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Data Visualization Brittany Paris

Wednesdays: Initial trek no class

week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11

no class

week 12 week 13 week 14 handlebars MTA subway feet NYC taxi home The New School

Wednesdays: final trek no class

week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11

no class

week 12 week 13 week 14 Handlebars MTA subway feet NYC taxi home The New School

10 AM

730 PM 12 PM



915 AM

1115 AM 1115 AM

845 PM

130 AM 3 PM

1015 AM 1045 AM 945AM 830 AM

1045AM 945 AM

1115 AM 12 pm

1 PM

115 PM

1130 am

12 pm


2 PM




1115 PM

week 14 week 13

10 PM

week 12 week 11

1145 PM

week 10 week 9 9 PM

week 8 week 7

915 PM

week 6

4 PM 1045 pm 1045 PM

week 5

week 4

1015 PM 530 PM 950 PM

week 3 915 PM

week 2

515 PM

week 1 1H



week 15

1030 PM 845 PM

1015 PM

1045 PM 815 PM 745PM 845 PM 10 PM

930 PM 815 PM 850 Pm 830 pm


Data Visualization Project While geting used to a new city, i always find it useful to do a good deal of wandering. Moving to New York City has been no exception. I decided to take data from the route I took to and from Media Practices: Concepts each Wednesday.

Week 1: No Class

Raw Data

Week 2: Wednesday September 7 12 PM Boarded R train at Dekalb Av. Rode to Prince Street walked to Mac store at 103 Prince Street. Walked up broadway to 13th street arrived at 5:15 PM. Left school at 8:30 PM Took the Q train home and walked home. Arrived at 9:15 PM. Week 3: Wednesday September 14 left home 11:35 AM walked over manhattan bridge, through lower Manhattan arrived at 55 W. 13th Street at 2 PM. Left School at 8:50 PM, took the Q train home and walked down DeKalb past Ft. Greene Park. Arrived Home at 9:47 PM. Week 4: Wednesday September 21 Left home 1:03 pm and walked over Manhattan Bridge, through Lower Manhattan to NYU Bobst Library. Arrived at 55 W. 13th Street at 5:30 PM. 8:15 PM Boarded the L train and first went to 8th Av, then rode it back to 1st av. walked to La Lucha at 147 Av. A. Walked back to the L train and transferred to the G at the bedford Stop. Exited at Lafayette Street and Walked home. Arrived at 10:25 PM. Week 5: Wednesday September 28 Left home 12:06 PM walked by Ft. Greene park to DeKalb Av. Boarded Q train and exited at 14th Street. Rrrived at 1:13 PM. left 55 W. 13th at 9:30 PM. Rode R train home to arrive at home at 10:46 PM. Week 6: Wednesday October 5 left home at 11:15 AM. Walked over the Manhattan Bridge and arrived at Zucotti Park. Marched with group and broke off at 12:45 PM to Arrive at 55 W. 13th at 3:35 PM. Left at 10 PM. Walked to 14th Street Union Square and took the Q train home to arrive at 10:47 PM.

Week 7: Wednesday October 12 Left home at 8:30 AM and walked to Dekalb Av. to board the B train. Got off the B and walked up 6th Avenue. Arrived at 55 W. 13th at 9:45 AM. Left 55 W. 13th Street at 8:45 and then to the R train to arrive at 9:15 PM. Week 8: Wedenesday October 19 9:45 AM Walked to Dekalb Av rode Q train to 14th Street. Walked to 55 W. 13th street, arrived at 10:45 am. 7:45 PM Walked from 55 W. 13th street to R train to Dekalb Av, arrived at 9 PM. Week 9: Wednesday October 26 10:15 AM Walked to Jay Stret Metro and boarded the F train. Exited at 14th Street Union Square at 10:45 AM. Left the building at 8:15 PM. Walked to 14th street union square to board the L train to WIlliamsburg. Exited at the Bedford stop and walked to 322 Marcy Av. Rode on handlebars of bike and walked internittently on the way home. Arrived home at 3:45 AM. Week 10: Wednesday November 2 Left home at 12 PM. Walked over manhattan bridge to Broome Street all the way to Mercer, then up 6th Av. Arrived at 55 W. 13th at 3 PM. Left School at 10:45 PM. Rode R Train home to arrive home at 11:45 PM. Week 11: Wednesday November 16 No Class Rode R train to 2 W. 13th Street at 7:30 pm. Arrived at 8:40. Left at 10:15 Walked to L train and got off at Bedford stop. Walked to 322 Marcy Av. Took the L to the G train from there. Exited at Layfayette and walked home to arrive at 1:30 AM. Week 12: Wednesday November 23 No Class Week 13: Wednesday November 30 10 AM Walked to Dekalb Av. Train and boarded the B train. Walked from B train to 55 W. 13th street to arrive at 11:15 AM. 8:45 PM rode home on the N train. Exited at Atlantic Terminal. Walked to the national (food) walked home. Arrived home at 10 PM. Week 14: Wednesday December 7 9:15 AM Rode Taxi to TekServe at 23rd street and 6th Avenue. walked to 55 W. 13th Street at 11:15 AM. 10:30 PM took the Q train home to DeKalb Av. Walked by the park home to arrive at 11:15 PM. Week 15: Wednesday December 14 No Class

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