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u o sing H s u Camp Infor m ati What to Bring on Here are a few items you may want to bring along: Alarm clock Backpack and school supplies Compact microwave (110 volt current) Clothes for all seasons, hangers, laundry hamper Don’ Desk lamp t f o r Fan get t o text First-aid kit y Iron room our mate Linens and pillows ! Mattress pad Personal items Plants Posters and pictures Prescribed medications Shower caddy Shower shoes Small refrigerator (one per room, 5.0 cubic feet or less, 110 volt current) Umbrella

Discuss with your roommate who will be responsible for supplying items like TV, microwave, refrigerator, futon and/or lounge chairs.

Only electrical power strips with and on/off switch, 15-amp circuit breaker and 3-prong plug-in are permitted

What Not to Bring

Air conditioners Deep fryers Electrical grills (George Foreman grills) Extension cords Freezers Halogen lamps Hot plates Pets (small fresh water fish are allowed, 10 gallon tank maximum) Toaster ovens Toasters Waterbeds

Room Dimensions Alverno Double Room Room Size 9’9” x 16’ Height 8’ Window 43” x 71”

Toller Double Room Room Size 9’10” x 15’11” Height 8’ Window 42” x 72”

Noonan Double Room Room Size 11’6” x 13’3” Height 8’ Window 42” x 72”

BCU Campus Housing  
BCU Campus Housing  

Information for students living on campus this fall.