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You will be able to refine your lesson plan after you have gone through it once, just like you would for any other lesson. You can take the time to think about the purpose of your project. These moments will help guide your creative process. What materials and space are available for your project? It is important to think about the different skills involved in this project.

concepts you want to learn, the objectives of those concepts, and the materials you can access. In addition, remember to target your personal strengths and interests, even if they may not seem relevant at this point, they can help you create your ideas. This is where you look at the different possibilities for your project and the different solutions to solve your problem. This step is often best done collaboratively. Sometimes the most crazy ideas are taken out of the box to create the project. You can build on the ideas of others. Are you going to

create a project based on a challenge, a real problem, an activity, a physical place? Don't hesitate to think about the issues that may arise - grade level, access to materials, unnecessary expenditure of resources, student learning, links to curriculum. It is important to prioritize solutions to these problems. You start your planning, you may start with one plan and end up with a completely different plan, because at some point someone will ask you a question, something will come up and you will go in a completely different direction. It doesn't matter, that's where you have to be flexible and you can ask for help.

Our #MakerFun challenges are always interdisciplinary, even if sometimes they seem to fit better into one school subject, they can fit into several subjects. These extensions of curriculum learning help students make connections outside of school subjects and allow for sustainable and authentic learning. The materials at your disposal can influence the project, certain materials can influence learning, just as access to no material can influence creativity. Here you test the effectiveness of your #MakerFun. You will ask questions that will allow you to see what your students have learned.

All #Makerfun daily challenges can be found on the new Brilliant Labs Project Portal. Here you can also find other projec ideas too for K-12 at any learning level (beginner, intermediate or advance). Visit the project portal today!

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