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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

The news from Broad Ripple “Now & Then”

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July 18 - July 31, 2008

Rag-O-Rama opens in BR By Heidi Huff

heidi@broadripplegazette.com On May 1st Rag-O-Rama, a unique resale boutique, opened in the Broad Ripple Station Shopping Center. Rag-O-Rama is owned by Columbus, Ohio resident Vance Whitner. After exploring the Broad Ripple area, Whitner decided this was where Rag-O-Rama would set up shop. The Indianapolis store is the fourth location; preceded by Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GA; and St. Louis, MO. The stores carry casual street wear, shoes, and accessories as well as party attire (a huge hit around Halloween). Reviewed as “the vintage-trendy-punk look,” you can find a complete outfit with everything from home stitched vintage to designer shoes. This store is a perfect fit for the Village and for the shoppers here. The racks are 1067 Broad Ripple Ave. stocked with sizes extra small to plus sizes for women and up to a size 40 for men. Size Mon-Sat: noon to 8pm matters but what else makes Rag-O-Rama Sun: noon to 5pm special? “We don’t aim towards one specific clientele,” says manager Lauren Halfen. (317) 475-0870 “What we buy for the area reflects what we www.ragorama.com sell.” They also order-in a small portion of their stock because let’s face it, if all of our existing items were in style we wouldn’t be shopping for new ones. Don’t expect to sell all, or even half, of what you bring in to Rag-O-Rama. On average, they’ll purchase about 10% of the items that come in. But don’t let their selectiveness hurt your feelings. Being choosey about what they buy also means that you’ll only have to look through the best of the best while you’re shopping. Unlike typical resale shops Rag-O-Rama gives you cash or credit up front instead of consigning your goods. They price the items for the store, then pay you 50% of that price in trade or 35% in cash. In effect, you can turn your rags into riches. To give you an idea, I took in fifteen items, sold two, and left with fourteen dollars in my pocket. Admittedly, with the great selection and constant rotation of stock, it takes a very determined person to walk out with cash instead of clothes or credit. But who’d want cash when you can have clothes?


Lauren Halfen, manager at Rag-O-Rama.

ReArtFormation II Deadline Extended To July 31


ReArtFormation II is a call for designs of pedestrian recycling bins for the Broad Ripple Area. By creating these works of art you also help to educate citizens about the importance of recycling. Eligibility Amateur and professional artists, 18 years of age or older, who live in Marion County, are invited to submit designs for pedestrian recycling bins that will be made from materials that would otherwise be disposed of in the trash. Submission Submissions must be emailed to llaflin@indygov.org, or mailed to Lisa Laflin, Dept. of Public Works, City of Indianapolis, 200 East Washington, Suite 2460, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204. You may also fax your submissions: To the attention of Lisa Laflin 3274954. Art Creation Each chosen designer will receive a stipend of $1000, and a voucher for the purchase of materials from Circle City Metal Recycling, to be used for the purchase of materials to create the recycling bin. Artists are asked to design their bins with the “flavor of Broad Ripple” in mind. Visit www.recycleindianapolis.org for entry forms and specifications.

Johnny and Mary Deuser of Johnny’s Market.

Johnny’s Market marks 33rd year in Village By Mario Morone

mario@broadripplegazette.com Johnny’s Market has been selling a variety of plants and produce for over three decades from their 6335 North College Avenue location in Broad Ripple. “We’ve been here since June of 1975, taking over the spot from a gentleman that was retiring. We were interested in plants and produce. When we open each spring, our first season is the spring planting season,” explained Johnny Deuser, who co-owns and operates the plant and produce market with his wife, Mary. Some of the flower varieties at Johnny’s Market include coleuses, geraniums, impatiens, lantanas and marigolds. Their hanging baskets are available in regular pots or moss bottoms that include Boston ferns, duck foot ivy (which is shaped like a duck’s webbed foot), moss roses, New Guinea impatiens and vining geraniums. “Our spring annual flowers will be available until mid-August. At that

See Johnny’s pg. A2

Doc has 1 year anniversary of new practice By Alan Hague

alan@broadripplegazette.com The week before this issue hit the streets, Dr. Harvey Himelstein celebrated his first year of family practice... in the Village, that is. Dr. Himelstein has been practicing for 43 years, tried retirement, and decided to start over, this time in Broad Ripple. “I started practicing medicine July 1, 1965,” recalled Dr. Himelstein. “Southwest Indianapolis - 1745 Howard Street. Right next door was Beak’s Pharmacy, an old fashioned drug store.” He joined two other doctors at that location who had started in 1953 - Dr. A. Dr. Harvey Himelstein, M.D. Allan Fisher and Dr. Max Freeman. Dr. Freeman was in the process of moving his practice to Carmel. Two years later Dr. Fisher and Dr. Himelstein moved to a new location at 3500 Lafayette Road. Dr. Himelstein kept the Howard Street facility for another year and a half, commuting between the two offices. Dr. Fisher became the director of the family practice residency program at Indiana University. In 1970, Dr. Himelstein, Dr. Irving Cohen, and Dr. Fisher started the

See Doc pg. A2

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• Full spectrum of medical care for all ages. • Conventional and alternative treatment of minor or chronic illnesses.

• Low velocity osteopathic manipulation (esp. Cranial Osteopathy and Myofascial Release).

D.O., M.S., R.Ph.

American Board of Holistic Medicine Osteopathic Family practitioner 6471 Broadway Street Indianapolis, 46220

317-254-8187 www.drdefrese.com

from pg. 1

family practice residency program at St. Vincent Hospital. A doctor from the first class of the St. Vincent program, Dr. Moreto, joined Dr. Himelstein at the Lafayette Road office. Over the years more doctors joined the practice known as Northwest Family Physicians. In 2003 they moved the offices to Georgetown Road. Dr. Himelstein retired in March 2007. “It became quite obvious after a couple of Dr. Harvey Himelstein, M.D. months of enjoying doing all the things I 6320 Ferguson St. always wanted to do, that the thing I loved (317) 253-8303 the most is taking care of people.” FAX (317) 259-9274 Dr. John Dugan and Dr. John Krol had practices on the north bank of the canal. Dr. Dugan was winding down his practice in Broad Ripple at about that time so there was an opportunity for Dr. Himelstein to come out of retirement at the 6320 Ferguson Street location. Dr. Himelstein and Dr. Krol are now associates, they

• Health education and emotional counseling.

Dharma Defrese,

July 18 - July 31, 2008

• Physical therapy, massage therapy and nutritional supplements. • Be treated with dignity and respect. Defrese Osteopathic Clinic, Inc., P.C.


from pg. 1

time, we will carry mums,” Mary mentioned. “We specialize in summer produce. Our summer season includes the fancy California fruits, like avocados, grapes, mangoes, nectarines, plumbs and strawberries when the Indiana strawberry season is over. We have Northwest cherries from Oregon, Washington and Montana. We also have Georgia peaches, Indiana and Michigan peaches, Indiana sweet corn and tomatoes,” he said. “We have a full line of produce and we sell a wide variety of vegetable plants that includes fancy eggplants, Vidalia onions, peppers (from bell to hot and spicy), Johnny’s Market squash and zucchini,” she said. “Ad6335 College Ave. ditional produce, like apples, bananas, (317) 257-7663 cantaloupes, cucumbers, lemons, limes, mushrooms, potatoes and watermelons are available through the summer until mid-September,” she added. “In the fall, we have pumpkins from Indiana. We have North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas Trees that are grown in the mountains that we start selling the day after Thanksgiving. They range in size from three feet to 14 feet tall. We also sell wreaths,” he mentioned. “We’re a small, independent seller and we carry a high quality of plants and produce. We buy directly from several farmers around the state of Indiana who grow a variety of produce, including eggplant and zucchini. We buy as much local product as possible. It has to be good quality. We’re known for our quality of product and our service is outstanding. You can’t get that from chain stores. We’ve known a lot of our customers since we were 18 years old,” she noted. The Deusers were both born and raised in Indianapolis. As food prices have steadily increased nationwide, Johnny’s Market successfully fills a neighborhood niche like many locally independent produce retailers. Loyal customers return to find their favorite foods, flowers and plants here. New customers are discovering them as well. Johnny’s Market is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and is closed Sunday. Their phone number is 257-7663. Since their initial opening many Indiana summers ago, Johnny’s Market continues selling delicious fruits and vegetables in addition to beautiful flowers and plants to patrons in the Broad Ripple community and beyond.

The entrance to the office is on the Carrollton Ave side, where the parking lot is located.

share the offices, but maintain separate practices. Many of Dr. Himelstein’s patients from his Georgetown Road location have started coming to his Ferguson office. “[In this smaller office environment] I can spend more time with each patient and focus on preventative medicine–diet, medications, and exercise...which is good. It is ideal,” said Dr. Himelstein as he explained how many larger offices in expensive locations have to move the patients through quickly to maintain profits. “This office is like my first office [in 1965],” said Dr. Himelstein. “I have one person that checks in my patients, checks out my patients. I take calls seven days a week from my patients.” “This is an interesting, eclectic area. It makes you feel like Dr. Himelstein’s original sign hangs in his new office. you’re not really practicing in Indianapolis, it gives you a small town feeling.” Dr. Himelstein’s family practice also offers many procedures including minor surgeries, gynecological, urological, liquid nitrogen freezing of surface cancers and warts, physicals - promoting good health, and immunization updates. Being north of the canal on Ferguson often makes it tough for new patients to find the office. The one-way streets make it harder. “You say Connor’s Pub, they know where that is! Connor’s Pub is right across the street,” chuckled Dr. Himelstein.

Sedation Dentistry “A reason to dream”

a member of

Comfortable-Relaxing- Safe Hours will seem like minutes Recovery is a dream Accommodating your budget

$100 off Sedation appointment


GLENDALE DENTAL ASSOCIATES II, P.C. Jin A. Cho, D.D.S. - Sopanis D. Cho, D.D.S., M.S.D.

6202 Evanston Avenue, Indpls. IN 46220


Call office for details. 251-0085. Please mention coupon. New Patients only. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 10/28/08

A3 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

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Additional photos for most stories can be viewed at www.BroadRippleGazette.com

Local Contacts Broad Ripple Village Association Sharon Butsch Freeland, Executive Director sharon.b.freeland@mybroadripple.com 251-BRVA (2782) PO Box 30361 Indianapolis, IN 46230 www.discoverbroadripplevillage.com Greater Broad Ripple Community Coalition

GBRCCindy@egixmail.com PO Box 30465 Indianapolis, IN 46230 216-4176 Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Assn Caroline J. Farrar, Executive Director 283-1021 meridiankessler@aol.com www.mkna.org Arden Neighborhood Association Derek Redelman, President 250-5501 dredelman@indy.rr.com www.ardenna.com Kesslerwood Civic League Herman & Sharon Brandt, Presidents 251-1806 hershabra@sbcglobal.com Oxbow Estates Homeowner Association Tom Hackett, President tom@conceptprints.com Canterbury Neighborhood Association Brad Beach, President brad@wandkoi.com P.O. Box 20165 Indianapolis, IN 46220 Warfleigh Neighborhood Association go to www.neighborhoodlink.com and enter zip code, click on Warfleigh Rocky Ripple Community Association Karen Stone, President www.rockyripple.org 930 W. 54th Street College Ave Neighborhood Dev. Org. Sarah Larkin, President (CAN DO!) cando4846@aol.com Karen Stone, President


Youth Writing Group

Jul. 19


Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market - every Saturday

Jul. 19


Broad Ripple History Saturday

Jul. 19


Microbrewers Festival

Jul. 22


Broad Ripple Kiwanis Meeting

Jul. 22


Kiwanis Club of North Indianapolis

Jul. 22


Piano Hour / Open Forum

Jul. 22


BRVA Land Use and Development Meeting

Jul. 24


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Thursday night movie - teens only

Glendale Branch IMCPL 4:30 pm Broad Ripple HS 1115 Broad Ripple Ave 8 am to noon McDonald’s 1020 Broad Ripple Ave 8 am to 10 am Opti Park 3pm to 7pm (see page B12) Binkley’s Kessler & College Tuesdays at 11:45 am Just Judy’s 2210 E. 54th St

6:30 pm

Locals Only 2449 E. 56th St. Tuesdays 7 pm / 8:30 pm Broad Ripple United Methodist Church 6 pm

JCC’s Teen House 7005 Hoover Road

Mayor’s Action Center: (317) 327-4MAC Neighborhood Associations

Jul. 18

Your IPS Contact Kelly E. Bentley

IPS School Board Member, District 3 bentleyk@ips.k12.in.us 317-418-4283

Your Wash. Twnshp. Contact Greg Wright School Board Member

MSD Washington Township 317-251-3007 gwright@msdwt.k12.in.us

Jul. 25 & 26

Fri. /Sat.

Derrick Gardner Octet

Jul. 29


Envision Broad Ripple Field Trip - Bloomington

Jul. 31


Envision Broad Ripple meeting

Jul. 31


Garrison Starr in concert

Aug. 1


Steve Allee Big Band

Jazz Kitchen 54th and College 8 pm & 10 pm $15

meet at Broad Ripple Park 8:30 am Call 251-BRVA for info Kennington Post 65th & Westfield 5:30 pm 251-BRVA Boulevard Place Cafe 4155 Boulevard Pl. 7 pm $10 Jazz Kitchen 54th and College 8 pm & 10 pm $12

Calendar items are subject to change without notice.

Broad Ripple Park

Allen McClendon, Park Director 317-327-7161 WMCCLEN@Indygov.org www.indygov.org/parks

Your Neighborhood Liaison Catherine Moore

Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison City of Indianapolis

317-327-5380 cmoore2@indygov.org www.indygov.org/myneighborhood

911 Communications Liaison Deputy Diana Vanarsdall

Marion County Sheriff’s Dept 317-327-4934 SHV3128@indygov.org

Non-emergency IPD calls 317-327-3811

Your IMPD Contact Kelly Jessup

Office of Community Relations North District, Indpls. Metro. Police Dept.

317-327-6167 20099@indygov.org

Your City-County Councillor Ryan Vaughn 317-327-4242

www.indygov.org/eGov/Council District 3: Bounded roughly by:

Spring Mill to Keystone and 52nd to 96th

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A4 Vol. 5 No. 15

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The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008

Fr o m Yo u r B r o a d R i p p l e V i l l a g e

meet a brva member


Historic Home Tour Set For September 27 – Bridget Carson


C al en d ar


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BRVA Land Use and Development Committee Meeting

6pm Broad Ripple United Methodist Church, 6185 Guilford Ave.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Envision Broad Ripple Field Trip by Bus to Bloomington, IN 8:30 am Meet at Broad Ripple Park

N SEPTEMBER 27, ten sets of homeowners will open their residences to history hounds, decorating devotees and architecture aficionados for the 4th Annual Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour. Tour goers will be treated to an eyeful of lovingly restored, inventively updated and impeccably maintained homes and gardens, from the eastern edge of the neighborhood to the western end. The popularity of the tour has grown each year, with more than 1,000 expected at this year’s event. The revenue generated supports the activities of the Broad Ripple Village Association. “The proceeds go for things like beautification projects; the revenue enables us to do more of those things or take on new projects,” says Tour Chair Sue Zilisch. Old National Bank is the title sponsor, for the fourth consecutive year. Additional opportunities exist to support the tour. For $400 each, ten area businesses can become sponsors of individual homes. Sponsors’ names hang on banners in front of tour homes and are included in the program booklet, as well as on all promotional materials. “This is a great advertising opportunity for any business,” Sue says. Sponsor names have lots of visibility, as people come from all over to see the homes. Banners are posted outside the tour homes before and after the event, generating drive-by awareness of the tour and its sponsors. Another level of support is in the tour booklet ad space. Ads sell for $95 to $275 and provide take-along exposure that lasts long after the tour has ended. The tour booklet also offers individuals and noncommercial supporters the chance to become a “Friend of the Historic Home Tour.” Any amount whatsoever will earn a text listing in the “Friends” section of the tour booklet. Sponsorships, ad space and Friends listings are still available; contact the BRVA, 251.2782 or brva@mybroadripple.com.

Thursday, July 31, 2008 Envision Broad Ripple Session #4

5:30 pm American Legion Post #34, 6440 Westfield Boulevard

Thursday, July 31, 2008 BRVA Directory Deadline

Join the BRVA by July 31 to be listed in the new Directory

Saturday, August 2, 2008 Village Cleanup

9 am–12 noon Meet at the Fire Station, Westfield and Guilford

Located in the alley at 6267 N. Carrollton Ave. in downtown Broad Ripple 317-257-4036 Hours: 7am-3am Mon-Sat 10am-Midnight Sundays

Although born in Chicago, Lynn Levy grew up on the north side of Indianapolis. She remembers going to movies at the Vogue and shopping at G.C. Murphy. She became a Broad Ripple resident in the early 80’s after moving back home from college. An architect and the product of parents who were always involved in their community, she lends her energy to efforts to preserve the unique character of Broad Ripple. She loves being able to get almost everything she needs on foot or by bike. Lynn says of Broad Ripple, “It truly is a village.

Field Trip Planned to Bloomington, IN


EADERS OF THE organizations who have been facilitating the Envision Broad Ripple visioning sessions have arranged a field trip to Bloomington, Indiana. Viewed as an additional way in which citizens may become better informed about the possibilities for Broad Ripple, the Envision Broad Ripple team thought visiting a nearby city that has recently implemented its own plan might be instructional. On Tuesday, July 29th, at 8:30 am, a chartered mini-bus will depart from Broad Ripple Park to transport 29 participants to Bloomington. There they will be the guests of city administrators and community leaders. Field trippers will spend the day learning how the Bloomington community was able to envision its future, gain consensus among differing viewpoints, and move forward with a plan to revitalize their city. The mini-bus will return the field trip participants to Broad Ripple Park around 6:00 pm that evening. Anyone is welcome to join the field trip, but seating on the bus is limited to 29 people. The cost to be a participant is to pay for the chartered bus, which is $35. Reservations can be made by mailing or delivering payment to the BRVA office at 6311 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Your $35 payment is your reservation.

This page paid for by the Broad Ripple Village Association

A5 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

e Association

The mission of the Broad Ripple Village Association is to support and encourage a spirit of community cooperation in Village development and beautification, and to serve as a community liaison to the Studio & Gallery City of Indianapolis. 6503 Carrollton Ave.

(west of Editions Ltd. on 65th St.)

317. 251. 0688

meet a brva member

BRVA Business Profile

New Name is M&I, But Still the Same Inside

Open Monday–Saturday by chance or by appointment Closed Sunday

Simply Functional. Simply Beautiful.

– Bridget Carson


Shelley Johnstone grew up in South Bend, moving to Indianapolis 16 years ago. Loving the character of Broad Ripple, she bought The Wellness Space a year ago. The facility focuses on overall wellness, offering a wide variety of services that include holistic treatments, massage, skin care and yoga. The Wellness Space has the most specialized group of therapists in the area. Also a manager for Hertz, Shelley is able to promote Broad Ripple to visitors who reserve rental cars. The Wellness Space will host an anniversary open house on August 9th at 7 pm.

Next Visioning Session is Thursday, July 31


HE FOURTH INSTALLMENT of Envision Broad Ripple will occur on Thursday, July 31st, at the Robert E. Kennington American Legion Post #34, 6440 Westfield Boulevard, from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm. Everyone who cares about The Village is invited to attend this visioning session, to hear ideas for the future of Broad Ripple and to voice their own thoughts and opinions. Each of the past sessions has taken on a slightly different focus, so citizens are encouraged to attend as many as possible. There will be six visioning sessions in all, after which time all of the input will be collated and reviewed for developing a plan. Subjects that may be discussed include urban design, density, transit, walkability, connectivity, architecture, infill, mixed-use development, conservation, sustainability, and quality of life. To assure that adequate seating, handout materials, and snacks may be provided, anyone who is interested in attending on July 31st is encouraged to RSVP to envision.broad.ripple@gmail.com. Envision Broad Ripple is a collaborative effort of Green Broad Ripple, HARMONI, Broad Ripple Alliance for Progress, and Broad Ripple Village Association. If you have questions or comments, please write to envision.broad.ripple@gmail.com.

LTHOUGH THE NAME M&I Bank is new to Broad Ripple, Branch Manager Justin McKeand wants folks to know that most things at his bank haven’t changed. The branch office at 714 Broad Ripple Avenue opened as a First Indiana Bank branch, when the structure was built in 2003. In February of this year, First Indiana merged with M&I Bank of Milwaukee and switched to the M&I name. The signs on the door may have changed, but the faces inside remain the same. “I work here, I live here,” Justin says of The Village. In fact, most of the employees of the bank live in the neighborhood. All of the employees stayed through the transition from First Indiana to M&I. The bank recently joined the Broad Ripple Village Association as a way to meet the needs of its customers in their community. It’s now exploring sponsorship opportunities for Broad Ripple events. This involvement “helps us to get a sense of who our clients are,” Justin said, adding that the staff know most of their customers by name. The Village location allows the bank to have a professional, but relaxed, attitude. “We don’t listen to Muzak,” he jokes. “Customers recognize that we try not to be stuffy.” M&I has given the bank more products to offer to its clients, including an expanded number of options for commercial accounts. And, of course, the ATM does a brisk business with the weekend crowds in Broad Ripple. Founded in 1847, M&I is a household name in Wisconsin and may soon be here, as well. M&I branches can now be found throughout Central Indiana and could yet expand to the farther reaches of the state. For more information on M&I and its services, call Justin at 254-3135 or visit www.mibank.com.

M&I Bank Staff: Justin McKeand, Wanda Paris, Brian Queck, Jamie Stansberry, Jordan Stockwell and Reina Salina

j o i n

u s

t o d a y


Open Mon–Thurs til 8pm Fri & Sat til 6pm

You can download a membership form from our website:

6225 N. Broadway St. (317) 257-5334 www.bracpet.com

or contact the BRVA office to request a membership form.

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic Caring People, Caring for Pets


Broad Ripple Village Association 6311 Westfield Blvd. PO Box 30361 Indianapolis, IN 46230-0361 Office: 317-251-2782 Fax: 317-251-1322 E-mail: brva@mybroadripple.com

A6 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008




Use our website, call in, mail, or drop off your classified ad and payment by the Monday before the Thursday delivery day (every two weeks). Remember, payment is required in advance. Credit cards accepted.

Gazette Classified Ads are 35 cents per word, per issue. $3 minimum per listing. Prepayment required. Ads in the Free and Lost/Found categories run without charge and will be published as space permits. Phone numbers count as one word, addresses as two words.


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GARAGE SALE - Saturday July 19 8 AM - 2 PM 6123 Carrollton Ave. High quality items only. Baby gear and clothing, books, household items, women’s size small clothes and more.

VESPA Motor Scooters. 1950’s and 1960’s models. Mr. Wilcox @ 322-0932

BASIC QUEEN BED. Almost new. Box spring, mattress frame. No headboard $100 OBO 925-2282


RESIDENTIAL HOUSE CLEANING/ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICES. Reliable detail cleaners, 6 yrs in business, bonded, insured, references. Sheryl 679-8549 Email: sheryl@thepersonalconcierge.net

HOUSE 4 SALE $109,900 2 BED /2 FULL BATHROOMS 1572 East 52nd St corner of Primrose Ave view photos on craigslist.org call 317.407.0369

R&B LAWN CARE mowing, weeds, edging, bushes, shrubs trimming, mulch, gutters, small trees, Free est. Insured. 374-9804

Hundreds of available houses for rent all areas of Indy! 317-253-1533 PlaceToLiveRentals.com

PET SITTING SERVICES Loving care in your home. Dog walking. Cat or Dog sitting. Bonded. Insured. References. Contact Marti at I Love Pets. 317-2533818 Marenkn@aol.com Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Kennels

OFFICE SPACE GREAT LOCATION! Furnished and Unfurnished Office Suites available from $280/month. 819 E. 64th Street. Recently remodeled. www.CrossroadRealEstate.com for info and pictures or call Mike 317-626-5000.

LOT FOR SALE Meridian Kessler / Monon Trail 1030 E. Kessler call (765) 482-7378 evenings. Best offer

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Random Ripplings Bardach Awards / Broad Ripple Trophy Shop has moved to 4222 W. 86th Street. Brothers Bar & Grill will move into this spot at the corner of Broad Ripple Avenue and Guilford.

“The Frugal Decorator”. Room make overs in a day or less. Using what you already have Call for a free consultation 317-989-3052 or 317-259-0271 Remember it’s not what you have but how you use it INDY CUSTOM CORNHOLE - Bags Sets - Tournaments - RENTALS - 317 339-0780 www.IndyCustomCornhole.com MUDD’S QUALITY PLUMBING, a family tradition over sixty years, true quality and integrity service and repair, residential, light commercial, from sewer and septic to water pumps, softeners, water supplies, faucets, kitchen and bath. Little guy, Big man. Quality service Mudd’s, Pete and Charlie (317) 717-5027 174 W.40th St Indpls, IN 46208 State Lic # PC88700599 LECTRA LAWN lawn care, landscaping, excavating, storm clean-up. 114 W 40th St Pete and Charlie 717-5027 SPEAKER DESIGN - High-end and vintage speaker repair. MFR Engineering. mark@mfr-eng.com 823-3897

FOR SALE: ‘08 HOT TUB NEW, w/ warranty, colored lights, waterfall, can deliver $1975 (317) 670-9587 FOR SALE: Bed- Cherry Sleigh Bed with Mattress Set BRAND NEW, in box $375. Can Deliver 317-679-3575 FOR SALE: Bedroom Set - 7 Piece Cherry Bedroom Set, NEW still boxed, $850 317-679-3575 FOR SALE: $115 A QUEEN Pillowtop Mattress Set. NEW in bag. Can Deliver 317-223-9301 FOR SALE - 1920’s DINING ROOM TABLE Mahogany 66”L, 37”W, 31”H. Self-storing leaves extend to 102”. $200 U-PickUp. 257-6860 FOR SALE - 1950-51 Crosley Shelvador Fridge. Runs perfectly! $200 OBO. U-PickUp. 257-6860 FOR SALE - 1950-52 Hotpoint Freezer. 32”W, 64”H, 32”D. Runs perfectly! $200 OBO. U-PickUp. 257-6860 FOR SALE - Light Table Sturdy/functional 38”W, 35”W, 34”H. $50 OBO UPickUp 257-6860 BACKYARD TRAIN 1/4th scale train Visit www.broadripplepublishing.com/ backyard_railway.htm for more information (317) 253-8312

HELP WANTED SOURCE ONE PROFESSIONALS has openings for Computer Programmers and Software Developers. Work location will include Indianapolis Indiana and various unanticipated client locations in US. Send resume to S.O.P., ATTN: H.R. 7340 East 82nd Street. In resume specifically identify all skills relevant to job offered

Synchronistic Touch  Services available separately or in tandem. Be treated with dignity and respect.

Defrese Osteopathic Clinic, Inc. , P.C. 6471 Broadway, Indianapolis, 46220 317-254-8187 www.drdefrese.com

Dharma Defrese, D.O.

Peggy Butler

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

C.M.T., R.R.P.

Low-velocity manipulation for the cranial vault, brain and spinal cord, visceral organs, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.

Massage Therapy Reflexology Chakra Energy Balancing (Solfeggio Tuning Forks)

A7 July 18 - July 31, 2008

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 5 No. 15

Ripple.Letters.to.the.Editor The Broad Ripple Gazette Editor Alan Hague Regular Contributors: C.W. Pruitt II, Paul Walker, Tim Rassmusen, Nora Spitznogle, Brandt Carter, Candance Lasco, Douglas Carpenter, Jill A. Ditmire, Lisa Battiston, Cortellini, Rick Ziegler, Rebecca Davidson, Tammy Lieber, Susan Smith, Bob Kawaguchi, Heidi Huff, Mario Morone, Lindsey Taylor, Reesa Kossoff, Ashley Plummer, Vivien Bray, Ashlee McCann, Sean Kaellner.

With regard to the pictures of our former office being demolished (“Random Ripplings - Grant and Grant offices at 65th and Ferguson razed”, v05n13), we hope that your readership does not come away with the impression that Grant & Grant, Attorneys has ceased doing business. Enclosed is a picture of our new office, 3520 No. Washington Blvd. We are still in the neighborhood; not far, in this age of rising gas prices, and with much more space to better serve our clients. We look forward to seeing all of you. Grant & Grant, Cari Small Grant Rob Grant Ryan Rodgers Ryan Brown, Legal Assistant GRANT & GRANT Attorneys at Law 3520 N. Washington Blvd.

Ad Rates and Deadlines Complete instructions for advertising at www.BroadRippleGazette.com Email ads@broadripplegazette.com Phone (317) 508-6634

The relocated Grant & Grant offices at 3520 N. Washington Blvd.

Fax (317) 536-3625

The following letter was received by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. We were asked to alert readers to this activity.

Mail P.O. Box 55973 Indianapolis, IN 46205-5973 *The Broad Ripple Gazette is an independent paper published bi-weekly by Broad Ripple Publishing, LLC and is not affiliated with any other businesses or entities. *Have an issue? Have a photo? Email alan@broadripplegazette.com. *We would love to hear from you. No anonymous letters to the editor will be considered for publication. 45% recovered postconsumer fiber ©2008 Broad Ripple Publishing, LLC

Submit your calendar items and press releases to: info@broadripplegazette.com

Two caucasian men around late teens/early 20’s knocked on our door last night at 9:45pm attempting to ‘give away’ a free GE security system to visible homes in this neighborhood. I’m on the NW corner of 43rd and Boulevard Place. Several flags went up: 1. The name of the company they used as a subsidiary of GE was suspicious (it started with a P-- I googled GE security, there was no such name) 2. Who walks door to door at almost 10pm at night? 3. There was solid rain, active lightning and thunder at this time who would be out there door to door? We said no thanks, be careful in the storm’ and closed the door. Thought I would pass it on. Kelly A. Jessup Community Resource Liaison Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department 317.327.6167 Office


I am a life-long resident of Broad Ripple. My family has been in Broad Ripple for many generations. Jacob Coil platted and named Broad Ripple in 1837. Two of his daughters married into my family in the 1870s. My grandfather was a mail carrier at the BR post office and a charter member of the American Legion Post. My grandmother worked at the Broad Ripple National Bank in Mustard Hall that became Fletcher Trust, then AFNB, then Bank One, and now Chase. My uncle worked at Hoster-Roberts Ford, which is now Passwater’s and the Old Pros Table. My great-grandfather, grandmother, uncle, father and sister all graduated from BRHS; I am class of 1978. I met my wife in Mr. Kassig’s chemistry class. Our son is a recent BRHS grad and now plays bass trombone in several Ball State ensembles. I am currently the organizer of the BRHS reunions for the classes of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. For many years, I have wanted a newspaper that answered my questions. Where did that store go? Why were those people digging on the corner? When is the BRHS Homecoming Parade? What happens at that business? The Gazette is that paper. You will get an unbiased look into what is happening in Broad Ripple because I have no financial interests in Broad Ripple, nor am I affiliated with any of its organizations. I am simply a Broad Ripple resident who is passionate about the area. You will also read about the history of Broad Ripple. This history continues to expand as I uncover new sources of stories and photos. Since this is a bi-weekly paper, we will not be able to cover news as it happens. Rather, our focus is on issues that are not time sensitive. You will probably never see these stories anywhere else, so getting them a week or so later will be much better than not at all. I have hundreds of stories planned, but if there is something you want to read about, please let us know. I think you will enjoy the Gazette. I know I enjoy bringing it to you. -Alan Hague

In the last issue I mistakenly pointed to a BRAC pen in Heidi’s purse and referred to it as a NYT pen, which was in the upper right corner. Remember, we always have the Rene’s Bakery Mistakes Can Be Sweet contest. Readers can submit mistakes they find in the paper via email to contest@broadripplegazette.com for a chance to win a free treat from Rene’s Bakery.

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The background of The Gazette:


Locally owned and operated theater Independent Films - Cult Classics Fresh Popcorn and Kettle Corn

4044 South Keystone Only 20 minutes from Broad Ripple.

Take 30th Street west to the I-65 Capitol Street ramp. Take I-65 south to the Keystone Exit.

Breakfast - Sat: 9am to 1pm Sun: 10am to 1pm

Daily L unch Specials!

ROOKIE’S EATERY & PUB 2450 E. 71st Street

(East of Speedway Gas Station, Gazette map CC32)


A8 Vol. 5 No. 15

The Broad Ripple Gazette

July 18 - July 31, 2008

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