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expect a difference

Salas O'Brien is an energy planning firm positioned to provide design expertise for Utility Infrastructure with a focus on Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication systems complemented by Architecture services. Our difference is an ability to integrate all these disciplines into one organization that develops and engineers the most relevant and coordinated energy systems within your buildings and facilities. Salas O'Brien takes an intelligent, holistic look at your energy requirements and uses technology designed specifically to accomplish the highest quality sustainable infrastructure appropriate for your present and future needs.

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Since 1975, the company has encouraged and designed for sustainability. As a champion of preservation and environmental concerns, we have strived to create a balance for our clients and the world we occupy. As this business grew, it became obvious to Salas O'Brien founders that many of their clients needed support to take these recommendations further and added design services for MEP. Over the years, Salas O'Brien has added other domains of expertise in Fire & Alarm, Telecommunications and Architecture. Simply put, we built our service offering and company specifically around the present and future needs of our clients. At Salas O’Brien, we have built our service set around you, the client. We address your current needs and anticipate your future needs. Like most firms, we bring an array of professionals with high degrees of technical proficiency to your project. But what is different about Salas O’Brien is that our professionals are immersed in a culture where in addition to understanding their own work, they have a keen sense of how their specific part of the puzzle fits into the overall project.

SALASO’BRIEN expect a difference

This holistic understanding allows each professional to give technical and creative feedback to the rest of his project team, creating a synergistic effect that helps take a project from being simply being a 'spec' to an outstanding, well-performing project that has a positive impact on the community it serves. • • • • • •

Energy Engineering & Optimization Resource Design & Planning Consulting Architectural Design Utility Master Plans Carbon Scout

Do you have a ...? Medical Center, Clinic University, College Manufacturing Plant Government Building Real Estate Portfolio

Office Building Power Plant Waste Water Treatment Plant Switching Station Pumping Station Military Installations Recreational Facility Are your needs...? Master Planning Energy Optimization Resource Design and Planning Architectural Design Commissioning Retro-Commissioning Integrated Construction Management Monitoring Based Commissioning Financing / Public Incentive Qualification Audits Inspections 3D Modeling, Renderings, Animated Fly Through Utility Negotiation Certification

Our Difference: Our difference comes down to the quality and completeness of our designs and comes from 'hands-on' experience. All of our engineers have been in the field – down manholes, under buildings and managing construction – whatever it takes for the successful completion of our client's projects. We take the extra steps to provide detailed work for our clients and partners so they have the quality they need, up front.

SALASO’BRIEN expect a difference

Discover a

Difference in Telecomm Salas O'Brien offers comprehensive design services for the discipline of Telecommunications. The areas of expertise: Building Structured Cabling • New Structures and buildings • Tenant Improvements and Renovations

"The quality of work, the timeliness for which the services were delivered, and the follow-up was excellent.” - Genrick Goffman, PG & E

Outside Plant • Pathways & Structures - providing primary and secondary systems • Cabling – Design cable infrastructure for current and future needs • Conduits & Vaults – with an emphasis on the unique requirements • Controlled Environment Vaults – complete trade coordination • Master Plan Development • Existing Infrastructure documentation Specialty Facilities • Data Centers • Distribution Centers

• Server Rooms Audio Visual & Instructional Technology • Court Room Systems • General Presentation – for commercial entities such as corporations, hospitals and educational campuses Network Design • Local Area Networks (LAN) • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) • Wide Area Networks (WAN) Comprehensive Construction Administration Services • Complete Bid document preparation • Prequalification preparation and review • Cost estimating • Scheduling, Submittal reviews, RFI responses, Field Observation Reports, Meeting documentation, Cost proposal analysis, Change Order and Progress Payment reviews

Our architecture team has a great deal of relevant experience that complements the company's MEP & Telecommunication design service. This multi-faceted comprehensive nature enables Salas O'Brien to solve a variety a problem by drawing upon the various team members and resources in-house. Our experience with architectural design spans over 20 years. Our architectural services include, design and development of construction documents, Estimating, conducting on site observation of work, Evaluation of building facilities and Architectural renderings, 3-D illustrations, animations and fly-throughs.

SALASO’BRIEN expect a difference

Save your Energy...

for a better life

“ Your firm has the unique quality of being able to pay attention to detail, while at the same time being able to 'see the forest for the trees'.” - Dolores A. Montenegro, Senior Project Manager City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency

Salas O'Brien is an engineering design firm with a nationwide reputation for sustainable yet practical energy systems. We focus on distributed generation (including solar, biomass, Central Plant and cogeneration) is an extension of our infrastructure-and-energy-related "roots" that has provided over 30 years of experience relative to design, financing and oversight of all types of energy projects/plants. Photovoltaic (PV) – Designing and planning for the use of solar cells and panels Biomass – The ability to convert biodegradable waste into energy/electricity. Energy Reduction Cogeneration– making use of multiple sources to achieve multiple energy requirements -- systems that generate both heat and electricity. Gasification – Capturing the energy stored in Land fill and/or construction waste to fuel power plants

Alternative Energry Cogeneration/Recycling Energy – making use of multiple sources to achieve multiple energy requirements, systems that generate both heat and electricity. Solar – The Sun, especially in those areas where it is plentiful, solar power can be converted to provide energy to heat your building and water or run systems and devices used within the building Wind Turbines – Like the sun, wind too can provide power. Geothermal – In Greek, the word 'Geo' means earth and 'therme' means heat and has been used by many different people to heat their homes or produce electricity.

Negotiated Utility Rebates & Incentives | Power Purchase Strategies | Design Modeling | Forecasting | Performance Audits | Energy Program Development | Scheduled Maintenance Planning | Energy Procurement, Utility Negotiations

SALASO’BRIEN expect a difference

Safe and Sound

Mechanical Results

“ We are extremely happy about the outcome of the project. Thank you for your hard

Replacing outdated equipment and installing state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and controls, you can maximize comfort while minimizing energy and water consumption and costs. By implementing the latest lighting technologies, you can create welcoming, appealing, safe interior spaces and outdoor areas. By deploying state-of-the-art security systems for access control and video surveillance, you can better protect employees and visitors, as well as valuable building assets. And you can optimize building efficiency, comfort and safety system to control and integrate key mechanical and electrical building systems. Facility improvements that create quality

Our designs consistently prove to be sustainable, balanced, and transparent to our clients. Plumbing solution summaries, Heating Hot Water Distribution for Campus Environments, Gas Systems, Water Systems, Boiler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Co Generation

environments can be funded by the


resulting energy and operational savings.

- Jaleh Behrouze, AIA

Our mechanical team is well versed in many standards of climate control (HVAC),

Architect San Jose State University

plumbing layout, building automation systems, and other environmental control systems and their application in areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, hotels and data centers. Each project is designed according to the required demands for present and future occupancy but always with a goal of minimal energy consumption.

Our cliente: Universities San Jose State University California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo California State University, Monterey Bay California Western School of Law

Chilled Water and Steam Environments | Medium Voltage Power Distribution for Campus Environments | Low Voltage Power | Indoor Air Quality | CFC Mitigation | Scheduled Maintenance Planning | Structural integration of Mechanical/Electrical Systems into Existing Structures

SALASO’BRIEN expect a difference

Comfort, safety and efficiency enhance productivity, performance, customer satisfaction and brand image. Salas O'Brien has a rare engineering culture that focuses on designing for campuses and buildings by applying products, technologies and systems that result in a sustained competitive advantage. We help our clients make a difference by listening to all of their needs and requirements. We respond by creating tailor-made, sustainable designs rather than 'cookie cutter' templates. Our designs are about face-to-face encounters and long term relationships. This focus on listening melds perfectly with our trademark, hands-on field educated team, who focus on delivering quality plans and designs.

Commercial, and Industrial organizations in the United States based solely on the firm's ability to provide a high level of detail required for building and facility infrastructure planning for producing a sustainable utility master document. For over 30 years, Salas O'Brien has learned to manage project requirements and perspectives through communication at all levels: financial, political, and analytical. Communicating the concepts, utilities maps, detailed equipment and systems analysis and resultant Master Plan means that options, flaws, issues and costs are balanced between finance, politics, and engineering, and are communicated throughout the process options.

Salas O'Brien has a number of long-term relationships with some of the largest Institutional,

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expect a difference