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thai re-design kitchen


the design brief

Millenials love flavors and indulging in different cultures’ cuisines. They chose the bold and stray away from the bland and boring. Personally, when digging into something new I take pleasure in being able to taste a variety of the different available condiments. Mixing and combining, looking for that right combination of flavor like it’s a chemistry lab. Curry is a main component in popular asian cuisine, spicing up Thai and Indian dishes. The three chosen products [green curry paste, red curry paste, roasted red chili paste] are sold separately in stores; how can this experience of experimentation be more prominently encouraged by the packaging?

current design

Currently the packaging consists of only a label stuck on a jar that utilitzes the main brand colors of black and red. The label is cluttered with different typefaces with major hierarchy given to the word ‘Thai.’ There is not much variation from one flavor to the next; the present label doesn’t visually represent the impact that the contents can provide to a recipe.

NOW… do what?

Create a package that contains the three pastes as a set providing the opportunity to taste and personalize a dish to an individual’s liking. Simultaneously, the branding of the products need updated to reflect the richness and vibrancy of the flavors.

how? – – – – –

down size the jar to a personal scale create a case that holds together the jars as one selling product include tasting spoon use bright colors and patterns, contrasting with the use of gold accents create a layered visual experience with die cut effect

for whom?

The re-design would target those fun adventuress foodies who look for bold ways to enjoy new flavors. Primarily for millenials, but not excluding older generations, completing the age range from 20-45.





THAI KITCHEN red curry paste green curry paste roasted red chili paste Rockwell STD Regular

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The package will be able to be up cycled into a mini garden to start growing herbs. The die cut case would include seeds for sweet basil and coriander, both are prominent ingredients in Thai cooking.

Each product will have a label for the cap and the jar, along with a band that keeps the jars in the case during its shelf life.





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