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what I am doing right now? And you'll be surprised how many times the answer will be yes! What advice would you give teachers who are interested in bringing Cyber-Security activities to the classroom? As I mentioned a little bit in my introduction, cyber security is also a way of being. So it's not always complicated. It's not always mathematical. It's not always incomprehensible. On the contrary, cyber security can be applied directly to your field of expertise. In fact, applying cyber security to your field of expertise is a very reassuring and encouraging way to learn about it. Because yes, cyber security is also a field. Therefore, you will not be able to become a total expert in all aspects of the field. And even I won't be able to know everything about it. Luckily, otherwise, I don't know how I could bear the burden of knowing everything! If you could recommend a good read for teachers, what would it be? There are several. I would like to invite teachers to contact me directly. I could certainly find a book that would be related to what they are looking for. In the meantime, I like to look at these two websites as needed when I'm looking for something a little more secure. Electronic Frontier Foundation: The organization works hard to educate us about privacy (and many others). I love their work and their material is very relevant.

Feeling inspired? Connect with Alisha! According to their description, PrivacyTools defines itself as a platform where "we provide services, tools, and knowledge to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance, and moderate a thriving community of privacyminded individuals like yourself to discuss and learn about new advances in protecting your online data.". I also visit this site from time to time to refresh my memory.


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