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Teacher at Graham Creighton Junior High in Dartmouth, NS. January 2019, Shaun contacted Brilliant Labs' Sarah Ryan, Nova Scotia Program Director, to begin projects to support his Grade 9 Class with digital literacy opportunities. He received a Micro:bit Inventors Kits through the Brilliant Labs Project Fund. Sarah visited his classroom to deliver several in-person coding sessions for his class over the past two years. Last year, his class participated in Bio


It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Shaun Doyle, Grade 9

Innovation Challenge workshops and today they continue learning through virtual sessions. Together, Shaun and Brilliant Labs, are helping his students with their projects and digital literacy skills. We are happy to share our Take 5 interview with you as Shaun continues to go the extra mile to bring opportunities to his students whether it be in person or virtually. You've been a teacher for how many years? I am in my 16th year teaching. I have spent that entire time teaching at Graham Creighton Jr High School in Cherrybrook, NS. I am deeply proud to call the GCJH community my home. Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because I had one very special teacher in Grade 1. Mrs. Drake showed me the impact one person can have on so many others. She set an example for combining a caring and compassionate personality with the belief that all students have amazing potential and can achieve anything with the right support. Everyday, I strive to live up to that standard and it is my goal to have even half the impact she did. Has a student ever inspired you? If so, how has that changed your teaching methods? I have been blessed to be surrounded by excellent colleagues who have been a source of inspiration. When things are challenging or difficult, it is so helpful to know that there are people who you can lean on. Similarly, my students have been a source of inspiration and their ability to make me laugh while rising to meet expectations provides me with the energy and motivation to power through obstacles or frustrations.


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Combining caring and compassion with the belief that all students have potential is an impactful professional perspective, that can transform learning outcomes.

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