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Mission Statement of the Brockport Foundation

The mission of the Brockport Foundation is to seek, secure and steward philanthropic support to advance The College at Brockport in its commitment to student success. Since 1976, the Brockport Foundation has partnered with The College at Brockport to foster a culture of philanthropy that honors and supports our mission of student success. The Foundation, in collaboration with the Offices of Development and Alumni Relations, oversees the investment and financial management of all gifts to the College. This group of committed volunteers dedicates its time, talent, and treasure to help ensure that sustainable funding for scholarships, academic and facility enhancements, and special events is available so that we may continue to provide our students with a transformational educational experience.

Mission Statement of The College at Brockport State University of New York

Is committed to providing a liberal arts and professional education—at both the undergraduate and graduate level—for those who have the necessary ability and motivation to benefit from high quality public higher education; Has the success of its students as its highest priority, emphasizing student learning, and encompassing admission to graduate and professional schools, employment, and civic engagement in a culturally diverse society and in globally interdependent communities; and Is committed to advancing teaching, scholarship, creative endeavors, and service to the College community and the greater society by supporting the activities of an outstanding faculty and staff.

On the cover: Cherishing This Heritage is a history of the State University of New York College at Brockport written by Dr. W. Wayne Dedman, Professor of History at the College, who taught here from 1945-1977. Dedman traces the history of the College and the Village from the 1840s through the late 1960s. Within its pages the successes and heartbreaks of higher education in a small Western New York town are vividly portrayed and richly annotated. It is the story of how one American community built its college and its future. That proud heritage continues today.

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Brockport Foundation Board OFFICERS Diane McCue ’77 Chair General Manager, Printing Plate Business Eastman Kodak Company Mary Worboys-Turner Immediate Past Chair Community Volunteer Joseph Doody ’74 Vice Chair President, North American Delivery, Staples R. Scott Flieger ’77 Treasurer Managing Director, Deutsch Bank Securities Inc. Maureen Casey ’83 Esq., Secretary Senior Vice President, Giuliani Partners Roxanne Johnston President, Ex Officio Vice President for Advancement The College at Brockport

DIRECTORS Mark Aesch ’88 Chief Executive Officer, Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority Robert Baden ’79 President, Rochester Software Associates, Inc. Nicholas Billotti ’73 President and Chief Executive Officer, Turner International Flor Colon, Esq. Associate General Counsel, Xerox Corporation Michael Doyle ’80 Regional Vice President, Entercom Scott Farrell ’89 Owner of Farrell Files Radio Show on 10 Connects, Tampa, FL Glenn Goldberg ’80 President, Information and Media Services, McGraw-Hill Companies John R. Halstead, PhD President, The College at Brockport, Ex Officio Charlotte “Chuckie” Holstein ’46 Executive Director, F.O.C.U.S. Greater Syracuse Marc Iacona President, Simcona Electronics Corporation Lois Irwin Director, Provider Services, UltraMobile Imaging Warren Kozireski ’82/’95 President, Brockport Alumni Association Christopher Leichtweis ’83 President and Chief Executive Officer, SEC Group Jacques Lipson, MD Internal Medicine Practitioner Robert Marino ’69 Chairman, Board of Directors, Syniverse Holdings, Inc. Eric May ’11 President, Brockport Student Government, Ex Officio Charles Nesbitt President and Commissioner, New York State Division of Tax Appeals and Tax Appeals Tribunal Robert Pepe ’01 Chief Financial Officer, LaBella Associates, P.C. Margaret Preska ’57, PhD President Emerita, Minnesota State University Mankato William Rock, PhD Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, The College at Brockport Louis Spiro ’82 Vice President of Administration and Finance, The College at Brockport, Ex Officio Jose Torre, PhD President, College Senate, The College at Brockport 2

A Message from the Chair of the Brockport Foundation

A college education is not a luxury. Rather, it is an essential and necessary stepping stone to a successful career, economic independence and a fulfilling life. A Brockport education prepares students to become engaged citizens, thoughtful leaders and contributing members of their communities. These things, combined with outstanding academics, a brilliant and caring faculty and innovative programs, provide our students with a topnotch education—and one we are truly proud to offer. However, there is an economic reality to education—affording a college education is a struggle for many students. Nearly all Brockport students apply for financial aid, and nearly all who apply qualify. But financial aid alone does not always cover the costs associated with earning a college degree. Many of our students also hold down part- and full-time jobs to pay their way. Honorable, yes, but also distracting from both academic and co-curricular opportunities like student research, leadership development, community service, athletics and other activities that help to shape students’ character and teach valuable life lessons. Each year, almost 280 students receive scholarships through the Brockport Foundation. For many, these scholarships make an important difference in their education. A scholarship can mean the difference between taking out a loan, taking on a job or choosing to volunteer as a peer mentor, joining student organizations, or completing an important— but unpaid—internship. But of course, scholarships are just part of the story when it comes to the impact of private support. I can assure you that your gift to any area of the College and in any amount improves the educational experience for our students. Your giving has never meant more than at any other time in the College’s history, and it has never been more appreciated. I want to thank you on behalf of all Brockport students, faculty and staff for your ongoing generosity. With your help, we will continue to ease the financial burden our students face and provide them with a solid foundation for success. With great appreciation,

Diane McCue ’77 Chair, Brockport Foundation Board


A Message from the President of the Foundation

As I thought about what I wanted to include in my message to you this year, I considered several themes: Our deserving students and the harsh financial realities they face, the decrease in public support for this public institution (state support makes up just 34 percent of our total operating budget) or our academic restructuring effort that is already strengthening our academic core. I also considered sharing our plans for a new School of Business and the success of our new Living Learning Communities and Leadership Development Program. In the end, however, I decided what I wanted most was to express my deep and sincere gratitude for your ongoing support of the College. We live in unsettled times, and it is easy to become disheartened. Yet, you are role models for all of us—faculty, staff and students alike—through your exceptional optimism and commitment to higher education. Without you, we could not offer the scholarships our students need to bring higher education within reach. Without you, we would not be able to provide that extra margin of support for student research opportunities, faculty excellence, innovative co-curricular programming and our arts and athletics programs. You enrich our campus community in so many ways, not only through your financial support but also with your presence, creativity and unwavering belief in a Brockport education. I feel privileged to be a part of this community and look forward to working with you in the years ahead. Warmest regards,

Roxanne Johnston Vice President of Advancement President, Brockport Foundation


A Message from the President of the College

We are nearly through The College at Brockport’s 175th anniversary—a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the history and accomplishments this great institution has achieved. As we enter 2011, I truly feel as though we are on the cusp of the next phase of our evolution. There are many exciting developments happening in the next few years: everything from the opening of our Special Events Recreation Center in 2012 to a new academic building for the liberal arts; from the creation of a School of Business to the continuing focus on student success through a planned Student Success Center. We also are putting the finishing touches on a Facilities Master Plan that will reshape the physical look and feel of our campus for the next several decades. Taken together, these pieces will speed our ascension to becoming a nationally recognized comprehensive college. At the same time, we are simply being good stewards of the College and its resources. Speaking of resources, as promising as these developments are, storm clouds continue to hover over New York State and the national economy. For several years now, SUNY has been experiencing continual and deep budget cuts and we face a likely future of additional reductions in state support. In these difficult budget times, our focus on student success and providing the best possible “Brockport Experience” drives each and every decision we make. Be assured that I and other College leaders will work with SUNY, our Chancellor and other stakeholders to encourage Governor Cuomo, Lieutenant Governor Duffy and the State Senate and Assembly to enact the kind of regulatory reform necessary for SUNY and The College at Brockport to reach its full promise. That said, I can’t stress enough the importance of private support to achieve the aspiring goals and plans we’ve set in motion. But we are not in this alone! As I travel around the country to secure even greater support for the College, I am consistently carrying the message that we have a superb Foundation Board, whose members are setting high standards for giving and urging others to step up. We are most fortunate to have the leadership, vision and expertise of the Brockport Foundation to help buoy us through these challenging times. Alumni and non-alumni alike, our Foundation Board members distinguish themselves in their professions and through their passion for public higher education as well as their generosity of time, talent and treasure. Together, I am confident we can secure the private support we need to take The College at Brockport to the next level. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey. Best wishes,

John R. Halstead, PhD President


Edita Salkic ’11 and Megan Walck ’12

Giving Back:

The Roy and Helen Doody Scholarship in Business In 2009, alum Joe Doody ’74 and his wife, Peggy, made an extraordinary and thoughtful decision—to create a scholarship program for students in the Department of Business Administration and Economics at The College at Brockport. The scholarship—named to honor Joe’s parents, Roy and Helen Doody, as well as the Doody family’s commitment to academic excellence, hard work and commitment to community—is among the most generous available at the College.

Joe Doody ’74

Joe, a first-generation college student, completed his bachelor’s degree at Brockport and went on to complete an MBA at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. During his time at Brockport, he relied on the generosity of his parents. Today, he is president of North American delivery for Staples. Despite his demanding career and busy family life, Joe gives generously to the College through his role as vice chair of the Brockport Foundation Board of Directors and his philanthropy. Creating the scholarship is his way of paying forward the support he received as a student. “It’s the right thing to do,” he says of his scholarship. “By giving to Brockport, I can make a significant impact and create the greatest benefit. Meeting with my students reinforces the immediate and powerful impact that scholarships can have.”

This year’s scholarship recipients are Edita Salkic ’11 and Megan Walck ’12, both majoring in business administration with a concentration in management. (This is Edita’s second year to receive the scholarship.) Though they differ in their backgrounds, experiences and goals, Edita and Megan exemplify the commitment and integrity of the Doody Scholarship, as well as the enterprising spirit common to so many Brockport students. Learn more about Edita and Megan in the following interview. 6

An Interview with Edita Salkic ’11 and Megan Walck ’12 Where are you from?

How did receiving the scholarship impact you personally?

Edita: I am originally from Bosnia and spent my childhood in Germany. I have been in Rochester for over 11 years now.

Edita: Receiving the scholarship has shown me that honesty, dedication, and hard work in all that you do can—and will—be recognized and rewarded.

Megan: I am from Sanborn, NY, near Niagara Falls.

Megan: Being awarded the Doody Scholarship made me realize that The College of Brockport is a true advocate for students and encourages them to believe in themselves and strive for the highest standards. This scholarship has encouraged me to continue to work hard and learn as much as possible.

Why did you choose Brockport? Edita: I chose Brockport because of a tour that I went on the summer before my senior year in high school. The campus felt so comfortable, but what really caught my attention was the friendliness of the staff and the fact that every person seemed so approachable. It was an environment I wanted to be a part of one day.

What was it like to meet Joe Doody? Edita: At first, it was intimidating, but it was such a blessing at the same time. It was a relief to meet someone who has been where I am today, and to know there are people out there rooting for you to succeed and who will help you along the way. He’s a down-to-earth, generous, and genuinely caring person.

Megan: During my campus tour, I had a chance to speak with current students, which gave me an excellent impression of Brockport. The location of the College was also important to me.

Megan: He was very personable and generous, sharing stories about his personal experiences that I can apply to my own goals and plans. His advice will be very helpful as I pursue my master’s degree.

What co-curricular or community activities are you involved in? Edita: I am currently the children’s ministry coordinator at Crosspoint Free Methodist Church and am involved in a number of seasonal volunteer opportunities through that.

How has this experience impacted your attitude toward philanthropy?

Megan: I am very involved in Brockport Student Government. I’m on the Board of Directors and serve as the president of the Academic Council. As part of my responsibilities, I oversee the academic clubs and make sure their interests are represented and their concerns are heard. Also, I work for the Honors Program as an honors peer mentor. I really enjoy the opportunity to interact with freshmen. I think it is important to have a mentor to whom you can trust and turn for advice.

Edita: It has inspired me to help a student in the future. I realize the value and the impact that philanthropy can have—and that a scholarship can make a difference between graduating and not being able to afford to continue. I want to make a difference like that in someone’s life. Megan: The work of philanthropy personally connects benefactors with those students who, without a scholarship, may not have had the opportunity to attend college. Knowing how much this scholarship has meant to me, combined with getting to meet Mr. Doody, has motivated me to want to create a scholarship in order to assist students in the future.

What are your career plans? Edita: My plans are to work for a nonprofit organization that exists to better the lives of children in some way. I have always believed that if all of the children in the world were treated the way they are supposed to be treated, our world would be a better place. Megan: I plan on going to graduate school, possibly the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. How has the Doody Scholarship impacted your college experience? Edita: Without the Doody Scholarship, I would not be here today—a semester away from graduating with my college degree. I am one of the first in my family to go to college and will be one of the first to graduate, and I could only have achieved this through the generosity of Joe Doody and his wife. Megan: The Doody Scholarship encouraged me to show others that hard work, dedication to your studies, and being involved in your school generates a positive educational experience. 7

Year in Review

July 2009

August The Princeton Review, the New York City-based education services company, selected Brockport as one of 212 institutions receiving its “Best in the Northeast” designation. The College at Brockport was featured in The Best Colleges: Region by Region section of and profiled in its book, The Best Northeastern Colleges: 2009 Edition.

The Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation (BASC) received a 2009 Loyal E. Horton Dining Award. The award is presented by The National Association of College & University Food Services for excellence. BASC also received the Silver Award in the Catering Special Events category for its outstanding dining menu for the 2008 President’s Donor Recognition Dinner. In addition, BASC had the distinction of being rated No. 1 for dining services in the SUNY system in a survey of students.

On Move In Day, August 28, 1,100 freshmen moved into residence halls with the help of more than 300 faculty and staff volunteers. Alumnus Scott Fleiger ’77/’78 was on hand to deliver the keynote address at Academic Convocation. Fleiger is a member of the Brockport Foundation board of directors and the CEO and managing director of Deutsche Bank’s Debt Capital Markets North America division.

 e 13th Annual Camp Abilities, hosted at the College, provided Th children and adolescents with visual impairment, blindness or deaf/ blindness with the opportunity to participate in such fun activities as beep baseball, judo, archery, track and field, tandem biking, goal ball, swimming, fishing and kayaking. Fifty-three campers and 90 counselors came from across the US and as far away as Brazil, Australia and Puerto Rico.

 e College announced a new academic structure designed to Th position Brockport for success in the critical areas of student recruitment and retention, accreditation and fundraising. The new structure includes the Schools of The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Mathematics, Health and Human Performance, and Education and Human Services. The College plans to add a fifth unit, a School of Business, in the near future.

On July 22, State University of New York Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher visited Brockport as part of a tour of all 64 SUNY campuses. The tour by Dr. Zimpher was the first phase in the development of an overall strategic plan for SUNY, which was completed in spring 2010. The planning process is a model for statewide collaborations gathering suggestions, ideas and comments from thousands of stakeholders through town hall meetings, online conferences and other outreach. 8



 onstitution Day 2009 was a day of celebration for 68 new US C citizens from Rochester and Western New York who took the formal Oath of Allegiance during naturalization ceremonies on September 17, in the Seymour College Union Ballroom. Constitution or Citizenship Day is marked every September 17, to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution.

The College’s Department of Criminal Justice hosted the Fifth Annual Western New York Restorative Justice Conference October 28-29. The conference, entitled “Walking after Midnight: Conflict, Community, and Restorative Justice” featured speakers Katy Hutchison, author, speaker, and restorative justice advocate; and Kathy Buckley, director of Victim Services in the Office of the Victim Advocate, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

John Quiñones, ABC news correspondent, delivered the keynote presentation on September 17, at the College’s Ninth Annual Diversity Conference. The theme of the 2009 conference was “Sharing the Dream.” Quiñones has worked with ABC for more than 25 years, reporting extensively for ABC News as a correspondent and co-anchor for Primetime and as a correspondent for the network’s popular 20/20 program.

The College and surrounding community celebrated the 2nd annual Brockport Jazz Day with the Dave Rivello Ensemble. This daylong celebration of jazz included a workshop focused on the creative process, a live jam session and an evening concert at the Tower Fine Arts Center Mainstage. Jazz Day is sponsored by the Marc and Ann Iacona Family.

Brockport was ranked 62nd among master’s universities in the Northern region in the 2010 edition of US News & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges” guide. The College jumped 19 places since last year, when it was ranked 81st. The exclusive rankings, which include more than 1,400 schools nationwide, are at www.usnews. com and were published in the September issue of the U.S. News & World Report magazine.




Author John Edgar Wideman delivered the 6th annual Brockport Writer’s Voice lecture at the Brockport MetroCenter. A critically acclaimed writer who has won numerous literary awards, Wideman was the first author to win two International PEN/Faulkner Awards. He received his first in 1984 for Sent for You Yesterday and his second in 1990 for Philadelphia Fire. In 2000, he won the O. Henry Award for his short story “Weight,” published in The Callaloo Journal. Natalie Pilakouta, a senior at the College, received the ACT for Excellence Scholarship, a statewide honor bestowed by the Association of Council Members and College Trustees. Pilakouta, an international student from Cyprus, came to the United States as a Fulbright Scholar at the age of 16. She will graduate in May and is majoring in environmental science with a concentration in terrestrial ecology and has a second major in biological sciences. She also minors in chemistry and earth sciences. Pilakouta maintains a 4.0 GPA and is on the College’s Dean’s List.

 e 25th annual Holiday Helping Hand Campaign provided gifts Th and baskets of fresh groceries to 16 area families who might not otherwise have cause for celebration during the holiday season. Faculty, staff and students donated gifts, which were festively wrapped before being delivered by campus volunteers. Always a labor of love, the campus looks forward to helping others in need each year.

Six College at Brockport alumni were among the honorees selected for the 15th annual Rochester Business Journal “Forty Under 40” awards, which recognize professionals younger than 40 years of age for service in their jobs and in the community.  e College at Brockport alumni in the Forty Under 40 Class Th of 2009 include: Jennifer Arbore ’98, partner, Eldredge, Fox & Porretti LLP Kymberly Bailey ’92, senior search consultant, Cochran Cochran & Yale LLC Jennifer Martlew ’00, senior audit manager, Insero & Co. CPAs P.C.

Josh Bouk ’97, vice president of customer services, Veramark Technologies Inc Maria Thomas Fisher ’97/’02, 311 project leader, City of Rochester Jay Wegman ’00, vice president, Wegman Construction. Inc

Antitheist Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi David Wolpe tackled life’s big questions before an audience of nearly 700 in the Seymour Union Ballroom. Hitchens is the author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and Wolpe wrote Why Faith Matters. The two first met more than a year ago for a similar exchange at the Temple Emanu-El in New York City, one of the world’s largest synagogues, in front of an audience of 1,500. The event was sponsored and managed by Brockport Student Government.


January 2010  e College was ranked for the third consecutive year among Th Kiplinger’s “100 Best Values in Public Colleges,” a list that ranks schools based on a combination of top-flight academics and affordable costs. For in-state students, The College at Brockport came in 96th. For out-of-state students, the College ranked at number 73. More than 500 public institutions were considered for the rankings. Brockport alumna and Hilton elementary school teacher Suzanne Pilon ’87/ ’95 was honored by President Barack Obama during a January 6 ceremony at the White House. Pilon was one of three SUNY graduates, and about 80 educators nationwide, honored through Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign for excellence in science and math initiative. Pilon was recognized for her “contributions to teaching and learning” and “ability to help students make progress in mathematics and science. ”  e College launched a “day in the life” blog about student life, Th written and photographed by four students. The blog allows prospective students to learn about what it’s like to adjust to life on campus and to gain a complete view of what life at The College is like—inside and outside of the classroom. Freshmen Natalie Fiorilli, Logan Marks, Hailey McKay and Carolyn McMenemon snapped pictures day and night and wrote about the situations and events where they captured those images.

February On February 22, the College launched its new Leadership Development Program to the campus and community. The program, which began during the fall 2009 semester, had 200 student participants this year. More than 50 staff, faculty and students worked together to create the program, which aims to prepare students for success after college as leaders. The first initiative launched as part of the program was the Green Certificate Program, which focuses on the three Cs: Consciousness of Self, Congruence and Commitment. Students, faculty and staff from the College “took the plunge” again February 14 to raise funds for the Special Olympics of New York. Several College teams participated in the 9th annual Rochester Polar Plunge in the local “Cool School Challenge.” Jorge Hernández, editor of Sun, Stone, and Shadows: 20 Great Mexican Short Stories, kicked off the College’s Big Read during a February 17 visit to campus. Hernández, a novelist, short story writer, and editor, was born in 1962 in Mexico City and grew up in Washington, DC. The nationwide reading program aims to promote reading and literacy involvement on the community level.



April  e College at Brockport was named to the Princeton Review “Guide Th to 286 Green Colleges,” which sited the College for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Partnering with the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the Review’s guidebook solely focused on institutions of higher education who have demonstrated an above average commitment to sustainability in terms of campus infrastructure, activities and initiatives. The College has instituted several energy saving programs as part of SUNY-wide sustainability efforts. Approximately $12 million has been invested in a variety of energy-related initiatives on campus.

 eChase Construction Services, LLC, of Rochester was selected by L the College to build the Special Events Recreation Center, a stateof-the-art multi-use facility for academics, concerts, recreational and sporting events, commencements and community activities. The facility is scheduled to be completed by late summer 2012.  e College announced the recipients of the Outstanding Adult Th Student Award, which recognizes students who successfully balance college study with family, career and community service responsibilities. This year, the award was given to three mothers who have adapted their hectic schedules while maintaining commendable educational success: Grace Dengler, Renee Garnier and Cynthia Kesselring. The students also were honored at the Rochester Area Colleges annual awards dinner on April 29.

The College was among several local companies and schools recognized as good stewards of the environment by the Rochester Business Journal. The College received an Environmental Leadership Award in the “pollution prevention category” at an awards luncheon April 13 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

The Seymour College Ballroom could have been mistaken for the lobby of the United Nations March 25 during the 8th annual International Festival, which spotlighted Brockport’s international students along with their cultures and cuisines. Entertainment included Kabuki theater, Indian and Mexican dance, Bulgarian folk tunes, Vietnamese music and a dance choreographed by student Jason Arych, performed by international dance majors and dedicated to the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

 e rain stopped and the sky brightened and ground was broken Th for the College’s $40+ million Special Events Recreation Center. President John R. Halstead welcomed the audience of more than 200 guests, faculty, staff and students calling the milestone “a momentous day for The College at Brockport, for all of Western New York and for countless future generations of students.” The College received the Financial Literacy Leadership Award from the National Student Loan Program—one of only three colleges nationwide to earn this distinction. The award recognizes higher education institutions that provide outstanding financial literacy education to their students.


May Two students from the College were announced among the winners of the 2009-10 Chancellor’s Scholar Athlete Award. Presented by SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher, the award recognizes academic excellence and athletic achievement at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I, Division III and NJCAA levels. Tom Rispoli ’11, a physical education major from East Meadow, NY, and Christina Scaffidi ’11, a communication major from Oak Creek, WI, were honored. The College was featured prominently in the higher education section of Forbes magazine’s spotlight on the Rochester region. The special section described the area as “Resilient, resourceful and top-ranked for its knowledge workforce, the Greater Rochester, NY, Region is attracting and keeping smart people and smart businesses.” The section on higher education described how programs at area colleges respond to market needs.  e College presented checks totaling more than $4,500 on May 7 Th to the American Red Cross and H.O.P.E. Haiti, to help with relief efforts in earthquake-devastated Haiti. The funds were raised throughout the spring semester by students, faculty and staff, via numerous fundraising activities.

June  oah D. LeFevre was named director of athletics at the College. N Previously, LeFevre was associate director of athletics at New York University, a position he had held since 2001. “As a former basketball player and administrator in a high-profile Division III program like NYU, LeFevre understands the life of a student athlete. He will be a strong advocate for all Golden Eagle athletes and coaches as they continue to produce strong academic and athletic records,” said Dr. Katy Wilson, vice president for enrollment management and student affairs. The Department of Health Science at the College achieved accreditation from the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors for its Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Studies Program. The College is one of just 15 colleges and universities across the nation to receive this status. In 2007, the program received the New York State Institute for Professional Development in Addictions Award for Excellence in Addictions Education.  e Brockport Rotary Club presented its annual Citizen of the Year Th Award to the College on June 25. It was the first time since the award was re-established in 2003 that the club honored an institution rather than an individual. The award cited the College for having “helped make Brockport a better place in which to live.”


Distinguished Giving Societies Gloria Mattera Heritage Society

The Gloria Mattera Heritage Society is so named to honor Dr. Gloria Mattera ’52/’55. A native of Rochester and a Brockport alumna, Dr. Mattera is responsible for groundbreaking initiatives in the education of the children of migrant farmworkers in our region. A loyal Brockport alum, Dr. Mattera served on several Alumni Association committees. In 1986, she received the Alumni Association’s highest honor and was inducted into the Brockport Alumni Association Hall of Heritage. Her untimely death in 1988 left a void for everyone who was touched by her kindness and generosity. But her enduring commitment to students and her far-sighted planning created an endowment that will last forever. Her planned gift endowed a student scholarship fund that will provide the means to continue changing lives—one student at a time.

Members of the Gloria Mattera Heritage Society include:

Mary Joan Allen William and Monica Andrews Anonymous Anonymous ’53 Anonymous ’55 Anonymous ’83 Herbert S. Bailey* Jeanette D’Agostino Banker ’53 Nancy C. Barbour Carol J. Belden Henry L and Marian M.* Bretton Marguerite (Peg) Hare Browne ’44* David J. Carney * Lin Case ’89 Esther L. Casselman ’34*

Dawn and Mike Jones Mildred C. and Howard E.* Kiefer Doris L. Lee* Edward C. Lehman, Jr. Elaine Leshnower ’61 Jennifer M. Lloyd ’87 Patrick S. Madama ’77 Alfred and Marilyn Ryder Mahlmann ’47 Susan Kwas Maloney ’67 Richard Maxwell ’60* S. Jean Boyd McKay ’59 Richard and Sandra ’87 Meade Grace Milton ’40* J. Emory Morris Robert E. O’Brien*

Colleen Donaldson ’77 Scott Farrell ’89 A. John Fiorino ’53 A. Gregory Fitz Gerald Scott A. Frutchey ’89 Alice W. and Fletcher M.* Garlock Ralph and Elizabeth * Gennarino Turi T. Gibson ’75 Jean and Lawrence O. Gostin ’71 Thomas W. Heath ’35* Janie M. Hill ’85 Lucinda Hazen Hill* Chrystal Kelley Hoffman ’39* Willard W. and Judith Hunter

Thelma A. Quicke ’36 George M. ’54 and Rosa A. Rich Rose L. Strasser* Ginny L. Studer Linda Panarites Sweeting ’92 Judith E. Szustakowski ’80 Stephen and Marcia Ullman David ’82 and Marianne ’86 Virgilio Florence Remsen Wage ’30 * Elizabeth Welch ’77 June E. and Robert S.* Zimmer * deceased

The Benefits of Planned Giving You have the power to make a lasting impact on Brockport students through a planned gift. A variety of planned charitable arrangements let you leave a lasting legacy of support and, at the same time, reduce the tax burden on your estate and maximize your estate’s value to your beneficiaries. You don’t have to be a certain age or very wealthy to plan a gift that changes students’ lives. To learn more about how you can make a lasting difference for Brockport and become a member of the Gloria Mattera Heritage Society, go to or call Brad Schreiber, executive director of development and alumni relations, at (585) 395-2451.


Lifetime Giving Societies The Brockport Foundation is pleased to recognize its generous beneficiaries based on their lifetime giving. Each year at the President’s Donor Recognition Dinner, donors are publically welcomed into their appropriate giving society. The following reflects membership as of spring 2010.

Brockport Circle ($1,000,000 and above) Anonymous (2)

Heil Brockway Society

($500,000 - $999,999) Anonymous

Ernest C. Hartwell Society ($250,000 - $499,999)

Anonymous Alice and Fletcher* Garlock Vira Hladun-Goldmann Intel Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program The M&T Charitable Foundation Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation

Donald M. Tower Society ($100,000 - $249,000)

Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation Brockport Student Government Marguerite Hare Browne ’44 * John Bentinck-Smith Charitable Lead Trust Harry Caulfield Eastman Kodak R. Scott ’77 and Mary Flieger Archie ’52 and Joan Butmore ’51 Freitas Janie Hill ’85 Willard and Judith Hunter Robert ’69 and Nancy Beatty ’69 Marino J. Emory Morris Kazumi Nakano Michael Panaggio ’75 Estate of Rose L. Strasser Sun Microsystems Incorporated WHEC TV-10, LLC

Robert E. O’Brien Society

Marguerite Hare Browne Society

Anonymous (2) Bank of America Estate of Ella Ashworth Robert Baden ’79 Herbert Bailey * George ’63 and Mary Lamonica ’56 Bauer Nicholas ’73 and Beverly Billotti Henry and Marian * Bretton The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation Dorothea Deitz Memorial Scholarship Fund Ann Donavin ’42* Joseph ’74 and Peggy Doody Friars Foundation Lawrence ’71 and Jean Gostin H. Larry and Dorothy Humm IBM Corporation Earl and Mary Cosgrove ’61 Ingersoll Dawn and Michael Jones John and Kathleen Kutolowski Donald Leffler * Estate of Richard Maxwell Sabin Metal Corporation JPMorgan Chase SirsiDynix Jack Spates Oklahoma Gold Wrestling Camp Louis and Gene Spiro John Summers Stephen and Marcia Ullman Estate of Betty J. Watson ’46 Joan Kelly Young ’53 *

Shirley Aichel ’87 Alliance with the Medical Society of the County of Monroe Alpha Alpha Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Anonymous Betsy Ann Balzano Nancy Barbour Daniel ’76 and Dale Taylor ’76 Bernstein Walter Brautigan Robert ’72 and Ruth Conrad Davenport Hatch Foundation Charles Dean ’68 Orlo * and Verdell Derby Judith Desfosses Daniel ’79 and Denny Donovan Erwin * ’53 and Marilyn Lynch ’55 Duryea Helmut ’63 and Sandra Forno ’64 Eichhorn ExxonMobil Foundation Scott ’89 and SAM! Farrell Richard and Joan ’79 Fenton Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Ralph and Betty * Gennarino Glenn ’80 Goldberg and Kim Burke Thomas ’73 Gosdeck and Catherine Schuth-Gosdeck John and Kathy Halstead Linda Hazel James and Nancy Henion William ’61 and Hannelore ’79 Heyen Estate of Lucinda H. Hill David and Gwendolyn Hoffberg Hospital League/1199 SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund Jasco Tools

($50,000 - $99,999)

($20,000 - $49,999)


Marc and Ann Iacona Family Patricia Keeler Key Corporation Christopher ’83 and Myra Leichtweis Elaine Leshnower ’61 Liberty Mutual John ’57 and Shirley Lindberg Jacques and Dawn Lipson Jennifer Lloyd ’87 Patrick Madama ’77 Alfred and Marilyn Ryder ’47 Mahlmann Estate of Gloria Mattera McCue Memorial Foundation Elaine Miller The Milne Family Foundation Harold ’54 and Lorraine Porter ’54 Nash Niagara National Nixon Peabody LLP Eugene ’53 and Mary Orbaker Lynn and Anne ’82 Parsons Paychex George ’54 and Rosie Rich Rochester Area Community Foundation William and Annette Rock Alva Royston and Irene Rivera ’74 de Royston Paul ’53 and Noy Sarbou Theresa and Raymond * Shaheen Arline and Edward * Stephany Thales Optem Time Warner Tommy Hilfiger Foundation Scott Turner and Mary Worboys-Turner Estate of Florence Wage Wegman Companies Xerox Foundation * deceased

Endowed and Annual Scholarships One of the main tenets of Brockport’s mission is to offer a high quality education that is affordable for our students. Yet for many, cost is still a barrier. Private scholarships, both restricted and endowed, can make a critical difference. A scholarship may mean that students can forego part-time jobs and give their full attention to their studies; it may open the door to a study abroad experience; or for some, it may make a college education a reality—not just a dream. Through the Brockport Foundation, generous individuals, foundations and corporations bring education within reach for many of our students. In 2009-10, the Brockport Foundation awarded 280 scholarships totaling $350,400. The Foundation also provides the College with $275,000 annually to support the Extraordinary Academic Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships based on overall academic achievement. Listed below are the endowed and annual scholarships that make it possible for Brockport students to achieve their educational goals.

Endowed Scholarships Albert W. Brown Scholarship Allen V. Upton Scholarship Fund Alliance Nursing Scholarship Alpha Chi Honor Society Scholarship Ambrose L. Corcoran Art Award Anna A. McGinnis Award Anne and Lynn Parsons Graduate Scholarship Anne M. Fallon Memorial Scholarship Annette Lamphier Rock Nursing Scholarship Arthur M. Lee History Award Beatrice and Donald Leffler Award Bessie Walker Browne Elementary Education Award Blaine M. Delancey Memorial Award Blaine M. Delancey Teaching Excellence Award Brockport College Memorial Scholarship Brockport Student Goverment Award Captain Robert A. Bager Memorial Scholarship Cassidy Ball Memorial Scholarship Charles J. Ashworth Memorial Scholarship in Business Administration and Economics Charles S. Thomas Memorial Award Charles W. Baden Scholarships Chase Manhattan Bank - Clark V. Whited Award Clark V. Whited Award Class of 1952 Scholarship Class of 1953 Scholarship Class of 1962 Scholarship Class of 1963 Scholarship Communications Scholarship

Evelyn L. Schurr Scholarship Frances Moroney Whited Reading Scholarship Francis Claffey Award Fred Dean Scholarship George and Mary Bauer Scholarship George S. Queen History Award George W. Cornell Library Science and Administration Award Gerald L. Browne Award Gladys W. Queen Future Teacher Award Graduate History Award/Flieger Fellowship Harold Rakov Political Science Scholarship Henry L and Marian More Bretton Scholarship Ingersoll Family Endowment Interdisciplinary Award in Mathematics Irene Rivera de Royston Award in Counselor Education Jack Crandall Award Jack Wolsky Art Award Jacob and Inez Wishman Memorial Award Jacques and Dawn Lipson Award in Performing Arts James Francis Harris Memorial Scholarship James Keeler Endowment Fund Janie Hill International Scholarship Joan C. Young Scholarship Josephine Mannix Award Katharine Reichel Education Award Katherine Parker Memorial Award in Art History Kempes Schnell History Scholarship Kenneth E. Damann Research Award Kurt Williams Scholarship

Cyril and Gertrude Stanton Hare Award Departmental Scholars Award in Earth Sciences, Geology, Meteorology and Water Resources Dolly Pike Nursing Scholarship Donald J. McWherter Scholarship Donald Tower Award Dorothy E. Foster Award Dr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Bailey Scholarship Dr. Betty Marian Anderson Scholarship Dr. Frances Moroney Whited Award Dr. Louis R. Desfosses Sr. Scholarship in International Business Edmund & Tina Hundt Scholarship Edward J. Kumar Administrative Services Scholarship Edward Matejkovic Sport Management Scholarship Edward O. Stephany Award Edwin S. Hall Jr. Anthropology Scholarship Eileen L. Corcoran Education Award Elaine K. Miller Women and Gender Studies Scholarship Ella Potote Ashworth Departmental Scholar in Education and Human Development Award Elmer J. and Fay Gallup Cloutier Scholarship English Club Student Poetry Award Environmental Health Award Eric M. Steel French Prize Eric M. Steel International Education Award Ernest C. Hartwell Memorial Award Eugene C. Fish Scholarship


Lathan H. and Alyce M. Lampen Award Lea Cowles Masters Award Marguerite Hare Browne Professional Education Award Student Teacher Award Marguerite Hare Browne Professional Education Awards Graduate Award Marguerite Hare Browne Professional Education Awards for a High School Senior Marguerite Hare Browne Scholarship Marguerite Hare Browne Student Teacher Award Marguerite Rock Ward Memorial Award Marion J. Wells Library Service Award Marion R. Sortore Award Marion Schrank Student Leadership Award Marjorie Helen Stewart Scholarship Marquerite Hare Browne Professional Education Awards Rose Rock Scholarship Martin H. Rogers Award Mary I. Luskey Award Mathematics & Computer Science Departmental Award Melinda Kleehamer Senior Seminar Prize Mike Weaver Scholarship Milne Family Foundation Department of History Scholar Prize Morris Fellowships Nash/Porter Scholarship Newman Scholarship Fund Norman J. Hill Award Ora Van Slyke Award

O’Reilly Scholarship Orlo L. Derby Elementary Education Award Patricia A. Ryan Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund Paul B. Hanks Sr. and Paul B. Hanks Jr. Award Paul J. Kronthaler Chemistry Award Pauline M. Haynes Music Award Perkins Award Peter and Marguerite Kane Scholarship President’s Citation Pylyshenko-Strasser Graduate Dance Award R.A. Award Raymond C. Shaheen Business Award Raymond C. Shaheen Nursing Award Reading Educator Emeriti Scholarship Richard L. Canuteson Award Robert and Nancy Marino Scholarship Robert E. Boozer Award Robert E. Hall Math & Computer Science Scholarship Robert R. Griswold History Award Rochester West Central Kiwanis Club Award Rose L. Strasser Dance Awards Ross M. Coxe Memorial Award Ross Vasta Memorial Scholarship Roy Bubb Award Ruth A. Garis Award Sabina Kutolowski Scholarship Samuel, Elizabeth and Dr. Francis J. Manno Award

Sandra A. Mason Scholarship Science Scholar Awards Sherwin Swartout Fund W. Raymond Duncan Alumni Scholarship Fund W. Wayne Dedman Award Warren M. Morgan Memorial Award in English William P. Manitsas Memorial Art Award William R. Stewart Award in Visual Arts William Stebbins Award in Health Science

Gary D. Root Memorial Scholarship Harriet Whitney Women’s Studies Award Helen Rice Blissett Nursing Scholarship in Nursing James C. Fallon Scholarship Jorge L. Marti Spanish Prize Kathy J. McGrath Scholarship Lena Sunseri Piedmont ’34 Arts for Children Scholarship Lena Sunseri Piedmont ’34 Scholarship Maureen Casey Scholarship McCue Scholarship Nat Goodhartz Award Norma and Herbert Spiro Memorial Scholarship Olga Bondar Unger ’39 Scholarship for Theatre Majors Physics Undergraduate Research Award Pre-Health Professions Fellowship Rachel Wood Scholarship for Nursing Richard Maxwell Award Rocco Valvano Scholarship Roy and Helen Doody Scholarship in Business Santo J. Giglio Award in Choreography Schmitt Foundation Scholarship in Business Shannon Adams Scholarship in Accounting Sherrill’s Promise Award Susan S. Collier Dance Scholarship

Annual Scholarships and Awards Advantage Professionals Scholarship Barbara E. Kowalczyk Memorial Award in Economics Billy Reed Prize in Public Speaking Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation Scholarship Carol A. Susswein Memorial Award Chemistry Summer Research Fund EFP Rotenberg & Company Scholarship EOC Maxine Gooden Scholarship Fund Eugene F. Orbaker Scholarship for Teacher Education in Physical Education Foreign Languages and Literatures Department Scholar Friends of Dance Fund


Thiem Foundation Nursing Scholarship Vira Hladun-Goldmann Scholarship Warren and MaryAnn Hewes Scholarship William B. DeCarlo Award Xerox Scholarship

Brockport Alumni Association Scholarships Alumni 4-Year Scholarship Alumni Current I Scholarship Alumni Current II Scholarship Alumni Graduate I Scholarship Alumni Generation Scholarship Alumni Transfer Scholarship

Other Scholarships Other Scholarships Empire State Minority Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Urban League Scholarship

Annual Giving Societies 2009-2010 Each year, members of the College community demonstrate their commitment to Brockport through an annual gift. This following list represents those donors included in the President’s Leadership Circle.

President’s Roundtable ($10,000 +)

Anonymous (2) Edward E. Banker George ’63 and Mary Lamonica ’56 Bauer Nicholas E. Billotti ’73 Brockport Student Government Marguerite Hare Browne ’44 * The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation Judith A. Desfosses Richard and Joan Sineti ’79 Fenton Vira Hladun-Goldmann ’58 Judith P. and Willard W. Hunter Charitable Fund Christopher ’83 and Myra Leichtweis The M&T Charitable Foundation Gerald and Diane Frost ’77 McCue J. Emory Morris David H. Rogachefsky Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation Frances Moroney Whited

1835 Society ($5,000 – $9,999)

1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Betty Marian Anderson ’79 Betsy Ann Balzano Eastman Kodak Company ExxonMobil Foundation Thomas J. Gosdeck ’73 Marc and Ann Iacona Family Andrew and Sandra Kaldor LaBella Associates PC Kazumi Nakano Harold W. ’54 and Lorraine Porter ’54 Nash Rochester Area Community Foundation Louis ’82 and Gene Spiro WHEC TV-10, LLC

Scholars Society ($2,500 - $4,999)

Bonnie L. Bower, DDS, ’75 Walter F. Brautigan ’63 Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation Susan Collier Joseph S. Crociata ’79 Diane Dimitroff and John Hackman EFP Rotenberg LLP Moira A. Fallon Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Archie ’52 and Joan Butmore ’51 Freitas Glenn Goldberg ’80 John and Kathy Halstead Anne Huot Bob Johnson Chevrolet Joseph M. Kakaty ’94 John W. Killigrew Jacques and Dawn Lipson Salahuddin and Sarwat Malik David ’78 and Roseanne Marmo ’76 McMorris The New York Community Trust Friends of Charlie Nesbitt Niagara National Lynn H. and Anne Hruska ’82 Parsons Jack Spates Oklahoma Gold Wrestling Camp Staples Andrew ’49 and Sue Pugliese ’46 Virgilio Xerox Foundation

Founders Society

($1,000 - $2,499)

Aetna Student Health Michael ’85 and Katie ’93 Andriatch Anonymous J. Scott Atkinson ’82 Lou ’49 and Virginia Albanese ’49 Avino Bette P. Bailey ’67 Robert Bermudes Jr. Deborah Birkins ’81 Dale R. Blissett ’59 George and Carol Vancise ’61 Bott David Brannigan


Henry L Bretton James J. Campbell Elizabeth Caruso Maureen E. Casey ’83 Christ Episcopal Church Anne G. Cloutier Flor Colon Robert ’72 and Ruth Conrad Andrea Cotter Jeanette D’Agostino Banker ’53 Department of Business Administration and Economics Karen Diamond Thomas C. Diederich ’63 Dan ’79 and Denny Donovan Joseph ’74 and Peggy Doody Harvey Dorfman ’57* Michael C. Doyle ’80 James E. Eilers Scott T. Farrell ’89 Mark and Lisa Fenton R. Scott ’77 and Mary Flieger Larry Flood ’85 William C. Frank ’93 Alice W. Garlock Mary Ann Giglio ’73 Donald H. Greene ’63 Don ’80 and Diana Kleve ’81 Hallenbeck James and Patricia Hamm Thomas A. Henderson ’81 Warren ’57 and Mary Ann Hewes Harrison N. Davis ’69 Charlie Dean ’68 Janet M. Hill ’85 David L. Hoffberg Daniel and Melanie Hulbert ’70 Hogan Alexander and Charlotte Garelick ’46 Holstein Terrence ’72 and Avis Wagner ’80 Hooper William ’80 and Lauren Hunter O. Steve and Susan Ireland Roxanne and John Johnston Susan Huston Jones ’77 Mary Hechtel Khunger ’87 Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Foundation Inc. Landsman Development Corporation Christopher Leone ’98 Elaine Leshnower ’61

W. Bruce Leslie Liberty Mutual Jenny Lloyd ’87 Patrick Madama ’77 Robert ’69 and Nancy Beatty ’69 Marino Julia Firks Markusen McCue Memorial Foundation Mark and Lauren McMills Merck and Company Inc. Sanford and Jill Miller Joan Sitterly ’74 and Gary Miller ’57 Sara Eilola Niemeyer ’93 Frank and Mary Lou Peppers Jeffrey ’75 and Maryellen Parnell ’81 Post Presbytery of Genesee Valley, Inc. Daniel and Margaret Robinson ’57 Preska Kulathur S. Rajasethupathy Michael D. Rapalje ’63 George ’54 and Rosa Rich Bill and Ann Rock Jane B. Romal Brad ’83 and Liz Schreiber Seneca Foods Foundation Francis X. Short Howard Skogman Mark Sheldon and Jill Slominski Amy Buongiorne Stamp ’89 Arline Stephany Strategic Security Concepts Inc. Ginny L. Studer Juanita R. Suarez James A. Tobin ’71 Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund Michael ’95 and Alethea Fitzgerald ’95 Trinkaus Scott Turner and Mary Worboys- Turner Tyco Electronics Matching Gift Program Unicon James Vlogianitis ’94 John Vlogianitis ’95 Judy Stoneham Wadsworth ’59 Estate of Elizabeth W. Welch Jim Whittle ’86 Kathryn Wilson Ronald ’83 and Michelle Littlefield ’83 Winnie Racheal Mastin Wood ’05 Joan Kelly Young ’53 *

Deans Circle ($500 - $999)

Alpha Alpha Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Anonymous AP Professionals of Rochester LLC Stuart Appelle Michael and Kristi Astolfi Virginia Bacheler Welda Habersaat Bader ’70 Herbert S. Bailey * Patricia Ellis Baker ’61 Leah and Douglas Barrett Baybrent Construction Corporation Morris and Carol Beers Carol J. Belden Gordon and Betty Bemis Raymond Berruti ’44 Margaret B. Blackman Ted Bondi ’51 * C&S Engineers Inc. Greg ’67 and Jill Frost ’70 Campbell Ronald A. Clark ’54 Makeba Clay Barnor Patrick Damore ’52 Jacqueline Davis Verdell Derby Colleen T. Donaldson ’79 Joseph G. Doser ’51 Peter ’81 and Linda Dowe Charles R. Edwards Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Frank Famiano ’83 Karen Francis ’88 Gregg ’79 and Jean Zuberer ’79 Frankel Robert J. French ’82 Dennis ’87 and Kimberly Barletta ’87 French Dr. Lynne Fullerton-Gleason ’83 John T. Gardner Daniel R. Gould ’73 Greece Administrators Supervisors Association Don ’80 and Diana ’81 Hallenbeck David G. Hammond ’76 Sandra Hare Mary Harris James and Carol ’94 Haynes Helen W. Hemmer Curtis J. Hill Mike ’77 and Edie ’99 Hill James J. Horn Frank and Jean Karley ’65 Iacovangelo Earl and Mary Cosgrove ’61 Ingersoll

Green and Gold Circle

Hyland and Beth Johns Johnston Paper John Keiser Kendall Hunt Publishing Co. King & King Architects LLP Darby Knox Warren ’82 and Heidi ’02 Kozireski Mark Lacatena ’87 Kadathur B. Lakshmanan Jeremy Macaluso ’03 and Kristen Long Susan Kwas Maloney ’67 Joseph ’67 and Maryann Keating ’67 Maresco John Martellucci ’75 Donna O’Hern Maytham ’53 Valerie Walker McCauley ’75 Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation David Mihalyov ’87/’93 Donald F. Murray ’69 Rory ’76 and Pollyann Wells ’76 Lois Niland Tim ’79 and Donna ’87 Noble Ken and Diane O’Brien Eugene ’53 and Mary Orbaker John and Martha Osowski Alison M. Parker Roshelle M. Pavlin ’85 Erma Ornce Pettis ’53 Kenneth and Anastasia Pink Jill M. Rakov ’66 P. Gibson Ralph Margaret Callahan Rappleye ’73 Roberts Communications Robert M. Roseman ’78 James T. Rudgers ’71 SE Baker & Company Theresa Shaheen Ellen M. Simkulet ’70 Helen Simpson Larry R. Solomon ’82 Armin and Connie ’79 Sommer Eugene H. Spafford ’79 Daniel Stinebiser ’76 Sheila M. Strong ’01 Ira Sweet ’57 Sysco Food Services, Syracuse Judith Szustakowski ’80 Mohammed Tahar Tom Thaney Frederick and Patricia ’79 Tuttle Paul and Leslie Moses ’77 Virgilio William and Anita Wemple Philip R. West ’81 Michael G. Whelan ’77 Frank Wojcik Douglass J. Wyckoff ’76

($300 - $499)

Thomas C. Abraham ’86 Lew Adams Mark R. Aesch ’88 Alesco Advisors LLC Rick ’78 and Diane Amundson Mark & Marlies Anderson Anonymous Apogee Telecom Lawrence C. Arcarese ’52 Peter L. Arras ’63 Jeremy Babcock David Bagley Frank ’61 and Jane Erickson ’67 Balling Brenda Ulrich Beal ’60 Sharon Belle-Render ’79 Gordon and Betty Bemis Richard Boardman ’63 Melva L. Brown Steven F. Buckley Jody L. Caldwell ’86 The College at Brockport Chemistry Club Daniel P. Cheswick ’99 Hyeyeon Cicconi-Eggleston ’02 Confer Plastics Jim and Sara Lemmler ’72 Cook Michael T. Davis ’05 Lorraine B. Dean DeJoy, Knauf & Blood LLP Patricia A. Desmond ’66 Merle ’78 and Diane ’95 Drake Bob Driscoll ’58 James ’71 and Sue Fundermark ’74 Eddy Mary Alice Edson ’62 Eldredge, Fox & Porretti LLP James E. Fatula Robert and Suzette Fenton David ’74 and Leslie Foxen Mary Byrnes Foyle ’52 Joseph and Claire Franek Richard and Ann Frey Gus E. Galliford ’61 Emilio P. Genzano Mary Vanni Goldfein ’53 Arnold and Francesca Gordon Amy Guptill Judy Heron ’61 Bill ’61 and Hanny Greiner ’62 Heyen Harold D. Houpt ’59 Tom Howarth ’73 IBM Corporation Len Jankiewicz ’73 Dawn and Michael Jones Daniel T. Kandris


Greg ’66 and Judy Marsden ’67 Kenney Russell Kohnken ’75 The Landing at Brockport Steven B. Lewis ’06 Bill ’61 and Anne Kolibersky ’61 Linkner Maggie Logan Jose Maliekal Nick and Roseanne Mascari James ’68 and Carol Sommer ’68 May Jack ’54 and Chris Gioseffi ’54 Mazzarella Glen “Muggsy” McGinnis ’57 Merrill and Shoshana ’85 Melnick Thomas W. Muller ’78 The Notable Corporation Edward O’Brien Office of International Education – The College at Brockport Adedolapo ’88 and Adebusola Oyefeso Katharyn Lieben Peebles ’77 Lou Pennella ’62 Pfizer Foundation Calvin and Margaret ’74 Rich Karen Riotto Robert J. Robine ’55 Mark Rowland ’95 Helen H. Saunders Shannon Sauro ’95 Ray ’61 and Guylene Scharf Douglas M. Scheidt Kenneth and Mary Jo Schlecht Ann Schnell Susan R. Seem Barbara Newell Shamp ’43 Carl and Barbara Sherwood Josh Silber ’93 Ralph and Harriet ’85 Sisson Gary ’68 and Lori Skoog Melvin ’53 and Helen Fabi ’55 Smagorinsky Michael ’72 and Laurie Silverman ’73 Smith Susan Stites-Doe Gary J. Sullivan ’80 Eldwin Van Alstyne ’75 Claire L. VanDenBerghe ’87 Ben Werzinger ’98 Margaret Veith Wicks ’51 Joseph P. Winnick Richard ’66 and Ronni Zudiker ’68 Zusman Stephen Zogby ’84 and Noreen Sheridan ’84 *deceased

Additional Gifts Gifts from Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations 3M Aetna Student Health Alesco Advisors LLC Alpha Alpha Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation AP Professionals of Rochester LLC Apogee Telecom AXA Foundation B. Giambrone and Company Inc. Barnes & Noble College Booksellers Inc. Bay City Capital Foundation Baybrent Construction Bergmann Associates Inc. Better World Books Big Oak Driving Range & Golf Shop Bob Johnson Chevrolet Bristol Myers Squibb The College at Brockport Alumni Office The College at Brockport Department of Chemistry The College at Brockport Chemistry Club The College at Brockport Office of International Education Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation Brockport Diner Brockport School of Dance and Performing Arts Brockport Student Government Brown’s Berry Patch C&S Engineers Inc. Central NY Dressage and Combined Training Association Inc. Christ Episcopal Church Churchville Golf Club The CIGNA Matching Gifts Program Confer Plastics Covalt Family Foundation Crosby-Brownlie Inc. The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation Day Automation Systems Dayton Rogers of New York LLC DeJoy, Knauf & Blood LLP Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse Delta Sonic

Merck and Company Inc. Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation Inc. Moody-Nolan Inc. Motorola Foundation N. H. Gallery Inc. The New York Community Trust Niagara National Inc. The Notable Corporation Pepsi Bottling Company PepsiCo Foundation Pfizer Foundation Pittsford Central Schools Counselors Pittsford Mendon HS Faculty Association Presbytery of Genesee Valley Inc. ReHouse Inc. Roberts Communications Robinson and Gordon CPAs, PC Rochester Area Community Foundation Rochester District Golf Association Rochester Theatre Management Rock Ventures Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation Scott Miller Salon SE Baker & Company LLC Seaward Candies Seneca Foods Foundation Seymour Library Staff Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC Staples State Farm Companies Foundation Stoneyard Bar & Grill Strategic Security Concepts Inc. Sysco Food Services, Syracuse Tillman’s Village Inn Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund

Department of Business Administration and Economics Eastman Kodak Company EFP Rotenberg LLP Eldredge, Fox & Porretti LLP Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Estate of Elizabeth W. Welch Everdry Waterproofing of Upstate New York ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund FleetBoston Financial Foundation Friends of Charlie Nesbitt Friends of the Mancuso Family at the Greece Public Library GE Foundation Greece Administrators Supervisors Association Hairport Health Strategies Group Inc. Hewitt Young Electric LLC Hospital League/1199 SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund HSBC Matching Gift Program IBM Corporation Imagine it Insero & Company CPAs Intel Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union No. 86 Jack Spates Oklahoma Gold Wrestling Camp J-B Sportswear of Caledonia Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Johnston Paper JPMorgan Chase Foundation Judith P. and Willard W. Hunter Charitable Fund Kendall Hunt Publishing Company Kilian J. & Caroline F. Schmitt Foundation Inc. King & King Architects LLP KPMG LLP Kraft Matching Gifts Program LaBella Associates, PC The Landing at Brockport Landsman Development Corp Liberty Mutual Little Theatre Film Society Lockheed Martin Corporation The M&T Charitable Foundation Mark Donahue Contracting LLC Mark’s Pizzeria McCue Memorial Foundation


Tyco Electronics Matching Gift Program Unicon Verizon Foundation Victorian Bed and Breakfast Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program WHEC TV-10 Xerox Foundation York Towne Quilters

Gifts-In-Kind Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc. Big Oak Driving Range & Golf Shop Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation Brockport Diner Brown’s Berry Patch Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse Delta Sonic Verdell Derby Karen Diamond Eastman Kodak Hairport James Hamm Little Theatre Film Society Mark’s Pizzeria David Mihalyov ’87 Rochester Theatre Management Inc. Rock Ventures Scott Miller Salon Seaward Candies Stoneyard Bar & Grill Juanita Suarez Gail Thiel Tillman’s Village Inn Victorian Bed and Breakfast

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti The faculty, staff and emeriti of The College at Brockport are also among our most generous donors. Each and every year, faculty, staff and emeriti give to scholarships, programs and funds that have a direct and immediate impact on our students. David Abwender Heather Anderson ’00 Matthew Althouse Debra Ames ’73 Michael Andriatch ’85 Anonymous (6) S. Reddy Anugu Stuart Appelle Gail B. Argetsinger Daniel B. Askey ’89 J. Scott Atkinson ’82 Jeremy Babcock Virginia Bacheler David Bagley Sister Beverly Baker ’86 David ’69 and Judy Ball ’69 Joseph and Linda Balog Betsy Ann Balzano Mihail Barbosu Susan Barco ’03 Leah and Douglas Barrett Susan Bayer Justin Beach ’03 Jamie Beers-Wilson Nora Y. Bell ’96 Sharon Belle-Render ’79 Jacob Benninger Edwina Billings Stacy Birch Deborah Birkins ’81 Richard W. Black Ralph Black Rob Blanchet ’01 Davida Bloom Kelly Bodine Thomas Bonner Wendy Boyer Monica K. Brasted ’90 Zara R. Brenner Steven and Kim Breslawski Nancy Brinkwart Gretchen Briscoe Carol R. Brown Melissa M. Brown Melva L. Brown Timothy Brusseau Arden Bucholz Laura Buckner Vickie Burgio Joe Buttons Sandra Cain Pamela L. Callan Virginia Campbell ’89 John Carlson

Barbara Carpenter Kathy Carpenter Christian Carson and Sara DiDonato Elizabeth Caruso Lin Case ’89 Amanda Catherwood Robin Catlin Gian Carlo Cervone Mark J. Chadsey Patricia Chakalis Charlotte Charles Alisia and Duncan Chase Joseph L. Chesebro ’94 Helen J. Cheves ’99 Ruth Childs Gregory Christo Kathleen Clark Jeffery Clark Lee J. Cohen Susan Collier George Cond Judy A. Conway Laurie B. Cook Mary E. Corey ’81 Salvador O. Cruz ’04 Holly Cunningham Marianne Dalton Jacqueline Davis Kevin Day John De Baun ’71 Marg Delaney Karen Diamond Rob DiCarlo ’90 Georges Dicker Brian Dickinson Christian Carson and Sara DiDonato Sara M. Dierks ’07 Deborah A. Dilker ’96 Diane Dimitroff and John Hackman Nancy DiPasquale Robert Dobmeier Colleen T. Donaldson ’79 Susan Donk ’75 Peter ’81 and Linda Dowe Diane Drake ’95 Betty Drennen Marsha Ducey Charles Edwards Kim Ehret ’05 Ralph Eisenmann Victoria Elsenheimer Laura Emerson ’90 Bill Evans Kathleen Fallon

Moira A. Fallon James Fatula Joshua Fegley ’04 Dr. Douglas A. Feldman Lily A. Ferranti Debra Fisher Julie Ford Lori-Ann Forzano P. Michael Fox ’88 Joseph S. Franek Joel Frater Laurie A. Freeman ’93 Johnna M. Frosini ’92 Melissa Furness Becky Gagne John Gardner Lynne Gardner Mark Gardner Christa Geise ’93 Robert Gemmett James Georger Sarah L. Georger Lisa Gerst ’93 Mary Jo Gigliotti Janet Gillespie Jean Sayre Gilman Alicia Y. Girvin ’05 Robin Glazier Stephen Godleski Ali Gonzalez Torres ’08 Connie Graves Phyllis Griswold ’73 Joan E. Grossman


Amy Guptill Linda Hacker Peter Hager Scott ’99 and Kim Haines Donald Halquist John and Kathy Halstead Linda Hartmann Dale Hartnett James and Carol Haynes Jennifer Haytock Craig and Dona Hazen Jennifer M. Hecker Susanna Heins ’97 Barbara Joyce Helf Michael Henningsen ’05 Timothy Henry Theresa Herzog Randy B. Hewitt Curtis J. Hill Anna Hintz Susan Hoffman Teresa Holupko Elizabeth Houseman Cathy Houston-Wilson ’88 Amy Hudzinski ’09 Diann Hughes Maria Hulbert William Hullfish Anne Huot Rhonda Hurd Karen Hutchison Nancy S. Iafrati ’77 Dennis Iannone

Owen S. Ireland David and Patricia Jewell Kimberly S. Johnston Roxanne and John Johnston Dawn and Michael Jones Molly Kaplan John Keiser Donna L. Kennison ’91 Gregory H. Ketchum ’73 William Kilburn Eun-joo Kim Rick and Sharon Kincaid McAllister King Charles King Laura Kingdollar Richard B. Klancer ’01 Phyllis Kloda Susan Klueber Patty Knapp Fran Knight Darby Knox Donna Kowal ’89 Warren Kozireski ’82 Michael C. Krickmire ’72 Amy L. Kruppenbacher ’02 Frank Kuhn J. Roger Kurtz Kadathur B. Lakshmanan Deborah Lamphron Jeffrey T. Lashbrook ’80 Cheryl A. Lattimore Catherine Legacy-Gravelle ’99 Teresa Lehr ’90 W. Bruce Leslie Steven B. Lewis ’06 Amanda Lipko Jennifer J. Little Rebecca Livingston ’03 Leslie Locketz Maggie Logan Karen Logsdon ’81 Carmen Lopez Margie Lovett-Scott ’75 Beverly A. Ludke ’77 Alexander Lyon Anne Macpherson Joseph and Joyce Makarewicz Jose Maliekal Salahuddin and Sarwat Malik A. Marie Mallory Linda Marshall Morag Martin Nick Mascari Judy Massare Timothy A. Massey Diane Maurer Patricia Maxwell Catriona McCarroll Lloyd McCauley Kathie McCleary Craig James McClinic

Mary McCrank ’06 and Laurie Haelen Thomas M. McDermott Laurel McNall Heidi Melens ’97 Merrill Melnick Sherri Micheli David Mihalyov ’87 Earnest Miller ’92 Sanford and Jill Miller Tricia Miller Lori Mills Linda Mitchell Sandeep Mitra Clyde Morgan Julie Morgan James Morris Jason R. Morris Lynne Moulton Sandra L. Mullin Dr. Matthew Mulvaney Edward J. Murphy ’81 Donald Murray ’69 Sam Nicolosi Donna Noble ’87 Richard T. Nolan ’97 Megan A. Norcia Chris and Melissa Norment Mark Norris Susan Novinger David and Cherise Oakley Megan Obourn Ken O’Brien Pam O’Keefe Sarah Olds Suzanne Oliver Karen Olson Joseph Ortiz Mary Jo Orzech John and Martha Osowski Pamela O’Sullivan Gary Owens ’72 Anne M. Panning Alison Parker Anthony Parrino Christine Passarell Robert A. Pauly ’00 Janet Peluso-Militello Susan Perry Susan Petersen ’76 and Luz Cruz Denise Phillips Sarah Plain Sharon Porter Jeffrey ’75 and Maryellen ’81 Post Christopher Price Darwin Prioleau Stanley F. Radford Kulathur S. Rajasethupathy P. Gibson Ralph T. Mahadeva Rao Jennifer Ratcliff

Summer Reiner Kim Remley Marilyn Rich Adam and Mary Rich Wendy Richards Jacques Rinchard Karen Riotto Gabriel Rivera Paul Robinson Scott Rochette Deborah Rockow Daniel Rogers ’91 Justin P. Rogers ’05 Jane Romal Phyllis Romano Eldred Diana Rood Mark Rowland ’95 Janet Roy Anna Rupert Bill Sachman ’07 Sharon Sailer Khalid Saleem Rocco Salomone ’88 John Sapienza ’96 Daniel R. Sargent ’89 Natalie Sarrazin Helen Saunders Shannon Sauro ’95 Penny L. Sayles Linda J. Schaffer ’73 Michael Schaffer ’70 Douglas M. Scheidt Robin Schepler Mary Jo Schlecht Thomas R. Schmidt ’69


Dawn Schmidt Darlene M. Schmitt ’96 Brad Schreiber ’83 Karen Schuhle-Williams, PhD ’84 Anthony Scime Maria T. Scipione ’91 Daniel and Kim Scott Susan R. Seem Rose Shannon Wensheng Shen Dong-shin Shin Francis Short Deborah Shue Rey Antonio Sia Dr. Sandeep Singh Jackie Siplo Lara Sipols Howard Skogman Jennifer Smathers Laurie Smith ’73 Rebecca Smith Sue A. Smithson ’91 Linda Snell Joan Z. Spade James Spiller Louis ’82 and Gene Spiro Brandon St. John ’03 Mark Stacy ’95 Lucinda Stanton Susan B. Steinbrenner ’71 Gary and Carol Stevens Dr. Susan Stites-Doe Steve Stoll Jacqueline Stolt Sheila Strong ’01

Neala Stull Juanita Suarez Chaley Swift ’99 Janka Szilagyi Mohammed Tahar Barbara B. Thaine Gail Thiel Jacqueline P. Thomas Gail Tipton James A. Tobin ’71 Debbie Toms ’94 Jermaine R. Toppin Patricia Torres Mary Ann Torres Ralph Trecartin David Turkow ’73 Peggy Turlington Bernard Valento Yvonne Van Skiver Conrad Van Voorst Claire VanDenBerghe ’87 Matthew Vanderwerf ’02 Elaine VanDurme Anne VanGraafeiland Vernon A. VanSkiver ’91 Kelly L. Vergin ’89 Wanda Wakefield ’90 Austin Warner Kevin Warner Celia A. Watt David Weaver ’05 Jerald Weaver Elliot Weininger James Whorton Marcia Wieczorek ’96 Douglas Wilcox

Rosemary Wilson Kathryn Wilson Joseph P. Winnick Frank Wojcik Sharon Woodley Tammie Woody Carolyn Zon ’08 Jie Zhang Michael Ziolkowski

Emeriti and Relatives Robert Adams Mark and Marlies Anderson Bill and Monika Andrews Anonymous Mariangela Ardino Herbert S. Bailey * Patricia Ellis Baker ’61 Janet W. Beck ’70 Morris and Carol Beers Carol J. Belden Jonathan ’67 and Nancy Bell Gordon and Betty Bemis John and Susan Bixler Margaret B. Blackman David Brannigan Walter Brautigan ’63 Henry L Bretton Albert W. Brown Marguerite Hare Browne ’44 * Roy Bubb ’53 Steven F. Buckley Sandra Cain Jill Campbell ’70

Mou Ta and Kathleen Chen Eunice Chesnut ’76 Sara and Jim Cook Deborah Derby Czepiel Irene Grandits D’Agostino ’50 Jeanette D’Agostino Banker ’53 Verdell Derby Judith Desfosses Harold ’51 * and Norma Murray ’52 Emmerson Richard and Donna Ray Evans Rawle * and Ena Farley Richard and Joan Fenton Herbert Fink Richard and Ann Frey Jeanne Gerber ’81 Bob and Ann Getz Mildred T. Gianfagna Mary Ann Giglio ’73 Nat Goodhartz and Kathy Weber ’85 Muriel Gould Jean F. Gravelle ’69 Frederick Gravetter Carolyn J. Greene ’70 Edward J. Gucker Mary Harris Craig and Dona Hazen Helen Hemmer Ian H. Henderson Bill ’61 and Hanny ’62 Heyen Nancy A. Heyward Terrence Hooper ’72 James Horn


Ruth E. Hyde ’73 Earl and Mary Ingersoll Judith Jennejahn ’58 David and Patricia Jewell Donald Johnson Ralph and Zerith Jordan Benita M. Jorkasky Joseph and Janice Kandor Sharon Kehoe ’78 Gregory Kenney ’66 John Killigrew Joanna Kraus Edward Lehman, Jr. Richard and Janice Liebe Sarah Liebschutz Martin Lindauer Jenny Lloyd ’87 Richard Lumb Peter Luskey Gerald Luzum Raj Madan Richard * and Donna Mancuso Hedda Martens Carolyn McBride Robert and Judith McLean Mark and Lauren McMills Julie McWherter * Bud and Sandy ’87 Meade John G. Michaels Elaine K. Miller Frances Moroney Whited J. Emory Morris Kazumi Nakano Thomas Nugent and Patricia Mahoney

Eugene ’53 and Mary Orbaker Lynn and Anne ’82 Parsons Ingo and Dorothy Petersen Jill M. Rakov ’66 George and Jerry Rentsch Lucille Ribble Calvin and Margaret ’74 Rich Bill and Ann Rock Jane Romal Eileen Rose Tonya Satryb Jessica Scarborough Mary A. Scarborough ’70 Kenneth and Mary Jo Schlecht Ann Schnell Barbara Sherwood Melvin Smagorinsky Arthur E. Smith Delmont and Jeannette Smith Armin Sommer Arline Stephany Bill and Bonnie Stewart Denise Stoll ’80 Ginny L. Studer Andrew Virgilio ’49 Josephine Wallin ’46 Ann Weitzel Jack and Gladys Wolsky John Zwierzynski ’85 * deceased

Friends Barbara Abrams Merritt W. Ackles Lew Adams Gary Adams Richard and Susan Alexander Dr. Paul D. Allen David and Cheryl Almeter David Attaldo Gail Attaldo Priscilla Thomas Baglio Sally Ball Michael Ball and Janet Tuohy Chris and Sue Ellen Ball Mr. and Mrs. James Bannister Kristen Barry Gloria S. Barry Christopher Beato Gregory Bell and Dianna Leach Betty Bemis Robert Bermudes, Jr. Mark Bewicke Bridget Bishop Jim and Betsy Blackburn Dorothy Bliek Patricia Boeckel Robert W. Boeckel III Sanford and Mary Bolasna Douglas and Katie Borchers Richard and Sandra Boyce Richard and Jill Brauss Troy Bridges Craig and Kelsey Bright Mark Brumbaugh Gary and Lana Brumbaugh Thomas Burke Suzanne Burst Jean Bushman James Michael Byers Robert R. Cannan Robert Carges, Jr. William J. Casey David and Ruth Ann Castor Joyram Chakraborty Barbara Chandler John and Janet Chapman Mary Ching Philip Chornow Ellin Chu Makeba Clay-Barnor Anne G. Cloutier Mike and Polly Conn Richard Cook Andrea Cotter

Timothy Cripe Alan Curle Helen J. Curtis Frank and Yolanda D’Agostino Joseph and Margaret De Lorenzo Joyce DeHaan and Jerry Fisher Allen and Julie deMaille Donna DePeters Drs. Cindy and Carl Devore Patrick Didas Louis and Jo Anne Dold James and Ann Donovan Deborah Doyle Family Bonnie Eddy Roger and Tina Eibl James E. Eilers Robert and Fae Ensslin Mark and Lisa Fenton Vincent and Wendy Ferrer Don Fradenburgh Alice Garlock Robert and Kendra Gemmett Burton and Sally Ginther Melissa Gioia Arnold and Francesca Gordon Eric and Celeste Grace Peter Green Margaret Green William and Mary Griffin Earl and Kathleen Gursslin Matthew Haag Petros Hadjicostas Ann Halbower and Rubin Tuder James and Patricia Hamm James P. Hansen Sandra Hare James and Joan Hare Stan Hare William B. Hauser Toni Heer Lorie A. Heimbuck Peter and Peggy Sue Heister Bruce and Carol Henderson Ian and Rita Henderson Michelle Hernandez Bernice Hill James Hodge David and Amy Hoffman Kathleen Holt Tayla Horowitz Daniel J. Hraber

Joseph and Bianca Infantino Joseph and Linda Intini Suzanne Jeffrey Horne Hyland and Beth Johns Patricia A. Johnson Janine Jones Ralph and Zerith Jordan Andrew and Sandra Kaldor Daniel Kandris Steven Katz Dr. Maura Keefe Jacqueline and Kenneth Kline Glen and Linda Klippenstein Christine Klos John and Phyllis Kotla Bob Kuret Salvatore La Forgia Elliott and Debby Landsman Gail Leess Johnnie Lehman Shirley Lepsesty Charles and Claudia Lindsay Bernard LoBracco, Jr. Margaret Maccio Mariah Maloney Clare Maloney David F. Mancuso Donna Mancuso James and Deborah Marciszewski Amy Drechsler Margolis Jean Marks Julia Firks Markusen Colleen Mattison Michael and Heidy May Bill and Mitzi McCrady Pat and Kansas McDonald Mark and Lauren McMills George McNeil Andrew Megdanis Paul Milazzo Kent Miner Bradley and Molly Mitchell Barbara and June Moore Page Morahan Gary Morris Violet M. Morris Jo Mortland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muesebeck Ann Mulligan Nancy Murray Carmella M. Nardone Justin Noble Alexandra Noll Francis Novak, III


Patricia A. Nugent David O’Brien and Jeanne Sullivan-O’Brien O’Flynn Campaign Fund Stephen Ognibene Charles and Jodi Olosky Anne O’Toole Raymond and Susan Page Walter Pawlowski Marcia Pendleton Matilda Peters Elizabeth Phillips George Phillips Harry Phillips Kathy Phillips Donald and Lorijean Pillittere Darlene Pittman Robert and Karen Pompi Jennifer Poole Rita Power Laura P. Price Philip and Amy Puchalski John and Constance Quenell Bill and Sherry Rae Caroline Ramirez Bradley Reed Wayne Reinke George and Jerry Rentsch Harry and Kathryn Reynolds Bob and Mary Rice Marion Rivers Glenn Robinson Beverly Roche David Rogachefsky Robert and Deborah Rothman Daniel Ward Salon Martin and Kathleen Salvas Ronald and Tonya Satryb J. Noel and Grace Costich Schlageter Neil and Diane Schneider Wayne and Minday Schult JoAnn Scime Vincent and Mary Jane Scime Craig Sellers Theresa Shaheen Michael and Diana Shaw Arlona Sheldon Mark Sheldon and Jill Slominski Carl and Barbara Sherwood Walter A. Siebert Joan M. Simmons

Helen Simpson Mark Siwiec Doug Skeet David and Jane Sloan Jill Slominski Alan Smith and Deanne Smith-Johns Dr. and Mrs. Delmont C. Smith Gale and Emily Smith Sally Smith Velma Speer Cynthia Halterman Spielvogel Philip and Mary Spooner Carl and Sally Steinfeldt William and Carol Stenglein Clara Stoffolano Joanne Tandler Joseph and Cecile Tarantino Robert Teplitz William and Bonnie Timmons Teresa Tocco Pamela Tofany-Kern Sabrina Tompkins Alexander and Cynthia Torelli Tuan and Chi Tran Christian Tucker Thomas and Jeanne Verhulst Liberta Vitale Richard and Kristin Voci Edward and Susan Waud Ludmila and David Weiss Richard Weitzel Frances and Marvin Welsch William and Anita Wemple Donna Browne Weston Mary Wetzel Joseph and Patricia Wheeler Mark Wilcox T. Franklin and Catharine Catlett Williams Danielle Windus-Cook Donald and Margaret Wolk Rosemary Wyncoll John and Karen Yagielski Daniel Zupo Michael Zwolinski

Alumni Donors by Class Year The following reflect gifts made by alumni of $50 or greater. Please note that the dollars raised reflect all giving from the class highlighted. Participation includes all donors, not just those at $50 or more.


$100 Raised 8% Participation Colonel Lewis J. Partridge Dorothy Markham Truscott


$285 Raised 19% Participation Grace Westphal Milton *


$300 Raised 13% Participation Sarah Brinsmaid Betty Bolger Castelein Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Britton Guthrie Doris Miller Sullivan


$590 Raised 19% Participation Janet Jenkins Fulkerson Sylvia Shayler Lewis-Snow Barbara Newell Shamp


$28,710 Raised 23% Participation Emma Bailey Beaty Raymond Berruti Marguerite Hare Browne * Harriett Landy Nolan


$185 Raised 19% Participation Florence Pilato Burnett Dorothy Kuntor Trail


$5,475 Raised 25% Participation Betty M. Chapman Alexander and Charlotte Garelick Holstein Ruth Schuchart Sue Pugliese Virgilio Josephine Wallin


$280 Raised 27% Participation Charlie Chase MaryJean Bauer Howe Margot Cotter Maxon Mildred Brewer Van Hoover


$205 Raised 17% Participation Bernice Knauss Cobbett Ann Miller Rasbeck


$2,385 Raised 25% Participation Lou Avino Virginia Albanese Avino Lawrence Cappiello Ann Sinclair Delaney Helen Field Johnson Gwen Jerman Jost George M. Jurik Shirley Hinnau Jurik Mary Hopkins Kishlar Richard A. Lanson Wanda Romano Rapp Gladys Ford Sodoma Andrew Virgilio


$2,215 Raised 24% Participation Anonymous Charles Blazey William H. Cobbett Vito A. Costanza Thomas V. De Maio James De Rosa Charles R. Fiegl Victor Giardinelli Patricia Hagen Tuccio John House Jean Engel Ingalls William Margolies Vincent Natale Phyllis Burgess Parcells Janet Barrett Reeves Lois Gilt Saeger Len Stirling Donald F. Tubbs

Diane Hopkins Van Deventer Nicholas A. Verzella


$2,320 Raised 15% Participation Ted Bondi * Anna Harvey Cassaday Joseph G. Doser Harold Emmerson * Jean Grehlinger Howell Corinne Lynch-Smith Shirley Kreutter Stellhorn H. Keith Stott Dr. Lydia Thering Margaret Veith Wicks


$2,365 Raised 14% Participation Lawrence C. Arcarese William Brittain Ginny Connorton Brittain Patrick Damore Evelyn D’Aurizio Del Rosso Dolores Ribas Douglass Norma Murray Emmerson Allan W. Finger Mary Byrnes Foyle Norma Hauserman- Campbell Nancy Griffing Jayne Raymond L. Jayne Eugene J. Kamrass Louis Marcantonio Inga-Britt Lindholm McCue Thomas J. Murphy Betty-Jane Tillotson Nasca Arline Brauss Nichols Herbert J. Pluschau LeRoy E. Welkley


$7,590 Raised 23% Participation Patricia Hilfiker Arieno Patricia Dolan Behn Roy Bubb Catherine Pillitteri Catalino Lucille Faro Clark Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Joyce Harper Dahrsnin


Gerald and Nancy Dunn Jacqueline Holt Egger Mary Vanni Goldfein Warren Heiligman Gerald Keating Ace Ketcham Donna O’Hern Maytham John F. McCaffrey Bruce E. Neely Stanley Nichols Eugene and Mary Orbaker Erma Ornce Pettis Marcia Kaufman Rosenfeld Paul W. Sarbou Grace Reed Sibbald Melvin Smagorinsky Barbara J. Stevens Joanne Metzger Van Riper Lawrence D. Wilson Joan Kelly Young *


$11,795 Raised 23% Participation Joan Clark Aceto Estelle Y. Baker Lyman “Beans” Bement Bill Brand Joan Taylor Carnie Ronald A. Clark Harryette Scott Eaton Adele Sampler Fried Jack Gagen H. James Gauvreau Dolores (Donnie) Woodward Kamrass Leo Krzanowicz

Christine Gioseffi Mazzarella Jack Mazzarella Harold W. Nash, EdD Lorraine Porter Nash George Rich Elaine Miller Sanzel Donald C. Shannon Jack and Carol Smith Shirley Vaisey Topel


$1,620 Raised 15% Participation Richard F. Cavallaro Garnet Cox Joseph Del Rosso Carol Curtis Hobbs Daniel P. Kolesar Jane Franc Lory Peter Madsen Hugh Nicol Mary Ann Abele O’Brien Barbara Staffen Owen Robert J. Robine Helen Fabi Smagorinsky Susan Dewey Ville Chuck Williams


$1,260 Raised 13% Participation Rudy Aceto Jean Cooper Adams Mary Lamonica Bauer Ronald Broadbent David M. Cohen

Jean Hall Tuttle Coon Peter Hinchey Charles Kristich Nancy L. Lehrer Dorothy Faas Rockwell James D. Sudore Morton Wexler


$5,225 Raised 15% Participation Robert Arlington Donald A. Barton Beverly Camp Harvey A. Dorfman Warren and Maryann Hewes Doris Gailor Lista Marilyn Kingsley Madsen Glen “Muggsy” McGinnis Gary J. Miller Donald E. O’Brien Arnold Spinner Ira Sweet Erna Icken Wedemeyer Diana Milano Wexler


$88,482 Raised 16% Participation Jack Baker David H. Byron James B. Coe Harold Diamond Eleanor Alexander Drake Bob Driscoll Marshall Garypie Donald F. Hachten Harold H. Hefke Ann Schuiten Hiemenz Vira Hladun-Goldmann Judith Berry Jennejahn Arthur W. Johnson Frank P. Marino Joann MacBlane Middleton Bill Nicholson Gordon V. Pike

Martha Jane Edwards Schick Jack Syage Nancy Vankouwenberg Syage Walter Teike Richard Tom Sheila Gold Weinberger


$4,990 Raised 16% Participation Marilyn Vancise Baker Marcia Baker Demperio Dale R. Blissett Donald A. Condello Sheila Gissin Weinbach Harold D. Houpt James E. McCann John and S. Jean Boyd McKay Judith Zilker Montanaro Samuel Montanaro Barbara Baker Quinn Frederick C. Rockow Barbara Holmes Schnitzer Matthew R. Schnur Elizabeth Crosby Stull Jane Church Titterson Judith Stoneham Wadsworth


$1,866 Raised 16% Participation Anonymous Brenda Ulrich Beal Donald E. Bulmer Bill and Doris Hunter John P. King Dr. John Lemcke Beryl Hinds Schmid Marsha C. Stevens Pinky Smith Tiebout Kathryn Crosby Waible Frank J. Wilhelm Karen Bieger Wolf


$8,470 Raised 16% Participation Patricia Ellis Baker Frank B. Balling Jean Carney Bassage Lyle R. Bassage George and Carol Vancise Bott Judith Wade Denio Marilyn Redinger Flemming Gus E. Galliford Judith Rossiter Hellam Judy Heron Bill Heyen Mary Cosgrove Ingersoll Elaine Leshnower Anne Kolibersky Linkner Bill Linkner Larry J. Moore Pat McCullough Moore Jim Reisinger Donald J. Santini Ray and Guylene Scharf Kathryn Wethey Schnur Jane Winkley Schultz Lorraine DiTullio Sparks Robert and Grace Sullivan


$3,490 Raised 16% Participation Richard W. Brauss Bette J. Brunish Philip P. Carlivati Linda LeRoy Chin Richard F. Coronato Paul D. Craddock Adrienne C. Daniels James S. Denio Mary Alice Edson Sharon Hedrick-Ash Hanny Greiner Heyen Murdo R. Murray


Ella Humphrey Nichols Dorothy Danelorich Nyszczy Ralph T. Orrico Lou Pennella Patricia Muisiner Rose William and Sharon Sanford William M. Setek, Jr. Judy Saunders Thomas Donald T. Vrooman Faith Holloway Weldon


$19,793 Raised/10% Participation George M. Anastasi Anonymous Peter L. Arras George W. Bauer Richard Boardman Idelle Fowler Bowles Walter Brautigan Carolyn McCale Buongiorne Charlotte Nicosia Coronato Jay DeGrood Thomas C. Diederich Carol Szuba Duffin Martha Wills Dunning Daniel J. Dunning Donald H. Greene Linda Keenan McCann Myrna A. McNaboe Michael D. Rapalje Robert J. Rondina Diane Langworthy Santora William A. Schieffelin Adelaide Ratigan Setek Michael Weisberg


$13,365 Raised 19% Participation Anonymous Don Bartalo Ralph P. Bell Kathleen M. Bell Carol Lawrance Brakenbury Joanne Ocello Cordaro Thomas L. Cowan Kathryn Covert Dey Bonnie Becker Dunham Dennis A. Farace Howard E. Golove Margaret Whitcomb Goodhue Susan Bullough Hawley Hank Kasven Pete Logan Carol Lovenguth James E. McNally Patricia Sincock Mesolella

Bonnie Hotaling Mosier Patrick M. Murphy Brian P. O’Connell Don H. Osborn Michael S. Pavlovich Rosemarie Gurrieri Romeo Joyce Frederico Rothfuss William M. Santora Patricia Detar Scanlon Becky J. Smith Gary L. Stevens Patricia Tongue Thomas Kay Van Nostrand Marolyn Piersma Wilson Dennis A. Woodard


$3,380 Raised 12% Participation Stephen Beaulieu George Borsuk John and Marsha Castiglione Gary Clements Dorothy Roll Criscuolo William W. Deyle Jean J. Ellis Harlow and Judy Fisher Diana Rech Hertweck William G. Hertweck Ruth O’Brien Houserman Volena Henningsen Howe Frank and Jean Karley Iacovangelo Karen Morris Jones Susan Palovich Lawley Toshiko Abe Lee Bernice Mathis Mahar Ann Krogenas McCrossen Barbara Koch Noble Steven Oliver Maureen Bleshoy Onstott Frank Posato James Quamo Pamela Mitchell Quamo Donna M. Quartaro Ray Samson Robert F. Sepe Patricia Kunkle Tosi James E. Tuscher John R. Updyke Carl D. Wheat Marybeth Sheldon Wilson


$3,641 Raised 12% Participation R. Hokey Anderson Stephen J. Bender Robert H. Berry Joseph J. Boardman Jeffrey H. Conklin

Patricia A. Desmond Sally Pratt Farace John H. Goodfellow Don Hagreen Grasse “Candy” Hammond Duke Hammond J. David Heintz, Jr Denise Lenihan Kendricks Robert Kendricks Gregory Kenney Steve Linderman Teresa Munkert McGuire William R. McGuire James and Roberta Meyer Dolores Munt Jill M. Rakov Patrick Ross Susan Chasin Ross Maryann Sacher Carl Savalli Karen Goodwin Sodoma Herb Trimmer Joyce Carpenter Wahlig Richard S. Zusman


$5,700 Raised 12% Participation John D. Alessi Katherine Davin Alessi Bette P. Bailey Jonathan and Nancy Bell Gregory H. Campbell Joseph F. Carothers Alfred Chandler Patricia Stevenson Christina Molly Barnum Cigal Had Coughlin James A. Cox Sandy Cutter Gail Dibartolomeo Dasno Terry J. Dasno Joan Sweezey Deyle Mary Duquin John H. Epke Susan Strack Farley Steven W. Fisher Judith Fedder Heppner John and Donna Izzo James P. Kraus Susan Kwas Maloney Joe Maresco Maryann Keating Maresco Kathleen Burns O’Connell Linda M. O’Leary Anne M. Ray Mark Relyea Martha Machuga Serio Ronald L. Sodoma Ann McCormick Sweeting Gary Westerfield


$4,346 Raised 9% Participation Lee Cainaru Anderson Rose Parisella Bennett Ruth B. Chaffee Elaine Mack Cook David G. Daniels Charlie Dean Anthony DiCioccio Betty Dimmick Marjorie Ebersole Dorene Erb Alice Reiss Fisher Barry P. Gelman Alice Burcyk Gosse Larry J. Janicki Thomas Jenison James ’Chip’ Kinne Thomas Lawson Joan Brogan Lindsey Larry Lutz Carol Sommer May James May Sandra Frank Mehlenbacher Larry Mosher James B. Neider Kenneth Pettapiece Valerie Eberhardt Pettapiece Linda Anne Rooker Jim Sauberan Gary Skoog Lynn G. Steltmann Vernon D. Stevens Mary Lou Toglia David ’Tresh’ Tresohlavy Bruce Turner Aimee New Won A. Howard Young Ronni Zudiker Zusman


$6,685 Raised 11% Participation Linda M. Allen Linda L. Arena Marlaine Podosek Barnes Jean M. Berry Bonnie Heffer Birkahn Gary J. Birkahn Willard Blaskopf Shirley Bowen Bill Brooks Marietta Vaccaro Brownlie Cathleen A. Calleri Terry Thompson Carbone William B. Christina Valerie Miller Cloud Harrison N. Davis Sue Ann Dohrn Dingee Terrance Dingee

Roberta Fessenden Craig J. Gilbert Irene Thomson Gilbert Lawrence Gilligan Susan Rauch Gilligan Robert J. Gleason Doreen Ritterbandt Goffe Esther Birnfield Golove Larry Gross Ronald D. Hubbard Jerome J. Klobukowski Sharon A. Mac Crea Nancy Beatty Marino Robert J. Marino Earl Mehlenbacher Dolores A. Morrone Donald F. Murray Stephen E. Nash Betty Jones Palmeri Richard N. Piller Valerie Angevine Relyea Jim Scott Dan Senkowski Jeff and Bonnie Curtis Slack Shirley Godfrey Smith Gail Panepinto Sommer * Richard P. Sommer D. Gregory Van Dussen Jacqueline Hinds Van Dussen Jerry S. Welcher Nancy White Welcher


$4,956 Raised 8% Participation Robert P. Alexander Anonymous (2) Welda Habersaat Bader Janet W. Beck Regan Beers Thomas J. Buntich Jill Frost Campbell Fred J. Carbone Carolyn Shuman Greene Melanie Hulbert Hogan Linda J. Holley Richard J. Keefer James R. Kelly Christa Koschel Lutz John J. Mazur David L. Miller Mary E. Neville Robert D. Olczak Nancy Westcott Oshier Dom Palmo Stephen W. Parada Charles P. Parker Terry L. Rich Sidney A. Sall Mary A. Scarborough


Michael Schaffer Emily Borck Schwab Leon Silver Allan Silverman Ellen M. Simkulet Beverly Delfs Smith Elaine C. Vella


$5,576 Raised 8% Participation Anonymous (2) Carol Diffendale Beers Vincent T. Bonetti Patricia A. Brown Barbara B. Chandler Jill Hunter Crair Samuel I. Dance Francis A. Daniels John De Baun Mendal W. Dick James M. Eddy Lisa W. Fox Ralph A. Gestwicki Jeffrey R. Harper Linda F. Howland Dennis J. Jarvis Leah Pantalone Johnson Valerie S. Kayser Kathleen Lambert Richard Lupi Anne E. Miller Patricia Murray Stephanie Olsen Michael J. Oshier Sue Johnson Palmo Alan D. Posnick William Reeves, Jr. Thomas Ricci, Jr. James T. Rudgers Thea Detschner Russell Bill Santoro Dixie Schaedel Ralph Shortell

Kathleen A. Smith Susan B. Steinbrenner JL Stoutenburgh Jim Sutton James A. Tobin Carl Wahlstrom Allen R. Webster Maureen Faoro Wisniewski William E. Wormsley Michael H. Zaleski


$6,639 Raised 6% Participation Anonymous Cheryl Avenel-Navara Nancy J. Beckwith John E. Benjamin Bob Bennett Charles B. Bergener Irene Abramowski Borchers Stuart Bowns Robert E. Brennan Bonnie Connell Francis X. Connell Robert Conrad Sara Lemmler Cook James A. Cunningham Leo J. Curro Kenneth S. Fyfe Susan L. Geist Andrea S. Giuffre William Gokey Jean Bloomquist Goulet Terrence Hooper Tina Van Cleef Johnson James T. Korneliusen Alain F. Maca Karl H. Orlick Gary Owens Michael J. Potter Sue Ann Juda Raymond Diana Kitchen Reinhardt George J. Rettagliata

Mary Ellen Carter Rich Rocco Riti, Jr. Louis E. Salerno Jane Eastman Schneble Linda Stephan Schoene Paul R. Schule Joseph H. Sears Michael J. Smith Bill Steinhaus Susie Swartwout Steinhaus Beverly Gangloff Tylenda Roy M. Ventullo David Virgilio Barbara Gottstine Volino Susan Booth Ward Dana Schwartz Webster Margaret Lee Welsh Thomas Zubert


$33,608 Raised 6% Participation Patricia G. Baldwin Judith E. Battison Neal M. Belitsky Nicholas Billotti Paul J. Bodekor Donna Cravens Brown Steve Brown Douglas J. Bull Bruce and Marilyn Hoover Burkey Jeremiah Casey Edward J. Cavalier Michael A. Coriale Janet M. Day Allene Doriski Margaret M. Freeman Mary Ann Fauls Giglio Thomas J. Gosdeck Daniel R. Gould Jim Graves Phyllis E. Griswold Gary R. Hartranft Susan Hastings-Bishop Tom Howarth Len Jankiewicz Gregory H. Ketchum

Stu Krieger Suzanne Bruzdzinski Malpocher Barbara L. Marsh Mark F. Matt Mary Kathleen Held McKerlie William G. McLean Sarah T. Stevens Miles Kathy Gregory Nash Peggy Brokenshire Nelson Susan Frank Nims Fran B. Nocella Thomas J. O’Donnell Patricia A. Pancoe Gilbert L. Phon Diane Conor Pignato Margaret Callahan Rappleye Carol Segelken Russell Henry Savage Linda J. Schaffer Valerie S. Slack Laurie Silverman Smith David L. Stoloff Linda A. Stone Paul J. Tatar David P. Turkow Gene Vogel Janet Hiller Watson David T. Wells Robert P. Williams Donna Martin Willome


$8,535 Raised 5% Participation Bruce G. Arnold Terry P. Baker William S. Baker David N. Bradford Maureen A. Browne * Sylvia Bell Burke Elizabeth Herron Cahaney Ralph R. Campbell Bonnie Carter David C. DeFelice June Dickerson Barrick

Joseph G. Doody James E. Duncan Sue Fundermark Eddy Ronald J. Edick Scott F. Fake Richard M. Finn David and Leslie Foxen Kathleen A. Frank Michael J. Furnari Mary Keller Gaffey Nancy A. Hewitt Kim Houserman Michael Hrycelak Maureen McCarthy Kaus Uadajane Ketcham Kenneth M. King Roberta L. Klein Kenneth Kuhn John J. Lawrence Jean Palmer Levitt Barbara J. Lippa Paul E. Marcero Richard J. McDougall James P. McElheny Nancy Sturner Messina Mike Mignano Daniel W. O’Donnell Alice Traynor Orlick Paul Pape Evelyn B. Pike Dawn R. Post Paul Purfield Norma Nenni Reem Margaret Rich Ann Mulroy Riemer Bonnie Barthelman Sale Joan C. Sitterly Michael G. Smith Kevin J. Stark Jack Stewart Denise Le Fevre Sullivan MJ Vrooman Charles E. Wallace John W. Willits Ward and Ann Wolff Carol A. Wood Sheila A. Yerdon Andrea Josephs Yizar


$10,980 Raised 6% Participation Carol C. Achilles Cynthia Young Acklin Anonymous Cathy Stempel Appleby Louis Avino, Jr. Thomas W. Balon Susan Gunwaldsen Barra Gary J. Beadling Bonnie L. Bower, DDS


Wendy Kessler Bryant Vivian Zakielarz Cantor Mavis Chaskin-Mott Angelina Fiorito Colavito Denise Denmon Consol Rick Darcangelo David J. Dowd Mark R. Garabrant Donald A. Golden John E. Graykowski Richard D. Hall Nancy A. Higgins Cathy Houserman Joynt Jane Garvin Keller Russell E. Kohnken Kathleen A. Krebs Glenn R. Levitt Robert M. Lewis Millie A. Loeb John Martellucci Linda Wehle Martin Cheryl Ripberger Matt Doreen Tomaszewski May Valerie Walker McCauley Edward J. McGuire Patrick Leo Morahan, Jr. Steven G. Mumby Scott R. Peal Jeffrey D. Post Karen Pickett Post Linda LaCrosse Reeves Douglas J. Reeves Robert T. Robare Steven Roffwarg Rosemarie Ren Ruck Leonard Savedoff Blaine S. Schwartz Darlene Runions Sprague Nancy Galloway Stewart Jonathan Dean and Denise Marie Tanguay, PhD William L. Tepas James Underwood, Jr. Eldwin Van Alstyne Mary Roche Ventullo Barbara J. Wais Kathryn Driscoll Warren Gordon H. Weeden Mark D. Werner Eileen J. Wuethrich


$4,495 Raised 4% Participation Bonita V. Buongiorne Claire Jones Campbell Mary E. Corey John E. Flanagan Harry and Patricia Franklin Gail D. Gabriel David G. Hammond

Martha J. Hansen Jordan S. Horowitz Barry A. Koss Joann Parry May Roseanne Marmo McMorris Linda Polidori McElheny Richard McGarrigle Sarah Miles Watts Lynette Mumby Mott Thomas E. Myers Pollyann Wells Nee Rory Nee Mary Bartholf Neider Mary L. Olney Mary E. O’Toole Steven J. Pechman Susan Petersen and Luz Cruz Michael J. Robinson Susan Rubel Savedoff Frederick Schamu BJ Schoonmaker Donald F. Snyder Daniel Stinebiser Richard Tallman Linda J. Valenti Constance Camarda Vanvliet Ronald Wendlinger Daniel H. Wojtanik Douglass J. Wyckoff


$29,479 Raised 5% Participation Gabriella Safford Albanese Jennifer Albright Shauna Brown Anderson Blaine M. Barham John S. Clarke Karen Benz Clarke Dave and Donna Curtis E.T. Daniels, Jr. Thomas E. English Stu Fitzpatrick R. Scott Flieger Chris E. Forte Mary Lou Whitney Galasso Joy Saldinger Goldberg Michael R. Goodwin Linard W. Hancock Sharon M. Hartnett Mike Hill Nancy Sperr Iafrati Pauline Tung Johnson Susan Huston Jones Marge Josephson Penelope A. Ketchek Joan Lesnick-Adams Ann Kroeger Lesperance

Linda Furnal Lytle Patrick Madama Diane Frost McCue William F. McEnery David C. Pangrazio Katharyn Lieben Peebles Patrick H. Ruocco Gary E. Sanger Kristine Smith Elaine Allen Sullivan Ken Sullivan Julia Hochstadt Sweet Leslie Moses Virgilio Eric J. Waelder Michael Whelan


$8,840 Raised 4% Participation Sandra Amato-Shipton Rick and Diane Amundson Anonymous Laurie Gifaldi Baker William Bauer Laura Reinhardt Berish Robert A. Brenton Marian Myers Brown Mitch J. Cohen Marcelo J. Curi Katie Cicatello Dale Elizabeth Bandorick Depeter Kathleen Kenny Dittrich Cathy L. Flowers Mary Lee Geisel Susan B. Genthner Terry M. Hack John C. Harter, Jr. Martin R. Heavey Roxanne Andriello Hettler Sharon M. Kehoe Melody M. Landberg Mary A. Lastowicka Mark S. Levine Steven R. Levy David J. Mc Morris Thomas W. Muller Edward A. Notarpole Wendi Dewaal Pierce Gregory W. Pierce Thomas D. Quinlan Arnold K. Rauscher Donna M. Reynolds Robert M. Roseman Gary P. Russell James Scardinale Charles E. Snyder Richard T. Wahl Kevin M. Walsh Gerard J. Wenzke

Jim Wipper Steven A. Wolff


$16,311 Raised 5% Participation Stephen J. Abdo Betty Marian Anderson Sharon Belle-Render Allan R. Berry John D. Bologna Mark W. Bradbard Tony Bradford Frances Canning Rosemary Mauro Clarke JoAnne Warner Coleman John P. Coleman Joseph S. Crociata Roxanne Bennett Curtis John P. DeMeo Frank D. Dittrich Colleen T. Donaldson Dan and Denny Donovan Lawrence E. Epstein Joan S. Fenton Gregg E. Frankel Jean Zuberer Frankel Diane M. Fulkerson Mark J. Gallagher Richard B. Grady Carol Brenner Gregg John L. Guty Ann Stewart Hack Harriet J. Heller Mike Hyland Jeffrey C. Lamison Aaron Lepold Jim Long Katherine Marotta Marzec Timothy M. McEnroe Vincent C. Miccoli Wendy Soronson Minter Diane Nicholl-Cucciniello Tim Noble Kathleen Perry Oldehoff James M. Pedro Lorene Calligaris Pedro Maura Bradley Pierce Gary B. Quilliam Gerard Reidy William J. Ryan Connie Sommer Paul Sonnenberg Eugene H. Spafford Willard J. Sproule Barbra Houle Stewart Patricia Gavigan Sullivan Frederick and Patricia Tuttle


$5,745 Raised| 3% Participation John D. Aiken Kenneth H. Benton Patrick S. Capuano Deborah A. Dibley Michael C. Doyle Douglas J. Gaylor Don Hallenbeck Carey B. Hatch Avis Wagner Hooper Gretchen Gallagher Hughes William and Lauren Hunter Charon Jordan-Coffman Matthew J. Korten Jeffrey T. Lashbrook Gay Hotchkiss Lenhard Thomas J. Luker Richard M. Magere Anthony Mazzeo Dorothy LaFave Miner John F. Parisella Daniel R. Patsos Johannes Peeters Sharon Peterson Candace D. Raderman Pamela Baxter Savage Joseph D. Scanlan Denise Stoll Gary J. Sullivan Judith Szustakowski JoAnn F. Vierthaler


$6,424 Raised 4% Participation Deborah A. Birkins Bonnie Bush James C. Casey Edward G. Casey Robert J. Cole Jay Conley Mary E. Corey Patrick M. Crowley Ed Doherty Peter and Linda Dowe Kurt Ernst and Jeanne Navagh Jeanne Nelidov Gerber Diana Kleve Hallenbeck Terry Edwards Harding Thomas A. Henderson Elizabeth Wahl Hilbert Angie Hucknall Judith C. Joyce Karen Logsdon Richard C. McNulty Edward J. Murphy Barbara J. Myers


Steven E. Otten Maryellen Parnell Post Jacqueline Jones Prince Nancy Warren-Oliver Philip R. West Bruce Winston Richard Wismer


$12,890 Raised 4% Participation J. Scott Atkinson Kevin P. Bohne Tina Del Rosso Donle James Duffey Sandra Ehni Richard M. Frank Robert J. French Howard J. Friedman Alexander Giovanniello Jim Goldthwait Lisa Buongiorne Hess Corey A. Horowitz Colleen H. Kane Marguerite Killip and William Santelli Warren Kozireski Ed Lasky Suzanne Allis Miller Eileen Newdale Pillmeier John Reighn Larry R. Solomon Louis and Gene Spiro Rev. Encie Stevens Woody and Nancy VanDenburg Derrick Vile Alan Zimmerman


$37,495 Raised 5% Participation Patrick M. Adams Thomas J. Anderson

Anonymous Denise Armstrong-Rose Dereck Bigford Ronald Bradt Leslie A. Bull Maureen E. Casey Sally Coffey Anthony P. Conetta Monica Cosgrove Mark Devine Rose McBride Devine Frank Famiano Dr. Lynne Fullerton- Gleason Barbara Michels Giovanniello Gregory Goggins Tina Szmyr Haldeman Rebecca Goldstone Horowitz Linda Aull Lasky Richard A. Leahy Christopher and Myra Leichtweis Christine Rego Maier Kevin P. Malenga Ellen J. Meyer Richard and Sarah Simpson Powell Dan Raimondo Richard Reeves Thomas Sanger Jean Sauberan Brad Schreiber Steven H. Slate Louis Taxin Elizabeth Burns Vavonese Michelle Littlefield Winnie Ronald Winnie John W. Wolf


$3,029 Raised 3% Participation Mary Lou Beagan Alan R. Bull Elizabeth J. Casey Lorne Cohen Lisa M. Compton Anne F. Fowler Blane Allen Harding Nancy J. Hemry-Botts Eileen Sinnott Johnson Lisa Gray Knecht Helen J. Kostelas Ruth Lang Ronald Leonard Marie Russo Merenda Kellie Wilkinson Okoniewski Terry O’Toole Gerard Pembroke Lois Bubb Petote Donald Powlen Karen Schuhle-Williams, PhD Cindy Rizzo Schultz Randall W. Shea Noreen E. Sheridan Bonnie Garcia White John F. White Ross E. Williams Stephen R. Zogby


$6,311 Raised 3% Participation Michael D. Andriatch Joan L. Christ Michael A. Dreimiller Christine Fendley Larry Flood Barbara Gamble Goshorn Charles H. Goshorn Janet M. Hill Glenn Johnson Tonya Gabriel Lustumbo Shoshana Melnick

Carolyn Miller John V. Minicozzi Roshelle M. Pavlin Mark A. Pinchak Paul D. Rosati Sharon Wetmore Rosati Ronald Sanchez Harriet Sally Sisson Nat Goodhartz and Kathy Weber John W. Zwierzynski


$3,340 Raised 4% Participation Thomas C. Abraham David J. Adams Beth Felo Adkins Mary C. Bonner Jody L. Caldwell Debra McKeown Caputo Kathleen Reeves Cunniffe Ricki Martin De Baun Edward Dillon Bob “Gio” Giovanniello Audrey Renneman Hallenbeck Tim R. Henion Jeanine M. Lutz Nancy Leet Mangan Mark C. Mansell P. Murray Angela D’Ambrosi Trzepkowski Marianne M. Virgilio Paula LaBarbera Walters Jim Whittle Ellen Wilber


$6,963 Raised 3% Participation Anonymous Eileen McEnerney Bannerman Elizabeth M. Beairsto

Peter Bird Dennis J. French Kimberly Barletta French Charlene A. Frye Karen E. Hegeman Mary Hechtel Khunger Mark A. Lacatena Jenny Lloyd David Mihalyov Dianne Schrier Miller Julia Maynard Morrison Donna Noble Kevin T. O’Brien Karen Owen Margo Shaw Sarkisian Louise Scudieri, CRNA, MS Arnie Serotsky Gary L. Shirley Kenneth Trzepkowski Claire L. VanDenBerghe


$3,495 Raised 4% Participation Mark R. Aesch Stephen Basquill Beverly Brownell Brust John Conway Andrew S. Ellowitz P. Michael Fox Karen C. Francis Cathy Houston-Wilson Pamela W. Krahe Kathleen Staub Krayna Jim Maddock Todd M. Majewski Leslie Whiting McIntyre Roger L. Misso Adedolapo and Adebusola Oyefeso Rocco P. Salomone David L. Schroder Kathleen M. Squires Gayel VanFleet Todd Gregory A. Tortorello Brian Tucker Susan Zauderer Kean A. Zeches


$4,509 Raised 4% Participation David J. Arlington Daniel B. Askey Denise L. Bartalo John Beck Virginia Campbell Lin Case Kevin J. Dailor Scott Farrell Cheryl A. Fehnel


Stephen D. Girolmo David S. Holtzman Stephen and Allison Kaiser Donna M. Kowal Kevin T. McCormack Lisa Nanartowich-White Karen M. Olson Grace H. Pritchett Alice T. Riggs Cassandra Wilson Rosado Daniel R. Sargent Joan E. Schroth Anthony B. Smith Charles and Kathy McNeil Snyder Amy Buongiorne Stamp Kelly L. Vergin Gerard F. Weigand


$2,389 Raised 2% Participation Patricia Dodge Arsenault Susan A. Azzolino Curtis R. Birthwright Maria Rangel Castaneda Rob DiCarlo Laura Emerson Robert and Suzette Fenton David C. Harris Nancy A. Hoffmann Teresa K. Lehr Philip G. McBurney Janet Kamp McLean Sandra A. Meleca Tara Cornwell Peacock Allen S. Plymale Russell T. Purdie Kevin F. Rosko Jack W. Sager Andrew C. Sarat


$2,055 Raised 3% Participation Holly J. Anderson Michael P. Barry Jason A. Benham Kerry Collins-Gross Carmelina Anthony Derrico Tara Jankner Fishler Pamela J. Grosch Phillip K. Johnson Yardena Kalir Corey Nadel Katz Donna L. Kennison Jeffrey E. Kwas Karen M. Maras Robert W. Marchiony Janique M. Nine Patrick and Cathy

Smeragliuolo O’Hagan Jane A. Pascoe Daniel F. Rogers Melinda D. Rushing Irene M. Stumberger Wayne Wilczewski Gladys Wolsky


$2,338 Raised 2% Participation Lisbeth Smith Birthwright Julie Bogdan Guy E. Carr Margaret Cavalier Scott DiMarco Willie Hacker Anthony Harkin Virginia A. Hebda Major Dan Hershkowitz John W. Hoey, Jr. Jonette Lancos and Carl Shanahan Sandra Sleeper Lehr Jim and Brenda Lyness Amy Milley McCullough Karen Ogden Olmstead Chuck Privitera D. J. Smith Rick and Linda Sweeting April Ticknor


$5,278 Raised 2% Participation Christa Aldrich Geise Katie Andriatch Margaret M. Clark Kerry Cleveland-Collard Joseph E. DeCaro Glenn Emerson William C. Frank Emerson C. Klees Kathleen Laforce-Hutteman David L. McCurdy Darlene Thimble Meggesto James T. Meggesto Sara Niemeyer Thomas A. Page, Jr. Paul J. Payne Joseph J. Praino Josh Silber Kevin Harvey and Jennifer Skoog-Harvey Tammy Johnson Smith Jeff Thomas Jennifer A. Tom Michael G. Williams


$5,225 Raised 2% Participation Susan Brightman Joseph L. Chesebro Lesia Hrycelak Anne Hughes Juanita C. Jolley Joe M. Kakaty Deanna Krusenstjerna Shantha M. Rao Steve Rosenberg Howard A. Rosenblatt Debbie Hinkley Toms James L. Vlogianitis Theodore J. Wolfstich


$4,446 Raised 2% Participation Richard W. Alden Michael J. Burlaka Diane Drake Alicia Fink Elizabeth J. Gilbert Daniel J. Herrman Heather M. Jones Kathleen Kane-Lusk Geraldine A. McCarty Mark W. Rowland Shannon Sauro Janice Miller Sherman Pamela J. Stiles Virginia Tresco Alethea Fitzgerald Trinkaus Michael A. Trinkaus John L. Vlogianitis


$2,104 Raised 2% Participation Nora Y. Bell Robert P. Franklin Shirley L. Hans Nancy E. Harris Floyd B. Hopkins Gillette A. Kempf Jane Elwood Lebak Kristine M. Littrell Eileen C. Magin Michael Mellace Carol A. Orto Nancy J. Panzer Susan Roos Pearson John Sapienza Timothy F. Short Jeffrey S. Silvaggio Jason Slack Jeffrey M. White Marcia Wieczorek


$543 Raised 1% Participation Alan Boekhout Paul Carner Rhonda Donselaar Carner Rosemary Luzum Rebecca Plant Mellace Richard T. Nolan George Shapow Jason R. Spector Michael G. Wright


$1,685 Raised 1% Participation Jennifer Jesionowski Arbore Monica E. Chura Jeffrey L. Delorme Michelle Bailey Fritzsching Jack Harbold, Jr. William Lang Christopher Leone Stacy Frederick Spector Ben Werzinger


$932 Raised 1% Participation Paul and Amber Blye Brescia Daniel P. Cheswick Andrew M. Corbett Scott G. Haines Edie Hill Deborah Zaretsky


$1,160 Raised 1% Participation Heather Anderson Tamara Besse Matthew M. Cady Christopher A. Greene Mark Impellizzeri Michelle Benedict Kingdollar Stanley Lyons Chad J. Markel Jason B. Palermo Diane Ranocchia Boni Michele Rase Nikki Slater Cheryl L. Unterborn

William Moughan, Jr. Jessica J. Nordhausen Robert B. Pepe Sheila Strong Sharon Wallace-Frater


$1,064 Raised 2% Participation Hyeyeon Cicconi-Eggleston Heidi Kozireski Amy L. Kruppenbacher Roberta T. Majka Damon Nuzzi Brian P. Salay Lauren R. Snyder Richard L. Taylor


$1,768 Raised 1% Participation Rebecca Cousins William E. Glynn Rachael D. Hetzel Raymond C. Kearney Lauren Kelly Jeremy Macaluso and Kristen Long Marjorie Oster Robinson Brandon St. John


$694 Raised 1% Participation Dana L. Cornell Rich D’Amico Joshua Fegley Nathan P. Harvey Abigail Hendrickson Jeffrey R. Martin Dawn Santiago-Marullo


$2,540 Raised 1% Participation Christopher D. Hager Julia Kay Lareau



$3,032 Raised 1% Participation Michael T. Davis Kim Ehret Mandy Gotham Michael Henningsen Paul L. Jonasse Kalyani Madhu Anthony J. Marshall Justin P. Rogers Haley S. Schedlin Racheal Mastin Wood Sarah Yale


$1,366 Raised 1% Participation Nicholas Catanzaro Daniel C. Glover, Sr. Jennifer L. Heim Steven B. Lewis Mary McCrank and Laurie Haelen Steven Reynolds Meredith K. Schwab Andrew P. Smith Tiffany N. Telarico Chuck Wade


$911 Raised 1% Participation Marisa Ballaro Tony D’Ambra Leah Fox Sarah J. Gullo Jocelyn McIntosh Makoto Nagahama Mitchell Nock Karen N. Rochford Bill Sachman


$590 Raised 1% Participation Scott Kaniecki Emily Lottes Heather L. Roffe Jennifer Showalter Kirsten A. Whittaker Denise Wickham


$313 Raised 1% Participation Justin Kimball Randy Sabatini Danielle Selby Lyndsey Vader * deceased

Honors and Memorials The following donors showed how much they care by making a gifts to the Brockport Foundation in honor or memory of a family member, close friend or colleague.

In Honor of: Alpha Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Frances Moroney Whited Louis F. Avino, Sr. and Virginia Albanese Avino’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Louis Avino, Jr. Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Michael Andriatch Mary Galasso Warren and Mary Ann Hewes Jamie Beers-Wilson John Sapienza Bridget Bishop Frances Moroney Whited Coach Todd Blumbergs Richard Boyce Marguerite Hare Browne Professional Education Award and Scholarship Committee for their dedication, professionalism, loyalty and friendship Marguerite Hare Browne * Marguerite Hare Browne * Betsy Ann Balzano Brenda Beal Morris and Carol Beers Bridget Bishop Roger Boily Carol Bott Walter Brautigan Steven Buckley William Casey Sally Coffey Angelina Colavito

Elizabeth Caruso’s 2009 Mary Bastian Lecture Eileen Wuethrich

Francis Connell Donna DePeters Charlene Frye Burton Ginther Greece Administrators Supervisors Association Karla Hare Sandra Hare Joan Hare Mary Heise Warren and Mary Ann Hewes Gerald Hickey Angie Hucknall Earl and Mary Ingersoll Patricia Johnson Benita Jorkasky Elaine Leshnower Diane Maurer David McCartney Patricia Mesolella Donna Noble Jessica Nordhausen Raymond Page Pamela Quamo George Rentsch Lucille Ribble George and Rosie Rich Helen Simpson Doug Skeet Ann Sweeting Josephine Wallin Donna Weston Danielle Windus-Cook John Yagielski Sheila Yerdon

Lin J. Case’s retirement Frances Moroney Whited Jacqueline E. Davis Frances Moroney Whited Ray M. Di Pasquale Michael Andriatch Professor Bill Evans’s 70th Birthday Sandra Cain Pamela Callan Marianne Dalton Maura Keefe Gregory Ketchum Mariah Maloney Suzanne Oliver Darwin Prioleau Juanita Suarez Jacqueline Thomas Christian Tucker James Fallon’s Retirement Mike Andriatch Pauline Johnson Rawle * and Ena Farley Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Richard J. Fenton’s birthday Robert and Suzette Fenton Richard and Joan Fenton Robert and Suzette Fenton R. Mark and Lisa Fenton Ann Halbower

Roy Bubb Frances Moroney Whited

Sondra Horton Fraleigh Jonette Lancos

Virginia Campbell Frances Moroney Whited

Joan and Archie Freitas Frances Moroney Whited Millie Gianfagna Frances Moroney Whited Bill and Peg Hundt’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Frances Moroney Whited Edmund and Tina Hundt Frances Moroney Whited Janie Hill and Aden Murcutt’s Marriage Michael and Katie Andriatch Betsy Ann Balzano Walter Brautigan Edward and Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Steven Buckley


George and Rosie Rich Frances Moroney Whited Jean Ingalls Frances Moroney Whited Earl and Mary Ingersoll Frances Moroney Whited Thomas W. Kallen Robert Baden Jenny Lloyd’s Retirement Arden Bucholz Georges Dicker Richard and Joan Fenton Elizabeth Houseman Owen Ireland John and Kathy Kutolowski W. Bruce Leslie Mary Jo Orzech Alison Parker Sue Smithson Wanda Wakefield Dorothy LaFave Miner Kent Miner Don Murray Michael Andriatch Dr. Walter Oleszek’s Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree Richard and Ronni Zusman Matthew Patry Doreen Patry George and Rosie Rich Michael Andriatch Terry and Mary Ellen Rich Bill and Ann Rock Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Frances Moroney Whited Andrew Bruce Schlageter J. Schlageter John and Angela Sinacore’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Frances Moroney Whited Mel and Helen Smagorinsky Michael Andriatch Louis Spiro’s 60th Birthday Gene Spiro Arline Stephany France Moroney Whited Thomas Taber Jeanette D’Agostino Banker

Andrew and Sue Virgilio’s 60th Wedding Anniversary Curtis Hill David and Marianne Virgilio Anita and William Wemple Andrew Virgilio on Father’s Day David Virgilio Sue Virgilio’s Birthday Paul and Leslie Virgilio Jack Wolsky Volena Howe Gladys and Jack Wolsky’s 56th Wedding Anniversary Jack and Gladys Wolsky Frances Moroney Whited Michael Andriatch Warren and Mary Ann Hewes

In Memory of: Shannon Adams Lew Adams Gary Adams Troy Bridges Confer Plastics, Inc. William Dresnack Eldredge, Fox & Porretti, LLP Insero & Company CPAs, PC John Keiser Andrew Megdanis Pam O’Keefe Robinson & Gordon CPAs PC Jane Romal Sandeep Singh Sabrina Tompkins Jerald Weaver Ben Werzinger Rachelle Zambito Sachio Ashida Mary Jo Orzech Frances Moroney Whited Robert A. Bager Teresa Tocco Cassidy Ball Gail Attaldo Bradley and Molly Mitchell Frank and Mary Lou Peppers Seneca Foods Foundation David and Jane Sloan Robert Bloxsom Frank Marino Jean B. Bobear Frances Moroney Whited Robert Boozer William and Anne Linkner Louis Pennella Frances Moroney Whited Eugene Bowers Frances Moroney Whited William Brand Lillian Brand

Daniel Bromley Robert Teplitz

Marguerite Hare Browne David and Cheryl Almeter Anonymous Betsy Ann Balzano James Bannister Brenda Ulrich Beal Emma Bailey Beaty Walter Brautigan Roy Bubb Sally Coffey Jim and Sara Cook Marilyn Cornish James and Ann Donovan Bonnie Eddy Norma Emmerson Ena Farley Richard and Joan Fenton Mary Galasso Sally Ginther Margaret Green Earl and Kathleen Gursslin Sandra Hare Stan Hare Bill and Hanny Heyen Curtis Hill Benita Jorkasky Doris Lista Theresa Mayfield Linda McCann Betty-Jane Nasca Barbara Owen Rita Power George amd Rosie Rich Sally Sackett Neil and Diane Schneider Brad Schreiber Helen Simpson Melvin and Helen Smagorinsky Arthur Smith Anne Smith Velma Speer Doris Sweeting Andrew and Sue Virgilio Judy Wadsworth Frances Moroney Whited Ward and Ann Wolff

Pittsford Central Schools Counselors Pittsford Mendon HS Faculty Association Laura Price Dorothy Reed

Daniel Dix Brockport Student Government Kailene Dadey Lauren Johnson Robert and Nancy Johnson Neville Dowe Bill and Ann Rock Harold Emmerson Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Walter Brautigan Elaine Leshnower George and Rosie Rich Melvin and Helen Smagorinsky Frances Moroney Whited Steven Foster Central NY Dressage and Combined Training Association Deborah Doyle Family Eric and Celeste Grace Toni Heer Jean Marks Gary and Violet Morris Wayne and Minday Schult Mark Sheldon and Jill Slominski Velma Speer Alexander and Cynthia Torelli Michael Zwolinski Steven Fugle John and Roxanne Johnston James B. and Alice Mae Fulton Michael Andriatch Allan Berry Elaine Leshnower Frances Moroney Whited William B. Hemmer Helen Hemmer Dorothy J. Hermance Frances Moroney Whited Carl Hill Frances Moroney Whited

Mary K. Byrne Frances Moroney Whited

Derek L. Hill Lauren Hill McMills

Ambrose and Eileen Corcoran Phyllis Corcoran Woods

Fred Ingalls Frances Moroney Whited

Sam Cornish Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Walter Brautigan Frances Moroney Whited

Blanton Kimbell Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Frances Moroney Whited

Gerald D’Agostino Fred and Terry Carbone

George Kirby Frances Moroney Whited

Patricia Diehl Elizabeth Casey Joseph and Janice Kandor Kathleen Krebs Judy Kwarta Elizabeth Phillips

Rachel Lunkenheimer Frances Moroney Whited

Ersilia Ambrosi LePore Mary Vanni Goldfein


Russell G. MacArthur Pauline Sherwood Richard Mancuso Rudy and Joan Aceto Merritt and Nancy Ackles Richard and Susan Alexander Bill and Monika Andrews Robert Baden David and Judy Ball Betsy Ann Balzano Elizabeth Beairsto John and Susan Bixler Margaret Blackman Dorothy Bliek Patricia Boeckel Robert and Frances Boeckel III Thomas and Mary Bonner David and Molly Brannigan Walter Brautigan Craig and Kelsey Bright Marlene Caroselli David Castor Ellin Chu Churchville Golf Club Jim and Sara Cook Helen Curtis Mary Anne Czarniak Edward and Jeanette D’Agostino Banker James and Diane Desimon Carl and Cynthia Devore Roger and Christina Eibl Richard and Joan Fenton Vincent and Wendy Ferrer Dennis and Kimberly French Richard and Ann Frey Friends of the Mancuso Family at the Greece Public Library Robert and Kendra Gemmett Bob and Elizabeth Getz Mildred Gianfagna Robert and Sharon Gibson Elizabeth Gilbert Arnold and Francesca Gordon Carolyn and Gareth Greene Gail Gucker Edward and Judith Gucker Allyn and Lynne Hammel

Anthony and Rebecca Harkin Linda Hartmann Craig and Dona Hazen Bill and Hanny Heyen Nancy Heyward James Horn Katherine Hughes-Dennett Joseph and Bianca Infantino David and Patricia Jewell Joseph and Janice Kandor Marguerite Killip and William Santelli Juliann Klafehn John and Kathleen Kutolowski Salvatore La Forgia Carrie Lazarre Edward and Johnnie Lehman Elaine Leshnower W. Bruce Leslie Richard and Janice Liebe Phyllis Lista and Mark Bewicke Margaret Maccio Clare Maloney David Mancuso Anthony Marshall Michael and Heidy May Bill and Mitzi McCrady Julie McWherter * Bud and Sandy Meade Sarah Miles Watts Robert and Patricia Molnar Barbara Moore Frances Moroney Whited J. Emory Morris Thomas and Mary Myers Patricia Nugent Stephen and Jacquelyne Ognibene Mary Jo Orzech Walter Pawlowski Matilda Peters Kathy Phillips Anthony and MaryAnne Pietrzykowski Robert and Karen Pompi John and Constance Quenell Bill and Sherry Rae ReHouse, Inc. George and Rosie Rich Adam and Mary Rich Rochester Area Community Foundation Rochester District Golf Association Bill and Ann Rock

J. Robert Pederson Richard Keefer Paul Epanchin

William and Sharon Sanford Mary Ann Scarborough Raymond and Mary Ann Schell Kenneth and Mary Jo Schlecht JoAnn Scime Vincent and Mary Jane Scime Seymour Library Staff Barbara and Carl Sherwood Jeff and Bonnie Slack Melvin and Helen Smagorinsky Linda Snell Ronald and Karen Sodoma Amy Stamp Bill and Bonnie Stewart Daniel Stinebiser John and Arlene Sundquist Rick and Linda Sweeting James and Nancy Vanzetta Andrew and Sue Virgilio Richard and Kristin Voci Edward and Susan Waud Ludmila and David Weiss Frances and Marvin Welsch Mary Wetzel John Wolf Ward and Ann Wolff Donald and Margaret Wolk Alan Zimmerman Daniel Zupo

Larry Pettis Erma Ornce Pettis Dorothy Reed Elaine Leshnower Frances Moroney Whited Gary Root John and Roxanne Johnston Miriam Salmon Philip Chornow Harry Sentiff Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Richard Mancuso * Frances Moroney Whited Ann Mulligan Barbara and Carl Sherwood Rick and Linda Sweeting Scott Turner and Mary Worboys Turner Kempes Schnell Carol Clarke John and Kathleen Kutolowski Raymond M. Schell Frances Moroney Whited

Josephine Mannix Frances Moroney Whited

Zach Smith Douglas Bull

Wilbur “Buck” McCormick Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Jonathan and Nancy Bell Eunice Chesnut Richard and Joan Fenton Elaine Leshnower James and Deborah Marciszewski Barbara Owen George and Rosie Rich Glenn Robinson Melvin and Helen Smagorinsky Arthur Smith Rick and Linda Sweeting Carl and Sharon Wheat Frances Moroney Whited

Beatrice Simmons James Blackburn Sanford Bolasna George Covotta James Cunningham Dayton Rogers of New York LLC Louis Dold Peter Hager Bernice Hill International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union No. 86 Linda Intini Janine Jones Christine Klos John Kotla Shirley Lepsesty Carmella Nardone Susan Petersen Donald Pillittere Micheal Shaw Joan Simmons Carl Steinfeldt

Marian Nestle Patricia Ellis Baker Walter Brautigan Robert Muesebeck Frances Moroney Whited A. Huntley Parker, Jr. Frances Moroney Whited


William Stenglein Joseph Tarantino Pamela Tofany-Kern Tuan Tran Liberta Vitale Joseph Wheeler

Barney Sullivan Roy Maratta Sig and Nadine Synnestvedt Gloria Barry John and Janet Chapman William and Mary Griffin Bruce and Carol Henderson Hyland and Beth Johns Jacqueline and Kenneth Kline Glen and Linda Klippenstein John and Kathleen Kutolowski Charles and Claudia Lindsay Page Morahan Jo Mortland Marcia Pendleton Gale and Emily Smith Sally Smith Cynthia Halterman Spielvogel Rosemary Wyncoll Jennie Toscano Robert Ensslin June Stoffolano Toscano Mary Vanni Goldfein Erma Ornce Pettis Harry Phillips Clara Stoffolano Marguerite Rock Ward Burton Ginther William D. Ward, Sr. Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Robert and Matilda Wehle Linda Wehle Martin Clark V. Whited Frances Moroney Whited Joan C. Young Jean Bushman Jeanette D’Agostino Banker Mary Vanni Goldfein Donna Maytham Frances Moroney Whited Walter and Anna Siebert Melvin and Helen Smagorinsky * deceased

Fall Classic nets $18,000 for Student Scholarships

This year’s Fall Classic golf tournament raised $18,000 for the Extraordinary Scholarship Program to support student success. The tournament, hosted by the Brockport Foundation, drew 104 golfers to Irondequoit County Club in Pittsford on September 13. A beautiful first nine gave way to a 45-minute delay sparked by intermittent thunder and lightning before the sun shone on the last nine. Golfers were able to finish all 18 holes before wrapping up the day in the clubhouse buying raffle tickets from Ellsworth the Golden Eagle and Extraordinary Scholarship recipient Teresa Berschwinger. They also and enjoyed a reception and dinner with President John R. Halstead and Kathy Halstead. This year’s committee was chaired by Foundation Board Member Charlie Nesbitt, who was joined by fellow Foundation Board members Michael Doyle and Rob Pepe. In addition, the Committee included Mike Andriatch, Diane Dimitroff, Scott Haines, Dona Hazen, Craig Hazen, Nick Mascari and Gary Stevens. From the Advancement Office, Leadership Giving Officer Mary E. McCrank coordinated and steered the success of the tournament.

Save The Date! The Seventh Annual Fall Classic will take place on Monday, September 12, 2011 at the Irondequoit Country Club. Contact Mary McCrank, Leadership Giving Officer, at (585) 395-2354.

Student Teresa Berschwinger with Ellsworth the Eagle.

From left to right: President Halstead, Joe Doody ’74, Jim Durfee and Greg Dunne.


Spring into the Orient 2010 President’s Donor Recognition Dinner With 175 people in attendance and a theme of “Spring Into the Orient,” the 4th Annual President’s Donor Recognition Dinner was an amazing evening for the College and the Foundation. The Foundation inducted 11 people into three lifetime giving societies (Marguerite Hare Browne Society, Robert E. O’Brien Society and Donald M. Tower Society). Longtime friend, alumna and the College’s No. 1 cheerleader, Jeanette D’Agostino Banker ’53, received the Volunteer of the Year Award. Because of her hard work and dedication to the College, a $1,000 scholarship was given in Jeanette’s name to Emily Salvas, a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children.


BROCKPORT FOUNDATION Statement of Financial Position

June 30, FOUNDATION, 2010 THE STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT BROCKPORT INC. AND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, D/B/A BROCKPORT COLLEGE FUND (With Comparative Totals for June 30, 2009) Combined Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2010 (With Comparative Totals for June 30, 2009) Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

313,046 30,174 45,797

$ 1,251,051 -


4,446 53,810 9,885 125,470 $



2,743 14,170 48,523 9,885 75,321


Total 2010

Total 2009


$ 1,564,097 30,174 45,797

$ 1,325,332 29,275 45,797

168,472 75,000 195,243 -

34,489 4,575,014 -

207,407 128,810 4,770,257 9,885 125,470

241,074 48,212 4,077,725 451,668 110,314

$ 1,689,766

$ 4,609,503

$ 6,881,897

$ 6,329,397





ASSETS Assets Cash and cash equivalents Funds held for deferred giving Student loans receivable Pledges receivable, net of allowance for uncollectible pledges of $27,153 and $26,191 in 2010 and 2009 Other receivables Marketable securities Due from other funds Custodial funds Property and equipment, net Total Assets


LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS (DEFICIT) Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Deferred giving obligations Deferred revenue Custodial funds payable Due to other funds Total liabilities Net Assets (Deficit) Unrestricted Undesignated Market value of donor restricted endowments below historic dollar value Total unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets




2,743 14,170 48,523 9,885 75,321

10,066 14,776 60,628 451,668 537,138






507,307 507,307

1,689,766 1,689,766

4,609,503 4,609,503

507,307 1,689,766 4,609,503 6,806,576

451,668 (94,363) 1,409,362 4,477,260 5,792,259


$ 1,689,766

$ 4,609,503

$ 6,881,897


$ 6,329,397

BROCKPORT FOUNDATION Statement of Activities

For the Year Ended June 30, 2010 THE STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE AT BROCKPORT FOUNDATION, INC. AND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, D/B/A BROCKPORT COLLEGE FUND (With Comparative Totals for June 30, 2009) Combined Statement of Activities For the Year Ended June 30, 2010 (With Comparative Totals for June 30, 2009)

Support and Revenue Support Gifts, donations and pledges Non-cash support from SUNY Brockport Gifts in kind Total support


Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted




Revenue Alumni programs Interest and dividends Realized loss on marketable securities Unrealized gain (loss) on marketable securities Other Total revenue Total support and revenue before released from restriction Net assets released from restrictions Net assets transferred to unrestricted net assets from temporarily restricted net assets Total support and revenue Expenses Program expenses Student financial assistance College enhancement College activities Campus restoration and beautification Recreation and athletics Arts and cultural Academic enrichment Contributions to SUNY Brockport Provision for uncollectible pledges Total program expenses Supporting services expense Total expenses

406,868 1,394,208 1,801,076

753,166 11,184 764,350

185,462 185,462

Total 2010

Total 2009

$ 1,345,496 1,394,208 11,184 2,750,888


90,698 128,986 (91,645) 627,753 87,296 843,088

1,237,785 1,033,748 144,098 2,415,631

90,698 1,763 4,128 13,915 110,504

127,223 (91,645) 623,625 73,381 732,584


78,854 150,372 (33,783) (921,873) 107,245 (619,185)

1,911,580 924,677

1,496,934 (924,677)

185,462 -

3,593,976 -

1,796,446 -

451,668 3,287,925

(451,668) 120,589




495,652 276,794 32,094 943 66,955 84,297 12,123 15,098 3,343 987,299 1,395,807 2,383,106

417,103 275,674 35,087 12,000 63,108 25,909 9,077 11,184 25,029 874,171 1,705,488 2,579,659



417,103 275,674 35,087 12,000 63,108 25,909 9,077 11,184 25,029 874,171 1,705,488 2,579,659

Change in Net Assets





Net Assets (Deficit) - Beginning










Interfund Transfers Net Assets - Ending



$ 1,689,766


(53,219) $ 4,609,503

$ 6,806,576




BROCKPORT FOUNDATION Giving by Constituency Students $185,505 Alumni $525,516

Other $131,296 Students $185,505 Student Families $19,913

Alumni $525,516

Other $131,296 Student Families $19,913

Corporations $80,362

Foundations $522,272

Emeriti & Relatives $149,020 Corporations $80,362

Foundations $522,272

Total Support $1,783,287 Total Support $1,783,287

Friends $108,647

Friends $108,647

Faculty/Staff $60,756 Emeriti & Relatives $149,020

Faculty/Staff $60,756

BROCKPORT FOUNDATION Program Support Arts and Cultural Programs $44,967

Academic Enrichment $59,084 Alumni Programs $19,575

Arts and Cultural Programs $44,967 College$59,084 Enhancement $469,022 Academic Enrichment

Unrestricted $418,574

Alumni Programs $19,575 College Enhancement $469,022

Unrestricted $418,574 Recreation and Athletics $66,802

Gifts-In-Kind $11,184

Recreation and Athletics $66,802

Campus Restoration $9,838 Gifts-In-Kind $11,184 Campus Restoration $9,838 Student Financial Assistance $684,241

Total Support $1,783,287 Total Support $1,783,287

Student Financial Assistance $684,241


Gift Officers Roxanne Johnston Vice President for Advancement President, Brockport Foundation 585-395-2390 Mike Andriatch ’85 Executive Director of Advancement 595-395-5809 Brad Schreiber ’83/’85 Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations 585-395-5161 Darby Knox Director of Campaign and Leadership Giving 585-395-5160 Curtis Hill Leadership Giving Officer 595-395-5581 Molly Tadin Leadership Giving Officer 585-395-2576 Mary McCrank ’06 Leadership Giving Officer 585-395-2354

Annual Report Production Staff Writers/Editors: Darby Knox, Mary McCrank Honor Roll of Donors: John Sapienza Designers: Sam Nicolosi, Kim Scott Photography: Jim Dusen Printing: Jim Kanous


Every Gift Makes a Difference Thank you for the generous support you’ve already given to the College! We hope we can continue to count on you. Choose the method of giving that suits your needs, and you’ll help us ensure that we continue to offer an extraordinary educational experience for our students.

of a charitable gift annuity can be impressive. You’ll receive an immediate income tax deduction and avoid upfront capital gain tax upon transfer. Visit to learn more.

Honor or Memorialize a Loved One

Make an Annual Gift

Any gift may be made in honor of or to memorialize a family member, friend, colleague or favorite faculty member. When you make your gift, just indicate the name of the person you wish to honor or remember on your pledge form, on the online form, Or call us at (585) 395-2451 to make your gift.

An unrestricted gift to the Fund for Brockport gives the College the flexibility to use that money where it’s needed most—most often for scholarships, but also for new programs and initiatives, research, faculty excellence, campus beautification, athletics, and more. You’re also welcome to designate your gift to a scholarship, an academic department, athletics, dance or any other program you wish to support. Just let us know, and we’ll make sure that your dollars go to work for your favorite programs. To make your gift online, please go to

For any questions regarding giving at The College at Brockport, please call Roxanne Johnston, Vice President for Advancement and President, Brockport Foundation, at (585) 395- 2309.

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An endowment is an excellent way to leave a lasting legacy. With a minimum gift of $25,000, the Foundation will manage your investment in the College in perpetuity. The earnings on your endowment will fund a scholarship or they can be designated to another area of the College in accordance with your wishes.

Establish a Planned Gift Consider including Brockport in your estate planning by naming the College as beneficiary in your will. This will provide tax advantages for your estate and allow you to show your loyalty to Brockport, without impacting your current finances. A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is another planned giving option. A CGA is an agreement between you and the Brockport Foundation which you transfer an asset to the Foundation and, in return, the Foundation makes lifetime payments to you. Benefits

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The College at Brockport 350 New Campus Drive Brockport, New York 14420


The Brockport Foundation 2010 Annual Report  

The foundation's annual report and honor roll of donors to the College at Brockport.

The Brockport Foundation 2010 Annual Report  

The foundation's annual report and honor roll of donors to the College at Brockport.