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ation: Inspir What inspired you to get started

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I've always wanted a printer. When I was 12 I saw a 3D printer for $2500 at Canadian Tire and went crazy for it. I knew I would have to wait until I had the money to buy one. I liked the idea of being able to create anything you wanted, from a range of materials. I had all sorts of fun toys that I wanted printed. I saved up and the price on printers came down. When my high school got a 3D printer on loan, I was inspired to create something that could be useful to the school. It was a stencil to put the school's logo on a mug, because buying small quantities of mugs is too expensive, doing it ourselves would be more cost effective. When I got a 3D printer my parents told me that I wasn't going to just have a printer sitting around my room just for fun, but would have to find a way to have it earn money for me. I started with trying to sell custom cookie cutters and made a sale or two. Then the idea of 3D reproductions from 3D scans (or 3D photography) became more appealing because it didn't require as much time creating a model and the return on my investment in the printer would be quicker.

Step 1: Scanning the customer "SMILE" :)

you have any advice for a teacher or student who is considering getting started with 3D printing?

est: inter Tech Did you always have an interest with technology? If yes, can you remember the first time technology caught your interest?

I've always enjoyed plugging things into computers and making things work. When I was five and my family moved from one house to another, we renovated before we moved in. One of my favourite jobs was to assemble five new ceiling fans that came in pieces in boxes I put them together, Dad tightened a few screws and then installed them. I was starting primary that fall. I like playing around with wires. It didn't always work out. That same fall my father got a new circuit tester and I enjoyed plugging it in to all sorts of things to test voltage, resistance and continuity. Like the voltage in my finger when the other end was in an electric outlet. I electrocuted myself, once. Only once. I got a Raspberry Pie for my 12th birthday, but I really didn't know how to use it until I had a project that I needed it for. My parents have always been willing to invest in learning opportunities for me and encourage me to spend my money on things that I can learn about. I bought supplies to make my own maple syrup this spring, built my own computer last year, and recently bought a beat up electric scooter to rebuild. All of these I enjoy doing because I like learning how to do new things, making money doing it helps a lot. -33-

I spend lots of time Googling problems and watching YouTube videos about the difficulties I might be having when 3D printing. Community forums are a great way to seek out others who have the same passions as I do and have overcome the same problems. If that doesn't work, I talk to a great resource person Mohammed Issa, Founder of Eurekatech in Lower Sackville. In buying my 3D printer from him I have been able to talk directly to someone who knows the printer and the process aswell. To those teachers or students who are starting with 3D printing. Start by designing something by yourself in Tinkercad or other software that does 3D design. Then get that printed by a 3D printing company or if your school can borrow one, try it out. It will help students develop abilities in 3 dimensional space that they learned in geometry in class. All 3D printing is math. Just applied math. Usually students question the future application of concepts they are learning; however, if they can see an immediate result it can improve their understanding and build excitement.

Step 2: Transferring image data to 3D modeling software.

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In this issue we will explore what it means to be an entrepreneur through the stories of youth, educators and established entrepreneurs alik...

Brilliant Labs Magazine: The Entrepreneurial Spirit  

In this issue we will explore what it means to be an entrepreneur through the stories of youth, educators and established entrepreneurs alik...