Brilliant-Online Magazine | The Proudly Australian Issue | January 2022

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THE SKY'S THE LIMIT FOR OLIVER TAYLOR ✦ Recently awarded a flying scholarship from Hastings District Flying Club, Oliver (Ollie) Taylor chatted with us about what this means to him and his future.


hen asked how he felt when he first found out he had been awarded the scholarship Ollie smiled and said, “I was having dinner with Mum and Dad, sitting there thinking I didn’t get it. Then the phone rang and it was Rod. He told me I got it, I was over the moon. Totally happy, I told my parents straight away. It was a great family moment.” Ollie told us that it was a fairly simple online process to apply for the

scholarship. Just fill out the online application form, stating why you love flying, provide your academic record and really show your desire to fly.

We have been given Ollie’s scholarship submission and have taken a snippet to share: “I am very interested in WW2 (especially the aviation side of WW2), however my main hobby is aviation

(of course). I spend most of my time at work or school, but when I am at neither, I like to watch aviation related movies, watch aviation related videos, plane spotting, and even designing model aeroplanes (even the sling) on fusion360.” Having an interest in all things aviation goes all the way back to Primary School days for Ollie, who is only 16 years of age now. Having a close friend who was in commercial aviation and a brother studying to be a Bachelor of Aviation at University,