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Sunshine Coast, British Columbia • • Thursday, February 20, 2014

High Bar Gang

Think pink!

Raven’s Cry Feb. 21

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36-Year old editorial Still fresh

Wearing pink February 26 means zero tolerance for bullying.

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Sochi inspires Curling 101

On February 26 a variety of activities throughout Sunshine Coast schools will recognize the event that started in Canada in 2007 and has now spread around the world.

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The Quest continues for rib recipe

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• Home Hardware

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“Experience is Everything”

Teresa Bartrim 604-885-3295

5561 Wharf Road, Sechelt Res: 604-886-4958 Fax: 604-885-5422 Toll-Free: 1-888-385-3295

Teresa Bartrim 1013


rom sea to sea on February 26 Canadians will wear something pink to show zero tolerance for bullying. Now recognized worldwide, Pink Shirt Day grew from the heartfelt actions of Nova Scotia high school students David Shepherd and 29, 2012 Travis Price, who in March the spring of 2007 decided to take a stand against bullying in their own school. After hearing that a new student in their school had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt, Shepherd, Price and their teenage friends

sent out a social media blast, organizing a protest in which sympathizers would wear pink in solidarity and as a stand against bullying and harassment of the boy. Shepherd picked up 50 pink tank tops from a discount store and the morning after the incident, handed them out to friends in the school foyer. A Globe and Mail story reported: “As they stood in the foyer handing out the shirts, the bullied boy walked in. His face spoke volumes.

‘It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,’ Mr. Price recalled. ‘I learned that two people can come up with an idea, run with it, and it can do wonders. Finally, someone stood up for a weaker kid.’ The bullies were never heard from again.” For more information on the ERASE Bullying initiative and Pink Shirt Day, visit http:// Heather Jeal

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April 14, 2014

Funds will be held by our organization until notification of registration of the recipient has been received from the institution.

Johnny Blain harrison nov. 4, 1953 ~ Feb. 8, 2004

‘Reed Rd Forest Reserve’ threatened

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The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014 3





Fri (Feb 21) 7:30pm • Tix $25 Bluegrass featuring Barry Bentall & Shari Ulrich

101 min

Sat-Wed (Feb 22-26) 7pm Theatre from London via HD Satellite Thurs (Feb 27) 7pm plus Sat/Sun (Feb 22/23) 2pm

Raven’s CRy TheaTRe Sechelt • 604-885-4597 •

now we have 2 offices to serve you on the Sunshine Coast! Ravens Cry 1208

Ready to enjoy a rejuvenating walk through the Reed Road Forest Reserve, these happy hikers drove west on Reed Road until they reached a gate with sign; here they parked, then a two-minute walk along the road past the gate brought them to the trailhead sign. The trail goes to the heart of the forest, then loops back to the same road. Walking time is approximately 30 minutes. Photo submitted

Prompted by contact from nearby residents, Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) conducted a site visit to a proposed BC Timber Sales (BCTS) cutblock at the end of Reed Road, Gibsons. The proposed cut block, District Lot (DL) #1313, lies outside the BCTS’ Chart Area as shown on forestry maps. DL#1313 is part of a registered Watershed Reserve under the Land Act. ELF has named this area the ‘Reed Road, Forest Reserve’ to reflect its location, and to acknowledge its reserve status. This Watershed Reserve, established decades ago, protects long-term water flows to nearby residents

who are on wells, and thus has never been logged. This 95 per cent Douglas Fir forest stand regenerated naturally following fires in the 1800s and is of immense interest, part of a Province-wide endangered ecosystem. Adjacent to DL#1313, clear cut logging on the private land immediately to the west (on DL#1312) is almost complete and has taken out a similar forest type. “The Reed Road Forest Reserve was designated as a ‘Watershed Reserve’ under the Land Act in the early days of mapping out forest zones on the Sunshine Coast. This was done to ensure long-term protection of water quality and quantity

to pioneer farmers working the soils in the Elphinstone Electoral Area,” Ross Muirhead of ELF says. “BCTS states that logging and water conservation are compatible activities; this is farthest from the truth. It’s a remarkable forest, and serves many ecosystem dynamics.” “A Watershed Reserve on this section of the Elphinstone slopes makes perfect sense as gravity fed water percolates from this forest into dozens of wells down slope,” adds ELF’s Hans Penner. “We hope that the nearby community will recognize that this forest needs our help to protect bio-diversity and local water resources.” Submitted

Gibsons Library celebrates Freedom to Read When people think of taking risks, they might think of capricious weather or extreme sports, not of ‘reading and writing.’ But award-winning Gibsons writer Marion Quednaunotes that millions worldwide suffer imprisonment, censorship, and exile due to the perceived threat of the written word. Even in Canada, the notion of free speech is challenged by those who want books and writings banned from public access. One of Canada’s most acclaimed writers, Lawrence Hill, was threatened in 2011 with “book-burning” and during the 2010 Olympics, Vancouver’s poet laureate was censored from reading a work about the women’s ski-jump team. There are numerous objectors each year to titles available to youth reader-

Come to our Open House & Free Tax Advice Days!

It is also the 50th anniversary of H&R Block in Canada so come Feb. 20, 2014 and have a piece of birthday cake.

Gibsons Grand OpeninG Sat, Feb 15th (10 am – 2 pm)

Sechelt Open HOuSe

Sat, Feb 22nd (10 am – 2 pm)

5654 Cowrie Street Sechelt, BC 604-885-4010 #2-819 Gibsons Way Gibsons, BC 778-462-3080

B.C. Licenced Home Inspector Courses Registration is now open for the above series of online courses leading to licensing as a Home Inspector in British Columbia.

ship in schools and libraries with censure of titles as beloved as Oliver Twist or authors as celebrated as Maurice Sendak or Alice Munro. From February 23 to 28, libraries, bookstores, writers and readers across Canada are celebrating Freedom to Read week.

Learn more, and have fun doing it, at the Freedom to Read event, hosted by Canadian writers Heidi Greco and Marion Quednau, with several ‘surprise’ local readers at the Gibsons Public Library on Wednesday, February 26 at 7 p.m. Submitted

Contact a program adviser at (604) 899-0803 or register online at

4 The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014

Editorial Opinion That old sweet song Editor’s note: We are pleased to share this editorial from the Coast News, of February 21, 1978, written by then-editor John Burnside on the subject of the then-proposed Gibsons Marina. Thanks to Jaye Thomas, who brought it to light from the Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives’ collection. An interesting look back, with 36 years’ worth of hindsight.

The question of a marina in Gibsons Harbour is one which has already stirred some controversy. The proponents of the marina say that the village cannot, except at its peril, continue to ignore progress. Those who oppose a marina say that they came here to live in rural quiet and have no wish to see it transformed into an offshoot of the city. Both groups are motivated, we believe, by a real affection for this place. The fact of the matter is, of course, that change is inevitable and is taking place all around us. To try to pretend otherwise is akin to burying one’s head in the sand. A healthy and viable waterfront is an absolute necessity if the village of Gibsons is to retain its identity and its character. At the present time it is being sadly hampered not only by the lack of parking for automobiles but also by the lack of moorage and docking facilities for water traffic. Commercial fishermen complain bitterly about the congested conditions at the Government Wharf. Not to put in a marina will not mean that this problem will go away. Eventually if things don’t improve it will be the commercial fishermen who go away in search of a better harbour and if they do they will take with them the half a million dollars annually that they bring into this area. In the case of pleasure craft the situation is serious also. We are told that at yacht clubs all over the Lower Mainland signs are posted advising members not to travel to Gibsons because of the lack of moorage and the total absence of showers and washroom facilities. There may be those who say that this is good because now we won’t be bothered but this would seem to be a short-sighted position. If the village is going to be a viable entity it must have an economic life. It must be able to support at least some of its young people so that they are not automatically driven from home unless they want to live with virtually chronic unemployment. It must be able to support some cultural activities. Man does not live by scenery alone. Commerce is the life blood of civilization. The challenge of civilized man particularly in the last decades of the twentieth century is to encourage that commerce without destroying the environment which is the home of civilization. It is the opinion, after some soul-searching, of this newspaper that the proposed marina in its present form is a valiant and honest effort to redeem both of these concerns. The lower village must be revitalized. Surely no one wants to see it a ghost village. It behooves the residents of the village to think the matter over carefully and if they conclude that the drift of the lower village into economic non-viability should be reversed then the marina proposal which aims to do that deserves some earnest and open-minded consideration.




Letters to the Editor – Opinions Fantastic result! More than 70 participants attended the Langdale Elementary PAC FunRaiser held February 16 at Persephone Brewery and enjoyed Sunday afternoon with fresh beer, yummy appetizers, live music, and rocking neighbors to spend a time with. Raising $1,100 was rather effortless in this friendly atmosphere. Thank you, our community! Miyuki Shinkai, Langdale

A whale of a concept I wish to express my gratitude upon hearing that three senators in Chile are proposing an initiative to make whales in Chilean waters National Monuments. I believe the whole world must respond to the growing crisis in the environment. There are events happening in the the world with respect to the environment that are threatening us all. When governments take the lead and announce significant steps to change the course of ever worsening damage to the land and the ocean, it gives more legitimacy to the cause. More people take notice and fewer people can continue to deny that our collective lives depend on it. The inevitable outcome of doing nothing is too big a gamble. I applaud the Chilean government for taking this step. Mil Gracias! Jack Ploesser, Roberts Creek

Incinerators generate toxins, CO2 Volume 12 Issue 8

Firstly, thank you for raising the point that burning waste, in any shape or form,

releases (always) the most toxic human made substances - dioxins and furans. We would urge Canadians NOT to allow burning of resources in anyway, shape or form, no matter how “safe” the proponents may claim it is. Burning waste encourages MORE fossil fuel use; MORE mining and extractive industries; LOSES energy (it takes more energy to re-make the waste than to safely re-use or recycle it); creates far fewer jobs per ton; and actually generates MORE CO2 than even coal. We commend oganisations such as ZeroWasteCanada for the great work they do in showing the way forward for Canada, her people and her environment - may they multiply in your beautiful country. Muna Lakhani, National Co-ordinator Institute for Zero Waste in Africa

Incineration a home for investor funds Your editorial ‘Free as the air’ rightly condemns mixed waste incineration as a tool to manage waste. Incineration of waste is simply a home for investor funds. It has nothing to do with community benefit. The operator makes a fortune from gate fees, the bank makes a killing from interest, the investor increases share portfolio profits and the design engineer get a very large stainless steel memento for their CV. The person who pays for all this, the ratepayer – gets a multi-bilion dollar obli-

gation which must be fed for at least 20 years under contract, regardless of increased recycling rates and to add to that they also get poisoned air. Gerry Gillespie Zero Waste Australia Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Mayor and Councillors of Gibsons and copied to The Local for publication. With respect to the plans to build a new hotel on the waterfront in Gibsons, Vancouver Coast & Mountains Tourism Region offers its full support to this project. Gibsons is ideally situated to increase visitation to the community because of these new facilities that offer a unique location for meetings and retreats, romantic getaways, group and independent leisure travellers. Demand will be generated in BC markets, particularly Vancouver, regional markets like Alberta and Washington, other long haul markets in North America and from key international markets, such as Australia. Just this week, we have been assisting an Australian tour operator with an itinerary that includes the Sunshine Coast from Lund to Langdale. The economic rewards when this project is completed will extend throughout the Town of Gibsons, particularly in the retail sector, but also not for profit organizations like the Museum and Art Gallery. Gibsons will be viewed very positively by the Provincial Government for the jobs that this project creates during construction and

when in full operation. The project will generate significant taxes that support other government activities, like education and healthcare, and even ferries. The design of this project is very well conceived to fit into the landscape of the waterfront, and will be one in which the Town of Gibsons will be proud. The facilities that are included will be of great benefit, not only to visitors, but also for the residents of Gibsons. Tour operators are constantly looking for new product, and we will be very excited when we can help promote the George! Kevan J. Ridgway, President & CEO, Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Tourism Region

See more letters at Letters to the Editor and Submissions are welcome on any topic of local or general interest. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not reflect opinions of The Local publication. Letters should not exceed 300 words. Letters will be edited in the interests of style, clarity, legality, brevity and taste, as necessary. The Local reserves the right to refuse publication of any submission. All letters must be signed and include place of residence and telephone number; names may be withheld from publication for valid reason by approval of the editor. E-mail letters to: Deadline for letters and submissions is Monday at 3pm.

The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014 5

Budget round two – infrastructure upgrades Coast Watch Garry Nohr Chair Sunshine Coast Regional District and Repesentative for Halfmoon Bay, Area B

This week the SCRD board completes the second of three rounds of budget. It has been a difficult budget this year because of the completion of the Parks and Recreational Master Plan, Transit Plan, and Waste Management Plan. Each of these plans incorporates “quick wins,” which can be implemented for a small increase in taxes, but they also have upgrades in infrastructure, which can be costly. With increases of up to 28 per cent coming in the cost of fuel and hydro, the SCRD needs to change much of its equipment to be more energy efficient. As a board, we have to make these upgrade decisions by weighing cost versus financial payback. It is impossible to ignore the plans of the community that many have worked on, simply to keep taxes low. Besides the need for new energy-efficient infrastructure, the facilities require upgrades to lengthen their lives and additional improvements to conform to new health and safety codes. Making the right decision for the future of the facilities and the community is becoming more difficult with each budget process, and takes thorough analysis by SCRD staff and board. There is a strong need for more industry and business to relieve the tax pressure on residential homes. During the spring there will be public presentations

on plans and projects at the regional district, and you can find this information on the SCRD website at You will find agendas for upcoming board and committee meetings and all the pertinent information about the functions within your regional district. The regional district does not have a function for roads; if you have a concern in this area you need to contact MOTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure). Areas that the Regional District is responsible for are the hospital, landfills, and recreational facilities. Many people are not aware that the hospital is on regional district land donated by Sechelt Indian Band for that purpose and is considered to be in the Halfmoon Bay regional area. Thank you to all those that turned out on Highway 101, January 18, to express concerns about the upcoming changes in BC Ferries. The BC Ferry Coalition, along with the Chambers of Commerce, are continuing to lobby the government on this issue. I will continue to work with the thirteen regional district chairs on maintaining schedules and keeping fares at reasonable levels, both of which are crucial to ferrydependent communities. I will be trying to get funding for a needs-assessment project, which would tell the real story about potential financial loss to ferrydependent communities due to schedule reductions and fare increases. Please contact me about any of these items or other concerns at 604-741-2427 or

Vote YES – a good financial decision Mayor’s Message John Henderson Mayor, District of Sechelt

Sechelt has been offered an opportunity to receive a $1 million non-repayable grant and a loan of $7.4 million to be used as a new option to help fund our Wastewater Treatment Facility. The loan would be repayable over 10 years at a fixed, favourable interest rate, anticipated to be 2.25 per cent. To seek community approval of this option, Sechelt will hold a referendum on March 8. Advance polls will be held February 26 and March 5. Residents are encouraged to visit and click on the ‘Elections’ tab for full details on poll locations, voting times and who may vote. Information is also available via email: or by contacting the District office at 604-885-1986. Council has reviewed this funding option and agrees this is an approach our community should support. We believe strongly in being fiscally responsible in managing Sechelt’s finances for both the short and long term. Accessing this funding is a financially prudent choice. This option means Sechelt would keep $5.9 million in our reserves. Keeping healthy reserves in place contributes to a financially strong community and a prosperous future. The loan being offered is at an interest rate that is lower than we

CCBA elects new Board

District of Sechelt residents and property owners go to the pollls March 8 to approve borrowing for the half-completed wastewater treatment plant. file photo

can access elsewhere. Borrowing at a lower interest rate that is fixed for the term of the loan reduces borrowing costs. The loan will be repaid by those who benefit from sewer services, only. Sewer user fees generate sufficient funds to both operate the facility and repay the loan, without the need for property tax or user fee increases. Council supports accessing this funding option as an opportunity to keep reserves in place and create lasting benefits for Sechelt. Our new wastewater facility is over 40 per cent complete. When the facil-

ity begins operations in October, 2014, it will provide our community with a standard of wastewater treatment that exceeds all federal regulations. It will be attractive facility that integrates well within the neighbour-

hood of residences and the Sechelt Marsh. And, most importantly, it will replace the old, noisy and often smelly existing facility. We look forward to your support in voting YES in the referendum.

5th annual

Saturday June 14

at the Gibsons Community Centre 700 Park road Everyone is welcome! FREE

Sunshine Coast


IS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE POSITION OF DIRECTOR AND/OR STANDING COMMITTEE MEMBER Community Futures Sunshine Coast (CF SC) is a not-for-profit, government funded organization focused on developing community economic and entrepreneurial activities on the Sunshine Coast. CF SC partners with local governments, and a variety of organizations and industry, to strengthen and enhance the capacity of the Sunshine Coast to deliver a wide range of community-identified initiatives. The Board of Directors governs the organization and has two standing committees comprised of Directors and community members. Board and committee meetings are always on Wednesdays. 1. The Investment and Loan Committee provides input to the loan approval process 2. The Community Initiatives Committee is responsible for proposing, reviewing, and developing concepts and policy for Community Economic Development projects. PROFICIENCIES DESIRED - Three or more of the following: Knowledge of Sunshine Coast business conditions and economic development.  Willingness to be receptive to innovative ideas combined with the ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities. Background in business and finance is an asset.  Enthusiasm, willingness to learn and commitment to the objectives of the CF SC including the promotion of social enterprise, community ventures and socially and ecologically responsible business practices in our communities.  Ability to communicate with and develop ongoing networks of groups and individuals from a broad cross section of society. Terms of office are for one or two years. Please submit resume and cover letter indicating which position you are interest in (Board of Directors and/or Committee member) and deliver by mail or hand to the office of CF - SC by April 21, 2014 at:

At the Annual General Meeting held February 17, the Coast Community Builders Association elected its Board of Directors for the 2014-15 year: Gina Stockwell (left), Clark Hamilton (Past President), Russ Jones (President), Greg Latham (Vice President), Ed Pednaud (Secretary/Treasurer), David Longman, Don Ewing, Dennis Olson, Jennifer Evans (ED), Rod Goy, Steve Stevenson. Chair Greg Latham noted that the Association will continue initiatives such as the Home and Cottage Show scheduled for June 14, and the Provoc-a-talks lecture series, with Chief Clarence Louie of Osoyoos (and the Idle No More movement) as the next scheduled speaker. Past President Clark Hamilton acknowledged outgoing directors Lisa Lalonde, Doug Spani and Mark Sullivan for their service and work to build the organization. submitted

Community Futures of the Sunshine Coast #301 – 5500 Wharf Avenue PO Box 128 Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 Resumes and cover letters may be emailed to: For further information about Community Futures:

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Home & Garden

theLocal Custom Carpet 1208

68 • Coast Reporter • Friday, August 2, 2013

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Appreciatively, Sharon


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Jan. 30, 2014

The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014 7



Health & Wellness

Sochi inspires ‘Curling 101’ How emotions are connected to ‘bad’ habits Whole Coast invited to experience thrill of sliding big chunks of granite on polished ice

Holistic View Canteris Hartley Classical Homeopath

Over the past few weeks we’ve all enjoyed watching the Olympics and all that this great coming together of nations and athletes brings every four years. We’ve watched sports that we seldom see, exotic sports foreign to our Canadian experience. Few have slid head- or feet-first down an icy hill at over 120 kilometers per hour. And few of us have ever skated on the extra long, straight knifesharp edges that are speed skating blades. The numbers indicate that the curling competitions have drawn more viewers than ever before, most of whom have never experienced the sport. It seems Canadians love to watch this game of precision and seemingly easy execution. But, many have questions and misunderstandings about this wonderful sport. How much does one of those curling rocks weigh? How much pressure does it take to push

one down the ice? What do curlers wear on their feet that allows them to slide so easily? Why does everyone have to yell when they play the game of curling? How do those measuring devices work that we see every so often? What does sweeping do anyway? How do they make the rock curl one way or the other? The Gibsons Curling Club wants to help Coast residents understand the game of curling in a very real, hands-on way. On Saturday, February 22, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. the doors will be open at the Gibsons Curling Club, with experienced curlers on hand to explain the sport and to allow everyone to touch the game in a very real way. Bring the whole family (it’s a free event and all ages are welcome to participate). Watch the demos, try throwing a rock. You’ve seen it on TV, now come on out and try it yourself. Submitted

Habits are unconsciously repeated routine behaviors. If habits are harmful to your physical, emotional and mental health and to those around you, then these are usually referred to as ‘bad’ habits and they can be difficult to change. The reason ‘bad’ habits are difficult to change is that they’re usually connected to some underlying unresolved emotion of which one may not be aware. It takes time to shift habits, but the desire to change a negative or unwanted habit is the first step. Habits can come in many forms, and you can distinguish a ‘bad’ habit by how harmful it is to yourself or others. Examples of ‘bad’ habits are sedentary lifestyles, over-exercising, smoking, eating unhealthy foods, overeating, overspending, nail biting, staying in unhealthy relationships, overworking and uncontrollable negative emotional reactions. If you can become aware of the underlying emotion that is driving the habits then you can ei-

ther stop or at least be conscious of what you are doing. One of the first steps is to become conscious of the habit, then understand why you are doing it, then take steps to change it and eventually fully break the habit. Making the connection between what you are doing and feeling in your daily life and in your relationships will help you to understand the deep underlying emotions that drive your habits and behaviors. One’s body and emotions naturally try to maintain balance and a sense of well being. The habit – for example, turning to comfort foods when feeling sad, or over-exercising to suppress feelings of insecurity, depression or anger – might give temporary relief but does not resolve the underlying emotion and is ultimately harmful in its repetitive nature – leading to stress and disease. One example is cigarette smoking. Although there may be a sense of relief that comes from inhaling the cigarette, ultimately it is causing harm to your physical body and leaving it susceptible to disease. It can be the physical withdrawal that makes it difficult to quit, however, there may have been a strong emotional component that


Canteris A. Hartley,


604-886-3844 BMO Building #201 - 1001 Gibsons Way

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1161 Hwy. 101 Gibsons 604-886-3556 Beside Sunshine Coast Self Storage


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change and get rid of unwanted behaviours, and you can ultimately feel a sense of well being without the urge to turn to something habitually for relief every time that emotion comes up. Using a holistic modality can help one understand the unresolved underlying emotions connected to ‘bad’ habits, help resolve it more permanently and add a sense of well being and health.

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caused one to begin smoking that is being suppressed. So if you try to quit a habit on a strictly physical level then one habit may be replaced with another, or you find you return to the habit eventually, because the underlying emotion connected to the habit is unresolved. Address the underlying emotion along with the habit and it will be easier and more effective to

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Eclectic Delhi 2 Dublin returns Stanton Paradis opens for High Bar Gang Feb. 21 Delhi 2 Dublin returns to Roberts Creek Hall on Friday, March 7 in a makeup performance for last November’s event, where a hard drive melt-down resulted in the band being unable to play. D2D’s energetic mashup of Bhangra, Celtic, dub, reggae and electronica pumps up the blood for a hot evening of non-stop dancing. Until March 1, ticket

stubs from the November dance can be exchanged for a FREE ticket to the upcoming event. After March 1 all unclaimed tickets will be resold. Tix are available at Gaia’s Fair Trade (Gibsons), MELOmania (Roberts Creek) and Strait Music (Sechelt). For more info: or www. Submitted

Local acoustic duo Stanton Paradis ( Joe Stanton and Simon Paradis) will be opening with songs from their newest release Good Road Home to kick off an evening with The High Bar Gang at Raven’s Cry Theatre in Sechelt on Friday, February 21 at 7:30 p.m. The High Bar Gang, with Shari Ulrich and Barney Bentall, features some of the best singer/songwriters and instrumentalists the West Coast has produced. Leaning on the lush three part harmonies of Ulrich, Angela Harris and GPAG 1208 Wendy Bird, Bentall’s bass vocals and the strong musicianship of Rob Becker on bass, Eric Reed on mandolin, banjo and resonator and Colin

Nairne on guitar and mandolin, The High Bar Gang performs traditional bluegrass and gospel, and original songs from their Juno nominated CD, Lost and Undone.

Tickets ($25) available at Raven’s Cry Theatre, Sechelt Visitors Centre, Welcome Woods Market, Halfmoon Bay General Store, and MELOmania. Submitted

GPAG calls for talented young artists’ submissions Feb. 20, 2014

it’s Fun! it’s creative! it’s what to do on spring Break!

Children’s Art Classes every morning March 17 to 21 With instructor Shinkai. Ages 5 to 8: 9:30-10:30 a.m. Miyuki $30 for the 5-day series Ages 9 to 12: 10:45-12 noon includes all materials. For further information and to register call the Gallery 604-886-0531 or email • www.gibsons Gibsons Public Art Gallery 287 Gower Point Road, Gibsons Landing

Bridget Brandon-Graham, Laurel Sukkau and Georgina Brandon enjoyed the 2013 “Shoutout” exhibition of work in a multitude of disciplines created by more than 50 young artists ages 2 to 19. Photo Paul Clancy

The Gibsons Public Art Gallery (GPAG) is calling for submissions from young artists for its fifth annual Young People’s Art Show. Entitled Words of Art, the exhibition will be held in partnership with the Gibsons and District Public Library, in celebration of the library’s 100th anniversary. Young artists are invited to submit work by March 1; show opens at GPAG March 6. More details at or at the Gallery.

Events on the Sunshine Coast Now to Feb. 28 In Media Res, Exhibition of work by Jacqueline Rogers and Matthew TalbotKelly, Gibsons Public Art Gallery Feb. 21 Live Music: The High Bar Gang with Stanton Paradis, Raven’s Cry Theatre, 7:30pm Feb. 21 Astro Café with Royal Astronomical Society, Sunshine Coast, Pier 17, Davis Bay, Sechelt, 8:30pm Feb. 22 The Latest Lowdown on Dirt with Egan Davis, SC Botanical Garden, Sechelt, 2pm Feb. 22 John Tenbear Thompson and Sally Buck present music and puppetry, at Gibsons Public Art Gallery, 2pm Mar. 1 “If Music be the Food of Love,” SC Community Orchestra Spring Concert, Gibsons Heritage Playhouse, 7pm Mar. 4 211 Helpline Launch, Seaside Centre, Sechelt, 4 – 6pm Mar. 8 Friends of the Sechelt Library Book Faire, Community Room, 10am – 3pm. Mar. 8 “Herstory,” A celebration of stories and achievements of everyday heroines in honour of International Women’s Day. Bring a bag lunch, come and share a story or just listen. St. John’s United Church, Davis Bay, Sechelt, 11:30 a.m. Mar. 17 APEGBC Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Competition, Sechelt Band Community Hall (behind MacDonald’s), Pre-register Mar. 16, Testing starts 11:30am Mar. 17 Mar. 28 Sechelt Chamber of Commerce AGM, Driftwood Inn, 12 noon. Register: 604885-0662 Apr. 6 BMO April Fool’s Run, presented by Coast Cable. Details and registration: May 3 Sing-along Screening of Mamma Mia! The Movie, with on-screen lyrics, Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre, 7pm

Sunnycrest Mall 1208 Sunshine Coast

The spotlight is on...

Salmonid Enhancement Society 17th Annual

More selection, more value and a lot more fun!

We are your One-Stop Party-Shop! We have a huge selection of: Party Supplies, Stationary, Greeting Cards, Hardware, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Toys, Pet Supplies, Housewares, Home Décor, Giftware, Arts and Crafts, Seasonal items… We’ve got it all and then some! Karen has owned the store for 4.5 years and continues to bring you the very best selection and value all in one place. 604-886-8631

Sunnycrest Mall • One stop for all your shopping needs BC Liquor Store ................... 604-886-4855 Bergner Textile Care ............ 604-886-8564 Boomer’s Burger Bar ........... 604-886-1646 Chamber of Commerce ....... 604-886-2325 C.I.B.C. ................................ 604-886-4366 Dog’s Ear Embroidery .......... 604-886-8600 Gibsons Florist .................... 604-886-7795 Greatkids ............................ 604-886-4707

Laedeli Gifts and Cards / Post Office ............... 604-886-0958 London Drugs ..................... 604-886-8720 Passionista Garage .............. 604-886-7165 Patra Pizza & Curry House 604-886-7675 Prudential Sussex Realty ..... 604-886-2277 Rain’Er Shine Barber............ 604-740-7163 Reitmans ............................ 604-886-9779

Royal Bank ......................... 604-886-5400 Shara Fortune Lotto Center 604-886-9994 Sima Japanese Restaurant .. 604-840-0001 Starbucks ........................... 604-886-8415 Subway ............................... 604-886-0440 Super Valu .......................... 604-886-2424 Telus – Suncoast Cellular..... 604-886-7303 The Open Door Group

and Work BC........................ 604-886-7729 The Hong Kong Café ........... 604-886-3421 Westland Insurance ............ 604-886-2000 Windows on the Water Gallery ...................... 604-886-2909 Your Dollar Store With More 604-886-8631 Administration Office .......... 604-886-8323 Anthem Leasing ................. 604-689-3040


Salmon Dinner & Auction Saturday, April 12, 2014 Feb. 20, 2014

Help us celebrate another great year at the Chapman Creek Hatchery. Join us for a delicious catered salmon dinner, the opportunity to bid on terrific auction items and a chance to win great prizes. Host: Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society Where: Sechelt Seniors Centre When: Saturday, April 12, 2014 Cost: $100 per ticket Cocktails at 6pm, Dinner at 7pm Tickets include:

Tickets are available right now through Chapman Creek Hatchery. Email or please phone 604-885-4136.

• A catered salmon dinner, generously supported by Grieg Seafood. (Alternate meals available by prior order only). • $50 tax receipt issued following the event • Entry into a Reverse Draw where up to $3000.00 will be awarded, with a top prize of $2000 • The opportunity to bid on silent and live auction items ranging from original artworks to landscaping services,from fishing tackle to gift certificates from your favourite Coast merchants.

4381 Parkway Drive, Sechelt BC V0N 3A1 Phone: 604-885-4136 • Email: • Website:

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Many choices and cuts of ribs Experiment with sauces, spice rubs, and different cuts for new tastes from an old favourite. Coastal supermarkets and butcher shops offer a tantalizing variety of ribs that lend themselves to long, slow cooking – baked, braised, broiled, or barbecued with or without smoke. The number of choices can be confusing – what’s the difference between spare ribs, back ribs, country-style spare ribs, or riblets? And when an American recipe calls for St. Louis-style ribs, what can Canadians substitute? Pork offers the most variety in rib cuts. Widelyavailable Spareribs contain long rib bones with a thin covering of meat on the outside and between the ribs and a generous amount of fat – which makes them the most flavourful choice. When a rack of spareribs are trimmed to remove breastbone, cartilage and rib tips and form a rectangular shaped rack, they are called St. Louis-Style Ribs. Shorter, meatier and less fatty Back Ribs, (some-

times called loin back ribs) are cut from the loin. Riblets or Baby Back Ribs are a narrow slab cut from the rib end of a rack of back ribs. Country-Style Ribs, cut from the shoulder end, have the highest meat-tobone ratio with the least amount of fat. Beef ribs (left when a standing rib roast is cut to make a boneless rib eye) are large and with a generous amount of tender meat; usually they are trimmed and divided into single-rib portions. Beef Short Ribs, cut from the shoulder, contain layers of lean meat alternating with fat athroughout. Flanked-Style Ribs are very similar but cut lengthwise into a rack rather than

as separate ribs, and the most meat. Lamb Riblets are very tender but also small. While not common in North America cuisine, Lamb Riblets are extremely popular in middle eastern and some Asian countries. Whether choosing beef, pork or lamb ribs in any of a number of cuts and styles, plan on allowing lots of cooking time at a low temperature, with lots of moisture provided either by sauce or braising liquid for a tender end product. Ribs take seasoning well, so experiment with sauces or spice rubs and discover new tastes from an old favourite. Heather Jeal

All ribbing aside – is your recipe the best? The February Quest for the Best recipe for ribs – baked, broiled, or barbecued – heats up with just over a week left for Coast residents to get their family favourite into the running. Recipes may be submitted online to or in person at the Customer Service Desk in any of the three Marketplace IGA locations – Gibsons, Wilson Creek, or Madeira Park. Recipes will be prepared and tested by IGA staff and the winning recipe will be printed in The Local (watch our Facebook or Twitter feeds for breaking news when IGA announces the winner’s name.) The winner takes home a $100 gift certificate and bragging rights. IGA’s deli department will offer the winning ribs for take-out during March.

save $1.80 / lb!

stewing beef ..................... $4.69/lb. kassler loin chops ...$5.99/lb. beef tenderloin........ $16.99/lb. try our take & bake pizzas

Mezzetta, assorted, 375 Ml.

pickled peppers .............. $4.99ea. 8-packs LocaLLy owned • LocaLLy produced .................. assorted coke Keep your dollars on$3.99 the Sunshineea. Coast! previously viewed

dvds ................................................ $5.00ea.

LocaLLy owned • LocaLLy produced Keep your dollars on the Sunshine Coast! • shop locally • kiwi fruit ..................................

4/$1.00 lemons.........................................4/$1.00

Locally & locally MON-THURS 8AM-9PM • FRI &owned SAT 8AM-9PM • SUNproduced 9AM-6PM people whoFri.know business. WHILE SUPPLIES LASTby• Prices in effect Feb. 21your to Thurs. Feb 27 12875 Madeira Park Rd, Madeira Park • To order call 604-883-2411 locally owned locally produced

Keep your dollars on the Sunshine Coast!

Keep your dollars on the Sunshine coast!

locally owned • locally produced

The Chef’s Kitchen Shop

Specials February 21 to February 27, 2014

each month, Marketplace iga will be locally searching for your favourite family recipe.

So get your aprons on and share your culinary skills with us!

fresh Canadian pork

From Mexico, (weather permitting)

baCk ribs 3.49

fresh asparagus


From California

per lb. • 5.49 / kg.

MAdeIrA pArk: 12887 Madeira park rd Daily 8:30am - 7:00pm • Friday 8:30am 8:00pm IGA Chef's Kitchen 1208

per lb., 7.69 / kg


fresh navel ¢ oranges per lb. • 1.96 / kg.

Chef’s KitChen Quest for the

Best Recipe

Simply submit your recipe on-line at IGA’s Facebook page or via email: – or drop your favourite recipe off at your local Marketplace IGA in Gibsons, Wilson Creek or Madeira Park. Look for the entry boxes. Then, Marketplace IGA in-house chefs will choose the top three recipes based on ingredients, flavour combinations and nutritional value. Our chefs will prepare each of the 3 recipes and pick a favourite.

Your winning recipe will be featured in the “Take Home Food Bar” at each of the three local Marketplace IGA stores. The winning recipe will also be featured on the Coast Cuisine page in The Local and the winner will receive a

SeCHeLT: 4330 Highway 101 Mon-Sat 8:00am-9:00pm • Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm Feb. 20, 2014

February’s quest is for the best


RIB recipe


GIBSONS: 1100 Highway 101 Open Daily 8:00am – 9:00pm

10 The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014 100 - ANNOUNCEMENTs

estate sales

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin


(never known to fail)

Oh! Most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel Fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity, Oh! Star of the Sea, help me and show me Here you are my Mother. Oh! Holy Mary Mother of God. Queen of Heaven and Earth Do succor me in my necessity (Make request) There are None that can withstand your power Oh! Mary conceived without sin, Pray for us who gave recourse to thee (3 times) Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands. (3 times) Say the prayer for three consecutive days & then You must publish it and it will be granted to you.


personals Alanon/Alateen for friends and families of alcoholics. Meetings Monday-Friday, 604-886-4594, 604-885-0101, 604-886-9059, 604-883-2882. tfn If your drinking is causing you problems but you don’t know how to stop, maybe we can help. Alcoholics Anonymous. Toll Free 1-877-373-8255. btfn

200 - Community notices RECYCLE SATURDAY February 22nd, 10am to 4 pm only. Drop off your old TV’s, stereos, computers and small appliances at Home Building Centre, 5644 Wharf RD, Sechelt. Offered as a community service by Crossroads Community Church. 08

classes/education Feldenkrais: Classes for healthy, organized movements. Enjoy these gentle, no-sweat classes and eliminate pain, inhibited movement and restricted range of motion. Great for rehab as well as general maintenance. Tuesdays, 5-6pm, Davis Bay Community Hall, or customized, hands-on sessions by appt. 604-885-9064 or btfn

300 - marketplace RE Décor Consignment. Love midcentury modern style? We have an oak dresser, teak credenza, white table and 6 chairs, train cases, and lots of stainless serving pieces and vases. Love shabby chic? We have side tables, hamper, mirrors, desk, coffee table, vintage original art, and lots of décor accessories. Also offering design and de-cluttering services. 5660 Cowrie St., Sechelt. 604-885-5884. b09

firewood Two cord loads - fir - mixed, seasoned, split and delivered. Call 604-993-0094. p09

500 - marine

Rightsizing Solutions class 1208 help WANTED - generaL moorage

Prayer class 1208 SATURDAY MARCH 1 9:30 – 3pm

Tillicum Bay Marina has moorage and/or land storage available. Call the office - 604-885-2100 or cell - 604-740-7472. 09

(follow signs up Bay Rd. cross Laurel, 1st. left, house on right side). Please park on Eagleview.


All furniture, full contents of kitchen incl. small appliances, small freezer, vacuum, Reiki bed, electronics, china, glass, collectibles, Asian blue/white porcelain garden stools and planters, silk trees, linens, books, clothing/shoes incl. Air Canada items, carpet cleaner (new), patio set, statues, planters, garden tools, wheelbarrow, hedge trimmer, waterfall pumpFebruary &filter(new), Motomaster 20, 2014charger(new), Jobmate work bench, grinder, sander, compound mitre saw, clamps(new),bow saws, lots of other tools, all in good condition, wine carboys, camping stove, elec. BBQ, chairs, life jackets, bike carrier and more. More details/photos on Craigslist by Friday, Feb. 21. Every item is to be sold. CASH SALES ONLY.

Call 778-458-2166. p12



$ CASH $


for used motorhomes and trailers



$ Free Cash $

Johnny Walker MILITARY


...on jewelry, coins, watches, any gold & silver items, etc.... or sell them for top $$



GIBSONS Sunshine Care Network is currently looking for 1 bdrm duplex on acreage, $850p/mo, N/S, Walker 1150 Walker Motor Homes 1149 cat ok. Availwatches Feb 28. Johnny a non-smoking female who has her own vehicle. 2 bdrm attached unit on The Bluff, 4 appl. Great deck, $950/mo. NS/NP. Avail Feb 28. Please email your resume

and cover letter to:

SECHELT Immaculate updated 3 bdrm home, close to the seaplane operation on Porpoise Bay. Features a new kitchen, flooring throughout, 6 appl, huge storage area, plus a double garage workshop. Perfect home for the busy contractor. NP/NS. Avail April 1, $1600.00/mo.

February 13, 2014

COMMERCIAL Dec. 5, 2013 1150 sq. ft new commercial space available in Sechelt now. Suitable for the professional or business at $1000/mo. Gross lease. loansdestination 1149 HIRING Johnny Walker medals 1150for Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Exc prkg. Journeyman 1036 sq. ft. retail space avail in Gibsons now. $11.00 per sq. ft. plus CAM. Suitable for a desti· Pipefitters nation business. Excellent customer prkg.

Dec. 12, 2013


· Millwrights · Ironworkers · Boilermakers APARTMENTS & SUITES General Foreman, Pressure Welders, Quality Control and Site Superintendents are welcome to apply. Gibsons: 2 bdrm grnd flr. Heat Dec. 12, 2013 and hot water incl. 711 Gibsons Apply at: OR Fax at 604-249-3983 Way. Avail now. Call 604-886Call Key Property Management at 604-886-6618 for viewing, or visit


604-740-6474 Dec. 5, 2013

Gold & COINS Silver & BANKNOTES Buyer I BUY

Are you a certified care aide looking to join an amazing team and provide one-on-one care in clients’ homes? Key Property class 1208 If so, we want1 to hear from you! col. x 3.75”


300 - marketplace Top Dollar Paid for

Public Practice Accountant

Soprovich & Co., an established CGA firm in Gibsons has an immediate opening for an energetic accountant to join our team. We offer a variety of work exposure with clients that are mostly owner-managed businesses. 700 - REAL ESTATE Job responsibilities include preparation of financial statements concerning reviews and notice to readers, corporate tax returns and personal tax returns. HOMES FOR SALE Detail oriented, strong analytical skills, excellent verbal communication, personable and the ability to work independently are some of the qualities we For sale by owner: 6557 Bjorn Place, Sechelt. 3bdrm,Feb. 1 level 20, 2014 are looking for in a candidate. Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs and home on mature landscaped experience with Caseware and Profile is an asset. fenced lot, at end of a cul-de-sac. Our firm provides a relaxed environment and the flexibility to work full or partLarge patio backs onto park. Protime. Interested candidates should send their resume to ideal fessionally renovated. $327,000.



1000 - employment

7151. p081201 Johnny Walker gold 1149 Johnny Walker gold

Veresen is immediately seeking a full time hydroelectric Plant Operator. The successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of two hydroelectric run-of-river power plants near Sechelt, BC. This position will be focused primarily on mechanical maintenance and repairs of the plant and auxiliary equipment. Exposure to cold ambient conditions will occur on a regular basis in the winter months. Extended travel time by boat, at times in rough seas, and use of off road vehicles are part of day-to-day operations. Dec. 5, 2013 Jan 2, 2014 Qualifications - Grade 12, BC driver’s license; other Johnny Walker 1206 - A millwright, mechanics, or machinist certification is mandatory Gibsons RV Resort: $475/mo. with at least five (5) years experience; Incl hydro/sewer/water. RV site - Self-sufficient, independent, requires little supervision; only. Internet $20/Cable TV $20. - Hands-on trouble-shooter with a wider technical knowledge of Pets OK. RV to be 1995 and newer. mechanical equipment; 1051 Gilmour Rd. Call 604-989- Ability to travel for training and occasional mechanical work at other 7275. btfn. facilities within BC. For immediate consideration, please e-mail your resume to 1000 - employment




estAte Buyer

Giveaway, exterior home inspections. Call Doug for details at 604885-0661. p08 New part-time spare wheel for Subaru Impreza 2002 and on. Call 604-885-0617. f08 22 ft Cabin Cruiser, good fiberglass hull, needs motor. Call 604813-5779 for more details. f08

Free ApprAisAls


work wanted-GENERAL Feb. 6, 2014

Tell the Sunshine Coast about your

ChiLd Careor Service

Did you know that Free ads are FREE in the Local? Restrictions apply.


For details, call Jennifer lost / found sk


604-885-3134 orA email Lost: Set of GM keys with 2 Extra Waynne Foods tokens attached, in downtown Sechelt area. Call 604-3061200. f08

Did you know that Lost and Found ads are FREE in the Local? Restrictions apply.. Tell the Sunshine Coast about your

Waynne Pretty

ChiLd Care Service SALES

accepts donations to

Grandmothers & Grandothers 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt in

We Accept Classified Advertising at:

Plant OPeratOr Clowhom River, British Columbia

Sechelt: Greenecourt, looking for seniors whose income is more than $1791.00 and less than $2765.00 per month, to rent one bdrm apt, with two meals a day and alert button for medical emergencies, heat & hot water incl. Rent is $685/mo plus $503/ mo for meals and alert button. For a total of $1188/mo. Call 604-8855962. btfn

WDS Enterprises - Lawn & yard maintenance. Pressure washing,inwindow cleaning, painting, and all other odd jobs. For enquiries call 604-885-6162 home, 778-688-5266 cell, or email b09

If you have something to give away for free,

it runs in the paper for free!


Call 604-885-3134 or email

Wharf Rd,callSechelt, 604-885-3281 For details, Jennifer 604-885-3134 or email tfn c


The Local Childcare filler

OUR OFFICE: 5758 Cowrie Street, Sechelt • BY PHONE: 604-885-3134 • BY EMAIL:

Ad Deadline noon Monday at the office

Tell the Sunshine Coast about your

ChiLd Care Service

Solution to ChiLd Care Claytons Crosswords on page 11


ChiLd Care 2x

Our 1x2 distribution through Canada Post Free class

is guaranteed!

For details, call Jennifer 604-885-3134 or email

2 xC Our distribution through CanadaThe Post Local Tell the Sunshine Coast aboutisyour guaranteed

free! ChiLd Care Service • Private: 15 words 2 weeks $9.99+GST 20¢ each

And every issue is

additional Our distribution through Post • Business: 15 words 1 week $8.99+ GST word Canada +GST is guaranteed in

For details, call Jennifer 604-885-3134 or email

Give to the Food

accepts donations to

Grandmothers & Grandothers 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt

Why settle for less? The Local gives you...

Give to the Food Bank


market penetration in every area of the Sunshine Coast accepts donations to • 100%• the ONLY community newspaper delivered to your Grandmothers and home and business mailbox on the Sunshine Coast Grandothers WINDOW throughout the year. So get the most for your advertising dollar! Your weekly 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt • phone 604-885-3134 WASHING community PleaseRVs give&generously. Advertise your Boats, Vehicles theLocal newspaper email: • fax: 604 885-3194 GUTTERS 4 weeks for For details call 604-885-3134, or drop by weekLy

$69 theLocal

our office at 5758 St., Sechelt. 5758 Cowrie St.,Cowrie Sechelt (This offer

Painter Advertise your

applies to private sales weekLy only)

inCludeS TaxeS

looking for 604-740-9828 Boats, RVswork. & Vehicles interior FREE ESTIMATES WCB Coverage ftfn Excellent references from discerning clients.

SOLD! $69 Local

The Local Sold 1152

20 years experience (15 on the Coast)

For details call 604-885-3134, or drop by our office at 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt.


Call Matthew Evans

(This offer applies to private sales weekLy only)

Within hours of The Local 1100 - professional services SERVICE hitting theDIRECTORY streets, this Suzuki Windows • Gutters childcare directory had two good offers.RVs By&the Advertise your Boats, Vehicles The Boys 1140 - 1 col x 1.25” Hand Siding Scrub next &day, itDaycare was Pressure Washsold. Esprit 1149 inCludeS TaxeS

E.S.P.R.I.T. 4 weeks for Classified Ads Child Care Centre Local 604-885-0661 Register your children now

Work You! Free esT.For ~ WCB

for year-round program. • 3 mos. to 36 mos. • 37 mos. to school age

$69Local the

inCludeS TaxeS

Call Jennifer 604-885-3134 or email

Qualified staff in a beautiful facility


(This offer applies to private sales October 2013 Class Boats3,RVs Vehicles only)

Call Helen 604-886-9770 For details call 604-885-3134, or drop by or 604-886-7739 our office at 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt.


Les Petits du Pacifique

The LocaL accepts donations to

Please give generously

Advertise your&GrandmotherS GrandotherS

Les5,Petites Dec. 2013 du Pacific class 1202

French chiLdcare centre

Advertise your Boats, RVs & Vehicles 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt Boats, RVs & Vehicles

30 months to 5 years old

SPaceS now avaiLabLe!


Located at École du Pacifique, Sechelt Open Tues,Wed, Thurs 8:30-5pm info: 604-741-5852

4 weeks for


4 weeks for


Give to the Food Bank

inCludeS TaxeS

Send a photo & a brief description by 5:00pm on Mondays to Jennifer at or phone 604-885-3134, or drop by our office at 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt.

Oct. 31, 2013

(This offer applies to private sales only)

‘Run Till Rented’ …gives you endless possibilities!

Local The


4 weeks

for Dec 26, 2013Send a photo & a brief description


by 5:00pm on Mondays to Jennifer at or phone 604-885-3134, or drop by our office at 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt.

Advertise your Garage Sale with The Local inCludeS TaxeS


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TaxeS Jan. 9,inCludeS 2014

For details call 604-885-3134, or drop by our office at 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt.


Window Washing

Advertise your Boats, RVs & Vehicles 4 weeks for

Read classified

Pacific Hues

Call for details 604-885-3134

FREE GARAGE SALE SIGNS courtesy of Sechelt Sign & Design

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Our new Garage Sale listings Grandmothers & Grand Ot will provide best exposure for yourLocal sale

Donation jars locat The

Pennies for grannies

5758 Cowrie St., Se

Woods showc

Sunnycrest Mal Gibsons This offer applies to private sales only. accepts donations to

Grandmothers & Grandothers 5758 Cowrie St., Sechelt

Help save an ERA


Do you love older wooden boats? Looking for volunteers to help save The eRA, a historic 1951 vessel that was used for navigational purposes along the West Coast. Moored in

Save another trip to the dump Place your old items for sale in THE LOCAL’S Classified section IF IT’S FR or 15 wor

Call: 604-885-3134 or email:

The Local - Thursday, July 14, 2011 14

Read the local classifieds on-line at:

The Local - Thursday, February 20, 2014 11

Horoscope February 21 to February 27 Astrologer

Tip of the Week: The big news this week, other than the fact that the Sun entered Pisces on February 18 at 10 a.m. sharp PST, is the fact that the Moon’s Nodes have also changed signs. More interesting yet, is the fact that the Lunar Nodes entered their new sign pair – Libra and Aries on February 18 as well. This ‘ingress’ occurred at 6:51 a.m. PST, just prior to the Sun ingress to Pisces. An analysis of this chart provides insights about the 18-month cycle that the Moon’s Nodes encompass through any given sign pair. I will elaborate further in my New Moon Newsletter (sign up on my website). What especially stands out is the fact that the Moon at the exact ingress moment comprised the fourth corner of a Grand Cross (also called a Grand Square) in Cardinal Signs, which are dynamic action and initiative oriented signs. Altogether, these ‘signs’ blend well with the dynamic, dramatic Wood Horse year that is steadily gaining speed. This week’s Horoscope offers insights linked to the Moon’s Nodes in Libra/Aries for each sign. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) With increased levels of

1100 - professional services


childcare directory Child Care Centre Register your children now for year-round program. • 3 mos. to 36 mos. • 37 mos. to school age

Qualified staff in a beautiful facility

Call Helen 604-886-9770 or 604-886-7739

Les Petits du Pacifique

French chiLdcare centre

30 months to 5 years old

SPaceS now avaiLabLe!

Located at École du Pacifique, Sechelt Open Tues,Wed, Thurs 8:30-5pm info: 604-741-5852

Best selection of new and used.

and may prove to be a pre- Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19) More responsibility, hoperequisite for success. fully accompanied by power Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23) The time has come to and abundance, is coming Credit rebuilding, consolidation, no credit, bring forward the many your way. Some of it will be bad credit, new to country ... ideas and visions of your directed to home and family Apply to higher mind. A manifesta- as well as career and social or call 1-844-639-2278 to get pre-approved today! tion process is implied. It is status. Some measure of innot so much the principles ner work, renovation and/or of the Law of Attraction healing is implied. You will but of the Law of Expres- be guided or circumstances Troy’s Paint & Body Shop sion. More than before you will push you to get to the Cars to Commercial Vehicles will feel the push to ‘feel the bottom of things. fear and do it anyway’. This Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19) 604-989-0302 Sometimes more than process will include shining Troy Rudeloff and polishing your most others require that we ‘really put our heart into it.’ precious talents. Seniors Discount • Lowest Rates on the Coast This will be a core theme Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) • RV Repairs The time has come to look while the North Node is in 13140 Sunshine Coast Hwy. • ICBC & Private Insurance Claims forward and not look back. Libra. The heart chakra is Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0 • All Workmanship Guaranteed This includes forging new re- the higher mind, seat of the (above G.R.I.P.S. Recycling) • 30 Years Experience! lationships and/or approach- soul, intuitive center and ing existing ones from new the key to ‘be here now.’ angles. There is a call to set Commitment is perhaps clear intentions to creatively the main keyword. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) weave material ambitions Are you ready to break with spiritual aspirations. This is the golden mean you a few habits? Are old inseek. Aim for new collabora- grained attitudes, values tions and approaches and be and self-concepts in your Turkey way? Change is the law and willing to diversify as well. Draws Every Monday it will accelerate during the Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22) Your assertion and drive next year and a half for you. Every 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. factors are destined to in- Your best choice in this reWeek New Games! • more Prizes! crease now. All being well gard is to be willing, coopMore chances to Win Big Money! you have established new erative and proactive. Defoundations. Or at least you nial and resistance could be You can’t win if you don’t play! have cleared blocks and bar- addressed with the cosmic riers or they have been re- two-by-four. Start building Gibsons Legion Hall, 747 Gibsons Way moved ‘for you’ in the past momentum now. 18 months. Either way, the time has come to take more Brought to you By decisive action. Sharpen your focus and prepare to Solution on page 10 enter new territory. Courtesy of Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21) The North Node in LiDOWN 1. Not married bra will summon you to 2. Annoy expand your horizons and 3. Bay window your heart to feel a deeper 4. holiday drink connection to life and love. 5. Belonging to the peerage While romantic love may 6. Lazybones 7. Lascivious look well be featured in your des8. Cowardly tiny during this cycle, the 9. S EspritDIRECTORY Daycare 1149 emphasis leans to the spiriSERVICE 10. Clothing tual. Whether your focus 11. Wonderful Windows • Gutters is on community, 12. type of sword Theempathy Boys 1140 - 1 col x 1.25” 13. require Hand Siding Scrub and compassion, humanity 18. Shelter & Pressure Wash or otherwise, this is a call to 22. Delicate deepened states of unity.  24. Wild goat Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21) 26. Walk in water 604-885-0661 28. Christian holy book Dedicated service to a Free esT. ~ WCB 29. Sea eagle higher purpose is a central 30. rip theme over the next 18 Les5,Petites 31. Den Dec. 2013 du Pacific class 1202 months. This will include a 32. Church alcove big stimulation of your net33. Set the boundaries October 3, 2013 34. Bilestone work and increased commu37. Square block nications. There may even 38. Small city be a healthy twist of revoACROSS 25. Cognizant 45. Carnival attractions 40. Portuguese folksong 1. Atop 27. What we sleep on lutionary activism in there. 46. Packing material 41. hawaiian veranda 5. Diacritical mark 28. Wrist jewelry 50. odd-numbered page 43. Be uncertain It may take until September 10. Ends a prayer 31. Burdened 44. obstacle 52. Crown before this momentum gets 14. roman emperor 34. Lightheaded 46. A gold coin of 54. groceries holder fully activated, though July 15. Notions 35. Mineral rock ancient Persia 55. Salt Lake state be expansive. 16. Adhesive strip 36. Pinnacle Jan. 9,will 2014 47. humiliate tfn

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power and authority come higher levels of responsibility and stress. You feel compelled to take decisive and deliberate action. Diplomacy is one of the main keywords for this cycle of the Nodes. Balancing many changes, physical and psychological, with this dynamic and keeping the peace all the while will be a central challenge. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) You may already assert an ambitious drive in your life, yet now you feel called to take things to the next level. You may surprise even yourself and certainly others how assertive you can be. The main challenge will be the process of clarifying your direction and the best approaches to take. Expect the pace to accelerate noticeably. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) Deciphering what makes you special is a feature of this new 18-month cycle. But this will not be a solo journey. Accessing the talents and resources of other key players will be important. These include teachers, mentors and guides and will require discipline. Arts, culture and travel are all likely features. What else is possible? Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) An even bigger emphasis than usual upon home and family is indicated by the Moon’s Nodes entering Libra and Aries. The fine print includes the need to deepen your focus to maintain your own center, poise and balance. The good news is that it includes practical steps you will take to increase your authority and earning potential. Focusing to increase your self-esteem is implied

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