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From nature to nature Slurry must be handled rationally and precisely to optimize growth and economy

The AP X-Line is designed for the rational application of slurry with minimal field pressure and high production to make optimum use of valuable nutrients at minimal cost. Easy to use, high-efficiency technology, high quality and low costs of ownership


Your supplier of transport logistics and tools for spreading slurry AP-K stands on a robust foundation of several Danish brands and strong investors with a clear vision to be part of the future market for logistics solutions for handling slurry. The current tankers range extends from 8 to 38 m³ with single, boogie or tridem axles, and slurry trailers are offered as standard in 34 and 38 m³ models with self-supporting chassis and 3 or 4 axles. Our foundation is Danish, while our view is global. That is why we produce slurry tankers with several technical equipment packages, because what is present in some countries is the future of others. And where 30 seconds matters in high-wage areas, it’s less important in other places where time isn’t money. We want to deliver what farmers and contractors demand in the current markets. Therefore, we would also like to listen to your inputs, because only by listening to the end customers can we create the most user-friendly and efficient solutions that match local requirements and needs.


From a rolled steel plate to a high quality slurry tanker AP-K offers its products at prices that allow our customers to recoup the investment – and a little more! That is why we have planned the production flow as rationally as possible, and so that the most expensive hours are used, where they add the most value to our products. For example, we have moved some of the production machines for steel working and welding to a Danishowned and-led factory in Ukraine, while surface treatment, assembly and quality control are a task for our own organization in Denmark. Our ambition is to build your next slurry tanker based on a range of standard elements that are adapted to your individual needs. It ensures quality, optimizes reliability, and ensures you maximum productivity.


Compact design

AP X-Line is a complete, innovative slurry tanker with focus on user friendliness, high capacity, limited power needs, high reliability and longevity. You recognize AP X-Line on

• Compact design that makes it easy to get around at the farm, on the road and out in the field. • Large loading capacity via a 10” crane with optimal flow (12-14 m³ per minute). • Precise filling via digital pressure gauge in the tank. • Specially developed loading crane with hydraulic extension. • Powerful unloading pump (12-14 m³ per minute). • Integrated lift with 8 tons lifting capacity. • Relatively low power requirements thanks to the use of up to 38” wheels.

The AP X-Line has a low total height despite the use of high wheels thanks to a specially designed crane with hydraulic extension and 10 inch load tube.

Hydraulic supply The AP X-Line uses the tractor’s hydraulics as standard supply to operate the functions of the slurry tanker, but the unloading pump is operated directly from the PTO of the tractor. We use high quality Danfoss PVG valves to achieve maximum reliability.

Exact dosage – also on the headland A spade valve for opening and closing the discharge pipe sits after the flow meter on the output tube. This ensures accurate dosing of the slurry both at the start and end of the exit, so that the headland also gets the intended dosage of slurry.

Compact. Fast. Lithe. Effective. Reliable.


100 % full

Powerful lift

The AP X-Line is equipped with a pressure sensor in the tank. Thereby a precise measurement of the quantity in the tank is obtained so that you can fill it up to exactly the volume/weight you are allowed to drive on public roads. The desired load volume can be set, after which the slurry tanker itself turns off when the desired volume has been reached.

There are increasing demands on the lift capacity of a slurry tanker. AP X-Line is equipped by default with an 8 ton lift cat. II/III. The lift is designed with a carefully calculated geometry that makes the movement pattern of the lift easy to lift e.g. heavy injectors clear of the field

Up to 38” wheels AP X-Line is designed for driving with high wheels to achieve the best possible carrying capacity, minimum field pressure while minimizing the necessary traction. Therefore, the additional cost of wheel drive can often be avoided. The AP X-Line can be delivered with wheel mounting right up to 2.05 meters (38 inches) as desired.

The loading crane with 10” pump and hydraulic extension The loading crane, which can be used on both sides of the slurry tanker, is designed in a way that the total height of the tanker is limited although it drives with large/high wheels, but without compromising the loading possibilities from high slurry tanks. The crane is 7.7 meters from its turning point to the loading pump and has a 1.5 meter hydraulic extension. The loading pump itself is operated hydraulically directly from the tractor’s hydraulic supply. If the task requires it, different types of loading cranes can be supplied as optional extras.

100 % filling The AP X-Line is equipped with a special overpressure valve, which ensures that the tanker is 100% full or that the preset quantity is reached before the loading automatically stops. Transfer and foam is led back to the slurry tank via a return hose.

Efficient emptying via the loading crane AP X-Line tankers with loading crane and blinding valves can be quickly emptied through the crane’s large hose. Emptying is done via an unloading pump operated by the PTO power transmission of the tractor. 5

Individual customizations By default, an AP X-Line slurry tanker is highly equipped, but, of course, there is the possibility of individual customizations so that you can have your ”own” model. We are flexible and solution-oriented, but do not compromise on quality, safety, and reliability.

Easy-to-use operation The slurry season is known for very long working days. Designed for intensive use, the AP X-Line has a very user-friendly operation that ensures overview and safety even if drivers are getting tired. It is operated via a joystick and a menucontrolled terminal, but during the field operation there is only necessary to operate the joystick and its buttons. This also applies if, for example, you want to change the dosage while driving. The AP Joystick is manufactured by Danfoss and specially designed to control the many functions of the slurry tanker. Display and joystick are mounted in the tractor’s cab so that all functions and desired settings can be controlled directly from the driver’s seat. All data such as slurry per hectare, day production, total production, hours and kilometers are recorded and stored in the computer.

Wheel sizes

The AP X-Line is designed to run with high wheels to reduce field pressure and reduce the required tractor size. The larger models over 25 m3 typically run with 38 inch wheels with over 2 meters diameter. So do many larger tractors, so you can use your worn tractor tires for the slurry tanker when the time comes. If you want to work with an alternative wheel mount, it is of course also possible, but it is important to think carefully before putting the tanker into production, so that screen boxes etc. do not set limitations afterwards. Ask us for advice before it’s too late.

Robust coating - also inside All tanks are sandblasted both inside and outside for optimal adhesion of the coating.

Easy-to-use details make it easy to work with AP X-Line – even when the working days get really long in the season.

Inside, the tanks are painted with a special epoxy lacquer which can withstand extremely aggressive environments. On the outside, the tankers are first treated with two ground coatings, after which they are finished with two layers of 2-component varnish. Applying two layers of varnish is due to the desire to achieve the perfect surface as a starting point for a long-lifetime of your AP X-Line. Any retrofitted parts are either hot galvanized or lacquered.

A slurry tanker must, of course, be service-friendly, and the technique must be able to withstand cleaning with high pressure water. On the AP X-Line, all hydraulic control and electronics are positioned well protected on the tanker side.

NB! We can deliver your new AP X-Line in customer-specific colors.

If desired, Ap X-Line can be supplied with central lubrication. 6

The AP X-Line is designed to be agile and easy to operate despite the high wheel mounting. It takes up no more space in height or width than being easy to drive around the farm, in the field and on the road. In road transport, it is easy, thanks to sensors, to load exactly the weight that local legislation accepts.

Axles and hubs All AP tankers are equipped with strong quality axles from BPW. The axles on the AP X-Line are 410 mm x 180 mm and come standard with hydraulic brakes or alternatively with air brakes. Two-axle tankers are as standard equipped with bogie and hydraulic suspension. As an option, they can be supplied with rotating rear wheels and forced control if needed. Three-axle tankers are designed with hydraulic suspension, level control and with rotating rear and front axle. It is possible to lift the front axle when driving with an empty tanker. As an additional equipment, hydraulic wheel drive can be mounted on the middle axle. The wheel drive provides about 100 hp and works both back and forth. In many cases, this function is not needed if the tanker is equipped with large 38” wheels, which makes it easier for the tractor to pull the full load through any challenges in the field


Technical solutions for rational handling of slurry

AP-K is a Danish company based on the well-known product programs from AP Slurry tankers and Kimadan AP-K develops, manufactures, and sells technical solutions for handling slurry worldwide. Our foundation is Nordic, but our outlook is global. Through a joint venture cooperation in the company Gaosai Kimadan we are active in China with local production and sale of slurry tankers of all sizes adapted to Chinese needs.


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