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Daltec Dosing With Daltec DC Dosing or Daltec BIO Dosing, it is easy to add additives directly to the feed. This ensures an even and uniform distribution of even very small doses.

Daltec DC Dosing Addition of dry additives

Daltec DC Dosing can add dry feed additives with accurate dosing directly into the pipeline onto the passing feed.The specialised dosing unit is used for dry feed additives such as powder or small pellets. The dosing box features a unique mechanism that counteracts bridging and is equipped with a telescopic transition for an easy weight check. DC Dosing is mounted directly in the pipeline, where it is easily accessible and convenient to fill the feed additives. Daltec DC Dosing can be used for milling systems, wet feeding systems and all types of dry feeding systems.

• The dosage can be infinitely adjusted between 0.9 and 9.7 kg/hour depending on the density of the additives.

Daltec DC Dosing is equipped with a telescopic transition so that a weight check can be easily performed.


• Electronic monitoring of the motor operation ensures consistent allocation.

Daltec BIO Dosing

Addition of liquid additives Daltec BIO Dosing can add liquid additives such as vitamins, lactic acid bacteria, oils, etc., with a uniform dosage directly to the feed in the pipeline. The advantage of a liquid additive is, among other things, that they bind more easily to the feed, which minimises the risk of mixing in the pipeline, and uniform feed is distributed throughout the system. At the same time, the freshness of the additives is assured, e.g., they have not degraded over time in large batches of ready-mixed feed. Daltec BIO Dosing is easily mounted via a T-piece directly to the mixing tank for wet feeding or, e.g., on the feed pipe for dry feeding systems. The quantity dosing is infinitely adjustable by setting the pump output.

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