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Top Leadership tips from a Bright Futures Society Conference

Placement year so far... Glasgow Bright Futures Event with GE

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National award SPONSORS IBM Society of the Year [University of Manchester]

RPC Event of the Year [Time with Industry - Staffordshire University]

Siemens Collaboration Award [Staffordshire University]

Advorto Fastest Growing Society [King’s College, London]

Rolls-Royce President of the Year [Chris Milborrow - University of Strathclyde]

editors letter ‘Tis the season to put on those last few Bright Futures events before the Christmas break! I hope you are all well and have had a great and productive first Semester with lots of successes, learning points and experience as well as having some quality, relevant and well attended events to go along to.

I have included an extract from my placement diary to show the sort of experiences that can be had when doing a University Placement year and Glasgow Bright Futures have sent us an account of their incredibly successful event with GE. As well as this we have all the usual favourites including a Christmas on a budget menu.

The past month has seen an incredible surge in work in the world of Graduate Recruitment and of course the same can be said for the activity of our Bright Futures Societies. There have been a collection of different events every week for what seems like ages! We wouldn’t expect anything less.

As always content and opportunities from our wonderful investors are included so make sure you check them out.

Coming straight from the Bright Futures Presidents Conference in Birmingham I can see that there is a lot of active thinking going on from Employers and Students as to the direction of the Society in the future so watch this space for some updates! Check out the round up in this issue.

From the whole Bright Futures National Team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Phoebe HirEd Editor

Fundraising has been highlighted to me as an issue for a lot of Societies so we have included a guide with some potential fundraising ideas for your Societies. These will engage members and non-members alike and hopefully grow your overall membership as well as raise you some money. The examples range from small and easy to big and planned. Just have fun with it.

*If you don’t have a Society at your university then set up your own! Contact us at and we can get you started right away!


The Board of Presidents 2013 On 21st of November 2013, over 30 of our Bright Futures Presidents from all over the country descended on PwC’s prestigious offices in Birmingham.

The aim of the Presidents’ Conference was to enhance the leadership skills and capabilities of our Bright Futures Society Presidents, as well as involve them in shaping the direction and development of the Bright Futures Society nationally. Additionally we enabled both Employers and Presidents to connect, engage and build stronger professional relationships for the benefit of both parties and their Societies as a whole. Highlights from the Leadership Development session run by Laura from PwC included: “Leaders influence others to achieve an objective and direct a team to make it more cohesive and coherent” Some key qualities of great Society leaders are those who inspire the committee and wider student membership to be actively involved and really listen to the committee and membership.


• Have a clear purpose for your Society • Involve others (build a team) • Plan how you will deliver your purpose • What do you need to achieve your purpose • Set clear objectives • Identify skills and experience you can draw on • Give everyone in the team roles and responsibilities • Review progress regularly • Have fun while you do it! And more was shared on the day on twitter so to find out more #bfpresconf13 Of course, these skills are of course hugely relevant to all aspects of your life not just for Society committee members.

Societies from each of the 6 Regions across the UK then got together to discuss how they could learn from each other’s experiences and support each other more to do more. So look out for the exciting Regional events that were created on the day. Next we looked at the strategic direction of the Society and where the students and committees wanted it to go. Key areas included: • Creating Value for Members and Employers alike • The definition of a quality student at an event was not about their academic but rather how well prepared they were for meeting that employer • So what can the Society do to provide more company information and webinars ahead of the event, so students can be better informed?

• In some cases only letting prepared/ active members attend events. • Employers offer more opportunities for members (insight days, fast track opportunities, mentoring etc). • Make it easier for students to contact the Society committee and get involved • To include better contact details on our website for the Committee, including Facebook pages and our society database, group-spaces. • Be aware of Time Scales • Making sure that events follow the Graduate Recruitment time period. There is no point hosting a CV skills session when the application deadline is over! The day ended with a large networking session where all the Employers and Presidents met and chatted both about their Society and their own careers.



fund for Your .Society We all know how in some cases Societies can struggle to get those funds together to buy things like business cards, t-shirts or even in some cases book rooms for an event. We have put together some tried and tested advice for our Societies with varying levels of capability and time.



Easy Ones • Sponsored fun events – anything that can be sponsored: Sponsored walks, cycles, silences (if any of you can last that long) all for the benefit of the Society. • Society Car Boot – take all that stuff you don’t want as a Society to a Car Boot Sale and flog it off to pay for stuff you really need! • Charge any non members to attend events.

Takes Up a Bit More Time • Competitions and Tournaments – Set up a pool/table tennis/FIFA (the list goes on) tournament in your local SU bar, promote it over a period of time and charge people to take part. Obviously this will take up more time and you will have to provide a prize so you will need to make sure it is a well attended so you do not make a loss on it!

Event Based • Auctions – whether items or skills auction events can often be very fun and also very well attended. Get audience members to bid on an item or specific skill someone can offer, even if that skill is carrying your books for a week! You can charge a small entry fee and also take the money the auction creates. Stay away from Bachelor auctions as these could be awkward and give off the wrong impression for the Society!! • Pub Quiz – Ask your local SU bar if you can host a pub quiz, charge everyone to play and have a prize sorted out for the end. If you have a busy bar this is a great idea! Make sure you are completely transparent about where the money is going and how much the prize will be at the beginning! These are just some ideas we had to help you along. There are so many more out there for you to try out and explore. Make sure you are in contact with your Students’ Union as there are sometimes pots of money dedicated to Societies that you can tap into by meeting some criteria.

Happy Fundraising! 7

How we overcame challenges to run a successful first event

We were nervous about running our first event of the academic year, as the Bright Futures brand did not have much of a presence on campus. As a relatively ‘young’ society, we lacked a large membership base to advertise to and our committee was almost entirely new. The plan was to organize a multi-company engineering event around the time of the university’s Engineering and Technology Fair. Unfortunately, we struggled to get Careers Service on board who, having misunderstood what Bright Futures stood for, saw us as rivalling the services they provided. As a result, they became hostile to the idea and we were prevented from becoming affiliated with the Students Representative Council. Until the issue was resolved, we decided to only host single company events, which Careers had supported in the past. Our event officer had already met with GE Aviation representatives at the Bright Futures Conference in London and exchanged contact information. This put the start to a good working relationship, so


when we invited the company to run a CV workshop for our members they were more than happy to get involved. Because of the encountered difficulties, we were limited in the means we could use to advertise the workshop. We created a facebook event, which the committee shared numerous times, and reached out to Strathclyde Bright Futures, inviting them to attend. After building our membership, we found groupspaces to be a valuable way of communicating with everyone and monitoring the composition of our base. Having discovered that only a small proportion of our members actually studied engineering, we got in touch with a representative of the engineering school, who sent out an email on our behalf. Everyone also pitched in to do a ‘final push,’ handing out flyers outside engineering buildings the day before and the day of the event, aiming to reach our target audience. Despite setbacks, planning and organization really did pay off. Because we exchanged


telephone numbers, as well as e-mails with the employers, we averted a potential disaster when the taxi dropped them off at the wrong location. The room we booked was the right size and, with over 80 people in attendance, was filled to capacity. At the end of the evening we had over 30 new sign-ups, indicating the success of our advertising techniques. The committee was also extremely pleased to receive an overwhelmingly positive feedback from both members and the employer. This was GE aviation’s first experience with a Bright Futures event, which they described as: “slick and professional, and surpassing most Careers Service organized events we have attended.” Through teamwork, organization and persistence, we managed to run a successful first event that both GE aviation and students were impressed with. Natali Dimitrova & Eilidh Black, Glasgow Bright Futures



Enter this global ideas competition and win the exciting opportunity to explore the world on a National Geographic Expedition. Even the simplest of ideas have the power to transform lives and positively impact society. At Shell, we believe human ingenuity holds the key to unlocking innovative thinking across our society, now and for the future. Shell Ideas360 is our way of fostering innovation to turn your ideas into reality. So here’s your chance to work with Shell mentors and experts, be part of an international community of like-minded innovators and own your idea that could change the world. Register today. Submit your ideas now.

This is the house that Holly built

This is the Holly that Barratt built

Barratt is Britain’s best-known house builder. Since we set up business more than 50 years ago, we’ve built and sold over 300,000 homes. Today, we’re a FTSE-listed business that employs the talents of 5,000 people. We’re building everything from smart city flats and penthouse suites to starter homes and family houses. And we’ve won a clutch of awards for the quality of our work and our training programmes. As a business that’s building futures, we’re always looking to develop tomorrow’s talent. That’s why we’ve taken time and effort to


invest in industry leading Apprenticeship, Foundation Degree, Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes. For Apprentices, there’s the chance to learn a skilled trade and even move into management, Graduates are prepared to take on challenging leadership roles in the future and Undergraduates are given the opportunity to work on real projects. Whichever one you’re on, you’ll enjoy plenty of training and the personal support of one of our Directors. For more information and to apply, visit

My Placement Year

From ‘No, thanks to Yes, please!’ If anyone asked me when I was at school if I wanted to go on Placement at University I would have said a straight...

Because I did not do as well as I wanted with my A-Levels and had to do an extra year at College, this meant if I did a placement year at University I would then be two years behind my friends from College to University to do a 3 year course. I was envious of the fact they would be well into their careers and earning good money by the time I left University. But on arriving at University I discovered that a lot of people had either taken a year out or were in the same position as what I was so things weren’t as bad as I feared but I was still conscious I needed to give myself an edge when it came to starting my career and earning money! I knew that my University offered placement years so I went along to a lecture and I got really excited about how a placement could expand my knowledge and skills, thus increasing my chances of securing a great graduate job on leaving University. By the time my second year came round I had set myself a goal of getting a placement before Christmas. But by December I had only one telephone interview and one interview after applying for many different placement opportunities, I knew I was becoming tired of it all and a bit down. I then saw the opportunity of working at Bright Futures. Having done some research I thought what an amazing company they were helping students get graduate jobs by making them more employable.



“ No

I went to the interview and got the job. I has moved from being ‘a bit down and tired’ to being very happy! The first day came around and it was such a shock for me, although I have always had a part time job in a bar this was completely different. I loved having the routine of having something to do everyday and looking forward to the weekend whereas at University the weekend was just like a normal week day. Since being on my Placement I have learnt a lot more than what University has taught me. Not only has it taught me how a business works it has helped me really see where my skills lay as well as identify how to develop my weaknesses. I have met lots of undergraduates from Universities all over the UK, as well as many employers from large companies, across a range of industry sectors, and as an unexpected bonus I now know what employers look for when recruiting their graduates! . So if anyone asks me now shall I have a placement year I would say a definite “Yes” as I think it is one of best things that I have done to help with my career and it will play a major part in me having a ‘Bright Future’!

Phoebe Scowen Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Bright Futures



Festive Pantry Welcome everyone to another month of Phoebe’s Pantry. This month as you should all know is where everyone gets all festive, wraps up extra warm and bring out the decorations. Yes that right you have got it, it’s Christmas!

• When you buy your meat I would choose Chicken thighs as they are the cheapest and they are the nicest especially when you stuff them with garlic and herbs. You can buy a large pack of them in most super markets. • Roast Potatoes, you can buy quite a large pack that will feed your house for less that £2. • Carrots • Broccoli • Cauliflower Cheese – Made from scratch – Flour, Butter, Milk and Cheese • Brussel Sprouts • Stuffing – Paxo Mix • Pigs in Blankets • Gravy – Juices from the meat and water from boiling the vegetables. To start, peel the potatoes place them in a boiling water and par boil them until they are soft on the outside. Whilst the potatoes are boiling prepare the rest of your ingredients so chop the carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and make crosses on the Brussels sprouts. By now the potatoes should be par boiled so place them in a roasting tray with some oil in the bottom and put the potatoes on a high – medium heat in the oven. To prepare the chicken put some oil in the baking dish as well as some thyme or rosemary and some cloves of garlic. Cover the chicken skin in some salt and pepper so that the outside goes crispy. Add the chicken to the dish and roast for about 45mins or until the chicken is cooked. Next make the cauliflower cheese par boil the cauliflower, whilst this is being par-boiled make a cheese sauce by making a roux of butter and flower and then add milk until the correct consistency and then add as much cheese as you desire. Poor this over the cauliflower which will be in a baking dish and place in the oven until the topping has gone slightly brown. Prepare your pigs in blankets get some chipolata sausages and bacon, wrap the bacon round the sausage and place under the grill until cooked. For the Stuffing go and buy a pack of Paxo from your local supermarket as this is probably the easiest and cheapest way. When the food is just about cooked boil the vegetables. Lastly when everything is cooked keep the juices from the chicken and the sausages and bacon. Mix the juices together and add some source flour to make a roux in a baking try, do this over a slight heat until the roux is thick. When you drain the vegetables make sure you keep the water. Add the roux to the water stir so that it is not lumpy and add more flour if necessary. Finally serve up your dinner and enjoy.




The National Fish & Chip Awards


Platform: Windows Phone

Platform: iOS

Platforms: iOS

It’s a new spin on the whole image-sharing phenomenon. This app lets you take a picture and record ambient sound; the two get posted as one file that you can then share with certain social media (more sharing options are on the way, we believe). You can browed Foundbites in your area, too, and don’t be disheartened if there aren’t many there yet; the app’s just been released and the files are sure to accumulate. The image/sound combo is a nice twist to the usual video or imagebased apps – we think it’ll take off.

Who doesn’t love to indulge in the occasional greasy platter of chips with a deep fried fish fillet of choice, slathered in tartar sauce with a dollop of ketchup? If you’re only going to do it now and then, you should do it well. Enter The National Fish & Chip Awards app for iOS. Doing what you’d expect, the app recommends the best independent takeaway fish and chip shops to let us enjoy Britain’s favourite meal. Released to celebrate 26 years of the awards, it’s dead simple to use — just download, start it up and at your fingertips are the nearest award winning fish and chips, or you can do a search by region to find great restaurants and takeaways.

This was going to be called Ping before a runin with a golfing firm. Hop is an attempt to make email a bit more like instant messaging, with added document and photo sharing, as well as voice and video calls. It’s early days to tell whether it’ll make a dent in the tyranny of many people’s inboxes, but it has potential.



We love the positively perplexing Thales

Graduate and Internship Programmes Starting salaries for graduates: £25,000 – £27,000 plus a £2,000 welcome bonus

company profile

Engineering – Graduate and Internship Programmes Ingenuity and innovation are what make our business tick and keep us at the forefront of a very competitive industry. From Aerospace and Defence to Transport and Security, we bring our expertise to the widest range of technical challenges. And the opportunities we have on offer here for the best and the brightest are as diverse as our business itself. In addition to our engineering graduate programmes, we also offer internships with a competitive weekly payment. So whatever your background – be it in engineering, mathematics, physics or technology – you can rely upon being stretched and challenged in any one of the disciplines listed. • Systems • Software • Electronics

• Hardware • Design • Cyber Security • Information Systems • Quality Business & Finance – Graduate Programmes Our Business Graduate Programme will give you an invaluable insight into our UK business – plus the chance to complete a range of engaging challenges. Your degree discipline here is not so important, although a finance–related degree is desirable for our Finance Programme. We also look for the ambition, intellect and commercial savvy to stand out from the crowd. We’re keen to help you progress so here are our top 3 tips of the month: 1. Before completing an application or attending an interview, research the company in detail. Ensure you know why you are applying to Thales and your chosen role.

For more hints & tips, videos and information on current roles, visit: 18 20

2. Complete all sections of your application and keep to the word count. 3. Plan and organize your time. Make sure you prioritise when completing time-limited exercises; allow plenty of time to get to your interview/assessment centre.

Be part of our world

mentors will encourage and inspire you, whether you’re interested in exploration, production or frontline customer service management. Plus, you’ll join an inclusive workplace where individuality is valued – so if you’re assertive, hard-working and ambitious, we’ll support you all the way.

Summer programme placements

Although our summer placements is designed to help you discover what you’re good at, we also want you to have fun. That’s why we’ll cover the costs of your accommodation and ensure you’re

Join our paid summer placements and you’ll work on real projects and develop a host of new skills. Over 10 weeks, our expert team of

company profile

As a top 30 FTSE 100 company with over 25 million customer accounts, a £22 billion turnover and more than 34,000 employees, we offer students in the UK unmatched training with a range of global brands: Centrica Energy, British Gas, and Centrica Storage.


Centrica is an international energy company that sources, generates, processes, stores, trades, supplies, services and helps its customers save energy. Securing energy to power the future is an important priority for us, and we’re making vital investments across the entire energy spectrum.

located alongside other students on placement – to make sure your social life is as interesting as your studies. Find out what our previous summer placements have been up to by following #summeratcentrica.

Find out more: Website Join us at Or follow us at 19

Change their lives. Change yours. TeachFirst

company profile

What is Teach First? How much you achieve in life should not be determined by how much your parents earn. Yet in the UK, it usually is. We believe in the power of education to change this. We are an independent charity working with others to give every child the right to a decent education. We train people with leadership potential to be inspirational teachers in schools in low-income communities across the country. These leaders go onto work in different sectors of society towards a future where no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. The Teach First journey begins with a unique two-year Leadership Development Programme – featuring a range of high-quality training opportunities and supportive coaching – that focuses on graduates’ ability to positively influence the achievements and aspirations of pupils and their access to further opportunities, both in education and beyond. How the journey develops will be down to the individual, but Teach First will provide the support and the

opportunities to progress rapidly, while always staying focused on engaging with our vision. Deadline: We recruit on a rolling basis and will fill our vacancies as we find those candidates that meet our competency and academic requirements. That means that the most popular subjects fill up very early, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Selection criteria: • 2.1 degree or above, 300 UCAS points (or equivalent, excluding General Studies) • Have a degree or A-levels that satisfy our Teaching subject requirements Grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE Maths and English (Grade C in one Science GCSE is also required for Primary teaching eligibility) • Flexibility to work anywhere within our 10 locations around the UK. After these minimum requirements, selection is based on your ability to demonstrate relevant subject knowledge and eight competencies.

How to apply: To apply for Teach First you will need to register interest and fill in an online application form Number of graduate vacancies: 1550 vacancies across 9 regions in the UK and in Wales. We place participants in to primary and secondary schools. If you are successful at your assessment centre you will be made a conditional offer for the Leadership Development Programme. The subject you teach will be based on the needs of our schools and your eligibility. Salary: Competitive Teach First participants are employed, and paid by their primary or secondary school throughout the two years on the Leadership Development Programme. Salary is dependent on region you are placed in.

To apply for Teach First you will need to register interest and fill in the online form : 20

Looking to make an impact …?

Our international two year graduate programme is designed to give you immediate hands-on exposure, gaining on the job training from highly-respected professionals. Whilst working in your allocated team you will undertake at least three secondments across the Group and overseas (to either the US, Europe or Bermuda) to enhance your commercial awareness, combined with professional study and a comprehensive training programme. We recruit graduates to develop across a wide range of professions. The thoughts of some of our Graduates follow, if you are interested in seeing more you can visit graduates where you can watch a short video of Graduates discussing their experiences.

“I worked at another insurer for two years before joining Hiscox, so I can compare to my own experience. I think the biggest difference is that I genuinely believe in Hiscox’s values and goals, and I know I’m helping to build something exceptional. Hiscox is a special company and I truly believe that.

The secondments throughout areas of the business allow for a varied job role in the first few years until you find your place within the company. This allows you to develop at your own pace and find your strengths and interests.”

During our induction week we visited Lloyd’s of London. That trip gave me a deep respect for our company - it was the first time I became aware that we’re a really big deal.”

In addition to our Graduate Programme we also offer a Summer Internship programme for undergraduates. As a Hiscox intern you won’t spend eight weeks watching others work or standing by the copier. You will spend a stimulating and rewarding summer gaining an understanding of how a modern, international business operates, as well as getting experience of the wider insurance scene.

Jonathan Peters Trainee Actuary “I wanted a job in a company that invested in the training of their employees. With many training courses, professional qualifications and further study on offer, Hiscox fulfilled these criteria easily.

company profile

We are on the lookout for intelligent, commercial and committed individuals to join our business.


Hiscox, a FTSE250 company, leads the pack when it comes to the world of specialist insurance. We are experts in protection of a wide range of personal and commercial risks, which are often too complex or too much trouble for other insurance companies to consider.

Alexandra Hardham Trainee Project Manager - IT

To learn more about both programmes, or to apply, visit or 21

Do you have an idea that could change the world? Shell

company profile

Shell Ideas360 is a brand new global student competition – inviting you to conceive, share and collaboratively develop game-changing ideas to help tackle the pressures on Energy, Water and Food availability. You could have an exciting opportunity to develop your ideas into a ‘potentially investment-worthy’ business case with the support of mentors and subject matter experts. So what should you do now? There are 4 easy steps to participate in Shell Ideas360: 1. Register on our website, 2. Have a look at the ideas already submitted from students across the world.

3. Next, start forming your team and thinking of innovative ideas that can help tackle the issues surrounding the areas of Food, Water and Energy 4. Post your draft ideas on the website, and comment on other students’ ideas (if you wish) 5. Most importantly, submit your final idea by using the on-line form on the website, before the 16th December 2013

All participants submitting a final idea by the deadline of 16th December 2013 will receive a free 3-month subscriptions to WIRED’s interactive digital edition, accessible on the iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire*

Contact us: Email: Website: 22

Up to 100 shortlisted ideas will have the opportunity to work alongside Shell Mentors and Experts in the next stage of this competition. From these, 5 teams will be invited to present their innovative idea in May 2014 at Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Prize Not only do you stand a chance to win that all-expense trip with National Geographic, but also an opportunity to gain funding from the Shell GameChanger Programme ( -and see your ideas come to life! We wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing your innovative ideas come to life through Shell Ideas360!

Leading lawyers. Great clients. And an unrivalled commercial approach to business. At RPC we offer a depth of knowledge and creativity that few firms can rival and combine this with high quality training programmes that are consistently lauded in the leading directories. Headquartered in a state of the art site in the City of London, we also have stunning offices in Bristol, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our open plan, collaborative working environment – where knowledge is easily shared and access to partners an everyday reality – is designed to bring out the best in our people and to ensure that the service we offer our clients is second to none. And it is.

We provide top quality legal services to global businesses across a wide range of industry sectors and practices, including insurance, commercial litigation, construction, engineering and projects, corporate/M&A, IP and technology, media, real estate, employment and pensions, outsourcing, regulatory, tax and competition. Twice nominated as Law Firm of the Year in 2013, in 2012 we won Insurance Team of the Year at the Legal Business Awards, Corporate Team of the Year (midcap) at The Lawyer Awards, and Service Provider of the Year at the British Insurance Awards, as well as being voted by the Financial Times as one of the most innovative firms in Europe.

If you like a challenge and want to join us in challenging convention, we’re offering training contracts in both London and Bristol, on a full–time contract for two years.

company profile


RPC Training Contract applications are open for Bristol and London – Apply now! or follow us on twitter @LifeinaLawFirm 23

Come and find out what Wragge & Co have to offer. Wragge & Co

For the last few weeks, we have been travelling around the country attending law fairs and hosting events on campus. Thanks to all of the Bright Futures students who came to meet us.

company profile

Law fairs and other events are a great way for us to meet potential trainees of the future. Our advice to any budding lawyer would be to attend your university’s law fair. Identify the firms you want to speak to and think about what questions you want to ask. You don’t need to spend hours thinking of a “killer” question – just show a genuine interest in the firm. Workshops and networking events are also a brilliant way to find out about a firm. Skills workshops should give you valuable information on what firms are looking for in their future trainees.

Networking events give you the opportunity to meet with current trainees and grill them about what it is like to work at that firm. Over the next few months, Wragge has a number of events at which we’d be delighted to welcome Bright Futures students. In January, we’ll be running presentation evenings at our London and Birmingham offices. These are great events for those who are considering applying for our vacation schemes as they provide a real insight into the firm which should help you throughout the selection process. On 6 March,

For more information on how to apply, please visit our website: 24

we have an open day at our Birmingham office for all first year students considering a career in law. The day will give you the opportunity to find out whether this might be the right career for you and to meet our trainees, lawyers and graduate recruitment team. Whether it’s out and about on campus or at our offices, we look forward to meeting you soon!


Revision Tips and Fast Approaching Deadlines!

• Above all, look after yourself – eat well, drink lots of water, rest when it all gets too much, and make sure you pace yourself

• Find a quiet, well lit place to study and make sure you’re sitting comfortably • Avoid studying in an area where there will be distractions (like television!) • Study with a friend and test each other’s knowledge • Work through past question papers • Reward yourself – after a good revision session, catch up on a bit of TV, do a bit of last minute internet shopping. Then get back to it.

We have 21 graduate programmes in total at Tesco, and below are just some of the examples of how you can get involved with Tesco (and some broad information on what to expect)

On top of exams, application deadlines for all programmes are approaching!

To make doubly sure that you’re applying for the programme that’s right for you and to check your application against the criteria, you might want to take a last look at our list of programmes at

company profile

The winter holidays are almost here! Almost time to pack up, wrap up, and catch up back home. If you decide to get some revision in over the break, our graduates have some handy tips – you might’ve heard them all before, but a little help goes a long, long way.

• Commercial General Merchandise Central European business rotation • Fashion Merchandising – Analysis and fashion • Procurement – Buying and project work • Site Research – Identifying and analyzing suitable sites for Tesco

To find out more visit: 25

At Bechtel we believe in the quality of our products and the quality of our relationships. Bechtel

What qualities can Bechtel find in your application?

company profile

Five CV tips:

Five Cover Letter tips:

1. Begin with a personal profile (2/3 sentences) about yourself, current situation and future aspirations.

1. Link to your CV. Expand on the experiences you have in your CV and discuss what YOUR impact was.

2. Use bullet points to make sure the content is clear, concise and relevant.

2. Link to the company. Do the company’s projects and activities fit into what you’re interested in? If you want to travel & work on mega projects and the company offers that, state that this matches your desires.

3. Tailor your CV to the industry and company you are applying to & emphasise your relevant skills and experiences. 4. Include all the jobs and work experiences you have had. Each show you have learnt a new skill.

3. Link to your career. Why are you applying to the company? How will they help your career? Focus your cover letter to show you’re focused.

5. Remember when writing your CV you are marketing yourself to that particular company.

If you’d like to discover more visit : 26

4. Link to the culture. Does the company’s culture fit your ideals? If so, say so. Make sure you’ve researched the company’s culture and are aware of any recent developments. 5. Link to your character. You have a personality & let it show. Don’t be too rigid in your cover letter, relax and build a good impression of yourself. No bad jokes please!

KPMG’s International Case Competition 2014

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. KPMG’s International Case Competition is a chance to experience the fast-paced world of casework, meet new people and travel to places you may never have been before. If you get to the top of your national case competition, you’ll find yourself on your way to São Paulo, Brazil, on an all-expenses-paid trip to the International Final. There, you’ll have the chance to network with your peers from around the world as you compete for the global title.

undertake, while receiving valuable coaching from industry experts and KPMG leaders. Stand out from your peers and gain real industry experience by participating in the KPMG International Case Competition.

• An interest in business • Strong leadership and task management skills • Composure under pressure • The ability to absorb a range of information quickly, think through ideas and present solutions

How it works

Most of all, you must be prepared to challenge your own thinking and to encourage others to be their best. It takes flexibility and teamwork to come up with business solutions that are truly innovative and refreshing.

The challenge we’ll give you will be based on a realistic business scenario and will represent the kind of challenges our firm tackles on behalf of clients. We’ll give each team a detailed case study to consider – and then it’s up to you. How to apply

What’s in it for you? Embark on a continuous journey of learning and self-improvement. Gain firsthand experience of the type of work our member firms

You don’t need to be studying a particular subject to take part, but you do have to have:

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April 01 - 04, 2014


Experience this year’s KPMG International Case Competition in São Paulo, Brazil.

Find out more, visit our website. Closing date: 23:59, Sunday 15th December 2013 View our full Terms and Conditions here.

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Your career is just that; yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen. To get the best from it, you need the best opportunities.

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Opportunities are at the heart of a career with us. And we’re proud, based on the opportunity we offer, that students have voted us the number one Graduate Employer in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers survey for the last ten years. Our offer to you...

Ways you can join us Get a unique insight into what we offer on one of our undergraduate programmes ranging from our Talent Academy or Shadow a Female Leader Programme for first year students to our Summer Internships and Work Placements for penultimate year students. For final year students, join our graduate opportunities in one of our business areas; Assurance, Actuarial, Consulting, Deals, Tax and Technology. Don’t miss our new and unique Assurance & Consulting shared scheme programme.

• To be part of the world’s leading professional services network and enjoy the benefits that come with that. • Work directly with big name clients where you’ll get to grips with the value they’re looking for by getting into the detail. With offices UK wide we have • Provide an environment where you’ll something for everyone. be able to explore new opportunities, to help you grow and find your niche. • Give you access to the best learning and development around.

Take the opportunity of a lifetime. 28

Use the time over your festive break to start thinking about your career options and find out more about all of our different opportunities and ways to come and meet us. We’ll be coming on campus again in January and February time so look out for us! What you need to bring to us • A 2:1 or above in any degree subject (some programmes do require specific degrees) • A UCAS tariff of at least 300 (or equivalent) How to apply We know that the skills and experiences you develop with us, will stay with you throughout your career. So join us, and we’ll help you reach your full potential.

Domestic & General

Darragh’s Blog: Continuing my blog about my time on Domestic & General’s Graduate Scheme….

Being a graduate has also meant that I am receiving plenty of support. D & G are very encouraging about us studying qualifications relevant to our roles. I have not decided which qualification I would like to follow yet as I am working in rotational placements, but the Finance and

Underwriting graduates are already studying for CIMA. It is encouraging to know that if you are ambitious there are plenty of opportunities to progress your career in the way that you would like. A highlight this month has been a trip to the Madrid office, where it was great to put faces to names in the international offices I have been working with. It has been interesting to work within different cultures and understand how processes can vary from country to country. Visiting our other offices and working on a variety of projects has given me a clearer understanding of our business model.

that has been offered has been a huge help. There’s more of the same on the agenda with a trip to the Milan office next month, and the infamous Christmas parties to attend to. I will have another update soon. Have a great Christmas!

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This last month has gone extremely quickly, as I’ve been given more responsibility in my two projects within the International Marketing department. As we are expanding into new markets it is great to know that I’m completing tasks that haven’t been done before, and are so important to the business. It’s also very motivating to work with senior directors and managers in a graduate job – I feel I have been making a difference from the start and am learning from experienced colleagues.

This has been another very positive month where I have really settled into the company. It’s great to be busy at work and the support

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We see a future with so much to offer. Do you?

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All over the world, economic growth is bringing new prosperity. Businesses are pioneering new trade routes and new centres of wealth and influence are emerging. We’re inspired by these changes and the opportunities they bring for our business, our employees and our customers. The best and brightest people see the opportunities that this represents and feel inspired too. These are the people we’re looking to connect with, because these people are the future of HSBC. Inspired ambition Our student and graduate programmes touch almost every aspect of our business, giving you the opportunity to experience many different areas and challenges, as well as the ability to specialise. You’ll build your own network, make connections with colleagues across the globe and contribute to live projects that will enable the long-term growth and success of the bank. You’ll learn many new things, challenge your own perceptions, discover skills you didn’t even know you had and develop new ones on your journey.

There are so many opportunities to inspire and be inspired with HSBC. From summer internships and student placements, to graduate programmes, you’ll have the opportunity to experience different areas of our business, contribute to live projects and connect with people from around the globe. An HSBC student or graduate programme is a fantastic platform to build on. What happens next is up to you.

about the wider world of HSBC, and how it all fits together. Supported by experienced managers, colleagues and a wide network of peers, you will be encouraged to take on responsibility early in the programme and bring new ideas to the table. The programme will provide you with experience of how HSBC’s back office functions support our UK business. On completion of the programme, you will be ready to take on a management role within one of our Operational functions, such as Technology, Procurement, or even Corporate Real Estate.

Graduate Opportunity Spotlight, For students interested in Project Management and/or Operations.

Operational Leadership The UK Operational Leadership Programme will help you to take advantage of the many opportunities available in Operations, Technology and Services. Right from the start, you will develop your business analysis and project management skills in this fast-paced part of our business. Over the two years, you will also learn

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A not-so-average day The key focus of my role is leading a small team within Communications Targeting around automation. The team is focussed on making things leaner, more standardised, and automated where there is an opportunity to do this within campaigns. Thereby driving value by being able to deliver more to the business, focus on value-added developments and targeting innovations, and being able to operate in smarter and more efficient environment. The best thing about dunnhumby The people — I love my team and the people I work with. They are all passionate about what they do and are keen to make a difference. Let’s get personal When I’m not at dunnhumby, you can find me off to the local gym for a swim, catching up with friends, watching movies, or being adventurous with new recipes.


CLIENT LEADERSHIP Sam Harding Client Manager – London, UK Hometown: London, UK With dunnhumby since 2011

A not-so-average day Few days can be described as ‘average’, which is a great aspect of my job. I spend a few days each week at clients and the rest in the office. I spend lots of time preparing and delivering presentations based on our unique insights that help our fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

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DATA ANALYSIS Gopika Shah Senior Campaign Analyst – London, UK Hometown: Bangalore, India With dunnhumby since 2006

The best thing about dunnhumby The constant stream of social events, from the big Skills Development Course and Christmas / Summer Balls to the smaller Sports Day and Beer and Curry night. The work’s not bad either. Let’s get personal When I’m not at dunnhumby, you can find me cycling, taking photos, or playing various sports (badly).

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OVO Energy

OVO Graduate Programme Based in Bristol & London The way we see it, it’s all about how you see things.

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The way we see it, it’s all about how you see things. We saw that the energy industry was cumbersome and confusing with poor customer service. So we thought about how it could be better and made it happen. Today, thousands of customers are choosing our cheaper, greener, simpler approach. They value being valued, like our simple tariff choices and love the feel good factor that goes with buying affordable green energy. So much so, that they’ve helped us to exceed our own ambitious expectations and put us on track to achieve our aim of being the UK’s most trusted energy supplier by 2020 with 1 million customers.

Of course, revolutionising the energy industry isn’t easy. Making things simple for our customers creates challenges for us. Though, the way we see it, those challenges are opportunities. The team here at Ovo will tell you how much they thrive on delivering solutions that are reshaping the energy industry one customer at a time. But then, they’re curious types who relish a challenge, who like to ask questions and aren’t afraid of the answers because they know that there is always a better way.

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So we need top-notch graduates who want to join our Rovolution. You’ll have at least a 2:1 from a good uni, proving you love to learn, but what really sets you apart are your smarts, your curiosity, confidence and creativity. You love nothing more than getting stuck in and making stuff happen. If you’ve also got lots of initiative and a positive approach, we won’t get in your way.


Want to find out what it’s like to be a graduate at Santander? Here’s up and coming

Which role are you currently in? Currently I work for the UK Strategy team as a Business Analyst How long have you been at Santander? 14 months What does your department do? The UK Strategy team is made up of a small number of Business Analysts who focus on Group led projects on a crossfunctional basis. The aim is to assess and analyse the current proposition of Santander and the various entities, products, and processes within it. The analysis should provide extensive information on metrics around wastage, timings and cost, all of which helps identify new initiatives for improvements and efficiencies. Can you describe a typical day at Santander in your role? A typical day in my role will involve various stakeholder meetings to gain an understanding of the developing business requirements for a product and/or process. This information will then be assessed to establish where efficiencies can be built into the process

or the enhancement of the customer experience. This will then be delivered in the form of a requirements definition to the technical teams for build. What experience do you feel you gained from the scheme? As a result of the scheme being based on 4 rotations in 2 years, I gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the various departments that would otherwise not be possible. This insight gave me an advantage when working on various projects because I was able to utilise the various networks and relationships you make. What is the best memory you have of your time on the graduate scheme? Probably the opening week where the entire grad population attended a welcome dinner, where we had the chance to meet other grads, learn about Santander and meet an Olympic gold medalist.

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Business Analyst, Lawrence Gulvin to explain‌

Currently partaking in the Professional Banking Diploma sponsored by the Chartered Bankers Institute, which has helped provide a platform to build my knowledge and understanding of the banking industry and transfer this awareness into my day to day activities. What one piece of advice would you give someone who is looking at applying and embarking on a Santander grad scheme? I feel that a key skill I have been able to rely on is my ability to communicate to colleagues, management, and external clients. Relying purely on your technical skills and abilities can only get you so far, there is a real requirement to be able to manage relationships effectively with a variety of stakeholders. How would you describe Santander in 3 words? Simple. Personal. Fair.

Have you gained any qualifications from the grad scheme you were on or embarked on and any training that has really helped you?

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Join us for our exclusive Achieving Success Event

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We’re holding an exclusive event in London for graduates and undergraduates. It’s an opportunity to hear from a range of Accenture folk talking about their own paths to success, and what it takes to build a successful career at a company like Accenture.

us in January 2014 onwards on our Graduate training programme, so if you’d like to know more about careers at Accenture, this is a chance to ask any questions you might have. And of course, there’ll be plenty of complimentary drinks and canapés.

In addition to hearing from our guest speakers and taking part in the panel discussion, there’ll also be plenty of opportunity to network with Accenture recruiters. We currently have a number of roles available for graduates to join

Date: Tuesday 10th December Location: Dexter House, 2 Royal Mint Court, Tower Hill EC3N 4QN Time: 18:30 – 21:00

If you’re successful and you’re invited to the event, you may also be fast tracked through the application process for our graduate roles.

To find out more about this event click here:

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