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A message from our Managing Director Chris Barnes MCIOB (Owner and founder of Broadway)

In 2009 we decided to commemorate our 10th year anniversary

Soon after the issue of our First Edition we did as promised, launch

with a pictorial reference to showcase some of the 500 exciting

Xteriors, a new and exciting venture for us, wherein we would

projects we had successfully delivered. The ‘Black Book’ was so well

undertake landscape design and follow through and execute our

received that in 2010 we needed to reprint. Fortunately this edition

design. We felt this was the natural extension of our capabilities

was soon taken and proved even more popular with many clients

and dovetailed perfectly with our core business competencies. In

asking for their projects to be included. Hence we are now producing

the 3 years since its inception, Xteriors has realised some fantastic

our third edition, offering an ever expanding portfolio of projects.

designs and a selection of these are contained within for your perusal.

Even with our modest beginnings, I always believed there was a niche in the market place for a company to deliver on simple

Like all companies we were affected by the downturn in the world

business principles, especially in a region where the demographic

economy, but it is our mission to continually adapt to ever changing

profile of clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers was so

market conditions and ensure we remain pro-active to the demands

diverse. I believed we could establish a company who managed

of our clients. I feel through these challenging years we have

client expectations, communicated concisely, and delivered

demonstrated this and are now stronger for it. So much so that in

projects on time, to a high quality finish, at an affordable price with

late 2012, we have embarked on a new venture Xmas wherein we

a guaranteed level of service commensurate with the project. In the

will cater for the decorative requirements of the private, public and

beginning it took an investment of time to ensure we developed

hospitality sector and a selection of our early activities is showcased

these principles, but today our standards are recognised and set


From modest beginnings

for all to aspire to. In summary and recognition of our achievements I would like to Thus by maintaining this mantra in all our service offerings,

thank all staff, suppliers and sub-contractors who have contributed

we have achieved a level of success to be proud of. A collective

to the success of Broadway Interiors, it is testament to you that I am

commitment by all Broadway staff has led to an enviable reputation

able to document our success and I look forward to working with

whereby our business is generated primarily through referral and

you all in the future!

recommendation. This reaffirms our Company mission statement ‘We care about your business…’ I hope you enjoy my selection of projects. So the past 14 years have flown by and whilst design trends may have changed, our staff have remained loyal and constant, of the few who have left, a number have returned to the Broadway family. I believe this desire to stay or return has been created by the feeling of enjoyment at work and to me this is the foundation of any successful business. A happy team is a creative and hardworking

Chris Barnes

team; I believe this is reflected in our offering to our clients, as we are after all only a simple service provider.





1. Design

Our Project Director ensures quality is delivered every time, across

Every Client’s requirement is personal to our staff and thus we

all our projects. He is permanently available for Clients and is able to

encourage the image, appearance and “feel” of any project to be

provide an update on progress on any project at any given time, as he

unique, as every Client is equally important to Broadway.

personally oversees all our building works from day one on site, our Project Management team controls the entire process of the build and

We strive to ensure all design solutions provide functionality

constantly liaises with the Client and Contractors to ensure the smooth

and epitomise a Client’s brand. We firmly believe good design

running and continuity of the site.

stems from listening to a Client’s requirements and adapting these into a concept. If we feel a Client’s idea is unachievable

Our Project Management services are inclusive within our prices for

or impractical, we will provide a reasoned explanation as

full turnkey projects, but can also be contracted separately should you

to why it should be different and allow the Client to make their final

need a professional, high quality finish and timely management of a


third party.

Broadway offers a fully comprehensive design service from concept

4. Full Turnkey Services

through to development of working drawings.

Whilst we acknowledge some Clients desire to separate the project into design and build packages, we strongly believe we can maximise our

2. Build

value to Clients by providing a Design and Build service.

The execution of building work is a very important discipline in our Broadway Interiors LLC Broadway Interiors LLC established in 1999, is a European managed

Boasting a professional line-up of Designers and Project Managers,

company offering a wealth of creativity, project management and

we undertake both major and minor projects throughout the Middle

technical expertise in the Middle East market. This is combined with

East in a variety of design arenas; Commercial, Retail, Hospitality,

the skills of our workforce to produce high quality projects, finished on

Exteriors and Residential. We insist on high standards of finish, but

time and delivered in budget. This enables Broadway Interiors LLC to

always at an affordable price and we deliver our projects on time.

offer a unique service and have a competitive advantage to others in the market. The Driving Force of Broadway Interiors LLC At Broadway, we offer a wide range of services for our Clients to

Chris Barnes, MCIOB - Managing Director

choose from. These include; Chris is the creative and management driving force behind the - Full “Turn-Key” Solutions consisting of Design,

Broadway team and his modern contemporary styling remains an

integral part of the Broadway operation and overall design ethos.

Build and Project Management.

- Design Only Services. - Feasibility Studies.

Chris’s experience and eye for detail is supported by his background

- Space Planning.

in International Project Management and this has proven pivotal in

- 3D visualizations through photo realistic animations,

Broadway’s success. We have delivered, on time, over 600 high quality

projects in our 14 years since inception. The Broadway portfolio holds

renderings, detailed sketches and photo-shop visuals.

- Accurate project costing, with full substantiation of all

an impressive number of both local and international companies who

will testify to the overall professionalism and quality of the Broadway

pricing through a detailed Bill of Quantities

- Quality controlled site execution. - On time completion. - Guaranteed maintenance support.


We care about your business...


business profile and consequently we ensure the quality of the end

With the Broadway Design and Build Service our Clients receive the

product is monitored very closely. This is achieved through careful

following benefits;

planning before starting on site and meticulous daily supervision once the works are underway. Also it is important our contractors and

- Value for money.

suppliers appreciate our delivery expectations , our relationships with

- Single point of contact and responsibility.

them have been developed and nurtured over the last 14 years. Thus,

- The quickest possible route to project handover from initial

if we have tight time schedules or unusual requirements to

meet, we can confidently make commitments to our Clients against

programme to be implemented and allow parallel activities



We also understand MEP works are an integral and very important

In our experience, separating Design and Build packages, simply elongates

aspect of our delivery service.We can confidently reaffirm that our team

project timelines, complicates the procurement process and increases

of DEWA approved contractors, understand the special considerations

the need for Client involvement, which is not always desired by Clients.

needed to meet the particular challenges of the regions consumption

Hence our turnkey solution removes the risk from the Clients, to one point

and climatic conditions, whether the work is small or large, simple or

of recourse.

concept. (A turnkey scenario enables an accelerated occur,







complex. We coordinate all specialist areas such as IT, Security, AV, Acoustics’ Finally, having been established for many years, we know the

and Environmental considerations among many others. We also offer

requirements needed to satisfy the Governing Authorities, so when

independent recommendations on various aspects of the build without

the approval is required for your project, we ensure it is received as

prejudice to any one supplier or brand.

smoothly and quickly as possible. 3. Project Management At Broadway, we acknowledge our projects are only as good as the team behind them, so we have developed a strong line-up of Site Supervisors and Site Managers managed by a Project Director who collectively afford full time management to each and every project.




Commercial Projects

DP World Terminal 2, Jebel Ali

Highly Commended for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Public Sector & Institutional 2009 - Commercial Interior Design Awards 11

Dubai Terminals are DP World’s flagship facility and ranked among the Top 10 Container Ports Worldwide.


DP World Terminal 2


Atlas Telecom


Jebel Ali Free Zone

Floor Area: 650 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

Create a new and exciting corporate image for DP World, by

The design concept follows a monochromatic theme, using black and white as the

designing a sophisticated, contemporary, forward thinking, cost

primary colours, with hues and accents combining the DP World corporate colours

effective control room, to become the flagship of operation. It

thus making the Operations Centre the benchmark in terms of its new concept,

includes the latest technologies in reporting and monitoring

look and feel. Bespoke futuristic custom made operators’ consoles were designed

through the use of cutting edge Audio Visual Systems and

to contain sizeable telecommunication equipment on fully manoeuvrable monitor

combines modern materials within the Container Terminal in

arms. Ergonomics have been considered too for the long periods of time the

Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E.

operators are sat in the control room.


DP World Terminal 1, Jebel Ali

Highly Commended for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Public Sector & Institutional 2010 - Commercial Interior Design Awards Dubai Terminals are DP World’s flagship facility and ranked


among the Top 10 Container Ports Worldwide.

The Brief:

The Project:


DP World Terminal 1

After the success of DP World terminal 2, DP World sought

The design continues to follow the futuristic tones of DP World Control terminal


DP World

our support in developing the sister terminal. The brief was

2 but with a greater accent on the industrial look reflecting the marine and


Jebel Ali Free Zone

to reproduce the design methodology of Terminal 2 but

industrial origins of the DP World operation. A more minimalist approach is

incorporate the technological advances and further challenge

taken to treating the ceilings with services concealed and stainless steel tubular

the design boundaries created in the previous project within

ducting employed. Again, bespoke futuristic custom made operators’ consoles

the Container Terminal 1 in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E.

were designed interpreting the very latest technological advances and ensuring

Floor Area: 684 Sq M

the critical ergonomic considerations are afforded for the operators.


DIFC Court Room The DIFC Courts were established under the laws enacted by The Late His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum and are the independent administration of justice in DIFC


DIFC Court Room


Dubai International Financial Centre


DIFC, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 543.55 Sq M

The Brief: Create a venue befitting of a judicial hub to deal with cases and claims arising out of DIFC from a previously proposed ‘car park!’ The Project: The design embraces the dignity, formality and grandeur of a judicial environment offering security and discretion for all. The contemporary finishes compliment the traditional court room and provide a seamless path from the formality of a court room to the surrounding areas.

“We trusted BI to execute major fit-out investment projects, they have completed the interior design and fit-out for DIFC Arbitration Centre (DIFC Courts) to our best satisfaction, those areas are properly functioning and easy to maintain.” - Engr. Osama Elhatil DIFC Project Manager



DIFC Conference Centre This Conference and Exhibition Centre provides a facility suitable for corporate and industry events held in the Gate Village.


DIFC Courts and Conference


Dubai International Financial Centre


DIFC, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 1,561.30 Sq M

The Brief: Create a modern and contemporary Conference Centre in keeping with the look and feel of the corporate headquarters in the nearby Gate Building and its local surroundings, combining state of the art technology, sophisticated infrastructure, high-level security and first class business facilities.

The Project: The Centre provides a multi-functional and fully adaptable space permitting flexible revenue generation. It combines contemporary colours using traditional materials and reflects the image established for DIFC.



Dubai Properties HQ

The Brief:

The Project:

Dubai Properties LLC are one of Dubai’s leading ‘Real Estate’

Produce an emerging local corporate office facility

Five levels of office space were created following a strict hierarchical structure

companies and are responsible for some of Dubai’s leading

to encompass a large numbers of staff of varying

for office furniture and workplace, using neutral tones promoting strength and

developments; Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residences

culture, permitting ease of engagement between

a rich impression to the Client facing areas. All aspects of the scheme needed to

and Culture Village to name but a few.

departments and functional work flows.

remain fluid due to the varying levels of staff and demands placed on the business at any given time.


Dubai Properties HQ at Tecom - Design Only


Dubai Properties HQ

Bespoke wall systems were used to provide office security privacy and


DP HQ Building Internet City Dubai UAE

functionality and the open areas were partially separated by the use of mid height

Floor Area: 10,900 Sq M


storage systems.


DIFC Level 12

The Brief:

The Project:

Create a Business Centre that provides flexibility,

The linear lines of the space, contrast with the angles of the structural

functionality and a pleasant working environment

components. The materials used fashion a relaxing environment

of all legal entities within the Financial Centre.

for embryo companies or those awaiting the

that embodies the definitive corporate business experience, and

delivery of their new office spaces within

timber combined with glass enables light to permeate throughout


DIFC Level 12

DIFC, designed around the primary structural

the space in a contemporary design that includes made-to-measure


Dubai International Financial Centre

components supporting the uniquely styled

furniture and furnishings to maximize the opportunity of the space.


12th Floor, Gate Building,


Level 12 is the registration facility of DIFC, responsible for the establishment and incorporation


Floor Area: 2,322 Sq M

Gate Building.


“BI execution and site management team did a great job accommodating the scope changes, delivery and installation coordination with great attention to details, following the project major deliverables milestones and handing over to client as per the project schedule. After project completion, services continued to satisfy any complaints, reactions were very prompt and professional.’ - Engr. Osama Elhatil DIFC Project Manager


DIFC Level 15

The Brief:

The Project:

Level 15 is an extension of the Level 12 facility catering for a

Based on the success of the Level 12 Business

Here a more sophisticated appearance greets

more discerning client seeking a set up and incorporation of

Centre, Broadway was engaged to create a further

a visitor; the Reception provides a comfortable

all legal entities within the Financial Centre.

facility of perceived higher quality for larger

opulence with simple patterns and formal modern

Corporate Companies who were moving to Dubai,

furniture. The Offices are efficient and spacious


DIFC Level 15

but still showing consistency with the earlier

but allow natural light to flood throughout the


Dubai International Financial Centre




15th Floor, Gate Building, DIFC Dubai UAE

Floor Area: 3,869.02



The Brief:

The Project:

The Precious Gems division at Dubai Multi Commodities

Create a youthful and forward thinking design for


Centre (DMCC), a strategic initiative of the Dubai

an office that will be at the forefront of activity


Government, consolidates and drives the long term

for business professionals within the gems and

set against the back drop of stark white

development of the Pearls, Diamonds and Coloured Stones

pearls industry.

walls create an impression in the mind of coloured


ultra-modern visitor


design arrival;





gems. But the starkness is softened to provide a welcoming feel via the use of light timber tones.



DMCC 62nd Floor


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre


62nd Floor, Almas Tower,

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 560 Sq M


SOHAR SIDI a property realtor who owns vast areas


Commercial Office/Cafe/SIDI Offices

of prime land throughout Oman, developed


SIDI Development

several high quality and exclusive projects


Bait Al Maha Office

towards the end of the last decade. The

Complex, Muscat, Oman

company is dedicated to providing a series

Floor Area: 5,448.22 Sq M

of master plan communities that will set new

The Brief:

The Project:

Design the interior space with a modern concept

Upon entering the space, you are greeted with a double height

setting a new benchmark in Omani office real estate.

reception creating an amazing impression. This is touched with Arabic considerations to give a twist on Modern design, but the space is softened by the use of carefully selected materials and exterior elements strategically placed within the scheme.

bench marks in commercial and residential properties in Oman.



DMCC 49th-51st Floor A Strategic initiative of the Dubai Government, DMCC was created to establish a commodity market place in Dubai.


DMCC 49th-51st Floor


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre


49th-51st Floor, Almas Tower

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 3,066 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

Design a space that is modern with a corporate

The Main Reception is a large welcoming space with dramatic

look and feel, but offers individuality for the many

views in all directions of the Dubai skyline and in particular,

departments contained therein. Also provide a

Dubai Marina and the Palm. This leads to many adjoining rooms

hub for all industry professionals to visit and begin

where consultation and discussion may occur. Thereafter the

negotiations on establishing within this Free Zone.

remaining space on this floor and the other floors portray an office interior, showcasing a new corporate identity, sub-dividing the spaces into various departments but providing a smooth workflow for staff to move between departments. This is achieved by using a consistent material palette for all areas of neutral tones, combining a rich look and feel with the prominent use of graphics to provide


department identity.



The Brief:

The Project:

Oman Insurance Company (OIC) is one of the premier

Develop a consolidated business operation for

A modern functional office with a twist of Arabic

insurance companies in the UAE, with 10 branches

its entire staff in a two storey office providing all

flavour to enhance the appreciation of the office,

strategically located in each of the Emirates and their HQ

facets of a large corporate organisation taking

the interior is divided into sections separating

based in Dubai.

into consideration local cultural considerations

the general working space with the VIP area.

and etiquettes.

Natural stones and timber cladding are used


Insurance Company

to modernise traditional local interior design


Oman Insurance

heritage in the VIP area. This is combined with


5W - 7th and 8th Floor, DAFZA

simple, clean functional furniture in the general

Floor Area: 5,908 Sq M


office to maximize office efficiency.


FRIENDS Provident

The Brief:

The Project:

Friends Provident International develops competitive

Produce a corporate and modern facility that will

The concept portrays a contemporary feel using

savings, investment and pensions products for a broad

house the various facets of the business reflecting

their corporate colours as the database with

and diverse range of markets including Hong Kong, the

vibrancy through the colour scheme.

white, along with an accent of natural timber

United Arab Emirates and Germany.

finishes. A free flowing workspace was needed and successfully delivered with a fresh welcoming


FRIENDS Provident International


FRIENDS Provident International


Bldg. 6, 5th Floor, Emaar, Dubai, UAE

ambiance reflected throughout the scheme.

Floor Area: 614.71 Sq M



UNIFRUTTI UNIFRUTTI exports premium quality fresh fruit produce year round to markets worldwide.


Design and Build


DNG Fruit


Office 102, Saba Tower 1,

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

The Brief:

The Project:

Develop a functional office with attention to detail,

Light timber details along with textured walls are

maximising the views and utilising the natural

combined to create a harmonious environment. The

light to permeate through the office.

strengths in the colours are achieved through the Client produced images.

Floor Area: 413 Sq M



Emirates Transport HQ Emirates Transport is a provider of transport and communications services throughout the UAE established in 1981 under federal law by the Government.


Emirates Transport


Emirates Transport


Umm Ramool, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 720 Sq M


The Brief:

The Project:

To create a new image for Emirates Transport via

To remodel a 20 year old existing concrete structure that was in need of

the design of the enlarged regional headquarters

dramatic cosmetic uplift and support this with the addition of a new larger

through both the design of the building with

modern structure placed in front representing the Client facing side of

its associated landscaping and the interior scheme

Emirates Transport.

therein. The finished buildings represent a corporate and modern organisation with thought afforded to its staff through the incorporation of pleasing environmental features, such as large vista glazed atriums and a link bridge allowing the sunlight to flood into the offices.


JBR Sales Centre Dubai Properties a pioneer in Middle East realty


JBR Sales Centre

first established their name with the launch of


Dubai Properties

Jumeirah Beach Residence located along one of

Location: JBR, Dubai, UAE

the longest natural beachfronts in Dubai looking

Floor Area: 2,396 Sq M

out over the Arabian Gulf.


The Brief:

The Project:

Having created the first sales centre for JBR,

This project differed from the 1st sales centre, in that the client sought

Broadway was asked to further extend the

our creative involvement from a concept stage, permitting Broadway to

successful formula of the first centre within the

identify the ideal foot print for the building from all perspectives.

heart of the Dubai Marina development along prime beachfront. The purpose being to create

The environment is informal and yet personal with welcoming

the mood and the spirit of the living lifestyle that

spaces where you meet potential Customers, casually, freely or formally.

would soon embrace this development including

The design is modern and contemporary offering comfort through

the incorporation of three model apartments

the furnishings creating a multi-functional space with the outdoor

of varying style and size to represent the

experience brought inside via the use of external materials and water

opportunities available to potential customers.



Broadway Interiors LLC A discerning Client.... Broadway Interiors LLC


Interior Design Studio

The Brief:

The Project:


Broadway Interiors LLC

To create a space befitting our creative expertise,

Along the entrance corridor you are immersed in the Broadway brand

Location: TECOM Area, Dubai, UAE

flexible in usage and allowing free flowing

through moving imagery and key taglines, before being greeted at

Floor Area: 101.5 Sq M

open dialogue between all staff, adopting a

reception and viewing across the open expanse of the remaining office.

contemporary and industrial aesthetic, reflecting a contemporary and cutting edge design, simplistic in its form.



Terminal Office Building, Port Khalifa

Highly Commended for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Public Sector & Institutional 2012 - Commercial Interior Design Awards Abu Dhabi Terminals, the operator of the recently announced Port Khalifa project on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi.



Logistical Control Centre


Abu Dhabi Terminals

Location: Khalifa Port, Taweela, Abu Dhabi, UAE Floor Area: 667 Sq M

The Brief:

“In late 2011, Abu Dhabi terminals began working with Broadway Interiors for design development of its core operational control centre.

The brief was to design a corporate yet modern

Due to the critical aspect of the control centre and a firm prerequisite that the space facilitate the processes being executed, as well

facility, functional with consideration to proper

as support effective communication, the design of the area required a collaborative approach. Broadway proactively facilitated these

space utilization and circulation of all users.

sessions took in our views and needs as Client and produced a fitting design. We therefore also chose to continue to work with BI in choosing the appropriate furniture style to accompany the design of the area. In some cases custom joinery was developed to meet our

The Project: The whole facility was design to reflect an advanced and modern environment. The use of colored glass, stainless steel and fabric featured ceiling were utilized to create a unique modern

specifications as well as compliment the design. The subsequent quality of the construction of the control room was excellent. Their onsite project management was supportive, honest, and competent, not to mention the flexibility of this team to help get the minor details right, made all the difference in the end result. Overall we are very satisfied with the quality of services and construction delivered by Broadway as well as the competence and

look and feel. All spaces were laid out to suit the

professionalism of their team. We would recommend them to any business looking for such services.�

Clients spatial requirements.

- Eryn Dinyovszky Transition Project Manager


F&B Projects F&B

Legends - Interiors

Highly Commended for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Leisure & Entertainment 2012 - Commercial Interior Design Awards


Refurbishment of Bar and

Restaurant with introduction of

New Outdoor Terrace


Dubai Golf


Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club,

Dubai Golf, part of the WASL Real Estate Division a

Dubai, UAE

government entity.

Floor Area: Inside Dining Outside Terraces

384 Sq M 482 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

The Client expressed a desire to retain the spirit of

We combined a number of unique finishes notably the dramatic bespoke

the existing and respected ‘Legends Steakhouse’

acrylic flooring, which transforms the entrance of the restaurant. We also

restaurant and yet transform its appearance into a

incorporated traditional materials but unconventional ways, stretching

new and invigorating experience.

the boundaries of their usage. The colours scheme is a neutral pallet with rich accents to tease the mind, further enhanced by a series of sophisticated finishes. The restaurant combines a freestanding bar and luxurious seating with a wide range of seating, private grilling stations, and large intimate sofas. All the furnishings in Legends were custom designed and made to fit in with the theme.



360 Lounge & Bar Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Jumeirah Group

The Brief:

The Project:

To transform the iconic and world famous location into a new and

After the extensive demolition, the project embraced the intorduction

distinctive two-storey Lounge Bar and Club from a rooftop terrace

of two new staircases, entrance lobby, additional bars, shisha station

whilst incorporating improved access and movement for guests with

and toilets. All seamless combined into a free flowing concept typified by the organic resin flooring flowing throughout the Ground Floor and the introduction of mood lighting.


Lounge Bar & Club

additional amenities befitting a famous 5 star hotel, whilst retaining


Jumeirah Group

the ambiance and experience remembered by guests.

Location: Breakwater Barrier, Jumeirah Beach Hotel,

Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 980 Sq M



360 Lounge & Bar Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Jumeirah Group


Jumeirah Group


Breakwater Barrier,

Jumeirah Beach Hotel,

Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 980.9 Sq M

The Brief: To provide a new sophisticated look, combining an expanded lounge bar experience and push forward the presently successful Nightclub and Lounge Bar, whilst keeping the venue at the forefront of the Entertainment scene.

The Project: To completely overhaul the venue, with new finishes creating a more spacious experience with a state of the art sound and lighting solution. All being undertaken through the extreme temperatures of the summer months, and physical challenges of conducting the work whilst a busy hotel remains in full operation.



THE DEK on 8, Media One Hotel, Dubai



THE DEK on 8


Media One Hotel


Media City, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area:

300 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

To uplift THE DEK on 8 so it reflects the young and

The DEK on 8 is a popular outdoor lounge that is known for its music

funky atmosphere of the Media One Hotel.

and atmosphere. Broadway was asked to uplift the area so it matched the clientelle, music and people who frequent it whilst also addressing the issue of gusting winds. We used bright colours, bespoke artwork, levels and a column feature to achieve the results.


Residential Projects


Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Residential 2010 - Commercial Design Awards


NeoCasa Project


Shahriar Khodjasteh


40th Floor, Murjan-5

JBR, Dubai, UAE

The NeoCasa concept project is situated in the prestigious

Floor Area: Ground Floor 144.31 Sq M

JBR development on the 40th floor of Murjan 5 nestled

between the magnificent coastline of Dubai and the parallel


82.59 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

Develop the flagship concept setting the tone for

An industrial backdrop softened by the materials,

future projects. Set in a loft apartment targeting

furniture, lighting and finishing’s offering a

a high income bachelor lifestyle, offering all

serenity and quality of life when away from the

the latest technologies and modern styling

hectic life of Dubai.

demonstrating flexible functional living.

Marina behind. NeoCasa concept serves as a forum for top local designers to showcase their style using various


product ranges creating a brand harmony instead of brand independence




Launched in March 2008, as the property arm


Tiara Apartments

of Zabeel Investments, Zabeel Properties is a


Zabeel Properties

dynamic and prominent force behind Dubai’s


Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

transformation into a world centre for business,

Floor Area: 2 Bedrooms 159 Sq M

tourism and entertainment.

3 Bedrooms 220 Sq M

The Brief:

The Project:

Demonstrate the flexibility and opportunity

Two separate lifestyles are showcased with the

created by the high quality residential

two bedroom apartment offering a strong vibrant

accommodation promoting opulence and

contrast in colours, whilst the three bedroom

high standards of fitted products.

apartment uses neutral, earthy and muted tones to create a more calming environment.


JBR Loft Apartments A private Client commissioned Broadway Interiors LLC to design his two penthouse loft apartments.

The Brief:

The Project:

Client: Private

Create a complimentary mix of modern design

Here there are two different interpretations


Jumeirah Beach Residence,

with Arabic influence suitable for the quirky space

of the brief in their own unique spaces, although

Dubai Marina

provided by loft living set at the highest levels

attention to detail and careful selection of natural

within Jumeirah Beach Residence.

materials is consistent in both.


Floor Area: Contemporary 118.26 Sq M


JBR Loft Apartments


130.98 Sq M


Private Villa

The Brief:

The Project:

The Client wanted to transform their new villa into a

Being discerning Clients a number of spaces needed to be

personal space for adults to live, work, and entertain.

worked into the concept whilst retaining a strict budget.

A private Client, wanted to develop their


property in Victory Heights.

Client: Private

It needed to be contemporary to exude their personal

These prerequisites where reached by working closely with


taste and personal effects collected over many years

the Client. The colour palate conveys a cool and calming

Floor Area: 265 Sq M

of travelling, but also ensure comfort and functionality,

ambience., whilst creating a luxurious environment with the

taking into consideration two “active� pets.

introduction of accent colours to afford life and energy. A

Residential Villa Dubai Sports City

depth to the villa is offered through various textures, finishes and details making the finished interior look unique to others in the development. Spcial consideration was afforded to ensure the villa was both masculine and feminine without


dominant in their persuasion.


The Brief:

The Project:

Deliver a sleek contemporary interior living space

Retain the existing interior layout, maximising its full space potential, whilst creating a modern contemporary

which blends with the exterior and provides

style needed for this discerning European family. The concept divides the space into various multi-purpose

Ranches, Dubai.

consideration for a young family, affording

zones offering formal/informal dining, recreation/relaxation and home office use, combining textures

practicality without compromising high design

and clever lighting, together with designer furniture and one off pieces. The full height duplex entrance



halldisplays the design item of the interior, the modern open staircase, simple in form with clean lines, it

Private Villa A private Client seeking to completely redevelop a freehold property in Arabian

Residential Villa

Client: Private Location:

Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 469 Sq M


sets expectations of the remainder of the house, which it does not disappoint. The refurbishment was undertaken whilst the client remained in occupation throughout, gradually transforming room by room. The colours descend from a muted palette of white and earthy tones accentuated by the occasional ‘red’ flourish with new technologies were incorporated for 21st century living.


The Brief:

The Project:

Create a functional but pleasing decor, such

An oversized antique mirror, aubergine accents, custom

that all ages of the family could play, entertain

made furniture and neutral colour palette combine to

An Emirati Client seeking to develop their property in

and socialise comfortably in their improved

showcase this classically contemporary family home.

Jumeirah, Dubai to compliment the changing dynamic of


Private Residence, Jumeirah, Dubai

The obvious separation of family and formal was

their family.

something to be avoided so in all key areas of the house


Residential Villa

there is a comfortable fusion of “design meets young

Client: Private

family� harmoniously achieved using bespoke furniture


pieces, texture, colour and of course .... our own family

Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 600 Sq M

friendly life experiences.



Private Residence, Jumeirah, Dubai A private Client seeking to create a home in a rental property.


Interior Design of Villa

Client: Private Location:

The Brief:

The Project:

To create an eclectic and contemporary design

Open-plan spaces populated with custom-made furniture and original artifacts

styled home for a professional couple who like to

helped realize the design-led interior, whilst still allowing for future relocation.

relax and entertain, always keeping in mind that

A neutral palette of warm tones interspersed with shades of vintage colour

the property is rented. The budget was to focus on

evokes the cosy and relaxing ambience that was paramount for this Danish/

portable rather than fixed pieces.

British couple.

Jumeirah Park, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 1,035 Sq M



Sheikh’s Private Desert Residence & Private Majilis A local Sheikh.


Private Residence and Majilis

Client: Private Location:

The Brief:

The Project:

Create a 5 star hotel themed residence in the desert inside

Located between isolated sand dunes in the desert it posed logistically and

a tented structure to accommodate 4 bedrooms, private

technical challenges. The canvas tent structures created the backdrop to

bathrooms and communal living area, with an immediate

which we introduce inside state of the art 21st century hotel standard suites

landscape area including pathways between the adjoining

with all modern day technologies and comforts. A rich pallet of colours was


specified to compliment the high end finishes and bespoke furniture.

Nr Al Ain, UAE

Floor Area: 547 Sq M



Xterior Projects

Private Residence, Saheel, Arabian Ranches

The Brief:

The Project:

Develop a large outdoor space for a young family,

The concept sub-divides the space into various multi-purpose zones offering

providing suitable consideration for young children

formal/informal dining, recreation/relaxation and home office use all with a

in Arabian Ranches, Dubai.

whilst not wishing to compromise the contemporary

seamless transformation. Equally as the adjoining properties do not overlook

design style using commercial design techniques but

the villa, the vista is maximized from all vantage points providing great views of


still blending in with the surrounding environment.

the emerging Dubai skyline.

This project was developed in partnership with Kamelia

The signature of the design is a white cube floating over the swimming pool,

Bin Zaal, Second Nature Design.

acting as a bar, shading and home office. The overall concept is interspersed

A private client seeking to develop his freehold property

Residential Villa

Client: Private Location:

Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 1,035 Sq M

with various architectural planting softening the harder clinical and static elements of the design. Indeed of a night time the space transforms into an


outdoor social arena suitable for private or party entertaining.


Private Residence, Dubai Sports City

Shortlisted for Middle East Outdoor Design of the Year 2012 - Commercial Interior Design Awards

The Brief: The primary objective of the landscape was to seamlessly pass into the villa, whether it be on arrival or moving from the interior out to the private garden space, whilst delivering

A private Client that wanted to develop their property in

a series of features to allow an adult family

Dubai Sports City.

to relax and enjoy with the backdrop of the golf course behind.


Residential Villa

Client: Private



Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 612.5 Sq M

The Project: The front garden needed to tease entering guests to what lay inside. This was achieved through the adoption of high end finishes, organic lines, pebbles and planting which created a welcoming entry. The design for the rear garden was built around the swimming pool and the functions it needed to deliver. Privacy from the passing golfers was a prerequisite without compromising either the garden or interior villa view. The design features were specifically thought out through every detail. The pool offered an infinity edge which mirrors the flow of the water cascading from the privacy wall. The gazebo dovetails into the pool with a swim up bar. The shower provides discretion without feeling claustrophobic, all of which is contrasted by the quirky putting green. The lighting was a key factor in the design. The garden transforms from the daytime lounge into an evening entertainment spot. All lighting is LED to continue the low maintenance/eco-friendly theme.






fantastic, the restaurant looks completely transformed both inside and out. We have received many positive comments from our

Legends - Xteriors

The Brief:

The Project:

The iconic Legends restaurant at Dubai Creek

To retain the spirit of the existing respected

When analysing the possibilities for the exteriors, we embraced the

Golf & Yacht Club has recently been transformed

“Legends Steakhouse” Restaurant and yet

redundant outside terrace and water feature, such that they became

members and guests regarding the new

during a complete makeover which sees all

transform its appearance into a new and

intrinsic elements of the space providing guests with spectacular

look restaurant.” - Mustafa Al Hashimi

elements of the venue - food, design & layout -

invigorating experience.

views across Dubai Creek.

modernised to make the venue a ‘must visit’ dining destination on Dubai’s Creek.

By creating the “Inside Out” theme, we afforded the Client flexibility in layout for significantly higher revenue opportunities.


Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club


Dubai Creek, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 482 Sq M



Private Client A Private Client with a young family seeking to transform their garden


Residential Villa

Client: Private Location:

The Brief:

The Project:

Design and build an outdoor space, friendly and

The garden is divided into dedicated spaces for the children to play and the

safe for a young family, whilst creating a resort like

adults to relax and entertain. Natural elements such as the wooden gazebo add

atmosphere for entertaining.

an organic touch, whilst the contemporary glass serves both as a design and safety feature. The lush planting is highlighted by the raised planters and gives the garden an overall feel of a tropical oasis in the desert.

Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 565 Sq M



Private Client

The Project:

Develop a coordinated approach to the outdoor

The front garden provides a space for an adventure play house for the children blended

A private Client seeking the development of the

spaces flowing from the property entrance through

amongst the palm trees. The rear garden and sides of the property lead towards the generous

outdoor spaces at their freehold property, in

the front garden and into the sumptuous garden with

swimming pool surrounded by design features and discreetly located safety fencing. In

Victory Heights, Dubai.

the impressive golf course view. The design had to

addition to the amazing pool there are large areas for play and relaxation at end of the pool,

offer fun and adventure for a young family adopting

so Mum and Dad can watch their children having fun in the garden or in the pool. At night,

a contemporary styling, whilst providing dual function

the garden transforms into an exciting space suitable for adult entertainment with accent

adult areas for dining and entertaining guests.

lighting bouncing off the fabric canopies to create a dramatic viewing gallery overlooking the



The Brief:

Residential Villa

Client: Private Location:

Dubai Sports City, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 575 Sq M

tranquil golf course.


Private Residence, Jumeirah, Dubai A private Client with young family


Residential Villa

Client: Private Location:

Wasl Square,Jumeira, Dubai, UAE

The Brief:

The Project:

Maximise the potential of this inner city outdoor space,

The space is divided into various zones; cooking, relaxation and socialising while

to provide privacy, flexibility of usage for a young family

being seamlessly integrated by the colour scheme and materials which incorporate

to play, entertain and enjoy whilst creating a suitable

reclaimed and recycled items to promote sustainability.


Floor Area: 34 Sq M



Xmas Projects

Santa’s Grotto, Jumeirah, Dubai Jumeirah English Speaking School, Jumeirah, Dubai.


Full Xmas theming of area


Private Enterprise


Jumeira, Dubai, UAE

The Brief:

The Project:

Create a Xmas wonderland such that the young

We transformed a section of the Primary children’s play area by developing a

primary school children can experience the magic of

snow covered landscape focusing around a log cabin with falling snow, music and


decorated trees, all within 24 hours of commencement to completion.

Floor Area: 200 Sq M



Santa’s Grotto, Jumeirah, Dubai Jumeirah English Speaking School, Jumeirah, Dubai.


Full Xmas theming of area


Private Enterprise


Jumeira, Dubai, UAE

Floor Area: 200 Sq M



Completed Projects


Class Marketing Middle East Al Quoz - Dubai


Service M.E. Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Shahab Al Mouben Emirates Office Tower - Dubai

Morley Consultancy Services Holiday Inn - Dubai

Mindloop Dubai Media City - Dubai

Magirus Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Aston Martin Emirates Office Tower - Dubai

BMG Middle East & North Africa Dubai Media City - Dubai

Phoenix Film Dubai Media City - Dubai

Emirates Intellectual Embryo Dubai Internet City

DG Jones & Partners Al Musalla Tower - Dubai

Earthbeat DNI Building - Dubai

Coface Rating Dubai Internet City - Dubai

EMAAR World Trade Centre - Dubai

Percept Gulf (PDM) DNI Building - Dubai

Techaccess - Phase 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Schlumberger World Trade Centre - Dubai

Propeller Creative Solutions Dubai Media City - Dubai

Protec AL Quoz Industrial Area – Dubai

Ayman Jamal Head Office Jeddah - KSA Emaar Views Sales Centre Emaar Business Park

Promedia Systems Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai City Tower 1 - Dubai

Clifford Chance World Trade Centre - Dubai

Al Muhairbi Real State Behind Dubai Aviation Club - Dubai

Intelligent Homes Mazaya Centre - Dubai

MenaE Solutions Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Airbus Industries City Tower 2 - Dubai

DFS DAFZA Mezzanine Extension

Atlas Television Dubai Media City - Dubai

Connexxions Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Voest-Alpine Steel Middle East Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Studio City Buildings A & B Dubai Studio City - Dubai

Atlas Technologies JV Dubai UAE

Reed Hycalog Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Media City HQ CNN Building, Dubai Media City

Thales International Dubai Airport Free Zone

Reed Hycalog II DAFZA

Sony Arabia, Dubai Media City ADVERTISING AGENCIES

Ferrari - Middle East & South Africa DAFZA 6 East Wing

Saatchi & Saatchi Beach Villas Jumeirah - Dubai

Delta partner Group Al Shatha Tower, Dubai Marina Porsche FZE Middle East Dubai Airport Free Zone

Hydro Middle East Sultan Business Centre - Dubai

BAT (British American Tobacco) Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Media City Reception Dubai Media City

Bosch Phase I,II,III & IV Dubai Airport Free Zone Puma Dubai Media City Dubai properties Head Quarters Dubai Media City TUV Rheinland Middle East DAFZA - Dubai United Technologies City Tower 2 - Dubai

Straits Trading DAFZA

SCAME Middle East Dubai Airport Free Zone

Tanzanite One Almas Tower

DN.G. Fruit Promotion Dubai Airport Free Zone D.F.S. Middle East Dubai Airport Free Zone Optical Disc Group Dubai Airport Free Zone

Lighthouse Al Moosa Group Building - Dubai

Jumeirah International Emirates Towers Upper Deck - Dubai

Face to Face Easa Saleh Al Gurg - Dubai

Dubai Internet City Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Lighthouse Loft Office Dubai Media City – Dubai

Premier Event Management Emirates Towers - Dubai

TASC Phase I & II Dubai Airport Free Zone AME FZE Dubai Airport Free Zone


JBR 2 Leasing Office JBR Tower 1 - Dubai EIAST Al Khawaneej

Mexican Restaurant Doha, Qatar Italian Restaurant Doha, Qatar


DAMAC Automatic Restaurant Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai

Oasis Crescent Capital DIFC, Gate Village BNP Paribas Deira, Dubai

Novotel Restaurant World Trade Centre - Dubai

Dubai International Capital DIFC

Black & White Restaurant Jeddah – KSA

Royal Bank of Canada API World Tower - Dubai

Legends Restaurant - Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Prudential Bache Al Musalla Tower - Dubai

360 Restaurant Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Dubai THE DEK on 8, Media One Hotel, Media City Dubai

Sumitomo Corporation Shangri-La Hotel - Dubai

TUV Rheinland Office DAFZA


Mitsubishi Corporation API World Tower - Dubai

Caterpillar Dubai Airport Free Zone

Newmont Almas Tower

Intiqua Internet City - Dubai

Dubai Int’l Financial Centre DIFC Business Centre

Bridgestone Tyres Sultan Building - Dubai

Broadway Interiors LLC TECOM, Dubai

Kingdom Venture Partners Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Level 12 & 15, The Gate - Dubai

BHP Steel Oud Metha Building - Dubai

Risk Diversion Phase 1 & 2 Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Landmark Graphics Oud Metha Building - Dubai

Juniper Networks Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Al Aqili Group Oud Metha Building - Dubai

Michael Page I & II DIFC, Gate Building Al Barsa

Four Stars Computer Dubai Internet City - Dubai

DBS Bank Ltd DIFC, The Precinct Building

Michael Page International, DIFC Dubai

HY Investment DIFC, The Precinct

Zabeel Offices Dubai

DIFC Business Centre II DIFC, The Gate Building

Class Marketing Emarat Atrium - Dubai

Leo Schachter Diamonds Dubai

DMC Business Centre Dubai Media City - Dubai

Oasis Crescent Capital DIFC

BHP Billiton Petroleum Emarat Atrium - Dubai

Marcura DAFZA Dubai

DMC Hot Desking Dubai Media City - Dubai

Emcredit DIFC, The Precinct Building

DSQ Software Dubai Media City

Pegasus Energy Emarat Atrium - Dubai Lockheed Martin Lulu Centre - Abu Dhabi

Al Kikaf Etisalat, Dubai

TECOM Office 19 Dubai Media City - Dubai

DIFC Courts & Conference Centre

Dubal Jebel Ali Free Zone

Fardux Middle East

TECOM BDG Dubai Media City - Dubai

DIFC, The Precinct Building DIFC Courts & Conference Back of House DIFC, The Precinct Bldg.

J.Ray McDermott Jebel Ali Free Zone Alnaboodah Group Al Shoala Building - Dubai Mondial Q Zone Kendah House - Dubai SEB Groups Warba Center - Dubai Al Masa Distribution Umm Hurair Road - Bur Dubai


Sumitomo Corporation Dubai Internet City - Dubai

Novell ME FZ LLC Dubai Internet City - Dubai

DIFX (Dubai Int’l Financial Exchange) DIFC, The Gate Bldg.

IPix Dubai Internet City - Dubai Scanit Dubai Internet City - Dubai Carrier Devices (ME) Dubai Media City - Dubai Imate Carrier Devices Dubai Internet City - Dubai


GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS Union Water & Electricity Co. Al Kazna Bldg., Abu Dhabi


DREC 4th Floor Extension Office Mankhool

Royal & Sun Alliance Office Court - Dubai

Atlas - DP World T2 Jebel Ali Free Zone

Oman Insurance Company H.Q. DAFZA 5 East Wing

Atlas - DP World T1 Jebel Ali Free Zone

Friends Provident Emaar Business Centre, Business Bay

Dubai properties Head Quarters Dubai Media City

Euler - Hermes Credit Insurance, DAFZA Dubai

DMCC 49th , 50th ,51st Main Office Almas Tower


Abu Dhabi Terminals TOB - Al Taweela, Abu Dhabi

Gulf Eye Centre City Towers 2

Harbour Master & Pilot Station Control Room, Abu Dhabi DESIGN ONLY TRAINING CENTRES

Sohar Investment & Development Muscat, Oman

The Network Center Sultan Building Dubai

NeoCasa JBR Murjan-05 Tower 40th Flr Unit 4004 Teylium Bridge Bank Ivory Coast, West Africa Teylium Properties Sales Office Senegal, West Africa


Etihad Airways HQ Management Abu Dhabi Airport - Abu Dhabi

Raymond Sports Umm Suqeim Building, Dubai JBR Sales Centre Dubai Internet City, Dubai DAMAC Properties Sales Centre Dubai Media City, Dubai


DAMAC Shop Dubai Shopping Centre

Linklaters - Phase I & II DIFC, The Gate Building

Bafco Furniture Al Abbar Building, Dubai

Trowers & Hamlin - Phase I & II Bur Juman Centre Trowers & Hamlin Rais Hassan Saadi Building - Dubai

Thank you for your time !

Clyde & Company City Towers 2 Club Stretch Platinum Residence, Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence Sales Center 2 Jumeirah, Dubai Magrudy’s Book Store Ibn Battuta Mall & Bur Juman Mall


MacStore (Apple Computers) Ibn Battuta Mall

Tiara Project 2 & 3 Bedroom The Palm Crescent, Jumeirah

RAK Properties Al Manar Mall, Ras Al Khaimah

Saeed’s Villa Jumeirah Beach Residence Al Ansari Villa Emirates Hills Burj Dubai Residence Dubai

RAK Properties Bur Juman Mall, Dubai

JBR Loft 39th Flr. Rimal Tower, Jumeirah Beach Residence

Makeup etc Mazaya Centre, Dubai Daffadils Mazaya Centre, Dubai

Sheik Diab Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Tent Al Ain, UAE

LE GRAND (Al Hathboor) Airport Road, Dubai

Various Private Villas in Victory Heights Various Private Villas in Arabian Ranches Various Private Villas in Umm Suqeim


Various Private Villas in Jumeirah

Business Centre Knowledge Village - Dubai


Institute for the Blind Knowledge Village - Dubai

Various Private Villas in Jumeirah Park Estate

University of Wollongong Jumeirah - Dubai

Private Villas in La Colleccion

Business Center 2 Knowledge Village – Dubai

Private Villas in The Villas


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Broadway's Blackbook for 2013 featuring the latest projects completed for commercial, F&B and private clients.