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A SHORT HISTORY OF POLLY'S STARS Polly has lived in Geary, NB all her life. When they began in the early 1990s, Polly's husband, Medley would cut each star in their workshop as Polly painted the intricate details. What began as a special project for their grandchildren has grown into a community tradition of over 200 stars. All lovingly signed on the back by their maker, Geary, Aunt Polly.


POLLY'S STAR TEMPLATE This is the template for the 2020 edition of Polly's Stars. You may be curious about how similar the final wooden stars need to be to this template. The outline of this template is actually from 2012--the last year Polly's dear husband Medley was able to cut them himself. While slight variations are expected, attention to consistency allows for an incredibly sentimental tradition to continue.

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