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Hazak Road Trip: Guided Tour of Jewish Galveston Brith Shalom Tribute to Alice Lok Cahana CBS Adult & Teen Retreat Wrap Up Elaine Kellner to Receive 2012 Marcia Sheena Award Community-wide Young Professionals Build Partnership Sisterhood Torah Fund Bark Mitzvah Men’s Club Shabbat Mother’s Day at the Baseball Field Young Professionals Lag B’Omer Bash CBS Community Garden KICKS OFF “Shema”, by Alice Lok Cahana. Photo used with permission by the artist.

A Message from

Rabbi Ranon Teller In Memory of Rabbi Moshe Cahana z”l, In Honor of Alice Cahana I am inspired by the memory of Rabbi Moshe Cahana z’’l. Although we never met in this world, we have met in the world of souls. And in that world, he is my teacher. He taught me that my most precious Rabbinic resource is my presence. Rabbi Cahana spent time with you. He cared for you. He witnessed life with you. He and Alice were on a Rabbinic mission for ethical values, spiritual awakening and moral refinement. He wrote, “In 1959 I began to serve Congregation Brith Shalom. The uniqueness of Brith Shalom is inherent in its choice to function as a spiritual fellowship that celebrates studies and sensitivity. It is a remarkable style, and I appreciate the experience of having served the Congregation as its Rabbi and Spiritual Advisor.” His view of his leadership position was two-fold: Rabbi and Spiritual Advisor. When I describe what I do, I either use Rabbi or Spiritual Leader but never both. What might the dual, repetitive title mean? A Rabbi runs a shul: leading services, officiating at lifecycles, visiting the sick, teaching classes, managing projects, etc. A spiritual advisor does that and more. A spiritual advisor transcends transitory concerns and enters the realm of soul. A spiritual advisor is deeply rooted in tradition, text, essence, life, mitzvah, community, caring. The world of the soul is where Rabbi Moshe Cahana lived and continues to live as a source of inspiration for his students and his family. The world of the soul is where I am blessed with brief moments of connection with him. I am grateful and blessed to be walking in his footsteps. May his soul continue to inspire us and guide us.

Rabbi Ranon Teller Rabbi and Spiritual Advisor, Congregation Brith Shalom “A flower is beautiful, but a garden full of identical flowers lessens its beauty and value. Every musical instrument brings pleasure; a variety of musical instruments playing in harmony creates a majestic symphony.” -Rabbi Moshe Cahana 2

A Message from Cantor Lance Rhodes As we prepare for Pesach, we reach a seasonal change. In addition to our own weather, we pray for beneficial weather in Israel. We do this in our recitation of the Amidah.  On the first day of Pesach, we recite the prayer for dew and halt on reciting “mashiv haruach umorid hagashem.” This indicates the change in season and our change from our prayer for rain to the prayer for dew.  Aside from the seasonal affect that water has, it is also religiously symbolic. It is interesting to note the symbolism in Judaism between water and holiness. This recently came up in the adult Hebrew class that I am currently teaching. The Hebrew word for “water” is “mayim.” “Mayim” is part of the word “shamayim” which is Hebrew for both “heavens” and “sky.” We compare water to the sky, and we often refer to the sky as the heavens, which is holy. In Genesis 1:8, we learn that on the second day of creation Hashem created the sky out of an expanse from the water.  We also connect water with holiness when referring to cleansing such as in the mikveh and the prayer for rain. Of course, we praise Hashem for the miracle in the parting of the sea in addition to the journey that Moses traveled as a baby in a wicker basket.  So, there are many Judaic sources and traditions that express the holiness of water.  In services, we bridge our experiences of life’s holiness with the davening of our liturgical prayers. By understanding more about this connection, we may find greater spirituality in synagogue and in life.     May we all experience life’s greatness, its many beautiful seasons, and its holiness. B’shalom,

Cantor Lance Rhodes


A Message from CBS Board President

Milton Mosk, III Dear Friends, It is hard for me to believe that as you read this letter, my term as President is almost half over. It seems like yesterday that Maxine was passing the gavel at the annual meeting. I guess that means that it has gone well for me so far. The support that so many have provided me over the past year is so greatly appreciated starting with the office staff and clergy and extending to our great membership. Someone asked me before my term what I wanted to be known for, what were my goals as President. I believe that each of the past Presidents that I had the honor of serving with and the ones before that had many ideas and plans that could bring our sacred institution to greater heights. There are so many in fact that it is hard to know what to focus on in a short period of time. I would like to be known as an approachable, inclusive President. My goals as stated on the weekend of my induction are to leave this synagogue in better condition, spiritually, financially and in our very numbers, than when I started my term. There are many ways to accomplish that. One of the most critical is our “Building Bridges to our Future” campaign that will be rolled out to everyone in the near future. This campaign is designed to try to close our annual budget deficit as well as provide financial security for Brith Shalom in the future. It has three aspects, increased Annual Giving for current financial support, Endowment gifts to generate future income that will also provide needed financial support and Legacy giving which can take on many forms and allow those who can not part with current income to participate in the campaign as well. Our goal is to discuss the campaign with each of our members and tell them, “Thank you”, for supporting Brith Shalom and to discuss opportunities to invest in our bright future. We have set ourselves up for success. Our clergy are working hard to provide new and innovative services to all levels of our membership. Our religious school has grown while many schools in our area are retracting. We are shifting to a professionally led organization with our Executive Director that will allow us to create administrative stability for the future. When we make this campaign a success, we will have the final pieces of the puzzle in place in order for us to reach the heights we wish to obtain. We will be able to clearly focus on our mission and achieving our vision for our members. I hope that each of you share my optimism about the future of Brith Shalom, our sacred community. I also hope each of you will consider how you may become more involved in assisting us in achieving our vision. We have so many volunteer opportunities so please call the office and let our staff discuss the options to determine what fits best for you. If you ever want to drop me a line with advice or even criticism, please email me at It is my honor to serve you and I look forward to seeing each of you in the near future. Sincerely,

Milton Mosk, III


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Jess Faerman Program & Communications Coordinator Congregation Brith Shalom


Congregation Brith Shalom pays tribute to Alice Lok Cahana Wife of Rabbi Moshe Cahana (z”l), longest serving Rabbi of Brith Shalom Gracious, warm, loving, she has nurtured the soul of Brith Shalom. Many long-time members of Brith Shalom speak of the great admiration they have for Alice Cahana and remember her strong presence in the lives of both Rabbi and congregation. From their arrival until Rabbi Cahana’s retirement in 1975, Alice attended almost every service, every program, was a part of every group in the synagogue. “She helped everyone- quietly and unobtrusively” shares Flo Slatko , “She would not say a word about it, but we all knew everything she did for our community. She didn’t want attention drawn to herself.” “Alice has a real generosity of spirit, and she has a poetic soul,” shares Judy Rosenstock. “I think that she sees inside of people and shares her reflections – she connects so much on a spiritual level.”

Photo by Janice Rubin

exhibited her Holocaust art in museums and college campuses across the country,” writes Deborah Moon of the Oregon Jewish Review. “She said she painted about the Holocaust because when, as a teen, she stood in Auschwitz watching the ashes rise from the crematorium, she promised herself that if she survived she would speak for those who did not. She said she believes art speaks more than volumes of words: ‘Art speaks directly to the heart.’”

Painting about the Holocaust was Alice’s way of dealing with the pain and loss she had experienced. Alice was a tremendous help to As difficult as she found to talk Rabbi Cahana in his pulpit. In her commitment to justice and equality, about it, she believed that it was important to share it. Still, it has she encouraged the women of been at great expense to her own Brith Shalom who wanted to be able to participate fully in liturgical psyche that she has given lectures roles. With Rabbi Cahana’s support throughout the world. Son Rabbi Michael Cahana said and Alice’s encouragement, Brith Shalom became the first egalitarian that he grew up hearing stories of Auschwitz. “Not stories of Conservative synagogue in Texas. death and destruction,” he said. Alice was an outstanding “They were inspiring stories of person in her own right, and an internationally respected artist and survival, about finding humanity in a place where there was no Holocaust survivor. humanity. Those stories inspired in “For decades Lok Cahana has me a sense of optimism, a sense


of Jewish purpose, a sense of an identity that can’t be taken from me.” Alice was featured in the Academy Award winning documentary “The Last Days” produced by Steven Spielberg. In 2006, she traveled to the Vatican to present one of her Holocaust paintings to Pope Benedict XVI. In recent years she has been dedicated to the mission of the Houston Holocaust Museum. She feels very strong ties

Photo provided by Harvey Rosenstock

to the leadership and thousands of children and adults that visit every day. Alice has always been devoted to her family. Every achievement of her children is seen with great

Photo by Janice Rubin

pride. According to Judy Rosenstock, the Cahanas were committed to daughter Rina’s accomplishments and her progress. Rina was born with Downs Syndrome. “Rina has taught her the lesson of unconditional love, and they give it to each other.” Judy observes. The Cahanas have two sons who are both Rabbis – Rabbi Michael Cahana in Portland, and Rabbi Ronnie Cahana in Montreal. Ronnie continues to be an inspiration to many around the world, as he guides his congregation from a hospital bed after being completely paralyzed by a stroke last year. Alice seems a master of perseverance, always surmounting all the odds, no matter how they are stacked,” shares Judy Rosenstock, “If she wills it, she makes it happen. She surmounts obstacles. She succeeds in all kinds of challenging situations.” “She sees ABILITIES in people, not even reflecting on disabilities.” says Rosenstock, “She believed that Rina would read and be independent.” Alice was a strong advocate for Rina and strived to bring her to her fullest potential. Judy continues “Alice believes that people have the ability to grow

and change throughout life – that we never stop growing.” She has always had great faith in people. Debbie Ostroff Segal was principal of the Brith Shalom Religious School in the early 1970’s when Alice came into her office and asked her to tutor Rina. “I told her that I didn’t feel qualified to teach Rina how to read English, but Alice told me ‘You can do it!’” Ostroff Segal tutored Rina at her home regularly, “I felt that the sessions with Rina were such a gift, she was so responsive,” she remembers. One Friday afternoon Alice came in with two big grocery bags. She unpacked the groceries and made cholent for Shabbat in Debbie’s kitchen while Debbie was tutoring Rina. It was the first time Debbie had ever eaten cholent- “I’ll never forget that meal,” Debbie recalls. Elaine Kellner remembers gathering with other mothers in the old Brith Shalom library gift shop while their children were in Religious School. Alice would tell the story of how she and her sister found God in Auschwitz. Not being allowed by the Nazis to pray, they hid in the latrine and led other prisoners in prayer. Elaine says that the story never left her of how they sang Shalom Alechem, and made Shabbat. Rabbi Debbie Israel (Dubin) a former President of Brith Shalom found in Alice someone to emulate. “Alice Cahana was always a role model of a strong woman who had the courage to overcome great odds and to use her life experiences to better humanity. Rabbi Israel, who now serves as Rabbi of Congregation Emeth in Northern California says that “while Rabbi Cahana influenced my relationship with God, Alice’s

Photo provided by Janice Rubin

influence was to model those core values of how one should live in the world.” The Cahanas directed the design of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary of Brith Shalom. The beautiful windows remind us of the devotion and dedication that they both had to our synagogue. Other examples of Alice’s poignant artwork are housed at Brith Shalom, as well. Words are not enough to express our appreciation for more than 50 years of friendship and inspiration. Alice and daughter Rina left Houston at the end of March to move to Portland, Oregon to live near son Rabbi Michael Cahana and his family. Alice and Rina will continue to be a part of the soul of the Brith Shalom community. Good luck Alice and Rina! To view samples of Alice’s artwork, please visit www.alicelokcahana. com/ -Article by Janice Rubin


Congregation Brith Shalom Adult & Teen Retreat by Ronda Feinberg

The weekend of January 27 -29, some 50 adults and teens went to Camp Young Judaea in Wimberley, Texas, for a retreat. Our scholars–in–residence were Rabbi Naomi Levy from California and Lauren Henderson, who flew in from rabbinical school in New York to work with the teens. We arrived Friday night to the most glorious weather one could ask for on a weekend in Texas in January. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and our weekend retreat was blessed from the beginning. Our weekend actually began before we even arrived at CYJ: an email from Rabbi Teller explainined that Rabbi Levy would be talking about Jewish journeys and hoped to inspire us to think about our personal journeys. Rabbi Teller relayed to us a pivotal moment in his own journey and asked us to be prepared to share a moment in each of our personal Jewish journeys. Erev Shabbat Services were held in the outdoor amphitheater overlooking a lake in which we saw reflections of the lovely trees on the other side. After a beautiful service, we began our journey as a community by people beginning to talk about their own pivotal Jewish moments. The beauty of the lake, the beauty of prayer and the beauty of togetherness gave everyone an incredible sense of belonging and shared experiences. We were together in spirit and looked forward to what was to come. Following a delicious Shabbat dinner (note: the food was amazing all weekend and it felt like we never stopped eating), we participated in our first learning experience with Rabbi Levy. To get know everyone better—and to test our trivia knowledge—we also played Family Feud, hosted by Rabbi Teller (he may have a future in game hosting!) on the history of Brith Shalom. It was fun, silly, and informative. (Rabbi Teller did not kiss anyone.) Shabbat morning services were again held in the outdoor amphitheater with a lot of carpet squares, blankets, hats, gloves, and tallitot. It was chilly (producing a little kvetching), but beautiful and again inspiring as more people shared their significant Jewish moments. The afternoon consisted of the second learning experience with Rabbi Levy, and free time to tour the campsite, play football, mahjong,


or just hang out. A walking tour crossed beautiful Cypress Creek and explored the mysterious Rebecca Quick’s house. A few brave souls crossed the bridge while the creek water rushed across, and the rest of the group crossed the creek via the suspended tree bridge. In the evening, we celebrated Havdalah outside, as we came together in one big circle under the specular star-studded sky of a clear evening in the Hill Country. After a great session of Israeli dancing, we gathered for a campfire, where Rabbi Teller led us with his guitar in many songs, while Steve Goodman provided chords and words via his iPad. (How else could we have remembered all the verses to “Bye-bye, Miss American Pie”!) During our final session with Rabbi Levy, she encouraged us to compose and write down our own completely personal prayer that would not be shared or read aloud. Rabbi Levy encouraged us to communicate with G-d, and to read our prayer ourselves when we felt it was a good time. She urged us all to recognize our abilities to compose our own prayers and to continue to write prayers throughout our lives. I was very inspired by this exercise and, throughout the entire weekend, by Rabbi Levy: although she has been on a tough personal journey, she is still inspired to communicate with G-d and has a wonderfully positive attitude. One of the most beautiful parts of the weekend was how everyone in our community opened up to each other with the telling of their journeys in a personal and emotional way. This could only have happened, I believe, because of the setting we were in. We had a beautiful camp to ourselves with enough space for a variety of activities; we were able to pray outdoors, surrounded by the magnificence of G-d’s creation; and we were able to form a tighter community within our Brith Shalom community. We need to continue to reinforce our Judaism and Brith Shalom community outside of our building. We need to be together in nature to eat, learn, laugh, play, and pray together.


THANK YOU for your generous contributions to

Mark Katz Photography Photography by by Lauren Singer Linda Lighthill Flusberg & Successful Events, Inc.


March 7, 2012

Scott Chanin & Spec’s Liquor Debi Mishael Wayne Feldman & Royal Wine Corp. Randall’s Meyer Park

Community-Wide Young Professionals Build Partnership

Recap! & Save the Date The successful community-wide Jewish Young Professional Chanukah event, “Latke & Vodka”, will lead to another collaborative event to celebrate Lag B’Omer. Over 150 Jewish Young Professionals from all denominations across Houston came together on December 22 for Latke & Vodka at Catbirds Lounge and Patio Bar. They enjoyed latkes, applesauce and sour cream provided by Nosher Catering and drink tickets were provided. Two lucky winners won $50 to Williams Sonoma in the evening’s raffle. “It was an amazing time to see Jews from every denomination having a great time together on Chanukah” Said Rabbi Gideon Estes from Congregation Or Ami. “The Chanukah event enabled the Young Jewish Adult community an opportunity to celebrate and socialize. Too often, with a city as large as Houston, young adults do not have adequate chances to come together outside their individual synagogues and places of worship,” said Rabbi Adrienne Scott from Beth Israel. “What an amazing showing of awareness of, support for, and partnership with our community’s Jewish young professionals. I look forward to continued collaboration throughout and beyond the community to empower the next generation of Jewish young professionals,” said Rebecca Weiner, member of Congregation Brith Shalom. “Latke & Vodka was a huge success! At a time when so many denominations within Judaism seem to be distancing themselves from one another, it’s amazing to see the opposite happen right here in Houston. Jewish young adults from secular, reform, conservative, and orthodox backgrounds all coming together to celebrate our tradition,” said Stephen Simon, member of United Orthodox Synagogues. This partnership has laid a successful platform and enabled the Jewish Young Professionals of Houston to come together for the second of many community-wide young professional events, “Lag B’Omer Bash”, to take place Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 8:00-10:00 pm at Khon’s Wine.Darts.Coffee.Art, 2808 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006. The event will be a collaboration between Congregation Brith Shalom, Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Emanu El, United Orthodox Synagogues, Congregation Beth Yeshurun, Congregation Or Ami, Temple Sinai, Congregation for Reform Judaism. Entertainment will be by The Jazz Marauders, picnic dinners prepared by Nosher Catering will be provided, free drink tickets will be distributed, and 2 winners will receive $50 gift certificates to Sur la Table. There will be no cover charge to attend the event. “These young professional programs play an essential role in creating a next generation presence in the Jewish community. The energy is fantastic. I’m proud of our community’s ability to collaborate. Jewish Houston rocks,” expressed Rabbi Teller of Congregation Brith Shalom. If you are interested in getting involved with the Houston area Jewish Young Professionals, or to find out more information for the Lag B’Omer event, please visit the group’s Facebook page: or contact Jess Faerman at - Article written by Lena Lieb, member of Congregation Brith Shalom, and Maccabi Housing and Volunteer Coordinator at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston.


History of Haftarah By Fred Floersheimer

Introduction: From Talmudic references, it would appear that reading from the prophetic books had become a well established custom long before the destruction of the Second Temple. There are also early Christian allusions to the “Reading of the Law and the Prophets” (Luke 4:17; Acts 13:15). In ancient times, a Haftarah was read during the Sabbath afternoon service, but in modern times, a Haftarah is read during the afternoon service only on a fast day. Origins: No one knows for certain the origins of reading the Haftarah. Several theories have been put forth but all have unanswered difficulties. Historians trace the origin of the Haftarah to the anti-Jewish persecutions launched by the Syrian tyrant Antiochus Epiphanies IV in 168 BCE, when he banned the study or public reading of the Torah (Pentateuch), and a reading from the Prophets the was substituted. When the Jews were again allowed to read the Torah, the practice of reading the Haftarah was retained as part of the service. Certainly the Haftarah was read–perhaps not obligatorily or in all communities–as far back as ca. 70 CE in the presence of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus, who lived at that time. An alternative explanation, offered by Rabbis Reuven Margolies and Samson Raphael Hirsch, is that the Haftarah reading was instituted to fight the influence of those sects in Judaism that viewed the Jewish Bible as consisting only of the Torah. Yet another theory maintains that the rabbis instituted the practice of reading a Haftarah in opposition to the Samarians, who denied the canonicity and divine inspiration of the prophetic books. Rabbi Yosef Karo reports that for many years there were no set Haftarah: each maftir (the person reading the Haftarah) chose an appropriate passage from the Nevi’im (Prophets). Over time, certain choices became established in certain communities resulting in varying customs regarding what to read as Haftarah. It is likely that the choice of Haftarah for the regular Sabbaths was not fixed until after the Talmudic era, and that a variety of customs prevailed until then. The sages eventually specifically chose passages from the Prophets that had some thematic link with the Torah portion of the week, however slight or tenuous. Likewise, there is always some relationship between the festival Haftarah and the day on which it is read. The Talmud specifies the Haftarah for each major festival, including the five Sabbaths before Passover; the Sabbath of Chanukah; Tisha b’Av; the intermediate Sabbath of the festivals; the Sabbath coinciding with a new moon; and the Sabbath that falls on the eve of the new moon (Meg. 4:1, 31a). Within the selection of weekly and festival Haftorot, all the prophetic books of the Bible are represented, apart from Nahum, Zephaniah and Haggai. In contemporary Jewish observance one may not choose his own Haftarah, explains Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, as that would run against accepted custom. Rabbi Karo’s explanation above, however, helps to explain why communities have varying customs


regarding what to read as Haftarah. In many congregations, a child celebrating his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah will read the Haftarah. Variations of the Haftarah: In any case, the Eretz Yisrael community adhered to the Triennial Cycle, reading the Pentateuch over a threeyear period, and this would have necessitated an entirely different selection of Haftorot from that of the Babylonian Community with its annual Torah reading cycle. To this day, there are differences between Ashkenazi and Sephardi-Oriental usage, and even between various groups within the latter. The length of the Haftarah was generally regulated by custom, which suggested a minimum of 21 verses. In the Talmudic period, the reading of each verse of the Pentateuch was followed by a translation into the Aramaic vernacular, but for the Haftarah, the translation was done after each group of three verses. However, the suggested minimum length of the Haftarah has not been preserved throughout the Jewish community and there are some instances in which the Haftarah contains fewer than 21verses. Among the Sephardi and Oriental communities, a minor may be given the privilege of reading the Haftarah, and it is a universal practice for the Bar Mitzvah boy to receive this honor. Orthodox and Conservative Jews chant the Haftarah to a particular set of ta’amim. On Shabbat Chazon (the Sabbath before Tisha b’Av), for instance, the ta’amim are those used for chanting Eicha (Lamentations). Separate melodic traditions are preserved by Ashkenazim and Sephardim, but even within these two major communities, there are regional differences: for example, Ashkenazim have separate “German” and “Lithuanian” traditions, the latter predominating in Israel and America. Reform Jews normally read (rather than chant) the Haftarah. There are now few communities where the Haftarah is read from a handwritten scroll; the standard practice today is for it to be chanted or read from a printed Bible, Pentateuch or festival prayer book. The Recitation of the Haftarah: The person who chants the Haftarah is normally a worshiper who has been “called up” for the Maftir Aliya, during which the last few verses of the weekly (or special) Torah portion are read. After the reading, the scroll is raised and dressed while the chanter remains on the Bimah [platform] and begins the Haftarah. Even if another congregant chants the Haftarah in his place, the person honored with maftir why not a capital letter here? chants the introductory benediction and, after the Haftarah is finished, the concluding blessings. These concluding blessings emphasize faith in the truth of Scripture, hope for the restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, and an affirmation of the holiness of that Sabbath or festival.


Elaine Kellner to receive Marcia Sheena Memorial Award Congregation Brith Shalom’s Sisterhood is sponsoring its annual Torah Fund event on Sunday, April 15, at 6:30 pm at the synagogue. The purpose of this elegant evening is to raise funds for the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA) and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem), which train Conservative Rabbis and Cantors, and Jewish educators of all denominations. Traditionally at this event, Sisterhood honors its Marcia Sheena Memorial Award recipient, a Woman of Valor, for her service to Sisterhood, the synagogue, the community and the home. Dori Wind, Sisterhood Torah Fund V.P., explains, “Not only do we honor a Woman of Valor, but this project gives all of us the opportunity to do a Mitzvah by supporting our Jewish heritage and ensuring our Jewish future.”  This year, CBS Sisterhood is delighted to honor Elaine Kellner. Elaine celebrated her adult Bat Mitzvah at Brith Shalom and attended the Melton School at the Jewish Community Center (now ERJCC). As a member of Brith Shalom’s Sisterhood, Elaine participates in the study group and book club and has worked in many different capacities, including Judaica shop, Membership and The Mitzvah Corps. She currently serves as Corresponding Secretary co-chair. At the synagogue level, Elaine was the confirmation administrator for ten years, and currently co-chairs the Chesed committee.  In the Jewish community, Elaine has worked with Jewish Family Service as a volunteer with hospice patients. She has also “adopted” a Jewish Soviet immigrant family and included them as part of her own household for Shabbat and holiday celebrations. Elaine also stays busy with her own household, which is quite large. She and her husband, Abe, share 11 adult children (Larry Dachslager, Maxine and Steven Goodman, Arlene and Moshe Even, Renee and David Rothberg, Rob Kellner, and Marci and Mark Kellner and David Kaye) and 13 awesome 14

grandchildren. During a recent interview, Elaine explained how she felt about being selected this year, saying “I am both honored and overwhelmed with gratitude at being named the recipient of the 2012-2013 Marcia Sheena Memorial Award by my sisters of the Brith Shalom Sisterhood.” We know that Elaine’s immediate family, as well as all of us in her Brith Shalom family, are so proud of Elaine and thankful for all she does. A dessert reception and entertainment will follow the award program. For more information about the event, contact co-chairs Dori Wind (281) 242-1762, Susan Marblestone (281) 491-0690 or Karen Lukin (713) 526-7095. Donations to Torah Fund in any amount are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible. Anyone making a donation at the $180.00 level or above will receive a beautiful pin designed especially for this year’s Torah Fund campaign.

CBS Sisterhood Cookbook Kickoff Party is Big Success What do you get when you mix great food, great women and great speakers? A Brith Shalom Cookbook Kickoff party that can’t be beat! The gourmet event took place on Monday, February 27, at 6:30 pm, at the clubhouse in Lisa Lowenstein’s subdivision, with about 40 Sisterhood members participating. Speakers Al Levine, Elli Samuels and Lana Croft spoke about how to create wonderful cookbooks and the food described therein. Interspersed among these rare tidbits of knowledge were many cooking-related doorprizes, so few attendees went home empty-handed. Said Doreen Lerner, Sisterhood Ways & Means V.P., “We learned a lot from our wonderful speakers about being creative in the kitchen, and about publishing a successful cookbook. And we really appreciated their time and the interesting, informative explanations on how to get organized and avoid pitfalls.  Thanks also to all the chefs who gave of their time to prepare the scrumptious meal.  Every dish was delicious and well-received.” Attendees left the event with full stomachs, and many ideas for a first-rate cookbook, which is scheduled to be published by May, 2013. Stay tuned to the JH-V for news about the next tasting event. For more information, contact Doreen Lerner at 281-412-6374 or doreenlerner@  15

Sisterhood Happenings Cookbook Do you have a favorite recipe from your mother, grandmother or aunt? We want at least ONE recipe from EACH CBS household! This will ensure your family favorite is published, captured and enjoyed for all time! Please send the recipe to Doreen Lerner at doreenlerner@

Sisterhood gift shop manager for more than 15 years, lost her husband unexpectedly. Cathy and her two children need our help at this most difficult time.  To make a tax deductible donation in any amount, please send a check payable to Young Israel of Houston, 7823 Ludington, Houston, TX  77071. Memo: Michael Tucker. 

From left to right: Frances Rubin & Diane Zomper

Gift Shop We want your input as we update our gift shop. What would you like us to carry? We also need more volunteers, so please notify Marcia Sheena Memorial Stephanie Beasley at Award Recipient From left to right: Doreen Elaine Kellner will be honored or Lerner, Sherri Taxman, Elly Sokol, 713-854-5567 if you have time Debi Mishael as our Woman of Valor on to help or have suggestions. Sunday evening, April 15, at a champagne & dessert reception at Brith Shalom. Dancing with the CBS Stars DVDs are still available for $5.  Contact Doreen Lerner at doreenlerner@ for your copy.   The Itzy’s Oil Change Special continues.  It’s not too late to get your oil changed for a minimum donation of $36, and then get a second oil change on the same car within 12 months FREE.  All money goes to Sisterhood.  Itzy’s is located at 6703 Bissonnet. Help for our friend As many of you know, our friend Cathy Tucker, 16

From left to right: Denise Mosk, Elana Loftspring, & Lori Actor

From left to right: Annie Sigel & Lori Rubin

WE NEED RECIPE TESTERS!! To join our group of testers, please contact Joyce Gilbert, recipe testing coordinator: or 713-729-4674. SISTERHOOD COOKBOOK Do you have a favorite recipe? Maybe one from your Mom, Bubbe (grandmother) or Aunt, or one that your child or grandchild loves? Our goal is to include at least ONE recipe from each CBS member family. We want every family to be included! This is a great way for you to share your favorite recipes with your CBS family and also to honor a family member whose recipe you enjoy!   Recipe Categories:  ·   Appetizers ·   Snacks & smoothies ·   Breads of all kinds ·   Salads & dressings ·   Vegetables ·   Dairy & fish ·   Meat & poultry ·   Pastas & rice ·   Cakes, cookies, pies & desserts · Special diets – diabetic, gluten-free, low fat, other ·   Shabbat & Holiday favorites  Email your recipe and contact info to Doreen Lerner, Cookbook Chair, at

COMING SOON!! Look out for info about two fun events this summer–we’ll be having dessert-recipe testing dates and bake sale auctions at CBS on Sunday, June 17 & Sunday, August 12, to raise money for our cookbook project. Contact Doreen Lerner, Sisterhood Ways and Means VP, to join in these events: doreenlerner@ or 281-4126374.

Ten Reasons to get Involved with Sisterhood: 10. Sisterhood is Fun! 9.We have something for everyone of all ages. 8.You’ll get a discount at our fabulous gift shop. 7.We have opportunities to do Tikkun Olam, individually or in a group, in an enjoyable atmosphere. 6.We17have volunteer opportunities that fit your hectic schedule. 5.We have energizing events like Dancing With The CBS Stars! 4.You’ll recognize more people at shul, your spiritual “home.” 3. Our activities are social, spiritual and educational. 2.You’ll have opportunities to read Torah and lead services. 1. Sisterhood is fun!

Laurie Silverblatt & Frances Rubin, Sisterhood 2011-2012 Co-Presidents 17

Sisterhood Study Group Mondays, 9:30-11:00 am New members are ALWAYS welcome! For more information, please contact Marge Mayer at Blanche Roubein, Aileen Zarin, Sherry Hager, Elaine Kellner, Natalie Kravitz, Marge Mayer, Elaine Merwin, Lila Lerner,Velva G. Levine, Carole Sheldon, Cookie Portnoy, Shirley Katzin, Bonnie Edelstein, Flo Slatko, Debi Mishael, Lorraine Brown

From left to right: Lorraine Brown (Past President), Flo Slatko, and Elaine Merwin

A special thank you to our Founding Mothers. Without your efforts, we would not be in the CBS Sukkah together.

5 Great Reasons to Visit CBS Sisterhood’s Gift Shop!

1. The concept of hiddur mitzvah, enhancing the commandment, is a particularly meaningful one. When one greets Shabbat or Yomtov using special candlesticks, drinking from a lovely kiddush cup, and placing challah on a tray beautifully covered and reserved for that specific purpose, everyone present appreciates the significance of the occasion. It is something that children, in particular, remember and value. 2. A great deal of our merchandise is from Israel.You benefit and support the Jewish State at the same time! 3. Sisterhood contributes funding and many volunteer hours to our congregation. Dollars spent in our shop improve CBS. 4. Our volunteers are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They can suggest appropriate items, whatever your budget, and you can utilize our gift registry for B’nai Mitzvah, weddings, or other simchas. We also have gift certificates. 5. It’s fun! On Sunday mornings, 9:30-12:30, our shop is the place to meet and greet. We’re also open any time by appointment. Just call Stephanie Beasley, 713-662-3083. See you there! 18

CBS Men’s Club Friendships are made here! Your Men’s Club has an active calendar aimed at developing programs for you! These programs will enrich the quality of Jewish life in your home and our community.Your participation will enhance your knowledge and appreciation of our Jewish heritage and traditions. More important, you will make lasting friendships and make a difference in our synagogue. Dues are only $36 per year! For more info or to join, contact: David Wald, President: (832) 971-7518; Stephan Rubin,V.P. Membership: (713) 858-9407;

Below: CBS Men’s Club at our annual community-wide Kosher Chili Cookoff (October 2011)

Sunday Breakfast Speaker Series

We encourage all men (and women, too) to attend our monthly Sunday breakfast speaker series, which provides an opportunity for interactive participation on important topics presented by outstanding speakers. Our breakfast speaker events take place following the Sunday morning Minyan starting at 9 am, with breakfast and program covering a wide variety of topics of current, national, local, personal, and family interest, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm. New members are always welcome and eat free! Upcoming Sunday Breakfast Speaker Series dates are: April 15 & May 13.

Men's Club Annual Spring Blood Drive:

Below: CBS Senior Men’s Group having its monthly breakfast

May 1, 2012, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm in the CBS Multi-Purpose Room. Save a life and donate Blood! Contact Eric Lippman for more info at 713-664-9511

Men's Club Shabbat April 20-21


Upcoming CBS Youth Programming Dates: April 15: Machar Ice Skating at the Galleria (Grades 3-5) USY offers a wide range of programs for teens from Conservative synagogues across the city, across the region, and internationally. USYers learn a love of Judaism and Israel and develop life-long friendships. This year, members of HouJew, the local USY chapter, have participated in regional and international conventions, Kadima Conventions (for grades 6-8) and many chapter events. USY is peer-led, with the USYers planning and implementing the activities.  Pictured are HouJew copresidents Amanda Actor and Tiana Valdespino, with the chapter mascot, Hershel. HouJew programs this spring include participating in J-Serve on April 1, a Shabbat dinner with a Holocaust survivor on April 20, an Israel Independence Day program/party/lock-in and more.  The next regional convention is  Regionals, June 7-10 here in Houston.  The chapter is excited to host this year›s convention, which includes regional elections.  The current regional president is a member of HouJew, Eliana Horwitz. In addition, USY offers life-changing summer programs, in the United States, Israel and Europe. Whether you are interested in USY on Wheels, which travels across the country, or USY Pilgrimage, USY has a summer program for you!  For a full list of programs, visit  For more information about USY locally, call 713-409-9814 or


April 28: Kadima Nintendo/ Wii Tournament & Pizza (Grades 6-8) Upcoming USY Programs:

May 18: Grade 7 Student Dinner at Cantor Levine’s home

April 15: USY PostPassover Pajama Pancake Picnic Party Palooza

May 19: Teen Shabbat Havdalah Pool Party

April 20: USY Service & Dinner/Holocaust Speaker

August 29: Teen BBQ & Elective Sign up

April 22: USY Volunteer assistance at Community Wide Yom Hashoah Service April 22: USY Volunteer Activity with J-Serve: Join teens across the greater Houston community. Register at http://www. April 28: USY Israel Party April 28-29: USY Disney Lazer-Tag Lock-In with special guest: Regional USY Director Maury Jacobs May 6: USY Lag B’Omer Picnic May 26: USY Teen Tikkun June 3: USY Elections & End of Year Event July 1-6: USY on Wheels

Registration for next year is set to kick-off with online registration by May 1. Look for the announcement in the eBulletin!

Upcoming Religious School Dates: May 4: Grade 7 Promotion & Dinner May 12: Junior Congregation/ Grade 4 Torah Event May 20: Religious School Zimriyah

Sunday, April 22, 9:30 am By popular request, HAZAK is planning another bus tour. This time, we will take A Tour of Jewish Galveston led by Master Tour Guide Keith Rosen! Because the handicapped-accessible bus can hold a maximum of 40 people, reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. We will meet at the parking lot of the ERJCC. (We have requested that the County provide us with a bus.) The cost is $14 per person. (Lunch on your own.) If paying by check, please send your check before April 16 to: Hazak, 5910 Wigton Drive, Houston,TX 77096. Your check should be made payable to Houston Historical Tours.You may also pay with cash on the morning of the tour. Keith does not accept credit cards. RSVP: Regardless of how you wish to pay for the tour, it is important that you register for this tour by calling Betty Clark at 713-772-6464, or by sending her an email at no later than April 16 (we are space limited.)

Featured above: CBS Hazak members on their last bus tour!

Sunday, June 3 at 2:00 pm A Healthy Brain – Keeping the Monster at Bay! Dr. Paul E. Schulz, Associate Professor of Neurology, UTHealth will speak to us about the risks of agerelated mental decline, how to reduce these risks, and what we can do to preserve our mental abilities. There is a lot we can do to keep the monster at bay. Come and learn about how the exciting advances in this field can affect your life. Sunday, June 3, 2012, 2:00 pm, CBS Social Hall. Free to HAZAK Members; Guests: $3.00 RSVP: Please reserve by calling Betty Clark at 713-772-6464, or by sending her an email at no later than May 28. Watch your emails for more details about these exciting events! 21

We are pleased to offer an exciting Shabbat experience for children six years of age and younger, one Friday evening a month. This service is designed to meet the needs and interests of preschool-age children, who will be actively engaged through prayers, songs, dancing, story-telling, and much more! Join us this year for an amazing Shabbat experience full of singing, dancing, and eating. Engage your Shabbat spirit, meet young families, connect with your synagogue community, and have fun!

Upcoming Friday night Mini Minyan dates: May 11


We need your help! If you’d like to help sponsor a Mini Minyan dinner in honor of your child’s birthday or special family event, please send a check to the synagogue made out to Mini Minyan. If you or anyone you know would like to help volunteer or have any questions, concerns, or great ideas, please share them with us! Contact Carrie Comensky at exec.asst@

Prepare yourselves for a powerful experience in Jewish prayer. Our Sages teach that when a group of people prays together, God’s presence (the Shekhinah) dwells among them. The essence of the Friday Night Ruach service is intense congregational participation. This service is part of a new wave in Jewish prayer that began in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, where congregations like B’nai Jeshurun, Kehillat Shira Hadasha, the Library Minyan, and Yakar are tapping into the contemporary need to participate in song. We at Brith Shalom are seeking the spiritual power of a sanctuary filled with voices singing and swaying in unison! We need your voice. Come sing and feel God’s intimate presence, the Shekhinah. In order to help the congregation raise their voices in song, we set traditional liturgy to Chasidic and contemporary melodies accompanied by Shabbat-appropriate instrumentation. We also provide transliterations and sheet music and, on request, can distribute the melodies on CD. After a joyous, uplifting service, people look forward to meeting in the social hall for a delicious light supper. We shake hands, schmooze, and enjoy each other’s company. When we leave, it's with a smile and a feeling of being invigorated as we look forward to coming together once again for the next Friday Night Ruach.

Upcoming dates:

April 20 *May 18

Join us for an engaging musical service with instrumental accompaniment followed by a delicious dinner with your CBS family. All ages welcome!

To sponsor a dinner or to subscribe to the FNR series, contact Cherye-Ann Delong at adminassistant@ or 713667-9201 ext. 318

*Friday, May 18 - Welcome friends from Brentwood

Baptist Church as our special guests for the Friday Night Ruach service in May. After services, have dinner with our visitors and join in a short discussion in the sanctuary. The visit is sponsored by the CBS Diversity Outreach Committee as part of the ADL Community of Respect program. Contact Pam Geyer, for more info. 23

Young Professionals Programming Spring 2012 was the launch of our new after-work social series: Last Thursday of the month happy hour & coffee-house meet-ups with the CBS clergy!

Stay tuned for our upcoming happy hour & coffee-house after-work social series dates for summer 2012!

Coming soon: Torah at Agora!


Agora Bar & Coffeehouse 1712 Westheimer Houston, TX 77098


Come network and chill with CBS clergy and young professionals! Swing by Agora in Montrose to enjoy drinks on us, relax, mingle, and meet people you might not know! Contact Jess at or 713-667-9201 for more info.

Thursday, October 25 Thursday, November 29 Thursday, January 31 Thursday, February 28 Thursday, April 25 Thursday, May 30

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 25

Bark Mitzvah When: Friday, April i3, 5:45 pm Where: CBS sukkah

May I Bring my dog? you betcha! Because why should human prepubescents have all the fun?

All dogs attending “Bark Mitzvah� will be blessed and receive a Hebrew name, as well as a Star of David.

Friday evening services will begin at 6:15 pm outside in the Sukkah. Dogs are welcome to stay for the later service. 26

Join your CBS family in celebrating

Mother’s Day at the Sugarland Skeeters Baseball Field! Co-sponsored by CBS Sisterhood & Men’s Club

Featuring a Very special

“Dig for a 1-karat diamond” honoring all mothers!

Sunday, May 13, 3:45 pm 16160 City Walk, Sugar Land Town Square, Sugar Land, TX 77479


Contact Jess Faerman at or 713-667-9201 ext. 320 asap/by Monday, April 23 to purchase tickets ($12 per person) 27

Announcements Passover Food Drive Friday, March 23 - April 20

Brith Shalom is holding its annual Passover Canned Food Drive, to benefit the ERJCC Meals On Wheels program. Please pick up a bag at CBS on Shabbat and bring it back, filled with nonperishable (kosher or non-kosher) canned goods, after Passover. Especially needed: saltine crackers, 100-calorie snack packs of crackers & cookies, fruit cups, and cans of tuna fish. No glass jars or expired food, please! Contact Laurie Silverblatt at for more info.

CBS Community Garden Needs Your Help! We are planting a community garden. Please donate gardening supplies to the shul so that we can kick off the gardening project. Contact Cherye-Ann Delong at with questions.

Ellen Fiesinger, kicking off the beginning stages of our community garden. Her son, Leo Fiesinger, will continue to work on the garden as part of his Bar Mitzvah project.


Help us Keep in Touch

CBS Weekly E-Bulletin

Due to privacy rules, hospitals are no longer able to provide Brith Shalom with a list of Jewish patients. Please contact Cherye-Ann Delong at 713-667-9201 • adminassistant@ when you know of one of our members in the hospital. Please be sure to include the following: • Your name • The name of the patient/their significant other • The name of the hospital & room number • Date admitted, if known

Click to download the content submission guidelines.

Services Information Daily Minyan Monday - Friday 7:00 am Sunday 9:00 am (Chapel) Shabbat Services Friday Services 6:15 pm (Sanctuary) Saturday Services 9:30 am (Sanctuary) Saturday Minyan 7:00 am

*Havdalah times occur on Saturday, one hour later from Shabbat candle lighting time Aliyot If you would like the honor of an aliyah, please contact Carrie Comensky in the CBS office at:

Candle Lighting Bellaire,TX Hebrew Year 5772 6 April 7:26 pm 12 April 7:29 pm 13 April 7:30 pm 20 April 7:34 pm 27 April 7:38 pm 4 May 7:43 pm 11 May 7:47 pm 18 May 7:52 pm 25 May 7:56 pm 1 June 8:00 pm 8 June 8:03 pm 15 June 8:06 pm 22 June 8:08 pm 29 June 8:08 pm 6 July 8:08 pm 13 July 8:07 pm 20 July 8:04 pm 27 July 8:00 pm 3 August 7:55 pm 10 August 7:49 pm 17 August 7:42 pm 24 August 7:35 pm 31 August 7:27 pm

New CBS Website Coming Soon! Our new website is under way. Please bear with us as we make the transition. The calendar on the website is not accessible at present; please contact the office with any questions.

Shabbat Kiddush & Children On Shabbat during the Kiddush, the sanctuary will be off-limits for unsupervised children. Please supervise your children and have fun in the social hall, library or playground! There are board games available in the multipurpose room closet.

Summer Camp Scholarships Available!

Click to download the form.

Israel Experience for Youth Grants Available!

Click to download the form.


Brith Shalom Guide for Pesach 5772

Shalom all, Pesach, like spring, arrives every year. But, life is not a circle. We are not meant to repeat the same Pesach every year. We are not meant to have the same Seder discussions every year. We are not meant to have the same joys and frustrations every year. Every year our Pesach ought to become more meaningful. Every year our Pesach ought to become more creative and lively. Every year our Pesach seder ought to become more effective in transmitting values and ideas and inspiration to our next generation. Please use the resources and links in this Pesach guide to improve your Pesach experience this year....even just a little bit! • Seder matching guests and hosts - If you would like to be a guest at a Seder table this year, please contact Carrie Comensky in the CBS office at 713-667-9201 ext. 301 or - If you have some room at your Seder table, please contact Carrie Comensky in the CBS office at 713-667-9201 ext. 301 or • Preparing your home for Pesach • Pre-Pesach rituals • Selling your Chametz • Worship Service Schedule • 2012 Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guide • Seder resources for more effective Seders Rabbi Ranon Teller


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Stewart Feldman Audrey Fersten Pamela Harvey Linda Levy Ruth Reid Scott Sonenshein Helen Wils


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23 Glenn & Roselle Kammerman 23 Sam & Anna Roitenberg 24 Michael Wolf & Paula Krisko 24 Michael & Lisa Yifrach 24 Jerald & Aileen Zarin 25 Benjamin Holliday & Yael Avivi 25 Uzi & Micki Halevy 25 Seth & Karen Lerner 25 Oliver & Alisa Max 26 Peter & Sharon Loftspring 26 Charles Wiese & Janice Rubin 27 Jason & Rebecca Hersch kowitz 27 Brian & Diana Kaplan 27 Allen & Dianna Milewicz 27 Schlomo & Carmen Vaknin 28 Douglas & Stephanie Kleiner 28 Bob & Laura Rosenberg 29 Steven & Maxine Goodman 29 Robert & Susan Schlein 30 Neil & Liz Aussenberg 30 Matthew & Shelley Stein 30 Gary & Kimberlee Taylor 30 Jacob Weinberg & Laura Boercker 31 Larry & Lisa Estes 31 Ben & Cookie Portnoy JUNE 1 Samuel & Dana Little 2 Daniel & Sandra Cohan 2 Harvey & Marcia Resnick 2 Robert & Narumi Rose 3 Eitan & Abigail Eliezer 4 Asher Aremband & Marcia Katz 5 Jack & Elinor Goldberg 5 Perry & Marcy Hamburger 8 Alvin & Bonnie Edelstein

8 Bradley & Meredith Segal 9 Daniel & Patti Altman 9 Peter & Phyllis Gingiss 9 William & Sarah Tillis 10 Kurt & Ilana Lothman 11 Daniel & Vivian Lederman 11 Hans & Marge Mayer 11 Denise & Milton Mosk III 11 Todd & Michelle Wasserman 12 Lawrence & Joan Katz 13 Dan & Melodye Glina 14 Jeffrey & Lori Actor 14 Steven & Debra Cohen 15 Nachum & Dita Dafny 15 Jay & Joan Golub 15 Steve & Michelle Lieberson 17 David & Orna Feinstein 17 Alan & Iris Fisherman 18 Brent & Hilary Kamin 18 Lawrence Waldman & Deborah Schloss 19 Manuel & Blanca Cheskes 19 William & Claire Reingold 19 Stephan & Lori Rubin 20 Gabriel & Cynthia Aisenberg 20 Issy & Miri Boim 20 Keith & Amanda Wolf 21 Steven & Wendy Lerman 21 Hy & Shirley Warshaw 22 Charles Rouah & Jennifer Rothfleisch 22 Bill & Jane Starr 22 Cyril & Mignon Wolf 23 Steve & Jennifer Friedman 24 Stephen Baker & Paula Eisenstein Baker 25 Bobby & Eve Lapin 25 Glenn & Lisa Lowenstein 25 Joseph & Roslyn Markman 25 Jacob & Merle Tal 27 Richard & Andrea Brody 27 Steven & Barbara Goldstein

Anniversaries 28 Howard & Joan Lang 28 Jack & Sondra Laves 28 Michael & Reva Stern 29 Sam & Edith Edelheit 29 Eric & Deborah Lipman 30 Fred & Patsy Sklar JULY 1 Jay & Evon Burack 1 Ian & Jacqueline Sack 2 Bruce & Linda Levy 2 Richard & Lisa Rhodes 3 Traylyn & Becca Evans 3 Paul & Judi Scott 3 David & Stacy Weiner 4 George & Sheila Engelhart 4 Norman & Elaine Spiegelman 4 Dave O’Brien & Renee Waghalter 5 Kevin Obermeyer & Sari Altman 5 Jeff & Nicki Nachenberg 6 Uriel & Iris Mushin 9 Eric & Amelia Kleiman 10 Sam & Elaine Merwin 12 Mark & Valerie Katz 13 Ronald Klein & Joyce Helfman 13 Scott & Randi Sonenshein 15 Mitchell & Karen Lukin 16 Eden & Phyllis Wenig 23 Jack & Michele Joseph 23 Stanley & Diane Novy 27 Henry & Elizabeth Peterman 28 John & Michelle McGill 31 Alan & Shelia Levine 31 David & Ann Ronn

6 Bernard & Belinda Reingold 7 Sidney & Ione Moran 8 Ronald & Sarah Gelbart 8 Eric & Lena Lieb 8 Bradley Sabloff & Audrey Fersten 9 Mark & Veronica Jason 12 Henry & Tracy Jakob 12 Hanoch & Debbie Sheinman 15 David & Simone Berko 15 Matthew & Karen Coveler 16 Bradley & Cathie Bortz 16 Reuben & Maxine Grinstein 16 Max & Ellen Heffler 16 Sanford & Leslie Weiner 18 Michael & Debbie Darlow 18 Tom & Sue Magzen 18 Steven & Tammy Plumb 19 Gilbert & Golda Baker 19 Aaron Howard & Marilyn Svoboda 20 Rodney Croft & Shari Kirsh 20 Seth & Lauren Topek 20 Nathan & Harriet Wasserstrum 21 Eric & Saler Axel

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Axelrad Adult Education Fund Alan & Shelia Levine Eric & Lena Lieb Melvin & Marty Buck Midge Wische Paul & Judi Scott Sam & Charlotte Axelrad Brown/Steinberger Adult Education Fund Anna Steinberger Sidney & Lorraine Brown Cantor’s Discretionary Fund Alan & Shelia Levine Marc & Lena Malacoff Alan & Etna Goldsmith Harold & Susie Taylor Ian & Sherri Taxman Stephen & Barbara Robbins Chesed Fund Edythe Greenberg Judy Greenberg Lawrence & Joan Katz Ellis & Goldie Rushefsky Edythe Greenberg Perry & Marcy Hamburger Midge Wische Barbara Horowitz B’nei Mitzvah Fund Fuad Sheena Michael & Eva Engelhart Adult & Teen Retreat Fund A. Mosk Friday Night Ruach Fund Joseph & Claire Altman Robert Rolnick & Dori Wind Marc & Lena Malacoff Henry & Susan Wise George & Sheila Engelhart Belle Katz Michael & Ellen Kleinman Joseph & Claire Altman Sally Jacobs


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Upcoming B’nei Mitzvah

April 27-28: Dalton Meisner May 11-12: Sarah Cohen May 18-19: Eliana Lockey June 1-2: Joey Englehart August 10-11: Everett Lowenstein August 24-25: Zoe Katzenellenbogen August 31-September 1: Zoe Berman 39

This year, when you sit down to your seder, know that you have helped fellow Jews in Houston have food for Passover. Please give generously to the Jewish Family Service Passover Assistance Program. Last year, JFS distributed Passover financial aid to over 860 individuals‌this year we expect even more requests. Thank you for taking a few minutes from your Passover preparations to help JFS help others prepare. Together, as a community, let us help those in need during the Passover season. Steve Robinson, JFS President Avrohm Perl, Passover Assistance Chairman


JFS Scholarship You may qualify for a scholarship to send your child to Israel or a Jewish overnight camp. Find out how, by visiting:

USCJ Connect-1 Israel Trip (Ages 22-26) First time ever, a Conservative-movement Taglit-Birthright Israel trip for 22-26 year olds! USCJ is partnering with The Israel Experience Ltd. to offer USCJ Connect-1, a taste of Israel with a unique Conservative movement flavor! Visit for more info.

Learn with Rabbi Andy Schugerman Please join Rabbi Teller... Rebel Women of the Bible – Part II. May 15; 12:00-1:30 pm. Lunch included at no charge. Congregation Beth Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut Boulevard, Houston, TX 77096. Visit for more info.

All Jewish Learning lectures and classes at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston will take place at 5601 S. Braeswood Houston, TX 77096. Please contact Nomi Barancik at 713-729-3200 ext. 3288 or for more info or to register. Center for Jewish Living and Learning Scholar Series “The Last Century that Shattered the World and Transformed the Jewish People” Dr. Stephen Berk is the Henry and Sally Schaffer Chair in Holocaust

and Jewish Studies at Union College in Schenectady, NY. $10 ERJCCMember/$15 Public (per lecture) $18 ERJCC Member/$24 Public (for both lectures)

Maimonides on the Issues of Our Times Instructor: Amy D. Goldstein Four Wednesdays beginning May 9 7:30–8:30 pm $36 ERJCC Member/$45 Public

Three who made Israel: Weizmann, Ben Gurion and Begin Thursday, April 26, 2012 7:30 pm

The Menorah at the Alamo? Unlocking the Myths and Secrets of Jewish Identities in the Americas Instructor: Dr. Marie-Theresa Hernandez Two Wednesdays, April 25 & May 2 7:30–8:30 pm $18 ERJCCMembers/$25 Public This two-part series is in collaboration with the Jewish Studies Initiative of the University of Houston.

Steven Spielberg in History Thursday, May 24 2012 7:30 pm These lectures are made possible in part by a grant from Humanities Texas, a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Save the Date Community-wide Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration at the ERJCC Thursday, April 26, 5-7 pm


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