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At Brilliant Labs and across maker culture it is common to hear someone say “We are all makers!” This is something with which we vehemently agree. What helps affirm this statement is seeing the incredible artifacts that makers make. The Holiday Season is great for many reasons, but the one that we really love is seeing all of the holiday makers showcase their holiday creations. Like many makers, Polly Carr is humble, but around the holidays her embodiment of the maker spirit is shared with a growing audience across The 84-years young great-grandmother from Canada. Geary, New Brunswick began the tradition of Polly’s Stars 29 years ago. Always wanting to challenge herself with another project, in 1991 she asked her husband Medley to make her a single star so that she could give it to the child of a close friend for Christmas. What began as a simple undertaking of a single start cut from a scrap of pine board has turned into an annual woodworking triumph as Polly’s stars are distributed to over 200 recipients all across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Alberta and the Northwest Territories. When asked about what motivated her to begin this project so many stars ago, Polly said “I just wanted to share a little joy of the season and make someone smile -- even if I’m not there to see them smile when they receive their star.” The joy that Polly describes has been powerful throughout the almost 3 decades that she has hand-painted the individual stars. However, the COVID-19 pandemic will likely add some significance to her 2020 star. This year, Polly chose black as the colour for Santa’s suit. She admits that it wasn’t her first choice of colour, in the past the colours have ranged from classic red, to lime green, and even a sparkling silver for the year 2000. However given that it was the only colour on the shelves at the local craft store and so many of her recipients have asked for that colour over the years, 2020 seemed like the year that black just made sense. Brilliant Labs Magazine Revue Labos Créatifs