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Last installment of cultural tour By Heidi Huff

heidi@broadripplegazette.com After what’s felt like months of sightseeing downtown, it’s finally supper time. On the last leg of our Downtown Media Tour we went to 14 West for dinner and then to Mass Ave for the First Friday Gallery Tour. 14 West is in walking distance from the Hyatt, where we were staying for 14 West Restaurant the night. All that 14 W. Washington St touring made this girl First Friday Gallery Tour hungry! For starters we orArt Bank dered the 14 West 811 Massachusetts Ave Crab Cakes with apple jicama salad and tomato butter sauce, Garlic Grilled Brie with mushrooms, walnuts, and an apricot glaze with crostini, and Tempura Fried Calamari with an apricot mustard. I also started with a Green Tea Martini. Everyone was pleased with the selections as we passed them around the table to try, but the martini was all mine. After the Green Tea Martini I felt like continuing my Asian cuisine theme. For my entree I ordered Wasabi Crusted Tuna with sweet potato fries and a carrot ginger puree. Not only was it delicious but beautiful too. The tuna was perfectly seared and the sweet potato fries were served shoestring style and artfully layered. For their entrees, my dining companions chose items like the Kobe Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Australian Kobe Beef, wild mushroom mac ‘n’ cheese, and butter poached lobster. (Certainly not your momma’s mac ‘n’ cheese, sadly not vegetarian friendly.) Others had the Lobster Ravioli with mascarpone and tomato confit sauce, the Herb Rubbed Salmon with tomato butter sauce, and the Filet of Beef with whipped potatoes and fried onions. Last but not least was dessert. I chose the Carrot Cake with Gran-Marnier cream cheese icing and walnuts, accompanied by a cup of Sumatra coffee from Hubbard and Cravens. The other eaters ordered Pretzel Bread Pudding with maple syrup

Farmers’ Market

photos by Candance Lasco

Above left: Making Chimney Bread Above right: Robert Bruce Scott of il Troubadore serenaded the July 5th market Right: Phil and Annette with their market finds.


July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15


First Friday at the Art Bank on Mass Ave.

and cinnamon ice cream, New York Style Cheesecake with fruit compote, and Chocolate Mousse Cake with marinated pound cake and marshmallow fluff. For our after dinner stroll we headed to Mass Ave for the IDADA First Friday Gallery Tour. IDADA, the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, is a non-profit membership based organization of artists, galleries, and art businesses downtown. Their focus is to promote artists with the highest of professional standards and to encourage community support of the visual arts. As part of the tour we stopped in to the recently repurposed Art Bank on the east end of Mass Ave. This building used to house a financial bank, hence the name. It now holds valuables of a different sort. Artists rent the space by the foot to display their work. Many of the original interior areas still remain. Even the coat closet, teller windows, and bank vault accommodate the art. After the art I was looking forward to staying up all night at the Hyatt hotel. But after traveling from the Wholesale District to Fountain Square to Mass Ave and back again it was all I could do to put myself to bed. And with the end of my day comes the end of this feature about our downtown media tour organized by Indianapolis Downtown Inc. Keep an eye out for other cultural district features to follow.

Indianapolis Art Center’s New Sound System Donated by Klipsch Audio Technologies is One of the First in the World By Sean Kaellner

sean@broadripplegazette.com On July 8th at 5pm, the Indianapolis Art Center became home to one of the most state-of-the-art sound systems in the world. The Klipsch brand of cinema sound systems has been globally accepted as one of the highest quality sound systems available. Seen, or rather heard in the Dinosphere at The Children’s Museum, downtown at the NCAA Hall of Champions, or even close to home within the Jazz Kitchen on 54th and College, Klipsch has now set its sights on Broad Ripple. The 220-seat Frank M. Basile Auditorium within the Art Center will be showcasing a Chinese film festival of four renowned films, all of which are accompanied by the new exhibit from Shandong College of Arts just outside of the auditorium’s doors. In its sixty-second year of business, Klipsch brand loudspeakers will be heard at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. But you can get Olympic-sized sound here in Broad Ripple, and Klipsch never fails to deliver. As a leading center for artistic and creative expression, Klipsch hopes to give the Art Center a greater and more pristine form of sound by establishing itself within its own auditorium’s walls, bringing the possibility of future film festivals and entertainment to Broad Ripple. The Frank M. Basile Auditorium has been a center for many of the Art Center’s showcases, but with the installation of the new cinema surround-sound speakers, many art lovers might become film lovers as well. If you want to check out this new addition to the Broad Ripple cultural scene, the Art Center will be presenting Farewell My Concubine on July 22nd, Still Life on August 5th, and Be There or be Square on August 19th, all of which will be shown at 6:30pm. Be sure to visit the Art Center sometime between now and August 23rd so as to not miss the wonderful exhibit from Shandong College of Arts, and after admiring the art, kick back and enjoy the new Klipsch sound in the auditorium.

B2 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette



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July 18 - July 31, 2008

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Right in my Own B a c k y a r d by Brandt Carter

Random Ripplings

First Day of School

When I was starting back to school, the date was ALWAYS right after Labor Day. Our school year took the farm cycle into account. Kids had to help in the fields and couldn’t be spared until September. Yes, we had daylight savings time when I was young, so some things that favor Indiana children are shared across the generations. Starting back to school was a momentous event in my youthful years. Mom would take us to L.S. Ayres for a few new dresses, although I usually got my sister’s hand-me downs (jeans would never have been appropriate dress). We would go to Stout’s for our one pair of school shoes and enjoy the sliding basket hanging from the ceiling that whisked away the chosen shoes and cash to pay for them. In a matter of minutes a shoe box wrapped and ready for the first day of school came flying back in the aerial basket. The parrot at Stout’s was a highlight of the trip. How vividly I also recall the sales clerk measuring my foot in preparation for trying on sensible school shoes. Tennis shoes were not standard footwear unless for physical education. Saddle oxfords or loafers with a shiny penny in the top slot were favorite choices. High school girls (my sister) got to choose flats, Capezios being the coveted brand. We would go shopping for our school list of supplies. I don’t remember having to buy many. Book rental and milk money were the only fees required. We didn’t eat lunch at school, but once a day the teacher would hand out milk and graham crackers or saltines for a mid-morning snack. We walked to school in the morning, back home at lunch, returned for the afternoon, and home again in the evening. Our trip happened to be a mile each way. Walking to school was a way we learned about our community. We walked past the Greenbergers, McClains, Sinclairs, Pearsons, Holtons, Westons, and finally our grandparents house everyday – four times a day – before passing and window shopping at the A&P, Danner’s Five & Dime, the Mandarin Inn, and Eaton’s restaurant. Some school days, Mom gave us 50 cents to eat lunch at the Chinese restaurant or the Toddle House. Sometimes we splurged on a sundae at the corner drugstore at the end of the day. Life was simpler then. We lived in a double, had a party line (two families shared one phone line with individualized rings), drove one family car (an Oldsmobile), went to church every Sunday, and were expected to do well in school. I can always remember my father saying, “Get as much education as you can. It is one of the only things that can’t be taken away.” I wish all the families of Indianapolis prized education. If they did, our public schools would be a place of joy, learning, achievement – and the first day of school would be greatly anticipated. Brandt Carter, artist, herbalist, and naturalist, owns Backyard Birds at 2374 E. 54th Street. Visit her web site www.feedbackyardbirds.com. Email your bird questions to Brandt@BroadRippleGazette.com

Stanley Garrison, AKA Banjoman Stan, a ragtime riverboat banjo player takes a 1930 Model A truck to many Kroger Grand Openings. He was recently in Broad Ripple..... playing fun ragtime music near the entrance to Kroger. Just a few feet away from him was the chef, fixing burgers on the grill, as a free bonus to shoppers on July 5.

photos by Susan Machledt

Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Howling at the Moon by Susan Smith It always gives me pleasure to hear great pet rescue stories. Two issues ago I told you how The American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis sheltered, for the first time, pets that were victims of the May 31st Eastside tornado. You might also remember Tony Furdock and his dog Cozmo. Cozmo is a past featured “Gazette Pet” who rides in the side car of Tony’s motorcycle. They went down to help repair the Martinsville animal shelter that was badly damaged by the floods. More on that story to follow. Many of you have rescue animals from Hurricane Katrina and, many like me, own pet therapy dogs. This is a pet story posted by Fran Jurga, that I would like to share. It will make you smile. Meet Molly. She’s a gray speckled pony who was abandoned by her owners when Katrina hit southern Louisiana . She spent weeks on her own before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled. While there, she was attacked by a dog and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became infected and her vet went to LSU for help. But LSU was overwhelmed, and this pony was a welfare case. You know how that goes. But, after surgeon Rustin Moore met Molly, he changed his mind. He saw how the pony was careful to lie down on different sides so she didn’t seem to get sores, and how she allowed people to handle her. She protected her injured leg. She constantly shifted her weight, and didn’t overload her good leg. She was a smart pony with a serious survival ethic. Moore agreed to remove her leg below the knee and a temporary artificial limb was built. Molly walked out of the clinic and her story really begins there. “This was the right horse and the right owner,” Moore insists. “Molly happened to be a one-in-a-million patient. She’s tough as nails, but sweet, and she was willing to cope with pain. She made it obvious she understood (that) she was in trouble.” The other important factor, according to Moore , is having a truly committed and compliant owner who is dedicated to providing the daily care required over the lifetime of the horse. Molly’s story turns into a parable for life in post-Katrina Louisiana . The little pony gained weight, her mane felt a comb. A human prosthesis designer built her a leg. “The prosthetic has given Molly a whole new life,” Allison Barca DVM, Molly’s regular vet, reports. “And she asks for it! She will put her little limb out, and come to you and let you know that she wants you to put it on. Sometimes she wants you to take it off too.” Most important of all, Molly has a job now. Kay, the rescue farm owner, started taking Molly to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers. Anywhere she thought that people needed hope. Wherever Molly went, she showed people her pluck. She inspired people. And she This is Molly’s most recent prosthesis which has a smiley face embossed in it. had a good time doing it Wherever Molly goes, she leaves a smi“It’s obvious to me that Molly had a ley hoof print behind! bigger role to play in life,” Moore said, “She survived the hurricane, she survived a horrible injury, and now she is giving hope to others.” “She’s not back to normal,” Barca concluded. “She’s going to be better. To me, she could be a symbol for New Orleans itself.” Pets make you smile. Susan Smith is a life-long area resident and is the owner of City Dogs Grocery located at 49th and College. Send your pet related questions/comments to susan@ broadripplegazette.com

B3 July 18 - July 31, 2008

& Old Town of Broad Ripple Meeting Minutes The Town of Broad Ripple was incorporated in 1894, and started holding regular meetings at that time. In each issue, I will print my transcription of the old Town of Broad Ripple meeting minutes. These are taken from original, hand-written minutes that contain many spelling errors. I transcribed the records as they were entered, including errors. I will make some corrections to the text in brackets [ ]. The original minutes books are at the Indiana State Archives at 6440 E. 30th St.

Here is the one-hundred ninth installment:

Bids for new fire house.

Broad Ripple March 19 1901 Board met in special session Mr. J.O. Brenneman being absent. The legislation having passed a Law making The Town Clerk a Justice of the Pease, the Board ordered Notices to be posted asking for Bids for an addition to this Building in which to house the Fire apparatus. Said Bids to be presented and opened at the next regular meeting – Specification where also prepared and left where it could be seen by bidders. no further Business the board adjourned. W.B.S. Florander Clerk John O. Brenneman President of the Board Broad Ripple April 2nd 1901 Board of Trustees met in regular session all members being present. Minuts of Previous two Meeting where read and approved as read. The Treasurer made his yearly report showing a balance on hand of $310.14. On motion the report was accepted. The following Bills where on motion allowed and Orders drawn on the Treasury for the amount: Isgrigg Lumber Co $12.40, Thomas Medsker $22.40, Jessie D. Day $2.27, Isaac O. White $1.00 and Oscar Boardman $5.70 for Gravel. Bids where received for the addition to Town Building from the following Parties: Mr. Columbus Wright $125.00 Mr. Thomas Wright & Bert Adoins $105.00 Mr. James King $94.00 The Trustees ordered the Marshall to notify Mr. King to meet with them on Wednesday April 3 at 8 o’clock to sign and award the Contract. no further Business the board adjourned. W.B.S. Florander Clerk John O. Brenneman President of the Board



B4 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008

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B5 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

Historic Ad

Where in the Village? Have you seen this indoor graffiti art? Where is it?

Answer on page B14

This ad for Sitzmark ran back in 1979. Sitzmark was located at 924 E. Westfield Boulevard, where Bungalow is today.

Hidden History encryption by Jim Alred

answer on Page B14

Hidden History is a simple letter-substitution cipher. If K equals B in one word, K will equal B throughout the puzzle. Solve by looking for frequently-used letters and common patterns.


Crossword clues by John S. Hague


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B6 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008

Cliff Morrow and Terry Anderson Thursday, July 3, 2008 Keiffers Tekamah, Nebraska

Buzzing Around

I went to Tekamah, Nebraska for Blogstock ’08. You read that right; I went to Nebraska to meet fellow bloggers. No one was more surprised than me. I had a blast. We were in the Tekamah (population 1872) Independence Day parade, I ate way too much meat and rode a horse.

Town with Nora Spitznogle

Jack Barkley Saturday, June 21, 2008 The Monkey’s Tale

I completely forgot to write about this in the last issue. I’d been feeling a bit disconnected lately from Broad Ripple, which is odd since I spend so much time there. But I realized that I except for working, I hadn’t spent too much daylight time in the Village in ages. The first day of summer was a great day to reunite with Broad Ripple. I went the Farmers Market in the morning and wandered in to the Village after that. I ended

photo by Nora Spitznogle

Some of our group sang Karaoke. I was not part of that group. When I tried out for choir in seventh grade, only two of us didn’t make it, and the other one was in special education. I have taken that as a sure sign that I should never sing. Our host Cliff Morrow has a beautiful voice. He’s the choir director at the First Baptist Church of Tekamah. He sang a duo with journalist Terry Anderson, showing us how Karaoke is supposed to be done.


Mark Jungers and Whistling Mules July 11, 2008 Indy Hostel Outdoor Stage

The Indy Hostel outdoor stage is quickly becoming my favorite place to see music. Austin’s award winning Mark Jungers brought his deeply American roots

photo by Nora Spitznogle

the afternoon with a Boogie Burger (my first, yumm) and some great music. Jack Barkley played his perfect-for-a-Saturday-afternoon music. He had a group of enthusiastic fans on the sidewalk. His adorable daughters held handmade signs and cheered their papa on. The day reminded me how much I love living in Broad Ripple.

www.thejazzcooker.com www.boogieburger.com

photo by Nora Spitznogle

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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

music to the stage, or, in front of it actually. They played within spitting distance to the audience. I was loving the music, but had to head out to the next stop. I look forward to hearing them their next time through town.

www.markjungers.com www.indyhostel.us

B7 July 18 - July 31, 2008

Karen Irwin and Scott Ballantine Sunday, July 13, 2005 The Canal Point Grill 8:30-ish to midnight 832 E Westfield Blvd

April Combs and Michael Mann, Christian Taylor, Brandon Whyde July 11, 2008 The Upper Room

I was happy to finally hear April Combs and Michael Mann. April’s music and voice was everything I’d heard–lush and beautiful, soft and powerful all at the same time. It was a little disconcerting to hear Highway to Hell bleeding though the windows from the band playing outdoors. Her songs are emotional and smart. Victor Hugo kicks AC/DC’s ass any day.

photo by Nora Spitznogle

Karen Irwin and Scott Ballantine play almost every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month) evening. It is a lovely way to ease in to the new week. Karen’s powerful voice and Scott’s amazing guitar playing are perfectly suited. I think I’ve found my second favorite Sunday night activity…the first being avoiding writing this column. [I saw that Nora! -Alan]


photo by Nora Spitznogle

Brandon Whyde at the Upper Room.

I loved hearing April and Michael cover Dale Lawrence’s Katie. Especially since I was sitting right next to him. Christian Taylor, from the band America Owns the Moon played next. His solo set included lots of originals and a Neil Young cover or two. Christian runs an open stage every Tuesday at the Red Eye Café downtown. Brandon Whyde has a powerful enough voice to drown out the bar chatter. As April Combs said, “His voice is made for an arena. I predict he will be famous some day.” I think she’s right. He’s in some pretty heady company already. He co-wrote a song with Josh Kelly. Brandon had the crowd paying attention, dancing and requesting songs. It was a pleasure to hear him.

www.myspace.com/aprilcombsmusic www.myspace.com/christiantaylorsongs www.myspace.com/brandonwhyde

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I’ll see you out and about! -Nora Not-for-profit director by day, music writer by night, Nora Spitznogle reviews music that happened and previews music and events around Broad Ripple Village. Nora managed CATH Inc coffeehouse at 54th Street and College Avenue for seven years. During that time she hosted hundreds of local and touring musicians, both at the coffeehouse and her home. When CATH closed in 2004 and the music was no longer coming to her, she had to wander from her corner of Broad Ripple to see what is happening elsewhere. You can find her at Second Helpings during the work day, waitressing at the Red Key on Saturday nights and prowling Broad Ripple music venues the rest of the time. Visit Nora’s Web site www.queenbeemusic.blogspot.com, send any questions, comments or suggestions to Nora@BroadRippleGazette.com

B8 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

by Douglas Carpenter

Recipes: Then & Now Well, we are back from our tour of the Canadian Rockies and let me tell you, it was without a doubt the trip of a lifetime. The mountains, lakes and rivers were unlike any I have ever seen. And there was wildlife around every corner. I saw just about everything except a moose. There were mountain goats, big horn

July 18 - July 31, 2008

didn’t take enough. But since this is an article about food and cooking I will relate some of the culinary adventures I went on. I was presented with a wonderful array of foods while on the train and in the many fine hotels we stayed in. I was rarely without several choices. The meals on the train were for the most part good. The desserts were above and beyond my expectations and the breakfasts were commendable. In one of the hotel restaurants I had the best salmon ever. Evidently the freshness of visiting the areas where it is caught really does make a difference. I enjoyed several meals of salmon. Interestingly, of all the hotels where we were served a meal, the most memorable was the small motel out in the middle of nowhere. The Port Hardy Airport Inn is a very humble and basic place to spend the night. The meal is worthy of mention, though. I had halibut for the first time. It was good. In fact it was very good. Not being a seafood lover, I took quite a gamble that evening and it paid off nicely. I asked the waitress how it was prepared. A simple seasoned flour coating on the freshest of fish and placed in a skillet to brown was all there was to it. I will be doing some experimenting with these ingredients and find a recipe and cooking method to share in an upcoming article. One dessert was a new one to me and was particularly good, ‘Nanaimo Bars’. I have started my research of the origin and recipe and will be sharing with you this wonderful new delight, again in a future article. Other articles I am working on include scones, cooking with flowers, a new soup recipe and some appetizers and dips. For now here is a recipe fit for these hot summer days.

Fresh Fruit Frozen Daiquiri 4 3 2 1

Place ingredients in blender jar in order listed. Blend on liquefy until slushy, about 45-50 seconds. Serve immediately. Makes five 4-ounce servings

Douglas in the Canadian Rockies.

sheep, elk, deer, buffalo, pronghorn antelope, black bears and even a red fox. The eagles were flying around the trees like robins do here in Indiana. In the ocean I saw a whale, sea lions and seals. Even though I snapped over 600 pictures I still

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Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

What’s in Heidi’s Purse? by Heidi Huff

B9 July 18 - July 31, 2008

Refund check from the water company.

Giant origami “fortune teller” I made at the Art Institute.

Glendale’s list of free movies for kids. Next up is Alvin and the Chipmunks on July 23rd and 24th at 10 a.m. The last show of the summer is Horton Hears a Who on July 30th and 31st.

Hair products.

Candy wrapper from an interactive exhibit at the Art Institute. Ticket for The Art Institute of Chicago. Mario Ybarra exhibit brochure.

B.R.A.C. meds bag for my sick puppy. Flyers for the Elf Power show at Radio Radio July 17th.

Postcard promoting a Fringe performance called “Moved.” Fringe runs August 22nd - 31st.

Flyer for Movement on Main, a new yoga studio in Carmel.

“Who knew such great fabrics, wallcoverings etc. were so close?”

Random Ripplings Marithe Benaviente and Jared Anderson taking a carriage ride through the Village after their marriage on the lawn at 6131 Carrollton Avenue on Saturday, July 12th.



B10 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Life’s Ripples

Green Broad Ripple

from Broad Ripple United Methodist Church Rev. Timothy Rasmussen

by Cortellini

Green Food

July 18 - July 31, 2008

One morning I came to the office and discovered a night hawk in the parking lot. It was not a normal occurrence, nor was the bird acting in a normal manner. After many phone calls and interesting conversations, the problem was addressed in a positive way. This incident could be thought of as a once in a lifetime experience. I believe that cliche’ “once in a lifetime” is far truer than we realize. The reality is that everything is a once in a lifetime experience. Every moment in time is an unrepeatable moment because that particular moment can never happen again. We may repeat the event, but never in exactly the same way. Once the moment disappears into the past, it can never be recaptured. We are fully people of the moment. The past is over, and the next second is the future. Amazing that God gave us the choice in how we spend these moments in time. Sometimes we rejoice in the moments, sometimes we’re sad in the moments, and then there are those moments that we screw up so bad that we vow never to repeat them again. God is a God of the moments. He is there in each moment, each joy, each sadness, and each mistake. God is a God of new starts, and all we have to do is turn to Him and He is there in the moment forgiving, loving, and renewing. The next moment is new and fresh, go out and make it a once in a lifetime experience.

The Atlas Supermarket closed permanently on May 11, 2002, 2-1/2 years after the passing of Sid Maurer. It was only last January that Sunflower Market suddenly closed its doors. Have you noticed that our Kroger has undergone an extreme makeover and that there is a fledgling new food enterprise, Locally Grown Gardens, at the intersection of 54th Street and the Monon Trail? Have you visited the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market lately? And then, how about the recent grand opening of the long awaited “Fresh Market?” These, along with the always reliable but uneventful Marsh and a host of specialty shops like The Breadsmith, Johnny’s Market, the Village Pantry, and the snack section of the CVS drugstore represent the retail food culture of our community. Is there anything to learn from asking how Green it might be? Let’s look at the Atlas site. In the year 2000, Green was still only a whisper, yet Atlas exhibited many very Green elements. Words like frugality, sufficiency, conservation, and naturalness represent concepts that are at the core of the Green way and the Atlas way as well, as I recall. These traits came to Atlas through Sid’s dedication which infused his own personal qualities into the enterprise he created and dearly loved. Sid was Atlas. A fundamental premise I learned in my studies in sustainable design is that the Greenest building is one you do not need to build. The environmental impact of demolition and new construction cannot be compensated for by the new building’s energy efficiency. Similarly, trading in your perfectly serviceable automobile for a Tim has been a United Methodist Pastor since 1973 and has been at Broad new one with better gas mileage is not a Green thing to do because the energy saved Ripple United Methodist since 2003. Email your questions/comments to with the better mileage will never add up to the energy expended in making the new tim@broadripplegazette.com car. Sid knew this. No energy was expended on frills and affectation, yet you could always find that unusual food item on his 50 year old shelves at a reasonable price. I especially appreciated his handling of the produce. He never bought into the marketing notion that lettuce is better presented drenched in water. This may have a dubious measure of sensual appeal at the point of sale but it encourages rot which in turn increases waste both at the store and at home. On arriving home with such a product I am compelled to remove it from the package, dry it as best I can, wrap it in paper towel, and repackage it in another dry bag so that it might last more than a day or two in the refrigerator. I could stick Sid’s shrink wrapped lettuce in the refrigerator and not worry about it for better than a week or so. For this and many other similar reasons, I loved Sid’s Atlas, but the most profound loss at Atlas’ closing was the loss of community. I am certain that Atlas made a profit, but it did not seem that it was the primary motive for its existence. There was virtually no turnover in the help – they seemed part of the extended family. They were real, competent, and happy to be there. BROAD RIPPLE Here now arrives Fresh Market and even though the commuBODY, MIND, SPIRIT nity and its leadership supposedly has had considerable input (317) 251-1654 in the design process, neither Green nor Sid seem anywhere to Learn to be pain free and be found. My first impression is that frugality, sufficiency, and build confidence conservation seem to have been replaced by extravagance, Only licensed clinical social worker and Feldenkrais excess, and waste precisely at a time when urgent environMassage Therapist in Broad Ripple mental concerns, rising property taxes, the mortgage debacle, $5.00 off for new clients Massage - Feldenkrais* Method falling dollar values, skyrocketing medical costs and growing Fresh Market economic inequality have degraded the quality of life of the 701 E. 62nd St. Helena Riley, MSW, LCSW, ABMP middle class to the point that many of us are now struggling just to get by. On the other hand, Fresh is conve* Anat Baniel Feldenkrais nient and I was able to buy some decent prosciutto there the other day. Can Fresh go Green? Although it is probably too late to do much about the building envelope and the mechaniBlue-Eyed Girl Salon cal system, and beyond the obvious efforts to reduce energy consumption, recycle, and reduce waste, Fresh could spearhead a Going Local initiative by leading an effort to establish an organized distributed urban garden 6223 Guilford Avenue network. Fresh appears to have the resources to implement any plan it chooses to pursue. If it chose to, it could engage and contribute to the community by building a network of Free Express Manicure with purchase of small local gardens to supply a portion of its produce instead Spa Pedicure ($20 Value) of relying on the current industrialized system that is heavAsk for Hilliary ily dependent on truck transport. The effort would be primarily a matter of organization. Plantings and harvests could be 15% Off Hair Service when you mention this ad scheduled to deliver locally grown, truly fresh produce to the store in a timely way and with the use of high tunnels and green houses, production could eventually extend year round. Further, by converting its rooftop from parking to an intensive green roof with greenhouses, Fresh could grow plant starts for the effort. Radical? Yes. Impossible? Not in my opinion. It Fresh Market Roof Parking would take vision. It would take courage. It would take commitment to community. It would be a truly creative community building move toward sustainability. How cool! How Green - and how respectful to Sid’s legacy.

See the


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Cortellini is a licensed architect in the states of Indiana and Arizona. He holds a BFA from Indiana University Herron School of Art. He has taught architectural technology at the college level at several universities and has pursued independent artistic endeavors. His architectural practice has focused on residential and small commercial projects. He has recently committed his practice to designing Green buildings, is a member of the US Green Building Council and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Send questions/comments to cortellini@broadripplegazette.com Photo of Cortellini by David Stahl

Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

B11 July 18 - July 31, 2008

RickOnTheRecords Gary L. Breslauer, D.D.S. Family, Cosmetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry

*New Patients Welcome *Same Day Emergency Care *Most Insurance Accepted *Payment Plans

THUNDERS—The Sympathetic Oscillations EP

Thunders is a local band you must see. The band has great songs, great musicianship, and outstanding stage presence. At their CD release party for The Sympathetic Oscillations EP at Spin last month, the awed and silent (LITTLE BAR-TALK!) crowd stood rapt as lead guitarist and singer Ryan Reidy led the band through a series of excellent compositions that combine garage-rock punch and power with the more wistful and feedback-laden elements of late 80s/early 90s combos like The Jesus and Mary Chain. It is surprising that this combination of styles is rarely heard, as Thunders’ propulsion (outstandingly provided by Mark Tester, Brian Allen, and Tony Beamer on rhythm guitar, bass, and drums, respectively) combined with the howling electric lead work and vocals of Reidy, fit together like hand-in-glove. And while their first recorded effort doesn’t quite match the dynamism of their live show, it still has plenty to recommend it. Recorded in six different houses and three different cities by Reidy before recruiting the other three members of the band to join his vision, The Sympathetic Oscillations begins with a straightforward drumbeat and, in the background, light guitar feedback. Programmed percussion and Reidy’s high-pitched vocals enrapture over a long verse that gives way to an insanely catchy chorus/middle-eight. And as the song progresses, Reidy’s guitar comes to increasingly dominate the sound with feedback-drenched beauty. The second song follows with a nice garage vibe, again combined with a feedback undertow, but Reidy shows the variety in his songwriting over the next couple of cuts, as acoustic strumming combines with airbourne lead lines and no drums to make a lullaby of melodic noise. And while the focus of Thunders certainly rests squarely on the music, Reidy’s lyricism can also demand attention, as on the final cut when he sings “Life is not a fight, it’s a stroll into the light…And darkness for me is to fall into deep sleep.” Such “gentle” sentiments are not often associated with bands that can call up the vibe of the MC5 or the Stooges at a moment’s notice, but such is Reidy’s talent. Consider The Sympathetic Oscillations EP as a taster for the coming full-length. And catch them locally while you can, for this is a band destined for greater things.

SIGUR ROS—Med Sut Ieyrum Vit Spilum Endalaust

Iceland’s Sigur Ros has become a band known for epic songs that slowly build and build to dramatic crescendos, conveying an intense drama that is then set off by their singer’s otherworldy falsetto voice and guitar sounds (often produced with a violin bow). While such dynamism is not absent from Med Sut Ieyrunm Spilum Endalaust (translated as “with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly”), on their newest album the band says they were inspired by a series of acoustic concerts they performed across their native country to convey a more natural and “fun” sound in their work. Spending only three months (as opposed to their usual year or more) in the studio, with many songs captured live in one take, the result is Sigur Ros’ most varied work to date, and one that does not at all suffer in comparison to their previous efforts. Opener “Gobbledygook” begins with tribal drumming at a faster pace than any song they have previously recorded, with acoustic guitars strumming mightily and plenty of “la la la’s” in the background, to yield what is really a very beautiful, off-kilter pop song. The next tune plays out like an up-tempo kids romp, with light keyboards and glockenspiel riding over the top of a marching beat and sweet melodies. The song builds with horns and strings to a glorious climax. The album’s next few compositions largely continue in this up-tempo vein, but by track five, “Festival,” the band dials things back down to spare keyboards and ambient guitar washes over a single vocal line. After four minutes, the band begins one of its epic builds to yield another masterpiece, but one which is all about celebration and uplift, leaving behind their usual focus on haunting, wistful emotions. Both in


here’s not much to grin about if you’ve had to bear unsightly teeth all your life. New advances in dentistry can give you something to smile about. We can correct crooked, uneven, spotted, chipped, or missing teeth and give you a smile you’ll want to share with everyone you meet.

Call today and we’ll have you grinning ear to ear.

6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2

257-3368 www.drbreslauer.com

Advertising in the Gazette is easy! 1) go to www.broadripplegazette.com 2) click on Advertising Information There, you will find details, such as: - upcoming ad deadlines - delivery area - detailed artwork specifications for your graphic artist Click on the picture for the type of ad you want Display Ads or Classified Ads Then, you can either print out an ad contract, or simply follow the step-by-step wizard that takes you through the ad process from start to finish. If you don’t have access to the web, or just want to speak directly to someone, call us at (317) 508-6634. this tune and “Ava Batur,” another 8-plus minute opus (recorded with a 90-piece orchestra and choir in ONE live take), Sigur Ros show they have found a “new” way of building dramatic tension within a song. Before, the band would achieve their crescendos primarily by adding layers upon layers of keyboards and guitars. But, on “Med Sut,,,,” the band’s mastery of dynamics is based on continually adding new instruments and voices in a live mix, and simply taking the time-honored path of increasing their volume as the song reaches its climax. While this may sound simple, Sigur Ros has always had few equals in their ability to fashion rock songs that come infused with the dramatic sweep of classical music. Combine this “serious” ability with their new-found commitment to simple joy (also depicted in the cover shot of the band running naked across an open road), and the result is an album unlike any other in their discography, and also unlike any other in modern music. You owe yourself a listen. Rick Zeigler, along with his wife, Jeanne, owns Indy CD and Vinyl at 806 Broad Ripple Avenue. Back in his musician days, his band opened for the likes of U2, XTC, Gang Of Four, The Pretenders, Los Lobos, and, um, Flock Of Seagulls, among others. Email your music questions and comments to rick@broadripplegazette.com

B12 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

On the evening of July 4, Duder, my guinea pig, shut his eyes for the final time. I’ve written about Duder before. When a friend of mine no longer wanted the little guinea pig, I offered to take him. Random roommates would hate him because he would wake them up on hungover mornings with his chattering or his cage would stink due to my occasional laziness in cleaning his cage. An ex-boyfriend consistently referred to Duder as “that rat” – it was destined to not work out. No, because perhaps the only tried and true man in my life was the little rodent. Duder had his fair share of quirks. I wrote a column about Duder when I was afraid he was too fat – many of you wrote in, sharing your guinea pig knowledge with me (and thank you!). Unlike most guineas, he didn’t like the fresh veggies I’d give him. He didn’t like to run around either, like most guinea pigs like to do. The man liked to chew, though, but mostly on plastic and cardboard (no, I did not feed him plastic and cardboard, but good luck if you’d’ve left something close to the cage). He was a prude about his food, normally picking through whatever he was given for the corn and the sunflower seeds. He hated to be picked up but relented if you cradled him. But when I noticed he hadn’t eaten his breakfast one afternoon, I knew something had to be up. I’d just switched his food, opting for a brand I knew he wouldn’t like but was readily available at the grocery. I figured he was being the jerk I’d always known him as and was refusing to eat what was given to him. So the next day, when he’d refused dinner the day before and breakfast the morning after, I bought his regular food in the hopes that would help. I also changed the bedding in his cage, knowing how much he liked it all clean and fresh, the way he’d hop around like a little breakdancer. Still no eating. The next morning, I called the vet. I’d never called a vet for a guinea pig before, so I called one that a reader had actually suggested (thank you to Becky Marciniak). Unfortunately, it was the day of July 4 and the veterinary office was closed for the holiday. They did have a number for the vet on-call in case of an emergency and, knowing my little man hadn’t eaten in nearly two days, I decided to call the on-call vet – who was out-of-town. I understand that doctors have lives during the holidays, too, but I don’t understand the idea of being on-call while out-of-town. In any case, the out-of-town, on-call vet suggested hand-feeding Duder via syringe a mix of his food and water that has been run through a blender – at least 60 mL to get him through the weekend, warning me that taking him to the emergency vet would be very expensive. Considering I’d just dropped $475 on my car (don’t ask), I decided I’d try to hand-feed and take him to an emergency vet in the morning if he still seemed sick. The rest of the day quickly went downhill. It seemed as if his breathing slowly deteriorated, like it hurt him to make any noise. He just wanted to burrow into the crook of my elbow or face the back corner of his cage (for no apparent reason, which I later learned was a very bad sign). I left him for two hours, maybe three. When I returned, the breath had simply gone out of him. I freaked out. I cried. I screamed lots of half-formed sentences starting with would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve. I decided it was my fault. I still think it’s my fault. If I would’ve recognized how sick he was earlier, I would’ve taken him to the vet earlier. I should’ve taken him even though the on-call vet advised me of how expensive it would be – I would’ve paid anything to have him be okay. I think the worst part, though, is that he was probably in pain. It probably hurt him to breathe. It probably sucked to have me shove a syringe full of food he didn’t want into his mouth. So now my Duder lies in a Nike shoe box in my boyfriend’s mom’s backyard, about a foot of dirt on top of him. Though a lot of people tell me I shouldn’t blame myself, that it was probably too late anyway, that I couldn’t’ve afforded to take him to the vet, he was my responsibility and I dropped the ball. I’m not one to regret much in my life, but I do regret my actions that week. I should’ve known. Friends keep suggesting a new guinea pig might brighten my life, but I don’t want a new guinea pig. I just want my Duder back. Lisa Battiston worked at Broad Ripple Bagel Deli from December of 2003 until October of 2006. She briefly interned at Indy Men’s Magazine, wrote a concert review or two for IndianapolisMusic. net, wrote the Neglected Word of the Week column for the Butler Collegian, and recently won third place best short story in a college literary magazine from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association. She’s also, like, a pretty rad female, in her own incredibly humble, modest opinion, so introduce yourself if you ever see her. Send your questions/comments to lisa@broadripplegazette.com

July 18 - July 31, 2008

Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Poetic Thoughts

B13 July 18 - July 31, 2008


by C.W. Pruitt II

C Dub is in Alaska. We received this postcard from him.

United Way of Central Indiana has opened volunteer registration for its 17th annual Day of Caring, to take place Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, 2008. Volunteers who register by Friday, August 15 will receive a free event Tshirt. Day of Caring connects community members with meaningful volunteer experiences in Central Indiana. Volunteers work to complete projects for various nonprofit agencies including landscaping, reading to children and visiting the elderly. For businesses that encourage employee volunteerism, Day of Caring offers a unique teambuilding experience and often opens the door to new partnerships within the community. The event can also assist families, schools and organizations with stronger relationships and a better understanding of the value volunteerism brings to the community. In 2007, Day of Caring involved more than 1,900 volunteers who worked on 111 projects at 78 nonprofits in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Marion and Morgan counties. Volunteers worked to restore as many as 24 area residences, resulting in better living conditions for elderly, disadvantaged or disabled neighbors. At multiple agency sites, volunteers were exposed to an ongoing need for services such as delivering meals to homebound people, preparing meals for the homeless, walking with senior residents, tutoring children and assisting child care providers. The presenting sponsor for this year’s Day of Caring is Duke Energy. Contributing sponsors are Citizens Gas & Coke Utility and Aqua Systems. Registration is open to all interested individuals, families, business groups and organizations. For more information or to register, visit www.uwci.org or call 317.921.1204.

IMCPL - Glendale Branch activities

Adventures in Caricatures, July 19 at 2 p.m. Children ages 6 and up are invited as caricaturist Greg Shelton shows them the basic steps to create their own caricatures. Call 275-4410 to register.

CW Pruitt II has been on the poetry scene in Broad Ripple for years. Email your questions/comments to cw@broadripplegazette.com

It’s Not Too Late to Register for “Indy Adventures and the Summer Reading Spectacular!” There’s still time for children, teens and families to register for the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library’s 89th Annual Summer Reading Program, “Indy Adventures and the Summer Reading Spectacular,” which continues through Sunday, August 2. The adventure begins with registration at any IMCPL branch or Central Library. Participants will receive a Point Card to keep track of their reading progress. Between 5 and 25 points are awarded for each book read, based on its difficulty and format. Titles of pre-selected Bonus Books are worth 30 points. Children too young to read can participate by having adults read to them. Adults earn points for reading aloud to children or listening to children read. Participants can redeem their points for prizes at the “Adventure Outpost” found at each branch and Central Library. Prizes include such adventure items as flashlights, rearview sunglasses, and passes to Indianapolis Indians games, the Children’s Museum Guild Haunted House and Royal Pin Bowling. Participants are invited to the Indianapolis Indians game on Monday, July 28 at 7 p.m. during “Library Night at Victory Field,” as the entire community celebrates this summer’s reading accomplishments. Younger teens in grades 6 - 8 can become Junior Reading Giants. Each opportunity allows the teens to volunteer to read aloud to younger children at the library. Participants will earn a Reading Giants cap and a $25 gift card, courtesy of the Fox 59/CW4 Community Fund, a fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation. Through June 30, over 45,000 individuals already had signed up for this year’s Summer Reading Program. Over 56,000 participated in 2007, making IMCPL’s program was one of the most successful in the nation. The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Foundation is the proud sponsor of this year’s Summer Reading Program. Major funding and support are provided by The Library Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate; Chase; Carrier Corporation; Fox 59/CW4 Community Fund, a fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation; Pacers Foundation, Inc.; Lilly Endowment Inc.; and Citizens Gas & Coke Utility. For more information about the 2008 Summer Reading Program, call 275-4099.

Where dining is always a special occasion, since 1928

81st and College Avenue Tuesday - Friday 5pm to 8pm

Reservations Recommended (317) 251-2294 Saturday 4pm to 8pm Sunday noon to 7:30pm

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The Broad Ripple Gazette Hidden History solution

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The Wine Scene

as seen by The Broad of Ripple (Jill A. Ditmire)




July 18 - July 31, 2008

Crossword solution

puzzle on Page B5

EAT LOCAL EAT SLOW ENJOY ALL Several dinners WITH WINE to enjoy this month and if you have yet to experience a KoffeeKlatsch, then shame on you.

CROSS CULTURE CULINARY CUISINE: Please join us for another dinner evening at Perk Up on Saturday, July 19 at 7 p.m. I have been talking about this dinner for a while because it will be a cooking collaboration between my Dad and I - German & African inspired cuisine. This is a dish that was and still is a family favorite when we get together as a family.Most people here probably don’t know it as a main dish, but as a soup.


Appetizer: Fried plantain Entree: Oxtail with mixed vegetables & fried potato dumplings Dessert: Cinderella Torte & coffee We will also have a special guest. Please call 714-7838 to reserve your seat as seating is limited 20.

Where in the Village?


This graffiti rest room sign is inside Hot Box Pizza, located at 715 Broad Ripple Avenue.

FARM to TABLE Dinner: Benefits Slow Food Indy Chateau Thomas Winery - July 31, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. This 5-course meal will begin with a wine reception in the winery before moving up stairs to the wonderful banquet facilities. Chef Thom England and the students of Ivy Community College will prepare a 5 course meal featuring meat and produce from the Central Indiana region. Each course will be masterfully paired with Chateau Thomas wines. All proceeds from the event will to support Slow Food Indy and development of local food in Indiana. Advance tickets required. The price is $65.00 per person (price includes tax and service charge) Tickets are available at Chateau Thomas Winery during regular hours or by phone at 317837-9463.

Random Ripplings A happy dog at the dog-friendly Farmers Market on July 5th.

Amuse: Seafood Sausage and Molasses Cured Bacon / La Ina, Fino Sherry, Jerez Spain, Domecq Soup: Pinot Noir and Cherry Soup with Indiana Goat Cheese Stuffed Squash / 2003 Pomona Pinot Noir, Carneros, Sonoma, CA Chateau Thomas Winery Salad: Tomato Salad with Local Cheeses / 2006 Zinfandel, Lodi, CA,Chateau Thomas Winery Intermezzo Entree: Seared Duck Breast and Apricot Duck Sausage with sautéed Red Cabbage and Apples, Quinoa Corn Fritter / 2007 Dry Riesling, Yakima Valley, WA, Chateau Thomas Winery Dessert: Peach Tartlettes and house-made Ice Cream / 2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Lake Erie North Shore, Canada

IN MY BIN: Alsace One, France—Fresh soft balanced blend of 5 grapes makes One refreshing bottle. Huber Hugo Gruner Veltliner, Austria—Crisp, ripe citrus, melon, soft hint of sweetness finishes softly dry. Delish! Caligiore Reserve Malbec, Argentina- WOW—BIG BOLD LUSH RICH amazing expression of Argentina’s signature grape. Bring on the beef and enjoy! Jill A. Ditmire is an Omnimedia Wine Specialist who shares wit and wisdom nationwide in print, TV and radio, and is also an AWS-certified wine judge. Jill and doggyboyz Guinness and Harp live in Warfleigh, where she also consults and teaches in an effort to keep the doggyboyz’ treat jar filled with biscuits and her freezer stocked with ice cream. Send your questions and comments to jill@broadripplegazette.com

Classified Ads are


photo by Candance Lasco

in the Gazette and on-line. See page A6

B15 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

Free listings for businesses in the map area. Is your business missing? Contact the Gazette at 508-6634. info@broadripplegazette.com Advertisers are marked in RED type and their phone number is included.

Broad Ripple Village & surrounding area

Map & Directory Art/Galleries/Photography Broad Ripple Art & Design 5368 Winthrop Ave Ceramic Dreams 1134 E. 54th St. Studio G 202-9200 Douglas David Fine Art 7172 N. Keystone Ave 257-7515 Editions Limited 838 E. 65th St Frame Designs 838 E. 65th St 253-3298 Hoosier Salon Gallery 714 E. 65th St Indianapolis Art Center 820 E. 67th St James Betley Photography 6055 College Ave, Suite 4 Kiley Studios 6328 College Ave Michael Mendez Portraits 6180 Washington Blvd. Multi-Media Art & Materials 6507 College Ave 255-8552 Potters House, The 6503 Carrollton Ave 251-0688 Ruth D. Stoner Artistry in Clay 6340 Ferguson St S.D. Battista Painting Conservation 5430 New Jersey St Sigman’s Gallery 930 Broad Ripple Ave Spahr Photography 1133 E. 61st St Susan VanHuss Design Studio 1134 E. 54th St. Suite J 257-7551 The Framer - Tom Altpeter 777 E. 66th St The Thompson Collection 6516 Carrollton Ave


Matrix Mortgage 6338 College Ave National City Bank 7040 College Ave Old National Bank 6135 College Ave Raymond James 6235 Carrollton Ave Sage Capital Management, LLC 921 E. 66th St, Suite B Yount & Company, CPAs 6311 #150 Westfield Blvd


Places of Worship

OO25 OO26 CC31 C4

A4 K3 E2 JJ21 C3 C3 E4 OO21 H5 K7 OO26 B3 C3

Bank/Money/Finance Chase 706 Broad Ripple Ave Debra L. Kelb, CPA 819 E. 64th St Edward Jones 6434 #E College Ave 257-7588 Equitable Solutions Inc 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 4 Fifth Third Bank 1036 Broad Ripple Ave Flagstar Bank 6320 College Ave Forum Credit Union 6501 College Ave Highfield & Associates 6144 College Ave Huntington Bank 724 Broad Ripple Ave January & Engel 688 E. 63rd St KeyBank 6410 College Ave M&I Bank 714 Broad Ripple Ave

G3 D4 D2 I5 G7 E2 C3 J2 H3 F2 D2 H3

E2 CC23 K3 I4 B4 E6

Bethlehem Lutheran 526 E 52nd St Broad Ripple InRoads 6185 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple United Methodist 6185 Guilford Ave Christ the King Catholic Church 1827 Kessler Blvd Common Ground Christian 6151 Central Ave Congregation Shaarey Tefilla 5879 Central Ave Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist 655 E. 62nd St Immaculate Heart of Mary 5692 Central Ave Kafe Karma 1011 Westfield Blvd New Paradigm Christian 6202 Carrollton Ave Northminster Presbyterian 1660 Kessler Blvd Olive Branch Community Church 5610 Broadway St Progressive Spiritualist Church 6225 Carrollton Ave 66th Street Baptist Church 918 E. 66th St St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 6050 N. Meridian St

PP22 J5 J5 KK30 JJ22 KK22 J2 LL22 G5 I3 KK28 MM21 I4 A5 JJ20

Food-Retail/Grocery Breadsmith 2234 Broad Ripple Ave Cork and Cracker 2126 Broad Ripple Ave Fresh Market 5415 College Ave Good Earth Natural Food Store 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604 Johnny’s Market 6335 College Ave Just Pop In 6302 Guilford Ave Kroger 6220 Guilford Ave Lilly Orchard 71st and College Rene’s Bakery 6524 B Cornell Ave 251-2253 Rock & Hard Place Gen. Store 826 Broad Ripple Ave United Package Liquors 1002 Broad Ripple Ave

HH31 HH31 OO23 E4 E3 G4 I4 CC22 C4 H4 H6

Village Pantry 6302 College Ave


Hair/Spa/Fitness/ Health/Wellness

Adaru Nat. Hair/Braiding Salon B3 6524 Carrollton Ave A Do I3 6207 College Ave Air-Tan I3 6249 College Ave Balance Pilates Studio E4 6340 Ferguson St Belladonna C4 6512 Ferguson St Bill’s Hair Design J2 6163 College Ave Blue Eyed Girl H5 6223 Guilford Ave 202-0538 Bogie’s Barber Shop E4 815 Main St Brandon Hair Designer JJ23 6025 College Ave Broad Ripple Body, Mind & Spirit J3 701 E. 62nd St 251-1624 Broad Ripple Hair Salon OO23 5420 College Ave Brunette C4 6531 Ferguson St Cardinal Fitness H4 831 Broad Ripple Ave Changes Salon D4 6416 Ferguson St Classic Cleaners I6 1037 Broad Ripple Ave Dr. Terri Sites-PsycHOPE PP24 740 East 52 Street, Suite 12 Educating Hands Massage School JJ23 6013 College Ave Elisabeth Henn-Carlson, LMHC PP24 740 East 52 Street, Suite 12 Essence For Life D4 819 E. 64th St, Suite SE FACE-IZ Makeup Studio G3 826 Westfield Blvd Facets Studio I5 6251 Winthrop Ave Flamingo J4 6194 Guilford Ave Flaunt C4 6515 Ferguson St Great Clips I7 1077 Broad Ripple Ave Hair @ 6310 E2 6310 College Ave 255-6310 Hair Etc. E4 6360 Guilford Ave Hair It Is I5 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 10 Hairquarters B4 6551 Ferguson St Hair That Rocks PP25 1109 E. 52nd St Heal Thyself & Co I1 6220 Broadway St 253-8361 Herbonique H4 6332 Guilford Ave suite 205

Indy Acupuncture J3 6155 College Ave Indy Physical Therapy H4 831 Broad Ripple Ave Infinity HairWorks C4 6511 Ferguson St Jaye Dubman K3 6111 College Ave Kamal’s Hair Design H5 6314 Winthrop Ave LA Fitness Preview Center II30 2113 E. 62nd St Macy’s - The Salon II32 Glendale Mall Marisa, CMT D4 819 E. 64th St Suite C5 Massage Connection D4 819 E. 64th St Metamorphosis H4 828 Broad Ripple Ave Modern Nails I7 1065 Broad Ripple Ave Mona’s Hair Design E4 6349 Guilford Ave Monarch Massage G2 6224 College Ave Monon Fitness Center PP24 5301 Winthrop Ave Moondance Massage Therapy D4 6340 Ferguson St New Energy Wellness OO29 2026 E. 54th One Life Pilates H3 6285 College Ave suite A One Body Inc. B4 6528 Ferguson St Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese D2 6471 Broadway St 254-8187 Paul’s Barber Shop PP23 648 E. 52nd St 283-6258 Peggy Taylor’s Salon & Spa E4 6372 Guilford Ave Physical Therapy D2 6471 Broadway Street 254-8187 Pilates - The Integrated Body C4 6507 Ferguson St Premiere Hair K2 6120 College Ave Psychic Reader H4 819 Broad Ripple Ave Ripple Effect C3 6503 Carrollton Ave Running With Scissors E5 6357 Guilford Ave Salon6 H3 6267 Carrollton Ave Savvy H5 823 Broad Ripple Ave Sayla Gossard, LCSW-Life Solutions PP24 740 East 52 Street, Suite 12 School of Metaphysics II31 6138 Hillside Ave Shampoo Salon H3 6247 College Ave Shear Uphoria E5 6350 Cornell Ave Sign of the Tymes Salon I5 6201 Winthrop Ave suite 2 Simply Eyebrows! H5 6314 Winthrop Ave Skinners Hair Design I4 6233 Carrollton Ave


Located in SoBro

Christina Fancher, P.T.

Defrese Osteopathic Clinic, P.C. Myofasical Release, Strain-Counter-Strain, Exercises for Correcting Muscular Imbalance/Pain Professional Space Available

Hair @ 6310

Lawn care, Landscape Storm clean-up


6310 College Ave Debbie


B16 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008

Dr. Ronald L. Johnston, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave George Pendygraft, P.C. 6770 Spirit Lake Glendale Dental Associates 6202 Evanston Ave 251-0085 Martin Dentistry 1927 Broad Ripple Ave Mitch Wohlmuth, D.D.S. 917 E. 62nd St Northside Family Physicians 6320 Ferguson St Ossip Optometry 804 Broad Ripple Ave Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese 6471 Broadway St 317-254-8187 Scott Christy, D.D.S. 6201 Winthrop Ave Sheila Barton, D.D.S. 6508 #4 Westfield Blvd




Snapdragon Salon & Spa 1040 Broad Ripple Ave So.Be.Fit. 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite C Spectrum Hair Designers 6367 Guilford Ave Static Salon 6543 Ferguson St Style 820 E. 64th St Supercuts 2112 E. 62nd St Synchronistic Touch 6471 Broadway Street 254-8187 Tangles Hair Salon 6310 College Ave The Yoga Center 6245 College Ave Urban Gypsy 6407 Ferguson St Village Barber Shop 810 64th St suite 200 Virginia Jarvis Coiffures 716 E. 65th St Wellness Space, The 6516 Ferguson St Where Beauty Begins 6521 Winthrop Ave Suite 9


Indy Hostel 4903 Winthrop Ave


BP Service Station 7068 College Ave Quick Exchange 5628 Illinois St





Mon-Sat: 10 - 10 Sun: 12 - 8

B4 D4 II30 D2 E3 H3

D3 C3 C4 I5

Just West of College on 52nd 923-6000


American Village 2026 E. 54th St Apter Properties 810 E. 64th St Century 21 - Gilliam 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Coffey Group Real Estate 6523 Cornell Ave College Court Condos 5347 College Ave Dale Morris Carpenter Realtors 6101 College Ave 216-8112 Edgewater Apartments 6701 College Ave Equitable Solutions 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 4 Jade North Apartments 6565 College Ave Landford Realty Corp. 6332 Guilford Ave, suite 205 Lincolnshire Apartments 6221 College Ave Matrix Mortgage 6338 College Ave McLane Realty 6358 College Ave Monon Mortgage 6525 Ferguson St

A Family Tradition PC8072


II30 JJ30 I5 E4 H4 D2 I5 C5

OO29 D4 H5 C5 OO23 J3 A3 I5 C3 G4 H3 E2 E2 C4



Monon Place Apartments 5900 Carvel Ave Morris Group Realty 5936 N. Keystone Ave., Ste 203 RE/MAX Ability Plus 711 E. 65th St School 80 Condominiums 920 E. 62nd St Shore Acres Apartments 1105 Westfield Court West The Townes at Winthrop 6139 Winthrop Ave Veritas Realty 930 E. 66th St Wellington Square Apartments 725 E. 64th St Your Home Company 6325 Guilford Ave, suite 215


Arno & Fox Family Medicine 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Borgerhoff Chiropractor 1515 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Avenue Chiropractic 1803 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Dental Assn. 6214 Carrollton Ave Broad Ripple Village Dental 6116 College Ave 251-9990 Darlene Vaughn, D.D.S. 6214 Carrollton Ave Dirk A. Sterley, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave Dr. Andrey M. Horton, D.D.S. 6434 College Ave Dr. Eve Earley, D.C., C.S.T. 6344 Kingsley Dr 257-7282 Dr. Gary Breslauer, D.D.S. 6117 College Ave 257-3368 Dr. Harvey Himelstein 6320 Ferguson St Dr. John M. Klemen, D.D.S. 6112 College Ave Dr. Robert D. Lucus, D.D.S. 6211 College Ave

Gil’s Lamp Repair 35 years in the business Glendale Area


Bark Tutor HH30 2122 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Animal Clinic I1 6225 Broadway St 257-5334 Fur Bee E5 911 Main St Synchronistic Touch Doggie Tuning D2 6471 Broadway Street The Neighborhood Veterinarian HH31 2110 E. 62nd St. Three Dog Bakery H4 844 Broad Ripple Ave Village Dog, The H5 6224 Winthrop Ave











Demos & Reyome Law Office KK23 5954 College Ave Jeffery A. Evans, Attorney I2 6202 College Ave Law Office of Gary Colasessano II30 1915 Broad Ripple Ave Law Office of Keith Shelton I5 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 12 Lawrence Law Firm JJ31 6100 Keystone Ave Suite 257 Monday, Rodeffer, Jones & Albright II30 1915 Broad Ripple Ave Ross & Brunner D2 6434 College Ave, suite F


317-253-7632 6513 N. College Ave.






Rich Gas Station 6419 College Ave

Gas/Service Stations

Twenty Past Four + More




School 80 Condos





Post Office














Fire Station































KK25 II31 D3 I5 DD25 J6 B5 D3 G5

H5 II28 II30 I3 K2 I3 C3 D2 GG29 K3 E4 J2 I3

Bishop Chatard High School 5885 Crittenden Ave Broad Ripple Amer. Legion Post 6379 College Ave Broad Ripple Fire Station #32 6330 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple High School 1115 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Kiwanis meets at Binkley’s 875-8755 ext. 209 Broad Ripple Masonic Lodge 1716 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Park 1550 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Post Office 6255 Carrollton Ave Broad Ripple Village Assn. 6311 Westfield Blvd Broadway Park 61st and Broadway St Indpls. Mar. Cty. Public Library Glendale Mall 6100 Keystone Ave Indy Parks Greenways 900 64th St Marott Park 7350 College Ave Indpls North Side Optimists Park 775 E. 66th St Park Tudor School 7200 College Ave School 84 - Joseph Bingham 440 E. 57th St Senator Teresa Lubbers 813 Broad Ripple Ave Wash. Twp. Small Claims Court 2184 E. 54th St

JJ30 E3 G4 H9 KK23 HH29 H11 H4 F6 JJ22 JJ32 D5 BB23 A3 CC22 LL22 H4 OO30


SF=SmokeFree Alley Cat Lounge H4 6267 Carrollton Ave Ambrosia Ristorante G5 915 Westfield Blvd Amer. Legion Kennington Post D5 6440 Westfield Blvd Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill SF G7 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant SF PP23 5212 College Ave Average Joe’s Sports Pub G4 814 Broad Ripple Ave

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Complete detailing services for cars, trucks, SUVs & vans

5301 Winthrop Ave. 923-0261

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15


B17 July 18 - July 31, 2008 How To Get To Broad Ripple From:











Castleton I-465 and I-69


Take I-69/SR37 Southbound (becomes Binford Blvd.) approx. 3 ¼th miles to 62nd St. Turn right (West) on 62nd. Take 62nd (becomes Broad Ripple Ave.) approx. 3 ½ miles



















Bazbeaux SF G3 811 Westfield Blvd Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar SF KK23 5902 College Ave Birdy’s Bar & Grill CC31 2131 E. 71st St Biscuits Cafe SF I6 1035 Broad Ripple Ave Bleeker Street G5 6311 Guilford Ave Boogie Burger SF G5 927 Westfield Blvd Broad Ripple Brew Pub SF C5 840 E. 65th St 253-2739 Broad Ripple Steak House SF G5 929 Westfield Blvd Broad Ripple Tavern H3 745 Broad Ripple Ave Brugge Brasserie SF G5 1011 Westfield Blvd Buffalo Wild Wings H5 6235 Guilford Ave Canal Bistro SF E4 6360 Guilford Ave Canal Point Grill SF G3 832 Westfield Blvd Casba G5 6319 Guilford Ave Chumley’s Grill H4 838 Broad Ripple Ave Circle City Pizza SF PP23 5172 College Ave Coffee and Crafts SF OO24 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite E Connor’s Pub E4 6331 Ferguson St




















61ST ST Brdway PARK














Take Michigan Road south approx. 2 ¾ miles to Westlane Rd. Turn left (East) onto Westlane Rd. Take Westlane Rd (becomes 73rd, then 71st St.) approx. 4 miles to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile Take Meridian St. North approx. 6 ½ miles to Westfield Blvd. Turn right (North-East) onto Westfield Blvd. Take Westfield Blvd approx. 1 mile





I-465 and Michigan Road

Downtown Indianapolis WESTFIELD BLVD




Take US31 (Meridian St.) South approx. 3 ¼ miles to 71st St. Turn left (East) on to 71st St. Take 71st St. approx. ½ mile to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile




Carmel I-465 and N. Meridian

Contact the Broad Ripple Gazette at 508-6634.





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Corner Wine Bar G5 Khoury’s SF HH30 6331 Guilford Ave 1850 Broad Ripple Ave 255-5159 L’Explorateur SF C4 Cornerstone Coffee OO23 6523 Ferguson St 651 E. 54th St La Bamba SF H4 Crackers Comedy Club H3 840 Broad Ripple Ave 6281 College Ave La Jolla Mexican Restaurant SF H5 Da’ Blue Lagoon SF PP23 921 Broad Ripple Ave 5168 College Ave La Piedad SF C5 Dagwood’s Deli & Sub Shop SF H4 6524 Cornell Ave 6336 Guilford Ave Landsharks H4 Einstein Bros Bagels SF H8 810 Broad Ripple Ave 1055 Broad Ripple Ave Mama Carolla’s Italian Rest. SF OO24 Egyptian Cafe & Hooka Bar H4 1031 E. 54th St 6265 Carrollton Ave Marco’s Pizza SF H2 Enrico’s Italian Restaurant II31 6286 College Ave 6158 Hillside Marco’s Restaurant & Lounge SF OO31 251-1488 2380 E. 54th St H2O Sushi SF HH30 McDonald’s SF G6 1912 Broad Ripple Ave 1020 Broad Ripple Ave Hoghead’s BBQ SF C5 257-5195 6420 Cornell Ave Midtown Grill G3 Hollyhock Hill SF 815 Westfield Blvd 8110 College Ave Mineshaft Saloon H4 251-2294 812 Broad Ripple Ave Hot Box Pizza SF H4 Moe & Johnny’s OO23 715 Broad Ripple Ave 5380 College Ave Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co SF I4 Monkey’s Tale Bar G5 6229 Carrollton Ave 925 Westfield Blvd India Garden SF H4 Monon Coffee Company SF G5 830 Broad Ripple Ave 920 Westfield Blvd Jazz Kitchen, The OO23 Mug Shots Cafe C3 5377 College Ave 6525 College Ave Jimmy John’s SF H4 Naked Tchopstix SF H3 845 Broad Ripple Ave 6253 College Ave Just Judy’s SF OO30 Net Heads Cybercafe SF G6 2210 E. 54th St 1011 Westfield Blvd



The Broad Ripple Gazette Next edition street date Aug 1 Ad deadline July 25


News Cafe SF OO23 5406 College Ave Noodles & Co SF H5 927 Broad Ripple Ave Old Pro’s Table H4 827 Broad Ripple Ave Pawn Shop Pub OO31 2222 E. 54th St 255-5430 Penn Station East Coast Subs SF I7 1089 Broad Ripple Ave Peppers H3 6283 College Ave Perk Up SF C5 6536 Cornell Ave Petit Chou SF G3 823 E. Westfield Blvd. Pizza King SF HH30 1904 Broad Ripple Ave Plump’s Last Shot D5 6416 Cornell Ave Qdoba SF G4 6334 Guilford Ave Red Key Tavern PP23 5170 College Ave Red Room, The G5 6335 Guilford Ave Ripple Bagel & Deli SF H4 850 Broad Ripple Ave Rock Lobster H4 820 Broad Ripple Ave Rookies Eatery & Pub CC32 2450 E 71st St 254-0037 Sam’s Gyros SF OO23 5404 College Ave Scholars Inn Bakehouse SF H3 701 Broad Ripple Ave Shalimar Indian Restaurant SF I7 1043 Broad Ripple Ave 465-1100 Sidewok Café, The SF I7 1087 Broad Ripple Ave Spin G4 6308 Guilford Ave Starbucks SF H4 854 Broad Ripple Ave Subway SF H5 901 Broad Ripple Ave Taste Cafe & Marketplace SF PP23 5164 College Ave Taza Cafe SF H4 825 Broad Ripple Ave Thai Cafe SF I7 1041 Broad Ripple Ave The Usual Suspects G5 6319 Guilford Ave Three Sisters SF E4 6360 Guilford Ave

PAUL’S BARBER SHOP Serving Meridan-Kessler & Broad Ripple for over 50 years 52nd & COLLEGE

B18 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Union Jack Pub SF H5 924 Broad Ripple Ave Upper Room Martini Bar G5 929 Westfield Blvd Vogue Inc H3 6259 College Ave Wellington Pub G5 6331 Guilford Ave Wild Beaver Saloon H4 723 Broad Ripple Ave Yats SF OO23 5363 College Ave Zest SF OO26 1134 54th St


20 Past 4 & More 6513 College Ave 253-7632 52nd Street Thrift Shop 1929 E. 52nd St About Music 911 H Broad Ripple Ave Artifacts 6327 Guilford Ave Audio Solutions 6371 Guilford Ave Back on the Bus 6358 Guilford Ave Backyard Birds 2374 E. 54th St Be: bon vivant 5369 College Ave Bead Angels 6419 Ferguson St Bébé Gâté 824 E. Westfield Blvd. Big Hat Books 922 Westfield Blvd Bike Line, The 6520 Cornell Ave 253-2611 Blue Door, The 6426 College Ave Bluemingdeals 2242 E. 53rd St Boardroom Games 1045 Broad Ripple Ave Bokay Florist 5410 College Ave Broad Ripple Vintage 824 E. 64th St Brooke’s Army-Navy Surplus 5402 College Ave Bungalow, The 924 Westfield Blvd 253-5028 Casey’s Closet 5335 Winthrop Ave Ceramic Dreams 1134 E. 54th St 202-9200 Chelsea’s 902 Westfield Blvd Coby Palmer Designs 2376 E. 54th St Coffee and Crafts 5345 Winthrop Ave. suite E Common Threads 6352 Guilford Ave CVS 6290 College Ave Deconstructed 841 Westfield Blvd Der Glass Werks Stained Glass 6055 College Ave Designer Mens Room 720 E. 65th St 253-2533 Dinwiddies 6216 Carrollton Ave Divine Divas 811 Broad Ripple Ave Enchanted Studio 1051 E. 54th St Fairystone Jewelry and Gifts 6415 Ferguson St Fine Estate Rugs 5914 College Ave 253-5910 Fox Studios 5901 College Ave Frank’s Violins 6356 Guilford Ave French Pharmacie 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Future Shock 6323 Ferguson St gingko 908 Westfield Blvd Girly Chic Boutique 841 Westfield Blvd

C3 PP30 H5 G5 E5 E4 OO31 OO23 D4 G3 G5 C5 D2 PP31 I7 OO23 D4 OO23 G5 OO24 OO26 G5 OO31 OO24 E5 G2 G4 K3 C3 I3 H4 OO26 D4 KK23 KK23 E4 G3 F4 G5 G4

Good Earth Natural Food E4 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604 got SOLE? H3 6243 College Ave Habig Garden Shop PP23 5201 College Ave Hardwickes Pipe & Tobacco H3 743 Broad Ripple Ave Haus KK23 5912 College Ave Head Lines G6 1056 Broad Ripple Ave Honeysuckle Home H5 920 Broad Ripple Ave Indie Bike PP23 652 E. 52nd St Indy CD & Vinyl H4 806 Broad Ripple Ave 259-1012 Kayak Pools Midwest C4 845 E. 65th St Kiln Creations H5 918 Broad Ripple Ave 251-2386 Love Phaith H4 809 Broad Ripple Ave Luna Music PP23 5202 College Ave Madames, Mice & More B3 6551 Carrollton Ave Magic Bus, The I7 1073 Broad Ripple Ave Marigold G5 6323 Guilford Ave 254-9939 McNamara Florist K7 1111 E. 61st St 253-3434 Metropolitan Motif B5 6556 Cornell Ave My Secret Garden D4 6409 Ferguson St Northside News OO23 5408 College Ave Now and Then Shop OO26 1134 54th St, Studio I P.S. Jewelers B3 6575 College Ave Palm Court Designs OO26 1134 54th St, Studio K Pear Tree, The K7 1111 61st St Periwinkle G4 835 Westfield Blvd Personalized Corporate Services OO26 1134 E. 54th St, Studio L Pitaya H4 842 Broad Ripple Ave Portico F3 804 Laverock Rd Posh Petals PP23 653 E. 52nd St 923-6000 Pro Winds OO23 5412 College Ave Profile H3 6263 Carrollton Ave Rag-O-Rama I7 1069 Broad Ripple Ave 475-0870 Reese Kitchens OO25 1057 E. 54th St 253-1659 RSVP G3 825 East Westfield Running Company I7 1079 Broad Ripple Ave Rusted Moon Outfitters D5 6410 Cornell Ave Sayger Antiques OO23 711 E 54th St Segway C5 853 E. 65th St Sherwin-Williams II31 2221 E. 62nd St Suite A Slinky H4 801 Broad Ripple Ave Solomon-Jones Antiques & Interiors OO25 1103 E. 54th 475-0203 Susan VanHuss Designs OO26 1134 54st St Tee Pot E2 6378 College Ave Tee’s Daydreams C4 6503 Ferguson St Teeki Hut H4 807 Broad Ripple Ave Toggery Resale Boutique E5 6349 Guilford Ave Trash To Treasures I3 6201 College Ave United Package Liquors H5 1006 Broad Ripple Ave

Urbane Optical Village 840 E. 64th St Vi Walker Silver 5209 College Ave Vibes Records 1051 E. 54th St Weaver’s Lawn & Garden 1316 Broad Ripple Ave


AVAN Insurance Agency, Inc. 1702 Broad Ripple Ave Allstate Insurance - Don Oldham 6117 N. College Ave Suite 6 David Logue & Assoc. Insurance 6556 Ferguson St State Farm - Elizabeth Marshall 6124 N. College Ave 255-2700


Affordable Video 1009 Broad Ripple Ave Airmaster Heating & Cooling 5416 College Ave Alterations United Repair 817 Broad Ripple Ave Apple Press 6523 Ferguson St Arthur Murray Dance Studio 723B Broad Ripple Ave Auto Detailers 5301 Winthrop Ave. 923-0261 AVI Systems 6413 College Ave Bray Technologies PC Repair 6132 College Ave Bright Ideas 7425 Westfield Blvd 257-4111 Broad Ripple Appliance 6515 College Ave Broad Ripple Design Assoc. 660 E. 62nd St Broad Ripple Heating and Air 6542 Westfield Blvd Broad Ripple Lawn Equipment 823 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Lock Service 2023 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple P&L 6251 College Ave Broad Ripple Trophy Center 910 Broad Ripple Ave Cabinetpak Kitchens 6038 Keystone Ave Carreau Design 6528 Cornell Ave Central Indiana Comm. Foundation 1405 Broad Ripple Ave Classic Cleaners 1037 Broad Ripple Ave Crystal Yacht Club 6729 Westfield Blvd Clark & Osborne 6617 Ferguson St Club House, The 6552 Cornell Ave Contour Specialists Dental Lab 6544 Ferguson St Crystal Yacht Club 6729 Westfield Blvd Deborah Marr Interiors 930 E. 66th St DEA, Inc. 6548 Ferguson St Deanna Hoskins Interior Design 726 E. 65th St Deering Cleaners 6380 College Ave Demerly Architects 6144 Park Ave Drewmont Graphics 5343 Winthrop Ave Elgin Water Care 1009 Broad Ripple Ave FedEx/Kinko’s 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Flanner & Buchanan 1305 Broad Ripple Ave 475-4475 Front Row Tickets 1001 Broad Ripple Ave suite C Genesis Music 6516 Cornell Ave Goldleaf Promotional Products 6630 Ferguson St Graham Sewing Service 1927 E. 52nd St Greg Smith Associates, Inc. 6515 Carrollton Ave

D5 PP23 OO25 H10

HH29 K3 C4 K2

H6 OO23 G4 C4 H3 OO24 D3 K3 AA25 C3 I2 B5 E4 II31 I2 G5 JJ31 C5 I11 I6 DD25 A4 C5 C4 DD25 B5 C4 C3 E2 JJ22 OO24 H6 G6 H10 H5 C5 B4 PP30 C4

July 18 - July 31, 2008 Hughey Automotive & Marine OO24 5337 Winthrop Ave. 507-7559 Hughey Hartman Interiors OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave. Indy Appraisal Services C4 6523 Ferguson St Indy Cellular Repair I5 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 2 Infinite Self Storage PP25 1102 E 52nd St Integrated Learning I2 6201 College Ave Integrity Development Partners B5 930 E. 66th St JackieBlue ebay OO25 1049 E. 54th St Jiffy Lube D3 6401 College Ave Joy’s House HH30 2028 Broad Ripple Ave Kayak Pools Midwest C4 845 E. 65th St Kimmel Shoe Repair H3 733 Broad Ripple Ave Larry Hughey’s Refurbishing OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave. 257-3246 Merrill Stage Equipment C5 6520 Westfield Blvd Mirrormen, LLC I5 6201 Winthrop Ave Unit B Momentum Design H4 6304 Guilford Ave, suite A Mr. Poster E4 855 Main St Mudd’s Quality Plumbing 717-5027 Noble of Indiana JJ23 6060 College Ave Nugent Design B5 930 E 66th St Nygaard’s Service Center KK23 5898 College Ave Optical Repair Shoppe JJ23 6021 College Ave Painting By A Woman’s Touch JJ28 6141 Primrose Ave 255-8754 PakMail HH31 2138 E. 62nd St Passwater’s Auto Specialists H4 829 Broad Ripple Ave Paymaster Sales & Service C5 6532 Westfield Blvd PointBlank Nutrition D5 6402 Cornell Ave Process Controls Corp. C4 6519 Ferguson St Quality Leasing Co Inc G4 6320 Guilford Ave Re-Bath Designs JJ31 6038 Keystone Ave Renaissance Studios Music C5 6516 Cornell Ave Ripple FX Inc E4 6330 Ferguson St Riverwalk (banquet facility) DD25 6229 Westfield Blvd Roger Ward Engineering OO23 5420 N. College Avenue, Suite 202 Rogers Pools E5 6364 Westfield Blvd Ross & Babcock Travel H4 832 Broad Ripple Ave Royal Trophies & Awards C3 6539 Carrollton Ave Sasha’s Watch & Jewelry Repair H3 739 Broad Ripple Ave Scheitlin Communications Inc E5 6344 Cornell Ave Scofield Editorial F6 6311 Westfield Blvd #302 Sequences PP23 5206 College Ave Small Box Consulting H4 6332 N. Guilford Ave Suite 207 201-4339 Sugar Buzz H11 1430 Broad Ripple Ave Tender Loving Care Health II31 6100 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 360 Thorp Awnings OO26 1101 E 54th St TGS Architects C4 6535 Ferguson St The UPS Store I7 1075 Broad Ripple Ave Total Computing F5 6311 Westfield Blvd touchAsoul design studio B5 6500 Westfield Blvd Velvet Touch Dry Cleaners C3 6509 College Ave Village Plumbing B5 6542 Westfield Blvd Watt-A-Copy II31 2201 E. 62nd St

B19 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

by Theresa Kolbus

by Bob Kawaguchi

There are two words that are good separately but If you’re vegetarian, the Broad Ripple Steakhouse isn’t the best place for you. Any meat eaters will wonder when used together they have special meaning for why a vegetarian would eat at a steak house in the first the carnivorous half of this restaurant review team. place, but most steak houses still have a lot to offer to Those two words are Steak and House. And when I a vegetarian. There were quite a few seafood options got the text message saying that we were going to reif you go that route, but if not, you are left to dine on view the Broad Ripple Steakhouse, two other words salad and sides. We dined outside, and the weather was came to my mind. Oh and Yeah! We dined outside lovely. The dining area is shaded from the setting sun, that night and it was a beautiful evening. Not too so we didn’t have the sun right in our faces. The sides hot, not too windy, pretty much just right. And since menu was mostly comprised of potato dishes. After the outside dining is on the east side of the building, placing our orders, we were brought a very tiny loaf we were protected from the sometimes harshness of of bread to split. And the waiter came to our table to the early evening sun and didn’t have to spend the confiscate the silverware we wouldn’t be using. So, we entire meal squinting. ate our bread and we waited. And we waited longer. Then we waited some more. It took quite awhile for We started the night with an appetizer of beef carour food to come out. Once mine was placed in front paccio. Mostly, because I had never tried carpaccio of me, I felt like it took up almost half of the table. I before. It was good. Beef carpaccio is a very thinly 929 Westfield Blvd. ordered three sides, but they were actually fairly large. sliced piece of raw beef that was served with toast, My pasta in marinara sauce was penne pasta in what (317) 253-8101 capers, tomatoes, cheese and a sauce. The beef was seemed more like stewed tomatoes. When I think of sliced so thinly that we actually scraped it off the marinara, I always wonder if it’s going to be thick or Hours: Sun-Thu 5pm to 10pm plate and piled it on the toast. It tasted fresh and thin and watery. This was definitely thick. The tomato Fri-Sat 5pm to 11pm clean and didn’t really seem like it was raw meat. chunks were huge. The side dish itself was huge. The It turns out that I even liked the capers, when I had tomatoes added some flavor, but other than that, there • Outdoor dining available pretty much convinced myself years before that I was not much other flavor to the dish. When I was • Reservations recommended don’t like capers. As far as the carpaccio, I enjoyed ready to move onto my Fresh Asparagus Hollandaise, • Private room available for rental it and it was a good way to start a meal. I had to count the shoots of asparagus because there • The Upper Room bar is upstairs seemed to be so many. I counted 14. Fourteen! Imagine After the carpaccio, I went with the chef’s special • Extensive wine list this as a side! It was steamed and served with a creamy that night which was a grilled filet mignon with a • Historic structure once housed a hotel hollandaise sauce. The sauce was not too rich. It looked lobster pot pie with a tomato beurre blanc. This was • www.broadripplesteakhouse.com like mayonnaise, and the consistency seemed to be just really good. It was presented with on a plate with a bit lighter. It had a slight mayo taste. It did seem to the filet topped by the lobster pot pie and surrounded calm down the taste of steamed asparagus. My potato by the tomato beurre blanc, which is a very rich butdish was the horseradish mashed potatoes. Now, I love horseradish, and I like tasty ter sauce. My favorite part of this was the lobster pot pie. Don’t get me wrong mashed potatoes. I even make my own occasionally, with the skins still attached. The – The filet was good. It was thick and large and grilled to my specifications, but mashed potatoes were heaping in the tiny bowl, and they were ruffled to look fancy. the lobster pot pie was new and different and was in a light airy crispy crust. There was a bit of parsley sprinkled on top and a potato chip wafer stuck into the top The saucy inside was filled with large bits of lobster. This was a darn good pot of it. At first bite, the potatoes seemed quite dry. The consistency was fairly gritty, and pie. It soaked up the beurre blanc and just tasted downright good. there wasn’t much flavor. I never did taste the horseradish in the potatoes. I tried to After the entrée, we finished off with a couple of desserts. Bananas Foster and doctor it up with salt and pepper, and it still wasn’t very likeable. Apple Strudel. Both of these were a la mode. The bananas foster was different After a small wait for desserts, our apple strudel and bananas foster were placed than any bananas foster I had ever had before. It was more liquidy than I was in front of us. The Apple strudel was layered with warm, flexible apple slices and used to, but the taste was definitely bananas foster. Caramelized sugar, dark topped with powdered sugar. It was easily split and tasted very familiar. I couldn’t put rum, bananas served with vanilla ice cream. It was good but I think I liked the my finger on it right away until somehow, Cinnamon Toast Crunch popped into my Apple Strudel more. It had a tasty crisp crust filled with delicate apple slices and head. Imagine warm Cinnamon Toast Crunch with ice cream. It was pretty good. The bananas foster was not so easily split. Floating in a bowl of warm liquid were tiny was sweet and flavorful and just went very well with the vanilla ice cream. I banana slices and a scoop of ice cream. If you plan on sharing this dessert, you had highly recommend the apple strudel as a great way to finish a meal. Overall, it better be okay with double dipping, unless you ask for extra bowls. The dessert is well was a nice evening, the outside dining was pleasant, the food tasted pretty good. worth it, though. The sauce was warm and sweet and contained a sweet rum taste. The only negative thing that I would have to say about the restaurant was that it This allowed a warm sensation long after the ice cream had cooled the sauce. I had took us more than two hours to have our meal. I wasn’t in a hurry but that’s a never had this before either, as I would usually go for the simple scoop of ice cream as pretty long time in my eyes. I would recommend the Broad Ripple Steakhouse dessert if anything. I would definitely like to try more, though. Although the desserts for a good long meal with some good friends. were pretty delicious, I can’t say it was worth the trip for a vegetarian.

Broad Ripple Steakhouse

*The SBS (Side-by-Side) Review will attempt to cover every Broad Ripple-area restaurant with a goal of letting our readers, both meat-eaters and vegetarians, know what they can expect. We arrive unannounced and pay for our meals in order to remain objective. Send your question/comments to sbs@broadripplegazette.com.

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Family Owned and Operated for 18 years.



(formerly His Friends Closet)

College Ave


Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun Noon-5

“Ambience Worthy of Tuscany” David Mannweiler, Indianapolis Star 2007

Kessler Blvd

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