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As a society, we thrive on stories of community. Share the story of Polly and her Stars (more information below). Help them understand Polly's maker identity: she is making much more than just wooden stars.

Polly hand paints each one of the stars. It is important that we know as soon as possible how many you are willing to take on. This year Polly needs 200 stars by November 20th.

Use this link or scan the QR code to register.


Pick up some wood Polly isn't very picky when it comes to the wood for her stars--as long as it is 1" pine boards. Knotty pine will work as long as you watch out for the knots when cutting on a band saw. If you need some delivered, please contact


Print out the template On the next page, you will find a full scale template. The finished star should measure as close to 133 mm x 130 mm (HxW) as possible. Check your printer settings to make sure that you are printing the page at 100% without scaling to the printer paper.

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Cut and trace the template The outer edge of the stroke is the cut line. Take some time to consider maximizing the surface area of your board. You will quickly develop an assembly line. How can you be as efficient as possible?

Make some stars This is where the magic happens. Assist your students in cutting the stars. You will likely find using a band saw to be the most efficient tool. Please ensure students are properly supervised during this process. Remember to post some photos. Feel free to tag @Brilliant_Labs in your tweet.

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NEXT YEAR Keep this brilliant inspiring project in mind for next year.

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