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By Edward Ren, yr 9

Stranded visitors Interviews of Will and Georgia Webb Q: What’s it like to be trapped in Beijing? Will: Being trapped is a very interesting experience but I love Beijing so I feel very happy about being here. Georgia: I think being trapped in Beijing is a very big experience but it is quite scary although I think Beijing is very big and there are a lot of big but very interesting places.

Other than being stranded I like the weeks now although I LOVE BSB I wish I could I would stay here every- life style, food and all the big places in Beijing. one is so friendly. G : We’ve been here a long time but we don’t know how long we will be staying here. I think that BSB is a great friendly school and I have made lots of friends.

Q: What do you miss from home? W:I miss my friends, my house and my drum kit! (You should have asked Will, you could have used the school one!)But I still get to do all the sight Q: How long have you been here and seeing . how do you find BSB? G:I miss my family (Dad), pets, W:We have been here for three school and English food. Interview by Joshua Raadwijk, yr 7

Others I think that being trapped in Beijing is pretty cool but at the same quite scary. I think that Beijing is so amazing. It’s a really big city with lots of cool stuff.

By Kelvin Ng, yr 8

By Jae Jung Park, yr 8

om illnye.c www.b

Benjamin Zephaniah

By Kevin Huang, yr 8

FACT FILE Full name: Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah Date of birth: 15 April 1958 From: Handsworth, Birmingham, England Nationality: British Work: Writer Genres: Poems, teen fictions 17th of March, Year 6, 7 and 8s met Benjamin Zephaniah (the famous poet) in the school theatre. He is funny and cheerful. We heard the poem “I luv me

-fu skills and it was hilarious. He said running away from others is the most useful Kung-fu skill in the world. After the talk on the stage, many of us got his signature signed on his new novel- Teacher’s dead.

Who’s who?

mudder” and it was amusing because he used a funny accent. This is a fast paced poem, but you can still feel how he loves his “mudder”. We asked him questions and we found out that he was kicked out of school when he was 13. He likes making others laugh, he made this joke about the Arsenal football club and all students were laughing their heads off. Last, he showed us his Kung

I used to think nurses Were women, I used to think police Were men, I used to think poets Were boring, Until I became one of them. Poem from

Steve Connell - The Grand Slam By Edward Ren, yr 9

Fact File Name: Steve Gerard Connell Occupation: Slam poet, Spoken word artist, Playwright and actor Co-writer: Sekou (tha Misfit)



Dependable, calm, methodical, patient, hardworking, ambitious, conventional, steady, modest, logical, active, selfassured, optimistic, passionate and independent, considerate, resolute, dynamic, affectionate, Tenacious

narrow-minded, materialistic, demanding, courageous, rebellious, quick tempered, careless, unpredictable, rigid

REAL TIGERS IN CHINA The South China Tiger ‘The South China Tiger is the ancestor of all tigers.’ says WWF. This tiger has been slaughtered for years, and now people question the tigers existence. This tiger is also called Xiamen or Amoy Tiger. Males weigh 330 lbs. and 7 ½ feet long. Females average 240 lbs. and 7 ½ feet long.

They are orange-reddish in color, with a white underside. Their diet consists of mostly large mammals, like deer, livestock and buffalo. These Tigers were wiped out beacause of pest control, and a hunting ban was created in 1979.


The South China Tiger

Tom Cruise Leonardo DiCaprio Marilyn Monroe Demi Moore Agatha Christie Lionel Ritchie

Queen Elizabeth II Ludwig van Beethoven Lady GaGa Penelope Cruz Lindsay Lohan


Watch out for tigers!

TIGER The Book Tiger is Jeff Stone’s first book in the Five Ancestors kung fu adventure series. This historical adventure is set in a forest near Cangzhen temple, 350 years ago during the Ming dynasty in China. Cangzhen temple is destroyed and before the grand kung fu master dies he instructs his five youngest pupils –each a master of a different style of kung fu - to search out the secrets of their pasts. This book, follows the adeventures of Fu, master of the tiger style kung fu’s. However, Fu has an arch enemy called Ying. Both characters have different personalities: Ying is full of fury and anger, killing the grandmaster who had lied to him about his past. Fu is sensitive yet strong, and doesn’t accept failure. This book shows the relationship between six brothers and their unique skills. There are many important issues: especially when Fu fought with Tonglong (Ying’s number one soldier) and he steals the secret dragon scroll. I would recommend this book to everyone in BSB. This was the best book series ever! By Kai Park, yr 7

What are Vampires? According to tradition, a vampire is a person who does not die, an "un-dead," whose corpse rises from the grave at night and seeks to suck the blood of the living. The vampire must return to the grave at dawn or will turn into a cloud of dust. Victims of vampires become servants as lesser vampires.

The history of Vampires Dracula is a novel written in 1897 by Irish author Bram Stoker, featuring as the vampire Count Dracula the evil character. There is a vampire book called The Castle Of The King 1811 by Bram Stoker’s short story. Summary? What is it about? Where is it set? What happens?

Modern Vampires Now Vampires are back in fashion, thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. The books are about a girl called Bella Swan, who has always been a little bit different. Never one to run with the crowd, Bella never cared about fitting in with the trendy, plastic girls at her Phoenix, Arizona high school. Then she meets a boy called Edward, who unbeknown to her is a vampire. He lives with his family, who are also vampires and locked in constant battle with their mortal enemies, the Werewolves.

Cirque Du Freak Vampire writer Darren Shan has written all different kinds of vampire books. This book is about a young boy named Darren Shan – yes, he wrote himself in the book who always loved spiders. His life as an ordinary schoolboy is over because his friend Steve was bitten by Madam Octa, Darren’s poisonous pet spider. If he doesn’t get the antidote quickly, Steve will die. Darren Shan has to go back to Cirque Du Freak, a a circus full freak performers, to find the antidote which he had stolen from Mr. Crepsely, a vampire masquerading as circus performer. The only way to get the antidote is to be Mr. Crepsely’s vampire assistant... I recommend this highly original book to all secondary school students because it is packed with adventure and horror. In my opinion this book is the best book that I’ve ever read!

Review by Casey Cheung, yr 7

By Philip Mannes, yr 11

Four candidates, three judges, one job. Oceane Duprat, Luke Wertheim, Chris Lee and Franklin Sunkuli were the candidates in the first series of ‘BSB Apprentice’, aiming for a

place in the ‘Brightway’ company. The task, to create a CV (a summary of a person’s qualifications, experience and qualities), and then complete and interview with the panel of judges.

then tried to persuade the judges by saying she would always give 100% effort, and in their interviews Franklin and Chris gave some compelling answers to some very thorny questions.

Each contestant had to sell themselves and convince the interviewers, Tommy, Philip and Alissa,. that they were the best apprentice for Mr Brightwell. It was Luke’s turn to be interviewed first. He explained how he would be a great leader and was looking towards the future. Oceane

After much deliberation from the i nt e rv ie w e rs the competition came down to a tie between Oceane and Luke. However, after Mr Brightwell’s evaluation it appeared that Luke performed best in the interview, but he would not have gotten the job as Oceane had produced a better CV.

Tips For Interviews      

Prepare! Be ready to answer FAQ’s. Dress up! First Impressions are vital. Know your CV and the company! Stay calm and be confident! Body language counts. Be positive and creative! Sell yourself! Focus on your best attributes.

Things that should not have been done or said Things that should not have been done or said “I like guns” (goes well with a grin)  “That (question) doesn’t make sense. That’s an oxymoron.” Oceane Duprat 

“Well, I like going for a drink with my friends.”

Luke Wertheim  “Don’t you think you’re under-age for drinking?” Alissa Martin  “Which animal would you like to be?” Tommy Siu  Hyperventilate By Luke Wertheim, Tommy Siu, Oceane Duprat and Philip Mannes

By: Mina shin, yr 7

The bright blue sea welcomed the yellow submarine as it slowly submerged into the shimmering water, where everything was calm and still. Very still. The four agents, Diana, Claire, Annabeth and Penelope were sharing mixed emotions; part of them was eager to solve the mystery and become famous and part of them was , knowing that The bright blue sea welcomed the yellow submarine as it slowly submerged into the shimmering water, where everything was calm and still. Very still. The four agents, Diana, Claire, Annabeth and Penelope were sharing mixed emotions; part of them was eager to solve the mystery and become famous and part of

them was , knowing that they may die and just be one of the many sunken ships in the Bermuda Triangle. There was a grumbling sound that roared across the submarine. “Want a tuna sandwich?” smiled Claire having heard Diana’s grumbling stomach. “No thanks, I don’t feel like eating. I’ll just double check all the equipment for the mission. You know Annabeth, always forgetting things.” Everybody laughed and the mood was instantly lightened. After one hour, there was a sudden explosion. BANG! “What was that?”, inquired Penelope, “Has the submarine hit something?” Worried, Annabeth ran over to the control panel and frantically

clicked all of the buttons. The fear crept into Annabeth’s eyes and she screeched, “Oh no! The engine has died!” Everybody panicked. “There is no choice. Diana and Claire come with me and Annabeth, you should stay in the submarine and see if you can fix it.” commanded Penelope. Penelope quickly rushed to where all the equipment was and started gathering things. “So, what’s your plan?” Claire asked. “Well, we will swim!” said Penelope unsurely. Since it was better than doing nothing in the submarine, Claire, Diana and Penelope put on their diving suit, goggles with video camera, oxygen tanks, and weapons and off they went into the unknown.

to swim away. Claire glanced over her shoulder to check As the time passed, Diana, whether everybody was Claire and Penelope got tired keeping up with her. Penelope and were freezing because was dropping back. Diana they were swimming right at instinctively got her father’s the bottom of the ocean. However, the company of the precious knife out, which he used to kill sharks. “NOOOO!” shoals of multi-coloured fish cried Diana as she stabbed the comforted them. There were fish like nemo, long nose fish, shark’s scaly, tough skin. The puffer fish and many more. In ocean became red. Full of blood. Penelope’s lifeless body addition, there were lots of coral in all different shapes and was sinking towards the ocean bed. colours of the rainbow. Also, there were reeds and other “What shall we do now? Shall vegetation that danced with we head back to the submarine the rippling water breeze. with her body?” said Diana through her tears. “I feel sorry Unexpectedly, all the fish for her but we have to carry dispersed and the ocean felt isolated and quiet. Something on.” said Claire. “But… But…”

missing bodies which had featured heavily in the news were there. “Let’s get a closer look.” whispered Claire, excited and eager to find out what happened. Claire and Diana flicked on their goggle cameras and slowly turned around to film the shocking scene. In the distance, Diana heard a faint swirling sound. “Can you hear that sound?” asked Diana. “What sound?” “Listen carefully!” Claire could hear it too. It made a sound like water draining from a bath. It was a gargling sound which created a ghostly atmosphere.

Curious, Claire darted off towards the centre of the Bermuda triangle to see where the noise was coming from. Beneath Claire, was a miniscule swirl of sand that looked very suspicious. “Don’t go there. Something bad might happen!” screamed Diana with terror creeping into her voice. However, it was too late. Suddenly, the swirl of sand became bigger and engulfed her like a vacuum machine sucking her down beneath the ocean bed. Diana was in shock of what had happened. She didn’t bad was going to happen. “Do started Diana. “We have to. know what to do but she knew We can’t give up all our hard you see that grey thing over there?” said Diana, squinting. work for this. Penelope would she must go back to the “Yes, but I have no idea what it want us to solve this mystery”. submarine to download the “Ok.” They headed towards the footage of her camera and is.” answered Penelope. The object was coming closer and Bermuda Triangle. They were explain all the things she had seen, heard and felt. very close. closer until it bared its white Nevertheless, the darkness razor-sharp teeth. It was a They were here- their destiny- swept across the ocean as if it shark! “It’s a shark! Swim!” was trying to stop Diana from cried Penelope flailing her long the Bermuda Triangle. When they arrived, they noticed the telling the truth. arms frantically. The shark noticed her. It rushed towards sunken ships and aircrafts The swirling, gargling noise her, cutting through the water littering the bottom of the could be heard again. at a rapid speed. The girls tried ocean floor, but none of the

Meg Harper In the Autumn term, renowned children’s novelist, Meg Harper, paid BSB a visit, to share some of her story writing tips and sign her books for eager readers. For those of you who want to find out more, here are her answers to some of her FAQs.

really got one! At the moment, I really like ‘Fur’. I think it’s very gripping and also very moving. I hope you think so too. What’s you favourite book? My favourite adult book is ‘Middlemarch’ by George Eliot. For children, it’s currently ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar but there are loads that I like! Where do you get your ideas from? Frequently from my own life and the crazy things that happen to me! From particularly atmospheric places. From other things that I’ve read or seen. From doing drama. From God – no other explanation! Which is your favourite of the books that you’ve written? I always say something different for this one so I don’t think I’ve

What made you want to be a writer? I love writing and I love reading!

1997 – ‘My Mum and Other Horror Stories’. Who is your favourite character? There are a lot of interesting people in my books, I think, but I have a special fondness for Kate in the ‘My Mum’ books, probably because she’s quite like me and because I’ve been writing about her for so long. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a writer? Read as much as you can and learn to type! The get down to it. Don’t spend ages thinking about it – do it

When did you start writing? I’ve always enjoyed writing but didn’t start getting serious about Source: it until I was about 25 or 26 when I was still a teacher in comprehensive schools. When was your first book published and what was it?

Newsletter Date

Volume 1, Issue 1

Students’ Favourite Books

Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz Fourteen-year-old Alex is back to school trying to adapt to his new double life...and double homework. But M16 have other plans for him.

Investigations into the "accidental" deaths of two of the world's most powerful men have revealed just one link: both had a son attending Point Blanc Academy - an exclusive school for rebellious rich kids, run by the sinister Dr Grief and set high on an isolated mountain peak in the French

Alps. Armed only with a false ID and a new collection of brilliantly disguised gadgets, Alex must infiltrate the academy as a pupil and establish the truth about what is really happening there. Can he alert the world to what he finds before it is too late?

Fur by Meg Harper, Book review:

Fur is a very cool modern fantasy book of mystery and myth about experiencing first love and teenage body image. The main character, a teenager called Grace, lives on the coast with her dad and spends more time swimming than doing anything else. The ocean is essential to her state of mind. It calms her down. Her life is very normal. She has friends and had been asked out by a guy. However, there are also unsolved mysteries in her life: she doesn’t know why her mother had left home and worst of all, nearly every inch of Grace's body is covered in fine, short, silky fur. Fur is a very thrilling book which has a lot of twists that would have never been expected. This extremely exciting book will keep you on the very edge of your seat!

Game Review By Thomas Tarry, yr 8 Assassins Creed II In Assassins Creed II you play an assassin called Ezio Auditore De Firenze, who lives in Florence during the Italian Renaissance of the 16th century. The point of the game is to assassinate given targets. In the old game you have own your own weapons two short swords, one long sword, throwing knives and one knife - but in the new Assassins Creed II you have thirty different weapons and many different ways to disarm the enemies. The Assassins Creed was good, Assassins’ Creed II is GREAT!!! 9/10

Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty is a first person shooter series.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a game where there has been a The game we’re talking break out of rabies-like about is more commonly pathogen. They call it known as C.O.D. I call it the apocalypse. COD. The game is about The point of the game is the future of warfare. to kill, compete and get The online mode of this to the safe house. game is tough and chal- This game is bloody and lenging but great fun. violent … in other words The game came out No- it’s awesome! vember 16th. The game’s graphics are Watch out for this game good but not spectacular. because it has great It came out in Novemgraphics and it is the ber 18! best selling shooter 2009 to 2010 8/10 10/10

Top 4 BSB Games Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare


Animal crossing Wild World


Counter Strike Source 3

Need for Speed Carbon 4

Travel guide of Denmark Looking for a place to visit this Summer? Why not find out what Denmark has to offer? By Susie Kwon, yr 7 Denmark is a small country in the northwest part of Europe. It is neighboring with Germany, Norway, and Sweden. The

called Hans Christian Anderson. His stories became very famous. He wrote the book called Little Mermaid, The Red Shoes ,and the Nightingales. Little Mermaid had became so famous Disney made it into a movie. The Little Mermaid was also made in statue. People who have visited Denmark should have seen this statue.

capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. The population of Denmark is 5,497,525.The total area of Denmark is 43,094 square kilometers. The languages that Danish often History use are Danish, Faroese, Denmark’s country has a long history. The Vikings were from Denmark. Vikings had lived during 800~1050 AD. Vikings are also known as the North Germanic tribe. and Greenlandic. Ninety five percent of Danish follow a Christian religion called Evangelical Lutheran, three percent are Protestant and Roman Catholic and two percent are Muslim. Famous Danes There was a Danish author

There are lots of places we can visit in Denmark. For example Amalienborg palace, Bakkehus Museum and Slotsholmen etc. But the most famous Place to see is the statue called “The Little Mermaid”. The Little Mermaid was built after the

story called The Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Anderson. The

statue of Little Mermaid is Source:

located in Copenhagen and it is at harbor of Langelinie. The next place you can visit is Amalienborg Palace. The founder of a Amalienborg is King Frederick V. It is located in Copenhagen.


Hello: Goddag Good Bye: Farvel Thank you: Tak Yes: Ja

Trends this SpringTrends this Spring From


The world is full of fashion and here I am bringing to you the top fashions to wear in Beijing. Let’s start with shirts. This spring, baggy jumpers with oversized turtle necks worn with skinny jeans are all the rage. If you don’t like the sound of that, why not try something more simple: Paul Frank T-shirts, simple, cute and in so many styles. It’s a monkey! What’s not good about it? Simple t-shirts with simple things are the cutest things this season.

By: Anat Kleiman, yr 7

how when you look at her you go WOW! That’s what it feels like to see something incredible. Here’s another Gaga exclusive. The pumpkin shape, or the bee as some people call it, was on Lady Gaga as she was walking out of a shopping mall. If you would like more advice Here’s an check these awesome girl magazine: Marie with confidence, Claire, Vogue, Lady Gaga at the Elle, For more 2010 Grammy fashion help. awards. Notice Cowboy boots Tight shirts Baggy pants

Lady Gaga with the bee look. Lady Gaga at the Grammy awards

Here are the latest styles 2010

From Coutorture Fashion Magazine

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