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confusion and express the value of making with practical approaches. Provide a pathway for the community member to explore making in their community •

You are the learner/ student/maker who wants to try making activities but not sure how to convince adults about your needs. You enjoy making, but adults have told you it is not important. As a designer, support this learner to bring maker-based approaches in their lives.

Generate a storyline building on the selected scenarios. Create a storyboard

Work towards a coherent visual narrative. The outcome could be a visual story that could be in the form of a comic strip, an illustrated book, or an animation.

MAKERSPACES TO INSPIRE LEARNING LET’S CONNECT! Brilliant Labs is here to help you and your students. Alisha and Jacob are available to answer any questions you may have about Makerspaces and design thinking. Visit for your Makerspace guide and the visual stories referenced in this article. Email: | Brilliant Labs Magazine Revue Labos Créatifs