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Many strategic advantages highlight the Port of Pecém on the national scene. Located 60 kilometers from Fortaleza, the privileged proximity to Europe and the United States provides the shortest transit time in cargo handling. The largest ships can dock in the deep waters of the terminal. Pecém Port is now the marine terminal that handles the most of fruit export in Brazil, 47% of the entire cargo of fruit in the country. Future seems promising. With the completion of Transnordestina Railway that connects the Northeast of Brazil to the Port of Pecém and construction of the Multi-Use Terminal which will further increase the storage capacity and terminal movement, Pecém will be the biggest and best gate for shipping loading and unloading of the Brazilian Northeast. Plans for the port include thermal power plants, an oil refinery, and a massive duty-free zone (ZPE). Only the duty-free zone will cover more than 4.270 ha. It will also house hundreds of businesses. Creation of an Export Processing Zone (ZPE) in Ceará is not only greatly increasing Brazilian exports, but also is a highly significant instrument to correct regional inequalities, generate jobs, strengthen the balance of payments and disseminate new technologies.

The implementation of the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, CIPP will greatly influence the population of municipalities Caucaia and Sao Goncalo do Amarante, which the current population of 15,000 is expected to grow to 140,000 within the next decade. One of the major contributors to growth is the steel plant currently under construction by Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP), which is expected to generate 37,000 jobs. Petrobras’s Premium II Refinery will bring another 90,000 direct and indirect jobs. The process of creating adequate housing and infrastructure will create unique opportunities for investors and developers. A zone of rapid development is likely to emerge, stretching from Pecém along BR085 to Caucaia. Caucaia is already feeling the effects of industrial zone investment, with a new shopping mall and wholesale center promising to add momentum to the growth cycle. Population growth will create heavy demand for housing throughout the area. Some of this demand is likely to be met through the government’s Minha Casa Minha Vida social housing initiative. The area also requires a considerable increase in middle-income housing options, as well as infrastructure such as schools, medical clinics, roads, water and sewage.

Transnordestina Railway

Commercial and Residential Lots Thermal power plants

Petrobras’s Premium II Refinery

Port of Pecem

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Many strategic advantages highlight the Port of Pecém on the national scene. Located 60 kilometers from Fortaleza, the privileged proximity...

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