was mandated to sit alongside a chief constable in a hearing.

The revamped structure now necessitates the inclusion of two IPMs, bolstering the impartiality of the decision-making process.

Consequently, my office is actively recruiting new IPMs to partake in this crucial aspect of police oversight.

The imperative for these reforms is underscored by the instances of police misconduct showcased in the Channel 4 documentary ‘To Catch A Copper’, which shines a spotlight on the need to addressing such issues decisively and transparently.

If this is an issue you are passionate about, I urge you to put yourself forward. These roles offer an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the integrity of

With police and crime commissioner Mark


our law enforcement system.

I am also pleased to lend my support to the government’s forthcoming ‘Stop! Think Fraud’ campaign.

As the National Association of Police and Crime Commissioners economic and cybercrime lead, I recognise the critical importance of equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves against fraudulent activities.

By fostering awareness and vigilance, we can collectively mitigate the impact of fraud and protect our communities from financial harm.

March 2024 bradleystokevoice 18 To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email
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and senseless



Thursday 7 March


Celebrate World Book Day with a special storytime event and themed activities. From 4-5pm at Bradley Stoke Library, suitable for ages 4-11. Free, just drop in.

Friday 8 March


Bradley Stoke Town Council and Southern Brooks invite you to attend this event to hear from guest speaker and founder of the original Red Dress Project, Kirstie Macleod, and other more local groups looking at the past, present and future of Women’s Rights. Held at Bradley Stoke Community School on Fiddlers Wood Lane. Entry is free and the event is taking place between 6.30-8.30pm.

Tuesday 12 March


You are welcome to join this new running event at Hollow Tree, Brook Way, Bradley Stoke. This is an alternative running group for all abilities. The aim is to meet and converse (not run), but share stories, ideas and opportunities. The group meets at the Hollow Tree, Brook Way, Bradley Stoke from 6.30-9pm. Free.

Thursday 21 March


All welcome to join the Arts Appreciation Group at 2pm at The Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, Winterbourne for an entertaining talk by Philip Taubenheim on Artistic Antiques. Further details from Sally on 07946 508316. Please note this group now meets at a new venue and at a new time.

Wednesday 27 March


The Brightwell’s popular bingo night returns. The last two events have sold out so grab your tickets from their website quickly.

Sunday 30 March


How about some exciting family fun? Tickets are available for breakfast with The Easter Bunny on 30 March at the Hollow Tree. Tickets are just £10 and 50% of all sales will be donated to The Brightwell.

Thursday 28 March

- Sunday 14 April


Easter in Bradley Stoke would not be Easter without The Brightwell’s annual Easter Egg Trail. Visit The Brightwell’s website for more information.


Every Sunday


Every Sunday at 9am, there is a Junior parkrun event at Little Stoke Park which is free to take part in but you are asked to register in advance on the parkrun website. It is open to all younger runners aged between four and 14 years old who would like to take part in a fun and friendly 2k run. Children must be accompanied by an adult. The event always seeks volunteers and encourages anyone interested to get in touch.

Every Monday


Come along to Bradley Stoke Library on Mondays between 10.45-11.15am for a rhyme time session for younger readers. Term time only.

Second Monday of the month


Join us at WADCA on the second Monday of the month between 2pm and 4pm. New members very welcome. Call 01454776753 or email

First two Mondays of every month


On the first two Mondays of every month, from 1-4pm, there is a drop-in session at The Jubilee Centre (in the Cedar Room), Bradley Stoke, which seeks to enhance the support that our ex-Armed Servicemen and women living and working in Bristol and South Gloucestershire area receive in the communities. For more info, call 0800 678 5618.

Third Monday of the month

n SEW & SO’S

This is a patchwork and quilting group. If you are interested in joining the group, whether you are a beginner or experienced, please come along. The group meets at 1.30pm at the Jubilee Centre on Savages Wood Road.

Second Tuesday of the month


Make new friends, get to know the area and get involved in local events and activities. The Townswomen’s Guild has interesting speakers, demonstrations, outings, arts and crafts and much more. All women are welcome.

Fourth Tuesday of the month


This free monthly event at Bradley Stoke Library is for ages 7-11 years. This runs from 4-5pm. Just turn up to join in.


President Sue Grimsted welcomed members to the February meeting. Our speaker for the evening was Anna Stevens from the Avon Gorge and Downs wildlife project. The project involves a team of people who work to secure the outstanding wildlife interest of the Avon Gorge and Clifton and Durdham Downs, raising awareness of the importance of this site for people and wildlife. They monitor the wildlife and manage the habitat to protect the species rich grassland areas in the gorge and on the downs.

Anna also told us about the history and geology of the area, and we saw pictures of plants that are only found in this area such as the Bristol Whitebeam which is found nowhere else in the world. Also the Avon Gorge is the only place where the Bristol Onion grows wild in the UK.

It was a most interesting talk and has encouraged us to visit this unique space right on our doorstep.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 6 at the Trust Hall, North Road, Stoke Gifford at 7.30pm. We will be taking part in Chair Yoga led by Eve Douglas. Visitors will always find a warm welcome so please come along and join us.

Every Wednesday


Between 10am and 12 noon at the Jubilee Centre on Savages Wood Road, the Citizens Advice Bureau offer free, confidential, impartial and independent help on dealing with problems with debt, benefits, employment, housing, discrimination and many more issues. No appointment necessary.

Second Wednesday of the month


This afternoon-based WI is a friendly, community centred group, who meet on the second Wednesday of every month, at the Jubilee Centre in Bradley Stoke. All women are welcome. Visit their Facebook page or website for more information.

Third Wednesday of the month


Subject matters are brought before Council by means of the Agenda, which is issued a minimum of three clear days before a meeting and is posted on the Bradley Stoke Town Council website.Agendas and supporting paperwork will be found on the website. Meetings start at 7pm and take place at the Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road, Bradley Stoke.

Every Thursday


Every Thursday, the Knit, Stitch & Natter group meets at Bradley Stoke Library at 10am to work on their own projects in the company of likeminded crafters. There is no need to book in advance. Just bring your own project and join the friendly group in the library.

Every Thursday


This friendly amateur wind band rehearses at Holy Trinity Church, Bradley Stoke, every Thursday from 7.30-9.30pm. New members welcome. For more information email

Every Friday


Come along to Bradley Stoke Library on Fridays between 11-11.30am for a storytime session for younger readers. Term time only.

Fourth Saturday of the month


These are held once a month at the Willow Brook Centre between 10am and 12 noon, where you can meet your councillors and discuss any matters affecting the town.

bradleystokevoice March 2024 19 Got News? Contact us
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Spring is in the air, and with it comes an exciting update from us at Turners Opticians. We're thrilled to announce the return of our much-loved Dispensing Optician, Billie-Jo, who is back from maternity leave. As a mother of two wonderful boys, Billie-Jo's caring nature has made her a favourite among our patients, both old and new.


Billie-Jo started her career as a trainee with us over 13 years ago and has become an immensely important part of our team. She has become a highly respected and much-in-demand glasses dispensing and lens expert, so feel free to ask her any questions you may have next time you’re in the practice. Welcome back Billie-Jo!

Computer Vision Syndrome

: Alongside Billie-Jo's return, we're thrilled to introduce a game-changer in eye care – our computer glasses. Designed to shield your eyes when using digital screens, this nifty eyewear helps to protect your visual comfort and overall well-being.

So why might you need such a thing? With the development of technology, a lot of us spend a substantial amount of time on digital devices. As convenient as these screens are, they can harm our eyes causing Computer Vision Syndrome (sometimes known as CVS or Digital Eye Strain). Many jobs now involve prolonged screen time on computers, but using e-readers and smartphones can contribute to these problems, too.

Extended screen time has given rise to CVS as people use both intermediate and near vision when focusing on these screens.

A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests that 90% of us who use computers for more than three hours a day should be doing more to protect our eyes. When we consider how long we use screens over a 24-hour period for both work and leisure, this statistic is rather striking!

Some common symptoms of CVS include:

• Tension headaches and migraines

• Temporary blurred vision and difficulty focusing on distant objects

• Dry and irritated eyes from reduced blinking

• Neck and shoulder pain from poor posture when using digital devices

Helping You Care For Your Eyes

: Our computer glasses are a must for anyone who regularly sits in front of a device or display screen. What sets our computer glasses apart is not just their cutting-edge lens design but also the use of our clear comfort material. This winning combination ensures that our patients experience unparalleled clarity and comfort while looking at their screens.

At Turners Opticians, our priority has always been the eye health of our patients. We use innovative technology to thoroughly assess your eyes and identify any vision problems you may have.

If you would like to find out more about our computer glasses, call our Henleaze team on 0117 962 2474 or Fishponds team on 0117 965 4434, or visit our website

Peter Turner is an Independent Prescribing Senior Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol, who also works as a Senior Medical Optometrist at Bristol Eye Hospital. Peter has a specialist interest in visual development and visual performance.

March 2024 20 bradleystokevoice
advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email
Turner of Turners Opticians
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bradleystokevoice March 2024 21 Got News? Contact us Day Centre Activity Club Living the best life in later life Join us for laughter-filled sessions with intergenerational events, chair-based sport, art & painting, craft, day trips and much more! Bristol & South Glos Venues Transport available Hot Healthy Lunch included We also have limited availability to host sessions in Residential settings EAR WAX REMOVAL • Using latest micro suction techniques • Treatments carried out by EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONERS • Very competitive prices   07846 452 000 / 01454 314 460  Clinic based in Brimsham Park, Yate Parking available directly outside the clinic n PUZZLE PAGE T 1 H Y R 2 O I D R A A S 3 P I T 4 C H O H 5 I P 6 K 7 N 8 E E 9 E A O Y A 10 C I D S E N L 11 E G S The FIEND 1 6 4 4 5 3 8 9 5 6 2 9 7 3 6 4 9 5 6 7 1 5 2 Txtpert Across 1 8497643 (7) 3 7748 (4) 5 447 (3) 7 5633 (4) 10 2243 (4) 11 5347 (4) Down 1 8722432 (7) 2 7274 (4) 4 863 (3) 6 7246 (4) 8 6673 (4) 9 3937 (4) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Use the phone keypad to decode the clues. For example: 2 could be A, B or C ... and 5678 could be LOST Theme: Human body 1 3 2 4 1 Txtpert Each row, column and square (9 spaces each) needs to be filled out with the numbers 1-9, without repeating any numbers within the row, column or square. Solutions For younger readers Easier sudoku Rules the same as the Fiend, but only four numbers in each box, row and column Find the Differences! NOTE After feedback from readers, we have made The Fiend SLIGHTLY easier! Find the differences in these pictures ... then colour them in!
March 2024 22 bradleystokevoice To advertise, contact Shaun on 07540 383870 or email CLEANING       GUTTER CLEANING Mark’s Gutter Cleaning Gutter Clearing Gutter Cleaning Fascia Cleaning Call or Book online Tel: 0117 3708528 Mob: 07543056558 Based in Downend, Bristol DECORATING SJM DECORATING Professional Decorating Local Qualified tradesmen Internal & External Decorating Fast, reliable & friendly service Fully insured Free Quotations Call Scott 07515 523 623 0117 3824411 AERIALS GARDEN SERVICES CARPENTR Y • Fencing, Decking, Sheds, Pergolas (supplied & erected) • Patios, Turfing, Garden Maintenance FREE quotes & friendly, trustworthy service (work references supplied) Professional Gardening Service Please call: 07804 608053 Email: Website: CENTRAL HEATING SPECIALIST GLOBE HEATING Central heating specialist • FULL HEATING SYSTEMS • BOILER CHANGES • SYSTEM UPGRADES • CONVERSION TO COMBI • FINANCE AVAILABLE t: 0117 3690 072 e: BOOK YOUR SERVICE TODAY! e: t: 07738 196955 • Loft conversions • Garage conversions • House extensions • House refurbishments • Kitchens and bathrooms installations • Patios, decking and garden landscaping • Structural steel work We carry out all aspects of building work and home modifications. We are local, reliable and affordable. Find us on :bristolcarpentryandconstruction email: Call 07540 383870 LOCAL SERVICES ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS FROM JUST £30 ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS From as little as £30 Email Shaun
WINDOW CLEANING PLUMBING & HEATING PLUMBING MAN WITH A VAN MAYO’S HEATING & PLUMBING Boiler fitting, repairs and full system upgrades including radiators! Full bathroom upgrades, including wetrooms. Landlord certificates and general plumbing Contact James 0117 904 3172 or 07952 272 851 e: Craig Thayer Majestic Window Cleaning Majestic Window Cleaning 0773 44 616 71 • Windows • Conservatories • Gutters cleaned & cleared AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT BRADLEY STOKE PAINTING & GARDENING 23 bradleystokevoice Got News? Contact us March 2024 PROPERTY MAINTENANCE WNDOWS & DOORS • Bathroom & Kitchen Installation • Plumbing • Wall & Floor Tiling • Interior & Exterior Painting & Decorating • Guttering & Fascias • Plastering • Patios, Paving & Timber Decking • Fencing & Walls • Total Refurbishments NO JOB TOO SMALL - CONTACT US FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE HOME & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE tel: 07974 222656 email: e: t: 07508 066854 • Replacement ‘A’ Rated Windows / Doors / Bi Folds • Garage Conversions • Garden Rooms • Conservatory Upgrades • Kitchen Installs • Carpentry Works • Based In Bradley Stoke RUBBISH CLEARANCE ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS From as little as £30 Email Shaun RUBBISH CLEARED Registered upper tier waste carrier licence no CBDU225074 We load and clear rubbish/junk from houses Flats, Sheds, Attics, Gardens etc etc No job too small - we even clear single items Cheaper than a skip and we load no VAT Contact Stuart or Sue Mobile 07770944727 anytime including weekends Visit us: Email us: Call us: 07592 506 003 HOUSE CLEARANCE GARAGE CLEARANCE GARDEN CLEARANCE GENERAL RUBBISH CLEARANCE House clearance & waste management services MINIMUM COLLECTION FROM £49 - FREE QUOTATIONS fully licensed and insured FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED HOUSE & RUBBISH CLEARANCE PLUMBING LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS** • TAPS • WASHERS • DRIPS • LEAKS • REPAIRS • TOILETS • BALL VALVES • LEAD PIPES ETC LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS** LOCAL PLUMBER • REPAIRS/BURSTS • STOPTAPS • TANKS, TOILETS • TAPS, WASHERS • BALL VALVES • LEAD-PIPES 0117 9564912 **NO VAT** **O.A.P. DISCOUNTS**
Look forward to your visit. Come and find us on The Westerleigh Road between Pucklechurch village and the Westerleigh Crematorium ST. ALDAMS FARM NURSERY EST. 1973 BUY DIRECT FROM THE GROWER THE BEST PLANTS AT THE BEST PRICES WESTERLEIGH ROAD, PUCKLECHURCH, BRISTOL BS16 9PY Polyanthus 25 PLANTS £7.00 Primroses 15 PLANTS £7.00 Large selection of Ceramic Pots Perennials FROM £8.00 Pansy Baskets £7.00 SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR SPECIAL OFFERS OPEN 7 DAYS - Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm Sun 9am to 4pm Erin MP Compost £7.00 or £18 for 3
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