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Braswell High School, Aubrey, Texas | Volume 6 |Senior Edition | May 26, 2022

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Page 3 - Letter from Mr. Hailey Page 5 - Q&A with the class presidents Pages 6&7 - Announcing the 2022 Valedictorians and Salutatorians Pages 8&9 - Colleges represented by the senior class Pages 10&11 - The graduating class of 2022

2 / Table of Contents The Bengal Beat | May 2022 Senior Edition

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(1) We present the sixth graduating class of Braswell High School, (2) footage available on TikTok shows the extent of damage students did to Frisco Memorial, and (3) Roger Fisher and Leslie Jensen are crowned Prom King & Queen.



Mr. Hailey presents his letter to the senior class and graduation details are announced.



Aaliyah Breedlove reflects on the year, warns seniors to live in the moment and damage is done to Frisco Memorial.



We sat down for a Q&A interview with McKane Barnes and Ty Mason, the class of 2022 and 2023 presidents



A map of every college a Braswell student is attending.



The 10 Valedictorians and 2 Salutatorians of the Class of 2022 are announced.



We present this year’s senior class, for commencement.



Portraits of the graduating senior class.



Portraits of the graduating senior class.



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Letter from the Principal \ 3

Letter from Mr. Hailey to the Class of 2022 Dear Class of 2022, The time is here! Congratulations! Each one of you have achieved a remarkable feat of completing your high school experience and preparing yourself for post-secondary success. You have worked hard during your 13 years and now you are ready and prepared to receive a diploma from your alma mater and to move on to college, career, or military. Can you believe you are about to be a Bengal Alum? We are very proud of your accomplishments and of the outstanding leadership you have brought to our culture and campus. COVID times have been a tremendous hurdle, but your resilience, courage, and engagement has proven you can accomplish great things no matter how high the hurdle maybe. I have enjoyed watching you grow over the past couple of years and have cherished the moments that I have personally shared with you. The conversations, the laughter, the teachable moments that both you and I have had is why I will forever have a bond with the Class of 2022. I wish you continued success and blessings on your road. Remember to always believe in yourself. Live an Identity of Excellence…YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!! May graduation and all the activities associated with it bring you and your family and friends great joy. This world needs you as leaders and you are prepared. I am so proud of you, and I can wait for you to change the trajectory of your family by the great things that are in store for you. Remember to BE THE CHANGE and to always have a high self-worth, self-expectation, and self-accountability. Sincerely, Mr. Hailey

2022 Graduation Info

Friday, May 27, 2022 at noon at the UNT Coliseum The Graduation ceremony for Braswell High School’s sixth graduating class, the Class of 2022, will be held at the University of North Texas Coliseum Friday, May 27, 2022 at noon. General parking is available in lots 19 and 20 and special needs parking is available in lots 26 and 27. For more information on Denton ISD Graduations, please visit Information on UNT’s Clear Bag policy can be found online at https://www.unt. edu/2022-high-school-and-nctc-graduations-unt Map courtesy of the University of North Texas

4 / Letter from the Editor & News

Letter from the Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Aaliyah Breedlove As the school year comes to an end, many are focusing on what’s to come and what our futures will hold. As imperative as it is for us to look to the future, I ask that you spend this time focusing on now. As cheesy as it sounds, now is a better time than ever to live in the moment. Our last year has gone by so fast, with little time to appreciate everything we have worked so hard for. Not only have we been given the opportunity to thrive, but we have also

been given the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them with nothing but positive criticism these last four years. Our senior year has been a year of impact, confusion, and indecision, but now those things do not matter. As we live in our present, we are able to acknowledge our success and all who have helped us get there. We are able to reminisce on the good, the bad, and the in between. We are able to feel excitement, feel independent,

or even feel lost and confused. Regardless of how you leave school, know that you each carry all the knowledge and that is something nobody can take. It’s our present, our now, and our time to show the world what our class has to offer. It’s been an honor to watch you all develop and prosper into young successful adults. No matter where you go or what you do, I hope you remember that you are the person who got you to where you are today.

Staff Report An originally approved senior prank at Frisco Memorial High School took a turn for the worse Thursday, May 19, causing thousands of dollars in damages, forcing them to cancel class for the remainder of the year, and for Braswell, and other area school districts, to cancel previously approved senior pranks.

nized by a small group of students that originally only involved sticking Post-it notes all over walls but later turned into a building-wide act of vandalism involving fire extinguishers. The extent of the damage was enough that the high school canceled its last classes on Thursday and Friday as the campus was cleaned, cutting the year short for graduating seniors.

Students at Braswell had planned on filling the school hallways full of baloons, similar to other schools accross the country that are featured on TikTok. McKane Barnes, senior class president, ran the prank by school administration and was all set to begin that evening before school officials cancelled the prank after learning about what happened at Frisco Memorial. “It sucks,” Barnes

Thank you for allowing me to tell your truths and write your stories. Forever your editor, Aaliyah Breedlove

Frisco Memorial High School changes Braswell’s senior class plans

The prank at Frisco Memorial was orga-

said. You know, a few bad actors at one school ruin a Senior tradition for a bunch of other schools. It just sucks. There was a lot of planning and money dumped into ours and then this happened. With that being said though, I’m not gonna say I don’t agree with the decision, but it sucks.” Frisco Memorial will stay closed until the end of the academic year.

Q &A As the end of the school year approaches, a transition of power does as well. On Friday, May 27, the Senior Class of 2022 President, McKane Barnes, will graduate and the Junior Class of 2023 President, Ty Mason, will take his place. We sat down with them to discuss their roles, their plans for this year and next, and what their responsiblities will look like.

An interview with the two class presidents:


McKane Barnes, ‘22 and Ty Mason ‘23 McKane, what do you think your legacy as president will be? “My main goal this year was to improve school spirit on campus,” Barnes said. “My legacy, physically, would be our senior gift to the school, which is what we plan to be a bell at the new stadium, and a new tradition. Which will help build that school spirit goal. That’s what I would say my legacy is, school spirit and expanding the class president role outside of what it normally would be to maximize the senior experience.” Ty, what do you hope your legacy will be when you become the senior class president next year? “I hope to create a community of the 2023 seniors and to build on the legacy that is being a senior, and to build on class spirit, just as McKane did,” Mason said.” McKane, what have you done as the senior class of 2022 president? “That’s a great question, there’s a lot,” Barnes said. “I would say some of the big things were going out for sponsorship opportunities, creating t-shirts, contacting t-shirt companies (all of the t-shirts we had were either custom made by me or ordered and recolored through different companies), our square site, all of the e-commerce was me, all of the social media - creating the class Instagram and class logo. I established it but handed it off to our class officers. I was able to then build ties with admin and relationship building on campus so that we could do things off campus. One of the biggest things is planning the senior events - the booster club can only do so much.”

Ty, what events do you hope to host next year? Are there any new ones that have not been done before? “Well I am pretty determined to execute a kickball tournament,” Mason said. “That is pretty high on my priority list. Other than that I think we will probably follow suite - besides maybe with some food trucks I’d like to do. Events like that, that are situated with food. A kickball tournament would be a great idea. I’d like to do a gallery for the fine arts department. And food trucks are my big three for this year. McKane, why did you decide to run? “I wanted my senior year to go a certain way and I thought that I could do the best job leading our class,” Barnes said. “No one else seemed to be devoted to it like I was. We were coming out of COVID, and we decided to take it over and do the best we can.” Ty, why did you decide to run? “Well I think our first three years were pretty unfulfilling due to COVID and I want the senior year to be our redemption for all of us,” Barnes said. “I’m looking forward to doing that year and to make it less stressful than COVID was for us.” McKane, do you have any words of wisdom for Ty? “It doesn’t matter what you do for the class, there will probably always be someone who going to be mad with what you do. They’ll have their reasons . You will never be able to please everybody and that’s okay. There’s always going to be opposition and you’ve just got to power through it.”

6 / Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Sophie Alexander

Hudson Bradley

Chase Buerger

Eowyn Dauterich

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of Texas at Austin What is your major/minor? Majoring in Radio Television FilmWhy did you choose your college? I like the campus and my sister goes there What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Having a good time Advice for the Freshman class? Dont stress.It’s a stressful process, but it always gets better.

What are you doing after high school? Attending Texas Wesleyan University What is your major/minor? Majoring in Biology and Minoring in Scuba Diving and Sociology Why did you choose your college? I’m going there on a football scholarship. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? The indepedency. I won’t have to rely on people Advice for the Freshman class? Take all the classes you can now.

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of North Texas What is your major/minor? Majoring in Electrical Engineering Why did you choose your college? It’s a decent college that’s not too expensive. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Being an Engineer Advice for the Freshman class? Stay on top of your grades and apply for scholarships.

What are you doing after high school? Attending Louisiana State University What is your major/minor? Major: Enviromental Engineering Minor: Studio Arts Why did you choose your college? I received a full ride scholarship What are you looking forward to the most after high school? I’m looking forward to being surrounded by engineers who think and work like i do. Advice for the Freshman class? Have fun and don’t always be in the books. That was my mistake.

Sadie Johnson

Lillian Kalmbach

Emmanuella Mbonu


What are you doing after high school? Texas Woman’s University What is your major/minor? Major in Nursing Why did you choose your college? Because of its affordability and the proximity to my house. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Being in charge of my own life and making new friends! Advice for the Freshman class? Don’t wait too long to start worrying about your GPA.

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of Texas at Austin What is your major/minor? Double majoring in Enviromental Science and Public Health Why did you choose your college? It’s very highly rated and there’s a lot of oppurtunities at Austin. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Definitely meeting new people and just experiencing new things. Advice for the Freshman class? Take AP classes. They may seem scary, but they aren’t that hard.

What are you doing after high school? Attending the University of Texas at Austin What is your major/minor? Majoring in Biomedical engineering and minoring in pre-physical therapy Why did you choose your college? I thought it was a good college to attend in Texas What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Moving out of my house and meeting new people Advice for the Freshman class? Keep up with your grades


What are you doing after high school? Attending Trinity college What is your major/minor? Majoring in Engineering Why did you choose your college? The cost was nice for what I’m going to get What are you looking forward to the most after high school? To be an Engineer Advice for the Freshman class? Stay on top of your grades and do the best that you can do.

Valedictorians and Salutatorians \ 7

Nathan Dellinger

Sydney Hammond

Kyndal Houff

What are you doing after high school? Attending Texas Tech University What is your major/minor? Majoring in Mechanical engineering Why did you choose your college? It provided good scholarships and has a good engineering field What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Doing my own thing Advice for the Freshman class? Don’t worry too much. Just go through highschool and enjoy it.

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of new Mexico What is your major/minor? Major: Anthropology Minor: History Why did you choose your college? I was offered practically a full ride What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Coming into my own person and having that sense of indepedence as well as meeting new people Advice for the Freshman class? Grades dont matter as much as you think they do.

What are you doing after high school? Attending Texas Tech University What is your major/minor? Majoring in Animal science Why did you choose your college? It’s close to home because East Texas is where I lived most of my life. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Experiencing the college scence and getting to know other people Advice for the Freshman class? Don’t push yourself too hard. Make sure you take time for yourself

Megan Nelson

Caden Page

Caitlin Vessel

What are you doing after high school? Attending Dallas Baptist University What is your major/minor? Majoring in Nursing Why did you choose your college? I like that it has a good christ centered education. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Getting involved in college and meeting new friends Advice for the Freshman class? Enjoy hanging out with your friends and don’t take it for granted because it’ll go by a lot faster than you think .

What are you doing after high school? University of Texas What is your major/minor? Mechanical Engineering Why did you choose your college? Very good engineering program, it’s one of the cheaper ones for how good it was. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Being independant and getting my own routine outside of school and just being my own person. Advice for the Freshman class? It’s better to struggle now than be comfortable cause if you struggle now then life only gets easier.

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of Texas at Austin What is your major/minor? Majoring in Psychology Why did you choose your college? It’s in state and a pretty great college What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Meeting new people and becoming and adult Advice for the Freshman class? Don’t stress too much. It’s not that serious.

Arien Jahdi

What are you doing after high school? Attending the University of Texas at Austin What is your major/minor? Majoring in Health promotion and Behavioral science under Kinesiology Why did you choose your college? I love the city and they’re rated really high for being public What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Going to Med school Advice for the Freshman class? Highschool isn’t like the movies, you’ll just learn as you go along.

Vicky Vo

What are you doing after high school? Attending The University of Pennsylvania What is your major/minor? Majoring in English and Minoring in Global Health Why did you choose your college? It’s very interdiscplinary for what I want to do. The education is great and the faculty is great. What are you looking forward to the most after high school? Expanding my academic horizons and learning from the top professors in the world. Advice for the Freshman class? Have fun, highschool isn’t just about getting good grades.

8 / Colleges Represented

Colleges Represented \ 9

Alabama The University of Alabama Arizona Grand Canyon University Arkansas University of Arkansas Hendrix College Harding University California University of Southern California Academy of Art University Loyola Marymount University Florida Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Idaho Brigham Young University-Idaho Illinois DePaul University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Indiana Valparaiso University Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Kansas University of Kansas

McPherson College Kentucky Eastern Kentucky University Western Kentucky University Louisiana Southern University and A & M College Louisiana State University Grambling State University Dillard University Michigan Saginaw Valley State University Mississippi Hinds Community College Missouri Columbia College Montana Rochester Community and Technical College Nevada University of NevadaLas Vegas New Mexico University of New MexicoMain Campus Luna Community College New York Saint Joseph’s CollegeNew York SUNY at Albany New York University North Carolina University of North Carolina School of the Arts Okalhoma Oral Roberts University Murray State College Oklahoma State University-Main Campus University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus Tulsa Welding School-Tulsa University of Tulsa Bacone College Langston University Oregon University of Oregon Pennsylvania Allegheny College University of Pennsylvania Tennessee Tennessee State University Texas Collin County Community College Tarrant County College The University of Texas at Austin Texas A & M UniversityGalveston

Texas Christian University University of North Texas The University of Texas at San Antonio Texas Woman’s University Texas State University Texas A & M University Brookhaven College Blinn College Kilgore College Texas Wesleyan University The University of Texas at Arlington Tyler Junior College North Central Texas College Paul Quinn College Texas Southern University Navarro College The University of Texas at Dallas Texas A & M UniversityCorpus Christi University of Houston Texas Tech University Tarleton State University Prairie View A & M University Ranger College Dallas College Southern Methodist University University of Dallas Austin College South University-The Art Institute of Dallas Abilene Christian University McLennan Community College Northeast Texas Community College Dallas Baptist University The Salon Professional Academy Stephen F Austin State University University of Houston-Victoria Universal Technical Institute Dallas Fort Worth Lamar University Utah Utah Valley University Brigham Young UniversityProvo West Virgina West Virginia University International London, United Kingdom Richmond, The American International University in London

10 / Senior Class of 2022 Lana Ahmad Abuarqoub Jaeden Alexander Acker Abigail Rose Ackers Abenezer Adane Santiago Jose Aguilar Joshua Alberto Aguilar Trana Amy Alayo Avery Jamison Albert Sophie Abigael Alexander Adrian Antonio Alvarez Urdaneta Jessica Marie Anderson Malaya KayOzha’Ray Anderson Ridgley Anderson Terri Jalise Anderson Caitlin Grace Andrews Anthony Arambula Luis Enrique Aranguren Reyes Jordan Lee Archer Zorah Nicole Archie-Winston Savanah Breanne Ardis Anthony Isaiah Armstead Kelvin Orlando Arriaga D’Andre Teray Attwood Jeremy Alonzo Aubert Kalysta Jaden Avery Alyssa Victoria Avina Jaylee Michelle Baca Malachi Maleke Bailey April Nichelle Banks Dwayne Earl Jeremy Banks Jr. McKane Gardner Barnes Taylor Barry Bryce William Bauer Jada May Beck Taylor Joshua Bell Benjamin Anthony Beruete Joseph Cesar Bilgri Benjamin Adam Bishop Annabel Josephine Blackburn Emily Skye Blackmore Mi’kayla Tay’teona Joylean Harris Blackwell Jaiden Nicholas Blaylock Mia Christine Boatright Paige Kendrick Boatright Braiden Michael Bollack Christian Thomas Boncev Brayden Alan Borden Jayda JaShel Brackens-Turner Alan Jamel Bradley Hudson Anthony Bradley Aaliyah Michelle Breedlove Wyatt Morgan Briggs Dylan Ray Britton Bunton Marquis Aveon Bryant Chase Erik Buerger Sydney Nicole Burrows Caiton Lee Bussard-Menchaca Isaiah James Butler Kaitlyn Reece Butterworth DaMareon Lee Byrd Kamari Quinyon Cage Natalia Gloriana Calixte Raul Camargo Cabrera Camron Cordell Campbell Shania Yvette Carrington Jason B Carter Jr. Preston Lloyd Carter Taylor Matrice Carter Timothy Lee Carter Jr. Damion DeAnthony Cash Mikayla Ileen Castillo Jesus David Chacon Elizabeth Shirley Chadwick Joseph Thomas Chavez Reinaldo Jose Chavez-Lopez Alex Daniel Chogri Aleem Louis Cleveland

Makai’o Adoni Cobb Emilee Jade Cobbin Elizabeth Marie Coffman Anyia Mckalee Combs Chance Harrison Conanan Malik Rayvon Conley Joshua Thomas Connell Alexander Marshall Conner Maxwell Adam Conner Kashyla Kydence Conners Ellen Marie Contreras Diego Josue Cortez Jasmine Cotton-Betteridge Hannah Hamiyah Cox Brookelynn Kay Crenshaw Ronnie Lee Crenshaw Briahna Lee Crimmings Jude Asa Croswell Alondra Cruz Castro Caden David Curington Kellen Scott Curtis Quentin Ben Rene D’hondt Da’Naja Shatrae Dangerfield Eowyn Marie Dautrich Willow Suzanne Davenport Juan Diego Davila Alvarado Caleb Gabriel Davis Jaedon Matthew Davis Kimberley Marie Davis Kylie Lynn Davis Madison Nicole Davis Trevor Darin Davis Presleigh Alivia Deckard Devin Dwight Decker Michelle Aracely Deleon Mosso Christopher Henry Delgado Nathan Connor Dellinger Morgan Jade DeRouen Abigail Malynn Diaz Aaliyah Nyanza Dillon Miyah Nicole Dobbs Kate Ashleigh Dollar Anurag Rajkumar Dore Michele Marie Drummond Qwanya Terrell Dunmore Adah Danielle Dunn Mikaili Samira Duren Jason Lee Dyer Lauren Alexandria Elfers Paige Brooklynne Elkins Alicia Estee-Celine Eric Obed Escobar Ortiz Amaris Sophia Escudero Paytyn N’Shae Estes Aidan Cole Evano Cailyn Zula Evans Hayden D Evans Jordan Christopher Lee Evans Xavier Walton Evans Janerius Ahmad Ewing Omotayo Kristine Falola Omotola Danielle Falola Savannah Jo Fehler Anna Caroline Fernandez Santos London Bryan Fewell Payton Danielle Fielder Emery Pate Fields Lexie Marie Fields Roger Croix Fisher IV Trinity Marie Flanagan Evelyn Mae Flores Samya Germesha Floyd Billy Ryan Ford Luke Dawson Fowler Stephen Victor Frederick Shawn Edward Tyler Freeman Ethan Matthew Fritch Maxwell Andrew Fritch

Presenting the gradu Alquin Chard Rico Lopez Fuentes Zachary David Gabriel Goutham Krishna Gajjala Zaira Belen Garay Diego Garcia Megan Elise Gardner Sergio Garibay Balderas Jr. Tobias Anderson Gaston Griffin Kedrick Gibson Ashton Kyle Gilbert Jasmine Ann Gilford Maleck John Ginn Ayoub Anuar Githii Frida Isabella Gomez Raji Herko Gonfa Ryan Isaiah Gonzalez- Alvizo Kadriya Alissa Griggs Tajon Alvin Howard Guice Mansha Gujral Trinity Ann Gulledge Rory Isobel Gullion Jade Lumiere Gutierrez Olivia Catharine Gutierrez Christian Acelino Guzman Jasmine Alisabeth Guzman Sofia Guzman Cashmere Monique Hale Mackenzie Grace Hale Kaitlyn Louise Hall Sydney Elesa Hammond Alexis Jordan Handorff Kennedy Patricia Hardeman Conner Blake Harguess Cardasha Zabria Harris Cole Jackson Harris Diamond Pre’Shauna Harris Najah Kelise Harris Travis Earl Harris III Trevon Qweli Harris Tyler Maxwell Hartwell Madeline Marie Eloise Hatch Michaela Grace Hautzinger Jalen Malik Haynes Paris Taylor Heathcote Sheri Ann Heide Bryanna Lynn Heitzman Anaya Jeanae’ Henderson Kamari Zaire Hendrix Samuel David Henri Dasia MyShea Henry Jenna Elese Henson Lawson Charles Herger Maximiliano Hernandez Perez Victor Job Herrera Tomanek Janay Leeondra Hill Paxtyn Raquel Hoard Allison Tia Hodges Alanna Grace Holland Caitlin Elyse Porsha Hollins Kayla Victoria Holmes Kinji Hooker Benton Wynn Hoskison Kyndal Michele Houff Darlene Rufaro Hove Mia Catherine Howard Brooklyn Mary-Elizabeth Hoyt Kyle Warren Hughes Jalen Santino Hunt Zavion D’ante Lee Hutchins Stephanie Ibarra Tristan Alexander Ibarra Natalie Marina Ignacio Isis Mahrianna Ingraham Ethan Andrew Isaacs Ladayshia Deal Isabell D’arco Mason Jackson D’Zarius Devont’e Jackson Devan Dem’on Jackson

Jasmine Monique Jackson Jaylon Travon Jackson Jazmyne S’mone Jackson Kennedi Madison Jackson Isaiah DeShawn Jacobs Arien Yazdad Jahdi Dawda Jallow Jr. Paradise Kevarenae Jenkins Leslie Marie Jensen Daniela Jimenez Flores Alexus Monique Johnson Sadie Rose Johnson Winter L’Schan Johnson Dante Capree Jones Jr. Jayson Timothy Jones Sidney Liyah Jones Jalen Jashon Joyce

Isaac Tate Justice Lillian Yazmin Kalmbach Madison Taylor Kennedy Caiden Sage Kiefer Bill Kariuki Kigaitah Abigail Kathleen King Jacquelyne Lyanna King Trenton Don King Kimberlyn Jean Kisinger Vanessa Amelando Kouao Edmond Arjan Krasniqi David Dylan Krause Glenn Ray Kuberski Riley Daniel Kuma Kerry Davonte Lacey Iyahna Neveah Lane Jazzlynn Renae Lang Jacob Lang-Sanders Antonella Maria Lanza Ramirez BreeAnna Simone Lasha Jordan Marvin Lawry Reagan William Lawson Ryan Glenn Lawson Zayetzi Jaydenith Leal Trevor Alan Lederer Washington Jazmin Christina Lee Roni’ Z’hara Lee Linda Camille Iseli Lentz Darreon Dae’jon Lewis Khalil Charles-Tucoma Lewis Skye Antoinette Lewis Belice Isabella Lind Travarrius Monteze’ Lloyd Tabari Quedrick Lock Miguel Enrique Lopez Nathan Anthony Lopez Renee Regina Lopez Valerie Lopez Silva Kyleigh Jordyn Low Braden Xavier Lowe Josie Lucas Zechariah Dishan Lucy

uating Class of 2022 Kyron Davion Mack Isaiah Brandon McClinton Madison Angeleen Magriz Rodriguez Dylan Michael Marez Benjamin Marin Andrew Cayden Marshall Joyanna Christina Martinez Yessenia Martinez McKenna Martino Dakota Leigh Masella Jesszel Narissa Mata Orestes Mata Jr. Leah Faith Matney David Isaiah Matthews Takayla Tareya Matthews Emmanuella Eberechi Mbonu Hayley Morgan McAbee

Jordan Grey McCammon Justin Allen McCarty Shai Madison McClain Wyatt Peyton Mcconnell Lionel Joseph McCormick Kaden James McEwen Marquise Jaquori McGee Logan Lee McGregor Dominic Rae McKinney Nicholas Darnell McKinney Jr. Timothy Joseph McLean Alex Nathaniel McNeill Sarai Allyssa Melancon-Powers Alexander Julian Mendez Paola Nicole Mendoza Elvir Alyssa Kristine Menendez Fareas Bahru Mengistu Hannah Kay Merritt Kidus Gigi Michael Ethan Lee Miller Trae Edmond Millinder Skylar Blair Millington Caitlyn Ella Mills Mackenzie Lynn Mitchell Brennan Stephen Mize Joy Wahiwe Mkwate Gregory Anthony Monsibais Mackenzie Marie Montague Bryce Matthew Montgomery Imani Gabrielle Montgomery Soloria Anndeea Montgomery Ricardo Andres Morales-Cuebas Hillary Nazareth Moreno Vilera Jaden Lee Morrison Ta’Nyiah Alize Morrow Joshua Arnell Morton II Alain Nyengele Mpinda Jr. Crispen Tinashe Mtazu Isaiah Shakur Muhammad David Enrique Muniz Sanele Roswita Mupandasekwa Amanda Farirai Murahwa

Tumaini Muraya Muraya Max Naidoo Syed Sohaib Ahmed Naqvi Hamna Nawaz Megan Ashley Nelson Vicky Truong Ngo Caden Christopher Nguyen George Nicholas Ngwira Nathaniel Navon Nichols Kailey Janae Nicholson Donavin Diego Nixon Sophia Elisa Noriega Jason Alexander Nuno Nkonye Jadyn Nwogbo-Nwagbara Joshua Tekena Okelola Caleb Henry Oldham Ashton Kyle Oliphant Aliya Renee Oliver Noelle Renee Olsby Angelina Isabella Santos Olvera Daniel Ordieres Lawson Osagie Oredia Valerie Yvette Owens Caden Key Page Krista Annabelle Page Caroline Kay Paget Zoe London Palmer Pharaoh Antonio Parker Brianna Emily Pastrana Rolando Joel Pastrana Kelsey Alise Penn Alyssa Marie Perez Angel Perez Halle Jeanette Perry Kyla Lanae’ Perry Quincy Kole Peterson Chris Pham Amelia Jayde Phillips Lina Hong Phung Nguyen Alliesha Nicole Picon Lorelai Wangeshi Pittman Nathan Christopher Pitts-Almanza Noah Kade Plotner Matthew Alexander Polk Kaden Allen Pollard Jacob Lee Polley Jonathan Cory Poole Morgan Simone Porter Evel Demetrius Powell Nia Renee Powell Ty’Keianna Chanell Chanae Prim Gabrielle Curtise Provost Emma Grace Quintanilla Xavien Diego Quiroz Andreas Roan Ramirez Jaylie McKenna Ramos Isabella Katherine Lee Ramsey Cameron Elijah Rankin Journey Immanuel Ray Travon Wesley Redmond Samuel Augustus Reid Jr. Angeles Ninet Reyes Daniel Bradley Reynolds Jr. Ryden Fox Richards David Jaylen Riley Jr. Sophia Joy Rivera Kaylee Michelle Roach Tyler Hastings Roach Devin Keith Roberson Morgan Nicole Roberson Armon Emmanuel Robinson Kaeden Shamar Robinson Gabriel Andrew Rodas Ethan Angelo Rodriguez Damian Geovanni Rodriguez Aldava Baylee Katherine Rogers GaTeria De’Quan Rogers Mia Alana Romani

Senior Class of 2022 \ 11 Madeline Sarah Rorke Victoria Kay Ross Richard Louis Russum Jaynie Rae Rust Hector Benjamin Ruvalcaba Jack Dylan Ryan Seamus Bryn Ryan Diego Salas Natalie Morgan Sanchez-Manns Samuel Tate Sanders Paula Renata Sandoval Zaida Menal Sanneh Colin Reed Sawyers Hailey Ann Sayre Daimin Alexander Scullion Taylor Ray Seabolt Sarai Pauline Searcy Jaden Lashoun Sears Nikita Serdyukov Sara Daniela Serrano Ramirez Shelby J’Lea Sharp Elijah Jayden Simmons Caleb Stuart Skeem Maya Belle Singleton Kylie Elise Skipper Emma Grace Smisek Aidan Layne Smith Brayden Michael Smith Cameron Craig Smith Dewayne Lynn Smith Jr. Jamarion Montel Smith Trayvon Matthew Smith Kaymen Akil Smith-White Iyanuoluwa Tanidabioluwa Solomi Daniel Soto Ethan Yamato Spangler Bradnisha Nicole Spencer Caroline Emma Spencer Justine Elizabeth-Rose Stafford Caitlyn Sarah Staiger Mohammad Yasin Stanikzay Jasmine Starkes Avery Elizabeth Steele Savannah Stults Madison Lynn Sudduth Madelynn Ella Grace Sumpter Lesslie Guadalupe Sustaita Carranza Kamryn Ciara Sutton Chloe Grace Svadlenka Taya Alexandria Svec Hailee Marie Sweet Derek Alan Syrett Ksawery Lukasz Szyszko Nicholas Matthew Taliercio Mallory Gisele Tapia Ashanti Monique Taylor Imani Dejanae Taylor Laura Elizabeth Teichmer Zion Emmanuel Thierry Sidney Lanea Thirkield Charles Edeard Thomas Jr. Sierra Denise LaShea Thomas Samantha Danea Thompson Cassandra Danielle Jean Thornton Bryson Michael Tilton Lowell Peter Timma Nevaeh Ann-Semaj Tipton Pollyana Caroline Toigo Gabriella Bryn Tomes Noah Tate Tompkins Alan Osezemojie Tony-Itoyah Luis David Torrealba Montilla Genessis Anahi Torres Samantha Sue Torres Tyson Tre’von Trammell Laron Trevon Treaudo Lyvon Da’john Treaudo

Daniel Isaac Trevino Kaden Tony Trevino Kelby Eric Trevino Jamien T Turner Ethan James Urig Victor Pedro Vallecillo Jr. Skylar Maria Vandorp Whitney Elizabeth Varnado Ashley Hunter Vaughn Caitlin Katrina Vessel Rosaura Carolina Vicci Nicholas Rene Villarreal Aspen Michelle Vinson Vicky Yen Vo Tayla Raye Wager Jada Lavon Walker Da-Kwuon Jamile Tyler Walters Teresiah Wangari Wanjiru Charles Bryce Ware Dylan Delance Warren O’Marie Keiara Radford Washington Anissa Renae Wayman Shilae Kenedy Wayman Taya Venita Webb Emily Alicia Weber Tyric Dezon Webster Nicholas Flores Westmoreland Ja’Hyre Paul Wheeler Elaine Cierra Whitfield Brianna Angel Whitfield Chrysta Ja’ Naye White Alisa Gene Williams Andrew Bill Williams Brandis Lanice Williams Joshua Xzavian Williams Kristopher Lewis Williams RobynLisa Lee-Shay Williams Talia Amani Williams Travis Tyree Williams Jezreel Michael Williamson Aaron Edikan Wilson Jasmine Michelle Lee Wilson Noreonna Ta’nijah Wilson River Braxton Matthew Wilson Natalie Paige Wise Te’Arra Nicole Womack Alexa Grace Wommack Breyonna Eamon Wright Diamond Armani Wright Kaitlyn Nicole Wright Kaleigh Anne Ybarra Joshua Paul Yzaguirre Jeremiah William Zapata Vanessa Jillian Zavala Alejandro Jose Zelaya Justin Elway Zeller Kenia Zetino Robert Ryan Zimmerman Jr.

12 / Senior Portraits

Presenting the gradu

uating Class of 2022

Senior Portraits \ 13

14 / Senior Portraits

Thank you to The Ambush Yearbook for providing the cap and gown graduation photos! Photos are copyrighted by Lifetouch Studios. To purchase a copy of your student’s photo, visit or call

1-800-736-4753. While we would’ve liked to have featured everyone, some seniors did not take their portraits and were regrettably left out. We apologize for any omissions. -The Bengal Beat staff.

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National Honor Society recognition They have gathered chapter hours through trash Courtesy of NHS pick-ups, assisting with dances, helping at the Navo Congratulations to each and everyone of our basketball tournments, helping advise at transition National Honor Society graduates of 2022. All of our night, tutoring, organizing swim meets, assisting at seniors have shown a commitment to their service basketball and football games, and have completed and helping their community. They have grown, not projects to show our teachers and staff we apprecijust in terms of academics, but also in terms of leadate them. They have also done many of their own ership, service, and character. They have promoted individual service activities like volunteering at their positive school spirit and embodied our core values. local churches, health facilities, galas, and writing These graduates have done something worthwhile; letters against depression. These seniors have done they have helped their peers in various ways and a truly amazing job elevating the National Honor improved their community. Societies commitment to the community. Our seniors have completed a number of 2,000 service hours. They have helped build their communities and provided for school Want assistance to advertise with functions. us? Email us at or

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We love the yearbook and appreciate your help this year. Thank you for providing us with photos and for joining us on the sidelines.

Editors announced for the 2022-23 school year Diego Gonzalez and Myrical Roberts Diego Gonzalez and Myrical Roberts, juniors, are announced as the Co-Editors-in-Chief of The Bengal Beat for the 2022-23 school year. Diego and Myrical will begin their roles with the addition of the freshman first day issue/

freshman survival guide that will begin production over the summer and will hit stands on freshman first day, August 10, 2022. To read more about our new Co-Editors-in-Chief, check out