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WELCOME PIERRE-PAUL CYR This past summer Brilliant Labs had the pleasure of welcoming Pierre-Paul Cyr to our team as a Cyber Security Specialist. Cyber security is more important than ever with students and teachers moving to online learning environments. Pierre-Paul's goal is to create fun and engaging projects or challenges that will help youth consider how to be safe online and recognize ways to counter cyber-bullying or attacks. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a small village called Saint-Hilaire. The village is located just outside of Edmundston, NB, about 20 minutes away.

What is your role at Brilliant Labs? I've embarked on the Brilliant Labs boat to start creating activities


yber security isn't always complicated. It's not always mathematical. It is not always incomprehensible. On the contrary, cyber security can be applied directly to your field of expertise.

Where did you study? Education is a very important value for me. I obtained my Master's degree in Communication at the University of Ottawa. I then continued in philosophy at Saint Paul University and finally at École Polytechnique de Montréal where I obtained a certificate in cyber security of computer networks. Who inspires you? French philosopher Michel Foucault. At the time of my master's degree, my thesis project was oriented towards electronic surveillance in the workplace and my theoretical framework was based on Foucault's work. I like his structuralist vision of a society and how important history remains for him in the analysis of a problem. What are you passionate about? started taking digital photography courses and bought a digital camera. There is, through a lens, the 8

possibility to realize the beauties of our planet, no matter how small they are. So, very often, when I look through my lens, I ask myself: what if there were no colors, birds, trees, insects, leaves, light, what would I be able to photograph? Through the simple little things of life hide the great complexities of our planet.

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related to cyber security. So I am very happy and blessed to have such an opportunity. You've been an educator for how long? I have been an educator for 7 years, in the field of computer science. My teaching experience is mostly oriented towards college and university teaching. What is Cyber Security? Generally speaking, cyber security aims to achieve an adequate level of stability in terms of the use of technology for businesses. In other words, how can the organization use technologies (Internet for example) and ensure that it achieves stability in terms of operation and mitigate the effects of possible attacks from within the organization or from outside? It can be said that this stability is mainly possible thanks to the three foundations of cyber security: 1) data availability; 2) data integrity;

and 3) data confidentiality. Thinking about it further, we can propose the idea that cyber security is also a way of acting in our modern world, in order to contribute to the pursuit of our goals or even our dreams, while being aware that every online action can have certain consequences. cyber security therefore becomes a collective responsibility. Why are you interested in Cyber Security? I was intrigued by cyber security because I loved the spirit of curiosity that it brought me into it. I liked trying to solve problems and I liked to create my tools so that I could find solutions. Cyber security is a fascinating and rapidly evolving field. This reality allows me to be constantly on the move and gives me daily satisfaction. And when I feel the need to slow down, I take out my digital camera and go out on the trails! What goals do you have as you work with Brilliant Labs? I wish I could contribute, if only a little bit, to making cyber security a commonplace part of the daily lives of children and teachers. It would be interesting to see a discussion open up in front of the field and realize how much it is becoming unavoidable for us, but for our future generations. What challenge would you give youth and teachers? During my time at Brilliant Labs, I would like students and teachers to ask themselves the following question for every exercise they do in their classes: Is there cyber security in

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