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Christmas Enterta HONEY GLAZED HAM Our most popular ‘cooked’ ham, with a sweet glaze of honey and herbs. One of the best for the holiday season. Sliced and vacuum packed to preserve freshness on the day of dispatch. Sliced 100g | £3.30

GORGONZOLA After Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gorgonzola is probably Italy’s most well known cheese and not without good reason. Prime specimens are creamy yellow in colour and richly veined with blue green mould. Semi-soft and creamy when young, Gorgonzola ages into a pungent, crumbly cheese. Cut to Order From 300g | £6.60

COPPA Whilst Prosciutto is by far our most popular cured meat, move just a little further up and you will find Coppa - the salted, spiced, air cured pork shoulder. On a properly raised hog Coppa has the perfect fat-to-meat ratio, the fat also runs throughout the slice rather than around the edge providing great texture. The flavour is perfectly balanced between softly, pleasantly sweet and spiced and salty. Sliced 100g | £3.80

HOME ROASTED ALMONDS Almonds have been a prized ingredient in our culinary history for hundreds of years and have become the world’s most widely grown and consumed tree nut. Italy has become one of the major producers where the almond is often used to symbolise good fortune. These delicious rich almonds roasted in our own kitchens are ideal as part of a larger antipasti spread. 200g | £3.20

CHARCOAL ROASTED ARTICHOKE HEARTS These roasted artichoke hearts are the best we have found and are nothing like other pale specimens. Picked, hand-trimmed, grilled and then placed into olive oil with a little garlic, roasted artichokes are one of our favourites and always feature on our antipasti plates. 325g | £6.50 425g | £8.50





Panettone These are our versions of Italy’s most famous cake made for us by a bakery in Turin. Dark on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside and packed with raisins and candied fruit. Beautifully hand wrapped these are a Christmas essential and ideal for gift giving.

Our classic panettone with a crunchy twist PANETTONE WITH HAZELNUTS Made with the same great ingredients as our classic panettone, the clever bakers have added Piedmont hazelnuts to create a sweet and delicately crunchy topping that perfectly complements the soft fluffy cake beneath. 1kg | £15.95

“ Luigis panettone vanished off our meeting table as soon as it was put out... amazing flavour, pure buttery sweetness” Claire Berry, London



You’ll go nuts for this PANETTONE WITH ALMONDS A further twist on our classic cake, this time we have replaced the hazelnuts with almonds to create a different flavoured sweet crunchy glaze. 1kg | £15.95

Our most popular panettone Classic Panettone This is our classic and one of our most popular gifts: rich, moist panettone loaded with raisins and candied fruit, baked in the traditional way. Like all the panettones on this page, the cakes are wrapped by hand and will keep for months after delivery. 1kg | £15.95



Making good quality panettone is not an easy task. There are many critical points in the preparation that some makers don’t quite get right. In Milan, Tre Marie have been baking up some of the best since the early 1800’s. They use high quality ingredients and a carefully developed technique to create a feathery-light cake studded with the traditional raisins and candied fruits.






TRE MARIE PANDORO 1kg | £18.50



Drunk Cake

Classic Panettone


A classic Panettone from the master bakers at La Torinese.

From Bonci, a family run bakery in Central Tuscany, this is their signature panettone and truly something special. With none of the traditional candied fruit this cake has been soaked in Vin Santo wine. When you unwrap it the aromas are overwhelming.

500g | £6.95 1kg | £11.95

130g | £7.00 450g | £17.00 700g | £24.00



A striking and beautifully hand-wrapped panettone ideal for gift giving.

From our friends at La Torinese this soft delicate panettone is filled with the traditional sultanas and candied fruits and comes presented in this beautifully decorated tin.

1kg | £17.50

1kg | £17.50

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TR u f f l e LOVE

San Pietro a Pettine Surrounding a beautiful 13th century church is San Pietro a Pettine, an estate with over 700 acres of ancient woods and some of the best truffle hunting grounds in Italy. WHITE TRUFFLE CREAM

truffle slicer

This delicious creamy sauce is made by hand, mixing their famous Umbrian white truffles with fresh cream. Perfect for enhancing risottos and pasta dishes or spread on crostini. A wonderful creation and a must for truffle fans.

A truffle is a terrible thing to waste. This stainless steel shaver has razor sharp adjustable blades that makes it easy to slice even the smallest truffle thinly and evenly.

90g | £12




An excellent extra virgin olive oil that has been infused with shavings of their white truffles. Wonderfully earthy, its heaven when used in risotto, pasta, or egg dishes or when drizzled over fresh buffalo mozzarella. This is one of the finest truffle oils we have tried and certainly one of the best ways that we know of obtaining a true truffle flavour outside of using fresh truffles.

Winter truffles seem to get all the attention, we admit they are exquisite, but that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a place in your kitchen for the black summer truffle. Less potent in taste and aroma but with a far more palatable price tag the summer truffle is a perfect match for lighter dishes. Harvested between June and late August, these have been preserved in a marsala wine, a great way to to keep truffles on hand for when you need them. To serve, thinly slice and add to your finished dish - always at the end, not during cooking. Be generous, the flavour is mild, more mushroom like and nutty than the white winter truffle but it will still subtly heighten the taste and character of your dishes.

55ml | £6 100ml | £13 250ml | £22


30g | £10.50

A luscious soft butter that has been blended with white truffle. Stir through pasta or melt over steak - this is unbelievably good. 45g | £10.50

TRUFFLE HONEY Sweet fragrant honey is laced with chopped black truffle and is nothing short of addictive. The balance of earthiness and sweetness explodes in your mouth with flavour. Pair it with cured meats and strong salty cheeses or even drizzle it over desserts. A decadent addition to your Italian cupboard. 100g | £12


Fresh White Truffles

The rare winter white truffle from Alba in the north of Italy is the worlds finest. Bought from local markets and flown to us once a week these truffles are gloriously fresh with an earthy intoxicating aroma that permeates the senses rapturously. An original present for the foodie who has everything.

Limited Availability from October to December. Reserve yours early to avoid dissapointment. • Truffles are sold by weight, for a meal for two with a generous taste of truffle we would recommend a minimum of 30g. • Prices change from week to week see or call 0203 051 93 52 for current pricing.


gift hampers

VIN SANTO & CANTUCCINI Let someone experience a centuries old Italian tradition with this perfectly paired gift box. They’ll receive a bottle of the famous Tuscan dessert wine Vin Santo and our very own hand made crunchy almond Cantuccini. £30

Italian Essentials A PERFECT PAIR Two of our favourites laid side by side in our signature white hamper. Luigis Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Tuscan hills of Montecatini and La Vecchia Dispensa’s elegant aged balsamic. Also includes one of our terraced dipping bowls so that the lucky recipient can get started with out delay. £55



Spoil someone BUBBLES & CHOCOLATE Is there a more sublime combination than good sparkling wine and handmade chocolate? No we didn’t think so. Here we have a bottle of our best selling prosecco and three bars of chocolate from Amedei, winners of the Academy of Chocolates award for the best chocolate bar in the world. Comes carefully wrapped in one of our white hampers. £45

tel: 0203 051 9352

LUIGi’S gift card

A gift of great taste 12

gift hampers

May all your pasta dreams come true! PASTA FANTASIA This is a great big-boxed celebration of Italy’s most famous creation. Selected from our five favourite pasta makers this is a collection of those pastas that you may not have the opportunity to taste everyday. Our gift box includes Martelli Spaghetti, Gentile Paccheri made in Gragnano, Rustichellas’ very special Primo Grano heirloom wheat pasta, from the Morelli family, their Straccetti, Strozzapreti, Pici, Linguine with Red Chilli, a bag of the dramatic and elegant looking Tagliatelle with Black Squid Ink, and from Cipriani their wide ribbon shapped Pappardelle. To keep it all company we include sauces from Cipriani, Rustichella and our favourite Ligurian Pesto made by ROI. £60

A great way to taste a little bit of Italy

LITTLE ITALY This gift contains smaller versions of some of the favourite foods that people come to our little deli to taste. Packed into our signature white hamper you will find our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, a favourite thick, sweet balsamic vinegar from the Dodi family reserve, the greatest rice we’ve yet to find from Principato di Lucedo. a balsamic jelly (amazing with Pecorino cheeses), a small panforte from Masoni, our handmade Cantuccini, a chilli bomb from Calabria and a half bottle of our favourite pinot grigio from Santa Margherita. £55


gift hampers

Congratulations, celebrations.. CELEBRATION A great way to let someone celebrate in true Italian style. This willow hamper comes with two bottles of Foss Marai Prosecco and two individually wrapped solid dark chocolate cigars. £55

Salami Sampler If you know someone who loves real Italian salami then this is for them. Inside one of our gift boxes we pack a wild boar salami (over half a kilo!), a salami Abruzzese heavily seasoned with pepper and spices, a Tuscan salami with real pieces of black truffle and a hand crafted olive wood salami board to cut and serve on. £45

A gift box for any occasion Panettone & Prosecco A great gift for someone you want to surprise. Beautifully arranged into one of our printed gift boxes is a bottle of the amazing Foss Marai Prosecco and a 1kg gift wrapped panettone. £35


gift hampers

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A gift of great taste

TRUFFLE LOVE This is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves, or you think will love, the exotic aromas and flavour of Italy’s truffles. The gift includes a white truffle oil from San Pietro a Pettine, a white truffle cream, a Tuscan salami laced with pieces of black truffle, a rich terrine with truffle, truffle butter and Poddis sweet fragrant honey with truffle. £75

Our favourite truffle products

For the best tasting risottos ever! PERFECT RISOTTO In Italy they eat nearly as much risotto as they do pasta. This hamper comes with all the ingredients for making the creamiest, best- tasting risottos we’ve ever made. Inside is an Arborio and Carnaroli rice from The Principato Di Lucedo, a large wedge of Parmigiano- Reggiano, enough Borgotaro porcini mushrooms to keep you going for weeks, fragrant saffron, a truffle oil and instructions on how to make the perfect risotto. £75

tel: 0203 051 9352


gift hampers


gifts for your GREATEST GUEST Want to be the greatest dinner guest ever? Here is how. This luxury willow hamper contains the perfect ingredients for after dinner pleasure. Inside your host will find fine Italian coffee from Illy, Neapolitan chocolates from the award winning Amedei, Vin Santo - the perfect dessert wine and our very own handmade Cantuccini for dipping. It’s guaranteed to get you a repeat invite. £50

“ A very big thank you to everyone at Luigis for the amazing Christmas gift” Delia Smith

GREATEST GUEST IN JUTE BAG The same great ingredients for after dinner pleasure packed into our easy to carry Jute bag. £45


gift hampers

Just got married, or just moved home? KITCHEN ESSENTIALS This makes a great treat for the newly married or the newly housed, the kitchen essentials that every home should have. This big printed hamper box is filled with the basic blocks of good cooking and good eating. Nothing is too perishable or needs refrigeration, so you can send it without worrying if they’ll open it before the honeymoon. Packed inside is our very own extra virgin olive oil, a well aged balsamic vinegar from La Vecchia Dispensa, pastas from Martelli, sauce from Cipriani, Seggiano Basil Pesto, Ferron Rice, Molinari Coffee, our hame made Cantucccini biscuits, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and one of our printed T-Towels. £90

HAPPY HOSTESS We can’t think of a hostess who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this thoughtful collection of unique and delicious kitchen essentials. Inside our ribbon tied luxury hamper are Rizzardi Denocciolato olive oil made from olives grown on the hills beside the shore of Lake Garda, an aged balsamic from La Vecchia Dispensa and a ceramic jar of the indescribably good Amarena Fabbri Italian cherries. £60

Better than flowers


gift hampers

Explore Italy’s Regions

LI G U R I A WITH LOVE FROM LIGURIA Talk about of the cusine of Liguria and few with fail to mention their gentle and sweet olive oils and famous basil pesto. This gift wrapped celebration of these great culinary creations pairs a delicious feathery light olive oil and a traditonal pesto. To keep them company we include trofie pasta, a ligurian speciality and a jar of Pesto Rosso (Red Pesto). £40

Sicily SICILIAN SENSATION This is a grand tribute to some of our sensational Sicilian food finds. Inside this handsome hamper you will find Primo organic extra virgin olive oil, orange biscuits made by Marchesi Di San Giuliano, an extraordinary marmalade, a rich sweet pistachio cream, Corvo Bianco Duca di Salaparuta white wine, a bottle of Triskele Sicilia Duca di Salaparuta red wine and soft Amaretti biscuits, not from Sicily, but hand made by Giuseppe our Sicilian patisserie chef. £120


gift hampers

T us c a n y TUSCAN TREAT If you want to recall that perfect trip to Tuscany or inspire some dreams of Mediterranean sun, here’s some help. Packed into our printed gift box are pastas from Martelli and Morelli, Luigi’s extra virgin olive oil, a Panbriacone ‘drunken cake’ from the Tuscan family bakers Bonci, a hazelnut and chocolate spread, our very own handmade cantuccini, chocolate pralines from the award wining Amedei, a panforte from Siena, a fresh and fragrant truffle cheese and a bottle of Villa Antinori Bianco Toscana wine. £125

CALABRIA THE CALABRIAN COLLECTION Most people know that Calabrian cuisine really loves hot chilli peppers but the region is also famed for many other delicious delectables. Here we have picked five of our favourites: an intensely aromatic oregano, a large ‘chilli bomb’ from Soverato, an unusual but deliciously sweet liquorice and apple jam, yellowfin tuna with chilli, our spice of the year - wild fennel pollen and the wonder ingredient Nduja - a spreadable hot calabrian salami. £55


gift hampers

best of three



Best of Three We’ve been busy in Italian wine country, selecting, uncorking and tasting. Here we have three of our favourites. Packed into our luxury whicker hamper is Piemonte’s great white - Bersano Gavi DOCG, the refreshing and fruity Antinori Scalabrone Bolgheri Rosato and the multi award winning Cagiolo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. An elegant gift for wine loving friends. £50

Wine Lovers

hampers for

The Best Cellar (6 Bottles) This luxury hamper contains six of our favourite wine finds. From Piedmont to Sicily, from Prosecco to Vin Santo, each of these carefully selected wines is guaranteed to impress. Inside is Bersano Gavi, (Piedmont), Duca Di Salaparuta Triskele (Sicily), Gambellara Vin Santo (Veneto), Foss Marai’s Roos Prosecco (Veneto), Cagiolo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo) and Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige). £125

the best cellar




gift hampers




Our favourite wines The Best Cellar (12 Bottles) This grand hamper contains twelve of our favourite wine finds. From Tuscany to Sicily, from Prosecco to Vin Santo, each of these carefully selected wines is guaranteed to impress. Inside is Bersano Gavi, (Piedmont), Duca Di Salaparuta Triskele (Sicily), Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige), Terre Di Tufi (Tuscany), Amistani Guarda Cantaro Rosso (Veneto), Scalabrone Bolgheri Rose (Tuscany), Foss Marai Prosecco (Veneto), Toar Masi, (Veneto), Gambellara Vin Santo (Veneto), Cagiolo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo), Villa Antinori (Tuscany) and Foss Marai’s Roos Prosecco (Veneto). £250

tel: 0203 051 9352

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A startling exploration of balsamic flavours A BALSAMIC TOUR For both the expert and beginner this is a great way to understand and taste first hand how expert blending and natural aging affects the texture, consistency and flavour of great balsamic. Each balsamic is made in the town of Castelvetro, southwest of Modena by La Vecchia Dispensa. First is the more sour 8 year, next a more complex 10 year and to finish the unbelievably good, denser, sweeter flavours of the 20 year. This is an intriguing balsamic exploration and a great gift idea. Includes a written explanation of each and a jar of La Vecchia Dispensa Balsamic Jelly, a perfect pairing with strong Pecorino cheeses. £90

The best of Italy in a hamper TASTE OF ITALY Italy is a land of food heaven and with this grand gift the lucky recipient can experience a little bit of that heaven right there in their own home. Our luxury wicker hamper comes filled with extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, Vecchia Dispensa’s 10 year aged balsamic vinegar, pastas from Rustichella and Morelli, a tomato and bail sauce from Cipriani, a calabrian chilli jam, the best rice we’ve yet to find from Principato di Lucedo, a truffle honey, chocolates from Caffafrel, a bag of Sartorelli biscuits, Leone’s luxurious hazelnut chocolate cream, a bottle of Bersano Gavi, and a bottle of Zigilo. £150


gift hampers

“ I buy all my dried pasta, salamis and proscuitto in Luigis Deli” Ruth Rogers, The River Cafe

Welcome to the weekend THE WEEKENDER Filled with foods for perfect weekend grazing this is a great all purpose gift box. Inside is a whole sheeps milk cheese, a mini salami from Abruzzese, our homemade black olive pate, roasted almonds, a sicilian organic orange marmalade, cantccuini biscuits and a bottle of the excellent Peppoli wine. £65

Weekends never use to taste this good! THE LONG WEEKENDER This grand gift includes all of the items in ‘The Weekender’ plus hand made breadsticks, our jumbo green pitted olives, salami with truffles, fresh pesto, a decadent chocolate spread, two chocolate bars from the award winning Amedei and a bottle of our favourite Pinot Grigio made by Santa Margherita. £130


gift hampers



The ULTIMATE gift!


gift hampers

If size matters then this will make you proud. A collection of all our top-selling, most popular, most delicious products gathered in one grand hamper. The lucky recipient will take days to taste everything, weeks to enjoy everything and you’re guaranteed to get years of thanks. Inside is: Gentile pasta from Naples, Hand made breadsticks with Rosemary, Luigis Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, A Ligurian green and a red pesto from the family run ROI, Carnaroli rice made by Ferron, Martelli traditionally made pasta from Tuscany, Handcrafted vinegar made from soft and rich Piemontese Arneis wine, A thick sweet balsamic from the Dodi family reserve, Truffle butter from San Pietro a Pettine, Decadent chocolate spread from the worlds finest chocolate maker - Amedei, Sweet honey, laced with chopped black truffle, Sicilian organic orange marmalade, Caffarel Gianduia chocolates, Almonds roasted in our own kitchens, Hand made Cantuccini, Sicilian wafer biscuits from Marchesi di San Giuliano, Hand wrapped traditional panettone, Leone De Castris Salice Salentino Riserva red wine and Marchesi di Frescobaldi Pomino white wine. £275

“ Its Huge!” Received in thank you email from Carolone Hemingway, London


gift hampers

Warm up with some sweet southern Italian heat!

Chilli Lover This stunning white hamper may look cool on the outside but on the inside it is a red-hot celebration of Calabria’s famous chili peppers. Inside we have our best selling chili oil, Morelli’s linguine pasta with red chili, a chilli bomb - of tomato, aubergine chilli and olive oil, an amazing hot and sweet chilli jam a perfect pairing with strong cheeses and a half bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, perfect for cooling down afterwards. £45


gift hampers

“ If you want to knock someone’s socks off, this is the gift to do it”

tel: 0203 051 9352

Louise from Wimbledon, London

Chilli ADDICT If you know someone that favours hot flavours they should still brace themselves before opening this. It is a hamper stuffed to bursting with testaments to the Calabrian chilli pepper. Once unwrapped this will heat a house for weeks to come. Inside they will find a chilli flavoured olive oil, tarrali with chili, Morellis Linguine with red chilli, a condiment of crushed chili’s infused in olive oil, a hot dip made from chili’s, tomatoes, aubergene and porcini mushrooms, an amazing hot and sweet chilli jam a perfect pairing with strong cheeses, Yellowfin Tuna with chili, Rustichellas’ spicy arrabiata sauce for pasta, Ndjua - Calabrias spicy spreadable salami, a chilli bomb from the small Calabrian town of Soverato, a whole round of Pecorino cheese with chilli and a bottle of our favourite pinot grigio. £140


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A gift of great taste

gift hampers

night feed Friends have just had a baby, they don’t sleep so how on earth do they eat? Send them this big gift box of easy to prepare foods and keep the new parents energised. Inside they will find two of our hand made fresh pastas, our home made arrabiata and pesto sauces, a couple of bars of Amedei chocolate, olive oil tarrali, a tub of fresh olives, breadsticks, black olive pate, two whole mini salamis, a wedge of Gorgonzola and Provolone cheeses, Leone’s stone ground chocolate (for making the perfect night time hot chocolate), a bottle of prosecco to celebrate and even a bib for baby. £110 * NB fresh foods are kept in a ice packed insulated box

“My Favourite Italian”

essential office supplies

Lorraine Pascale

Thank the whole office with this collection of easy to share foods. Our printed gift box comes stuffed with a panettone cake, amaretti biscuits, a giant sized bag of our home roasted almonds, medium and dark roasted coffees, our hand made cantuccini biscuits, a couple of bags of tarrali, wafer thin Sartorelli biscuits and a box of Leone’s soft and sugary fruit jellies. £95


gift hampers

Gourmet Gift build your own

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to give. And sometimes you know exactly what someone wants to receive. For times like these we came up with an easy way to ‘Create-Your-Own Gift’ You select either a hamper or gift box, and fill it with foods you (or they) love. You can get started on our website and in just five easy steps you will have ordered your custom gourmet gift.

STEP 1 Select either a hamper or gift box STEP 2 Select your contents STEP 3 Write your gift card STEP 4 Select the date you want your gift to arrive STEP 5 Leave the rest to us

tel: 0203 051 9352


gift hampers

What a pair! PECORINO & HONEY This is a rare treat, a whole fresh Pecorino from the small town of Pienza paired with a jar of Poddi’s truffle infused honey. The balance of the honey’s sweetness with the fresh pecorino flavour is a revelation. This is so good, it makes us wonder why we didn’t come up with this gift box sooner. £40

“ Instead of Christmas pudding, I like to eat thin slices of fresh pecorino cheese, with this unusual, truffle-infused runny honey zig-zagged all over it” Rose Prince, Telegraph Food Columnist


cheese &

A luxurious gift of Italian cheese ITALIAN CHEESEBOARD Four Italian cheeses that taste astounding cut and wrapped to order. We include a Taleggio, our best selling Pecorino Pientino, Provolone Picante and our aged Gorgonzola. The four cheeses weigh in at 1.6kg in total and should comfortably serve up to ten. Presented inside our printed gift box along with soft dried figs from Calabria, a jar of balsamic jelly and a bit of information on where they were made and how to enjoy them. £45


gift hampers

Taste four of Italys finest sheeps milk cheeses THE PECORINOS This is the first time we have put together a gift box exclusively compiled of Italy’s famous Pecorino cheeses. Each is a different style of Pecorino and each is cut and wrapped by hand and presented in our printed gift box. We include the richly flavoured Pecorino Sardo, the sharper, harder and saltier Pecorino Romano, the younger, fresher Pecorino Pientino and a Pecorino Perperino enriched with pieces of fresh red chili pepper. We also include a jar of chilli jam and the outstanding Poddi truffle honey along with a written explanation of each cheese. The regular cheeseboard includes the four cheeses each weighing approx 300g each - 1.2kg in total. For the ultimate cheese gift we can also ship whole rounds of each cheese. £50

VIN SANTO & GORGONZOLA Had the Port and Stilton last year? Why not try this instead. A rich and spicy Gorgonzola with a bottle of sweet Vin Santo dessert wine. As far as great pairings go this is right up their with oil and vinegar, strawberries and champagne or dare we say it, port and stilton. £30

PARMIGIANO REGGIANO The worlds most famous hard cheese began life seven centuries ago in the Italian provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, areas blessed by nature with the finest cattle grazing land. It is here that the local cheese craftsmen utilize a totally natural process that has not changed for 700 years. No additives, no machinery, no gimmicks... just sweet, fresh milk in its pristine state... and then nature’s own good time where it is aged for a minimum of two years. Often mistakenly thought of as just a grating cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano is in fact a delicious, full-flavoured eating cheese that offers a tremendous rich flavour-a combination of nutty, salty and sweet. 250g hand-cut for dinner £6.25 500g hand-cut to save £12.50 1kg hand-cut for an addict £25 2kg hand-cut to share £50 35kg wheel for a nut £700

For lovers of Parmigiano Reggiano


olive oil


ROUNDED & LONG LASTING Guerrieri Rizzardi Denocciolato


This olive oil is made by the Rizzardi family from a single variety Casaliva, hand picked from ancient trees located on the hills alongside Lake Garda. Producing oil from a single variety is rare in Italy where the usual practice is to blend oil from different olives to create the desired balance of qualities. The olive pressing is done without the traditional stone and only the pulp is pressed producing oil that is fruity and elegant with a perfect balance of bitterness and pepper in its smooth finish.

The production of olive oil is a great tradition for the Griscioli family, a tradition that has been passed down the generations. Today, Paolo and Maria cultivate three olive groves situated just outside the village of Scandriglia, in the innocent landscape of the Sabine Hills. The olives are harvested by hand and taken the same day to the local mill, where they are cold pressed. The flavour is exceptional, nicely rounded and long lasting. Monti Sabini’s quantities are quite limited at less than 2,000 bottles a year, a family who would truly rather focus on quality than quantity.

250ml | £19.95

500ml | £19.95


rustic and fruity


Luigis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the Italian Riviera, delicacy, not strength, brings oil acclaim and honour. Roi is one of the best Ligurian oils we’ve tried. It’s been made in the mountain town of Badalucco by the Boeri family since 1900, exclusively from the first cold press of the thumbnail-sized Taggiasca olive. Mellow yet rich in its unfiltered state, the oil is delicately delicious, flowery and feathery light, perfect for the region’s basil harvest (it’s no wonder the Liguria invented pesto!). Its aroma has a little cedar and spice. Its subtle, lingering-on-the-tongue flavours leave you smiling long after you’ve tasted it.

Our top selling olive oil is made by an old school friend of Luigi’s who now has his own olive groves on the hills of their Tuscan home town of Montecatini. Made from hand-picked Frantoio and Muraiole olives pressed the same day they’re taken from the tree, the oil itself is hugely flavourful. When poured it has a clear pleasingly green colour and a wonderful fruity aroma with a hint of apple and a scent of green leaves and grass. The flavour is typically Tuscan - strong and pungent. It’s excellent on just about everything, salads, soups, pasta, seafood and of course, bruschetta.

500ml | £14.50

750ml | £17.50



Balsamic better

It was in 1975 that Roberta Pelloni and her husband Marino Tintorie established La Vecchia Dispensa in an attractive old building overlooking a historic square in the centre of the old town of Castelvetro in Modena. Their balsamic is made in the traditional way, using the must of Trebbiano grapes expertly and patiently blended in barrels of different woods. It is their skill in blending and aging that enables them to create perfectly balanced vinegars, each with individual qualities and characteristics.

Eight Year Balsamic

Ten Year Balsamic

Twenty Year Balsamic

Their 8-year aged balsamic is many of our customers’ favourite everyday vinegar. It’s affordable and strikes an elegant balance - lush with a patient fruitiness, and just a touch of the barrel’s aging beginning to show.

This is their 10 year aged balsamic, one of the most intensely flavoured balsamics of this age we’ve tried. Its complexity, with rich flavours of oak, blackberry and dark fruit, is partly due to aging in very small batches. This allows more evaporation and contact with the barrel-both of which will over the years gradually give the vinegar its extraordinary fragrance and flavour. Although only a little denser than the 8 year balsamic the intensity of flavour is almost double.

Bottled in small quantities, this one takes all the extraordinarily complex and rich flavours of their 10 year aged balsamic to the next level and rounds them out with a dose of lush but not over the top sweetness.

250ml | £13.95

250ml | £39.95

250ml | £19.95

Balsamic Barrel

Balsamic Jelly

The aging attics of La Vecchia Dispensa are stuffed with barrels. Old barrels, new barrels. Small ones for precious cargo, large ones for just-cooked must. Made from chestnut, oak and half a dozen other woods, each of them holds balsamic vinegar caught somewhere on its way from grape to bottle and now you can have one of your own.

For those who just can’t get enough of the great balsamic taste this is a must have. Serve with meats and mild cheeses or for something really exceptional try with strawberries or the best vanilla ice cream you can find.

La Vecchia Dispensa’s have fashioned a few small, seasoned oak barrels that we can send you filled with their best-selling 10 year aged balsamic. Kept sealed, it’ll last indefinitely and get better with time. 1 litre | £125 33

100g | £5.50

sweet treats



For almost three centuries, way up in Lombardy near the Swiss border, the Lazzaroni family has been producing these simple, unique biscuits.

One of the newer creations from the brother and sister team at Amedei. Made from 63% cocoa dark chocolate, Italian hazelnuts and bitter almonds this has gotten us hooked. Mix with milk, slow low heat, constant stirring and a little patience will create one of the most luscious and rich drinks with a kneeweakening aroma and superbly complex chocolate and nut flavours. This is one hot chocolate we adults can keep all to ourselves.

Made from just three ingredients, free-range egg whites, sugar and a generous helping of apricot kernels, it is the last of these that adds an edge of refreshing ‘almond like’ bitterness to the crispy crunchy texture. The elegance of these biscuits, formed from such simple ingredients, is astounding. See page 40.

BARBERO CHOCOLATE COVERED GRISSINI Just in time for Christmas, Barbero have produced these exceptionally good grissini hand dipped in dark 60% chocolate. Bite into them, first a satisfying crunch and then the wonderful contrast in flavour between the savoury bread and the sweet, bitterness of the chocolate. Like all of the Barbero’s creations these are thoughtful and carefully presented, a great gift. 300g | £9.50

250g | £15

200g Box | £6.95 450g Gift Tin | £17.50

LUIGIS HANDMADE CANTUCCINI Cantuccini are now available all over Italy and across the world but like all food the quality between them varies enormously. Handmade for us by a small bakery in Pisa, these Cantuccini have a great texture and are just the right size for dunking. However, what really seems to make the difference is having one of the highest almond contents we ever seen - 25% versus between 10% and 20% that you would find in many other examples. For maximum enjoyment pair with your mid morning coffee or as an after dinner treat alongside a glass of Vin Santo. 300g | £6.50


sweet treats



Panforte is the flat cake traditionally made for Christmas in Siena from wheat flour, nuts sugar and the fabulous Tuscan millefiori honey. Dusted with the included confectioners sugar this is a delicious addition to a cheese plate or served in bite size pieces with tea and coffee. See page 46-47.

Mulino Branco have become one of Italy’s largest producers of bakery goods through a simple formula of making unique, simple and delicious products and these biscuits are no exception. These are their Pan Di Stelle- chocolate and hazelnut biscuits with icing sugar stars. At Christmas they even come in holiday shapes with a hole so they can be hung like a decoration on the Christmas tree.

100g | £3.95

PANDORO Originally made in Verona the Pandoro like its Milanese cousin the Panettone have become staples during the Christmas season. Pandoro can be enjoyed in many ways - we often prefer it simply as it comes sprinkled with a little powdered sugar, however if you want to experiment a little serve it with Zabaione or Mascarpone cream. It’s superb. 1kg | From £13.95

350g | £2.95



LUIGi’S gift card

A gift of great taste 35

sweet treats



LEONE ORIGINALS Leone began its life in a confectioner’s shop in Alba where Luigi Leone started to produce these delicious and now iconic small crunchy sweets. Made in a dazzling array of natural flavours and colours, they look like miniature scoops of bright pastel ice cream. Packed in small beautifully decorated boxes or tins, individually these make a perfect stocking filler. 42g | £3.50

NEW! Just in time for Christmas


even more lovely leone at

42g | £2 36

sweet treats



When we were told about Leone’s fabulous luxurious hazelnut chocolate spread the packaging did come as a bit of a surprise. However the clever vessel makes it an unexpected, fun gift. The flavour makes it something you’ll want to keep for yourself. Leone, one of Italy’s most iconic confectioners makes this from smoothly ground hazelnuts mixed with cocoa, sugar and vanilla, the ultra nutty flavor is intense and flawless. What to squeeze it on? A little on your fingertip for tasting. Ice cream next. After that there are no rules.

This is the way chocolate use to be made, just a blend of toasted cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, vanilla and no cocoa butter in sight. The ingredients are stone ground creating a texture that is granular and gritty - much more rustic than the glossy bars you might be use to, but the cocoa beans are less stressed in comparison to processing by steel cylinders retaining a deeper fragrance and an intense taste. Although it comes as a sold bar and you can eat it that way, it makes one of the finest hot chocolates we’re tried. Great for chocolate connoisseurs looking for something unique.

115g | £6

55g | £5



When they’re not making their famous sweet pastilles Leone are using their unique talents on these. Soft and sugary and made with real fruit, these are like a massage for your taste buds. They come in six flavors albicocca (apricot), limone (lemon, fragola (strawberry), uva (grape), ananas (pineapple) and prugna (plum). Beautiful packaged these are ready for gifting.

Usually you will find these in stunning retro boxes or tins smaller than a pack of playing cards but this special edition has been magnified 26 times to create a beautiful gift. These are fun, fantastic sweets, and in this larger form the perfect sweet surprise. 800g | £35

370g | £16


sweet treats


Torrone from

In an historic building in the heart of Asti you will find Barbero, one of the oldest and most regarded artisan producers of torrone. Founded in the late 1800’s, the torrone is still made as it was then, with the whole family involved and using the same recipe created by their great grandfather.

TORRONE GRAN CRU From our favourite Torrone maker Barbero these ‘Gran Cru’ bars showcase three different cultures and philosophies of artisan torrone production. The Piedmont crumbly torrone is closest to Barbero’s traditional style of torrone making. The almond soft torrone is inspired by the southern way of doing things, using Pizzute almonds, Sorrento lemon honey and natural vanilla. The Pistachio soft torrone bar is made in the Sicilian way, using Bronte pistachios and Etna orange honey.  100g | £6.75 Buy All Three | £18 

CREMA TORROCINE Barbero have blended their famous torrone to create a spreadable frenzy of honey, hazelnuts sugar and egg white. Use it as a sweet topping for your toast, tuck into pancakes or crepes, drizzle onto ice cream or eat it right off the spoon. If you like torrone this is the stuff dreams are made of.  100g | £5.50

TORRONFETTE Whenever we describe Barbero and the astonishing work they do with their Torrone we almost always find ourselves talking about their commitment to a traditional way of doing things. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t any opportunity for a little invention from time to time. Here they have taken their white crumbly torrone and hand cut it into very thin easy to eat slices. Perfect for smarter Torrone eating occasions. 300g | £15

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White Traditional Torrone With Piedmont Hazelnuts Made from fresh egg whites, sugar, the very best ‘Millefiori’ honey and lots and lots of whole toasted Piedmont hazelnuts this is the Barbero families original crumbly torrone. Unlike many other producers Barbero do things the old fashioned way - everything entirely by hand. The torrone is light as a feather, each brittle bite airy and elegant. Simply put, this is the best-tasting torrone we’ve ever had anywhere. Here we have it in generous 300g and 450g sizes as well as a very limited number of extraordinary 3kg pieces.   300g | £11.50 450g | £16.50 3kg | £90

White Traditional Torrone With Piedmont Hazelnuts 200g | £8

White Traditional Torrone Covered With Chocolate 150g | £8

SOFT TORRONE WITH PIEDMONT HAZELNUTS Using the same great ingredients of fresh egg whites, sugar, honey and Piedmont hazelnuts nuts, Barbero adjust the quantities to create their soft, sweet and deliciously chewy torrone.   250g | £9.50

Soft Torrone Covered In Chocolate 250g | £9.75


sweet treats

Amaretti di Saronno For almost three centuries, way up in Lombardy near the Swiss border, the Lazzaroni family has been producing these simple, unique biscuits. Made from just three ingredients, free-range egg whites, sugar and a generous helping of apricot kernels, it is the last of these that adds an edge of refreshing ‘almond like’ bitterness to the crispy crunchy texture. The elegance of these biscuits, formed from such simple ingredients, is astounding. Packaged in Lazaroni’s famous red-and-orange window box, each biscuit is individually wrapped in beautiful wax bakery paper. 200g box | £6.95 400g tin | £17.50

tel: 0203 051 9352

An explosion of sweet and savoury Chocolate Covered Grissini David Barbero’s family have been making torrone and chocolate for five generations. Just in time for Christmas, they have put that history and experience to work with these exceptionally good grissini hand dipped in dark 60% chocolate. Bite into them, first a satisfying crunch and then the wonderful contrast in flavour between the savoury bread and the sweet, bitterness of the chocolate. Like all of the Barbero’s creations these are thoughtful and carefully presented, a great gift. 300g | £9.50


sweet treats

The worlds greatest chocolate (fact)! Amedei Chocolate Bars Amedei was created by the brother and sister partnership of Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri who much to our surprise had no prior chocolate making experience. Their mission was to make the best possible chocolate on earth through the perfect synthesis of careful ingredient selection. Amedei uses only the finest beans, highly aromatic Criollo (rarest and most prized) and Trinitario. Amedei now enjoys a level of success and critical recognition that is almost unprecedented in the chocolate world. In 2008, following an examination by a committee of experts of the London Academy of Chocolate, Amedei won the Golden Bean Award for the best bean to bar chocolate in the world. Here we have four of Amedei’s bars - the best way to experience what can be achieved when time, care and attention are lavished on creating chocolate perfection. Toscano Black 70% blend, dark chocolate with a delicate beginning which then intensifies into an extreme chocolate richness leaving you wanting more!
Toscano Black 66% blend, rich, full-flavoured chocolate with an earthy aroma and an intensive fruity flavour. Toscano Brown, a piece of heaven for lovers of smooth, creamy milk chocolate. It exudes a subtle aroma and flavour of fresh butter and vanilla, creating a mellow, almost cream flavour. Toscano White, a chocolate with a captivating milky aroma with honey and vanilla and intense creamy flavours 50g | £4.25

Chocolate Covered Figs Made in a small town called Extremadura in south western Spain these tender, sweeter than usual dried parito figs are filled with soft chocolate truffle cream and a hint of brandy then hand dipped in dark chocolate. Each fig is so incredibly fresh, the dark chocolate is a perfect complement and the taste seems to linger on for moments after it is has gone. These are certainly as good as they sound and perhaps better. Will make a beautiful present for friends or perhaps just for yourself.

Caffarel Gianduia Gift Box Gianduia, a sweet specialty from Turin, first made in 1865 when Caffarel created a ‘new type of chocolate’ by carefully mixing cocoa, sugar and a very generous helping of the famous “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe” hazelnuts. Gianduia is indescribably creamy, rich and so soft it’s already melting when it hits your tongue. The box is as appealing as the chocolate inside. Beautifully decorated with exceptional detail.




gift clubs

TRUFFLE LOVE Truffles are steeped in mystery. Ask an expert where to go truffle hunting and the response will be like asking a fisherman to divulge their favourite fishing area. Ask to accompany them on a truffle hunt and they will give you a 1000 reasons why you can’t. The truffle club is for that friend or client who you know already loves or you think will love the exotic aromas and flavour of Italy’s famous truffles. Each month for four months we will send some of our favourite truffle products along with plenty of information on where the products are from, how they are made and how to use. We focus each delivery on a specific theme - products that can be used together or have a similar or complementary use. At the end and just when they think its all over, they will receive a gift card entitling them to 50% off the price of the first of the seasons highly prized Alba white truffles and an accompanying stainless steel truffle shaver. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. 4 Instalments | £175

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Poddi truffle honey

White truffle cream

Two truffle salamis

San Pietro a Pettine White

fresh Pecorino Pientino cheese

Luigis hand-made fresh tagliatelle pasta

olive wood salami cutting board

and Black Truffle Oils + Truffle Salt

truffle cheese hand cut proscuitto with truffles

THE RARE OLIVE OIL CLUB For a long time now we have been fortunate enough to travel and taste olive oils from all over Italy. With this unique gift you can let someone you know (and really, really like) experience the best of our olive oil finds. When you buy this gift, each month we will send one of our favourite olive oils, along with a rustic Ciabatta bread - perfect for tasting and dipping and plenty of information on how the oil is made and how to use. The first delivery includes a card to let them know all about the club and what is to come along with a beautiful terraced olive oil dipping bowl. 3 Instalments | £90 6 Instalments | £170

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Luigis made just for us in Luigis hometown of Monteccatini

Marina Colonna a flavourful oil from Molise in Central Italy

Primo Organic award winning oil from Sicily

Guerrieri Rizzardi Denocciolato from the hills near Lake Guarda

Month 5

Month 6

Monti Sabini a small production oil made near Rome

ROI a delicate, lighter oil from Liguria


gift clubs

BEST BALSAMIC CLUB It was only a short time ago that fine balsamic vinegars were considered treasured family heirlooms. On special occasions, royalty and only the most fortunate might receive balsamic as a gift. Whilst these days balsamic has become a little more accesaable, those produced in smaller quantities using tradditional methods are still an extraordinary tasting experience. The fine balsamic club is a chance for you to let someone you know experience first hand the startling differences in balsamics from different producers, produced using different methods and barrel aged for different lengths of time. Each month for 3 months we’ll send one of our hand selected balsamic vinegars. Alongside will be written notes on the producer, their production methods and how to taste. 3 Instalments | £110

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

8 Year Balsamic from La Vecchia Dispensa

Dodi Riserva Di Famiglia

Fourth Centenary 4 Gold, Medal Balsamic from Giuseppe Giusti

+ a wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

CHEESE CLUB We have quite a reputation for bringing in some extraordinarily appealing cheeses. Each month we will select three of these, hand cut them, wrap and assemble into one of our printed gift boxes. The focus is on Italian cheeses with the occassional favourite from beyond. Alongside will be cheese biscuits and loads of notes describing where the cheeses are from and how they are made. Sent the last Thursday of each month to arrive just in time for some weekend grazing. 3 Instalments | £120

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Cave Aged Taleggio, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Fontina Val d'Aosta

Provolone Piccante, Gogonzola Picante, Gorgonzola Dulce

Pecorino Sardo, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Pientino




start to finish FOSS MARAI PROSECCO Located in Guia di Valdobbiadene, a village surrounded by steep hills covered with Prosecco vineyards you will find the Biasiotto family - Adriana, Carlo, Andrea, Cristiana and Umberto who all work together to create some fine sparkling wines, all beautifully presented in exquisite bottles. This is one of our favourites, the Prosecco Extra-Dry, a smooth velvety wine with a gentle hint of acacia and apple.. a delightful companion for any time of day. £15.50

ANTINORI DONATO VIN SANTO Made from primarily Trebbiano with some Malvasia, the grapes for this magic elixir are carefully selected and picked at various times during the harvest. Those picked during the earlier part of the harvest have higher acidity, while those picked later have a higher sugar content, ensuring a correct balance between sugar and acidity at the end of vinification. Once picked, the grapes are spread by hand on special straw mats in the appassitoio, a large, airy loft and left to dry until the end of December. The grapes are then pressed and the must is stored in small kegs where it is left to age. Vin Santo has a sweet flavour but far from being ‘sticky’ this Antinori Donato has a nutty, sherry-like, almost dry finish. The perfect wine to drink after a rich Italian-inspired feast. £14.50



Villa Antinori Bianco Toscana The Antinori family has been in the winemaking business for 26 generations and have become perhaps best known for some of their outstanding reds. However, this famous Tuscan wine-maker also produces some equal outstanding whites and here we have one of them. The Villa Antinori Bianco is made from a blend of four grapes - Trebbiano & Malvasia, and Pinot Bianco & Pinot Grigio all harvested exclusively from the Villa Antinori Tuscan estates. This is a lively wine, mediumbodied with a crisp and refreshing taste. £12.95

La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi (black label) On the Ligury Apennines, not far from the sea, the La Scolca vineyard sprawls over 50 hectares with more than 180 km of rows of real “cru” Cortese vines. The sea air and full sun exposure from dawn to dusk make an ideal environment for the complete maturity of these now legendry grapes. Over the past 30 years the La Scolca estate has been run by Giorgio Soldati and his daughter Chiara, the fifth generation of Soldati wine makers in the region. It is from the oldest part of this estate that they produce their famous Gavi dei Gavi, a wine born with the explicit aim of establishing a new quality level for dry Italian white wines. The taste is exceptional, very delicate and elegant and it can comfortably accompany the most flavoured dishes, fish, white meats, game and even roast joints. £32.95

Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico The Antinoris are well known for having produced some of the most iconic wines to come out of the Tuscan region. In 1985 they celebrated their 60 years of wine production by purchasing the Peppoli Estate in Chianti where they produce this traditional Chianti Classico. Made from 90% Sangiovese and 10% Merlot and Syrah this wine boasts an intense colour, good structure and an accentuated grapey quality. Peppoli makes a fantastic everyday dinner wine and goes especially well with Bolognese and other meaty pasta sauces. £18.95

Antinori Tignanello Tignanello is produced exclusively from the Tignanello vineyard at Antinori’s Santa Cristina Estate. This was the first Sangiovese to be aged in small oak barrels, the first red wine in modern times to use a non-traditional grape variety, Cabernet, in the blend, and among the first red wines made in Chianti with no white grapes. This wine is an intense ruby red colour, the palate is weighty, dense and vibrant and has a flavour with hints of chocolate, coffee and marmalade in the aftertaste. Complex, stylish, sophisticated and delicious - one of our favourites! £85



Panforte is one of the most traditional of Italian desserts and a speciality of Siena in Italy’s Tuscany region. A Panfortes basic ingredients include fresh almonds, candied-fruits, spices and honey, however there are many producers of Panforte and each has their own recipe and interpretation on the original.

Masoni Panforte Margherita Masoni Pietro is a family run business who still produce their product largely by hand. Made using only the highest quality ingredients including the fabulous Tuscan millefiori honey the Panforte is noticeably moister and contains more candied fruit than any others. 100g | £3.95 450g | £10.95

Masoni Giant 5kg Panforte Margherita This version of the most classic of Panfortes weighs over 5kg, It’s very impressive and extremely delicious and makes a fantastic centrepiece for your next dinner party. Available whole or in 300g slices. 300g | £6.50 Whole 5kg | £90

tel: 0203 051 9352



PANPEPATO From Bonci, a family run bakery in Central Tuscany, this is a wonderful twist on the classic panforte. Made from dried figs, candied melon & orange peel and a variety of nuts all enrobed in a sumptuous shell of dark chocolate spinkled with pink peppercorns. 200g | £10.95


The Christmas cake Of Siena

Chocolate Covered Panforte

Panforte with Figs and Walnuts

We thought it was hard to improve on Masoni Pietro’s classic panforte… however if you like chocolate this is exactly what they have done.

This speciality panforte does not use the traditional ingredients of almonds and candied fruits but is instead made with dried figs and walnuts - a recipe that was first used during World War 2 when the bakers of the time were forced to ‘improvise’ due to the scarcity of raw materials. Despite its unconventional origins this is a fantastic cake, one that should take pride of place on your Christmas table.

450g | £12.95

450g | £12.95


stocking fillers

Masoni Panforte Margherita A smaller version of our favourite panforte made by Masoni. 100g | £3.95

LEONE PANETTONE FLAVOURED SWEET ORIGINALS Leone’s traditional confectionary meets the panettone making excellence of Tre Marie in these new panettone flavoured sweet originals. 42g | £2

Balsamic Sampler Tasting a well-aged balsamic can be an amazing experience, but it can also be amazingly expensive. Here’s a way around it. This set is a great way to get a better understanding of how the ageing process changes the flavour of balsamic vinegar. Contains 4 small bottles of La Vecchia Dispensa’s 8, 10, 20 and 40 year aged balsamics. 36ml | £14

Balsamic Jelly For those who just can’t get enough of the great balsamic taste this is a must have. Serve with meats and mild cheeses or for something really exceptional try with strawberries or the best vanilla ice cream you can find. 100g | £5.50

MINI PANETTONE Panettone - miniature style, a 100g of feather-light golden cake, ideal for dressing your Christmas party table and feeding your hungry guests. For the little people in your life or for all panettone fans these also make great stocking fillers. 100g | £5

Poddi Truffle Honey Produced by Poddi at their workshop in Terni this sweet fragrant honey is laced with chopped black truffle and is nothing short of addictive. The balance of earthiness and sweetness explodes in your mouth with flavour. 100g | £12

Luigis Gift Card Luigi’s Gift Cards never spoil, never go out of style, never expire. They can be cashed in for anything Tagliatelle to Truffles and pretty much everything in between. From £10 - £300

Chocolate Covered Figs These tender, sweeter than usual dried parito figs are filled with soft chocolate truffle cream and a hint of brandy then hand dipped in dark chocolate. Each fig is so incredibly fresh, the dark chocolate is a perfect complement and the taste seems to linger on for moments after it is has gone. These are certainly as good as they sound and perhaps better. 3 Piece Box | £3.95


stocking fillers

Baci Chocolates The famous Baci - creamy dark chocolate surrounding a rich hazelnut centre that arrives wrapped in a love note. These are individually wrapped Baci chocolates ideal for romantic occasions. 50p each

Chocolate Postcards Smooth rich Italian chocolate wrapped in a picture of one of Italy’s famous cities. 100g | £3.95

Chilli Bomb In Soverato, one of Calabria’s costal towns we were intrigued when we first saw this unusual looking package. Made of crushed red chilli peppers, tomato and aubergine infused in oil, it manages to deliver the hotness but without numbing any of the excellent chilli flavour. 90g | £4.75

Giant Chocolate Coin A stocking classic, the chocolate coin. A full 10cm across this giant is made from Caffarels smooth milk chocolate. Looks good, loads of fun and tastes amazing. 65g | £3

tel: 0203 051 9352

Neapolitan Cubes Filled with six squares of Amedei’s richly blended chocolate, these colourful cubes have to be one of the best way to introduce yourself (and others) to Amedei’s chocolate making talents. £3.50 each

Rustichella Christmas Tree Pasta Gianluigi Peduzzi’s Rustichella pasta from Italy’s Abruzzo region has long been a favourite with those who look for traditionally made flavourful pasta. This special gift boxed version contains 500g of Christmas tree shapes, perfect for a adding a little festive fun to your next pasta dish or a great gift for pasta loving friends. 500g | £8

Calabrian Fig & Chocolate Salami At this time of year figs are one of our favourite things, what could be better. Well how about figs with chocolate! From a small pasticceria in the Italian city of Consenza this salami shaped dessert is made from Dottato figs combined with other fruits, nuts and chocolate. This is as good as it sounds. Slice and enjoy. 180g | £7


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WHAT IS LUIGI’S ANYWAY? Luigi’s Delicatessen has been the source of Italian speciality foods for thirty five years. From the day we first opened our doors we have been working to bring together the most fantastic, exciting, best tasting, collection of foods we can find. Farmhouse cheeses, estate bottled olive oils, rare vinegars, handmade pastas and much much more, are served up in an entertaining and totally service orientated setting. From our little deli kitchens, we use fresh, authentic ingredients to create an exciting eclectic display of foods, some traditional and other outrageously unique but all made with a total commitment to quality and great taste. Luigi’s Mail Order sends the extraordinary foods we find and the exciting foods we make throughout the UK and beyond. Gift buyers can choose from a unique collection of food gifts, gift boxes, baskets and hampers or create their own customised present.


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Luigi's Mail Order Christmas Catalogue 2011  
Luigi's Mail Order Christmas Catalogue 2011  

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