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Council of Religious Organizations A place to connect at the University of Arkansas Tim Petty, President Âť 479-970-1391 Âť

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Anglican Campus Ministry, ACI Michael Holland, Deacon (479) 409-6915 We are an inclusive Anglican denomination with a mission to build up the body of Christ by welcoming all persons regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, race or physical and mental challenges to participate in every form of lay and ordained ministry. We use the 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the New Zealand Prayer Book. Holy Eucharist is open to all. Contact us for further information

Association of Baptist Students Warren Dugas, Director 1005 California Blvd. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 521-8460 ABS is a student organization reaching out to all students. ABS hosts The Hedge, a time for students to build friendships and have fellowship Tuesday nights at 7pm in the ABS center. Choose from one of our small group Bible Studies for a more intimate discussion of the Word. The ABS center is open everyday for recreation time and as an escape from the dorm for studying. We want to be a ministry that draws students to a closer relationship to Jesus Christ.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry Dr. Lynn Loyd, Director 944 W. Maple St. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 521-4370 We’re not your grandma’s church. The BCM is a Christ centered, student led, church connected student organization which helps students focus on spiritual growth and service. All students are invited to join in large group worship, small group Bible Studies and personal discipleship. Other activities include local and international mission trips, retreats, intramurals, ski trips and Leadership Development. We are connected with over 800 BCMs nationally and internationally. The BCM is a campus ministry of Southern Baptist Churches in Arkansas. Our main large group meeting is IMPACT on Thursdays at 8pm. We also invite you to a free supper and Bible Study on Tuesday nights at 6pm. » You can also find us in Facebook and Twitter @HogBCM.

Campus Crusade for Christ Tim Casteel, Director (479) 283-0866, We’re no ordinary club. We’re a network of students and staff on thousands of college campuses in the U.S. and around the world. CRU is an interdenominational Christian organization that provides students opportunities to grow in their relationship with God and to connect with others through our Bible studies and weekly meeting. Our weekly CRU meeting is on Tuesdays at 8pm at the UARK Bowl (across from Q’Doba on Dickson St)

Catholic Campus Ministry St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Fr. Joe Marconi, Pastor Laurie Schuler, Campus Minister Jay Carney, Campus Minister 603 N. Leverett Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 444-0223, We address issues relevant to the whole person seeking to grow in Christ within the Roman Catholic Church. Sunday Mass at 5pm & 8pm. Thursday Mass at 5:30pm. Weekly Rosary, on-campus Bible studies , prayer, worship, and adoration. Thursday Seekers program, retreats, mission trips, state conventions and more!

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Ronnie Hoover, Director 530 N. Leverett Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-521-9218, Chi Alpha is an Interdenominational, Spirit-Filled Christian Fellowship that embraces American and International Students. We focus on 5 areas of Student Life: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Prayer. Our weekly meeting on Wednesdays Night at our New Chi Alpha Huse on Leverett at 7:30pm incorporates energetic worship and teaching. Cell Groups meet all over campus and Friday nights are reserved for “Free Food Friday” where students come together for fun and fellowship. Chi Alpha is a ministry of the Assemblies of God.

Christ on Campus Mike Armstrong, Director 310 Arkansas Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 521-8358, Christ on Campus is a non-denominational Christian community. We come from different places and different backgrounds. What do we have in common? A desire to know God in a deeper way. A desire to be part of a community of people who are genuine and compassionate. A desire to make a difference in our world. A desire to honor Jesus through what we do, what we say, and who we are. How do we practice these things? Sunday worship next to campus. Bible studies through the week. Service opportunities in the community and around the world. Social and intramural activities. Friendships that will last the rest of your life. We hope you will take this journey toward God and with us.

Fayetteville Institute of Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Shawn Bills, Director 402 N. Arkansas Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 443-0397 The institute of Religion provides weekday religious instruction for all young adults ages eighteen through thirty. In addition to religious instruction, the institute of religion provides opportunities to meet, associate with and establish lasting relationships with other young adults; serve; receive leadership training; address concerns related to academic work and grow spiritually.

Hillel Jewish Association Prof. Jay Greene, Advisor Prof. Aleza Greene, Co-Advisor 699 Sang Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-575-3172, 479-251-1048, 479-575-4740, Hillel is the only hangout for Jewish students on the University of Arkansas campus! The Hillel House is located just north of campus on Storer Avenue. It provides a comfortable environment for studying and socializing. Our “members only� room is equipped with fridge, DVD, VCR, etc., and is a pleasant retreat from your usual study place. Join us for Jewish studies, occasional Shabbat dinners, and a wide variety of both intellectual and entertaining activities. Come, meet other Jewish students and get involved! Ask about our almost free trips to Israel!

International Student Christian Association Kevin Smith, Director 89 S. Duncan Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 871-9272, ISCA is a ministry to international students at the U of A. Our purpose is to provide a warm welcome and “home away from home” for internationals that come to this campus to study and to do our part to meet their needs during their stay in the US. We also desire to introduce internationals to a more accurate understanding of Christianity and the message of the Bible. Our main weekly function takes place on Saturday night at 7:30p. During this time students have an opportunity to study the Bible, meet and interact with other internationals and enjoy a delicious meal, too. We also plan many other fun events that give internationals an opportunity to broaden their experience of life in Northwest Arkansas.

The Link Josh Foliart 1285 E Millsap Rd Fayetteville, AR 72703 479-521-5683 The Link is a gathering place for a diverse and dynamic mix of college students and young adults. We meet Sunday nights at 7:30pm for a time of heartfelt worship, compelling teaching, and fervent prayer. Whether it’s through participating in connect groups, playing volleyball, or traveling around the world on mission trips, being a part of the Link means being a part of a group that is transforming the college and young adult experience in NWA, across the US, and wherever else God chooses to take us. We are in association with Christian Life Cathedral. Check out our website for more info.

Lutheran Student Fellowship St. John’s Lutheran Church Rev. Roger Schoolcraft, Pastor 2730 E. Township Fayetteville, AR 72703 479-443-3609, Life has a purpose and so do we! Through worship, Bible study and just having fun, we affirm Jesus Christ and His powerful leadership in our lives. Call or e-mail for more information.

The Navigators Tom Toomer, Director 479-409-9036 Would you like your life to count for Jesus Christ? Interested in a community of friends who love and inspire you to great things for God? Here you can get involved in a dynamic Bible study on campus to dig deep in to God’s Word and live it out for His glory. Come and experience the power of discipleship and a deeper walk with the Lord.

Razorbacks for Christ Steve Comer, Campus Minister 535 Storer Dr. Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-443-4102 Razorbacks for Christ is a ministry of the Churches of Christ. We are dedicated to sharing Christ’s love with each other and the U of A campus. Our calendar is overflowing with opportunities for you to get involved and grow in Christ.

Reformed University Fellowship Ted Wenger, Campus Minister 4511 W. Wedington Dr. Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-466-9449, Reformed University Fellowship aims to reach students for Christ and to equip them to serve in His Kingdom. Thursday evenings we gather to praise God and study His Word. Small groups, conferences and other events available. RUF, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, is for the convinced and unconvinced.

St. Martin’s Episcopal/Lutheran Chapel & University Center Cn. Hershel R. Hartford, Chaplain 814 W. Maple St., Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-443-4791, St. Martin’s STUDENT CENTER is a place to meet other students and explore faith and spirituality. Tuesday nights we have dinner, community building and programs on spirituality, faith and justice. Programs are planned by the chaplain and the student peer ministers. On Thursdays, we celebrate communion at 12:30pm with lunch at 12pm and 1pm. Thursday night we gather for a Movie Night and discuss various aspects of life represented in the movie.

Student Mobilization Sean Vollendorf, Director 426 N. Oliver Ave Fayetteville, AR 72704 479-283-9694, Living the Christian life in college is awesome and challenging. StuMo is an interdenominational Christian Ministry dedicated to helping students go deeper in their relationship with Christ through Bible studies, weekly meetings, discipleship, conferences and summer mission trips. Build new friendships this year that will encourage you and challenge you in your walk with God. StuMo meets Tuesday nights at 8:30 in the UBC across from the Pi Phi House.

The Unitarian Universalists Rev. Dave Hunter and Rev. Kerry Mueller 901 W. Cleveland St. Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-521-8422 11:00am Sundays, A non-creedal, inclusive, liberal religious community. The religion of choice of Thomas Jefferson and Clara Barton. Our approach to religion is undergirded by reason, freedom, tolerance, diversity and inclusivity. Our religious roots grew out of Judeo-Christian traditions and date back to the sixteenth century.

United Campus Ministry Presbyterian Church USA & Disciples of Christ Rev. Susan Rose 902 W. Maple St. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 442-8041 Seeking Christ’s path for you? Join us in our search for God’s will in our lives. Worship * Fellowship * Service * Leadership Development. Students are encouraged to claim their faith as their own, as young adults seeking a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the power of God’s Holy Spirit, serving the world and Christ’s body: the Church. Students lead in worship, plan the calendar, serve as leaders at camps and conferences, through Habitat for Humanity workdays and other service projects, have fun together in fellowship.

University Baptist Church College Ministry Stephen Martin, College Pastor 333 W Maple St. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 443-9874 Our desire as a church is glorifying God by treasuring Christ above all things and reaching college students that they may find lasting joy in Him. We are located just across the street from the Kappa Delta house on Maple Street. Every Sunday morning our college students meet at 9am (theSTUDENTsection) over cokes and donuts to worship God and study the Word of God in discussion groups in the Chapel of the Dove (COD). Our worship service meets at 10:30 am in our main sanctuary where the preaching of the Word of God is central to our gathering time. We offer free meals for college students every Wednesday night during the school year at UBC and offer small group Bible studies on-campus (Life Groups) throughout the year . UBC believes in equipping students to prepare them for life and ministry and offers an internship focused on intense relationships and discipleship known as the Leadership Training Project (LTP), a year long internship. Wesley Foundation Omar Al-rikabi 730 W. Maple Fayetteville, AR 72701 (479) 443-5226, Wesley is not just a community of students on the University of Arkansas campus. It is students in Christian community all over the UA campus. We’re not so much about students coming to our stuff, although we like that. We want students to go, live out your faith wherever you are, whomever you are with, and through whatever you do, not just when you’re at one of our events. Our network of Life Communities offer many opportunities every week in a lot of different UA locations to join with other students who seek to offer, our often messy lives to a life-giving God. For more information visit our website.

Young Life Robyn Stutts, Area Director, Young life is a group of college students in the process of figuring out who we are and who God is. Young life at Arkansas is a community of unique individuals, where EVERYONE is welcome. We seek safe, authentic, encouraging community for college students to be introduced, engage, and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ Weekly club meetings are Monday nights at 8:30 pm in the Union.

CRO Ministry Book  
CRO Ministry Book  

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