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We think that this is just great as it complements one of our favourite dimensions of this project: community. Polly’s Stars is a powerful example of the significant power making has on community empowerment. Simply by sharing one’s passion and interests invites others to consider how they feel about materials and their world. Making does not need any particular tools or technology. In fact, many maker projects lead to wonderfully intangible artifacts that can sometimes last longer than the tangible. For instance, over the years, Polly’s Stars were received by hundreds of individuals. We have no way of knowing how receiving that gift inspired feelings of joy, love, connectedness or empathy. Particularly during the holiday season, these feelings can become as tangible as the hand-painted star itself. I’m often reminded by the words of Peppler and Bender (2013) when they said “maker activities organically invite crossgenerational and cross-cultural participation [...].”This year, Brilliant Labs thought they would help spread the word of Polly’s Stars a little further by inviting classrooms across New Brunswick to help Polly. There was something incredibly special about dropping off a box of more than 150 stars to Polly, knowing that the process of making has grown to inspire students from 5 different communities. Each with their own techniques, dozens of students from École-Notre Dame, Ridgeview Middle School, Oromocto High School, Devon Middle School, Nashwaaksis Middle School and Nackawic High School are now part of the Polly’s Stars story. Each student began with the same template. This may sound uncharacteristic of making since individuality is something that maker culture embraces. However, consistency is a trademark of Polly’s Stars as the template each student used was based on the 2015 series. 48

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The 2015 star design is extra special to Polly as it was the last year her late husband Medley was able to cut her stars himself. This is yet another intangible emotional element that is shared across stars and throughout the community the stars have created. Even though the box of stars dropped off to Polly all appear to look the same, each has been shaped by students touched by the story of Polly’s Stars. The edges of each star have grooves left by the student maker as they worked to refine their skills on the saw. Like any maker project, it is impossible to separate the intangible from the tangible. We have no way of knowing which of our small ideas will grow to connect generations of communities across our community, throughout our province, our country and our world. Thank you Polly for reminding us to keep making. Polly would like to sincerely thank all of the young makers who helped make her 160 2020 stars!

Please use the information on the following pages and template if you would like to contribute to our Polly's Stars campaign for 2121