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contents Page 4 MAC Provides Waterproof Green Solutions - Burgeoning levels of energy wastage and carbon emissions have prompted Developers to increasingly turnto green roofs to help counteract the effects of global warming, according to the Mastic Asphalt

Council.Page 6 Off-Site, On-Time - Framework CDM’s Pioneering Off Site Construction methods have saved the day for Selby AVS by delivering a three-storey £1.2m office complex in just 22 weeks. Page 8 On The Right Track - The Mercedes-Benz World was developed using Mapei products. This superior building with state-of-the-

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art construction technology, is the latest in the extensive portfolio of unique developments where Mapei’s systems have been applied. Page 11 On The Waterfront - CGL Systems supplied over 3000m2 of their pre-coated aluminium rainscreen system for Doncaster College’s new multi-million pound Waterfront Campus known as the Hub. Page 12 Alternative Energy Sources? - Phil Hurley, Managing Director

based air conditioning and is used as part of a balanced ventilation system to

of NIBE Energy Systems Ltd., suggests that the UK has much to learn from the

cool buildings. Page 23 A Premier Partnership - LG Chem has selected specialist

Swedish experience. The energy revolution that is only just beginning in UK as

sourcing and supply business, Premier Commercial Flooring Solutions to be the

escalating fuel costs allied to the need for environmental awareness become

sole UK and Eire distributor of its commercial vinyl flooring products into the

matters of genuine public concern, was by and large experienced in Sweden in the

education, healthcare, residential, retail, hotel and hospitality, leisure and

1970s. Page 14 Modern Technology Suits Dark Ages - The brand new English Heritage

general contract markets. Page 24 Cementing Role In Merseyside Makeover - BUXTON

funded project, the Cheviot Quarry Outreach Project which is a Dark Ages house

Cement is playing a critical role in Liverpool’s massive makeover. The cement-

in Milfield, Northumberland, will have a longer life expectancy thanks to Arch

making arm of Tarmac has been picked to supply bulk cement for ready mix concrete

Timber Protection’s wood preservative ‘Tanalith’ E. Page 16 Laying Solid Foundations

on three key construction projects in the city’s multi-million pound regeneration

- The award-winning York Handmade Brick Company is forging close links with

drive. Page 26 Secure In The Knowledge - When one of the colleges at Cambridge

the public sector. Two major projects have underlined York Handmade’s commitment

University needed to upgrade and modernise its access control arrangements, the

to working with local authorities and regional development agencies. Page 17 New

department decided to install a bespoke electronic solution from SALTO Systems

Medical Centre Streamlines Heart Patients - Off-site construction was the route for

to achieve its objectives. Page 28 Turbo Helps School Construction Motor On - The new

the new cardiac-catheter unit at the 700 bed Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey with

Technology Centre at a Norwich school will be the focus of the school’s vision

modular building manufacturer Wernick Buildings being the chosen supplier. Page

for innovative education in design and technology with Hanson Building Products

18 Making Tracks For Exeter - Platform 101 is an imaginative housing development on

providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the construction in the form

a roughly triangular site in the heart of the vibrant West Country city of Exeter.

of its Thermalite Turbo blocks and Thin Joint Mortar. Page 29 Weathering The Storm

Wimpey chose Polypipe’s Overlay System as the underf loor heating system for all

- Over the course of time, all timber experiences degradation. The most effective

101 dwellings. Page 19 Barn To Be Wild - The UK’s first sports barn is all-weather

way to control the weathering process is by applying a suitable barrier to the

playable as it has a permanent solid roof, yet has all the benefits of playing out

surface. Translucent finishes, such as the Sadolin woodstain range, control the

doors. Zaun fencing replaces the walls and so allows the players the benefit of

effects of weathering. Page 30 A Sure Start For Kent School - A new SureStart nursery

fresh air. Page 20 Liverpool Breathes Easy With Ventilation Choice - A smoke and natural

funded by Canterbury City Council to service families throughout the area has been

ventilation system from SE Controls has been installed at Liverpool South Parkway,

officially opened. Built by Brett Construction, the Children’s Centre was a 36-

the flagship new rail and bus terminus serving the North West of England. Page 21

week scheme from ground remediation works to handover. 33

Cool in School - EcoCooling evaporative cooling is an alternative to refrigeration

product and project news from the industry.

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 I GO! PUBLIC I winter 07

Bulletin - The latest

Proven Success - Many of the oldest green roofs in history

were waterproofed with mastic asphalt, due to its superior strength, enhanced longevity and non-toxic recyclable properties. Some 50 years ago, the roof garden created at Harvey’s department store on Guildford High Street was refurbished and reinstalled with mastic asphalt. It also dates as far back as the 6th century BC when mastic asphalt was used for the Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar’s famous hanging roof gardens in Babylon. Considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the gardens spanned an area of 2,000 m 2 with water-tight foundations that included layers of asphalt panels, bricks and mortar. Most recently, mastic asphalt was specified for the £100 million award-winning development of Waverley Gate, Edinburgh’s historical 135 year old General Post Office sorting facility. Chosen for its potential to help combat climate change and enhanced durability, mastic asphalt was used to seal 2,500 m 2 of green landscaped roof gardens. Delivering a service life of at least 50 years, the surfacing material ensures that water, soil and vegetation stay on the roof and do not migrate into the building structure. Applying Expertise - One of the world’s oldest and most

Benefits Of Green Roofing • Enhances The Environment • Improves The Aesthetic Appearance Of The Roof • Controls Storm Water Run-off Into Surface Water Drainage System • Upgrades Acoustic Performance • Improves The Thermal Performance • Require Little Long-term Maintenance • Biodiversity Roofs Provide Local Habits For Wildlife

green roofs: the underlying facts Burgeoning levels of energy wastage and carbon emissions have prompted the nation to embrace an alternative, sustainable future. Over 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide are released every year, and in England alone a green area the size of 100 football pitches is lost on a daily basis to urban development. This level of activity has impacted heavily on climate change, making our planet warmer and wetter than ever before and leading to record risks of flooding and drought. Coupled with a rapid decline in green space, resulting in the reduction of biodiversity and natural wildlife habitat, it comes as no surprise to learn that developers are increasingly turning to green roofs to help counteract the effects of global warming.  I GO! PUBLIC I spring 07

A Watertight System - Green roofing systems provide the

perfect union of aesthetics, economics and ecology, and have a key role to play in contributing to a sustainable built environment. The positive effects are too important to be ignored: whilst being eco-friendly, green roofs provide an effective way of alleviating f looding, combating global warming and improving building insulation and air quality. Visually attractive and cost effective, all the nutrients the roof needs to survive are drawn from the air and rainwater so it requires minimal maintenance. During the natural process of photosynthesis vegetation converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, which in turn improves the immediate airf low and helps to reduce emissions. At the heart of any green roof and its effectiveness sits the roofing membrane. Only a proven, highperformance waterproofing and reinforcement layer can ensure an ecologically sound and economically efficient solution. As such, today’s modern eco-roof systems require an underlying material that is f lexible, seamless, durable and able to withstand increasingly dominant weather elements. According to the Mayor of London’s Building Green guide, this layer needs to have many properties in addition to its capacity to keep water from penetrating the building. It should be ‘f lexible, have good tensile strength, be easy and efficient to join and have relatively low adhesion to underlying materials.’ The guide specifies three coats of mastic asphalt as the most effective, and as such common, material used in Britain.

successful waterproof membranes, mastic asphalt offers a tough, cost effective and proven alternative to many other types of membranes. Few can match its strength, longevity and competitive pricing. Used extensively as a long-life wearing surface in urban situations, its seamless bituminous application and soundproof qualities are readily accepted by a new generation of eco-friendly specifiers and building owners. At Waverley Gate, Midlothianbased Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) member Lenaghan Roofing Services applied Permaphalt polymer modified asphalt as the waterproofing medium for the fully insulated roof gardens. Running across concrete decking on a variety of different levels, the team first laid a glass fibre mat as the separating membrane. Then three coats of mastic asphalt were hand-installed to 30mm total depth on the deck with three vertical coats to 20mm total thickness on all upstands including side walls and air handling unit supports. To ensure waterproofing integrity, the vertical coats are continuous to the decking coats and run to at least 150mm above the landscaped level before being bedded into a chase. Another isolating membrane was then laid over all the mastic asphalt surfaces to give a fully insulated roof. Around 200 tonnes of mastic asphalt was needed for the project as a whole. Named Mastic Asphalt Contractor of the Year for its work on the stunning roof garden, Lenaghan carried out the work in two main phases. MAC Director, John Blowers, an expert in roof garden installations, confirms mastic asphalt’s ideal green roof properties, “Some people can be apprehensive about covering the material with soil and water for decades. However they readily appreciate its true potential when we explain that mastic asphalt has already been underground for millions of years.” An investment for the future - Specifying mastic asphalt

as a surfacing material for green roofs offers a viable route to addressing many of the eco-challenges facing urban development. A contemporary, yet historically proven, green roofing solution, it has an unsurpassed life expectancy with extensive rot-proof, vermin-proof and waterproof capabilities. Most importantly, it plays a crucial role in the drive toward combating climate change by delivering a more cost-effective, sustainable and attractive approach to replacement roofing. s enquiry card/online no 1

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Pioneering OSC (Off Site Construction) methods have saved the day for Selby AVS (Association of Voluntary Services), by delivering a three-storey £1.2m office complex in just 22 weeks when a traditional brick and block construction scheme proved too costly and time-consuming. Set up to promote local voluntary and community action, Selby AVS provides its members with a range of support services. Working in partnership with local public bodies, it enables knowledge, skills and resources to be shared via a network of over 140,000 voluntary and community groups across the country. It was decided that a central office would enable Selby AVS to better respond to the community’s needs. This would help to significantly reduce overheads and produce a centralised, accessible point of contact for the general public - effectively uniting the scattered ‘individual premises’ that had previously been unable to share areas of expertise and support systems with each other. DWA Architects created an initial design for the building, which was to be located on the fringe of Selby town centre opposite the Local Authority Civic Centre. The scheme would utilise traditional build techniques, namely brick and block, to create the new 1,000 square metre office complex. However following a lengthy site selection process and five years in planning, the construction project looked unlikely to go ahead. Due to such lengthy delays, it was feared that funding would be withdrawn altogether - until an innovative OSC system stepped in to offer an alternative route. Combining fast track construction with individual design and sustainability, OSC specialist Framework CDM demonstrated that the new building could be delivered within the tight budget constraints and timescales. Taking the original DWA scheme, and developing it further on a design and build basis, Framework’s first-ever three storey structure was created using off-site techniques. Based around a series of factory manufactured panellised roof, wall and f loor cassettes, the semi-volumetric building system combines f lexibility with sustainable and innovative


architectural design. It also has the capability to create buildings that deliver best value, whilst reducing time onsite and whole life cycle costs. Using this technique, the shells of a new building can be quickly and cost-effectively created. Such highly f lexible systems can produce virtually any shape and size of structure, encompassing highly imaginative and architectural appeal alongside quality and longevity. In the case of Selby AVS, Framework used OSC techniques to maintain the exact aesthetic specifications included in the original design concept, from cladding and render to glazing. Completed in just 22 weeks, the £1.2m Community House building for Selby AVS utilises efficient f loor to external wall ratios, whilst still respecting the design requirements of the Local Planning Authority. It has provided an efficient use of f lexible internal space - with a large visitor’s reception entrance, as well as conference and meeting room areas. The centre also provides a high level of insulation, resulting in low heating costs, and offers a light and airy environment that requires little maintenance. Externally, the building is part render, part clad and features an impressive glazed atrium. For Selby AVS, the OSC solution has provided a much-needed purpose designed and fully supported modern office facility - addressing an acute shortage in the District. Combining best value, sustainability and practicality, this increasingly popular approach to construction has proved its worth by creating a stunning new building and a triumph of common sense. s enquiry card/online no 2

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Partnerships to Build a

Mercedes-Benz World

Attention to detail Below left to right: The Boutique, The Brand Gallery, The Atrium Interior

 I GO! PUBLIC I spring 07

The Mercedes-Benz World – part handling circuit, part museum, part showroom – was developed using Mapei products. This superior building with state-of-the-art construction technology, is the latest in a long line of global projects to add to the extensive portfolio of unique developments where Mapei’s systems have been applied. Mapei products were particularly suitable for this project due to the site conditions and deadlines, meaning only fast-track systems could be used. Dyson-Briggs & Sons Ltd installed over 11,000m 2 of ceramic and porcelain, wall and f loor tiles throughout this new building, supplied by Solus Ceramics of Birmingham. This new Daimler Chrysler UK owned development was contracted by Warings Contractors Ltd of Hampshire, with Mapei levelling compounds, adhesives, grouts and sealants supplied through Domus Tiles of Surrey, and Mapei screeding systems supplied and installed by PC Flooring of Hampshire. The major East and West wings of the building were a large operation covering approximately 2000m 2 in total, including washrooms. The concrete substrate was first primed with Mapei’s MAPEPRIM SP 2-component solvent-free primer to improve the bonding of Mapei’s ULTRAPLAN MAXI onto the concrete f loor. Ultraplan Maxi is an ultra-fast hardening, water-mixed, truly selflevelling compound for 1-10mm. ADESILEX P4 was then used to install Solus Porcelain Grey Matt 450x450mm tiles on all f loor areas. Adesilex P4 is particularly suitable for these types of applications, as a high performance pourable thick bed adhesive that is rapid-setting – also known as Mapei’s

 I GO! PUBLIC I spring 07

famous ‘Drop & Go’ adhesive. All finishing was completed using Mapei’s ULTRACOLOR® PLUS grout and MAPESIL AC silicone sealant in ‘Cement Grey’ and ‘Silver Grey’. Ultracolor ® Plus is the well-known fast-setting and drying, f lexible, grout for 2-20mm available in a unique range of 26 colours. It has BioBlock® anti-mould and DropEffect ® water resistant technologies, and was used throughout the building in all tiled areas as it is suitable for both wall and f loor application. Mapesil AC silicone sealant is also resistant to mildew, and is available in 26 matching colours plus transparent. In the East and West wing washroom areas MAPEGUM WPS was also used within this installation system as a fast drying f lexible liquid membrane for waterproofing. Wall surfaces covering around 500m 2 in the washrooms were tiled using KERAFLEX single part f lexible cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time to fix the Solus Grey Porcelain 300x300mm polished finish tiles onto plasterboard, again incorporating Mapegum WPS as a waterproofer. uuuu

ttt The 500m 2 Atrium was firstly screeded using TOPCEM normal setting and rapid drying shrinkage controlled special hydraulic binder. Topcem was ideally suited as ceramic and stone can be installed after 3 days – providing a fast-track system. ULTRAPLAN ECO was applied on top of this providing a fast hardening, water-mixed self levelling compound with very low TVOC content (Total Volatile Organic Compounds). Adesilex P4, Ultracolor ® Plus and Mapesil AC (Colour, Silver Grey) was again used for installing the Solus GE49 Riven Finish Ceramic Tiles in Cream, 450x225 mm. The grand ‘Themefield’ area of the museum section was again completed using the same ceramic f looring installation system covering approximately 8000m 2, with Ultraplan ECO laid directly onto the sand:cement screed. Solus RD48 Ceramic Satin Finish in Grey, and NA46 Ceramic Polished Finish in Black (all 450x450x9) were bonded with Adesilex P4, and finished with grout and sealant in ‘Silver Grey’. One of the largest and most intricate areas in the building is the Technology Centre. Different sections were laid using Mapei products. The general f loor area was laid with Solus SCM 2020 AS Ceramic Matt Finish 200x200x12mm in Grey over 2000m 2 using KERAQUICK. Keraquick is an S1 rapid setting f lexible adhesive suitable for all ceramics, mosaics and natural stones. Ultracolor ® Plus and Mapesil AC in both ‘Cement Grey’ and ‘Silver Grey’ were used throughout wall and f loor tile finishing in this area after fixing with Keraquick. Solus SCM2020 Grey Profil Ceramic Tiles with slip-resistant finish were fitted on wet area f loors, with Mapegum WPS used initially for waterproofing. Solus Demarcation Tiles SCM2000 and SCM2000B were used at approximately 100m 2 for specific demarcation f loor areas. All walls in this area were again fitted with this same system, adding

CGL Systems Rainscreens Specified For Multi Million Pound Educational Facility Mapegum WPS to toilet wall sections. Keraf lex was used rather than Keraquick here, to ensure no vertical slip, to bond the Solus CPS103 and CPS101 Grey Satin Finish 200x200x6mm porcelain tiles. A 50m 2 section of Test Lane walls were tiled with the same system using Ultracolor ® Plus in ‘Silver Grey’. Finally, general toilet area walls were fixed with Solus NA46 Grey Porcelain Polished tiles at 300x100x9 using the Keraf lex system, with Solus Coved Skirting to match their SCH2020AS at 200x200x12. Schlüter ®-DILEX-EKSN 140GS movement joint profiles were also incorporated in wall areas throughout the project, to approximately 455lm. The movement joint profile is specially designed to protect tiles which are subjected to high mechanical stresses. The trapezoidperforated anchoring legs are made of stainless steel, with a soft rubber movement zone. The profile’s rubber insert is replaceable, in case of damage, and the stainless steel side sections provide effective edge protection for the tiled surface. Movement joints create a tile field which moves independently from those around it. n s enquiry card/online no 3

CGL Systems, the UK’s leading metal rainscreen specialists supplied to specification over 3000m 2 of their pre-coated aluminium rainscreen system for Doncaster College’s new multi-million pound Waterfront Campus known as the Hub. The Hub, situated in the center of Doncaster, which provides students with some of the best educational facilities in the country, was developed at a cost of £65 million –jointly funded by the College, the Learning and Skills Council and Doncaster Council. Key features in this stunning building include: cutting edge IT facilities, a 100 seat lecture theatre, a 200 seater drama studio and a two story Learning Resource Centre. During the academic year more than 33,000 students enrolled for over 1,100 part and full time courses. Included in the college’s mission statement is the phrase ‘aspiring to excellence’ and that is ref lected in the high standard of build and material specification. The external elevations feature a range of materials including: brick, timber and glazed curtain walling. For the five story curved stairwells, architects DLA, based in Wakefield, required a contrasting yet functional and versatile cladding material that would also provide an interesting architectural feature. CGL Systems 2 mm thick silver pre-coated aluminium rainscreen was specified and installed by approved cladding contractor European Roofing Systems. The main contractor was HBG. This high performance,’ secret fix’ external rainscreen system is installed by fixing it to CGL’s CS3 lightweight, non-corroding support structure which is bolted to the external structural wall. The rainscreen panels are secured by means of a CGL Trimcam –a unique locking system which secures the panels to the support structure and allows for finite alignment and if required, the panels to be demounted and replaced. All CGL’s rainscreen systems are designed in-house and have been fully tested as fit for purpose by the Centre for Windows & Cladding Technology. Available in aluminium, stainless steel, pre weathered zinc, pre patinated copper, brass, bronze and aluminium composite (ACM), CGL’s rainscreens require virtually no maintenance and deliver excellent whole life costings. s enquiry card/online no 4

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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES? Nibe Says We Can Learn From Sweden Phil Hurley, Managing Director of NIBE Energy Systems Ltd., suggests that the UK has much to learn from the Swedish experience. The energy revolution that is only just beginning in UK as escalating fuel costs allied to the need for environmental awareness become matters of genuine public concern, was by and large experienced in Sweden in the 1970s. Despite Sweden’s enormous HEP potential, the country was at that time heavily dependent on oil for the heating that is so essential in a Scandinavian winter. So when oil supplies were threatened, prices rocketed and the search for energy alternatives was on. One consequence was a massive switch to underf loor heating since it requires lower operating temperatures than radiator systems. This in turn logically led on to the introduction of heat pumps working at vastly greater efficiency than the old oil fired boiler. Our parent company is based in Markaryd and installed the first exhaust air heat pumps in Sweden in 1980. Today oil boilers are virtually extinct, NIBE Heating is the largest heat pump manufacturer in Europe and in Sweden today 90% of new homes have

heat pumps installed. When alternative energy sources are discussed in the UK [it could be in the press, the pub or parliament], wind power is the most likely source to be proposed regardless of whether it is on a domestic or national scale. It is then that I point to the Swedish example as the way forward, for experience there has shown that heat recovered from the ground, from exhaust ventilation or from the air can be both practical and affordable in domestic, commercial and industrial situations. If these methods can work in the extremes of the Swedish climate, they will certainly do so in the milder weather in this country. Geothermal heat has been used very successfully in volcanic areas for many years and also [mainly experimentally] using very deep probes to harness the Earth’s core heat. However it is only recently that it has been exploited on a domestic scale. The heat pump works by utilising the heat from sunlight that remains stored in the ground, either by use of a collector buried around one metre deep or by deeper vertically sunk probes. Compared with the conventional use of fossil fuels, the energy required to keep a house warm and the water hot can be reduced by

12 I GO! PUBLIC I spring 07

up to 75% since a heat pump can convert one kilowatt of received energy into five kilowatts of heat. NIBE supplies pumps with capacities from five to forty kilowatts and higher wattage can be achieved by in-line linkage. For some years a major force in energy conservation, especially in offices, was the creation of what was virtually a sealed unit through insulation and draught prevention. Though energy efficient, the results varied from mildly unpleasant to downright unhealthy, with condensation in many cases an unwanted by-product. We have since come to realise that air replacement through ventilation is essential for comfortable living and, fortunately, the vast majority of the heat that would otherwise be lost to the outside atmosphere can now be recovered by use of an Exhaust Air Heat Pump. Our NIBE pump units are roughly the size of a fridge/freezer and recycle so much energy from the exhaust gas that the emissions into the outside atmosphere are at a temperature close to zero degrees. They have proved ideally suited to apartments [housing which has been traditionally been inefficiently heated by individual electric appliances], and to small homes. A spin-off benefit of heat recovery pumps is reduction of CO2 emissions. The theory of using the sun’s heat to supply energy is anything but new. Nevertheless the system under which Air/water Pumps such as our NIBE range operate is, in that they have a unique two stage control allowing them to recover sufficient energy even at low outside temperatures to offer significant savings on heating costs. Since the units are [obviously] sited outdoors, installation is cheap and simple, and no groundwork or excavation is required. These pumps are designed to work in combination with other heating systems rather than acting as a sole energy source. There is no doubt that incentives, both carrots and sticks, will be used over the coming years to encourage sensible energy saving and a major reduction in CO2 emissions. Local and Central Government are already on that track, a track that will almost certainly become a major highway in time. Many householders and owners of commercial property are so far largely unaware of the enormous savings that can be made by using Heat Pumps of one sort or another but I have no doubt that this ignorance is only short term. If you look at the Swedish blueprint you will see the likely development of domestic energy efficient systems here. s enquiry card/online no 5

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Arch’s ‘Tanalith E’ Key To Preserving ‘Dark Ages Hall’ In Northumberland

The brand new English Heritage funded project, the Cheviot Quarry Outreach Project which is a Dark Ages house in Milfield, Northumberland, will have a longer life expectancy thanks to Arch Timber Protection’s wood preservative ‘Tanalith’ E. The house, which is a reconstructed replica of a farm house circa 450 to 500AD, is being built by Archaeological Research Services Ltd.

The new house will use £2k worth of 8” x 8” section Douglas Fir supplied by the Northumberland Estate’s Duchess’ Drive plantation; a fully certified FSC woodland. Once completed, ‘Dark Ages Hall’ will be used as a community resource and educational facility and because of the preservative protection will require little maintenance. The original farmhouse measured 7 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width and was originally built using Oak. Due to the high cost of Oak today, the replica house will use Douglas Fir. Since the Douglas Fir will be in ground contact, the Duke of Northumberland’s Sawmill manager, Neville Henderson, recommended Arch’s ‘Tanalith’ E as the most effective preservative protection: “‘Tanalith’ E can extend the lifespan of wooden structures such as this by three to four times longer than treated wood.” Kristian Pedersen of Archaeological Research Services Ltd believes it was “very important” to treat the timbers. “It will add life to the building, reduce maintenance, increase safety and therefore stand for longer and provide more people with information,” he said. Archaeological Research Services Ltd. hopes to learn about Dark Ages construction from the building of the superstructure. The resulting replica will be based on archaeological evidence and the remaining footings of the original farmer’s house found in Cheviot Quarry. So far, they have been surprised by how much a farmer from the Dark Ages was able to achieve using just saws and dowels. Project leader Kristian Pedersen marvels and the skill of our ancestors, “Altogether, the entire original house would probably have been built in under three weeks. That’s a lot faster than the building of most houses nowadays.” Once completed, ‘Dark Ages Hall’ from Cheviot Quarry will be a piece of living history. The reconstructed farmer’s house, which would have been a modest family dwelling, will lie about 1km away from its original site, which is still a working quarry. Visitors and students will learn the practical construction techniques of our ancestors and how they maintained their homes. When open the ‘Dark Ages Hall’ will be open to the public and is publicly accessible, almost a park, and people can visit and do whatever they please there whilst learning about their heritage. s enquiry card/online no 6

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york handmade lays solid foundations with public sector

The award-winning York Handmade Brick Company, the leading independent brickmaker in the north of England, is forging close links with the public sector. Two major projects have underlined York Handmade’s commitment to working with local authorities and regional development agencies. The first is the restoration of the historic bridge at Mytonon-Swale, near Boroughbridge, which was refurbished with the help of 20,000 specially-made bricks from York Handmade. More than £300,000 was spent on rebuilding Myton Bridge and judges at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have recognised the team effort that went into the project with an award. At the ICE’s annual historic bridges and infrastructure awards, judges described the reconstruction as “fabulous”. The bridge was originally built in 1868 and carries a public bridleway over the River Swale, linking the village with Ellenthorpe and Boroughbridge. More than 200ft long and with a central span of 100ft the original bridge contained 70 tons of iron and cost just over £2,000. After it was declared unsafe for public use in 1998 the county council took over ownership and set about restoring it. York Handmade, based at Alne, near Easingwold, provided the intricate brickwork in a project which has restored Myton Bridge to its former Victorian glory. David Armitage, the chairman of York Handmade, commented: “We were commissioned by Mouchel to undertake this challenging task. The bricks also passed the close scrutiny of English Heritage. “We have been proud to help to recreate a piece of history in Myton, as well as providing an important crossing point over the River Swale. It is particularly pleasing that Hambleton District and North Yorkshire’s only brickmaker was able to come up with the desired result. “We used

our Renovation Bricks, which have a weathered look almost identical to the original Victorian bricks. The original bricks were machine made in an unusual size and we have made sure that we have replicated them. The result is a 21st century bridge which has a quintessentially Victorian character,” he explained. Meanwhile York Handmade has supplied 100,000 special-sized and special-textured bricks for the restoration of the iconic Murrays’ Mills in Ancoats, Manchester. Murrays’ Mills, built at the beginning of the industrial revolution, is the oldest surviving steam-powered cotton mill in the city. At its peak, Murrays’ Mills was a marvel with visitors coming from the rest of Britain, Europe and America to see this vast building, illuminated by gaslight and operated by 1,300 men, women and children. York Handmade had to manufacture new bricks, which matched the old building perfectly. The old bricks were particularly difficult to match because of their unique nature – the original bricks were handmade on site from clay excavated from the canal basin itself, and so the quality is variable and the size is bespoke. David Armitage commented: “We have been able to emulate the appearance of these original bricks, using a mix of three brick types at a standard agreed size – these new bricks have been used for individual brick replacements, local re-building in numerous areas, and the reinstatement of the missing upper storeys of the Murray Street Block North. He added: “ In total they used about 100,000 bricks in this project and we are absolutely delighted with the result. Murrays’ Mills has been restored to its former glory and is ready for the many new challenges of the 21st century”. Jonathan Davis of Manchester-based architects BDP who worked on Murrays’ Mills with York Handmade, commented: “ The personal service and the quality of product have been outstanding from York Handmade. The credit for choosing them in the first place goes to Taylor Maxwell, and for advising on the brick types to use – the final blend of bricks used on the project was selected by BDP. s enquiry card/online no 7

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new medical centre streamlines heart patients Healthcare providers are finding that where new hospital buildings have to be brought on-line quickly because of, for instance, government initiatives, or delays in funding, it is often modular construction specialists who are called in to produce the building ‘on programme’. Off-site construction was the chosen route for the new cardiac-catheter unit at the 700 bed Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. The new unit will streamline patients who would otherwise have to travel to St George’s Hospital in London for consultation before possibly requiring heart surgery. The new centre is equipped with highly sophisticated angiography equipment that enables the cardiology team at Frimley to offer a local service, for local people, some of whom may have to be referred to St George’s for angio or other treatments at a later date. The new two storey building linked to the main hospital complex was factory built, delivered and assembled on site over four weekends. On site finishing and fitting out work took the total contract time to just 22 weeks. According to Leon Chasteauneuf the hospital’s project manager, the design of the building was conceived in-house, with Neath Abbey based modular building manufacturer Wernick Buildings producing detailed construction drawings and project managing the installation. Dominating the lead lined cardiac-catheter angiography suite is a 2 tonne, ceiling mounted C-Arm, which enables cardiologists to use x-ray imaging to visualise coronary arteries and the heart chamber. Patients will spend approximately 41/2 hours at the hospital and about 20 minutes in the angio suite where an x-ray (contrast media) dye is injected into their blood vessels, making them

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visible on the x-ray monitor. The cardiologist monitors the f low of dye to identify where surgery, or treatment, may be required to improve the f low of blood through the patient’s vessels. It is anticipated that eight patients can be seen every day, with that number possibly increasing as the new system becomes more efficient with use. The new £2m Frimley unit offers great financial savings with a lean, local build-up to surgery or treatment where it is found to be necessary, but crucially, the wellbeing of patients is greatly enhanced as they will not have to travel into London for this diagnostic test. Mr Chasteauneuf has specified modular construction before and was already convinced that this was the best route for the new Frimley building. When speed is a vital consideration, then fast-track modular accommodation is usually the only realistic option. With waiting lists continuing to be key product indicators for many healthcare providers, this construction method is becoming an increasingly popular way of achieving a high quality end result quickly. Wernick Buildings won the Frimley contract in open tender against five other companies. For Mr Chasteauneuf and his team a realistic timescale, quality of the completed product as well as price were important factors. He later commented that, “The finish achieved by Wernick is superb”. The first f loor contains offices and a computer room that will be used by the hospital’s clinical teams. A plant room for the air conditioning system serving the entire building is also included on the first f loor. s enquiry card/online no 8

Overlay Heats Platform 101

Innovative design in sports facilities has many benefits


latform 101 is an imaginative housing development on a roughly triangular site in the heart of the vibrant West Country city of Exeter. It is within walking distance of the main shopping centre and, appropriate to the name, close to the Central Station. Designed and built by George Wimpey Bristol Ltd., and due for completion this summer, the development comprises [equally appropriately] 101 dwellings in four storey blocks with pleasantly varied architectural styling and landscaping. These vary from four bedroom town houses to one and two bedroom apartments and, while 70% of the apartments are for private ownership, the remaining 25 two bedroom f lats will be managed by the Sarsen Housing Association as ‘affordable housing’, a facility urgently needed in the Exeter area. Clearly on such a large development near the centre of a major city, speed of construction and lack of disruption to the surrounding area were planning essentials and the rise of Platform 101 has been both speedy and comparatively unobtrusive. On the same basis of combining speed and simplicity of installation with efficient working, Wimpey chose Polypipe’s Overlay System as the underf loor heating system for all 101 dwellings. Plumbing Contractor B.J. Barkwell from nearby Okehampton has been responsible for installing Overlay in the new complex and has been delighted by the user friendly attributes of the simple but reliable system. The Overlay f loor system at 18mm in depth, can be laid directly on any reasonably f lat f loor surface, fitting the system is fast and easy and just as effective in a refurbishment or a new built situation as it has proved in Wimpey’s Exeter development. The panels can be simply cut or sawn to shape and once they are down the f lexible 12mm polybutylene pipe can be walked into the grooves. In Platform 101, Overlay is being laid in every room and when the project is completed a staggering 35,000metres of polybutylene pipe will have been used to provide efficient central heating for an area of over 5,000 square metres. All rooms will be carpeted over the ufch except for the kitchens where practical vynil f looring is being installed. Polypipe’s Overlay has already proved its worth in situations varying from single room retrofits, through extensions and conservatory heating to major renovations and new build installations. This delightful new development in the historic city of Exeter is just the latest to appreciate the advantages of a simple, speedy and effective underf loor heating system. s enquiry card/online no 9

Residents of the Talbot and Brunswick areas of Blackpool have been the beneficiaries of the UK’s first sports barn. This modern concept combines the best features of indoor and outdoor play, all in an area that is safe and secure for young players.

The Barn is all-weather playable as it has a permanent solid roof, yet has all the benefits of playing out doors as Zaun fencing replaces the walls and so allows the players the benefit of fresh air. Funding for the Sports Barn and park has come from the European Regional Development Fund, New Opportunities Fund and Sport England. “Blackpool Council is absolutely delighted and very grateful to Sport England and the Big Lottery Fund for their grant of £315,000 to build The Barn and for a further £30,000 to set up a sports development programme.” said Councillor David Owen, Portfolio Holder for Leisure. The Barn will be used for football, basketball and a wide range of other activities including cricket, netball, athletics and tennis. Local residents will be able to use it on a casual basis and it will also provide facilities for local clubs, community groups and schools. The Barn will also play host to a wide range of organised coaching sessions for children and young people. Many urban sports facilities have clashed with local residents as a result of the ‘rattle’ associated with other sports fencing systems. Zaun Sports Fencing was chosen it has special inserts that insulate the panels from the posts. This means that it is significantly quieter during play than either other fencing systems or traditional wooden kick boards. “As with many developments of this kind, the facility is in the heart of an urban area to maximise its usage.” says Alastair. “However this means that during the planning stages, designers must be sensitive to the needs of the wider community, as well as those that the facility is designed for”. Zaun also offer a range of decorative railings and matching gates. These systems enhance an area and can be used as perimeter protection or onsite to demarcate pathways, parking areas or no-go areas. Sliding gates are also available, either automated or manual. These are ideal for areas where high volumes of traffic and security are a concern. s enquiry card/online no 10

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Energy Efficient

Cooling Of Public Buildings

Liverpool’s Newest Transport Hub Chooses SE CONTROLS For Smoke Ventilation A smoke and natural ventilation system from the UK’s leading expert, SE Controls, has been installed at Liverpool South Parkway, the f lagship new rail and bus terminus serving the North West of England. Combining two existing stations, Garston and Allerton, the new transport interchange provides park and ride, shuttle bus and taxi services and will eventually comprise a direct rail link to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. Designed by Jefferson Sheard Architects for Merseytravel, the £32m scheme has already won a number of awards for its innovative building techniques, successful regeneration and eco-friendly design. A sloping roof collects and recycles rainwater, and a wall fitted with photovoltaic solar panels contributes toward the building’s energy needs. To ensure the safety of passengers and transport workers in the event of a fire, and improve the quality of indoor air, SE Controls’ brief was to design both a smoke ventilation and natural ventilation system that offered automatic window opening via the BMS (Building Management System.) SE Controls provided a series of 300mm SELA G linear actuators, linked to the company’s highly versatile OSO control system. The system communicates with the BMS to automatically open windows, regulating natural air movement and providing ultra efficient smoke extraction. In the event of a fire, smoke detectors communicate with the control panel and BMS to open windows and disperse smoke out of the building. By preventing the build up of toxic fumes, the system creates a layer of clean air to ensure the safety of occupants - increasing the escape time for workers or passengers leaving the building. A fully glazed structure, SE Controls natural ventilation system harnesses the freely available elements of wind and heat to move air through the building. This delivers improved indoor air quality at a fraction of the capital, space and running costs of conventional air conditioning – in line with the building’s environmentally-friendly construction. With the windows at Liverpool South Parkway larger than standard, measuring 2.4m wide and 1.2m in height, SE Controls also fitted multi-point locking motors. When synchronised with the SELA G linear actuators, this innovative system locks the perimeter of each window to ensure they remain weather tight. Nick Bogle, the project architect said, “The design of the smoke and ventilation systems was to be integrated into the building envelope with minimal disruption to the overall form of the interchange. The resulting systems fit seamlessly into the cladding ensuring that users of the building are not even aware of their presence.” The system also includes an override allowing fire fighters to open and close the windows within the building.

EcoCooling evaporative cooling is an alternative to refrigeration based air conditioning and is used as part of a balanced ventilation system to cool buildings. A typical EcoCooler, rated at 30KW, can reduce electricity costs by over £2000 and save 10,000kg of carbon over a year compared to an equivalent refrigeration based system. EcoCooling is suitable for schools, hospitals, sports centres and other public buildings. Ventilation systems can be very effective at maintaining comfortable conditions in buildings because of low ambient temperatures found for much of the year. However during hot periods when the outside air temperatures rise above 25C these conditions cannot be maintained. In the UK, when the weather is hot, the relative humidity is low, and evaporative cooling can provide cool air. When this hot dry air is passed over the wet filter pads found in an evaporative cooler the air is cooled. The air off temperature will never normally exceed 23C – even on record breaking 35C days. It is this combination of fresh air ventilation, coupled with evaporative cooling, which can meet the needs for comfort cooling of many buildings: public, commercial and industrial. EcoCoolers can qualify for Carbon Trust Interest-Free loans because they consume less electricity, and hence create less carbon impact, than equivalent air conditioning systems. EcoCoolers offer a low energy, low capital cost and low operating cost alternative to traditional refrigeration systems. At 25% of the installation cost and just 15% of the running costs a single EcoCooler producing up to 35kw of cooling for just 1.5kW of electricity can save up to 10,000 kg of carbon per year. A typical hospital installation was recently completed at Burton upon Trent Health Trust. The out patients

waiting areas, situated on the top f loor, was built with no provision for either cooling or ventilation and consequently this led to very uncomfortable conditions. Two side discharge EcoCoolers, with sound attenuation, were installed as part of a balanced ventilation system. As with all water based systems in hospitals a stringent Legionnaires’ disease risk assessment was performed. The combination of hygienic engineering, sophisticated process controls and comprehensive alarm functions provided sufficient assurance for what is probably the most rigorous standards in Europe. EcoCooling is a simple, safe and low cost alternative to traditional refrigeration based systems suitable for comfort cooling of whole buildings or spot cooling of people and machines. There are no harmful refrigerants and no re-cycling of air; doors and windows can remain open allowing people to breath in clean fresh air. The considerable cost savings and contribution to carbon savings make EcoCooling the logical way to provide comfortable conditions in many buildings. s enquiry card/online no 12

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Global Flooring Brand Selects UK Partner To Drive Strategic Expansion Plans

STARGARD balustrade and handrail system

LG Chem, Korea’s largest chemical company and the global leader in industrial materials, has selected specialist sourcing and supply business, Premier Commercial Flooring Solutions to be the sole UK and Eire distributor of its extensive portfolio of commercial vinyl flooring products.

• 42mm or 50mm diameter handrail • a range of colours • ‘warm to the touch’ (4mm thick PVC sleeved over galvanised steel tube) • Various infill panel options • Stainless steel fittings

S G System Products Limited Unit 22 I Wharfedale Road I Ipswich I IP1 4JP Tel: 01473 240055 I Fax: 01473 461616 I s enquiry card/online no 13

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Premier Commercial of Blackburn has secured a long term contract with the Korean manufacturing giant to launch and exclusively distribute the full range of LG Floors sheet, tile, plank and specialised vinyls into the education, healthcare, residential, retail, hotel and hospitality, leisure and general contract markets. Phil Hartley, Director of Premier Commercial said; “This is an extremely exciting venture for us. We are absolutely thrilled that LG Chem has recognised what our company has to offer in terms of experience, expertise and connections, and is putting all its trust, and the future of its UK and Eire f looring business, in our hands. “It’s also an exciting time for specifiers, contractors and their clients. They now have direct access to an exceptional range of luxury vinyl f looring products which, although brand new to this country, already have a very successful track record in Asia and the USA, with a superb reputation for aesthetic appeal, quality and longevity.” Mr Jack Lee, VP Sales of LG Floors said: “We have been developing our vinyl f looring products aggressively in recent years and today the LG Floors brand has annual sales of $500 million. Our strategy is to expand into Europe and we have been actively looking for the right strategic partner to take our

renowned commercial vinyls portfolio into the UK and Eire markets for some time. “We were seeking a committed, enthusiastic and well connected organisation with a thorough understanding of the commercial f looring market and all its complexities. Specific expertise in the areas of healthcare, education, leisure and retail f looring were critical, as we have developed particular product ranges to meet the different needs of specifiers and clients operating in these sectors. “We believe we have found the ideal partner in Premier Commercial and we are looking forward to working together to establish LG Floors as a leading brand in the UK and Eire. The company’s senior management team has extensive experience in the commercial f looring market, which they very clearly demonstrated by their professional and knowledgeable approach, and their detailed plans for the launch and growth of the LG products in their market.” s enquiry card/online no 14

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BUXTON Cement is playing a critical role in Liverpool’s massive makeover. The cement-making arm of Tarmac has been picked to supply bulk cement for ready mix concrete on three key construction projects in the city’s multi-million pound regeneration drive. These are a huge f loating dock, which will draw cruise ships loaded with tourists right into Liverpool’s historic centre; a new landmark skyscraper; and what’s thought to be Europe’s largest retail development, in the heart of the city. Buxton Cement is known for delivering the right product at the right time. The Liverpool job, though, is a real feather in its cap. “To be picked as the supplier of choice on these high profile projects is a supreme vote of confidence in our bulk cement capability,” says Phil Richards, Buxton Cement’s commercial director. “It’s also a vivid demonstration that the ready-mix industry is recognising the benefits of the improved strength of our cement.” Recent process upgrades at Buxton’s new £110 million Tunstead plant mean the company’s Portland cement is now stronger than ever – and that’s at no extra cost to customers. Its official strength class under the European cement standard has been raised, from a CEM I 42,5R, to a CEM I 52,5N. In practice it means the cement has excellent early and late strength characteristics, which make it well suited for enhancing readymix concrete. Buxton Cement is supplying at a rate of more than 30,000 tonnes a year to three ready-mix plants in Liverpool. These are operated by Tarmac Topmix, a sister company to Buxton Cement. “For us it’s a winning combination,” says Andy Done, technical manager for Tarmac Topmix. “Buxton Cement was the clear choice for these challenging projects.” The regeneration in Liverpool is creating the biggest change to its cityscape since the Second World War. Tourism is growing, and is expected to receive a further boost in 2008 when the city takes its turn as the European Capital of Culture. The new f loating dock, due for completion this year, has an important part to play in attracting more tourists. Currently cruise ships visiting Liverpool must anchor in the Mersey with passengers ferried to the quayside. But the new dock will form a massive extension to the ferry terminal, meaning passengers can disembark within walking distance of the city centre. Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering, based in Northwich, Cheshire, is leading the project. It’s building the 250m long reinforced concrete structure in sections at Liverpool’s Canada Dock. Every day, Tarmac Topmix is delivering up to 24m3 of readymix concrete to the site, where it is craned deep inside the cavernous dry dock. Forming the 150mm internal walls of the f loating dock posed a challenge. Congested reinforcements mean it’s difficult to get the machinery in there for the conventional compaction of concrete. So around 1000m 2 of self-compacting concrete (SCC) is being used. The second project, the sleek 41story Beetham Tower West, is due for completion at the end of the year. A mixed use residential and office building, it will have spectacular views across the city. The Buxton Cement/Topmix team is supplying 50N and 60N high-strength post-tensioned concrete for the core and f loors, and waterproof concrete in the basement. Contractor MPB knew the

two were the right organisations to bring in. It previously used them for the 47-storey Beetham Tower in the heart of Manchester, which incorporates the Hilton Deansgate Manchester Hotel. The third project is immense. The £920m Paradise Project by developer Grosvenor and construction partner Laing O’Rourke involves regenerating 42 acres in the heart of Liverpool. An old car park, hotel and shops have already been demolished. Replacing them will be 30 new buildings, six distinctive shopping districts and more than 1.6 million square feet of retail space - with it the creation of 4,400 permanent jobs. So far, Tarmac Topmix has supplied ready mix concrete to build a transport interchange at the edge of the main shopping area. It’s also being used on a multistorey car park, which will be linked by bridge to a new John Lewis department store. An underground car park with a further 2000 spaces is also planned. The Paradise Project, which will be known as Liverpool One, will be completed in 2008. “The regeneration is an exciting job for everyone involved,” says Buxton Cement’s sales manager David Wilson. “It’s a chance to show just what our new, improved cement can do.” s enquiry card/online no 15

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the centre of Cambridge, it is a lively and forward-looking college, with a strong history of academic achievement and a particular reputation for its friendly and unpretentious student community. In size, the college is in the middle of the range for Cambridge, and student life centres on the elegant seventeenth-century Old Court set in beautiful gardens beside the river in the centre of Cambridge.and the twentieth-century Memorial Buildings. The previous access control system at Clare College was a simple proximity based installation fitted several years ago to replace the original mechanical lock and key arrangement. However this was beginning to show its age, both in its limited range of features and by the fact that to add fully on line doors with electronic locks as part of the expansion programme would require a hard wired solution that would be prohibitively expensive.

Accessing learning at Cambridge One of the oldest universities in the world having been founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is also one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known world-wide and famous graduates of Cambridge include Oliver Cromwell, Charles Darwin, Professor Stephen Hawking and Sir David Attenborough.

The Support Services department at the University of Cambridge needs to allow for simple and secure access to a range of buildings within the campus of the university. When one of the colleges at the university, Clare College, needed to upgrade and modernise its access control arrangements as part of a rolling programme of security improvements throughout the university, the department decided to install a bespoke electronic solution from SALTO Systems to achieve its objectives. One of the oldest universities in the world having been founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is also one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Its reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known world-wide and famous graduates of Cambridge include Oliver Cromwell, Charles Darwin, Professor Stephen Hawking and Sir David Attenborough. The university operates as a loose confederation of academic faculties and departments, with 31 separate colleges. Although the colleges and the university are separate bodies, all form part of an integrated educational entity teaching over 15,500 full-time students made up of 11,000 undergraduates and 4,500 graduates. Clare College is the second-oldest of the Cambridge colleges, with a foundation date of 1326. Located just a short walk from

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Security Management Survey Student, staff and visitor management is crucial for the university and this would be the key application for the new access control system. To achieve it a secure solution was needed to control access via entrances to staircases, student hostels, gateways and driveways using standard issue University ID cards. The college, having already taken the decision to move to the more secure Mifare card technology, needed an access system that was compatible with Mifare, was contactless and which could also provide them with everything that a hard wired system would deliver but in a mix of on line and off line stand alone wire free formats and at lower cost too! Ramesh Gurdev, SALTO’s UK Area Sales Manager comments: “Given the outstanding worldwide reputation of Cambridge as a seat of learning, this was an extremely important contract for us, giving SALTO the opportunity to fully utilise its access security expertise in an unrivalled location. Our local SALTO business partner Cambridge Lock and Safe would carry out the installation and one of their prime aims with the new access system would be the need to reduce the time needed to manage it, without any loss of functionality, f lexibility, control or security. In order to achieve this it was necessary to consider the college’s requirements from two angles. Since Clare College uses the standard University ID Cards which support the Mifare system, we established with the Support Services department that a total of 47 WRM9001 contactless smart card wall readers and CU50ENSVN Control Units would be needed. The on line readers would then operate via the college’s Local Area Network (LAN) while the off line readers would use the SALTO VIRTUAL NETWORK (SVN).”

Easy To Use Solution The SVN system allows the stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via the University ID cards. Since most access related information is kept encrypted on these cards, the wall readers are able to update and receive information from the cards at any time while from a user’s point of view, the up-dater is just another wall reader. This easy functionality opens up a whole range of possibilities and provides 90% of the benefits of a fully on line access control system at the cost of a stand alone system. The ‘smart’ ID cards build up ‘on-card’ audit trails through normal use enabling the Support Services department to track student, staff and visitor movement through both the off line and on line parts of the system if required, and a complete access profile of each individual can be established and updated as necessary at the up date wall readers. Any ID cards that become lost or stolen can be quickly and simply deleted from the system just through visiting the readers with up-dated cards. The system also greatly reduces the number of visits necessary to off line doors, since user data is simply transferred on cards by normal usage. This functionality can revolutionise the traditional problems associated with key control, eliminating the need to replace locks when security is breached due to the loss or theft of an ID card. Another function of SVN is departmental operation. This allows each faculty at a campus to manage only their own doors and/or users, while certain other doors and users can be simultaneously shared with other faculties, for example main entrance doors etc. This provides maximum security for each faculty with the convenience and f lexibility of shared control of main access points. Peter Johnson of the Support Services department said: “It is extremely important to us that students, staff and visitors have a safe, secure and pleasurable experience while at the university. With the installation of the SALTO access control system at Clare College we are confident this will be achieved. Its sophisticated mix of on line and off line access control points together with the advantages conferred by the SVN system enable us to manage up to 64,000 users and up to 64,000 doors in a single system if required, making the college both a secure and accessible environment for all its users.” s enquiry card/online no 16

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Innovative School Chooses Thermalite Over Timberframe The new Technology Centre at Thorpe St Andrews School in Norwich will be the focus of the school’s vision for innovative education in design and technology. It will also be available for other schools and learning groups to use. Designed by NPS Property Consultants Ltd, the single-storey pavilion building began on site in November 2006, with Hanson Building Products providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the construction in the form of its Thermalite Turbo blocks and Thin Joint Mortar. “We examined a number of construction methods, including timber frame,” comments Paul McLaren of NPS Property Consultants Ltd. “We concluded that Thermalite aircrete blocks with Thin Joint Mortar best met our requirements. Inf luencing factors were the speed of build, the light weight of the blocks and the excellent thermal resistance offered, which met the demand to comply with an environmentally-friendly construction ethic.” The 300mm Turbo blocks have been specified for the foundations and the external walls, with 100mm and 140mm Shield also used in some areas. The Turbo blocks offer very high insulation properties, due to their unique formulation, making them ideal for external wall applications where low U values are required. As Thermalite’s aircrete blocks are manufactured using pulverised fuel ash, a by-product from coal burning power stations, up to 80% recycled materials are used in production. On site, aircrete blocks have a distinct advantage over comparable building materials with a micro cellular structure offering extremely high thermal insulation, and consequently, lower energy consumption for the heating and cooling of buildings. Lightweight properties and high dimensional tolerances minimise waste, and the blocks can be precisely cut to the correct sizing. The use of Thin Joint Mortar is also proving a major benefit. This is a pre-mixed cement based mortar which, as an alternative to sand/cement mix mortar, allows the depth of the mortar to be vastly reduced. Thin Joint Mortar improves the thermal performance of external walls, minimising the heat loss through mortar joints, by reducing the volume of mortar required by at least 70% compared with traditional mortar. NPS Property Consultants Ltd are working with T Gill & Sons as main contractors, with Jewson supplying the Thermalite product range. “As the team has already worked with Thermalite products in the past, this familiarity has also helped with the speed of build,” continues Paul McClaren. “Overall, the cost efficiency in terms of reduced materials and labour means that the Thermalite blocks with Thin Joint Mortar are proving to be a very competitive form of construction.” s enquiry card/online no 17

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Weathering The Storm With


Over the course of time, all timber experiences degradation. At best it is limited to the surface layers of the timber and only detracts from the visual appearance, but severe degradation can affect the whole structure in terms of mechanical performance, strength and durability. All timber will go grey when exposed to sunlight although the time scale can differ, dependent upon the amount of time the timber is exposed to sunlight. Some species of wood will fade within a few months, others may take several years. Certain features can vary the weathering appearance, for example, if a species of timber has a pronounced grain, this is likely to remain visible, and can often be exaggerated by weathering. Some timber is subject to quite dramatic changes in appearance due to weathering, including Western Red Cedar, a species that is growing in popularity within the UK market. If the original richness of the colour is to be retained, then a suitable coating is required. If timber becomes weathered/de-natured and is consequently grey in appearance, it will be necessary to shave/sand the affected timber away before applying a coating to restore the wood to its natural/original appearance – preparation before coating and correct application of the finish ensure a prolonged period of resistance to the affects of weathering. The change in colour is accompanied by a loosening of wood fibres and the gradual erosion of the wood surface, as rain washes the degraded wood materials from the surface. The most effective way to control the weathering process is by applying a suitable barrier to the surface. Paints and varnish can trap moisture under the surface and this can

compromise the performance of the wood. In addition, hard finishes such as paint and varnish conceal the natural beauty of the wood, and in today’s architecturally aesthetic society, this is not a desirable effect. Opaque coatings, on the other hand, restrict this degradation by preventing solar UV radiation from reaching the underlying wood surface. Translucent finishes, such as the Sadolin woodstain range, control the effects of weathering. Translucent wood coatings have emerged as significant growth areas in recent years as an alternative to paints and varnishes, acting as a protective coating for exterior timber that slows the weathering process while retaining the natural beauty and features of timber. The final shade achieved is a combination of the colour of the surface to which they are applied, and their pigmentation. The range comprises Sadolin Extra, Sadolin Supercoat and Sadolin Classic - a general purpose wood stain. There is also the option of Sadolin Quick Drying Woodstain, a water-borne alternative with a life expectancy of up to six years. s enquiry card/online no 18

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Riverside SureStart Children’s Centre Canterbury, Kent

A new SureStart nursery funded by Canterbury City Council to service families throughout the area has been officially opened. Built by Brett Construction, the £0.9million new build single storey steel framed Children’s Centre was a 36week scheme from ground remediation works to handover. The Riverside Children’s Centre project was managed by a multi-agency partnership that included the city council, Kent County Council, Primary Care Trust, the voluntary sector and parents.

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Project Team Architect: Ben Thornby, Senior Project Manager, Architectural Services Canterbury City Council Client: Canterbury City Council Main contractor: Brett Construction Operator: SureStart

Other local partner organisations involved were Homestart, the Northgate Early Years Project, JobCentre Plus and the council’s Children and Youth Team. Building works for the new Centre started in April 2005. The cost of the building was covered by SureStart funding with Canterbury City Council providing the land. The council consulted local families about the location and content of the building through workshops, events and questionnaires. Most respondents wanted the Centre to be based in the Kingsmead area of Canterbury. Families were delighted when the council agreed to build the 80 place Children’s Centre at Kingsmead, as it was to be the first building on the site. However as an old Victorian tip, the Kingsmead stadium site demanded extensive remedial works to prepare the site for the building phases including foundations of 52 steel piles and gas membranes. uuuu

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uuuu As with all SureStart schemes, the Riverside building needed to provide functionality and practicality - whilst effectively integrating early education, childcare, health and family support services into one structure. Design features included a curved metal roof, a large glazed entrance foyer and exposed steel beams internally. Appointed for its substantial expertise within the childcare and education sectors, Brett Construction’s role stretched beyond the creation of a superior ‘early years’ facility. Working within this sensitive environment required a strong focus on safety and security, ensuring that the Centre would both become, and remain, a community hub for many years to come. Now complete and fully functional, facilities at the Riverside SureStart Children’s Centre include a reception area, three large play rooms for children of different age groups alongside offices, children’s bathrooms including shower facilities, kitchen and canteen areas, staff room, offices, meeting rooms and sleeping rooms for the children. External features such as parking, a temporary car park and turning circle were included in the contract. The firm’s small works division also negotiated and completed an additional £100k project to construct a sensory play area at the rear of the building. Canterbury City Cllr Cragg said: “This is a fantastic centre for the parents and young children of Canterbury. There are so many facilities available offering help and support. The council has worked closely with its partners on the project and everyone involved is delighted with the end result.” The Riverside Children’s Centre is now home to community groups such as The SureStart Canterbury Core Team, Busy Bees Day Nursery, multi-sensory room, Community Café, meeting rooms for hire and crèche facilities. Activities for children and their families include a speech and language group, baby signing courses, midwife clinic, health advice and baby massage. Drop in groups now include reading and music. Heavily involved in Kent County Council’s Education programme, Brett Construction has completed many major building contracts in the past two years. The firm’s recent inclusion on the Approved Contractors List for Special Education Needs Schools in the County has meant that its expertise in this area also extends to smaller scale works including maintenance, repairs and new builds, as well as a vast array of school playgrounds and sports pitches. “We are delighted to have been involved in the SureStart Riverside project particularly as it offers so much to families in the region,” commented Peter West, Building Director for Brett Construction. “We have a long standing relationship with all the parties involved and are pleased to have delivered this wonderful new facility.” n

bulletin news

44 & 55 – Stannah, 48 – Schlüter-Systems Ltd, 63 – Mapei, 65 – Conder


40 – Ambi-Rad, 57 – Vortice, 58 – Rinnai, 61 – Gledhill Water Storage

Fire Protection 43 – Kidde Fire Protection Systems, 48 – Trimo, 50 – Promat, 54 – Aico Ltd, 57 – Passive Fire Training


35 – Index Building Products, 37 – David Smith, 41 – Ash & Lacy, 42 – Alwitra, 44 – Safetyworks & Solutions, 45 – Springvale Ltd, 45 – Sandtoft, 51 – Ward, 52 – Lindab


34 – Aquila Design, 41 – Urbis


35 – Blockleys, 50 – Marshalls

External Work

34 – Jacksons Fencing, 40 – Flowcrete, 58 – Remmers

Project News

38 – Ward, 38 – Sikkens, 53 – Remmers, 60 – Tremco-illbruck Ltd, 66 – Maysand


37 – Safetell, 39 – Sonic, 55 – Salto Systems, 61 – Jacksons Fencing


36 – Mapei, 42 – Tremco-illbruck Ltd, 47 – Hodgson & Hodgson, 62 – Schlüter-Systems, 64 – Superfloor Ltd


46 – Selectaglaze, 60 – Comar, 67 – Sonic

special needs 39 – Clos-O-Mat

s enquiry card/online no 19


47 – Lignacite, 54 – Shackerley Holdings, 66 – Cembrit Blunn

coating/sealants 65 – Sikkens


36 – Mapei, 49 – JIS, 56 – SFS Intec, 59 – Duravit

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external work


The New Cito from Aquila Design

Green Thinking Jacksons Provide Fencing Solution Jacksons Fine Fencing recently provided the solution to the worries of parents whose children play on the North Hykeham Village Green in Lincolnshire. Parents were concerned that the open space which provides an ideal leisure area for children and adults was exposing their children to danger from gaps in the old wooden fencing making children vulnerable to harm from passing traffic. North Hykeham Town Council chose Jacksons to manufacture and install 300 metres of feature bow top panel fencing with fleur de lys finials within the bow. One special request of the installation was to have a 15’ wide access panel. Jacksons used a bolted angle cleat for the demountable section to allow access to garden maintenance and a fun fair which uses the land every summer. Self-closing gates were installed to provide increased security and allow children and adults safe access to the green.

Aerodynamic, stylish and durable. The new Cito from Aquila Design is a simple but elegant design that speaks for itself. Designed to meet the needs of today’s urban environment and packed full of technology and practical ideas, the designers at Aquila have created a high performance lantern with tool free maintenance. Available in 2 sizes and in a range of RAL or British Standard colours, and with a curved glass protector, the Cito provides a stylish lighting solution for any urban lighting challenge. s enquiry card/online no 21

s enquiry card/online no 20


Hydrosmart Permeable Clay Paving System Blockleys’ new Hydrosmart fully researched permeable clay paving system provides the ideal solution for specifiers concerned about the environment and the increasing quantities of surface water run-off surcharging drainage systems and polluting water courses. Hydrosmart permeable pavement systems provide an attractive highly permeable surface and effectively treat and remove oils, silts and heavy metals from surface water run-off. They can be used to harvest run-off for grey water applications and can be constructed at similar costs to conventional pavements. Available in 4 attractive colours, Hydrosmart clay paviors for the wearing surface have through-body colours that will not fade, exhibit excellent slipping, skidding and abrasion resistance and can resist damage by the heaviest vehicular loads. They are also resistant to degradation by oil and petrol spillages. s enquiry card/online no 22


Going Green In Aberdeen The first environmental green roofs for Aberdeen City Council are an innovative linked design of three elegantly curved roofs spanning a major complex of football changing facilities and community heating plant buildings at Aulton, Seaton, Aberdeen. Briggs Roofing & Cladding had to cope with an unusual curve starting from just two degrees up to a 32 degree slope. The Index Extensive green roof system had already specified the requirement for the substrate thickness supporting the sedum planting to extend in depth from 50-80mm as the degree of slope increased.The Index design can be installed without support of the substrate until the 25 degree point is reached when retention trays need to be introduced. The complete Index system incorporates 170mm of insulation, 5mm of Proteaduo (the BBA approved APP/SBS composite membrane), Defend Antiroot (which conforms to the FLL Standard) and Flexter Mineral on all exposed details. The Index Insta sedum blanket was delivered to site cut to size. s enquiry card/online no 23

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Introducing A Whole World Of Colour

The Innovative Solution For Wood Flooring Installations ULTRABOND P990 1K is an innovative polyurethane one-component adhesive, readyto-use, elastic and solvent-free, for all types of wooden flooring and laminates. Its three main characteristics make the product a unique innovation into the UK Wood Flooring marketplace: it is a one-component polyurethane, it has an absence of solvents which allows vastly reduced reactions for installers, and the innovative packaging that virtually eliminates unreasonable waste allowing total use of the product. ULTRABOND P990 1K is sold in a package composed of an aluminium bag in a plastic bucket. When installation works are finished, to preserve the unused product it is the bag can be re-sealed after letting out as much air as possible to prevent the formation of a surface film. Its range of application includes the bonding of wooden flooring, pre-finished wood or laminates of any size and type. It is also suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Ultracolor Plus is a versatile, multi-purpose grout with the added benefits of BioBlock® anti mould and DropEffect® water resistance technologies. Available in 26 different shades its perfect for brightening up your bathroom, spicing up your kitchen or simply finding the perfect match for your tiles. In a market where standard white, grey and beige had become the ‘norm’ Mapei was the first to show its ‘World of Colour’ – a range of easy to use, high quality grouts in unique colours that has helped transform kitchens, bathrooms, and other tiled areas with the use of vibrant colours. From Jade Green to Jasmine to Space Blue, Mapei has provided new and more unusual colours to enhance any colour design theme. Alternative ‘standard’ colours include varying shades of monotones – along with Cement Grey, there is the choice of Manhattan, Silver Grey, Medium Grey and Anthracite. Ultracolor Plus is a fast setting and drying grout for joints between 2-20mm. Suitable for internal or external floors or walls, and for use on all types of ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, granite, glass, glass mosaic, quarry and porcelain. s enquiry card/online no 25



Staff Can Avoid Attack In A Single Second Safetell has launched a new anti-personal attack solution, CounterShield, to screen off and protect public-facing staff from the risk of a verbal or physical attack. CounterShield gives staff total control over their level of protection in an open plan desk or trading environment. CounterShield offers the optimum defence guard by allowing the screen to be lowered slowly in anticipation of a known, higher risk situation or very quickly in response to an immediate or escalating attack. Activation time is just one second. Intelligent sensors detect obstacles that will stop the shield from effectively shutting, such as a person’s arm or an implement they are carrying. An electric motor drives the robust polycarbonate screen between fully open-plan and completely closed. The system operates from a rechargeable battery, which is connected to the standard mains electricity supply. In the event of a power cut, the battery will continue to function for up to 20 operations - by which time mains power would have been restored. Glazing area panels can provide protection in the event of a premeditated attack, where a large implement such as a pick axe is used. s enquiry card/online no 26


Raising The Roof David Smith St Ives Ltd, recently provided roof trusses for a new Primary School at Longstanton near Cambridge. The current facilities at Hatton Park Primary School will be replaced with brand new classrooms, a community room/ nursery, hall, library, kitchen/servery, stores and offices. The roof trusses for Hatton Park were manufactured by David Smith’s utilising the most sophisticated manufacturing processes, combined with traditional craftsmanship skills. David Smith’s experienced design team worked in conjunction with the architects at every stage of the construction process, ensuring that the completed laminated trussed rafters were produced to perfection for this particular project. Developed for ease of installation, David Smith trusses are supplied pre-fabricated, spanning up to 16 metres with individual sections up to 4.2 metres high. Produced using the Gang-Nail system, the installation process is simple and rapid, which helps to minimise costly downtime. s enquiry card/online no 27

s enquiry card/online no 24

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Ward Panels Chosen For Innovation Centre Ward insulated wall and roofing panels have been used on a ground-breaking office development in Worksop. Over 1500m2 of Ward DW1000D wall panels in bright blue and goosewing grey have been incorporated into The Turbine, a state-of-the-art business innovation centre in North Nottinghamshire, along with Ward’s innovative Topdek single ply insulated panels on the roof. The multi-million pound ecofriendly development aimed at innovative start up businesses includes conference facilities, workshops and office units. Built to the exacting specifications of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Resources Department Design Services, the project is a flagship example of sustainable building development, incorporating a high efficiency boiler, a high level of insulation, natural ventilation, solar water heating, photo voltaic electricity generation, recyclable materials, rainwater recycling and an on-site wind-turbine. s enquiry card/online no 28

project news

project news

Wood Protected at Maggie’s Cancer Centre Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Inverness has received the accolade of the best building in Scotland by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS). The prize of £25,000 is the biggest architectural prize in Europe and is awarded annually in memory of Scottish architect, Andrew Doolan. Designed by Glasgow-based architects, Page & Park, the centre is set in the grounds of Raigmore Hospital, and is one storey high with a mezzanine floor. The envelope of the building has been finished in Sikkens Cetol Novatech to protect external wall areas which are clad with birch face plywood. The architects wanted to retain the clean, neutral lines of the birch, while ensuring the timber was adequately protected. Cetol Novatech was specified, using the Natural Balance Colour Collection to match the colour of the original wood, retaining the visual appeal of the birch. The imaginatively designed centres are supported by some of the world’s leading architects to create the optimum environment in which this work can best be done. s enquiry card/online no 29

Sonic Speakeasy Keeps Communication Safe The Royal Borough of Kensington recently completed a refurbishment of its offices at Number Two, Allen Street and one of the important community facilities based in that building is the Drug Intervention Project, designed to divert Class A drug users away from crime. The nature of the Project’s activities means that staff members are sometimes in situations where abusive or violent behaviour is not uncommon. The refurbishment included the installation of a secure communications window in the unit’s reception area. Sonic Windows Ltd was called in to design a window that would give security to employees yet still provide unthreatening access for all visitors. Sonic’s suggestion was a window from the company’s ‘Speakeasy’ range, giving clear, unobstructed eye contact between client and staff and an electronically amplified sound system allowing easy, undistorted dialogue. The ‘Speakeasy’ design installed has clear, laminated safety glass, a pleasant blue polyester powdercoated finish to the frame and an opening shutter at the base for the passing of documents if required. s enquiry card/online no 30


special needs

Optimise Accommodation Flexibility Budgets allocated to accommodating the less able can achieve more by a lateral approach to optimizing resources. Total Hygiene maintains social housing providers can enhance the effectiveness of DFGs and home help budgets, and simultaneously improve conditions for other tenants, by installing a shower toilet, such as the Clos-O-Mat Palma, in a home. The unit looks like, and is no bigger than, a conventional WC but provides unique simultaneous douching and washing, which enables the user to toilet and cleanse without the need to reach and wipe, and to clean without assistance and toilet paper. It therefore improves dignity for the less able, and improves hygiene for the able. The Clos-O-Mat Palma is operated by a simple press of the flush pad by hand, elbow or body pressure, or by a remote control hand switch option. The washing and drying process can be triggered without the handle having to remain depressed if required, making it easily useable by all. s enquiry card/online no 31

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external work

Deckshield Landing At Derby Hospital The ability to cope with helicopter landings and extremes of weather has resulted in the installation of Deckshield, the pioneering decking system from Flowcrete, at the new Derby hospital. Used at the hospital’s new helicopter landing pad, Deckshield provides a secure surface for the Air Ambulance as it bring patients to the hospital. Alan Dean, sales director of Flowcrete, said: “Deckshield has provided a system able to cope with the heavy landing rigour of a helicopter. “The traffic is a lot more minimal then with cars, but is more extreme. Helicopters spray a lot of fuel and acids when landing and taking off and, with the helipad being at the highest point, it is more susceptible to bad weather conditions.” Colours used were mid-grey, yellow, green and red, installed to the standard requirements for a helipad involving a circle with a white cross and a ‘H’ for helicopter in the middle. The addition of a UV topcoat will ensure the integrity of the colour remains intact, even in the harshest sunshine.

Training In Comfort At Brunel University


Potential stars of the 2012 London Olympics, together with university students and local school children, are already taking advantage of the flagship £7m indoor sports facility at Brunel University. And their training is made more comfortable thanks to the Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating from Ambi-Rad that has been installed to provide state-of-the-art energy efficient heating. The structure, designed by David Morley Associates, has an eye-catching curved roof. It will potentially be used during the 2012 Olympics as a training village. Continuous radiant tube heating is ideal in the sports hall environment. It works like the sun, emitting infra red rays that heat only people and objects in their path. No energy is wasted needlessly heating the volume of air in the building, making this heating solution the economic alternative in large space sports halls. The heating system can also operate at 2-3 degrees lower than convection heaters without compromising comfort of the building’s users. The result is long-term reductions in energy usage and carbon emissions. s enquiry card/online no 33

Neos Floodlight Gives London Railway Bridges A New Dimension The railway bridges in the London Borough of Southwark are currently being refurbished as part of an ongoing environmental improvement scheme. Urbis was involved with supplying Neos floodlights for the structures of a number of the bridges that would really bring them to life at night. 30 Neos are now lighting up the lattice girders of the North side of the bridge over Druid Street, and 6 Neos are highlighting the North facing steel façade of the bridge over Tanner Street. All the Neos are fitted with 35W CDM-T lamps, which have a blue dichroic filter. The new lighting has received good reviews in the local press and by local residents and commuters alike. s enquiry card/online no 34

lighting heating

Smart Roof For Smart School


he Ashzip standing seam roofing system from Ash & Lacy Building Systems has been Installed on three schools in Edinburgh, as part of the ‘Smart Schools’ programme to raise educational standards by creating a better learning environment for pupils and teachers. Ash & Lacy supplied the roofing materials for Firrhill High School, Oxgangs Primary School and Braidburn Special School, all located on Oxgangs Road North in Edinburgh. Funding for the plan was secured through a private public partnership (PPP) agreement whereby private financiers lease the school buildings to the local council. The lease is held for 30 years, hence it was crucial that the roofs were durable and robust; capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. In addition, the educational authorities required the buildings to meet the technical approvals for wind and weather. The Ashzip system is designed to reduce the need for end laps; metal lining sheet perimeters are fully sealed using a simple zip-up machine and this minimises the loss of heat and air. s enquiry card/online no 35

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12/12/06 11:25 bulletin

Half page A4 V2 ad


Get 20% More Green Electricity From Your Roof It’s the ultimate photovoltaic roof, capable of producing 20% more output than the more common crystalline cell type. It is ideal for use in our climate as it does not need direct sunlight but works with diffused light. The electrical power generated can be used either directly in the building where it is installed or it can be ‘sold’ to an existing energy supplier. The PV-cells used in Alwitra’s Evalon®-Solar system consist of layers of amorphous silicone deposited on a stainless steel substrate and pick up grid, combined into modules which are then integrated with the Evalon® single ply roofing membrane. It will generate clean sustainable electricity capable of meeting many of the energy needs of supermarkets, major retailers and other commercial operations. In simplistic terms ICB Evalon®-Solar is electricity on a roll. In reality the product consists of one of the most advanced single ply waterproofing membranes with encapsulated photovoltaic cells. It is already meeting some of the energy needs for a wide range of customers across the UK including many in the public sector. s enquiry card/online no 36


Hydrospan Watertight Expansion Jointing Seal Tremco illbruck Ltd has introduced a preformed watertight expansion jointing seal with large movement accommodation for use in floors and concrete structures. The new Compriband Hydrospan sealing tape is a hydrostatic water pressure resistant sealant capable of resisting a 10 metre head of hydrostatic pressure and is specifically resistant to both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure. It comprises high strength closed cell durable foam together with a flexible damp resistant epoxy adhesive. The combination of these materials provides a 100% watertight expansion joint. Hydrospan is designed for use in joints established between pre-cast concrete structures and a variety of other applications.

Fire Detection Solution Speaks Volumes When it came to installing new fire alarm detection systems at Coventry Cathedral, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) technology from Kidde Fire Protection Systems presented the ideal solution. The height and volume of the building and its fluctuating airflow were the key issues, along with the necessity to conceal any new equipment installed so as not to interfere with the aesthetics of the building. Use of a radio-based alarm system overcame many of the problems associated with hard-wire cabling. The Kidde HART system works by continually drawing air from the Nave areas into tiny capillaries within a pipe network and ‘transporting’ it to detection units installed out-of-sight within a false ceiling void. Bespoke laser technology analyses the air samples to detect any smoke particles, and measures it against alert and alarm thresholds programmed into the fire control panel. Smoke vents, also concealed above the false ceiling and controlled by the smoke detection system, have been cut into the roof, a sophisticated shell of reinforced concrete. This allows smoke to escape and the vents have an override system to prevent false operation when using incense.


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Aircrete Blocks

Hollowcore Suspended Flooring System

Wonderwall Panel System

Omnia Flooring System

Dense Block Walling

Jetfloor Insulated Flooring System Concrete Staircases

Basement Twinwall System

Combining traditional building materials with modern factorybased manufacture, Hanson offers a unique answer to Modern Methods of Construction. The extensive range of prefabricated building products enables housebuilders and developers to gain the advantages of quicker build times and quality of workmanship. And together we can meet current Government and industry needs of efficiency and waste reduction in housebuilding.

For further information contact Hanson Building Products Marketing Department Stewartby Bedford MK43 9LZ

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fire protection

Tel: Fax: Email: Web:

08705 258258 01234 762040

building products building confidence

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Stannah – New ‘Lift Services’ Brochure The new brochure from Stannah Lift Services is now available. Stannah provide local service, maintenance, repair and refurbishment support for more than 72,000 lifts, escalators and moving walkways right across the UK. From eleven local service branches Stannah engineers are available 365 days a year to ensure the efficient and safe operation of lifts of most types from all manufacturers. Existing customers include rail operators, leading supermarkets and high street retailers, local authorities and housing associations for whom Stannah manage large multi-site portfolios from a single point of contact. Stannah Lift Services also carry out major lift refurbishment projects, often acting as main contractors on site.

Safetyworks & Solutions Has The Answers Safetyworks & Solutions Ltd, recently provided Jersey General Hospital with a comprehensive system solution that would enable their operatives to undertake various maintenance tasks at height safely and securely. For safe access onto the roof, Safetyworks & Solutions manufactured and installed Access Steps and a Ladder, and for safe movement around the roof their Easyguard 2 Clamp-On Handrail system was installed in conjunction with their Flexideck Walkway system. Easyguard has been developed as a permanent free-standing handrail system, modular, nonpenetrative system, which offers a lightweight design, easy assembly and is weatherproof and corrosion resistant. Extensively installed throughout many construction environments, Flexideck Walkway system is recognised as versatile, durable and sturdy, and is ideal for use with both new build and retrofit installations. To complete the system, Uniline 8mm Stainless Steel System was installed to the perimeter allowing “hands free” protection throughout the length of the system, where the operator is attached via a link device that glides over the brackets without the need to detach from the fall protection system. s enquiry card/online no 41

s enquiry card/online no 40

New Roofing System From Springvale For Kent School The Unidek Condor SIP roofing system has been installed in a brand new extension to St Michael’s School in Kent with contractor GSE. The Unidek Condor SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) is available only for roofs and supplied by Springvale Ltd with ABT Fixings installing it. The system was chosen for its speed of construction and because it addressed the concerns about the insulation properties and the design of the very low pitch of the roof and also the need to achieve water tightness as soon as possible for following trades. Following the criteria of an offsite manufactured product, Unidek Condor SIP are manufactured under strict quality controlled factory conditions and have the insulation inherent in their design. They comprise an inner insulating core made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and two outer skins made from oriented strand board (OSB). Quick to assemble, they offer excellent thermal performance and comfortably exceed the fire requirements of the Building Regulations when installed as a complete system with plasterboard finish. s enquiry card/online no 42

roofs roofs


New Roof Tile Guide Following the successful launch of the new generation range of tiles, Sandtoft has compiled a brand new product selector that showcases all roofing systems produced by the company. The brochure features the six innovative roof tile ranges that have been launched over the past 18 months, along with a host of newly designed dry roofing systems. The high quality, 84 page guide brings together the entire Sandtoft product range, complete with detailed technical information, guidance on design, installation and maintenance along with dramatic new photography. It looks set to become the most comprehensive guide to roofing systems that Sandtoft has produced. s enquiry card/online no 43

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At the noisy heart of bustling Birmingham is the city’s Town Hall, an impressive example of Roman Revival civic architecture. Designed by Joseph Hansom (of “Hansom Cab” fame), this Grade 1 Listed landmark building is based on the Roman Temple of Castor and Pollux. With a refurbishment budget of £34m, the 1830’s iconic masterpiece will once more become the performance centre of the city. However, the journey from faded glory to world class concert venue was hardly straightforward and took the combined expertise and ingenuity of main contractor, Wates Construction and Selectaglaze, the country’s leading secondary glazing specialist. The challenge was to prevent the sounds of the city from interfering with the most sensitive of arias while maintaining clean sight lines for the building’s original windows and listed facade. The solution was a monumental story in the real sense of the word. Working with their tried and tested Series 50 side hung casement, Selectaglaze produced a unit which, at 4.5m high, was substantially taller than any previous construction. And at 1.8m wide, the complete casement weighed in at over 200kg. Having met this first challenge, the next was how to fit the largest casement ever made, 8m up from floor level to cill! Working closely with Wates Construction, an ingenious combination of rollers, vacuum lifting gear and purpose designed scaffolding was identified as being the most practical way of positioning the windows so that they could be presented to the specially reinforced openings. And, of course, the acoustic performance of the glazing combination and the fitting procedure had to be tested on the initial prototype before the main task of manufacture and installation could be undertaken. Other necessary changes to the original Series 50 unit included the modification of the locking mechanism so that the glazing unit could be closed by a single handle operated near the base of the window. The benefits of secondary glazing systems are not only in sound insulation. The range also offers high levels of thermal insulation and can be specified to incorporate Part L compliant sealed units. The company also offers a suite of Security windows providing certified protection against blast, physical & ballistic attack and fire retardant rating. Secondary glazing systems are purpose made and arrive fully assembled to allow rapid installation with minimal disruption. They need very little maintenance and will continuously contribute to energy savings.

Selectaglaze Scale Monumental Heights!

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New Slimline Acoustic Flooring Hodgson & Hodgson has announced the launch of a new and improved acoustic flooring board offering high performance in a very thin package. Designed for use on timber floors, Reduc Micro 21 damps vibration and attenuates both airborne sound and impact noise passing through floors. The product allows specifiers to exceed building regulation requirements when upgrading separating floors, with minimum loss to room height. Test results on timber floors have shown high performance levels for the new board. Hodgson & Hodgson’s experienced team has reacted to market demand for a slimline product offering improved acoustic performance by adding weight to the board. To increase the weight whilst maintaining its slim profile, cement particle board has been used rather than chipboard. The board is actually comprised of layers of moisture-resistant MDF with cement particle board, separated by visco-elastic sound damping strips. A resilient layer of acoustic felt is added to the underside, which contours over minor irregularities in the floor surface and provides mechanical isolation from the existing floor structure. The upper surface is moistureresistant. s enquiry card/online no 45



Lignacite Specified For Colchester Redevelopment Sir Robert McAlpine specified over 36,500 m2 of Lignacite Original Facing masonry for phase one of the Colchester Garrison redevelopment. Close working relationships between the contractors and suppliers meant that the project, which had stringent requirements set by the MOD, was sucessfully handed over ten weeks ahead of schedule. Lignacite’s Original Cream facing masonry in split and weathered finishes was chosen to contrast and complement the brickwork on many of the buildings on the 185 hectare site. In addition, Lignacite produced and supplied a quantity of hand-cast matching specials to order. Phase two of the development, which is already underway, also uses Lignacite Original Cream masonry. s enquiry card/online no 46

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interiors fire protection

Schlüter-Systems Ltd Expands Communications Team

New Gladio Fireproof Panels Catalogue Trimo has published a catalogue detailing its GLADIO line of fireproof facade panels. Answering questions on the range’s technical properties, characteristics and installation methods, the new catalogue provides inspiration to architects, highlighting the impact that GLADIO panels will have on the future of modern architecture. The GLADIO line, which is made up of a variety of smooth and defect-free facades, is extremely minimalist and therefore very elegant. With excellent fireproof characteristics, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation and water and air tightness, the panels are suitable for the widest range of modern construction projects. For a copy of this catalogue or to know more about GLADIO smooth facades please contact Trimo.

Schlüter-Systems Ltd has expanded its communications team by appointing Clare Adomeit as its new Corporate Communications Executive. Clare is a recent Communications and New Media graduate and will play a major role in developing Schlüter’s communications strategy for the modern New Media age. One of Clare’s preliminary projects will be to create and develop a New Media strategy that will slot into Schlüter’s existing communications strategy. Increasing numbers of tilers, flooring contractors and architects are turning to New Media technologies to supplement traditional printed media to gain the full range of up to the minute information and comment. Other roles for Clare will include assisting Stewart Bint, Corporate Communications Manager with PR, Marketing, Advertising, Exhibitions and Trade Association activities. Schlüter-Systems is the UK and Worldwide market leader for the protection of ceramic and stone wall and floor tiling.

Stainless Steel The Only Practical Answer Say JIS

JIS Europe Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of modern styled radiators and heated towel rails in the South East, claim that the arguments for stainless steel over chrome plating are unanswerable. Stainless steel does not corrode, chip, f lake or bubble. It is durable, easy to clean and totally hygienic and it retains a high quality appearance throughout a long life. JIS also claim that their stainless steel radiators transmit up to 30% more heat than plated appliances and point to the ecological advantages of stainless steel in that it is produced from a minimum of 90% recycled metal, manufactured environmentally and is itself 100% recyclable. The company supplies a very wide range of stainless steel products that includes radiators of delightful contemporary design. The quality finish is an aesthetic pleasure and will remain so over the years. s enquiry card/online no 49

s enquiry card/online no 48


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bulletin fire protection

Marshalls Add New Size to Block Paving Collection Marshalls plc has introduced a new size in its leading permeable concrete block paving (cbp) collection, Priora. The new size of 200x100x60mm will be available in Priora’s full colour range. The new Priora 60mm depth size was developed by Marshalls to enable hard landscaped areas not requiring a depth of 80mm, due to traffic type and numbers, to be value engineered with the new size. The new permeable block would be ideally suited for new or regeneration projects such as Home zone or new housing developments. Marshalls Priora is an innovative block paving system, coupled to a specific design methodology and sub-base specifications. Together, these contribute to a SUDS solution, which allows surface water to be controlled at source, draining directly into the sub-base. This reduces the requirement for additional drainage systems whilst at the same time recharging the natural groundwater, creating a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the management of surface water run-off. s enquiry card/online no 51


Ward Topdek Featured On Luxury Apartments In Leicester

Promat Launch Durawall The Promat DURAWALL system is a fully certificated fire protection barrier system. It is built around the Promat DURAWALL composite panel, comprising a steel face with a non-combustible rock wool core. The system is completed by a series of other fully tested products offering fire protection to doors and voids, penetration seals, structural steel and protected zones. The new system has been specially designed for the construction of non-loadbearing internal partition walls that require a tested fire rating to act as firewalls or compartmentation walls. It provides up to 240 minutes guaranteed fire resistance on the whole system, including doors and voids, penetration seals, structural steel and protected zones, not just the panel as available elsewhere. Promat runs a specialist contractor scheme to design and install Durawall systems, and all contractors are third party accredited via the FIRAS scheme. This ensures that the whole system is installed correctly, and receives a full certificate of conformity at completion.


Ward Topdek, the all-in-one single ply roofing system has been installed on a development in Leicester. The Topdek system helped to overcome site delays caused by the discovery of Roman remains. The original building, Sanvey Mill, overlooks the Roman wall around Leicester centre. When the digging commenced, Roman remains were uncovered causing construction to be delayed. The speed and ease of fitting of Topdek roofing panels helped regain time lost. Ward Topdek is a factory pre-engineered composite roof panel that comprises a high performance single-ply PVC outer membrane integrally bonded to a Firesafe rigid PIR insulation core, approved to LPBC standards, and a steel trapezoidal profile inner deck to provide structural strength. Topdek replaces the individual processes of laying steel decking, vapour control layer, insulation board and outer membrane with one simple installation. s enquiry card/online no 53 Widard Ad (BI) 133x188 19/7/06

11:27 am

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Add a touch oF wizardry

to window scheduling CREATED ON-LINE WITH

SPECIFICATION WIZARD A joinery schedule is now just a few mouse clicks away thanks to high performance timber windows manufacturer, Ambass-A-Door. The unique on-line Wizard, part of the Ambass-A-Door web site, allows specifiers to create a highly detailed project specific doors and windows specification and schedule within minutes. Naturally, guidance on all current building regulations is incorporated. Once complete the Wizard generates a document containing all of the information provided which can be edited using Microsoft Excel. Put a little magic into your next window specification click on to



s enquiry card/online no 52 18 Bidwell Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Rackheath, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 6PT Tel: 01603 720 332 Fax: 01603 721 245 Email:

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project news


Stylish Steel Tile Effect Roofing System

Dundrum Wins BCSC Gold with Remmers

Topline, a steel tile effect roofing system, combines the aesthetic beauty of clay tiles with the durability, corrosion-proof and longevity benefits of steel to offer specifiers and home owners a cost effective and high performance alternative to traditional tiled roofs. With lightweight, profile lengths of up to 6 metres, Topline offers versatility and rigidity with speed of installation- without the requirement for roof reinforcement, thereby saving additional labour and material costs. Topline is available in two designs – high profile which provides width coverage of 1,000mm and a profile height of 42 mm and low profile with width coverage of 1,080mm and a profile height of 26mm. Both designs are available in five classic colours – black, brick red, dark grey, brown and red with a choice of three polyester coatings – smooth, matt and HB. s enquiry card/online no 55 s enquiry card/online no 56

As part of its urban regeneration master plan, a new, and now award winning, town centre development has been created by BurkeKennedy Doyle Architects for Crossridge Investments around a new town square and the existing millpond at Dundrum in Dublin. The BCSC (British College of Shopping Centres) judges, in making their Gold Award, said “this new focal point for community activities utilises high quality materials throughout, with clever exploitation of the sloping site to incorporate three levels of retailing, all with direct access to 3,500 concealed car parking spaces. Remmers’ advanced waterproofing and protective coating systems have been used extensively for more than 110,000 square metres of car park decks and more than 140,000 square metres of exposed concrete walls and soffits, all applied in imaginative local designs. On this prestige project Remmers’ specialist systems were also used to seal movement joints, protect the asphalt surfaces for disabled parking, and give anti graffiti treatment to the decorative external renders. Please contact Liz Paige at Remmers UK Ltd on 0845 37300103 - s enquiry card/online no 57

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New Aesthetic For Ventilated Rainscreens

fire protection

Aico Upgrades Unique Alarm System Aico Ltd. has just announced the launch of the new Ei168RC base unit for its unique RadioLINK wireless interconnect mains powered smoke alarm system. The new base unit adds a number of important extra features to RadioLINK. Aico says that this upgrade now makes its RadioLINK systems technology even better suited to more comprehensive alarm systems, offering greater coverage and protection, but also allowing greater control. RadioLINK works by allowing mains powered smoke and heat alarms to be wirelessly interconnected. If one alarm on the system is triggered, radio waves are used to cause every other alarm in the property to sound. The new Ei168RC RadioLINK base is now set as a multi-level repeater as standard, being capable of receiving, transmitting and re-transmitting to achieve multiple signal paths. This means that it is now possible to achieve increased coverage in properties with a larger floor area and confidently integrate a larger number of alarms into the system. The multiple path capability allows the system to avoid most RF-impenetrable structures within the property that may have previously blocked signals.

Shackerley has extended its range of ceramic granite rainscreen cladding to include a collection of new ‘metallic’ finishes. The cladding slabs deliver the richly contrasting tones and textured appearance of weathered metals but offer all the strength, impermeability, durability and resistance to climatic extremes for which ceramic granite is renowned. Ceramic granite slabs of just 12mm thick deliver outstanding building protection as part of Shackerley’s patented ‘Sureclad’ ventilated façade system. Aesthetically, there are dozens of different colours and patterns to choose from, and in addition to the ‘metallics’, Shackerley has ceramic granite to replicate almost any natural stone. Every single slab is unique. There’s consistency of colour, tone and graining yet no pattern repetition or ‘photocopy effect’ often seen in other manufactured materials. A wide range of rainscreen panel formats is available, up to 1780mm by 1250mm and up to 30 mm thick. s enquiry card/online no 59

New ‘Service’ Lifts Brochure From Stannah


A new easy-to-use brochure combines essential specifying information about the Stannah Microlifts and Trolleylifts ranges - service lifts for the easy movement of goods from 50kg - 300kg The Microlift is Europe’s largest selling range of service lifts. Often called a dumbwaiter, the Microlift’s modest size makes the transportation of heavy, hot or awkward goods simple. The lift operates inside a rapidly erected, structure supported framework, requiring only minimal builders work, even though it is able to travel up to twelve stops. The Microlift range consists of four 50kg and two 100kg lifts, offering a wide choice of car sizes ‘off-the-shelf’. Additional options include the Low Headroom and the Double Decker models. The Trolleylift offers an ‘off-theshelf’ choice of two capacities. Both the 250kg and 300kg models are able to transport anything from beer barrels to sacks of potatoes to laundry for up to 6 stops. s enquiry card/online no 60

walls news

Secure On Campus The University of Reading has dramatically improved security within one of its most modern student accommodation halls, installing a state-ofthe-art contactless access control system to keep undergraduates safe and secure. The university has adopted a strategic approach installing a security system that can also be implemented across the other halls of residence as time and budgets dictate. SALTO Systems were chosen to provide an integrated solution. SALTO’s PRO-Access electronic locking system was installed, featuring distributed intelligence in both the lock and the key, together with 300 electronic handle sets from their Comfort and Security ranges and 10 on-line wall readers to provide real-time on-line access control for perimeter barriers and main entrance doors. The PRO-Access software enables the entire building to be operated by one database (although it is powerful enough to control the entire campus) managing the intelligent electronic locks and Mifare proximity keycards for standalone wire-free operation. Because it is wire-free there is no need for manned guards to use a hand held programmer as they complete their rounds. s enquiry card/online no 61

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Train To Gain

SFS Intec’s New Range Of Balustrade Fixings SFS intec has launched a new range of precision engineered fixings for banisters and balustrades. Developed to help create banisters and balustrades simply and cost effectively, the fixings are designed as brackets which require no welding on-site thanks to rivet nuts and corresponding bolts to fasten the assembly. The standard range includes single and double arm brackets designed for mounting on square or round hollow sections. European manufactured from stainless steel to deliver a stylish look which combines perfectly with contemporary glass designs, SFS intec fixings are reliable and secure in the long term. The addition of fixings for banisters and balustrades makes the SFS intec glass fixings range one of the most comprehensive available. From raised point, bevel point and flush point fixings, to a variety of spiders and an easy-to-use canopy fixing system, SFS intec provides a solution for glass which is structurally reliable in the long term and a stylish feature that can enhance the overall look of the glass element.

or corridors, which must be upgraded to the recognised standard, pipe-work that pass through fire-walls, and that all light fittings and trunking need to be also fully fire protected. With the risks of injuries and fatalities in a fire and the danger of a possible prosecution by the building owner, many contractors need to show that every effort has been made to minimise the risks and self-certification will become mandatory in the industry. With a NVQ level 2 certificate and greater knowledge of fire protection, many NAPFIS certificate holders will have an ideal opportunity to increase their earning potential on existing and future projects whilst also learning how passive fire protection systems are installed to uuu

From October 2006, new Fire Safety Legislation will require many building owners, managers and facility managers to ensure that any work carried out within their premises must include fire stopping when appropriate. Tradespersons, will find that it will become common practice to prove that they have an extensive knowledge and training on passive fire protection products and systems, as there will be an increasing need for accredited passive fire installers. With legal litigation on the increase many building owners and managers are insisting on detailed written certification of the work carried out by the trades person. The Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers, ‘NAPFIS’ has recently been established to offer an accreditation process to all trades people involved in the construction industry. The NAPFIS Certificate, will ensure that as a carpenter, plumber, electrician or decorator you have an obligation to ensure that a variety of projects are completed to the highest possible fire standards. Examples of essential fire protection, include doors on fire escapes uuu

fire protection

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fulfil the requirements of the Reform Order and Risk Assessment. The new Passive Fire Training Centre is located in Dover, Kent, and tradesmen will have an opportunity to experience, hands on demonstrations on the do’s and don’ts of passive fire protection. Early indications are that a number of the training courses are filling up fast, so to avoid any disappointment contact now on 01304 210721. s enquiry card/online no 63

Ours Does, Does Yours?

It is a now a requirement of the 2006 Edition of the UK Building Regulations Approved Document F1: Means of Ventilation, that the performance requirements of fans should be assessed and verified according to the relevant parts of BS EN 13141. The new regulations require an ‘installed performance’ and demand that the complete assembly, as installed, meets the performance requirements by following the good practice as set out in the CIBSE Guides. Vortice Limited claims to be the only manufacturer of ventilation systems able to prove that their ranges of domestic and commercial fans have been third party certified to comply with the requirements of the BS EN 13141 standards. When specifying ventilation systems, many aspects have to be taken into consideration. One aspect, resistance to airflow, can seriously affect the unit’s performance and must be allowed for. Resistance can be caused by a number of factors such as intake and exhaust terminals, how the ducting is planned and fitted and the inclusion of filters. Vortice provides a CAD ventilation design service and because all ventilation units and components specified are third party certified they are able to guarantee compliance with the installed performance required in Part F1. s enquiry card/online no 64

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Rinnai’s Infinity 16i Meets Hot Water Needs external work

Pont Ebbw Bridge Restored with Remmers System Pont Ebbw Bridge was originally a masonry bridge which has been extended and widened using reinforced concrete. Over the years carbonation had reached the steel allowing it to corrode, leading to concrete spalling. Newport City Council appointed Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL) to repair this damage and prevent it in the future, so CRL selected a complete concrete repair and protection system from Remmers. This included Remmers Repair Mortars and Remmers Concrete Acrylic, the anti carbonation and waterproof protective coating, which also improves the appearance of the structure.

Rinnai has extended its range of popular Infinity continuous flow gas-fired water heaters with the introduction of a model designed to meet the hot water needs of domestic and light commercial premises. The new Infinity 16i offers a system that guarantees a constant flow of safe hot water via accurate temperature control. The Rinnai Infinity 16i has a hot water delivery capacity of 15.2 litres per minute. Weighing just 18kg and measuring less than 680mm high, it provides the perfect solution for many applications. Water temperatures can be pre-set through easy-touse built in digital controls, eliminating the risk of scalding and eradicating the need for thermostatic mixing valves. The Infinity 16i has an input of 35kW; it can usually run from a normal domestic gas meter. It has been designed for use directly off the mains, eliminating the need for large, unsightly storage vessels. Frost protection comes as standard. s enquiry card/online no 66

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No Jacket Required


Duravit is pursuing a strategy described by the company as ‘from Jeans to Dinner Jacket’ meaning it will now provide products to serve all price points of the market. A new launch sanitaryware and furniture collection called D-Code offers unprecedented design, quality and value for customers with entrylevel budgets for both domestic and commercial applications. Created by Sieger Design, D-Code is ‘designer jeans’ for the bathroom and is geared towards creating a timeless element in our everyday lives. Duravit will also continue to provide innovative products to serve the luxury ‘Dinner Jacket’ end of the market. s enquiry card/online no 67

Building Schools

for the Future


When it comes to Prestige Aluminium Building Products DALES Are In A Class Of Their Own

Low Maintenance Aluminium • Fascias

• Coping

• Soffits

• Window Cills

• Solar Shading

• 25 year Guarantee

• Rainwater Systems

• All available in bespoke options

See our website: t: 0115 930 1521 f: 0115 930 7625

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Floor Joint Sealing Solutions Developed For Heathrow T5

Comar Refurbishes High-Profile School Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has recently completed an extensive refurbishment programme on The Winston Churchill School in Woking. One of the elevations consists of a two-storey, 200m span of cladding, originally timber, which had reached the end of its life cycle. Comar 2 window walling was specified with integrated top-hung opening vents and panels. Comar 2 offered a precise fit to the specification requirements of the building, offering fast-track installation, a wide range of glazing options, integration, security, high-span mullions and transoms. Due to its semi-unitised construction, Comar 2 can be fabricated in the factory, shipped and, once on site, the two part channel and plate clip together to form 100mm x 45mm or 100mm x 30mm box section. This fast-track installation was imperative, as the works were scheduled to start and finish in vacation time when health and safety issues were minimised. Slim 35mm or 45mm sight lines are available as well as high span mullions which offer high deflection loads; again, ensuring that the specification of the school was met.

Specialist mechanical expansion jointing systems from Tremco illbruck Ltd. have been developed for use in floor areas installed in the new Heathrow Airport T5 development. To meet the large joint movement capability required, and also to accommodate a high specification finish as well as passive fire resistance, a customised expansion jointing system has been developed using Compriband Interspan profiles. The new jointing system utilises a heavy duty all metal Interspan profile which is combined with a waterproof membrane and specialist Jointspan FR fire and smoke sealing materials to effectively seal the structural movement joints incorporated in the floor sections. The special movement jointing system used at Heathrow comprises extruded aluminium profile sections in an interlocking and self-adjusting design that accommodates the greatest possible degree of movement caused by expansion and contraction. A special feature of this system allows the removal of the top surface plate for cleaning purposes without disturbing the integrity of the joint. s enquiry card/online no 70

One-Stop-Shop For Solar Heating Packages


GLEDHILL Water Storage has launched a new range of all-in-one solar heating packages. The new single source solution will enable new homes developers and installers to take full advantage of the opportunity presented by renewable energy heating and hot water. The packages incorporate Gledhill’s primary store which has a sophisticated, intelligent controller to manage the complete system, including both the boiler and solar energy source, to fully maximise efficiency. Utilising the Gledhill BoilerMate Sol OV for new build properties with open vented systems, and the BoilerMate Sol SP for existing homes with a Y or S plan installation, each of the packages come with the option of Gledhill’s SEDBUK A-rated HE boiler. The highly intelligent control package monitors the energy input from the solar panels taking into account domestic demand, and modulates the speed of all the pumps accordingly. A top up from the boiler will only be initiated if necessary. These new all-in-one packages will enable quicker, simpler installation as the solar circuit is prefabricated, and all components are perfectly technically matched. s enquiry card/online no 71

project news heating

Jacksons Insta-Gate Means An Instant Response Jacksons Fine Fencing has a gate solution that provides long term security when it is needed quickly. Jacksons Insta-Gate is a high security gate that can be installed and working within 24 to 48 hours of the order. Insta-Gate is available in two heights (2 metre and 2.5 metre) with 17 different widths for each height. All gates are supplied with post and fittings. Insta-Gate is developed from the Barbican range and is available in a galvanised finish or polyester powder coated in around five working days in standard RAL colours, green, black, white, blue or grey. Jacksons believe that they make some of the toughest and least susceptible fencing and gates on the market, but also realise that no system is impervious to a sustained or violent attack. When this happens you need to secure your premises quickly. InstaGate is not a short term solution, but a highly secure gate that is a formidable defence system. Single leaf gates are supplied with posts, a key lock and a hold open catch, while the double leaf gates come with a key lock, two hold open catches and a centre gate stop. s enquiry card/online no 72

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New Sound Insulation Gives Durable Tiled Surface A newly-launched acoustic floor product not only reduces noise, but actually protects the tiled surface as well, overcoming one of the major problems of tiling onto acoustic floors. Schlüter-Systems technical manager Ian Knifton says: “To put a rigid finish, such as tiles, over a surface that is very compressible, is asking for trouble: usually the grout lines would crack first, then the tiles would crack at the joints and finally debond”. However, Schlüter®-DITRA-SOUND which reduces the impact sound of floor constructions (test values according to DIN EN ISO 140-8) was specially designed to ensure that the tiled surface is highly durable. The heavy polyethylene material absorbs much of the impact sound created by walking.


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Doesn’t your project deserve the best?

Dricon® is the only BBA approved fire retardant treatment for timber. It forms part of a unique choice of timber protection systems and services available from Arch to provide more time and safety in a fire situation. SEE U



On February 12th 2007 MAPEI and the news founding Squinzi family celebrated 70 years in business. In 1937 on the outskirts of Milan, Rodolfo Squinzi founded MAPEI “Material Ausiliari Per l’Edilizia e I’industria” `(“Auxiliary Materials for Building & Industry”). The company originally manufactured paints and coatings until Rodolfo propelled it to success by concentrating on the niche market of adhesives for the installation of wall & floor coverings, beginning with adhesives for linoleum flooring MAPEI then evolved to produce adhesives for the installation of ceramics, stone materials, carpet, PVC and wood. The internationalisation of MAPEI began in 1978 with a plant in Canada, then expansion throughout the five continents continued rapidly. Advocates of a ‘think globally act locally’ approach, MAPEI ensure that each plant reflects the industrial culture of its location. MAPEI has always been a family concern now presided by Dr Giorgio Squinzi, Industrial Chemistry graduate and son of Rodolfo and today manufacturing has increased to include a portfolio of more than 800 products, which includes adhesives for ceramics, stone materials and all types of wood and resilient floor and wall coverings, sealants, waterproofing materials, chemical building products from substrate preparation and damp-proofing through to industrial flooring, soundproofing systems, decorative & protective renders and special mortars, admixtures for concrete and products for underground construction. The MAPEI group proudly dedicate 5% of annual turnover and 12% of their workforce to research, always keeping ahead of technology and ready for future developments. Pioneers of environmental concern, MAPEI have spent considerable time and research developing solvent-free products and adhesives in water-dispersion to lessen their impact on the environment and the product user and in 1992 became a member of ‘Responsible Care’ – the international chemical industry’s programme for sustainable development.

Happy Birthday MAPEI – 70 Years Of Success

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STAND NO 27 FEB - 1 . E401 MAR 2007

Dricon®, Non-Com® and Flamecheck® are registered trademarks of Arch Timber Protection.

UniQue timber protection

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Durable Opaque Finish Chosen by Environment Agency

New Floor At New Cross Hospital, Courtesy Of Superfloor

Patients and staff at a refurbished wing of New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton should be walking in comfort after the floor surface was given a characteristically thorough diamond grinding by Superfloor Ltd to ensure the surface was smooth and safe to receive a brand new vinyl coating. Superfloor is one of the UK’s leading floor preparation specialists. The company was called in by A M Griffiths of Wolverhampton to carry out grinding of the existing floor surface to provide a key for the new floor. The work formed part of the strip-out and refurbishment of the two-storey hospital wing, which has

been completely redesigned to state-of-the-art standards. The 10,000m2 floor area was ground by around 1mm thickness to remove the existing vinyl surface and adhesive, together with any rough concrete and screed underneath to create the ideal surface on the exposed concrete. John Gilbert of Superfloor comments: ‘Floor preparation – in refurbished or new properties – is essential to the long-term durability of the top floor surface. Incorrectly ground concrete can quickly result in peeling or chipping of the material that is laid over it. Attention to detail at this stage is crucial.’ The diamond grinding process, while extremely effective, can produce excessive amounts of dust. Superfloor always utilises a vacuum connection to ensure dust is contained as the work progresses. s enquiry card/online no 76

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The Environment coatings Agency has specified Sikkens advanced technology opaque coatings for the redecoration of the windows at its Regional Head Office in Leeds. On detailed examination of the frames, it was discovered that the original timber, underneath many maintenance layers of paints and stains, was of extremely high quality and the decision was made, on an environmental basis, to renovate rather than replace. Rubbol SB was specified for the redecoration of the window frames. Its excellent outdoor performance is based on the use of a unique siliconemodified alkyd which slows the weathering process. As a result, it dramatically extends maintenance cycles to eight years or more, and in most cases maintenance is required only three times over a 25-year period, compared with five or more that traditional coating systems require. Rubbol SB has superb opacity and extremely high gloss levels and colour retention. It is available in a choice of 1624 colours from the Sikkens 4041 Colour Collection, and a wide range from the RAL, BS 4800 and NCS collections.

Conder Cleans Up Conder Products Ltd has added to its extensive range of sewage treatment solutions with the introduction of the new Clereflo ASP series. The Clereflo ASP is suitable for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is not available and will serve a population range from 6-20 persons. For homeowners and self-builders, key features include its discreet below-ground installation, its quiet, odourless operation and low ongoing maintenance and running costs. For developers and contractors, as well as being price competitive, the Clereflo ASP’s compact design offers a low-cost, easy installation process. Conder is able to offer a full service and technical package which can include product support, installation, commissioning, de-sludging, service and maintenance. s enquiry card/online no 78

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project news

Maysand’s National Trust Triumph Restoration and conservation specialist Maysand completed a year-long contract at Dunham Massey, after being selected as main contractor for the project on the flagship National Trust property in Cheshire. An early Georgian red brick structure built on top of an original Tudor core, the current Dunham Massey house dates back to George Booth, the 2nd Earl of Warrington, who inherited it in 1694. At the time, the estate was heavily in debt but Booth dedicated much of his life to restoring the fortunes of the place and it stayed in the Booth family until 1976 when both house and 250-acre estate were bequeathed to the National Trust. Maysand worked with renowned conservation architect Andrew Wiles to renew and re-lead all the box gutters, re-lead the roof and reroof the main house — a considerable undertaking on the grand, 30-room period property. The £581,000 project took exactly 54 weeks and finished bang on schedule, to the delight of everyone involved.

Cembrit Blunn’s Work Of Art Cladding panels from Cembrit Blunn form an integral element in one of the world’s largest public art commissions at the Young Vic in London. 180 black Cemtone fibre-cement cladding panels have been hand-painted by celebrated modern artist Clem Crosby and installed behind an eye-catching grid to form the outer wall of the main auditorium. The artist hand-painted in a deep cadmium yellow the black panels supplied by Cembrit Blunn. The design is a constantly shifting surface that transforms the appearance of the new building in changing light conditions throughout the year. In the evenings, a soft light will illuminate the panels, making the Young Vic a sight to behold. Cemtone surface coloured cladding panels are suitable for a wide range of external cladding applications including rainscreen systems, cladding of ventilated facades, gable, eaves and fascia boards, balcony lining panels, infill panels and pre-fabricated constructions. The range is available in any RAL colour and the high quality factory applied finish ensures water staining does not deface the panel. Made out of cement and selected mineral fillers, Cemtone Cladding Panels are environmentally friendly, contain no hazardous substances, and no solvents. Cemtone is a durable, easily maintained material. s enquiry card/online no 80

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Sonic Ensure Buying Tickets Is No Battle glazing

The famous Sussex esort of Hastings now boasts a brand new Main Line Station. The station’s contemporary, blue-glass, open plan design combines a feeling of airy space with a friendly, un-forbidding atmosphere. To provide a Ticket Office that blended not only with the modern, blue and white décor but also with the welcoming ambience of the building, Sonic Windows Ltd. was asked to supply a window system that would provide secure but friendly contact in the vital area where passengers and railway staff interact. The Sonic remit was for three ticket stations, two at regulation height flanking a low level window for unimpeded wheelchair access. The passenger has an unrestricted view yet staff are totally secure from thefts and draughts. The electronic intercom offers clear, undistorted dialogue and induction loops are fitted to the window frames for the benefit of hearing-aid users. The central disabled ticket station has a projecting stainless steel ledge under which a wheelchair will fit and all three cash trays are recessed into the counters. s enquiry card/online no 81

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