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Table of Contents Our Mission / Our Vision
A Letter from our Board Chair Board of Directors
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Financial Update & Summary
Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition
Suicide Prevention Center 7-8 Counseling Center 9-11 heyHQ 12 Photo Galleries 13-14 Development 15-17 Giving 18

Our Mission

HeadQuarters Kansas provides vital services to prevent suicide, support safety, and build resilience. Since 1969, we’ve pioneered crisis counseling, training, and advocacy to provide help, hope and healing to all Kansans.

Our staff are survivors and families, donors and volunteers who believe in the power of hope. Together, we are working to create safer communities across all 105 counties in Kansas.

New name, Same mission

While we have returned to the name that fits us best, HeadQuarters Kansas, our mission remains the same — and our services are now bringing help and hope to every corner of Kansas.

Our Vision

Every Kansan deserves the chance to live a full life. But every 16 hours a Kansan takes their life — and ripples of pain radiate out into the lives of loved ones and communities. It doesn’t have to be this way.

HeadQuarters Kansas is leading a movement to prevent suicide and build resilience by connecting every Kansan with the services, support and resources they need. Since our founding in 1969, we’ve pioneered crisis and counseling services, training, advocacy, and awareness initiatives to provide help, hope, and healing to all Kansans.

Together with volunteers, leaders and partners like you, we are creating safer communities where every one of us — survivors, supporters or someone struggling right now — can find the connections to live with health, hope, and resilience. We envision a day when everyone across Kansas has someone to call, someone to respond and a safe place to go for crisis care.


Dear HeadQuarters Kansas Friends and Family,

What a year 2023 was! We continued to provide vital services to all 105 counties of Kansas and celebrated another full year as one of the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline centers, answering the nationwide 3-digit number for mental health crisis and suicide prevention services. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers continue their outreach, education, and training to communities across the state.

The beginning of 2024 started with a change in leadership. The Board of Directors has appointed interim personnel and is looking toward the future. We would like the public to know that this transition will not affect any of the services we provide, including the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

As HeadQuarters Kansas continues to focus on behavioral health services across the state, we thank you for your generosity and advocacy for our organization. We appreciate your dedication to this work and your support in creating safer communities.

The Board of Directors is excited to work with the staff of HeadQuarters Kansas in moving our organization forward as we continue to serve all citizens of Kansas.

A Letter from our Board Chair

Because it takes all of us to care for each of us.

Board Member - Chair

Michelle Fales

Mortgage Originator - Guardian Mortgage, division of Sunflower Bank, NA

HeadQuarters Kansas means a lot to me. Having friends and family that deal with mental illness and sometimes find life challenging, it is important to have crisis centers such as HQ available to give individuals a listening ear. The employees and volunteers of HQ are invaluable in their life saving work.

Board Member - Vice Chair

Ruby Mae Johnson

Recovery and Resiliency Administrator - Aetna Better Health

Executive Committee Board

I believe strongly in the people and mission of HeadQuarters Kansas and know from personal experience how the right words or an open heart can save a life. Through our work, we show each other and our communities a world beyond a moment of crisis or a period of despair. Through love, kindness, and service, we make space for authenticity, connection, and joy.

Board Member

Adam Weingartner

Chief of Police - Ottawa, KS

I joined because I believe law enforcement can work with mental health professionals, medical facilities, and crisis co-responders to better direct people to the help they need.

Board Member

Julia V. Butler

Attorney - Law Office of Julia V. Butler LLC

I joined the HQ Board of Directors because I believe we all have the responsibility to do our part to help reduce the stigma around mental health and promote how important it is to seek help or treatment. Serving on the HQ Board of Directors is my way of serving our community.

Board Member - Treasurer

Adnan Pekusic

Real Estate Agent - Platinum Realty | Business Analyst - Amarr Garage Doors

I was always looking to step up and help the organization with the cause that I'm passionate about. Helping people from different countries and different backgrounds understand and communicate where they are open to speaking about suicide in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

Board Member - Secretary

Whit Downing

Front Desk Associate - Massage Envy

By calling 988, I have utilized HeadQuarters Kansas services during times of crisis. I chose to be on the board as a way of giving back to an organization whose counselors helped save my life.

Board Member

Elwood Ott

CEO - Born Ready Strategies LLC | Community Leader

I chose to be on the HQ Board to help support the organization that has done so much for my family, friends, and people across the state of Kansas.

Board Member

Ramon C. Gonzaez, Jr

Retired AT&T | Retired Police Chief - Perry, KS | Current Mayor - City of Perry, KS

The service HQ provides is the main reason why I am here.

Board of Directors


Update & Summary



Supplies & Assets

Annual expenses include general office software and promotional items, confidential program platforms, and educational tools. Periodic expenses included laptops, tabling items, and the addition of workstations, network boosters, and wifi extenders.


Overhead includes the lease, utilities, and maintenance. In addition to normal overhead, the generator, furnace replacement, and plumbing repair.


Approximately 1/3 of staff regularly travel the state for trainings, presentations, postvention services, and community engagement opportunities.


General operations comprises IT services, payroll, and telecommunications. Recruitment efforts enhanced and upgraded the office communication platform.

Communications & Development

Tabling events, advocacy, and fundraising are ongoing development efforts. This year’s communications provided rebrand services, target marketing, and photo/video improvement.

Personnel & Benefits

Approximately 34 Call Specialists and Supervisors, 21 Chat Specialists and Supervisors, and 31 salaried employees were staffed. New positions added to the paid staff: Director of Operations, IT Manager, Community Educator, heyHQ Volunteer Support Liaison, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Call Room & Clinic Coordinator, and the Business Specialist.


Unrestricted $4,385,342

Grant funds for needs determined by the organization to use for overhead operations such as administrative support.

Designated funds that grantors provide with allocated expenses and expected deliverables.

Restricted General funds from donations, gifts, or fundraising efforts to be used as organization determines necessary such as the recent need of supporting the new heyHQ youth volunteers.

Donations/Fundraising Programs

Income generated from program trainings and consultation services statewide.

Income Expenses 10% 5% 9% 8.1% 83.4% 69.6% 1.9% .9% 4.7% 7.4% 5

Partnership is Key

HeadQuarters Kansas is thrilled to complete the second year of service as the fiscal agent for the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition (KSPC). This group of agencies, businesses, and individuals have come together and taken significant strides towards reducing suicide in Kansas through partnership building, increasing access to resources and data, and other work identified in the Kansas Suicide Prevention State Plan–the navigating document for statewide suicide prevention efforts. An exciting piece of work completed through the partnership with the KSPC was the creation of the State Suicide Prevention Activities Landscape Analysis survey. The data was translated into an accessible interactive tool that will continue to be updated through ongoing submissions to provide accurate information on various suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention supports and opportunities across the entire state.

You can access the survey and the tool on the Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition’s website, kspcoalition.org.

Kansas Counties with Suicide Prevention Resources


~75% of counties across the state provided at least one suicide prevention activity to the landscape analysis.

Find these activities, and more information, on the KSPC website, or contact Brenna Visocsky, Coalition and Policy Coordinator, at coalition@hqkansas.org

“The Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition’s Executive Committee would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support and collaboration offered by HeadQuarters Kansas, both as a fiscal agent and as a key partner in the KSPC. The value of HeadQuarters Kansas’ leadership and contributions to the formation and maintenance of the coalition cannot be overstated and is deeply appreciated by the Executive Committee and the coalition at large.”

Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition, President

Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition

Presentations and Trainings, Community Impact

The HeadQuarters Kansas Suicide Prevention Center (SPC) collaborated with the Kansas State Department of Education (KDHE) on writing a resource for all K-12 schools in Kansas, called Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Reintegration, and Postvention: A Toolkit for Kansas Schools. This toolkit offers schools in-depth guidance on policies and procedures related to best practices for preventing suicide. HeadQuarters Kansas believes that the impact of this toolkit will be incredibly protective of Kansas students.

In 2023, the SPC directly connected with over 500 youth across the state through a variety of trainings and conversations related to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The overarching goals of these trainings is to increase the identification of youth who may be exhibiting warning signs, encourage help-seeking behaviors, and improve adult-youth connectedness. The nature of these trainings makes it likely that even youth not directly connected with, have experienced the benefits of these trainings.

The Suicide Prevention Center staff promoted suicide prevention and awareness by participating in 69 events, from conferences and resource fairs to summits and advocacy days. The SPC was able to increase impact from the previous year by 33%. Participants at these events ranged from the general public to helping professionals, like healthcare workers, law enforcement, educators, rural/frontier community leaders, and people with all types of lived experiences. An estimated 12,000 Kansans were impacted across the state.

Prevention Center
Increase from previous year 33%
Event Types 2023 Awareness 37.7% Conferences 29% Summits 5.8% Advocacy 2.9% Community Night 1.4% Other 11.6% Resource Fair 11.6% 26 1 12 20 8 8 4 1 2 7
69 Events
Audiences Engaged Healthcare Workers Law Enforcement Rural/Frontier Community Leaders Educators People
all types of lived experiences

Advocacy and Awareness

Kansas Mental Health Advocacy Day

HeadQuarters Kansas is a continious proud supporter and participant of the Kansas Mental Health Advocacy Day. In March of 2023, over 450 consumers, providers, advocates, and community members gathered beneath the Kansas Capitol dome to educate lawmakers on the importance of advocacy. This once-a-year gathering focuses on the dissemination of information on supporting suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and substance misuse support services. Members of the Suicide Prevention Center staff collaborated with the Greater Kansas Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Kansas Mental Health Coalition, and Youth Leadership in Kansas (YLINK) to plan an incredibly successful day. Highlights of the day included comments from Governor Laura Kelly, resources from various entities from across the state, and a social hour that allowed community members to meet their legislatures and enjoy some delicious Sheridan’s ice cream while they did it! HeadQuarters Kansas participated in planning 2024’s Kansas Mental Health Advocacy Day and are looking forward to seeing both familiar and new faces at the Capitol this year.

To inspire state and local officials, community members and young people to take action.
Suicide Prevention Center
For online trainings and resources, visit: ksprc.learnupon.com/store 8

988 in Kansas

HeadQuarters Kansas continues to serve Kansans as the primary 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline call center for 103 of the 105 Kansas counties and the state-wide provider for 988 chat & text services. Together, with COMCARE of Sedgwick County, Johnson County Mental Health Center, and HealthSource Integrated Solutions, HeadQuarters Kansas is working to ensure that Kansans who reach out to 988 receive quality support from a coordinated network of providers.

In May 2023, HeadQuarters Kansas launched its first 911 Call Diversion Program with Douglas County Emergency Communications. This collaboration is an important step in achieving part of the vision of 988-to create systems that provide citizens with alternatives to law enforcement and emergency services during a behavioral health crisis. HeadQuarters Kansas took steps towards expanding 911 call diversion to other communities in Kansas by speaking with 911 dispatchers, law enforcement officers, and other first responders. HeadQuarters Kansas provided education about how to access 988 and the opportunities on the horizon for improved public safety through 911 & 988 collaborations.


Mental Health Suicide

Family/Other Relationship Issues

Anxiety Medical Issues


Age Distribution of Callers 0.5% 8.6% 7.5% 6.8% 5.6% 17.4% 4.98% 48.2% 0.4%
Counseling Center
5 Primary
Concerns of
Total Calls Handled (incoming and outgoing)
Lifeline (988) Calls Received
9 55-64 65-84 85 & older Age Unknown 12 & under 13-24 25-34 35-44 45-54

developed and operated by CCBHCs to expand access to real-time community and home-based crisis support services. The Call Specialist Supervisors at HeadQuarters Kansas receive additional training to connect callers seamlessly to MCR teams when and where they are available in Kansas.

Douglas County Crisis Line

HeadQuarters Kansas continues to work closely with County officials and behavioral health partner agencies to make strides in developing a modern and highly integrated crisis continuum in Douglas County. As the crisis call center hub, serving residents through the Douglas County Crisis Line (785) 841-2345, HeadQuarters Kansas is connecting more citizens to timely crisis support services, including Mobile Crisis Response, crisis observation, and stabilization services provided by Bert Nash and the Treatment and Recovery Center. The staff is continually reminded of how fortunate Douglas County is to have dedication from Douglas County Officials and behavioral health & public safety professionals. Together, we are innovating solutions and improving accessibility to crisis care for Douglas County residents and beyond as we share lessons learned with communities across the state. The Call Specialist Supervisors are ready to assist people in navigating behavioral health care in Douglas County.

Counseling Center
Douglas County Crisis Line Calls Received Total MCR referrals
Bert Nash Center Mobile Response Team photo courtesy of Jeff Burkhead

Counseling Center

Call Specialist and Volunteer Training

HeadQuarters Kansas had 46 crisis counselor training graduates from the three (3) annual trainings in 2023. Through state-level financial investment in 988, HeadQuarters Kansas has increased the number of paid positions available while maintaining the volunteer program. Volunteers and staff continue to serve as inspiration and evidence that service to the community and those in need brings about change and hope.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact Auw Sheen, Volunteer Training Coordinator, at auws@hqkansas.org

Counseling Center Clinic

Through partnership with the KU School of Social Welfare, HeadQuarters Kansas provides therapeutic services through the Counseling Center. The clinic operated on a donation basis and is staffed by Interns enrolled in graduate-level mental health professional studies and licensed clinical staff members. This clinic provides easily accessible mental health care, valuable training, and opportunities for developing mental health professionals. In 2023, nine (9) Interns and seven (7) staff members provided in-person and virtual therapeutic services to 30 individuals.



In September 2023, HeadQuarters Kansas launched heyHQ, a peer-to-peer support line, for Kansas youth 18 and under. Seven (7) Douglas County teen volunteer counselors (14-17 years old) received more than 60 hours of training to prepare themselves to provide over-the-phone support to young people in need of a listening ear in a non-judgmental space. Paid staff provide supervision, support, and ongoing training to the youth counselors, making sure they have everything needed to help their peers as well as themselves.

This past year, heyHQ visited a wide variety of Kansas schools including, Lawrence High School, Free State High School, Bishop Seabury Academy, Veritas Christian School, Eudora High School, Baldwin High School, and Bonner Springs High School, to recruit more youth volunteers as well as spread the word about the new peer-to-peer support line. After the launch of heyHQ, all school presentations and tabling events that HeadQuarters Kansas attended included information about heyHQ.

heyHQ hopes to recruit more teen volunteer counselors and expand hours for peer-to-peer support in 2024. If you are or know a teen interested in becoming a peer counselor, contact Bailey Wilson, heyHQ Program Coordinator, at heyhq@hqkansas.org

Youth looking to connect with a caring peer can call: (785) 865-2600 Thursday-Sunday from 4pm-7pm, or call/text 988 anytime to talk with an adult counselor. 12 @heyhqkansas
Breakfast of Hope Staff Party Pioneer Award Birthday Buddies Breakfast of Hope Breakfast of Hope Breakfast of Hope Breakfast of Hope Breakfast of Hope Breakfast of Hope CPR-AED Training Breakfast of Hope KSPC Annual Meeting The Van Go youth-based artists from their Arts Train program unveiled “The Art of Listening” mural in May, that graces the fron Cans for the Community Envista Cares Challenge Baldwin High School SPEAK Baldwin High School Soccer Baldwin High School Women’s Wrestling Isaiah Ott “Born Ready” Basketball Clinic
Festival of Trees Brewer Family Golf Tournament Breakfast of Hope

Thank You

2023 was a big year for HeadQuarters Kansas and we are incredibly grateful for all of the community support and partnerships. The advocacy driven hearts of supporters fuel the passion for the work done at HeadQuarters Kansas, we truly would not be as successful without you. A few especially gracious moments to highlight:

Over $100,000 was raised from individual and corporate gifts.

The Rich Brewer Memorial Golf Tournament had a record year, raising $11,000.

Envista Credit Union chose HeadQuarters Kansas as one of their Envista Cares Challenge recipients. The community gave $3,485 and Envista matched $2,500 providing us with a total of $5,985.

Walgreens included HeadQuarters Kansas in their end of year “myWalgreens” campaign where customers can choose to donate their earned points to an organization of their choice. Thank you for the $100 contribution.

HeadQuarters Kansas Board member, Elwood Ott, hosted the Isaiah Ott ”Born Ready” Basketball Clinic in honor of his son. This clinic was attended by over 200 youth from across 6 states, many from the indigenous communities. Several basketball stars from Haskell Indian Nations University, University of Kansas, and former MBA & WMBA participated, making it a unique and impactful experience in advocacy for mental health.

Thank you for helping expand our reach and unite with the communities across Kansas.


Over $100,000 raised from individual and corporate gifts from our generous donors.

1 $15K+ 2 $10K+ 2 $5K+ 6 $2K+ 26 $500+ 19 $250+ 47 $100+ 59 $99-1 10 $1K+ # of Donations $ Amount 15

Breakfast of Hope

The 2nd annual Breakfast of Hope event brought communities together to celebrate a full successful year of 988. Attendees enjoyed wonderful offerings from Chris’ Cakes, JB’s Tacos, and Uplift Coffee. Included in this year’s program were a few community partners that shared work which supports efforts for the well being and health of Kansas communities. Thank you to Drew Adkins (KDADS), Ilene Kimsey & Wendy Conover (BCK United, Baldwin City), Elwood Ott (Isaiah Ott “Born Ready” Basketball Clinic), and the sponsors, Mary Hodges and Leon & Michelle FalesIn memory of David Hodges, Bank Midwest, CEK Insurance, Glaser Williams, and Hometown Construction, for making this event a success!

Together with volunteers, leaders and partners like you, we’re creating safer communities where every one of us — survivors, supporters or someone struggling — can find the connections we need to live healthy, hopeful and resilient lives.

Thank you to our Community Business Supporters

1888 Management

Amazon Smile

American Endowment Foundation

AvidXchange Inc.

Baldwin High School

Bank Midwest

Benevity Fund

Bright Funds

CBD of Lawrence

CEK Insurance

Charities Aid Foundation America

Charity on Top Foundation

Commerce Trust Company

Cork & Barrel

Countryside Golf Course

Custom Mobile


Douglas County Community Foundation

Douglas Lode No121

Emprise Bank

Envista Credit Union

Eudora Public Library

Glaser Williams

Health Forward Foundation

Hometown Construction

Ice Cream House

Kansas Mental Health Coalition

KU Medical Center

Midwest Trust

MSM Systems Inc.

My Tribute Gift Foundation Network for Good

One Hope


Schwartz Foundation

Seaboard Foundation

South Central Mental Health

The Kroger Col

Tisbest Philanthropy

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lawrence

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

United Way of Kaw Valley

Vanguard Charitable

Development 16

Sponsors of Hope

Thank you to the first community members to commit as a Sponsor of Hope for 2024! Your support is immensely appreciated and we look forward to promoting your businesses! Round of applause for...

Do you have a business? Do you want more exposure throughout Kansas? If yes, then you could be listed here! Consider locking arms with HeadQuarters Kansas! You would be supporting suicide prevention across all 105 counties in Kansas and getting brand recognition throughout the entire year.

Holman Needle & Ink


With an average of 50 trainings, over 100 tabling events, fundraising events, and community involvement amongst other things, HeadQuarters Kansas has a broad reach across a wide net of demographics.

To find out more, please contact:

Jessica Davis, Development Officer, at jessicad@hqkansas.org | (785) 592-7635

M Cubed Technologies


Sunflower Health Plan


Become a

Sponsor of Hope


Give a Gift Today or Become a Monthly Giver

Planned Giving?

Through The Douglas County Community Foundation, we are able to receive donations of cars, boats, motorcycles, stocks, bonds, commodities, and more!

HeadQuarters Kansas

2110 Delaware Street

Lawrence, KS 66046

Office: (785) 841-9900


If you are interested in donating any of these items, or want to learn more, please follow this link:


or scan the QR code:

In Crisis?

Local Crisis Line: (785) 841-2345

or Call/Text: 9-8-8

heyHQ Youth Support Line: (785) 865-2600




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