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The Brentwood Voice of Business SEPTEMBER 2008

Vol. 44, No 9

GET INVOLVED Like most years when there is an election, we say, “This is a critical time in history, so everyone should be engaged, get involved, get out and vote.” And probably at that time it was a critical time. And yes, again it is a critical time in our history. The world seems in disarray. We have been at war for years; the economy worldwide, nationally and locally is struggling. The State of California is paralyzed by politics, (the worst I’ve seen in 40 years) education costs are skyrocketing, fuel costs are at an all-time high, and consumer confidence is at an all-time low. Yet most people are silent about the election. Naturally, most know there is an election, but they’re not talking about it. No one knows that we vote this November for a Congressman, a new State Senator and a new State Assemblyman; in addition to the candidates’ elections, there are ballot measures at the state and local levels that nobody seems to talk about or even know about. I would encourage everyone to get engaged in the elections. Your knowledge on issues and individuals running will make a difference. Your knowledge will make a difference in how you discuss issues, and the candidates with others, and how you vote on Election Day. Elections should not be about D’s and R’s, Red and Blue, but should be about issues. After spending time studying the issues and the candidates, one should vote for the individual one thinks will do the best job for the position and what are the short and long-term consequences of a ballot issue. For some of us being involved seems like it’s in our blood and our genes. Our parents were engaged, our kids are engaged learning about candidates and issues, volunteering and being active in elections. For others, they don’t seem to care, or have been involved, nor do they ever vote. And yet these people seem to be the ones that complain the most about everything and everybody. Every day I get asked about the economy, “Harry, when do you think things will turn around?” My response is, “I think people are looking for change and a new leadership at the top. I am not sure it makes a difference who gets elected, we just need a new leader who we can all get behind to move the country forward.” Get out there, study the issues, and vote, and bring your family along with you. It will make a difference. It will count.

Harry York, CEO Brentwood Chamber


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Business is different today than it was just a few years ago. People are not buying new items for their homes or taking vacations to far off places. So as a business owner what do we do to keep our customer base and attract new customers to our business! photo by

Customer service could be the answer and a solution. Years ago, I would get upset at how a lot of employees could care Generations Photography less if a customer was in need of assistance, almost mad that you (a customer) would interrupt their phone call or a conversation with a fellow employee to ask a question. Today, those employees have been replaced with mid level management that is concerned about your needs. What changed? Upper management and business owners started to get involved again with how they make money. CUSTOMER SERVICE (in big letters) has started to mean something again. We the business owners want to stay around and weather out the slow economy, grow our business and even enjoy what we do for a living. Customer Service could improve almost any type of business. Whether we spend more time talking to our customers and getting to know them or going out of our way to do a little something extra, it will be noticed and you should get rewarded. I feel my business was a lot like what I’ve been talking about. I had employees that were lazy and sometimes rude to my customers. Guess what, they went looking for other employment. I’ve built my business around customer service and friendship. When those employees left it took awhile to get back what they took away. Customer service and friendship has helped my business and now I have a few good workers that are working towards expanding my business and so far it’s working. On a lighter side, I hope you haven’t forgotten about the Chamber golf tournament, September 19th is the date and it’s on a Friday, make it a long weekend. Enjoy yourself and if you’re at the course have fun. On page 10 of this newsletter you will find a sign up sheet to play in the tournament. If you would like to sponsor or donate prizes for the raffle, please contact Jilda in the Chamber office at 634-3344. We hope to see you there for a fun tournament and dinner afterwards.

Mission Statement: The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization dedicated to the promotion of the civic and commercial progress of the community. We will continuously strive to maintain and foster a healthy business climate for Chamber members and the entire community.

The Brentwood Clarion

Page 3 The Brentwood Chamber office is now able to provide you with all your Human Resource materials. We have copies of the 2008 California and Federal Posters, 2008 California Labor Law Digest, California Labor Law Administration, and the 2008 Employee Handbook software.

Now on sale in the Chamber office is a pictorial history of Brentwood by author Carol A. Jensen

Phone: 925-625-0278 P.O. Box 406 Oakley, CA 94561

All Sports Trophies Advertising Specialties Custom & Corporate Awards

(925) 516-8880 • Fax (925) 625-5316 Email:

Bob & Sharon Sherriff, Owners

Cell 925.813.1319

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The Brentwood Art Society is about to unveil the 7 th Annual Brentwood Art, Wine & Jazz Festival on October 11th & 12 in Historic Downtown City Park. With the extensive press package and aggressive media campaign, the anticipated attendance is expected to reach 10,000. This is a perfect opportunity for local businesses to embrace the City’s second annual event and help raise the much needed funds for art and cultural art programs in the Brentwood Community. Please find the window poster included in this issue and hang it in your storefront window to assist their efforts. The festival is free to the public with no street closures. Wine & beer glasses must be purchased at the Souvenir Booth in order to buy beer and wine. No outside alcohol will be allowed in the Park. This newly designed civic celebration brings a multitude of new features as listed below:

Rotary Pancake Breakfast: Brentwood Rotarians will cook their famous pancake breakfast from 8:30 am to 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.  Wall of Art: Local student artists will decorate the Park with hand drawn art and display on the Wall of Art fence sponsored by Delta Fence.  Artist Garden: Juried artists from Northern California will display their art throughout a garden pathway in the Artist Garden.  Vintner’s Corner: Over a dozen wineries will offer wines in a premier tasting room built just for the festival hosted by Co Co County Wine Company and Wine Oh! Magazine.  Your Place at the Easel: Festival goers can stop at the easel, grab the brush and paint for a complimentary half hour session.  Blind Taste Test Booth: You can test your skill to guess 10 different varieties of wine to win a refrigerator full of local wines sponsored by Sandcreek Pools.  Little Clusters Children’s Area: Youngsters can enjoy a complimentary visit to this area and take home their treasures.  Studio for the Arts: Two days of presentations and hands on classes will be scheduled inside the Community Center.

The Crush: Send your bare feet on a mission to crush fresh grapes and compete for prizes compliments of Delta Demolition  Jammin’ Jazz Session: Community musicians, young and old can sit in on two practices and play with the pros on Main Stage on Sunday.  Oyster Bar: Enjoy fresh bar-b-cued oysters prepared by the Swisher Family.  Appetizer Alley: Local restaurants, caterers and non-profit organizations will prepare a variety of appetizers. ● Festival After Dark: Downtown merchants have a special festival after dark promotion planned after the festival closes on Saturday & Sunday. . The Brentwood Art, Wine & Jazz Festival still needs sponsors, vendors, artists and volunteers. Packets are available and the committee chairmen are willing to deliver them in person. Formal presentations can be made to your company or non-profit organization if you like. Please call Operations Headquarters at 925-513-4422 for more details.

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CHAMBER TECHNOLOGY UPDATES The Chamber over the last few months has been upgrading the technology it uses to keep track of the membership, and uses to communicate with you, this technology will allow the Chamber to better serve you, the member. The new membership software keeps the entire member database in one place. When changes are added or made with the member information in one place, the change is then made throughout the whole Chamber system. The Chamber now has control over its website, so now we can make member changes and update is to the site at our desk in the Chamber office. The Chamber data base and the website now work together, a change made in the database and with one push of the button the change is made instantly on the Chamber website. The Chamber staff is still learning every day how to use these systems better to serve you, the member. And as we learn these new techniques and the technology, you will see the difference in how your Chamber is serving you and the community.

PRO-TECH HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Bob & Sheri Dickson - Owners P.O. Box 2001, Brentwood, CA 94513


925-516-1776 925-673-3776 Fax: 925-673-3777

email: Lic #705148

   

Income Tax Preparation Financial and Tax Planning Business Management Bookkeeping

8440 Brentwood Blvd., Suite H 925-240-1242 “Best of Brentwood” 2002-2007 Business of the Year, 15th Assembly District

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Page 6 GREEN WITH GRATITUDE “Going green” gets Noah to Washington DC!

Noah Pena is 13 years old and goes to Adams Middle School. He has been a member of the Honor Society since 4th grade (all A’s). He’s involved in the youth group at our church and participates in Track and Field at Adams. He recently ran a 5K in Discovery Bay and came in 1st place overall. He also participated in the Hershey Invitational State Track and Field Event. He loves camping and hiking and the SF Giants. He is a proud older brother of Reyna—11, Alea 8 and Mateo—5. He plays alto saxophone in the Adams Wind Ensemble. They are planning a tour of Washington, DC in March of 2009. This is a huge undertaking, and the band is doing a lot of fundraising to try to make at least half of the $1800 per student that it will cost. That means we needed $900 for Noah. We could have dipped into debt to make sure Noah had his half of the tour money, but we chose to pull together as a family and make it our summer project to earn the $900. A friend of ours said that her son collected recycling for a year and was able to save $500 in doing so. We loved that “go green” idea and decided to take it on. The first thing Noah did was make a flyer to ask neighbors to help and to contribute their recycling. Our whole family plus the daycare kids ran around all the neighborhoods surrounding our house and placed these flyers at their doorsteps. That day alone we filled up our suburban to the brim. We’ve had a steady flow of cans and bottles on our porch ever since. Collecting from the neighborhood was working well, so Noah decided to take it a step further and we went to several businesses to ask if we could place a recycling can at their site. Our community responded so well. The Harvest Park bowling alley, the Little Gym and Chapala’s Mexican Restaurant save recycling for Noah on a weekly basis. The chef at Chapala’s gave Noah some tip money and a worker at the bowling alley actually approached Noah with a personal check for $20 to help him out further. It was time to take it up one more notch to try to make our summer goal. Noah wanted to take on the CornFest. We were told that City probably wouldn’t let us collect recycling at the CornFest, but Noah wanted to go ask anyway. Mr. Harry York and the folks at the Chamber of Commerce were extremely kind and really wanted to help—so we left the Chamber with the permission to take on the CornFest, extreme gratitude and excitement and a lump in our throats thinking we may have bitten off more that we could chew! The CornFest was a huge success! We invited another family who has two children in the Adams band (Michael and Steven Dutcher) to help us. They took the night shift and we took the day shift. Once again the awesome Community of Brentwood stepped in to help. Orchard Supply Hardware donated 20 recycle cans and U-Haul donated a large trailer to store all the bags and bags of recycling. Both the Dutcher and the Pena family worked the CornFest for three days digging in trash to collect a total of over $500 worth of recycling! We were very proud of our kids because most of that recycling would have ended up in a landfill if they didn’t diligently dig through the trash to save it. We are so very grateful to everyone for helping Noah out with his summer project. Between recycling, dog-sitting, mowing lawns, and the random acts of kindness from mere strangers, Noah was able to meet his goal of earning the $900 before school began at the end of July. This whole experience was very rewarding. It taught our children so many things. One, God helps those who help themselves. Two, there isn’t a money tree in the backyard...but, with hard work and the help of an amazing community you can earn what you need and help the environment at the same time!

Noah in center with mom and sister Reyna on right and father, Alea and Mateo on right.

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GOOD MORNING BRENTWOOD BREAKFAST September 25th will be the Chamber’s first Good Morning Brentwood Breakfast, a major monthly networking event. Since most of our members joined to meet and do business with other businesses, this venue will serve that purpose to a tee. Members will be able to bring their own handouts, place them on a table or hand them out to others that they meet at the breakfast, and to members sitting a small group tables. There will be one on one networking with members at the table. In addition, everyone in attendance will get a 10 second introduction to all those present. This first meeting will have two out standings marketing leaders from our community speaking on how to network in these difficult times. Lisa Pinguelo of Cortona Park, and Renee Woodruff of MAP, are very experienced marketing individuals, and they will be our keynote speakers for this first session. We’re very lucky and appreciative of their offering to speak for our program. The second Good Morning Brentwood will also be held at Cortona Park on October 23rd with our key speakers talking about the economic development prospects, and what’s really going on it Antioch and Brentwood areas. GOOD MORNING BRENTWOOD 7:30 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M. CORTONA PARK, 150 CORTONA PARKWAY, BRENTWOOD $10.00 FOR MEMBERS, $15.00 FOR NON-MEMBERS This includes the cost of your breakfast.

ARBOR RIDGE APARTMENTS—AUGUST MIXER Arbor Ridge Manager, Cher Cha made everyone feel welcome at the August mixer. Arbor Ridge Apartments is a wonderfully designed complex. Fortunately the weather was perfect and most people spent their time on the deck surrounding the pool. It made you feel like you were on vacation. Kerri Marvel was the lucky winner of a beautiful clock from Arbor Ridge in the business card drawing. The Chamber would like to thank all those businesses who donated raffle prizes to the mixer: Kimberly Victor, Mary Kay Delta Community Services Best Buy

Gary Rappaport of Sutter Delta with Mary Jane Dukellis and Joseph Munyer of Dukellis’ Summerset Real Estate.

Shutters Restaurant Washington Mutual Bank WineShop at Home

Brockman Engineering California Pacific Credit Union Brentwood Press

Karen and Gary Kendall enjoying networking and the patio

Cher Cha on the right preparing for the mixer.

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HIS & HERS FORMAL WEAR 625 First Street Brentwood, CA 634-5900 This unique store is such a great addition to downtown Brentwood. The ribbon was cut on June 26th by owners Annette Beckstrand and Susanne Larson. Helen Myers, their landlord helped cut the ribbon. Also attending were Chamber Directors, Ambassadors and friends and family members. If you need something special to wear for those “I want to look my best” occasions be sure to check out His & Hers Formal Wear.

A PLACE FOR SENIORS 2664 Torrey Pines Drive Brentwood, CA 925-513-3831 On August 13th, friends, family, Chamber Directors and Ambassadors applaud as Terry Cruz, owner of A Place for Seniors cuts the ribbon for the opening of this special place. Terry has made this residential care facility for the elderly seem like home, not an institution. If you have someone in need of elderly care, check this place out. Terry had Neil Ruggiero of Ruggiero’s ItalianStyle Catering supply the food and as usual it was delicious.

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ECC BANK 2251 Balfour Road Brentwood, CA William R. Trezza, CEO and Linda Denos with members of the staff cut the ribbon on August 19th at ECC Bank. It’s a lovely facility with drive up windows for the convenience of their clients. Mayor Bob Taylor was on hand for the ceremony along with Chamber Directors and Ambassadors and clients of the bank.

CORTONA PARK 150 Cortona Way Brentwood, CA 240-0733 On Wednesday, August 20th, a huge group descended on Brentwood’s newest assisted care living facility for a grand opening and ribbon cutting. Donna Spencer, manager, and Lisa Pinguelo, marketing manager of Cortona Park, are assisted with the scissors by Mayor Bob Taylor. This is an awesome facility which takes into consideration all the needs of its residents. In the second picture the ribbon cutting was redone by Pat Evers, the first resident of the facility.

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Page 10 The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Invites you to participate in the



FRIDAY, September 19, 2008 CHECK IN—11:00 A.M. SHOTGUN START—12:00 P.M. NO-HOST BAR—5:30 P.M. WITH DINNER TO FOLLOW. (Additional dinners—$30.00)


Shadow Lakes 401 W. Country Club Drive Brentwood, CA 94513


$155.00 PER PERSON

(EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $135.00 MUST BE IN CHAMBER OFFICE BY August 22, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.) Special Early Bird Drawing for a chance to win Free Gold Membership Initiation Fee to Shadow Lakes or Deer Ridge. The winner of this prize will only be required to pay the monthly dues fee).

FEE INCLUDES: GREEN FEE, CART, RANGE BALLS, TEE PRIZES, LUNCH AND DINNER TEE PRIZES :LONG DRIVE FOR MEN AND WOMEN, PUTTING CONTEST TEAM MEMBERS 1. ___________________________________________SHIRT SIZE_______________________ 2. ___________________________________________SHIRT SIZE_______________________ 3. ___________________________________________SHIRT SIZE_______________________ 4. ___________________________________________SHIRT SIZE_______________________ CONTACT PERSON:_________________________________PHONE NO:__________________ Additional Dinner:#_______________________ $30.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Brentwood Chamber of Commerce 240 Oak Street Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 634-3344

Payment Information Name:__________________________ M/C#___________ _______________ Visa#__________________________ Expiation Date:______________ Billing Zip Code:___________ Signature:_______________________

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September 4, 2008 Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill 8065 Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 6


Cortona Park 150 Cortona Way


September 25, 2008


7:30 A.M.




Lisa Pinquelo, Cortona Park Renee Woodruff, MAP




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September Mixer


2008 CALENDAR OF EVENTS September September 4

Chamber Lounge

September 15 Chamber General Meeting

hosted by:

13 Sunset Plaza Businesses

September 18 Mixer -Sunset Plaza September 19 Golf Tournament September 25 Good Morning Brentwood September 26 2008 East County Economic Conference

They invite you to bring your Pooch along for yappy hour and Doggie Daiquiris. Come enjoy the October live band along with many raffle prizes presented October 16 by the Plaza’s shops. October 24 Location: 7710-7760 Brentwood Blvd Brentwood, CA Sunset Plaza in the Courtyard DATE: TIME:

October 25

*Share-the-Pot Drawing

Streets of Brentwood Opening Hometown Halloween

November November 1

A Taste of Brentwood (restaurant tour)

November 20


November 22

Holiday Parade

December 11

Holiday Mixer

Thursday, September 18, 2008 December 5:30-7:30 p.m. *Raffle Prizes

Mixer at Shepherd’s Gate

Mixer Locations (or Ribbon Cuttings) can (and do) change at any time. Check the Calendar of Events on our website for updated information:

At-Home Tastings •Premier Wine Gifts Custom-Labeled Corporate Gifts

Kathi Reed Independent Wine Consultant


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Page 13 Labor Law Corner

August 15, 2008

Employer Can Establish Cap on Earned Vacation Time We want to limit the number of vacation hours an employee may roll over to the next year to 40 hours, but isn’t there a rule about capping vacation at one-and-one-half times an employee’s accrual rate? We plan to cash out any unused hours that exceed 40 hours.

Barbara Wilber Labor Law Consultant

An employer may implement a cash-out policy and limit the number of hours that can be rolled over into the next year as long as the employee uses or is paid for all earned vacation or paid time off (PTO). As well, the employer may establish a cap on earned vacation that allows a reasonable time to use any earned vacation.

The one-and-one-half-times accrual is a concept associated with the reasonable cap, not the cash-out and rollover policy. These are two completely different methods that may be used to control vacation accumulation. California Policy California does not require employers to provide vacation leave to their employees. Once a policy is established, however, certain rules apply. Specifically, vacation vests as it is earned, and a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy, in which employees lose earned vacation that is not taken by a specific time, is prohibited (except for a limited opt-out provision applying to collective bargaining agreements and vacation plans subject to the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act). Once vacation is earned, it cannot be forfeited, but a cap may be placed limiting the amount of vacation which may accrue. Any policy instituting a cap on accrued vacation must provide a reasonable time in which to use alreadyearned vacation. In the interest of meeting the “reasonable cap” criteria, employers cap accrual at one-and-one-half or two times the annual earning rate. For example, if the employee earns 40 hours of vacation each year, the employer may cap the total amount of vacation that can be earned at 60 hours. In using this method, employers must ensure that employees may use their vacation time as it is earned. If employers do not allow employees to take vacation before they reach the cap, the cap would not be considered reasonable. Cash-Out Another alternative is to pay or “cash out” earned vacation, either each year or as an employee option. Some employers cash out vacation each year and allow only a certain number of hours to be rolled over into the next year. In this instance, a one-and-one-half limit on the number of hours being rolled over does not apply because the employee receives payment for any vacation in excess of the rollover hours and earned vacation is not forfeited Both methods are legal alternatives to a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy and effectively control the accumulation of vacation hours. When instituting a program, recognize the differences and develop a policy that best meets your needs. The Labor Law Helpline is a service to California Chamber of Commerce preferred and executive members. For expert explanations of labor laws and Cal/OSHA regulations, not legal counsel for specific situations, call (800) 348-2262 or submit your question at

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WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST CHAMBER MEMBERS! PRIVATE QUARTERS High Quality Bed & Bath Linens Susan Meyer, Owner 911 Blossom Drive Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-634-3512 Cell: 925-519-9138 DISCOVERY BAY ACCOUNTING Accounting & Bookkeeping Anita Sparks, Owner 2438 Pinehurst Ct. Discovery Bay, CA 94505 Phone: 925-516-6444 Cell: 925-858-535 Fax: 925-516-6622 Email: RED RHINO RESTAURANT Restaurant and Sports Bar Billy Vidal, Owner 6670 Lone Tree Way Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-240-6322 TRES JOLIE Nicole Sorina-Conde, Owner/Stylist 236 Oak Street Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-513-0121 Fax: 925-513-0287 Cell: 925-783-1743 Email: A THINNER ME Mike & Diana McClelland, Owners 137 El Bonito Way Benicia, CA 94510 Phone: 707-747-6465 Fax: 707-747-6465 Cell: 707-590-0507 Email: THE LEMONADE YARD Kevin Wall, Owner P. O. Box 997 Columbia, CA 95310 Phone: 209-988-5660

KMB MANAGEMENT, INC. Real Estate Development/Property Management Nathan Lorenzini, Contact 194 Francisco Lane, Ste. 202 Fremont, CA 94513 Phone: 510-623-6325 Fax: 510-623-6324 Cell: 925-918-2861 Email: RANDALL INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC Investment Advisor Joe Randall, President 1210 Central Blvd., Ste. 112 Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-513-8010 Fax: 925-634-3353 Email: BRENTWOOD PARK & SELL Auto & Motorcycle Consignment Sales Kenneth Luke, Owner 8157 Brentwood Blvd., #5-6 Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-451-2318 Email: SPA PRIMA Day Spa/Hair Salon John B. White, Owner Kim Sarros/Andrea Coakley, Managers 8650 Brentwood Blvd., #G Brentwood, CA 94513 Phone: 925-516-3600 Fax: 925-516-3708 Email: PRISMA DESIGN Graphic Design/Printing Bill Hirvonen, Owner 1088 Glenwillow Drive Brentwood, CA 94513 Cell: 925-752-1984 Email:

The Brentwood Clarion

Page 15 BRENTWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kathi Reed, President WineShop at Home

Shelly McMahon, Ex-Officio Shelly’s Garden

Shayn Cutino, Director Anja Wellness

Bill Fee, Director Mazzy’s Fire Protection Specialists

Toni Grimes, Director Notary Public

De-De Hays, Director Prudential California Realty

Richard Inglis, Director Reagan Management Services

Paul Kelly, Director Home One Mortgage

Richard Perez-Pacheco, Director Black Sheep Design

Ken Seamann, Director

The Chamber Ambassador Team

Discovery Professional Services

Karen Spann, President-Elect The Monthly Grapevine

Paul Roman, Window Innovations 2007 Ambassador of the Year Amy Alvis, Living Trusts by Amy De-De Hays, Prudential California Realty Chris Krohn, The Emerging Soul Richard McDaniel, Mutual of Omaha David Mengel, Gemini Staffing Vicki Sexton, First Bank Pat Trombino, First Bank Olga Vidriales, Travis Credit Union Susanna Wahl, Edward Jones Renee Woodruff, MAP Donna Zickerman, Sarah Coventry Clarissa Perez-Pacheco, Black Sheep Design Shirley Freeman, America’s Best Choice Susan George, Ayurveda Knowledge For Life Liz Andrade, Ribbons & Roses Ed Gutierrez, Certa Pro Painters Melina Perdom, Certa Pro Painters Ashley Cook, Shadow Lakes Golf Club Joe Randall, Randall Investment Group, Inc

Joe Trebino, Director Delta Pure Water, Etc.

Lyle Miller, Alternate Director Bust-A-Bug Pest Management t——————————————————

Harry York, CEO Bonnie Lucchese, Support Services Director Jilda Fairhurst, Event Coordinator Bill Putman, Volunteer CHAMBER HOURS Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone (925) 634-3344 Fax (925) 634-3731 email:

Page 16

The Brentwood Clarion

The Brentwood Farmers’ Market is OPEN every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon Downtown Brentwood

The Brentwood Clarion Brentwood Chamber of Commerce 240 Oak Street Brentwood, CA 94513

Phone: 925-634-3344 Fax: 925-634-3731 Email:


September 2008 Newsletter Brentwood Chamber of Commerce  

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September 2008 Newsletter Brentwood Chamber of Commerce  

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