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John Wong | Director Community & Fund Development | Brilliant Labs

IN CONVERSATION WITH ALFRED BURGESSON About the importance of creating opportunities and spaces for youth to co-create, innovate and lead during this period of uncertainty. At the age of seven, Alfred Burgesson and his family moved from Ghana to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to pursue a better quality of life. He is an alumni of Halifax Grammar School, where he continues to coach Junior High Boys Basketball there, and studied Political Science and Entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s University. Alfred is the Project Lead at the Centre for Employment Innovation (CEI) in Nova Scotia and a member of the Prime Minister's Youth Council. As an active connector, leader and social entrepreneur in Halifax, Alfred is deeply passionate about youth issues, inclusion, equity and community well-being. He is a member of the Halifax Public Libraries Board of Directors, an 16

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advisory committee member of the African Nova Scotian Youth Employment Lab. Alfred is currently leading the Nova Scotia Young Leaders Initiative, which aims to create meaningful jobs for underrepresented youth, including Indigenous, African Nova Scotian, and youth with disabilities, as well as develop the leadership capacity of youth across the province of Nova Scotia. I had the pleasure of speaking to Alfred during this unprecedented time. Here is a snip-it of our conversation. For the full interview please listen to “LIVE & IN Conversation With: Alfred Burgesson”. Now, It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Alfred Burgesson. JW: Alfred Burgesson. Community

and Youth leader. A Member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council as well as, involved in creating space for empowering young people to actively participate in their community and have an impact. Thank you again for joining us today. I’d like you, if you would please, share your family’s journey from Ghana to Nova Scotia. AB: Sure. First, thank you for having me. I’m really a fan of Brilliant Labs and I’ve been looking forward to having this conversation with you. I was born in Ghana as you alluded to and my family moved from Ghana to Nova Scotia when I was really young. We moved to Canada because my