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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25

Including the Cultural Districts and Midtown: Meridian-Kessler, Butler-Tarkington, and Meridian St.

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Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Special Three Week Issue due to the holidays - Next BR Gazette will be delivered to our 200+ locations on January 6

Broad Ripple Lights Up! Parade

Parade Grand Marshal Jennie DeVoe

"Candy for all!" courtesy of Lucas Swenby

Mr. & Mrs. Claus on the Brothers float

More pictures of the parade and festivities at the firehouse on page 11 and at

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Pages 12-13

Broad Ripple Village Association’s

Village News & Views

‑ Zoning editorial part 1 Pg. 8 - Lights Up! pictures Pg. 11 - New in the Village Pg. 16

Pro Blog Service - social conversations By Mario Morone


Pro Blog Service specializes in ghost blogging and social media management. They are pioneers in a growing technology landscape in the Broad Ripple community changing the way companies interact with customers. Erik Deckers is vice president of creative services at Pro Blog with President Paul Lorinczi. He describes blogging as “publishing articles in reverse chronological order. A blog is a collection of those articles. We write blogs for websites to increase their consumer traffic.” Deckers’ writing gradually evolved into blogging from a weekly humor column he started in February of 1994 called Laughing Stalk ( that can be seen by being redirected from his website, “People were asking me about my writing. Basically, I started working at Pro Blog as an employee and after a few months, the owner didn’t want to do it anymore and gave ownership to me and Paul,” he explained. The company started in 2008 and Erik joined in February 2009. Lorinczi discussed his work at Pro Blog where he helps clients understand quantitative data and interpret the results: “Blogging and social media isn’t a writing or marketing exercise, it’s an exercise in conversation. The beauty of the Internet is that you find out what people are interested in and the data will tell you. A link to a web page can track consumer information. The Internet can track data. Blogging is always a part of a recommended social marketing strategy for clients because it produces fresh content for the search engines to find and use. What prompted us to start the business is, as a strategy, blogging is a great way to generate traffic through content distribution. The challenge is, no one has the internal resources to get it done, effectively and consistently. Content has to be written and distributed. The advantage of the Internet is that you can try things, fail at them and fix them because the numbers will tell you what works and what doesn’t,” he explained. His background includes working in sales and business development (and developing web sites) with Bitwise Solutions. Deckers also writes travel articles for the Indiana Insider, the Indiana Office of Tourism Development’s blog covering the Hoosier State. “I took a two day trip to Evansville and visited their museum, three art galleries, saw the Otters minor league baseball team and had some great lunch and dinners there. I also visited Fort Wayne where I saw the Tin Caps (a AA affiliate baseball team for the San Diego Padres) game and the children’s zoo. I take day trips around the area that included a three day excursion around Orange County in Southern Indiana,” he added. Pro Blog Service has been a mobile concern this autumn prior to their eventual return to 5348 North Tacoma Avenue near Broad Ripple. Coining the term, “entrecommuter,” Erik

Find out what your neighborhood association is doing for you! noted that “basically, our offices are where our computers are. We moved because we wanted to be downtown for a while and share some office space with a friend. We had to move out because he was expanding his employee base, so we decided to return back here because it lets us be more mobile,” he added. Their clientele are found around the country. “We have two clients in the travel industry, one in Florida and one on the east coast. We have clients in the heavy equipment industry on the west coast, a life coach and an Internet marketing agency in Texas,” he said. “Our primary focus is ghost blogging, (similar to ghost writing), but we also do social media management, which is managing someone’s Twitter account, their Facebook account or both,” he explained. Deckers described some of the rewards of blogging: “Straight up blogging is democratizing. It’s hard to do well, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t try it. It gives people a voice who might not otherwise have one. I’ve known people who have become activists. Bil Browning, who runs the Bilerico Project, is the largest LBGT news blog. It started out as an e-mail newsletter and then became a once in a while blog. Bil now has four editors, 90 contributors and enough advertising to pay five full-time staffers,” he mentioned. In addition to his own blogging, Deckers serves as a mentor at New Tech High School that is connected to Arsenal Tech as part of the photo by Mario Morone Common Goal men- Erik Deckers and Paul Lorinczi of Pro Blog Service with social media entrepreneur Kelly Karrmann at a mobile office in Broad toring program run by Ripple. the Indy Chamber of Commerce. “I talk to kids about life after high school, letting them know that college is not just an option, but a reality. I’ve been doing this for four years. My freshmen are seniors now,” he said. Deckers is also working to grow his public speaking career, looking for any opportunities he can to talk about blogging and social media as it relates to personal branding and corporate branding. He travels around the region, speaking at different conferences and will soon begin promoting his upcoming book Branding Yourself. A native of Muncie, Deckers studied philosophy at Ball State University. He also earned a master’s degree in higher education and completed his graduate coursework in speech communications. He met his wife while in graduate school. They moved to Indianapolis in 2006. One of Pro Blog’s partners and friends, Dick Davis, specializes in social media and marketing content with his company, Primary Concepts. His personal blog,,

See Blog pg. 3

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2 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011


Lawn, Garden & Nursery •FRAZIER FIRS 3’ - 14’ •Poinsettias - Several colors and sizes •Wreaths - Roping •White Flocked Trees OVER 50 YEARS IN BUSINESS Over 40 Years in the Same Location

1316 Broad Ripple Avenue 317-255-9635 1 Mile West 62nd & Keystone - next to Broad Ripple Park

Don’t Forget Your Backyard and Your Birds Seed – Corn Suet – Peanuts Feeders Baths/heaters Great Prices! Free Delivery

Backyard Birds

2374 E. 54th • 255-7333

Vol. 7 No. 25


3 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Calendar .Sights.Sounds.Places.

from pg. 1

covers the Hoosier landscape in search of the ideal hamburger. “People ask me, ‘What’s the best hamburger?’ I tell them, I don’t know, because I haven’t tried them all,” Davis noted. He began his culinary odyssey about two years ago. “I also write quarterly burger reviews for Indy TravelHost magazine which is distributed in 13,000 hotel rooms across the city,” he added. “My writing background stems from being a marketing director for a construction company where I authored numerous bid proposals (largest being $.5 billion), statements of qualifications, award nominations and quarterly newsletter. I have authored articles on marketing for a regional construction newspaper and a national marketing magazine. I have authored white papers for the University of Indianapolis School of Business. The Great Burger Quest was just started for fun as I like a great burger and I enjoy telling people about my experiences,” Davis explained. “Bill Good and I met at where we both still work. We started the same night on the same crew and have worked together nearly every shift. While working together and talking, we found out that we had similar career goals and complementary talents,” Davis said. Good provides administrative support for Primary Concepts. Davis is from Indianapolis. He graduated from Carmel H.S. and Indiana University in Bloomington. Another of Erik’s friends is social media entrepreneur and Indianapolis native Kelly Karrmann, whose website, includes public relations and marketing. “I write public relations, mainly for small businesses, focusing on their social media like Facebook and Twitter. I went to Purdue University and graduated with a graphic design degree and moved to Chicago where I worked in a company’s marketing department. I returned to Indianapolis and joined a small business’ marketing department. That’s how I got into marketing,” Ms. Karrmann explained. One of her clients is Just Pop In, located at 6302 Guilford Avenue in Broad Ripple. Nila Nealy is another friend of Pro Blog. She is Central Indiana’s only certified brand strategist and designer. “I am an experienced business leader and entrepreneur and owner of TwentyTwo (, a business consultancy specializing in brand strategy, identity and communications. We help businesses inspire their people, influence prospects, make meaningful connections with customers and pursue profit with purpose. I take a cross-disciplinary approach to personal and business brand strategy that connects influences from business, marketing, visual communications, psychology and social sciences. I work with my husband, Steve Nealy, an experienced creative director who earned a bachelor of fine arts from Herron School of Art and Design,” she explained. Describing her work ethic, Ms. Nealy mentioned, “I’m an empathetic listener and a critical, creative, conceptual thinker. I sift through mountains of information to identify valuable themes and make recommendations that, when implemented, create positive change for individuals and organizations. While my eye is always on the bottom line, I encourage a sense of wonder and joy in work. My desire is to promote insight and understanding that humanizes business and work life,” she concluded. A native of Anderson, Indiana, she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in visual communication from the Herron School of Art and Design. “What companies like Dick’s, Kelly’s, (Nila’s) and ours are doing is becoming more important. We’re starting to run into the slow season, because most business tend to mentally shut down for the holidays, but the smart businesses use this time to plow ahead while the rest of the competitors are slacking off. Then, come January, those savvy businesses are running full steam while everyone else is jump ramping up again. So, we have been focusing heavily on new business development for these last few weeks,” emphasized Deckers. As the dynamics of marketing have impacted business since the Internet first appeared, these “entrecommuters” have established personal niches in their area of expertise. Pro Blog Service and their colleagues utilize varied social media helping clients and customers become more interconnected in an ever-changing technological world in which we live.

thru Dec. 22

TOYS - Primary Colours

Gallery 924 at the Arts Council 924 N. Pennsylvania St

Dec. 18


Company of Thieves, AM Taxi, Blane Fonda

Dec. 21


Longest Night Service

Jan. 9


Super Scarves: Knitting for Beginners

Jan. 18


BRVA Quarterly Public Meeting

Jan. 25


BRVA Land Use and Development Meeting

ES Jungle, 6151 Central Ave

7 pm

All Ages


Broad Ripple United Methodist Church 7 pm Glendale Branch IMCPL 2 pm

Indianapolis Art Center 67th and Ferguson 7 pm

Broad Ripple United Methodist Church 6 pm

Calendar items are subject to change without notice.

Calendar .Social.Business.Service. Dec. 21


Broad Ripple Toastmasters

Dec. 21


Breakfast Optimist Club of Indianapolis

Dec. 21


Kiwanis Club of North Indianapolis

Dec. 21


Broad Ripple Kiwanis Mtg.

Dec. 22


Gold Star Referral Clubs - Broad Ripple Titans

Dec. 28


North Side Optimist Club Meeting

Jan. 13


BRVA Business Division Meeting

Lutheran Church 526 E. 52nd St

Tuesdays at 7 am

Just Judy’s 2210 E. 54th St Tuesdays at 7:30 am Just Judy’s 2210 E. 54th St Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (Bob Schneider, spkr.)

Binkley’s Kessler & College Tuesdays at 11:45 am

Moe & Johnny’s 5380 N. College Ave Wednesdays at 8 am (2nd/4th Tues)

Kennington Amer. Legion 65th and Westfield Blvd noon Union Jack Pub, 924 Broad Ripple Ave

8:30 am

Calendar items are subject to change without notice.

Rene’s Bakery

Mistakes Can Be Sweet winner!

We have another winner of the Rene’s Bakery Mistakes Can Be Sweet contest. LaTina Polk was the first to find an error in volume 7 number #24. LaTina will get a treat (up to $5 value) at Rene’s Bakery located at 6524 Cornell Avenue. You too can enter. Find a mistake and be the first reader to email the mistake to us at Rules on page 7.

Visitors always welcome at the

Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club

Meeting Day: Lunch meeting every Tuesday 11:45-1:00 Meeting Place: Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar Camaraderie! Service! Friendship! Fun! Food! --------------------------------------

UpcomingWeekly Programs & Guest Speakers Dec. 21 - Bob Schneider, on new album by the Snake Handlers Dec. 28 - Social meeting with members' holiday stories Jan. 4 - Vaneeta Kumar, Epilepsy Foundation Jan. 11 - Jason Brown,TOPPS Soccer --------------------------------------

Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar

5902 N. College Ave. Corner of College and Kessler (parking in back) Call Chris Carlson 257-5413 for information or email at Visit our website at to find out more about our volunteer efforts including our Auction for Kids' Sake!

Check Out The

Broad Ripple Gazette C L A S S I F I E D S O n th e w eb & on page 6

4 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Buzzing Around Town with Nora Spitznogle Enjoy the holiday season – and remember that independent music makes a great gift. Buy a CD, take in a concert, download a tune. It’s good for the winter blahs!


I got to hear some great music this year that for various reasons I didn’t write about here yet. I’ll use space in the next few columns to recap some of those shows.

Kid Rock and Bon Jovi July 30 - Soldier Field, Chicago

Thanks to the generosity of Carla Proffitt and her brother, I got to attend a big rock show in the big city! It was one of those last minute plans that worked out wonderfully. I’d never been to Solider Field and it was packed. This is one of the biggest shows I’ve ever seen and the crowd was huge - attendance hovered at 55,000. While I was excited to go to a show and kick around Chicago, I didn’t know how much I’d enjoy it! We didn’t realize that Kid Rock was opening until we were on the road. I must admit the only things I knew about him was that he and Pamela Anderson jumped off of a yacht to celebrate their (short-lived) wedding vows, he was on the Bob & Tom Show and he’d had a #1 hit with All Summer Long. What I didn’t realize is how much I’d love his show! It was big, goofy, giggling, sing-along fun. Kid Rock said something that I’ve known my whole life, but it was great to be reminded of, “blowing someone else’s candle out will not make yours burn any brighter.” I’ve been extra-mindful of that ever since. Bon Jovi was just as great and fun – I didn’t realize that I knew so many Bon Jovi songs – I guess living in South Jersey for five years rubbed off a little bit. It was a great night – the weather was perfect, it was fun to let my hair down and dance along. We were able to walk back to the hotel. That’s how a hot summer night should be spent!

Ryan Bingham October 15 - Austin City Limits Festival - Austin, Texas

Two years ago I got to stand on the stage of Ryan's ACLF set and I've been writing about for several years. When he won a Grammy for The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart) this year I actually jumped up and down on my bed in excitement. My friend Aaron thinks that my (very appropriate, proud, aunt-like) love of Ryan is a little obsessive and I have no idea what he’s talking about...the fact that I managed to snap about six zillion pictures during my ten minutes in the photo pit means nothing. Really.

Gogol Bordello October 16 - Austin City Limits Festival - Austin, Texas

Wow! I had no idea what to expect from Gogol Bordello, but kept hearing the buzz about them all over the festival. The crowd waiting to see them was fired up! The band is good old fashioned dance-y world music gypsy punk fun. You have to see them to believe it. And you should!

Norah Jones October 17 - Austin City Limits Festival - Austin, Texas

I've been a fan of Norah Jones since her first record in 2001. There aren't many women named Nora/Norah between the ages of eight months and 88 years old. The beautiful and talented Norah Jones blew a lot of old lady dust off of the name. I had a photo pass for the festival, which meant that I could stand in photo pit in front of the stage for the first three songs. I will admit that I closed my eyes while I was waiting for the show to start and pretending like the thousands of people chanting, "Norah, Norah, Norah" were calling for me. Pathetic, but true! Norah's set was amazing and her band was terrific. She does the name proud! I’ll see you out and about! -Nora

Norah Jones at ACLF.

photo by Nora Spitznogle

Not-for-profit director by day, music writer by night, Nora Spitznogle reviews music that happened and previews music and events around Broad Ripple Village. Nora managed CATH Inc coffeehouse at 54th Street and College Avenue for seven years. During that time she hosted hundreds of local and touring musicians, both at the coffeehouse and her home. When CATH closed in 2004 and the music was no longer coming to her, she had to wander from her corner of Broad Ripple to see what is happening elsewhere. You can find her at Second Helpings during the work day, waitressing at the Red Key on Saturday nights and prowling Broad Ripple music venues the rest of the time. Visit Nora’s Web site, send any questions, comments or suggestions to

Vol. 7 No. 25

5 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

And In The OTHER Cultural Districts... By Casey Jo Ailes

od Ea

ra l

pa ny




Casey Jo Ailes holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Herron School of Art and teaches at the Indianapolis Art Center. She is an award winning artist and focuses on photography and painting. Casey has been published nation wide and shows her work locally. Contact her at

Your one-stop natural foods grocery store since 1971 is just a mouseclick away:

u Nat

With a little over a week to go before the big Christmas Holiday, I am sure there are a few people left on your list that would love something that doesn’t come in a sweater box. Having more than just the shopping mall to choose from this holiday season, may I suggest taking the time to do a little spending in one of our several cultural districts this city has to offer? Broad Ripple being the hot spot for some very unique gifts; one can find everything from reindeer shaped dog treats at the Three Dog Bakery on Broad Ripple Avenue, to original fine art at the Basile Studio Shop found just inside the doors at the Indianapolis Art Center. Fountain Square has been on a comeback and shouldn’t be passed up as a fun spot to do a little bit of gift buying this season. Thinking outside the box, why not stop by the White Rabbit Cabaret to give your loved one a night out of music and dance entertainment. If you are looking for something a little more crafty, save the date for the Handmade Prom‑ enade. December 18th, from 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. at Pure Eatery inside the Murphy Building (1043 Virginia Avenue). This night will feature more than 15 crafters and their handmade goods. Oh, and not to leave out a chance to meet Santa and have photos taken with the big guy. Heading a bit south down to Mass Ave, the District has gourmet chocolates at Best Chocolate in Town, original varieties of wine at the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe and if you are looking for that child on your list the Mass Ave Toy Shop has wonderfully unique toys that you won’t find at the massive toy stores we normally think of when someone says holiday shopping for the kids. Speaking of the Mass Ave Toy Shop, I had an opphoto by Casey Jo Ailes portunity this year to photograph Santa at the Rathskellar YMCA. a special breakfast with Santa this month at the Rathskellar on Michigan Avenue that was put together by the YMCA. The Mass Ave Toy Shop was generous in donating toys for the event that benefitted families that found themselves spending the holidays in our local shelters. While money is always tight, it’s one of those events that makes me and my family really appreciate what we are thankful for this holiday season. Being able to take some fun photos of these children visiting with Santa made me smile as they received their photo keepsake to take with them as they headed back out in to the cold. I hope this holiday season everyone gets a chance to stop for a moment, put down their long list that they are viciously shopping for, and think about someone less fortunate. And if you are able to send some cheer, whether it’s donating to Toys for Tots or the children that will be spending their holiday at Riley Hospital, it’s important to remember that the true meaning of the holidays are not the Black Friday sales at Wal-Mart.

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6350 N. Guilford Ave. on the north bank of the canal in Broad Ripple Village Phone: 317-253-3709 Fax: 317-251-9258 Herbs: 317-254-8604 Natural Beauty: 317-253-6380 e-mail: Web: Hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mon. - Sat. Noon to 5 p.m. Sundays

6 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011




Use our website, call in, or mail your classified ad and payment by the Monday before the Thursday delivery day (every two weeks). Remember, payment is required in advance. Credit cards accepted.

Gazette Classified Ads are 35 cents per word, per issue. $3 minimum per listing. Prepayment required. Ads in the Free and Lost/Found categories run without charge and will be published as space permits. Phone numbers count as one word, addresses as two words.


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Broad Ripple Gazette Classified Ad Form



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BRHS Alumni Association announces scholarship...

The newly formed Broad Ripple High School Alumni Association thought it fitting that our first merit scholarship be created to honor the life and attitude and conduct of an outstanding young man with whom we share our Rocket heritage. Like you, we were saddened that he was not able to complete his time here. He died after an eight-month battle with cancer late last summer, just before the beginning of his senior year at Broad Ripple. The Spirit of Steven Jamison Award will be presented to a deserving, graduating senior student on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at Ripple Round Up. With this award, there will be a monetary stipend, intended to be used for college expenses. Steven was a special student athlete long before fate dealt him a rough hand. His unique sense of humor, uncanny ability to relate to adults, and general attitude about life set him apart from the crowd. On the court, he competed at 110 percent at all times. For someone of his size, the only explanation for his rebounding stats is sheer determination. Despite tremendous tragedies in his life, he was known among his peers for valuing friendship, loyalty and the importance of teamwork. Two of Steven’s beloved sisters perished in a fire at their home in 2006. To deal with his grief, a neighbor encouraged Steven to join a basketball league in his neighborhood. There, and at Broad Ripple, Steven found his groove and developed into an outstanding basketball player. But even more than that, he welcomed the friendships and camaraderie that came with being a member of a team. His friends said that he worked hard but never forgot how to have fun, and encouraged them that “even on the toughest days you can make someone else’s life better.” The manner in which he dealt with his cancer was unique, as well. Steven was determined to maximize every day and live it to the fullest, despite what the odds said. In his last weeks, he said he didn't want to be remembered as being tired, or sick, or weak but that he wanted always to be remembered for the good times and most importantly, for the laughs.

...and banner sponsorships

On January 8, 2011, the BRHS Alumni Association in support of the project of Glen Pierce, Math Teacher and Athletic Assistant, will be retiring the jerseys and unveiling a banner for every BRHS Indiana All Star in Basketball, ten in all, eight boys and two girls. These players have been invited back to be honored at this game. We encourage all Alumni to support this effort, which honors alumni athletes, and the rich history of the athletic programs offered at Broad Ripple. We have had so many top athletes over the years, and in honoring them in this way, we also remind the current students of the legacy they continue as they play their sports every day. These Indiana All Stars in Basketball are: 1945 Ralph Chapman, 1954 Wally Cox, 1963 Bill Brown, 1976 Mike Woodson, 1977 Don Cox, 1981 Jeff Robinson, 1985 Gena Stubbs, 1986 Mark Lenoir, 2000 Shalicia Hurns, 2004 George Hill. To support the Broad Ripple High School Alumni Association with these efforts visit www., or send a donation to BRHSAA PO Box 20376, Indianapolis, IN 46220 or email to

Broad Ripple Haverford Little League registration

RESIDENTIAL HOUSE CLEANING/ ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICES. Reliable detail cleaners, 7 yrs in business, bonded, insured, references. Email: Sheryl 679-8549 BIRDSEED, SUET AND CORN. Want to feed your birds in your backyard. Great Prices! Free Birdseed Delivery. Backyard Birds 255-7333

MUSIC LESSONS PIANO LESSONS 4213 N. Park 283-6501 LEARN GUITAR with Janet Gilray! Now accepting Students. Call Renaissance Music--Broad Ripple's Premier Music Studio for 30 years. Credentialed. 317251-7363 Additional photos for most stories can be viewed at

OFFICE SPACE OFFICE SUITES available from $280 per month. Great location! Furnished and Unfurnished. 819 E. 64th Street. or call Mike 317-626-5000.

HOMES FOR SALE $188,000 BRICK RANCH three bedroom home near 71st/Keystone, 7339 N Tuxedo, pictures/Craigslist, 317-259-0548

RENTALS 1 BEDROOM APT. 1/2 mile north of Broad Ripple. All utilities furnished except phone and Cable. All new appliances including washer and dryer. Large deck w/view to river. River access available. $850. 259-7111 No dogs.

product. This latest addition brings the Library’s total collection of downloadable e-books comprising most subjects and genres to nearly 22,000. There are also over 7,000 audiobooks available for downloading. As opposed to other downloadable items that expire, or automatically disappear from a user’s computer or personal device after a 7, 14 or 21-day loan period, the public domain e-books are for anyone’s use at no cost and virtually no restrictions. Patrons may copy them, give them away or re-use them under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with these e-books. Patrons must log in with their Library card number to begin the process of downloading any item in the Library’s collection from home or other remote location. Patrons are not able to download to a personal computer while at any IMCPL location or to any Library computer. The downloadable collection is powered by OverDrive, Inc., a digital media provider for schools and libraries, whose OverDrive Media Console is now available from the Library’s website for iPhone users to download MP3 audiobooks. The Library’s downloadable site also features social networking opportunities through Facebook, Twitter and e-mailing a friend. Patrons can let others know about an e-book or audiobook they’ve enjoyed, or send an email link that opens an audiobook or e-book record. Download instructions and quick-start guides are available when accessing the Library’s “Downloadables” site found in the left column of IMCPL’s home page at

Longest Night Service: Worship for Those Who Suffer

Lights and holiday shopping, Christmas carols and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Families gathering, reunions, homecomings. It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Not for many. While December has a certain glow for many, for many of our sisters and brothers it is a dark time. Grief deepens around the holidays. Broken relationships are more painful around holidays. Loneliness deepens. Poverty hurts more in the season of feasting and gift giving. That's why Broad Ripple United Methodist Church invites the community to our Longest Night Service, a worship service for those who suffer (which is, of course, all of us). We believe that the healthiest spirituality acknowledges both the joy and the pain in life; in the midst of the light and joy all around us in December, this worship service is about creating space to acknowledge the suffering of this dark time of year and be embraced by the loving God in the midst of it. All are welcome at 7pm on the longest night of the year, Tuesday, December 21, at Broad Ripple UMC, 6185 N. Guilford Avenue.

Christmas Eve Worship at Broad Ripple UMC

Broad Ripple Haverford Little League registration for the 2011 season is now open at www. Registration closes February 4th or when the league reaches capacity. Broad Ripple Haverford Little League (BRHLL) offers baseball and softball for children ages 5-14 in the Broad Ripple, Meridian Kessler, Washington Township, Glendale, Allisonville, Nora and Castleton areas of Indianapolis. A neighborhood institution since 1958, it has grown from 60 players in one division to over 550 players in 8 divisions. You will love BRHLL's family friendly, balanced atmosphere of being competitive yet nurturing, giving children of all abilities a wonderful experience.

All are invited to worship the newborn Christ in two worship services this Christmas Eve. At 8:00pm, our worship will be guided by a musical cantata presented by our choir. The service will be bright and joyful, a fanfare fit for the King. Then at 11:00pm, we will shift gears and gather in reverent quietness for a candlelit communion service (open to all) in which our worship will be guided by the extraordinary story of the God who chose to enter the human story as a vulnerable baby. Everyone is welcome, always. Broad Ripple UMC, 6185 N. Guilford Avenue

IMCPL Expands Offering of Free Downloadable E-Books!

All Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library locations will be closed Dec. 24 – 26 for the Christmas holiday, except the InfoZone, located in The Children’s Museum at 3000 N. Meridian St., which will be open Dec. 24 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and on Dec. 26 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Also, all Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library locations will close at 5 p.m. on Dec. 31 and remain closed on Jan. 1 for the New Year’s holiday, except the Infozone, which will be open each day from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Over 15,000 e-books that never expire or count against a patron’s loan limit have been added to the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library’s collection of downloadable materials. These free public domain e-books can be saved onto personal computers that feature either the Windows or Mac operating systems, or added to the Adobe Digital Editions Library, an e-book reader software

IMCPL Holiday Schedule

Vol. 7 No. 25

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7 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Broad Ripple American Legion Post #3, located at 64th and College Avenue, held their annual Christmas Dinner. Santa handed presents to all of the kids, and even the adults received goodie bags.

I am a life-long resident of Broad Ripple. My family has been in Broad Ripple for many generations. Jacob Coil platted and named Broad Ripple in 1837. Two of his daughters married into my family in the 1870s. My grandfather was a mail carrier at the BR post office and a charter member of the American Legion Post. My grandmother worked at the Broad Ripple National Bank in Mustard Hall that became Fletcher Trust, then AFNB, then Bank One, and now Chase. My uncle worked at TV News and at Hoster-Roberts Ford, which is now Passwater’s and the Old Pro’s Table. My great-grandfather, grandmother, uncle, father, sister and son all graduated from BRHS; I am class of 1978. My son is BRHS class of 2006, and is the Band Director at John Marshall High School in IPS. I am currently the organizer of the BRHS reunions for the classes of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. For many years, I have wanted a newspaper that answered my questions. Where did that store go? Why were those people digging on the corner? When is the BRHS Homecoming Parade? What happens at that business? The Gazette is that paper. You will get an unbiased look into what is happening in Broad Ripple because I have no financial interests in Broad Ripple, nor am I affiliated with any of its organizations. I am simply a resident who is passionate about the area. You will also read about the history of Broad Ripple. This history continues to expand as I uncover new sources of stories and photos. The Gazette’s area of coverage has no real boundaries. Historically, the town of Broad Ripple extended down to 54th Street. The goal of the Gazette is to share with readers stories that are within 10 minutes or so from the heart of Broad Ripple - covering events in the Midtown region. Also, Broad Ripple is one of the six Cultural Districts recognized by the City of Indianapolis. We try to let you know what is going on in the other five districts as we can. One question I often get is how an article gets into the Gazette. We do not accept payment for articles. Article subjects are picked by me for inclusion based on the interest to the residents and visitors to the Broad Ripple area. Since this is a bi-weekly paper, we will not be able to cover news as it happens. Rather, our focus is on issues that are not time sensitive. You will probably never see these stories anywhere else, so getting them a week or so later will be much better than not at all. I have hundreds of stories planned, but if there is something you want to read about, please let us know. I think you will enjoy the Gazette. I know I enjoy bringing it to you. -Alan Hague

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8 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Gettin’ Ripped in Ripple by Laura Minor

Battle of the Sexes: Sorry Ladies, the Men Take it this Time! At least once a week, I hear a female client or friend complain about her frustrations having been working her tail off for months to lose a measly 2-3 pounds, all while her husband just dropped 5 pounds last week by doing a couple of moderate workouts. I used to think that this wasn’t true and that the females weren’t working out hard enough or not eating the proper nutrition. However, this is not a myth; most men lose weight more easily than women and with less overall effort. This fact isn’t just a case of a mean Mother Nature. There are several physiological differences in men and women’s bodies that make this the case. There are many reasons why women have more body fat than men. One is biological. The simple truth is that men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the hormone testosterone. They are genetically designed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat -- which works in favor of keeping them fit and allowing them to eat more calories. Women, on the other hand have much higher levels of estrogen; a hormone that promotes turning food into fat. That being said, average body fat content is 25% for women at normal size compared to 15% for men. All other things being equal, such as age and exercise levels, women require fewer calories per pound of body weight daily than do men. Women, that is why he can eat significantly more than you or exercise less and lose or maintain his weight more easily. I know it is not fair, but it is true! Another point to consider is that, most often, women are the primary cook in the household. Between the grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, they are exposed to food more often than males and this leads to temptations and “mindless eating” which can quickly and unknowingly add up to hundreds of calories a day. Also, men do not beat themselves up about their weight nearly as often as women. Negative self talk and too much emphasis on physical appearance rarely lead to weight loss. In fact, it more often hinders it altogether since it can raise stress levels making your body more resistant to lose. How can women try to level the playing field a bit? First is strength training. Pick up some weights and start pumping to build more muscle and get your engine revving. You'll increase your muscle mass to fat ratio which will help to decrease your fat stores. Strength training also increases resting metabolism so that you will burn more calories all day long. Shoot for engaging in strength training at least twice a week. Be aware when you are cooking and grocery shopping to watch for those sneaky temptations. Make note if you do eat at those times and remember them at your next meal and cut back on your portions. Lastly, whether we're male or female, we need to make peace with our bodies. It's important to see weight management as a route to better health, rather than physical perfection. Ladies, next time you have a meal with your husband, boyfriend, brother or son, remember that they probably may weigh more than you and/or have significantly more muscle mass than you…so this is why they can get away with eating larger portions. We cannot change the laws of nature; but we can choose how we react to them. Besides, we don’t lose our hair!  Laura Minor owner and operator of So.Be.Fit. Personal Training and Fitness studio located at 54th and the Monon. She is passionate about teaching others how to “FIT” exercise and physical activity into their daily lives, and have fun while doing so! Visit her website at or e-mail her at

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From The Editor by Alan Hague ZONING: part one I have attended most of the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) Land Use Committee meetings. I also watch most of the City of Indianapolis' Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) Zoning Variance hearings on Channel 16. When neighbors complained at a recent meeting that they were not notified of the public BRVA committee meeting where a petition that affects their area was passed by the committee, as a disinterested third party, I started to think about the role of the BRVA in zoning matters. The governing body in zoning cases is the Department of Metropolitan Development. The DMD holds hearings on the first three Tuesdays of each month at the City-County Building. Petitioners (residents that wish to build a structure that will violate a city code, for example) get their cases on the docket for a hearing. The petitioner sends out the required legal notice of the hearing date to adjoining property owners and neighborhood associations about a month before the hearing and places a sign with the petition number and hearing date on the property. All of this is intended to give interested parties sufficient warning if they wish to testify either for or against a petition that would affect them. The BRVA also requests that petitioners come before the BRVA Land Use committee to present their case. The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Broad Ripple United Methodist Church. The committee hears the case and then decides to support, oppose, or take no position on the petition when it comes before the DMD Zoning Board at the City-County Building hearing. Currently, the BRVA makes quite an effort to distribute fliers to nearby residents of a petitioner that is scheduled to come before the committee. Sometimes a petitioner asks to be added to the BRVA's committee agenda after it is too late to notify the neighbors. What to do? Require that the petitioner wait until the following committee meeting so neighbors can be notified, probably resulting an a one month slip in the DMD meeting appearance, further delaying the proposed project, or hear the case with little or no input from the neighbors? My suggestion is that the BRVA should present a recommendation of approval or denial of a petition to the DMD based on the experience and expertise of the BRVA Land Use committee, with input from BRVA members as time allows. BRVA members could receive the meeting agenda via email, although there would be special instances when last minute requests could change that agenda. Non-BRVA member residents could perhaps be included in the discussion, but just as non-members are not allowed to vote in BRVA board elections, they would also not be able to "vote" for or against a petition. Therefore, I believe that it is unreasonable to expect the BRVA to guarantee a forum between a petitioner and all interested parties. The forum should be between the petitioner and the BRVA. The BRVA would then present its position on a petition at the DMD hearing. Any residents of Indianapolis are also encouraged to voice their position on a petition at that DMD hearing. This is the proper arena, as the city has in place a timely notification system and an open forum for all. Next issue: Part two of the editorial.

Vol. 7 No. 25

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The Broad Ripple Gazette


9 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz by QUIZMASTER BILLY

answer on Page 22


When Bruce Springsteen was writing songs for his follow-up to Born To Run, he also found himself mired in a three-year legal battle that prevented him from recording. When all was resolved, Springsteen issued Darkness On The Edge Of Town. As its title suggests, the album was comprised almost totally of downcast, hard-bitten songs (“Racing In The Street,” “Factory,” the title song), or edgy, gritty tales full of anger and angst (“Candy’s Room,” “Adam Raised A Cain”). Nowhere to be found were the soaring, upbeat, sixtiesinfluenced major-key celebrations that formed much of the core of Born To Run (and of his two previous records). As Springsteen has long said, this was intentional, as he did not want to release an “up” record at this juncture of his career. This did not mean that Springsteen had stopped writing such songs. Indeed, he gave away a number of then-recently written tunes (“Fire” to the Pointer Sisters, “Because The Night” to Patti Smith, to name two) that fit this mold. The Promise now reveals just how many such tunes Springsteen had written during this time. Although these songs were never considered “lost,” and they were also never intended to be a stand-alone album, The Promise can, indeed, be considered a “great lost album,” as the songs flow together to make for a beautiful and rewarding listening experience. (Indeed, these songs are so strong that, if they had been substituted for many of the upbeat numbers on The River that were rather pedestrian (e.g., “Ramrod,” anyone?), that album would have been considered a stone-cold classic). Appropriately enough, the album starts with a different version of Darkness’s “Racing In The Street” (herein called “Racing In The Street ’78”) that is much more positive and hopeful in tone than the wellknown Darkness version. Subtle alterations of the lyrics, as well as the addition of stately piano and nice harmonica and violin flourishes, change the mood substantially. Yet, this version of the song is nearly as strong as the original (some may even prefer it). Similarly, “Candy’s Boy” is a “soft and sweet” version of “Candy’s Room,” one of Darkness’s most gut-wrenching songs. The vast majority of this double-disc, however, is not about re-writes of tunes that were released, but simply about great, classic-sounding rock songs. Clarence Clemon’s saxophone, Roy Bittan’s great piano parts, Danny Federici’s organ and glockenspiel, and Max Weinberg’s heavy drum beats, are all here and all in service to great, memorable songs that nearly anybody else would kill to have written. While Springsteen admits to adding certain parts here and there to the original masters, he swears that these are only the things he would have done to the songs if he had decided to release them at the time. Regardless, with tunes such as “Ain’t Good Enough For You,” “Rendezvous” (originally given to pop-rocker Greg Kihn), “Save My Love,” “Gotta Get That Feeling”, “Talk To Me” (originally given to Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Steven Van Zandt’s “other” band), or the Latin-tinged “Spanish Eyes,” among many others (21 songs in all), The Promise is simply a great Springsteen album. The simultaneously released box set (simply called “Darkness On The Edge Of Town) also contains a remastered version of Darkness along with two concert DVDs (one from 2009, and a classic set from 1978) and a documentary. But it is The Promise that is a must-have for any Springsteen fan, and is a fine addition to his canon of work.


Can there still be worthwhile Jimi Hendrix songs and outtakes that are worthy of release? Hasn’t that barrel already been scraped clean? The latest release from the Hendrix estate shows that Hendrix’ recorded output still contains gems that will please and surprise, and that the barrel (or is it barrels) have yet to be sufficiently plumbed. The four-disc West Coast Seattle Boy is chock-full of great Hendrix work, including a number of songs wherein Hendrix is the sideman rather than the leader. But a solid core is also contained on the similarly named single-disc release, which focuses on his 67-70 heyday. “Love Or Confusion” is simply a great Hendrix tune that could have gone on any of his albums to great effect. “Mr. Bad Luck” (previously bootlegged as “Waterfall”) is one of Hendrix’s finest songs, a swooning, languid guitar meditation. An instrumental version of “Are You Experienced” is superb. An acoustic version of The Band’s “Tears Of Rage” is fascinating, as is the compelling combo of “Bolero” and “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)”. Overall, the sound and sequencing are absolutely top-notch, as the album flows nicely along as a stand-alone listening experience. Genius is genius, and this album shows once again that Hendrix merits that description. And if there’s more like this in those barrels, then keep it coming! Rick Zeigler, along with his wife, Jeanne, owns Indy CD and Vinyl at 806 Broad Ripple Avenue. Back in his musician days, his band opened for the likes of U2, XTC, Gang Of Four, The Pretenders, Los Lobos, and, um, Flock Of Seagulls, among others. You can read all of Rick’s reviews at Email your music questions and comments to

Questions from the Oct 26 Brewpub Quiz. The Black Friars won that week with 19 points. Brewpub Trivia Question - Our annual pumpkin carving contest just took place this past Sunday, what year was it first held? Halloween 1. Walt Disney's 1949 version of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, which is shown every year at Connor Prairie's Headless Horseman event, is narrated by what famous singer? 2. Who directed the 2007 remake of John Carpenter's horror classic Halloween? 3. What ancient race of people, often thought to be the first to celebrate the holiday now known as Halloween, referred to it as Samhain? 4. When The Simpsons air the latest installment of its Treehouse Of Horror Halloween specials on November 7th what number will it be? Holidays Of The World 1. The Vietnamese New Year is known as what? 2. October 19th is a public holiday known as Mother Teresa Day in what country, which is also the country of her birth? 3. During what holiday are Muslims required to refrain from eating or drinking anything from dawn until dusk? 4. In what month is Canadian Thanksgiving celebrated? Nobel Prizes 1. Receiving a shared prize for Physics in 1903, who was the first woman ever to be awarded a Nobel Prize? 2. What famous American won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964? 3. What was the last work that Ernest Hemingway had published prior to winning the Noble Prize for Literature in 1954? 4. Known for his work with dogs, what scientist won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1904? Greek Mythology 1. What hero of Greek mythology killed the Gorgon Medusa? 2. Who escaped from the island of Crete using wings made by his father Daedalus? 3. How many labors did Heracles, known as Hercules to the Romans, have to perform? 4. Who was the brother of Artemis? The Films Of Alfred Hitchcock 1. For which Hitchcock film were theater owners forbidden to allow anyone in after the film started? 2. Hitchcock was known for brief cameo appearences in his films. In what film is he seen trying to catch a bus, which closes its doors and pulls away just before he has the chance to get on? 3. Who played the murderer being spied on by James Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window? 4. Hitchcock's film The Birds was based on a story by what British author? The Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz is held at the 64th and Cornell Avenue pub. Teams up to six people each compete for weekly prizes. A grand prize was awarded in November. The questions and answers from a previous quiz night are printed here. Quizzes at the pub will return on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011. Call the Brewpub at 253-2739 for more info.

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10 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

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Random Ripplings

A cellophane baseball player appeared for a short time at the Broad Ripple Avenue bus stop by Ossip.

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Sudoku is a nine by nine grid. The solution (each puzzle has only one) will have all the numbers from one through nine in every row and every column. In addition, the grid is divided into nine three-by-three sections. Each of these three-by-three sections will also contain all the numbers from one through nine. Each Sudoku puzzle from Pappocom can be solved using logic alone. If you prefer guessing, you can – but there is a logical way to solve every puzzle. Let’s start with the easy puzzle. We will try to put a 9 in the left section of the top row which contains 1-3-4. The 9 in the middle section of the top row eliminates the two spaces to the left of the 1. The 9 in the right section of the top row eliminates the spaces to the left and right of the 3. The 9 in the left section of the middle row eliminates the spaces above and below the 3. The only place left is the upper left hand square. You have learned one technique needed to solve Sudoku puzzles. There are many more.



Vol. 7 No. 25

11 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Broad Ripple Lights Up! Event

Above: The Golden Singers (BRHS Alums) performed in the firehouse. Below: The BRHS Marching Band played through the rain.

Above: Blitzen greeted children at Lights Up! Below: Broad Ripple Kiwanis kept dry during the parade.

Random Ripplings


The BRVA Business Division held their holiday party at Mecca School of Massage, located at 6225 Carrollton Avenue. Several Broad Ripple restaurants supplied the food.

Jin A. Cho, D.D.S. - Sopanis D. Cho, D.D.S., M.S.D.

6202 Evanston Avenue

Now Accepting new patients


Custom Tray Whitening Please mention coupon.

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a member of

• Friendly, Caring Professionals • Hi-Tech equipment & technologies for your comfort • Ultra-Cool Flat Screen TVs • Intraoral Camera • Extremely Low Radiation Digital X-Rays • Easy Parking • Laser gum treatment & cavities

12 Vol. 7 No. 25

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The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25

Did You Know?

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Broad Ripple Vil

The next BRVA Public Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7 p.m. at IAC.

A Newsletter From the BRVA

FOCUS ON: Our BRVA Efforts Enhance Village



meet a brva member

– Elizabeth Marshall


Thank you to the businesses that generously contributed to the BRVA Business Division’s Holiday Party on Monday, December 6th. What a spread it was! Alley Cat Lounge Broad Ripple Brewpub Flatwater Restaurant Greek’s Pizzeria Khoury’s Kroger Marsh Mecca School of Massage Midtown Grill Monon Food Company Naked Tchopstix The Northside Social Parcha Sweets Rene’s Bakery SweeTies Tradebank International United Package Liquors 21st Amendment

ITH THE CLOSE OF 2010, I will end my term as president of the Board of Directors of the Broad Ripple Village Association. Looking back, I am both amazed and delighted by what we have accomplished through BRVA efforts. The BRVA was involved from start to finish in the efforts to beautify Broad Ripple Avenue. As a result of our own local fundraising, we were able to develop comprehensive plans for the redesign of the street project. We then worked with the City of Indianapolis’s Elizabeth Marshall, president Department of Public Works to ensure BRVA Board of Directors that the Avenue was transformed into a place that is friendly to visitors on foot, in strollers, on bikes, and in cars. The Envision Broad Ripple initiative has created meaningful dialogue between our community and the City to map out future development in Broad Ripple Village. It’s helped ensure that plans for upgrades to the parking meter system were equitable for our neighborhood. We are currently working with the City to develop additional parking resources for The Village. We’ve created a partnership with IMPD to increase public safety. I am happy to report that crime in our Village is down by more than 20 percent from last year at this time. Beautification efforts have been huge. We’ve created and maintained five public garden spaces, secured a “Green Machine” sweeper to clean the sidewalks and streets, and continued to sponsor monthly cleanups when the weather permits. We’ve begun the process of getting official recognition for some of Broad Ripple’s special structures by nominating them for the National Register of Historic Places. Many BRVA events have now become city traditions, including the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour, The Ripple Effect Run/Walk, BROAD RIPPLE Lights Up!, the Broad Ripple Spring and Fall Gallery Tours and more. These events draw thousands of people into our neighborhood each year. Our residential memberships have almost doubled this past year, as our neighbors saw the many good things going on in Broad Ripple and decided it was time to join us. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication of the BRVA Board of Directors and the work by all of the volunteers who serve on our committees. I thank you all, and I look forward to what we will do in 2011.

Mike and Whitney Hutchings chose Broad Ripple as their home, for the vibrant and charming community. Married in 2006, they met as students at the University of Denver. Whitney is originally from Chicago but moved to Indianapolis after Mike proposed to her on Monument Circle. She works with Indianapolis companies as their marketing logistics partner. An Indy native, Mike is a third-generation commercial roofing contractor and avid ice hockey fan. They enjoy exercising in the neighborhood - especially on the Monon Trail - with dog Patty.

BRVA Gift Membership

Looking for a last-minute gift idea? Why no for someone – or everyone! – on your list. Re Dues help to fund the various activities of th of special events each year, coordinates beauti and addresses public safety issues, among its o It’s easy. Just fill out the form below and ma at Your gift will keep on givin will want to re-gift it! BRVA Business memberships are also ava

Broad Ripple Village Association BRVA Resident Membership Categories ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Student Senior 55 and + Individual Senior Couple 55 and + Couple or Family Sustaining

___ Champion Membership Dues Enclosed:

$ $ $ $ $ $1



Name ___________________________________

Address _________________________________

City _____________________________________

Res Phone _______________________________

e-mail address ___________________________

Only your name(s) will be listed in the BRVA Directory (

Total Amount Enclosed: ________ (Make che ___ MC ___ Visa

Name as it appears on card ___

Account #____________________________________

Cardholder’s Signature ________________________

Please send this form with payment to: Broad Ripple Village Assoc

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13 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

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Vol. 7 No. 25

l a g e A s s o c i at i o n

December 17, 2010

Did You Know?

meet a brva member

BRVA Business Profile: Volunteer’s Service Benefits Community

New officers will be elected at the BRVA Board of Directors meeting on January 4, 2011.

– Bridget Carson

A Sisters Keila and Marian Mulero have opened Parcha Sweets at 2101 E. 62nd Street. The pastry shop offers baked goodness in traditional and exotic flavors, such as Red Velvet Romance and S’mores. The shop is named for their signature torte, La Passion, a flourless chocolate cake with passion fruit (aka parcha) crème. Chef Marian, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, handles the baking, while sister Keila, a CPA, runs the business. Stop by for free tasting, visit them online at, or call 723-5600 for details on all they have to offer.

ps Will Keep On Giving!

ot buy a membership in the Broad Ripple Village Association esidential memberships are affordably priced. he BRVA. The neighborhood association organizes a number ification efforts, reviews land use and development projects, other activities. ail it or deliver it to the BRVA office. You can also order online ng throughout the new year, and there’s no chance a recipient ailable for gift-giving; details can be found online.

Resident Membership Application

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250 and +



___ Beautification ___ Business Division ___ Communications ___ Envision Broad Ripple ___ Farmers Market ___ Historic Broad Ripple ___ Historic Home Tour ___ Land Use and Development ___ Membership ___ Public Safety ___ Special Events



S 2010 COMES TO A CLOSE, the Broad Ripple Village Association will say farewell to a longtime member of the BRVA Board of Directors. Diane Seybert is “retiring” after 12 years of service to the neighborhood association. Diane is owner of The Bungalow, along with daughter Jenny Velasco. Their big red armchair with yellow polka dots graphic has become a fixture in The Village, much like Diane’s presence has in BRVA activities. She recalled that the first major project she worked on after getting involved in the association was the development of the Monon Trail. Initially the trail was not without neighborhood concerns, which had to be resolved. The BRVA kept its focus, the trail was completed, and it has become more popular than anyone ever imagined in those early planning stages. “Look at what it’s brought to this area, it’s perfect for the neighborhood,” she said. “Now people want to live and work close to the trail.” Through each success story, Diane has seen the positive impact the association can have in the community. There are other endeavors in which Diane has been involved that continue to grow with each year. Diane helped to establish the Broad Ripple Farmers Market in its early years, donating the use of The Bungalow’s parking lot for several summers until it outgrew the space. A winter festival, “The Miracle on 62nd Street,” served as the forerunner to the BROAD RIPPLE Lights Up! holiday celebration, and Diane was involved in them both. She has chaired the committee for the Broad Ripple Spring and Fall Gallery Tours and chaired the BRVA’s Communications Committee. The Bungalow has sponsored homes on the Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour, and Diane worked with Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., when Broad Ripple was named one of the City’s six Cultural Districts. “It all interests me,” she said. “It’s all gone really well, and I’m proud of all the things we’ve done.” Though leaving the board at the end of this month, Diane plans to remain involved in BRVA activities. You can find her at The Bungalow, in the heart of The Village, at 924 E. Westfield Boulevard, 253-5028. Visit the store’s website at

____ State ____________ Zip ________________

_ Cell Phone ______________________________

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eck payable to Broad Ripple Village Association)


Thank you to the sponsors of BROAD RIPPLE Lights Up! Brothers Bar & Grill M&I Bank NUVO SmallBox Central Indiana Community Foundation Harding Poorman Group ExpoDesign Gaylor Ceramic Dreams Myriad Productions All Terrain, Inc. Northminster Presbyterian Martin Dentistry Ross and Brunner Attorneys

Outrageous: 6065 Gladden Drive

_____________ Exp. Date _____/_____ VIN _______

ciation, 6311 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 101, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Indianapolis Airport Terminal B 317-602-3570 Daily 6am–8:30pm

Winners of the BROAD RIPPLE Lights Up! Residential Decorating Contest

__________ Fax____________________________


Broad Ripple 6302 Guilford Ave. 317-257-9338 Mon–Sat 11am–8:30pm Sun noon–4

The daughter-mother duo of Jenny Velasco and Diane Seybert own The Bungalow in Broad Ripple

Artistic: 6223 Meridian Street West Drive Traditional: 6633 Broadway Street

14 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

The Paw Patch Place is a full service Veterinary Hospital specializing in Dogs and Cats.



Keystone DELI

New Services: Digital Imagery Therapeutic Laser Dental Sealant

2344 E. 53rd St. - Keystone Plaza

(where Chase Bank, A.J. Wright and the old LoBill Foods are located)

Happy Holidays


OPEN 7 am to 2pm • 7 Days a Week

Bring in this ad for a free nail trim for your pet


(with proof of vaccination) Call us at 317-253-5964

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

4850 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46205

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An Indianapolis Cultural District

Kolman Dental

Kolman Dental

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15 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25

Historic Ad

Random Ripplings "Punk accordionist" (and good friend of Reverend Peyton's) Jason Webley recently performed a free, allages show at Indy CD and Vinyl, located at 806 Broad Ripple Avenue.

This snippet of an ad from many businesses in the Broad Ripple area wishing readers a Happy New Year ran in December 1953. A few of the businesses were Lobraico's Pharmacy, Broad Ripple Shell, and Broad Ripple Snack Shop.


In the last issue I mistakenly reported the address of Parcha Sweets. The correct address is 2101 Broad Ripple Avenue. Remember, we always have the Rene’s Bakery Mistakes Can Be Sweet contest. Readers can submit mistakes they find in the paper via email to for a chance to win a free treat from Rene’s Bakery.

Hidden History encryption by Jim Alred

Hidden History is a simple letter-substitution cipher. If K equals B in one word, K will equal B throughout the puzzle. Solve by looking for frequently-used letters and common patterns.

answer on Page 22




T equals E

Broad Ripple Crossword

answer on Page 22


1. It comes after Pi 4. Usually paired with columns 8. A popular catalog when preceded by J. 12. Rip 13. Reduces the coverage of a photo 15. Five-sided base 16. Rear 17. Concur 18. This won't hurt _____ 19. A country and an ink 21. ____ At The Wheel - Texas band 23. Popular boy band 24. Web 25. Gives dinner to 29. Dined on 31. What sunglasses help with 32. Movie headliner 35. Fasten to 40. Common pipe fitting 41. Sacred 42. Wedgwood, for example 43. You have to do this before you can enter the Mistakes Can Be Sweet contest 44. Often preceeds Z 45. They control the sails 46. A budget attempts to make these meet 47. Stove 49. A dance when combined with Bunny 51. Long-running water softener business on the Avenue

52. Savion Glover does this 55. Boxes have them 59. Look up to 61. The Dog and the Shadow, for example 62. Disney film with a sequel being released in December 65. Locations 67. A bygone home heating fuel 68. From Grease - You're The One That I ____ 69. Congressman Mike 70. Live backwards 71. Singles 72. John's Famous ____ 73. Where Cub Scouts meet


1. Steering straps 2. A popular bygone Broad Ripple hardware store 3. Run of the mill 4. Once owned NBC 5. Hammond B-3, for example 6. Not as good 7. A subspecies of wheat 8. You might get hitched here 9. Zombie, for one 10. Pink Floyd and The Beatles are on its labels 11. What Colt Pat McAfee was on October 20 12. Like Jack Sprat 14. Observe 20. Play the part

22. D-I connection 26. Might follow moth 27. Deep concern 28. Fruits hold them 30. Per 32. What we should all do this season 33. Item on an invoice 34. It's _____ Way to Tipperary British marching song 36. A very common word 37. Common dad gift 38. Picnic crasher 39. Always the perfect gift 43. Exchanged 45. Remit

48. San Francisco team 50. It bugs bugs 52. They should be rotated 53. A common contraction 54. John Lennon said we should give it a chance 56. With 57 Down, sandwiches the fruited 57. See 56 Down 58. Vend 60. AAA benefit 62. Follows 66 Down 63. Kurosawa classic film 64. Common start 66. Use a needle

16 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Random Ripplings Lots of new things in the Village. Starting upper left, going clockwise: • Northside Kitchenette is open for lunch at 6515 College Avenue, next to Northside Social. • BlueMile is the new name of The Running Company, located at 1079 Broad Ripple Avenue. • The grain silo arriving for the new brewing facility for Scotty's Brewhouse. Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company is in the Sunflower Market building at 1021 Broad Ripple Avenue. • The sign is up for Al-Basha Gyros at 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue

by Douglas Carpenter

Recipes: Then & Now Soup I have been keeping busy lately and having fun in the process. As you may remember I am working on a cook book of my own and that work has become an enjoyable undertaking for me. I also have been working on a future article which has got me vexed. But with a little effort and perseverance I am sure I will find my way through. This time of year is definitely the occasion for ‘indoor work’. A steaming bowl of hearty soup is just the right thing to keep me going. I love to have fresh, home made soups waiting in my freezer; ready to defrost and heat in the microwave. Made at home is so much better than canned, at least most of the time. This recipe makes a lot of soup so I can have just that. If you want to cut it down by half use the numbers in brackets for the ingredient amounts. The instructions will be the same.

Split Pea Soup

2 pounds (4 cups) dried split peas {2 cups} 3 to 4 quarts water {1 ½ to 2 quarts} 1 12 ounce can Spam, diced {1/2 can} 2 cups finely chopped onion {1 cup} 2 cups finely chopped celery {1 cup} 2 cups thinly sliced carrots {1 cup} ½ teaspoon turmeric {1/4 teaspoon}

½ teaspoon thyme {1/4 teaspoon} 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes {1/2 teaspoon} 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon salt {1/2 teaspoon} ½ teaspoon pepper {1/4 teaspoon} Sort through the dry split peas and remove any foreign material and rinse well. In large stockpot or Dutch oven, heat peas and 3 quarts water to boiling. Add the Spam, onion, celery, carrots, and seasonings and return to boiling. Reduce heat; cover and simmer 1 1/2 to 2 hours or till done and soup is of desired consistency. For a thinner soup stir in additional water. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Makes 8 or more servings. Here is another simple soup. I have not yet tried it but it does sound good. So I thought I would share it with you. Let me know if you try it!

Carrot Soup

1 tablespoon vegetable oil ½ cup chopped onion 1 minced clove garlic 3 cups chicken stock or broth 2 cups sliced carrots ½ teaspoon nutmeg 2 tablespoons peanut butter 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce Dash of Tabasco sauce Heat oil in a large saucepan and sauté the onions till soft but not brown. Stir in the garlic and cook for another 30 seconds or until fragrant. Stir in the stock or broth and add the carrots, peanut butter, nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco. Simmer until carrots are tender, about 15 minutes. Remove half of carrots and puree the rest of the ingredients. Add reserved carrots and reheat before serving. Garnish with chopped peanuts, apples and green onions. Makes about 4 servings. Douglas Carpenter is an avid recipe and cookbook collector. He has over 400 cookbooks in his library and he has published two cookbooks of locally-collected recipes. He has won sweepstakes and blue ribbons in the Culinary Arts division of the Indiana State Fair. Email your cooking questions to

17 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25

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Broad Ripple Village

Advertisers are marked in phone number is included. ◄ = Gazette available here

& surrounding area

Map & Directory Art/Galleries/Photography addendum GALLERY 908 Westfield Blvd Artifacts 6327 Guilford Ave Ashland Gallery 6537 Carrollton Ave Basile Studio Shop 820 E. 67th St Broad Ripple Art & Design 5368 Winthrop Ave Ceramic Dreams D 1134 E. 54th St. Studio G Douglas David Fine Art 7172 N. Keystone Ave 257-7515 Editions Limited 838 E. 65th St Forrest Formsma Fine Art 1134 E. 54th St. Studio M Frame Designs 838 E. 65th St Gina Rosenow Decorative Artist 1101 54th St, Studio G Hoosier Salon Gallery 714 E. 65th St Indianapolis Art Center 820 E. 67th St Kiley Studios 6328 College Ave Half Baked Pottery 918 Broad Ripple Ave Megelaine Images 6507 Ferguson St Michael Mendez Portraits 6180 Washington Blvd Potters House, The 6503 Carrollton Ave Ruth D. Stoner Artistry in Clay 6340 Ferguson St Sara Morris Photography 825 Westfield Blvd S.D. Battista Painting Conservation 5430 New Jersey St Sigman’s Gallery 930 Broad Ripple Ave Stu’s Studio 6537 Carrollton Ave Susan VanHuss Design Studio 1134 E. 54th St. Suite J The Framer - Tom Altpeter 777 E. 66th St The Thompson Collection 6516 Carrollton Ave


G5◄ B3 A4 OO25 OO26 ◄ CC31 C4◄ OO26 C4 OO25 C3

E2 H5 C4 JJ21 C3 E4 G4 OO21 H5◄ B3 OO26◄



Chase G3◄ 706 Broad Ripple Ave Debra L. Kelb, CPA D4 819 E. 64th St Edward Jones - Kevin Schloneger D2 6434 #E College Ave 257-7588 Edward Jones - Andrew T. Wehr KK31 5936 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 103 Fifth Third Bank G7◄ 1036 Broad Ripple Ave Flagstar Bank E2◄ 6320 College Ave Forum Credit Union C3◄ 6501 College Ave

J2 H3◄ F2 D2◄ H3◄ K3 K3◄ II31◄ II31 I4 B4 E6

Places of Worship



Highfield & Associates 6144 College Ave Huntington Bank 724 Broad Ripple Ave January & Engel 688 E. 63rd St KeyBank 6410 College Ave M&I Bank D 714 Broad Ripple Ave Milestone Advisors 6053 College Ave Old National Bank 6135 College Ave Old National Bank 6100 Keystone Ave PNC Bank 6170 Keystone Ave Raymond James 6235 Carrollton Ave Sage Capital Management, LLC 921 E. 66th St, Suite B Yount & Company, CPAs 6311 #150 Westfield Blvd Bethlehem Lutheran 526 E 52nd St Broad Ripple United Methodist 6185 Guilford Ave Christ the King Catholic Church 1827 Kessler Blvd Dayspring Church (Assemblies of God) 2515 E.72nd Street Evanston Wesleyan Church 6902 Evanston Ave Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist 655 E. 62nd St Immaculate Heart of Mary 5692 Central Ave Loving Accurately Ministries 6148 N. College Ave My Father’s House 6219 Guilford Ave New Paradigm Christian 6202 Carrollton Ave Northminster Presbyterian 1660 Kessler Blvd Olive Branch Community Church 5610 Broadway St St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 6050 N. Meridian St Trinity ES Jungle 6151 Central Ave

Food-Retail/Grocery 21st Amendment 2201 E. 62nd St A1 Package Liquor 1721 E. 52nd Breadsmith 2234 Broad Ripple Ave Cork and Cracker 2126 Broad Ripple Ave Fresh Market 5415 College Ave Good Earth Natural Food Store 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604

PP22 J5◄ KK30 CC31 DD30◄ J2 LL22 J2 H5 I3 KK28◄ MM21 JJ20 JJ22

HH31 PP28◄ HH31◄ HH31◄ OO23 E4 ◄

Johnny’s Market E3◄ 6335 College Ave Just Pop In G4 6302 Guilford Ave Kroger I4◄ 6220 Guilford Ave Nicole-Taylor Pasta OO26◄ 1134 E. 54th St. Suite C Parcha Sweets II31 2101 Broad Ripple Ave 723-5600 Rene’s Bakery C4 ◄ 6524 B Cornell Ave 251-2253 Rock & Hard Place Gen. Store H4 826 Broad Ripple Ave SweeTies Gourmet Treats I7◄ 1081 Broad Ripple Ave United Package Liquors H6 1002 Broad Ripple Ave Village Pantry F2 6302 College Ave

Hair/Spa/Fitness/Health/Wellness A Do I3 6207 College Ave A Sign of the Tymes Salon I5 6201 Winthrop Ave suite 2 251-0792 Abstract Nails & Wellness Studio D4 819 E. 64th St, Suite 103 Air-Tan I3◄ 6249 College Ave Angelanna Golden - Esthetician/Nail Tech E2◄ 6310 College Ave Balance Pilates Studio E4 6340 Ferguson St bambū G5 916 Westfield Blvd Belladonna C4 6512 Ferguson St Bill’s Hair Design J2 6163 College Ave Bogie’s Barber Shop G4◄ 837 Westfield Blvd B.R. Nails G7◄ 1062 Broad Ripple Ave Brandon Hair Designer JJ23◄ 6025 College Ave Broad Ripple Barbershop J4 6194 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple Body, Mind & Spirit KK22 5944 Central Ave Broad Ripple Hair Salon OO23 5420 College Ave Cardinal Fitness H4◄ 831 Broad Ripple Ave cHAIRity Salon H4 819 Broad Ripple Ave Changes Salon D4 6416 Ferguson St Classic Cleaners/Tan I6◄ 1037 Broad Ripple Ave BR Relax & Renew Massage Center JJ23 6013 College Ave Elizabeth Henn-Carlson, LMHC PP24 740 East 52 Street, Suite 12 emmetts THE STUDIO OO23 711 E 54th St eyeMAX C3 6503 Carrollton Ave

Gil’s Lamp Repair

Glendale Area


Located in SoBro

Broad Ripple Gazette


D = Pet Friendly

Facets Studio 6251 Winthrop Ave Flaunt 6515 Ferguson St Great Clips 1077 Broad Ripple Ave Hair @ 6310 6310 College Ave Hair Etc. 6360 Guilford Ave Hair It Is 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 10 Hairquarters 6551 Ferguson St Hair That Rocks 1109 E. 52nd St Heal Thyself & Co 6220 Broadway St The Healing Room 819 E. 64th St Herbonique 6332 Guilford Ave suite 205 Indy Acupuncture 6155 College Ave Indy Physical Therapy 831 Broad Ripple Ave Infinity HairWorks 6511 Ferguson St Just Feet 2021 E. 52nd St Ste 211 LA Fitness 6160 Keystone Ave lululemon athletica 6402 Cornell Ave Macy’s - The Salon Glendale Town Center MakeUp by Sparkle 6214 Carrollton Ave Ste. E Massage iNDY 6144 Hillside Ave Ste 10 Mecca School of Massage 6225 Carrollton Ave Metamorphosis 828 Broad Ripple Ave Modern Nails 1065 Broad Ripple Ave Molly Meier, LMHC Counseling 6408 Carrollton Ave Mona’s Hair Design 6349 Guilford Ave Moondance Massage Therapy 5255 Guilford Ave Mother Nature’s Sun 6516 Ferguson St. New Energy Wellness 2026 E. 54th One Life Pilates 6285 College Ave suite A One Body Inc. 6528 Ferguson St Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese 6471 Broadway St Pilates - The Integrated Body 6507 Ferguson St Premiere Hair 6120 College Ave Reiki Center of Indiana 1111 E. 54th Ste #139 The Ribbon 6111 College Ave Running With Scissors 6357 Guilford Ave Salon6 6267 Carrollton Ave Salon Rue 52 648 E. 52nd St Savvy 1430 Broad Ripple Ave School of Metaphysics 6138 Hillside Ave

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I5 C4 I7 E2◄ E4 I5 B4 PP25 I1 D4 H4 J3 H4 C4 PP30 JJ31 D5 II32 I3 II31 I4 H4 I7 D3 E4 PP25 C4 OO29 H3 B4 D2 C4 K2 OO25 K3 E5 H3 PP23 H11 II31

18 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011




Shampoo Salon 6247 College Ave Shear Uphoria 819 E. 64th St, Suite 102 Simplicity Massage Studio 6117 College Ave #5 Skinners Hair Design 6233 Carrollton Ave Snapdragon Salon & Spa Glendale Town Center So.Be.Fit. 1134 E 54th Studio B The Spa @ French Pharmacie 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Specific Kneads Massage 6220 College Ave Static Salon 6503 Ferguson St Style 820 E. 64th St Supercuts 2112 E. 62nd St Synchronistic Touch 6471 Broadway Street Tangles Hair Salon 6310 College Ave The Yoga Center 6245 College Ave Urban Gypsy 6407 Ferguson St Village Barber Shop 810 64th St suite 200 Virginia Jarvis Coiffures 716 E. 65th St Weight Watchers Glendale Town Center Wellness Space, The 916 Westfield Blvd Suite 240 Where Beauty Begins 6521 Winthrop Ave Suite 9


D4 K3 I4◄ JJ32◄ OO25◄ G3 G2 C4 D4 II30

H3 D4◄ D3◄

Gas/Service Stations

C3◄ JJ32 G5 I5

Office of MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger D3 6417 Carrollton Ave David E. Dearing, Attorney JJ31 6100 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 657 Demos & Reyome Law Office KK23 5954 College Ave


1001 Properties 6201 Winthrop Ave #7 American Village 2026 E. 54th St 253-6950 Apter Properties 810 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Apartments 6184A Carvel Ave Broad Ripple Realty 1009 Broad Ripple Ave Century 21 - Gilliam 1001 Broad Ripple Ave Coffey Group Real Estate 6523 Cornell Ave


Flowers & Gifts 1134 E. 54th St. Studio A 923-6000


Blue Heron B&B 7123 Edgewater Place Boone Docks Bed & Breakfast 7159 Edgewater Place Indy Hostel 4903 Winthrop Ave


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Jeffery A. Evans, Attorney I2 6202 College Ave Law Office of Dana E. Daniels G4 6325 Guilford Ave, suite 210 Law Office of Gary Colasessano II30 1915 Broad Ripple Ave Law Office of Keith Shelton I5 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 12 Law Office of Robert Burkett OO26 1111 E. 54th Street, Suite 106 Lawrence Law Firm JJ31 6100 Keystone Ave Suite 257 Luetzelschwab Law, LLC D3 711 E. 65th St Monday, Rodeffer, Jones & Albright II30 1915 Broad Ripple Ave O'Ryan Law Firm HH30 1901 Broad Ripple Ave Ross & Brunner D2 6434 College Ave, suite F





Rich Gas Station 6419 College Ave







Broad Ripple Apts


School 80 Condos





Post Office











Bark Tutor 2122 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Animal Clinic 6225 Broadway St BR Animal Wellness Center 5897 College Ave City Dogs Grocery 5209 College Ave Fur Bee 911 Main St Good Dog Hotel and Spa 5345 N. Winthrop Ave Paw Patch Place 4850 College Ave 253-5964 Pet Supplies “Plus” 2238 E. 62nd St. The Neighborhood Veterinarian 2110 E. 62nd St. Three Dog Bakery 844 Broad Ripple Ave Village Dog, The 6224 Winthrop Ave



Fire Station

































Broad Ripple Dental Assn. 6214 Carrollton Ave Compass Chiropractic 5420 N College ave. Suite 101 Scott Christy, D.D.S. 6201 Winthrop Ave Dr. Rob Diegel 840 E. 64th St Dr. Eve Earley, D.C., C.S.T. 6344 Kingsley Dr Glendale Dental Associates 6202 Evanston Ave 251-0085 Dr. Harvey Himelstein 6320 Ferguson St Dr. Andrey M. Horton, D.D.S. 6434 College Ave Jansen Chiropractic and Wellness 1810 Broad Ripple Ave Ste 9 Dr. Ronald L. Johnston, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave Dr. John M. Klemen, D.D.S. 6112 College Ave Paul Kolman, D.D.S. 6508 #4 Westfield Blvd 255-8546 Dr. Robert D. Lucus, D.D.S. 6211 College Ave Martin Dentistry 1927 Broad Ripple Ave Northside Family Physicians 6320 Ferguson St Ossip Optometry 804 Broad Ripple Ave Osteopathic Clinic - Dr. Defrese 6471 Broadway St George Pendygraft, P.C. 6770 Spirit Lake Dirk A. Sterley, D.D.S. 6545 Carrollton Ave Darlene Vaughn, D.D.S. 6214 Carrollton Ave Mitch Wohlmuth, D.D.S. 917 E. 62nd St

BB26 QQ24◄

OO29◄ D4 I7 H6 H5 C5

College Court Condos 5347 College Ave Dale Morris Carpenter Realtors 6101 College Ave 216-8112 Edgewater Apartments 6701 College Ave Equitable Solutions 6251 Winthrop Ave. suite 4 Jade North Apartments 6565 College Ave JR Walsh Realty 6535 Cornell Ave Landford Realty Corp. 6332 Guilford Ave, suite 205 Lincolnshire Apartments 6221 College Ave McLane Realty 6358 College Ave Monon Mortgage 6525 Ferguson St Monon Place Apartments 5900 Carvel Ave Morris Group Realty 5936 N. Keystone Ave., Ste 203 RE/MAX Ability Plus 711 E. 65th St School 80 Condominiums 920 E. 62nd St Shore Acres Apartments 1105 Westfield Court West T&H Realty Services 760 E. 52nd St The Townes at Winthrop 6139 Winthrop Ave Veritas Realty 930 E. 66th St Wellington Square Apartments 725 E. 64th St


Allergy Relief Center 6471 Broadway St Dr. Arno Family Medicine 2620 Kessler Blvd Dr. Gary Breslauer, D.D.S. 6117 College Ave 257-3368 Broad Ripple Avenue Chiropractic 1803 Broad Ripple Ave



Call about our free booth rent offer! Schedule today, free product, new clients only 6201 Winthrop Ave Suite 2

J3◄ A3 I5 C3 B5 G4 H3 E2 C4

D3 I5 DD25◄ PP24 J6 B5 D3

KK32 K3◄ II30

OO23 I5 D5◄ GG29 II30◄ E4◄ D2 HH30 C3 J2 C5◄ I3 JJ30 E4 H4 D2 DD25 C3 I3 I5

I1 KK23 PP23◄ E5◄ OO24 ◄ HH31 HH31◄ H4◄ H5◄

Bishop Chatard High School JJ30 5885 Crittenden Ave Broad Ripple Amer. Legion Post E3 6379 College Ave Broad Ripple Fire Station #32 G4 6330 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple High School H9◄ 1115 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Kiwanis KK23 meets at Binkley’s 875-8755 ext. 209 Broad Ripple Masonic Lodge HH29 1716 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Park H11◄ 1550 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple Post Office H4 6255 Carrollton Ave Broad Ripple Village Assn. F6 6311 Westfield Blvd Broadway Park JJ22 61st and Broadway St Indpls. Mar. Cty. Public Library JJ32◄ Glendale Mall 6100 Keystone Ave Marott Park BB23 7350 College Ave

The Broad Ripple Gazette Next edition street date January 7 Ad deadline Dec 31

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5301 Winthrop Ave. 923-0261

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25


19 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011










How To Get To Broad Ripple From:










Indpls North Side Optimists Park 775 E. 66th St Park Tudor School 7200 College Ave School 84 - Joseph Bingham 440 E. 57th St Wash. Twp. Assessor’s Office 2188 E. 54th St Wash. Twp. Small Claims Court 5302 N. Keystone Ave Suite E



52ND ST A3 CC22 LL22◄ OO29 OO30

SF = SmokeFree D = Pet Friendly (outdoor) Alley Cat Lounge H4◄ 6267 Carrollton Ave Ambrosia Ristorante G5 915 Westfield Blvd Amer. Legion Kennington Post D5◄ 6440 Westfield Blvd Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill SF D G7 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant SF PP23◄ 5212 College Ave Average Joe’s Sports Pub G4 814 Broad Ripple Ave Barley Island SF H3 701 Broad Ripple Ave Baskin Robbins SF HH31 2201B Broad Ripple Ave Bazbeaux SF G3◄ 811 Westfield Blvd Bebop Pizza Kitchen OO23 705 E 54th St Binkley’s Kitchen & Bar SF KK23 5902 College Ave

















I-465 and Michigan Road

Take Michigan Road south approx. 2 ¾ miles to Westlane Rd. Turn left (East) onto Westlane Rd. Take Westlane Rd (becomes 73rd, then 71st St.) approx. 4 miles to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile










Take US31 (Meridian St.) South approx. 3 ¼ miles to 71st St. Turn left (East) on to 71st St. Take 71st St. approx. ½ mile to College Ave. Turn right (South) onto College Ave. Take College Ave. approx. 1 mile


61ST ST Brdway PARK















Carmel I-465 and N. Meridian

Take Meridian St. North approx. 6 ½ miles to Westfield Blvd. Turn right (North-East) onto Westfield Blvd. Take Westfield Blvd approx. 1 mile








Take I-69/SR37 Southbound (becomes Binford Blvd.) approx. 3 ¼th miles to 62nd St. Turn right (West) on 62nd. Take 62nd (becomes Broad Ripple Ave.) approx. 3 ½ miles

Downtown Indianapolis









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Castleton I-465 and I-69

Birdy’s Bar & Grill CC31◄ 2131 E. 71st St Biscuits Cafe SF D I6◄ 1035 Broad Ripple Ave Boogie Burger SF D G5◄ 927 Westfield Blvd BRICS SF E5◄ 901 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Brewpub SF C5◄ 840 E. 65th St 253-2739 Broad Ripple Tavern H3◄ 745 Broad Ripple Ave Brothers Bar and Grill SF D G5◄ 910 Broad Ripple Ave 252-5530 Brugge Brasserie SF G5◄ 1011 Westfield Blvd Buffalo Wild Wings H5 6235 Guilford Ave Canal Bistro SF D E4◄ 6349 Guilford Ave Casba G5 6319 Guilford Ave Chumley’s Grill H4◄ 838 Broad Ripple Ave Connor’s Pub E4 6331 Ferguson St Corner Wine Bar G5◄ 6331 Guilford Ave 255-5159 Cornerstone Coffee OO23◄ 651 E. 54th St Crackers Comedy Club H3 6281 College Ave Dagwood’s Deli & Sub Shop SF H4◄ 6336 Guilford Ave Donato’s Pizza SF II31◄ 2357 Broad Ripple Ave


52ND ST Egyptian Cafe & Hooka Bar D H4 6265 Carrollton Ave Einstein Bros Bagels SF D H8◄ 1055 Broad Ripple Ave Fat Dan’s Chicago-Style Deli SF H4 815 Broad Ripple Ave Flatwater Restaurant and Bar D G3◄ 832 Westfield Blvd Good Morning Mama’s SF OO24 1031 E. 54th St Gourmet Franks SF G5 916 Westfield Blvd Greek’s Pizzeria SF D D4 834 E. 64th St 465-9111 H2O Sushi SF HH30 1912 Broad Ripple Ave Hollyhock Hill SF 8110 College Ave 251-2294 Hot Box Pizza SF H4◄ 715 Broad Ripple Ave Hubbard & Cravens Coffee Co SF I4◄ 6229 Carrollton Ave India Garden SF H4 830 Broad Ripple Ave Jazz Kitchen, The SF OO23◄ 5377 College Ave Jimmy John’s SF H4 845 Broad Ripple Ave Just Judy’s SF OO30◄ 2210 E. 54th St Keystone Deli SF PP31◄ 2242 E. 53rd St 255-2288 Khoury’s HH30 1850 Broad Ripple Ave La Bamba SF H4 840 Broad Ripple Ave La Jolla Mexican Restaurant SF H5◄ 921 Broad Ripple Ave

La Piedad SF C5 6524 Cornell Ave Landsharks H4 810 Broad Ripple Ave Locals Only MM32◄ 2449 E. 56th St Mama Carolla’s Italian Rest. SF OO24 1031 E. 54th St Marco’s Pizza SF H2◄ 6286 College Ave Marco’s Restaurant & Lounge SF OO31 2380 E. 54th St McDonald’s SF G6◄ 1020 Broad Ripple Ave The Meridian LL20 5694 Meridian St Midtown Grill D G3 815 Westfield Blvd Mineshaft Saloon H4 812 Broad Ripple Ave Moe & Johnny’s D OO23 5380 College Ave Monical’s Pizza SF HH32 2635 E. 62nd St. Monkey’s Tale Bar G5 925 Westfield Blvd Monon Coffee Company SF G5◄ 920 Westfield Blvd Monon Food Company SF D C5◄ 6420 Cornell Ave Naked Tchopstix SF D H3◄ 6253 College Ave New Paradise Cafe H5 6314 Winthrop Ave Noodles & Co SF H5 927 Broad Ripple Ave Northside Kitchenette SF C3 6515 College Ave Northside Social SF C3◄ 6525 College Ave 253-0111 Old Pro’s Table H4◄ 827 Broad Ripple Ave Pawn Shop Pub D OO31◄ 2222 E. 54th St 255-5430 Penn Station East Coast Subs SF I7◄ 1089 Broad Ripple Ave Peppers H3 6283 College Ave Perk Up SF D C5◄ 6536 Cornell Ave Petite Chou SF D G3◄ 823 E. Westfield Blvd. Plump’s Last Shot D D5 6416 Cornell Ave Qdoba SF D G4 6334 Guilford Ave The Red Eye SF HH30◄ 1904 Broad Ripple Ave Red Key Tavern PP23◄ 5170 College Ave Red Mango SF H5 914 Broad Ripple Ave Red Room, The G5 6335 Guilford Ave Ripple Bagel & Deli SF H4◄ 850 Broad Ripple Ave The Ripple Inn SF G5 929 Westfield Blvd Rock Lobster H4 820 Broad Ripple Ave Rookies Eatery & Pub CC32◄ 2450 E 71st St Since 1990

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Spiritual Advising and Healing Phone: 317-721-5553


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Reupholstery Solutions for Interiors Phone 317.257.3246 Mobile 317.440.5544 Carpet & Cleaning Residential/Commercial

20 Vol. 7 No. 25 Sam’s Gyros SF OO23 5404 College Ave Shalimar Indian Restaurant SF I7◄ 1043 Broad Ripple Ave Sidewok Café, The SF I7◄ 1087 Broad Ripple Ave Starbucks SF H4◄ 854 Broad Ripple Ave Subway SF H5 901 Broad Ripple Ave Taste Cafe & Marketplace SF D PP23 5164 College Ave Thai Cafe SF I7 1041 Broad Ripple Ave The Usual Suspects G5 6319 Guilford Ave Three Sisters Cafe SF E4 6360 Guilford Ave Tru Nightclub H5 6235 Guilford Ave Union Jack Pub SF H5◄ 924 Broad Ripple Ave Vogue Inc H3◄ 6259 College Ave Wellington Pub G5 6331 Guilford Ave Wild Beaver Saloon H4 723 Broad Ripple Ave Yats SF D OO23◄ 5363 College Ave ‘Za pizza SF H4 801 Broad Ripple Ave Zest SF D OO26 1134 54th St Zoe’s Yogurt Village SF G5 916 Westfield Blvd


8Fifteen D3 815 E. 65th St 20 Past 4 & More C3◄ 6513 College Ave About Music H5 911 H Broad Ripple Ave addendum G5 908 Westfield Blvd Audio Solutions E5 6371 Guilford Ave Backyard Birds OO31◄ 2374 E. 54th St Be: bon vivant OO23 5369 College Ave Bead Angels D4 6419 Ferguson St Bébé Gâté H5 920 Broad Ripple Ave Bella Bridesmaids G5 916 Westfield Blvd Big Hat Books C5◄ 6510 Cornell Ave Bike Line, The C5◄ 6520 Cornell Ave 253-2611 Blue Door, The D2◄ 6426 College Ave BlueMile I7◄ 1079 Broad Ripple Ave Bluemingdeals PP31◄ 2242 E. 53rd St Bokay Florist OO23 5410 College Ave Broad Ripple Knits E4◄ 6367 Guilford Ave Broad Ripple Mini Vintage G3 833 E. Westfield Blvd. Broad Ripple Vintage D4◄ 824 E. 64th St Brooke’s Army-Navy Surplus OO23 5402 College Ave Bungalow, The G5◄ 924 Westfield Blvd Cartridge World HH31◄ 2138 E. 62nd St 259-7258 Casey’s Closet OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave Ceramic Dreams D OO26◄ 1134 E. 54th St Chelsea’s G5◄ 902 Westfield Blvd Coby Palmer Designs OO31 2376 E. 54th St CVS G2 6290 College Ave Der Glass Werks Stained Glass K3 6055 College Ave Designer Men’s Room C3 720 E. 65th St Dinwiddies I3 6216 Carrollton Ave Fine Estate Rugs KK23 5914 College Ave

The Broad Ripple Gazette Fox Studios KK23 5901 College Ave Frankey’s G5 912 Westfield Blvd Future Shock F4 6323 Ferguson St Gardener’s Market AA25 7501 Westfield Blvd Girly Chic Boutique G5◄ 922 Westfield Blvd Good Earth Natural Food E4◄ 6350 Guilford Ave 254-8604 got SOLE? H3◄ 6243 College Ave Habig Garden Shop PP23◄ 5201 College Ave Hardwickes Pipe & Tobacco H3◄ 743 Broad Ripple Ave Head Lines G6 1056 Broad Ripple Ave Honey Boutique G3 843 E. Westfield Blvd. Indie Bike PP23 652 E. 52nd St Indy CD & Vinyl H4◄ 806 Broad Ripple Ave 259-1012 Kayak Pools Midwest C4 845 E. 65th St lululemon athletica D5 6402 Cornell Ave Luna Music PP23 5202 College Ave Madames, Mice & More B3 6551 Carrollton Ave Magic Bus, The I7 1073 Broad Ripple Ave Marigold C5◄ 6512 Cornell Ave McNamara Florist K7◄ 1111 E. 61st St McVans Video Games H5 912 Broad Ripple Ave Michael’s Jewelry I5 6251 Winthrop Ave suite 5 Moondance Jewelry & Boutique D4 6323 Ferguson St N. Rue & Co. OO26 1134 E. 54th St, Studio I Niche H5 916 Broad Ripple Ave Night Owl Baby D5 6406 Cornell Ave P.S. Jewelers B3 6575 College Ave Palm Court Designs OO26◄ 1134 54th St, Studio K Periwinkle G5◄ 6323 Guilford Ave Personalized Corporate Services OO26 1134 E. 54th St, Studio L Pitaya H4 842 Broad Ripple Ave The Playful Soul C4 6516 Ferguson St. Portico F3 804 Laverock Rd Posh Petals OO25◄ 1134 E. 54th St. Studio A 923-6000 Pro Winds OO23 5412 College Ave Rag-O-Rama I7◄ 1069 Broad Ripple Ave Rain Boutique G3 839 E. Westfield Blvd. Reese Kitchens OO25 1057 E. 54th St 253-1659 Redemption G3 826 E. Westfield Blvd. Ripple Surf Board Shop H4 832 Broad Ripple Ave Rosalind Pope Surroundings OO26 1101 E 54th St Rusted Moon Outfitters D5 6410 Cornell Ave Segway C5 853 E. 65th St Sherwin-Williams II31 2221 E. 62nd St Suite A Shop Tibet G3 835 E. Westfield Blvd. Solomon-Jones Antiques & Interiors OO25 1103 E. 54th Snazzi Boutique E4 6356 Guilford Ave Susan VanHuss Designs OO26◄ 1134 54th St Studio J Teeki Hut H4 807 Broad Ripple Ave Toggery Resale Boutique II30◄ 1810 Broad Ripple Ave

Ubër Design KK23 5912 College Ave Urban Optiks D5◄ 840 E. 64th St Value World PP31 2350 E. 52nd St Vibes Records OO25 1051 E. 54th St The Village Experience K3 6055 College Ave Weaver’s Lawn & Garden H10◄ 1316 Broad Ripple Ave 255-9635 The Wedding Studio G3 823 ½ E. Westfield Blvd. Xquisite Clothing Boutique G3 841 E. Westfield Blvd.


David Logue & Assoc. Insurance C4 6556 Ferguson St State Farm - Elizabeth Marshall K2 6124 N. College Ave 255-2700


Airmaster Heating & Cooling OO23 5416 College Ave Alterations United Repair G4◄ 817 Broad Ripple Ave Ambre Blends Studio C4 6544 Ferguson St Apple Press C4 6327 Ferguson St Architectural Restoration, Inc. OO25 1101 54th St, Studio G Arthur Murray Dance Studio II31 2361 Broad Ripple Ave Auto Detailers OO24◄ 5301 Winthrop Ave. 923-0261 AVI Systems D3 6413 College Ave Bray Technologies PC Repair K3 6132 College Ave Bright Ideas AA25◄ 7425 Westfield Blvd 257-4111 Broad Ripple Appliance C3 6507 College Ave Broad Ripple Design Assoc. I2 660 E. 62nd St Broad Ripple Heating and Air B5 6542 Westfield Blvd Broad Ripple Lawn Equipment E4 823 E. 64th St Broad Ripple Lock Service II31 2023 Broad Ripple Ave Broad Ripple P&L I2 6224 College Ave Broad Ripple Restoration Painting G5 5916 Birchwood Ave Brothers Floor Covering OO24 1025 E. 54th St Cabinetpak Kitchens JJ31 6038 Keystone Ave Carreau Design C5 6528 Cornell Ave Central Indiana Comm. Foundation I11 1405 Broad Ripple Ave Chef JJ’s Back Yard G7 1040 Broad Ripple Ave Classic Cleaners I6◄ 1037 Broad Ripple Ave Clark & Osborne A4 6617 Ferguson St DEA, Inc. C4 6548 Ferguson St Deanna Hoskins Interior Design C3 726 E. 65th St Deering Cleaners E2 6380 College Ave Demerly Architects C5 6500 Westfield Blvd Drewmont Graphics OO24 5343 Winthrop Ave Elgin Water Care H6 1009 Broad Ripple Ave FedEx/Kinko’s G6 1050 Broad Ripple Ave Flanner & Buchanan H10◄ 1305 Broad Ripple Ave 475-4475 Front Row Tickets E2 6358 College Ave Greg Smith Associates, Inc. C4 6515 Carrollton Ave Hit City Recording Studio OO23 707 E 54th St Hubbard & Cravens Headquarters PP25 1114 East 52nd St Hughey Automotive & Marine OO24 5337 Winthrop Ave. 507-7559 Hughey Hartman Interiors OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave. Ideal Water Treatment E3 6345 Carrollton Ave Indy Cellular Repair I5 6251 Winthrop Ave Suite 2 Infinite Self Storage PP25◄ 1102 E 52nd St

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011 Insights Consulting, Inc KK23 5948 N. College Ave Integrated Learning I2 6201 College Ave Integrity Development Partners B5 930 E. 66th St JackieBlue ebay OO25 1049 E. 54th St Jiffy Lube D3 6401 College Ave Joy’s House HH30◄ 2028 Broad Ripple Ave Kayak Pools Midwest C4 845 E. 65th St Keystone Antiques and More CC31◄ 7004 Keystone Ave ste A Kim King Smith Events F5 6311 Westfield Blvd Suite 304 Kimmel Shoe Repair H3 733 Broad Ripple Ave Larry Hughey’s Refurbishing OO24 5335 Winthrop Ave. 257-3246 LifeGrid Internet HH29 1810 Broad Ripple Ave. #12 MicroVote General Corporation E4 6366 Guilford Ave Mirror Man, LLC I5 6201 Winthrop Ave Lower B Momentum Design H4 6304 Guilford Ave, suite A Mr. Poster E4◄ 855 Main St Noble of Indiana JJ23 6060 College Ave Northern Heating & Cooling PP25 5240 N Winthrop Ave Nugent Design B5 930 E 66th St Nygaard’s Service Center KK23 5898 College Ave OASIS H10◄ 1305 Broad Ripple Ave Olis Construction HH29 1654 Broad Ripple Ave Online Architecture E5 6344 Cornell Ave Optical Repair Shoppe JJ23◄ 6021 College Ave Painting By A Woman’s Touch JJ28 6141 Primrose Ave 255-8754 Pak Mail II31 2113 Broad Ripple Ave Passwater’s Auto Specialists H4 829 Broad Ripple Ave PRN Graphics OO25 1051 E. 54th St #B Process Controls Corp. C4 6519 Ferguson St Quality Leasing Co Inc G4 6320 Guilford Ave Re-Bath Designs JJ31 6038 Keystone Ave Renaissance Studios Music C5 6516 Cornell Ave Ripple FX Inc E4 6330 Ferguson St Riverwalk (banquet facility) DD25 6729 Westfield Blvd Roger Ward Engineering OO23 5420 N. College Avenue, Suite 202 Rogers Pools E5 6364 Westfield Blvd Royal Trophies & Awards C3 6539 Carrollton Ave Sasha’s Watch & Jewelry Repair H3 739 Broad Ripple Ave Scofield Editorial F6 6311 Westfield Blvd #302 Sequences PP23 5206 College Ave Small Box Consulting H4 6332 Guilford Ave Suite 207 Smoking Iron Alterations E4 6358 Guilford Ave Stretch Logistics I4 6220 Carrollton Ave Techedvise B5 6500 Westfield Blvd Tender Loving Care Health II31 6100 N. Keystone Ave. Suite 360 Thorp Awnings OO26 1101 E 54th St TGS Architects C4 6535 Ferguson St Total Computing F5 6311 Westfield Blvd touchAsoul design studio B5 6500 Westfield Blvd The UPS Store I7◄ 1075 Broad Ripple Ave Velvet Touch Dry Cleaners C3 6509 College Ave Village Montessori School A4 888 E 66th St Village Plumbing B5 6542 Westfield Blvd Wasted Space H5 915 Broad Ripple Ave

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21 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25

The Wine Scene as seen by The Broad of Ripple (Jill A. Ditmire) PRESERVING OUR PAST FO R G E N E R AT I O N S TO C O M E

Walking in a Winter Wino Land Dear Santa, I've tried to be naughty but my small town Catholic upbringing continues to keep me being nice-- so I guess I won't be getting any leather leggings or the Kim Kardashian Guide to Dating. Wine is fine. So howza bout.... 1 case of 1995 Pommery Madame Louise (may be past its prime but fun to find out) 1 case of 2005 DRC Echezeaux (I am a low maintenance kinda gal) 1 case of 2009 Ironhorse Vineyards Rose of Pinot Noir (like rubies in a glass) 1 case of 2005 Nicolas Joly Clos de la Coulee de Serrant Savennieres (biodynamic!) And if the elves can't find those how about some bottles that I know they can find in the Indianapolis area... 1 case of 2009 Dry Creek Chenin Blanc (crisp, elegant, great food white wine) 1 case of 2009 Broadbent Vinho Verde (light, fizzy, fun white wine) 1 case of 2009 San Pietro Schiava (wacky red Italian grape-light yet lush) 1 case of 2007 Tavignano Rosso (bold, bright red Italian blend. How about a man with similar qualities Santa?!) 1 case of 2007 Guenoc Victorian Claret (bold, bright red California blend-ditto on the man request.) 1 case Canidae Platinum SNAP Biscuits (guess who wants this? Harp says you can find them at City Dogs Grocery's NEW location on Massachusetts Avenue) Safe travels Santa- and I will be sure to leave you a mini bottle of Canella Peach Bellini as I know those prosecco bubbles with peach nectar tickle your nose and keep your cheeks rosy. Peace- Jill and Harp Jill A. Ditmire is an Omnimedia Wine Specialist who shares wit and wisdom nationwide in print, TV and radio, and is also an AWS-certified wine judge. Jill and doggyboy Harp live in Warfleigh, where she also consults and teaches in an effort to keep the doggyboy’s treat jar filled with biscuits and her freezer stocked with ice cream. Send your questions and comments to Jill at

Poetic Thoughts

by C.W. Pruitt II

Grandpa and Gandhi I was recently thinking about Mahatma Gandhi. I then began thinking about my grandfather. Soon I was thinking about the two of them - Comparing and contrasting them in my mind. The little poem below is a brief summary of my comparison between James G. Pruitt and Mohandas K. Gandhi:

my grandfather looked like Gandhi and had character like Gandhi but he was a lot more crotchety then Gandhi and that is why you have never heard of him C.W. Pruitt II Sept. 30, 2010

Random Ripplings TOYS 2010 is open at Arts Council of Indianapolis Gallery 924, located at 924 N. Pennsylvania Street. The exhibit runs through December 22. TuesFri 10am - 4pm, Thur 10am - 6pm. Left: Sockem by Carl B. Leck

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CW Pruitt II has been on the poetry scene in Broad Ripple for years. Email your questions/comments to

Random Ripplings

Janet Gilray played guitar at the book signing for her new book Voices In Time at Big Hat Books, located at 6510 Cornell Avenue.

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Howling at the Moon by Susan Smith 'Twas the season for shoppers to be in full swing with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Shop Local Saturday all directly after Thanksgiving. As a small business owner you know I was happy to see the birth of this new movement that is spurred by American Express. It is pleasing to see new emphasis put on small business, to see it become the new in thing, like “going green” has become. The Sunday Star business section featured the first article in a series about an up and coming doughnut business being launched on the east side. Mike Ferrell, a former manager of Krispy Kreme, is an entrepreneur you just want to support after reading his story. But his story is not unique. Every small business owner has a dream and a story to tell, varied as they all may be. This last spring our own area “shop local” movement was born – Midtown Loves Local. Headed up by Deborah Stoll and comprised of merchants and local business people the group has made a presence at public events such as farmers’ markets, art fairs and festivals. The Bank of Indianapolis and Nuvo are big supporters and sponsors. You will see the orange and gray logo colors showing up on tee shirts, bags, pins and book marks. Their goal is to make you aware of just how important it is to keep local business going. They tell us these facts: For each dollar you spend at an independent, locally owned Midtown business, approximately 80% goes back to the community versus about 35% from a franchise or chain — and 0% from the Internet. (That’s huge – reread it!) And… small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and, in Midtown, provide the most jobs to residents. The Star states that fully half of all private-sector jobs in the nation are in small business. And research shows that startup businesses, in particular, are the most important source of jobs and a main driver of innovation and productivity gains that raise our standard of living. The number of business closures has topped startups nationally in each of the past three years. By contrast, in every previous year dating to the mid 1990’s, more businesses opened than closed. Startups with fewer than 20 employees have a 37 % chance of surviving four years and a 9% chance of lasting ten years. On December 4th a local event took place at 52nd and College. “Christmas on the Corner” featured Photos with Santa, Christmas music, refreshments, trees and wreaths all provided by local businesses: Metropolitan Music & Cinema, Aristocrats Pub, Habig Garden Shop, City Dogs Grocery, Claire Corbin Photography and Broad Ripple neighbor, Jerry Taber as Santa. Midtown Loves Local was present to make you aware how important shopping local is. On a personal note, because of your support of my small business I am happy to announce that City Dogs Grocery is able to open a 2nd store at 884 Massachusetts Ave. It’s about that dream that I mentioned every small business owner has. Before I ever opened I had it in my mind that I might someday expand – hence the name City Dogs Grocery. It could be in any city. Here’s how my 2nd store came about. I’m crediting fellow Gazette columnist Jill Ditmire as being the catalyst. She sent me an encouraging email, out of the blue, regarding a disturbing issue I was facing. I meant to respond but days passed. I decided to go down personally and thank her for her kind words. I went down six weeks ago with my husband Dennis and we sat at her Mass Ave. Wine Shoppe sipping wine and talking. It’s a cozy little place with tables and sunny windows overlooking the new Cultural Trail. As we sat there imbibing we watched all the doggies walking down the trail. I looked at Jill and said “we need to be here” and she replied “yes you do” and “the shop two doors down is closing”. I got up and walked down the street to peer in the windows. I went back and said to her “I love it!”. She said “good, because I called Tom and he is waiting to hear from you”. It turns out Tom is the landlord that lives two blocks down from me on the same side of the street. So after talking with him on and off we walked down the street and sat with him signing the lease. We decided to open in THREE WEEKS! We had to cash in on that last two weeks of Christmas shopping. This is where you come in. You see, you put the HO, HO, HO in Merry Christmas because you support small local business and make Christmas dreams come true. I always say “pets make you smile” but so do loyal customers. Bless you! See you on the Avenue (College or Mass.) Come down to Jill’s and have a glass of wine. It’s a cool place. And keep your eyes open for Mike Ferrell’s new doughnuts called Virginia Kay’s. Susan Smith is a life-long area resident and is the owner of City Dogs Grocery located at 52nd and College. Send your pet related questions/comments to susan@

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

Sudoku solutions

puzzles on Page 10

Hidden History solution

puzzle on Page 15



22 Vol. 7 No. 25


Crossword solution

puzzle on Page 15


Broad Ripple Brewpub Quiz Answers (Questions on page 5) Brewpub Trivia Question 1994 Halloween 1. Bing Crosby 2. Rob Zombie 3. The Celts 4. XXI (21) Holidays Of The World 1. Tet 2. Albania 3. Ramadan 4. October Nobel Prizes 1. Marie Curie 2. Martin Luther King Jr. 3. The Old Man And The Sea 4. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov Greek Mythology 1. Perseus 2. Icarus 3. 12 4. Apollo The Films Of Alfred Hitchcock 1. Psycho 2. North By Northwest 3. Raymond Burr 4. Daphne Du Maurier

Where in the Village? puzzle on Page 10


It is on the wall of the Monkey's Tale bar at 925 Westfield Blvd.

Broad Ripple Brewpub Celebrating our 20th Year

Family Dining Available Year-Round • Now open at Noon on Sundays • Mon-Thurs 11am - midnight Fri-Sat 11am - 1am Sun noon - 10pm

840 E. 65th Street 253-2739

23 Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Vol. 7 No. 25


Right in my Own B a c k y a r d


[for a full & happy tummy AND a full & happy wallet]

Served Sundays through Thursdays from 4 p.m.

by Brandt Carter Backyard Birds Legend “How Santa Knows Who’s Naughty or Nice” One day, a chickadee lit on my feeder and began singing. His song told me a Christmas tale about the year Santa Claus lost the List. Goodness, Santa didn’t know who had been naughty or nice. There was no list! Three days before the big night, Santa was still searching his house, workshop and stable – no list. The Mrs. could be of no help because she had to bake her stollens and kugels to finish her holiday projects. Meanwhile, Santa bellowed, “Where is the List? There will be NO Christmas. I don’t know who has been naughty or nice!” After much rummaging and fretting, there was a peck, peck, peck at the window. Two snowy owls that lived in the hollow of the old tree outside the kitchen window pecked until they got Santa’s attention. “Can we help?” they asked. Santa replied, “Oh, if only. You see, I have no list. Without it, there will be no trip and no gifts!” The two wise owls put their heads together to try to save Christmas. They knew the reindeer could not help because they had to save their strength for the big night. The snowshoe hares were too small to hop very far. The seals only went as far south as the California Coast – not far enough. The elves were too busy making last minute gifts. Was there no one at the North Pole to help? Was there no magic left – no miracles? Finally, the aha! Only one group could help: the birds of the world. All the owls had to do was fly far enough south to issue the alert. Because birds inhabited almost every earthly corner, each bird could go to the home of a boy or girl and watch to see who was naughty or nice. Then the birds would report back so Santa could make the List again. That is exactly what happened. Christmas was saved. Santa wrote the List again because “a little bird told him so”… That is, who was naughty or nice. Because all the gifts were delivered on time that year so long ago, birds have been very much a part of every Christmas celebration ever since. Feeding the birds a special treat is an important part of the holidays – a sheaf of wheat, seed wreaths, fruit and nuts. And this is why having a bird’s nest in your Christmas tree brings luck for the New Year. Brandt Carter, artist, herbalist, and naturalist, owns Backyard Birds at 2374 E. 54th Street. Visit her web site Email your bird questions to

All Items, $12.95

Add a side salad, $2.50

Filet Mignon Special

6 oz. petit filet, grilled to order & served with house potatoes & a fresh vegetable.

Sausage Casserole

Spicy, creamy & filling…steaming noodles, sharp cheddar cheese, sweet peppers & savory sausage.


Blackened white fish with fresh lemon, sweet carrot soufflé & a fresh vegetable.

Chicken Pot Pie

Mashed potatoes layered with traditional “pot pie filling” topped with puffed pastry.


Wine Bar style…generously portioned & topped with savory tomato jam. Accompanied by mashed potatoes & a fresh vegetable.

Save even more when you add a bottle of wine from our “Manager’s Bin”, only $20!


t The winners in the Broad Ripple Village Association 2010 Lights Up! contest are: Top: Outrageous 6055 Gladden Drive. Middle: Traditional 6633 Broadway St. Bottom: Artistic 6223 Meridian West Drive

24 Vol. 7 No. 25

The Broad Ripple Gazette

Dec 17 - Jan 6, 2011


Epworth United Methodist Church 6450 Allisonville Road

The Christmas Story Comes to Life Live Nativity Friday, December 17 and Saturday, December 18 from 5-8 p.m.

50 OFF

NEW PATIENT OFFER $200 for Custom Whitening Treatment With



Broad Ripple Family Dental

6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2


New patients only. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with any other discounts. Limit 1 per person. Broad Ripple Gazette

Get an appropriate cleaning & receive



WHITENING FOR LIFE! as long as you remain a patient of our practice for routine dental care!

Broad Ripple Family Dental

Some restrictions apply.

6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2


New patients only. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with any other discounts. Limit 1 per person.

Exp: 1/21/11

Broad Ripple Gazette

Exp: 1/21/11


Broad Ripple Family Dental

6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2


New patients only. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with any other discounts. Limit 1 per person. Broad Ripple Gazette

Exp: 1/21/11

Implant & Family Dentistry

With a Special Interest & Experience in Cosmetic Dentistry.

• Same Day Emergency Care • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Christmas Music Service "Prepare, Proclaim and Honor His Coming" Sunday, December 19, 8:45 and 11:00 a.m.

• • • • • • • • • •

Christmas Eve Services 6:00 p.m. Family Friendly & 11:00 p.m. Candlelight Service

Crowns Bridges Veneers Implants Cosmetic Fillings Whitening/Zoom Bleaching Root Canal Extractions Custom Dentures Invisalign

We accept & file most insurance claims. Preferred provider for Delta, Anthem and HRI.

6117 N. College Ave. Suite 2 •

Ghiath Halwani, DDS Gary L. Breslauer, DDS Darrin R. Combs, DMD, MS


Office Hours: Mon. 8am-5:30pm Fri. 8am-noon (Alternating Weeks) Tues. 8am-5:30pm Sat. 8am-noon Wed. 8am-5:30pm (Alternating Weeks) Thurs. 8am-4:30pm


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