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Issue No: 490

March 2014 Love where you live

Published jointly by All Saints’ Church and the Braunston Parish Council

Jetty Fields Work Party see Page 6

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The Blessed Virgin Mary & St Leodegarius, Ashby St Ledgers Parish Priest:- Rev. Sarah Brown 01788 890298 email - and Churchwardens:

Churchwardens: Chris Levett: 891864 Janet Weaver 01327 312045 Deputy - Trish Davies - 01788 891792 Secretary: Dorothy Amos: 01788 891491

Anne Parker-Tyler: 899251 Pat Milner: 899157 Secretary: Colin Allen - 890988 Treasurer: Peter Hobbs

Organist and Choirmaster: John Viggers -024 7667 9967 REGISTERS FOR January / February 2014

Funerals - Braunston 31/01.2014 - Thomas Hough May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory

Baptisms - Ashby 16/02/2014 - Evelyn Terry and Jacob Colton

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On the pitfalls of humility.. I have a disgustingly beautiful sister. She is two years younger than me, tall and slim with bosoms that stay up on their own, naturally curly hair, glorious brown eyes, fantastic dress sense and the ability to wear extremely high heels without falling off. Among her many other accomplishments she can sport a diamond ring without scramming her nose with it and in black hooded evening cloak genuinely pulls off the glamorous "Scottish Widow" look, which contrasts unkindly with my own unwitting tribute to Darth Vader. Last time we were together in public a gentleman assumed that I was her mother. My sister thought this was absolutely hilarious and fell about laughing. I did not. I had a frozen moment of total shock, just like the one I experienced aged 15 when I went to the cinema with a boy who broke the ice (so to speak) in the middle of the film by pouring a cup of cold water over my head. Unaccountably he and I ended up in a clinch in the back row of the Odeon. My sister and I merely laughed ourselves silly. But it was the same frozen moment where dignity and self-perception are stripped away and you have to decide what you have left and where to go with it. One of the great things about living for God is that it puts things like that in perspective as you start to see yourself properly. The God-seeker's quest for self knowledge, for a heart that looks to serve God and other people before self is a difficult one. Humility is tricky because the minute you think you've got it and mentally pat yourself on the back you've lost it! But real humility lets you laugh at yourself without pain; it lets people love you for who you are and not for some version of yourself that you let them see. Humility becomes possible when we face up to ourselves, know the worst and best of ourselves yet also know ourselves forgiven, accepted and incredibly loved by God. It makes the opinions of other people less valid and can bring real peace. So as we move into Lent it is worth trying to see yourself through the eyes of God. You may have some frozen shocking moments but you may find peace. Let me know if I can help. "O Lord its hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way....." My sister lives in Nashville, Tennesee, surrounded by fried chicken and country music. She is nice as well as beautiful but I forgive her! Have an interesting Lent, Sarah

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CHURCH FLOODLIGHTING 2014 February's floodlighting 9th February - In memory of Bill. Love Iris. 10th February - * In memory of Mansel Davies 10th February - To Cedric with love on your 90th birthday from Betty 19th February - * In loving memory of my brother Rowan on his birthday. Miss you loads. Duncan x 22nd February - John and Rosemary Harding. We made it to our golden wedding anniversary! 23rd February - * Happy birthday Zoe. Love, Mum & Dad

March's floodlighting so far ‌ 8th March - * To celebrate the lives of May & George McCarthy and Bill & Gladys Law 15th March - * Lit for Ada Littlemore 21st March -Celebrating Janet & Mike McCarthy’s Golden Wedding and their 50 happy years in Braunston 26th March - * For Judith & Nigel Sykes' wedding anniversary 28th March - * Our Wedding Anniversary. Jean & Brian Branch * = Friends of All Saints - A huge Thank You Please take note: - These are all the floodlighting requests received before the BVN Deadline - 20th February 2014

DAVENTRY HEALTH WALK SCHEME Help yourselves get fit by joining in our 30/40 min Health Walks around the village. Walks in March will take place every Thursday from outside The Cake Slice Tearooms, in the High Street. at All are welcome (no charge) but please wear suitable footwear as some walks may be over fields. Leader Rosemary Kendall (01788 8905

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Braunston Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan Braunston Parish Council would like to thank the year 6 pupils at Braunston School for taking park in the ongoing consultations about the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Councillors Andrew Alsop and Alan Mawer went to the school to talk to the pupils who live in the parish to find out their views about Braunston. Amongst most of the 15 pupils of that age who live in Braunston and who spoke to us there was a strong liking for the village. They clearly feel safe in the village and felt that it is peaceful. They like the opportunities Braunston provides with mentions of shops and places to play, including sports. At the same time they would like more places to play and more things to do at the playing field. Most wanted to be living here when they are 25 and few wanted any changes by that time. There was some concern about teenager noise but one pupil thought it was unfair that a teenage sibling got moved on for being on a scooter. One pupil thought that the village is not a place for rich people. It was suggested that Braunston needs more council houses and properties that are suitable for elderly people. There was strong support for both a cycleway to Daventry and for the skate park, although a small number pointed out some disadvantages with both. Their views and opinions are being added to those from other people in the village and will be referred to when drawing up plans for the future of the village. Page 5

NEWS FROM JETTY FIELD. Despite the weather we have still managed to complete more work on the Pocket Park! The work morning went very well. Thank you to the 14 local people who undertook some magnificent work! We have also put up a new fence in the garden area and planted a beech hedge, this has been set off with the addition of some colourful primroses. We have been able to do all this as a result of generous donations and support from the "Friends of Jetty Field". We hope to be able to install a new "kissing gate" in the woodland area that will mean wheelchair users and children in "buggies" can access the field more easily. More trees and hedges will also be added to the area in the next few weeks. We have also been able to repair the path over the ditch the other side of the "kissing gate", on the left hand side of the field as you go down. The materials and the tractor were provided by the Harrison family. Thank you very much! If you have any ideas or suggestions do contact the volunteers on the usual telephone numbers that are displayed on our notice board. CAN YOU HELP? WE HAVE A WORK MORNING ON SATURDAY 15TH MARCH FROM 9.00 TO 12.00. DETAILS ARE ON OUR NOTICE BOARD AT THE TOP OF THE PATH LEADING TO THE POCKET PARK. IF YOU CAN SPARE AN HOUR OR SO YOU WILL BE MADE VERY WELCOME!

We hope to be adding more fencing in the Jetty Field area over the next few months. If there are any fencing contractors in the area who would like to find out what we require, please could they contact Mr. Pat. Herlihy (890590).

THE DICK HERNE BRAUNSTON HISTORY SOCIETY. We have an "Open Archive" evening on Tuesday 18th March at 7.30 p.m. in the Library of the Village Hall. Do come along and use the records about our village that we have for you to access. Please come to our A.G.M. on TUESDAY 15TH APRIL at 7.30 p.m. in the LIBRARY of the Village Hall. You will be able to hear about the successes of the past year and the interesting plans we have for 2014 - 2015! The membership cards for the year ahead will be available and you can either join or re - new your membership. We warmly welcome new members!

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BRAUNSTON PARCELS The number of "Braunston Parcels" now sent to our troops serving overseas since April 2007 has reached 1,343. An impressive number by any standard and it's all due to the generosity of the people who contribute to "the box" which is located on the counter of the village shop. My sincere thanks to everyone who donates …….thank you! We sent our last parcel to H.M.S. Montrose during February as the ship and her crew are on their way back to their home port of Plymouth. She should arrive back in the U.K. sometime in March. Since January, H.M.S. Montrose has been deployed in the removal of chemical weapons from Syria. During this operation she has been working with a task force of ships from the Danish, Norwegian, Chinese and Russian navies. 20 parcels were sent to H.M.S. Montrose during her deployment in the Indian Ocean. the Gulf and the Mediterranean and by all accounts they were much appreciated as the photos received from the crew and now on display in the village shop show! Throughout this time we have continued to send parcels to members of the Army deployed in Afghanistan. The current recipients of our parcels are members of the 9/12th Royal Lancers who operate the Warthog armoured vehicles. My thanks once again for your continued support as it reminds those military personnel who receive a "Braunston Parcel" that we are thinking of them when they are away from home on active service.

BURNS NIGHT SUPPER on 25th. JANUARY At the Village Hall This was a most enjoyable evening Raising £915 for Church Funds. Thanks you so much to all those who helped, who came, who donated, who helped in so many ways to make this such a successful event. We will be holding next year's Supper on the 24th.

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A ll P r o p e r t y M a in t e n a n c e & H o m e Im p r o v e m e n t s G A R Y CA PELL L O C A L B R A U N S T O N C A R P E N T E R A N D JO IN E R M O S T W O R K C A T E R E D F O R IN C L U D IN G : M a k in g a n d fit t in g w o o d e n a n d U P V C W in d o w s – D o o r s – K it c h e n s – T ilin g – D e c k in g – F e n c in g – A lt e ra t io n W o rk – L a m in a t e F lo o r in g – U P V C F a c ia B o a r d s – G u t t e r in g – P a in t in g F R E E C O M P E T IT IV E N O O B L IG A T IO N Q U O T E

T e le p h o n e a n y t im e o n : 0 1 7 8 8 8 9 1 1 2 0 o r m o b ile : 0 7 7 1 7 8 0 4 3 7 8

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Gift Vouchers Available We also do Acrylic tips and Gel Overlays Hair Dressing for all the family We also do full manicures, shape and polish. We also do Gelish Nails. Models wanted for trainees at 1/2 normal charges Call us on 01788 891211 for an appointment or call in to see us at 39 The High Streeet Braunston

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BRAUNSTON SCHOOL of MOTORING Est. 1993  Professional, Patient Tuition  Excellent Pass Rate  Student & Block Booking Discounts  Free Learner Support Pack  Motorway Tuition & Pass Plus  Refresher & Lapsed Pupils Phone Martin Scott, DSA A.D.I., I.A.M., F.C.I.B.

Telephone: 01788 890751 07889 709948

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200 Club Winners – Latest R esu lts Da te

Nu mb er

W inn er

P rize

0 2 .0 1.1 3

1 53

D. Ed war ds

£ 50

0 9 .0 1.1 4

2 02

C. Pri ce

£ 10

0 9 .0 1.1 4

1 61

E. To mli nso n


1 6 .0 1.1 4

0 77

L. B on iface

£ 10

1 6 .0 1.1 4

1 66

R. Hou gh


2 3 .0 1.1 4

1 51

B. S hr ub b

£ 10

2 3 .0 1.1 4

0 22

D. Ba ker


All Saints' Church LENT LUNCH Saturday 29th March Braunston Village Hall 12.30pm - 1.30pm Come and enjoy a chat and some sumptuous soup!

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PUT IT ON THE SLATE The cost of saving All Saints' Church is estimated at a cool quarter of a million pounds. The good news is that the Friends of All Saints are beginning to believe that the target can be reached if their bid for Heritage Lottery Fund money is successful. But why so much? According to Stephen Oliver, a Midlands-based specialist church architect commissioned by the Friends, the biggest cost will be the scaffolding essential for working at such a height. Sadly, it will be necessary to have it enclosed to prevent thieves from gaining access. That pushes the cost up to £120,000 before a single slate has been replaced. Among the items needing attention are: ñ ñ ñ ñ

Extensive work to high-level masonry, including a fine octagonal chimney, at a cost of more than £12,000. Cleaning/repairing/replacing gutters: around £60,000. Repairs to stonework, including finials and pinnacles: £15,000. Replacing or refixing missing, loose or damaged slates: about £4,000.

Even with the backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund, individual contributions will still be needed. To show your support, you could: ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ

Become a Friend; Buy the mugs, pens or shopping bags available from the Friends; Buy a slate. The approximate cost to supply and fix a single slate is £50; Repoint a pinnacle: £250; Repair a finial: £500.

Several individuals have already supported the cause. Peter Andrews gave £20,000 and has now promised to double it. Jennifer Coy gave £10,000 in memory of her late partner Brian Wallis. Help from others has pushed the total so far to just over £70,000. Your help - great or small - would be warmly welcomed in what the Friends hope will be the final push towards that once seemingly impossible £250,000 target.

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The Royal British Legion Braunston & District. As reported in the last issue of the BVN, investigations are now in hand with a view to carrying out maintenance and cleaning of the village War Memorial. A stone mason's report has confirmed that the memorial is sound but that some lettering needs replacing and the rest cleaned and repainted. The whole memorial stonework needs to be cleaned. Estimated cost is in the region of ÂŁ4,000 and enquiries are now in hand with the Parish Council on the financing of this work. The work needs to be completed by August to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the start of WW1. The monthly luncheon in March will be at the George Hotel, Kilsby, at midday on the 19th. No booking required, just come and order from the George menu. It has been agreed that in future the monthly branch meetings will commence at 7.30pm. However, the March meeting will stay at 8.00 pm and will be at the George Hotel, Kilsby, on 11th March. We are always pleased to welcome new members at our meetings and at the refreshments which follows. Tony Saunderson Tel. No, 01788 890797.

We are Macmillan Cancer Support World's Biggest Coffee Morning Make a note in your diary now for this special annual fundraising event, which will be held in the Gaillie room at the Village Hall on Saturday, 20th September, from 10am until 12 noon. Tea / Coffee and delicious home made cakes will be available, together with a raffle. If you would like to make cakes, run a stall or help in any other way towards this charity event please contact Janet McCarthy on 01788 890336

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Jenni's Jottings Here we are again, another month beginning and hopefully an end to all the wind and rain. I'm sure like me you are feeling so sorry for all the people so badly affected by the floods. However, I was walking up the High Street the other morning, the sun was out and I couldn't help but notice the signs of spring. There were lots of crocus and snowdrops and I have even spotted quite a few snowdrops on the towpath by the canal. They are such harbingers of spring. Looking through the Floodlighting list as I prepared this issue I noticed that two couples in the village are and will be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversaries. Congratulations to John & Rosemary and Janet and Mike. Also a gentleman who often provides the photographs in the BVN reached a milestone birthday in February. Many congratulations on your 90th Cedric Wasser - keep on taking those marvellous pictures please. On a different subject and one that unfortunately creeps up occasionally in this magazine: I wonder how many of you watched Countryfile last Sunday. There was an item about Adam the farmer who sadly had to have some of his beautiful rare breed cattle destroyed including a belted Galloway and a white park cow. They had been infected by a particularly nasty parasitic bug which it is widely thought comes from the infamous 'dog pooh'. In the past I have probably been guilty of not picking up in fields but I will certainly make sure I do now and hope that all you Braunston dog walkers do the same. I knew that apart from being harmful to children and being very unpleasant to tread in but I was saddened to hear that it could be deadly to cattle. It came to Chris and I recently that as co editors in the same family we could be rather vulnerable in that if we are needed elsewhere at any time there is no-one to edit the magazine. Therefore we think it would be a good idea for one or two other people to learn all about it, It is a great job and we get told some very interesting things - I won't tell you about the man who used to cuddle a pair of his mothers silk drawers (clean I might add) when sucking his thumb, or the dear lady who gave away her teddy bear then missed it so much she searched Ebay to find another! If you are interested in learning what is involved give me a ring sometime. Once again, I hope you all keep well and that you enjoy this issue of the BVN. Jenni

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T im e 0 9 :3 0 1 7 :3 0 1 1 :0 0 1 3 :3 0 1 8 :3 0 1 4 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 0 9 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 1 9 :3 0 1 2 :3 0 1 9 :3 0 1 7 :3 0 0 8 :0 0 1 1 :0 0 1 4 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 0 9 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 1 2 :3 0 1 5 :3 0 1 9 :3 0 1 9 :3 0 1 0 :0 0 1 7 :3 0 0 8 :0 0 1 1 :0 0 1 4 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 0 7 :3 0 0 9 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 1 2 :3 0 1 9 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 1 7 :3 0 0 8 :0 0 1 1 :0 0 1 4 :0 0 1 4 :0 0 1 9 :3 0 1 9 :0 0 0 9 :0 0 1 2 :3 0 1 5 :3 0 1 9 :3 0 1 7 :3 0 1 1 :0 0 1 4 :0 0 1 9 :3 0

E ven t B is h o p 's B ib le D a y N o r t h a m p t o n Y o uth C hurc h H o ly C o m m u n io n & J u n io r C h u r c h B r B a p t is m G u n d a E ve ns o ng - B r L it t le F is h e r s C h u r c h C h o ir M o r n in g p r a y e r - B r L e nt C o urs e A s h W e d T e a m C o m m u n io n - D a v e n t r y P e a c e a t lu n c h t im e B e ll R in g e r s Y o uth C hurc h H o ly C o m m u n io n B r F a m ily S e r v ic e B r L it t le F is h e r s C h u r c h C h o ir M o r n in g p r a y e r - B r L e nt C o urs e P e a c e a t lu n c h t im e W o r s h ip o n W e d a t S c h o o l B e ll R in g e r s A n n u a l C h u r c h M e e t in g B r B is h o p 's R o a d s h o w B r a c k le y Y o uth C hurc h H o ly C o m m u n io n B r P a r is h C o m m u n io n - B r L it t le F is h e r s C h u r c h C h o ir T e a m C o u n c il H o ly C r o s s h a ll M o r n in g p r a y e r - B r L e nt C o urs e P e a c e a t lu n c h t im e F r ie n d s o f A ll S a in t s A G M B e ll R in g e r s Y o uth C hurc h H o ly C o m m u n io n B r H o ly C o m m u n io n B r B a p t is m S o u t h e r n L it t le F is h e r s C h u r c h C h o ir A shby A P C M M o r n in g p r a y e r - B r P e a c e a t lu n c h t im e W o r s h ip o n W e d a t S c h o o l B e ll R in g e r s Y o uth C hurc h M o t h e r in g S u n d a y F A M I L Y S E R V I C E L it t le F is h e r s C h u r c h C h o ir

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Explorer Scouts: Beavers : 13.00 Toddler Group: 19.30 W.I. Scouts : 20.20 Adult Tap Dancing : 19.00 Yoga Cubs : 13.45 Short Mat Bowls : 20.00 Fishing Club Bingo: Circus Explorer Scouts: Friendly Club Beavers : 13.00 Toddler Group: 20.00 Royal British Legion Scouts : 20.20 Adult Tap Dancing : 19.00 Yoga: Cubs : 13.45 Short Mat Bowls : 20.00 Fishing Club Bingo Youth Club - Sorry no information received as to opening Jetty Fields Work Party: Twinners Craft Fair Explorer Scouts: Beavers : 13.00 Toddler Group: 19.30 History Society Scouts : 20.20 Adult Tap Dancing : 19.00 Yoga: Royal British Legion Lunch Cubs : 13.45 Short Mat Bowls : 20.00 Fishing Club Bingo: Cinema Club Explorer Scouts: Friendly Club Beavers : 13.00 Toddler Group Scouts : 20.20 Adult Tap Dancing : 19.00 Yoga: Cubs : 13.45 Short Mat Bowls : 20.00 Fishing Club Bingo: Youth Club - Sorry no information received as to opening Mother’s Day Cake Stall: Cinema Club Explorer Scouts:

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B BEAUTIFUL HAIR & BEAUTY SALON Tel. 01788 890889 19, Lower Street, Willoughby, Rugby CV23 8BX Your local countryside Hair & Beauty haven!

With a newly refurbished salon offering hair and a full range of beauty treatments, B Beautiful is the perfect location for top to toe pampering. *Hair* Beauty* Waxing* Nails* Facials *Massage* Spray tans* Chemical Hair straightening and much more Come and visit us soon! Page 20

MOTHER'S DAY CAKE STALL Saturday 29th March 2014 From 9am Opposite Select Convenience Store Braunston 2nd Braunston Scout Group Your Village Scouts Please support them

BRAUNSTON PLAYERS WOULD LIKE NEW MEMBERS Braunston Players put on 2 (and perhaps an extra one this year) shows in the Village Hall. In July it's the one-night 'Puddings and Performances' Where anything goes....monologues, Acting, singing, dancing- whatever takes your fancy with or withoutscripts. The 4 night November show is usually a mix of well known songs (assisted by the fabulous Braunston singers) and a short play and various je-ne-sais-quoi! This year we are also hoping to do something new in April-- an evening of short sketches ( with scripts ). IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL CHRIS GROSSART on 01788 890 491 Sent from my iPad

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Cross Lane, Braunston, Nr.Daventry Northamptonshire NN11 7HH Tel: (01788) 891977 Fax: (01788) 891977

        

Servicing to all makes of vehicles - either using our own unique service program, or to manufactures service schedules including those still under warranty. All diagnostic work under taken - using the latest diagnostic equipment in our fully equipped workshop. M.O.T’s arranged - all repairs available on site. Tyres/puncture repairs/wheel balancing - excellent prices on new tyres fitted on site. Wheel alignment Clutches supplied and fitted Exhausts Batteries Opening times Welding Mon - Fri 8.00 to 6.00 Saturday 8.00 to 12.00

Fully qualified technicians, professional and friendly service. No job too small. To book an appointment call :01788 891977

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BRAUNSTON CANAL SOCIETY The weather hasn't helped our work plans for the New Year, but, hopefully, things will improve. We are grateful to Braunston Parish Council for sponsoring again this year our information leaflets. We know from feedback that visitors appreciate this guide, and we hope the village and its traders benefit from its continuing availability. Daventy Council are promoting wild flowers this year as part of the WW1 anniversary, this majors on poppies for obvious reasons, but also includes native wild flowers suitable for meadows. As part of our ongoing development of the Stop House Garden we plan to create a wild flower meadow at the East end of the garden. DDC have approved our request for seed and CRT have also approved the changes we plan to make. More details soon on its progress. Anyone who would like to be involved in this or any of our projects please contact Chris Burton, 01788 891546

All Saints' Church, Braunston

MOTHERING SUNDAY 30th March 2013 Family Service 11am Family Worship, with songs and activities. If Mum is no longer with us, why not remember her by lighting a candle All Are Welcome

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Do you have a business or an event to publicise? Why not advertise in the BVN? Prices start from just ÂŁ15

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Braunston Walkers Walk Saturday 18/01/2013 Barby (c.7 miles) A break with tradition here as we planned on doing a seven miler and follow with lunch at the fantastic Old Plough, Braunston before calling it a day. We thought about doing a figure of eight with a short afternoon walk but realized we'd probably get no takers! All week the weather forecast had been showing Saturday with torrential rain and no let up but we were greeted to a grey but more importantly dry morning as eight of us set off through the village to the Old Plough to place our lunch time order. Reluctantly we walked down to Church Road and took the cut through to reach the Greenaway then Countryside and the footpath which some kind horsey person had left fenced off leaving us to struggle with electric fences (thankfully not turned on) and ankle deep mud. A theme for the day (the mud that is, not the electric fences) after all the recent rain. We passed the horses happily munching the grass (the horses that is, not us) and crossed the swollen brook, swiftly flowing in its rush to join the River Leam, over the wooden bridge into a sloping field that we had to climb. We have walked this route many times before but surprisingly not everyone had so it was new for some. At the top of the hill we gazed back for a great view over the village, the canal and the Warwickshire plain beyond. Still struggling through the mud we crossed a track and over more stiles to pass Braunston Fields Farm with Tiltup's Holt Farm on top of the hill above us and over to the right the intriguing, heath land, Braunston Cleves which sadly has no footpath across it. We continued alongside a stream over more really muddy fields and through the pocket park to reach the mill at Barby and to join up with three more walkers. Our walk took us past the tranquil lake and mill and along a bridle way which had recently been upgraded from quagmire to swamp. It makes the walking really hard work when you are sloshing through slippery slimy puddles and trying to maintain your dignity. We failed to do that but kept on to meet a crossroads of paths and then another slippy field track to a stile. As we emerged from the bushes we were greeted by a fantastic view over Warwickshire taking in Staverton Hill (last months walk) Hellidon Tower, Flecknoe with Shuckborough behind, Napton and the cement works chimney near Southam. It was very lightly raining but soon stopped as the sun made an appearance while we crossed two more mud soaked fields sliding downhill to reach the canal at Onley. Our route back was a level, but very muddy towpath, where at least two walkers slid over but thankfully no lasting damage. We paused to eat sweets kindly supplied by Terry, it's as if he has never been away. We got back to the village and took off heavy mud caked boots before sinking into the cosy Old Plough who were soon serving up delicious food including some of the best chips I have ever eaten and pints of foaming Scrum, a very tasty beer brewed in Rugby. We sat around their blazing fire and enjoyed it even more

Page 26

than usual as we knew we had finished for the day. The pub is excellent and of course is highly recommended. With aching muscles due to the mud we were ready for home and a cuppa! Our next walks are as follows: February 15th Priors Marston (c.9 miles), March 15th Old (c.10miles), April 19th Ilmington (c.10 miles), May 17th Aynho and Deddington (c.11 miles), June 21st Moreton in Marsh (c.10 miles)

FORTHCOMING VILLAGE EVENTS DATE March 2014 7th, 8th, 9th 15th April 2014 11th 12th May 2014 17th 23rd to 26th June 2014 7th July 2014



Circus Craft Fair


Car Boot Sale (to be confirmed) All Saints Church Folk Night Friends of All Saints Spring Quiz Twinners Quiz Night Floating Market

All Saints Church Roving Canal Traders Assoc.

Church Fete

All Saints Church

Car Boot Sale (to be confirmed) All Saints Church August 2014 1st 15th & 16th September 2014 13th 20th 27th October 2014 6th 18th November 2014 1st 1st 15th 15th January 2015

Car Treasure Hunt Arts & Crafts Weekend

All Saints Church Friends of All Saints

Proms Night All Saints Church World's Biggest Coffee Morning Macmillan Cancer Support Fund Raising Day Air Ambulance Harvest Supper Quiz Night

All Saints Church All Saints Church

Barn Dance Autumn Craft Fair Autumn Fair (to be confirmed) Autumn Quiz

Friends of All Saints Twinners All Saints Church Twinners

Burns Supper

All Saints Church

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FOLK NIGHT AT THE VILLAGE HALL ( A great night out!) Following the success of the last FOLK NIGHT, we are holding another one on FRIDAY 11TH APRIL AT 7.30 P.M. There will be a licenced bar; hot snacks will be provided in the interval as part of the ticket price of ÂŁ8. The singers and musicians from "Folk at the Oak" will be returning by popular demand! Do come along, join in and have very enjoyable evening! Further details from Andrew (890826). Tickets will go on sale in the Post Office, The Cake Slice, Charisma Hairdressers and directly from Andrew from Saturday 1st March. (All proceeds go towards "The Friends of All Saints' Braunston Restoration Appeal").

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Clubs and Society Events Braunston Women’s

Friendly Club

Institute Next Meeting: Tuesday 4th March at 7.30 in the Village Hall. Our talk this month "The Curious Story of the Diary in the Attic" will be given by Tony Boullemier. The challenge is " The strangest object in your attic".

Next Meetings: 10th March - Ray Hutchinson will entertain us on the piano 24th March - A lunch outing to "Platform One" at Rugby. Transport by DACT bus more details later.

There will be a Trading Stall on this evening and the tea hostesses will be Gloria & Marion. Gill Powell 890763 If you fancy hearing this intriguing story come along and join us. Visitors are always welcome. Barbara - 01788 890452

TO BOOK THE VILLAGE HALL CALL Mrs Jac Morris 01788 890686

Braunston Fishing Club BINGO Every Thursday throughout the year 8.00pm in the Village Hall Non members welcome G Donald 891264

Rainfall No information received

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Braunston Twinners News We hope you got your copy of our flyer in last month's BVN inviting anyone from Braunston and surrounding areas to join the group visiting our twin village of Quincy-Voisins from 2 - 5 May this year. If not, please contact the Secretary, Eric Baker, on 01788 565617 or for further information. This year we are flying from Luton to France Charles de Gaulle airport where a coach will meet us to take us on to Quincy, a 30 minute trip. At the time of writing (Feb 18) there are still places left on our Easyjet plane, a return flight costing £98.80. As the time gets nearer the price increases so if you would like to join us now's the time to make a decision! Did you know? May 1st is Labour Day in France, and is also the day when the French celebrate spring by offering small sprigs of muguet (Lilies of the Valley) as a porte bonheur (good luck charm) to those who hold a special place in their hearts. All around Paris (and the rest of France) there are people selling little bunches of Lilies-of-the-Valley for a euro or two. Since May 1st is the only time of the year when people can sell flowers on the street without having to buy a permit, muguets are everywhere. Everywhere you look, you see people exchanging flowers and well-wishes for the coming season. Supposedly, this custom started during the 16th Century, when wedding banns were posted at the beginning of May, and wreaths of muguet were hung in the doorways of the brides-to-be. During his reign, Charles IX also began offering muguets for luck. In the late 1800s, the international workers movement declared the first of May as Labour Day, in honour of the workers of the world. In France, workers and their supporters wore lily-of-the-valley boutonnières (buttonholes). These days, French tradition says that you must offer au moins un brin de muguet ("at least one sprig of Lily of the Valley") to loved ones on May Day.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND The Mobile Sight Centre will be in Daventry Town Centre - New Street between 10.00am and 1.00pm on Wednesday 19th March For further information or support call our Helpline: 01604 719193 or visit

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Phone (01788)

Angling Club

Chris Miller


Air Training Corps

Stuart Chadwick

078844 02797

Army Cadet Fo rce

David A Hurley


Bell Ringers

Peter Wenham


Braunston Canal Society

Chris Burton


Braunston Cinema Club Braunston L adies Grou p Braunston Pl ayers

Sandy Mac Donald Julia Beattie Margaret Chris Grossart

891488 890488 890780 890491

Braunston Si ngers

Jacqui Lancaster


Braunston Walkers

Phillip Ray John Viggars

Con servation Group

Pat Herlihy

891437 891384 0247667 9967 890590

Cricket Club

Simon Stapley


Fi shing Club

G Donald


Fri endly Club (fo r over 60’s) Fri ends of Braun ston School

Gill Powell


R. Undy r.undy@ho uk Revd, Sarah

0781469 5160 890298

Chris Grossart


Annie Rogers


Sue Rigby Headteacher Linda Hawkins Wendy Wilson Louis Prat Veronica Smith

890494 890583 890348 890766 899155

Braunstonpreschool @goog

01788 891891

Chu rch Choir

All Saints’ Kids Clu b Sunday Sch ool Gardens Assn. The Dick Hern e Braunston History Soc. Braunston Pri mary School Playi ng Fi eld s Assn. Little Fishers Pre-Schoo l

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Boys & Girls 13-18y Every Monday & Thursday Boys & Girls 13-18y Every Tuesday eve Thursday Evenings 7.30pm-9pm

Meets Monthly Annual Sho w plus informal get togethe Alternate Weeks Walks of 7-10 miles around the area Mondays 7.30-9pm

Bingo every Thursd evening 8pm village Hall


Meetings 3 Tuesd of the Month

Under 5’s with pare Mondays 2pm All Saints’ Church Mon – Fri am during term time in village



Royal British Legion nd 2 Braunston Scouts - Group Scout Leader

Colin D White Steve Rolt

Explorer Scouts Boys & Girls Beavers for Boys and Girls Scouts for Boys & Girls

John Driver

Cub Scouts for Boys and Girls Explorer Scouts Short Mat Bowls Adult Tap & Ballet Classes Toddler Group

Twinning Association Village Hall Committee Women’s Institute WEA Workers Educational Assoc Yoga Group Youth Club 9-15years

Joan Bishop Stuart Muddiman Via Steve David Coleman Steve Rolt Alan & Mavis Eley Julia Beattie

Phone (01788) 890390

Meetings 2 nd Tuesday of month At 8pm

07956 682733 07798 645581 01327 878178 07956 682733

Every Monday 10 ½ - 14 yrs Every Tuesday 5 ¾ - 8 yrs Every Wednesday 10 ½ - 14 yrs

07796 336985 07956 682733 890011

Every Thursday 8 – 10 ½ yrs 14-18yrs Boys & Girls Alternate Mondays Thursdays 13.45 Village Hall Wednesdays 19.35 – 21.35 Village Hall (Term time only)


Mandy Byrne

07530 947159

Term time 1.15 to 3pm first visit free £2 per family session thereafter. Ho lidays 9.30 to 1pm £3 per family session incl. lunch

Eric Baker 565617 Jac Morris

07724 123363 01788 890686 890452 891806

Social Events & visits to and from Quincy-Voisins Village Hall Bookings

Barbara Bury Sue Goodchild Jackie Green Sheila Beck ett Judy Morgan

1 st Tuesday at 19.30


Thursday Evenings at school Autumn & Spring Terms


In Village Hall Term Time Only

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Sat 1st March - Live music being performed by "Tempting Fate" Sat 15th March - KARAOKE NIGHT Sat 29TH March - Live music being performed by "The Helix" Sunday 16th March - St Patrick's day party with free Jukebox all day, "Paddys Quiz" with lots of giveaway prizes. Home made Irish Stew will be available all day served with crusty bread...£3.00 a bowl..!! Cut price Guinness/Jamesons/Baileys..!! FREE POOL TABLE EVERY WED NIGHT, WINNER STAYS ON, ALL WELCOME..!!


BVN Deadline - April 2014 Edition The next newsleter will be published on 1st April 2014. Please leave material at the Post Office before NOON on the 20th March or by Email to the Editor Jenni Burton Tel: 01788 891546

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March 2014