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Brainstorm Volume 1.1

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From the Principal’s Desk “Brain Storm’ our first issue of the school magazine that has been brought out entirely through the efforts of the students of classes 10, 11 and 12. They have written interesting articles and columns. More articles and drawings have been collected from the rest of the students from the school and have been compiled together to make “Brain Storm’ an interesting magazine. Hope this makes an enjoyable reading for all of you.

From the Brainstorm Team This magazine came together because of the efforts of class 10, 11 and 12. The three months of hard work has finally paid off and we sincerely hope that you, our ever so loyal audience, will enjoy the first edition. We have published the first edition in 2 volumes. Volume 1.1 has all the articles and volume 1.2 has all the drawings. We are planning more editions and hope to receive many contributions from students, teachers and parents. Please send our articles to Happy reading! Class 10, 11 and 12 students.

Brainstorm Volume 1.1


The Brainstorm Team

Front row (right to left): Subbulakshmi, Nidusha, Namya, Aayushi, Badri, Ajitesh, Jaai Naveen, Vimala aunty. Back Row (right to left): Shashikala aunty, Ashwin, Sai Teja, Shreyas, Akshath, Vaikunth, Sakthivel, Vijay

Brainstorm Volume 1.1


Parenting By Sudha Mahesh There was a time in my life when the mere utterance “You know Kanna” to either of my sons would promptly bring about a response “Amma, Aarambichuttaya; not again amma.” My mother is no more. She was full of wisdom out of all her experiences. But when she would start saying, “you know Sudha”, I would go bust again, “Amma, keep your advices to yourself; I am 58 years old and I know how to handle my affairs”. The parents thinking that the children don’t know how or what to do and the children thinking that they know better is a perennial problem. It, at best, contributes to the spice of living together. Then, the question that is there, in all our minds today arises; How to bring up children? How to help children at home and school? Here, I am sharing some of my thoughts with you. With today’s life styles changing in every household and with both parents working not just always to supplement the income but to live better, there is enough to live comfortably and even to flaunt affluence. In the process, the children get provided a lot. In other words the parents are able to provide a lot for their children. Like A new TV for the children’s room, a cell phone, a new cycle, a new wardrobe and a new car just to drop and pick up the child from school, a trip to Mayajal or MGM, eat out at Pizza Corner or Kebab court you name it, they have it. While these are also very essential, these are just providing, fulfilling their wishes. Is that all what parenting is about? All these are what our affordability can provide. Things that almost anyone with money can provide. Are these sufficient to call ourselves a good parent? What about spending quality time with them? And what exactly is this quality time? Is it not crucial that as parents we are also involved in the child’s learning and development and decision making

Brainstorm Volume 1.1


process by giving the necessary support and help at an individual level? Won’t this support them better and help in their overall growth much more? We often mistake providing for supporting. When the school says “why you don’t spend time with your child?” our immediate reaction is, “What am I not doing? I take her to the beach, movie, pizza corner etc”;

all that I said in the

beginning. But how many of us take a walk with our child, just the two of us and share moments that we both alone can cherish? How many of us try to find out about their friends be it a girl or a boy, what their day was like, what was interesting that day? What made them very happy or not so happy that day? How many of us try to just talk to them about world issues or even find out what is the latest good book they read and so on? If we are doing it, fine. But I am sure all of us ask the following questions. How much did you study today? Have you finished your homework? Did you go for tuition? Why talk for hours on the phone/ can’t you spend that time studying? Why are you online for so long? Who is that person who came home today? Does he study well? Children as they grow up have plenty of anxieties, doubts, worries, ideas and emotions. Isn’t it our responsibility to help them resolve these? Can we allow them to do that just with their peers and make it become them vs. us? Children are mirror images of the parents and followers of teachers. If there is any correction to be sought in them the best way to do it is to correct the same in ourselves. Both parents’ and teacher’s involvement is crucial in facilitating their development and achievements in life. In fact a lot of research has gone in to this Brainstorm Volume 1.1


and there is enough proof that those who have the support of parents and teachers achieve better and their cognitive skills are more developed. It strengthens relationship and one can become better teachers at home and reinforcement can be far superior. Parenting is not only about how one interacts with the child at home but how one shows interest in his/her school and school activities also. The school/ teacher is yet another milestone in the child’s growth path. A parent’s relation with the child is very personal, long term and


subjective and it does not stop with the child going to school. But a teacher’s relation is objective, short term and impersonal. So it is important that we plan a successful program which involves both the parent and the teacher to match goals, purposes and activities. The school and the teacher can become drained and resentful if their role is over extended. The school plays a vital role in a child’s life but it can never match with parents’ contributions. Only if we as parents show interest in their school activities, children can benefit out of that school which is so close to their hearts. How do we do that? We should respect what we want them to respect. Attending meetings regularly, being part of any workshop that they organise for parents, sharing our field of expertise with the school, providing the school with information about the child’s interests, problems, strengths and weaknesses, experiences outside of school will all help the school to understand the child better and handle him/her


empathetically and with understanding and contribute towards his/her growth personally and academically. The school and the parents together can achieve a lot. It is not a forum to see whose job it is or who does better. It is not your responsibilities vs. mine. It is ours. He or She is not your child or my child but our child. So we should cooperate to make a good human being out of our child. Our goal is the same. If we have achieved this balance, we have achieved much.

Jokes Column Brainstorm Volume 1.1


By Vijay, Grade 12 20 Things to do in an Elevator 1) Crack open your briefcase or handbag, peer inside and ask “Got enough air in there?” 2) Stand silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off. 3) When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you’re embarrassed when they open themselves. 4) Greet everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral. 5) Meow occasionally. 6) Stare at another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: “You’re one of THEM” - and back away slowly 7) Say -DING at each floor. 8) Say “I wonder what all these do?” And push all the buttons. 9) Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button. 10) Stare, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: “I have new socks on.” 11) When the elevator is silent, look around and ask: “Is that your beeper?” 12) Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: “This is my personal space.” 13) When there’s only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn’t you. 14) Push the buttons and pretend they give you a shock. Smile, and go back for more. 15) Ask if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones. 16) Hold the doors open and say you’re waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say “Hi Greg, How’s your day been?” 17) Drop a pen and wail until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: “That’s mine!” 18) Bring a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift. 19) Pretend you’re a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the Passengers. 20) Swat at flies that don’t exist. Courtesy: Next issue- 20 Things to do with a tie. Fred Basset Brainstorm Volume 1.1



Sports Column Sports Day By Vaikunth, Grade 11 The sports day for the year 2013-14 was an amazing one. Like last year, our school was divided into 4 Brainstorm Volume 1.1


houses: Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. Each house had a terrific blend of seniors and juniors with the seniors encouraging the juniors and the kids already excited put in that extra mile with their support. With all this in mind, each house gunned full speed for glory: to win the events and get the prize. There were lots of events from 100m, 200m, obstacle race & long jump for the high grades to fun games such as mind game and kangaroo jumping for the lower grades. The basketball & football matches were held like a tournament before the actual sports day. Yellow were the champions of football, winning the final through a penalty shootout 2-0, while Blue reigned in basketball winning 12-11. Each event was participated in eagerly and enthusiastically by all the students. Every student got medals with special medals given to the 1 st, 2nd & 3rd placed students in every event. At the end of the day, every one of us went home with medals, tired, but satisfied to have participated in such a wonderful sports day.

The Annual Sports Day By Badri, Grade 11 On the 29th of August you could see the students of our school more lively than usual as it was the eve of our Annual Sports Day. There were four houses as usual – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow led by Akshath, Vaikunth, Namya and Ashwin respectively. The air was electric as it was the day many waited and cherished the most. The students practised their track and field events with Brainstorm Volume 1.1 10

rigour; hoping to give their best the next day. At noon, the seniors worked tirelessly to lay the tracks for the events and finally once school ended, they left for their buses anticipating yet another wonderful Sports Day, if not even better. The next day looked gloomy but everyone seemed to be having a lot of fire stored in their bellies as they eagerly entered school. But all of that fire seemed to have been put out by a powerful gust once everyone looked at the ground. The ground was drenched from the heavy showers the previous night, and everyone were frightened that they might not even have a Sports Day. By requesting all the teachers and the drivers to empty the parking lot, the seniors yet again worked hard to reconstruct the lanes for their track events while the kindergarteners commenced the sports day with the drills followed by obstacle races and then the middle schools drill on the basketball court. Once they were done finishing the lanes, they immediately had to assemble near the basketball court to do their pyramids, which was followed by a Karate demonstrations by the Karate students and Aerobics by the senior girls. Then after a short break, they commenced the preliminaries for the track (100, 200 and 400) and field (long jump and shot put) events with the yellow leading as they were winners from the football tournament and runners-up from the basketball. Then at 3:30 they ended the day with the results of the preliminaries and with Yellow on the lead with 125 point. The next day seemed to be contrary to the preceding day as the sun was scorching, dehydrating the participants of energy as the day progressed. The whole morning session had fun games from class 1 till the seniors, and then the finals for long jump and shot put. Once done they had a break and then they resumed the finals for the track events. To close the points table, they had the 4x100m relay race in which the Yellow’s triumphed and then they started to celebrate not only because they won the relay but because they also won the House Cup for the year at 770 points, followed by Green 655, Red 605 and Blue 500. They rejoiced merrily. The teachers joined the party as well with the teachers vs. students Basketball and Football matches. Brainstorm Volume 1.1 11

Then came the prize distribution where all students received medals for coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd or for participating. This was followed by the defining moment: the cup lifting. First the green house and then the yellow house. Happiness spread all across the school, signalling the end of yet another brilliant sports day.

TV Shows A REVIEW: ARROW (SEASON 1) By Aayushi, Grade 12 Millionaire, playboy Oliver Queen gets stranded on an island for five years, after his father’s boat ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ crashes and sinks. Before it drowns, Oliver’s father tells him that there are people back in their city, who have used the wealth and prosperity to their advantage and risen above others unfairly. Saying this, he kills himself and leaves Oliver with one dying wish; Exterminate the corruption in Starling City and make it the ‘people’s city’. To survive on the island, Oliver forges himself into a weapon and becomes a deadly person. He equips himself with a bow and arrows to hunt and survive. Loosely based on the DC Comics’ Green Arrow , Arrow ensures full action and drama. The nail biting cliff hangers leaves the audience dumbstruck. The writers of Arrow have also promised to include other DC characters like the Speedy (The Red Arrow, Oliver’s sidekick) , Ra’s al Ghul (the super Brainstorm Volume 1.1 12

villain in DC Comics’ Batman series and the mentor of many super villains like The Dark Archer, The Bronze Tiger etc.) , the Flash and the Black Canary. But these characters have only been foreshadowed in Season 1 and Oliver has no clue of their existence. His arch enemy in Season 1 is the Dark Archer or Malcolm Merlyn. With the help of John Diggle (his personal bodyguard and partner in crime) and Felicity Smoak (his IT girl who also works at his deceased father’s company) Oliver is able to maintain a balance in his life as the Vigilante and as the son who came back to his family and friends, from the dead. This show is noted to be similar to Batman but the ardent followers of Batman and other DC Comics will know that such characters are meant to collaborate in times of danger. This is a show where different techniques of fighting are portrayed, there is also this magnetic pull and attraction towards the comics and guarantees the audiences’ interest in them too. So if life is boring, then you haven’t watched Arrow and read the Green Arrow comics. Go, get your DVD for the first season and sit with a bowl of popcorn and tissues because ‘Arrow’ always gets a bull’s eye. Genre: Action, Drama, Family and Friendship. IMDB Rating: The website rates this show an 8.1 out of a 10. Bull’s Eye’s rating: If rated personally it would be given an 8.5, as it still is in its first season and has scope to do more with the twists and turns for its plot. (Next Issue: Once Upon a Time)

Brainstorm Volume 1.1 13

Music GREAT BANDS TO LISTEN TO By Ashwin and Shreyas, Grade 10

PANTERA A great heavy metal band with good sensible lyrics which can be heard even through the heavy guitars and drums. Songs:  Cowboys from hell  Cemetery gate  Walk  This Love HINDER A romantic band with good lyrics Songs:  Better than me  Bed of roses Brainstorm Volume 1.1 14

 Lips of an angel  Survivor  Eye of the tiger- Is one of the famous songs and is featured in the rocky series and lot of other movies

JOE SATRIANI He is considered as one of the greatest guitarist of all time, his songs have no lyrics but the guitar seems to sing on its own Songs:  Crying  Crystal palace  Alien

ROLLING STONES They are an English band formed in the 1962 and till today entertain the crowd, better than almost any band. Songs:  Painting black  Give me shelter  Wild Horse  Sympathy of the Devil

JOAN JETT A great all girl rock band who have produced great hits like:  Cherrybomb  I love rock and roll  I hate myself for loving you

LIFE HOUSE They are a pleasant band to listen to. Brainstorm Volume 1.1 15

Songs:  Broken  Skit  You and me  Wind

CRANBERRIES They are an Irish rock band. The lead singer’s Dolores O’riorden. Songs:  Zombie  Linger  Dreams  Tomorrow

BREAKING BENJAMIN A band formed in the year 2000 who provides modern rock music for the “peaceful soul”. Songs:  Diary of Jane  Dance with the devil  Without you  Give me a sign

Brainstorm Volume 1.1 16

Book Review “ On the Beach”, by Nevil Shute R.Sakthivel On the Beach is a novel on Nevil Shute’s take on the apocalypse, centered on a submarine crew based in Australia, in 1963. The detonation of cobalt bombs in the northern hemisphere has triggered the spread of nuclear fallout through the world, slowly eliminating all of humanity. The book starts shortly after people become aware of the spread of fallout, with more than half the world already irradiated and dead. It explores the different characters’ reactions to their impending fate, and their efforts to salvage their predicament. Denial, hope, acceptance and various other emotions are showcased brilliantly in Shute’s own style. Brainstorm Volume 1.1 17

Shute’s writing stands out because his characters do not show intense negative emotions; though the book is very serious and moving, Shute’s style of writing manages to leave the reader to decide their own feelings about the story without distancing them from it. I would recommend this book for older readers who enjoy seeing through different, new perspectives. Similar books among Shute’s works include “Pied Piper” and “A Town like Alice”.

Awareness campaign Cease mining in the Niyamgiri hills

Brainstorm Volume 1.1 18

What are the Niyamgiri hills? • The dense forests of the Niyamgiri Hills are one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in eastern India. • The area was proposed as a wildlife sanctuary by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) in 1998 and was designated as an Elephant Reserve by the State of Orissa in 2004. • There are more than 300 species of plants and trees on Niyamgiri Mountain, including at least 50 species of medicinal plants. • The forests are home to Sāmbhar’s, leopards, tigers, barking deer, elephants, sloth bears, pangolin, the rare golden gecko and many other endangered species, whose habitat is protected under section 18 of the Indian Wildlife Act. • The bauxite deposits and the forests are essentially overhead acquifers, feeding the rivers during the dry season. • In the Niyamgiri forest Vedanta Resources has illegally felled hectares of forest. After the clear cutting, an aluminum smelter was built without the necessary permission. • The Orissa pollution board has found that the smelters waste water has contaminated the Vanshadhara river as well as local groundwater. Who are the Dongria kondh? • The Dongria Kondh are considered a 'scheduled-tribe', living on the Niyamgiri Hills. Their economy is based on gathering forest products in these hills. • Vedanta (the mining company) has built an aluminum refinery in the town of Lanjigarh at the foot of the mountain. Several villages have had to make way for the refinery. • Others will have to vacate their lands as the plant expands and feeder roads, airstrips, and toxic waste ponds are built. • The Dongria Kondh say the mining project will destroy their sacred hill and their source of livelihood. Vedanta has said the project would bring jobs and development to one of India’s poorest districts. What can I do? You can make a change!! Brainstorm Volume 1.1 19

You can visit the petition (shown above), and sign it, so that we can send a request to Ms.Jayanthi Natarajan(President of the Ministry of Environment and forests), to stop mining in the Niyamgiri hills. Every single sign and share of this petition can be only a small step, but can lead to a huge change, thus saving the Niyamgiri hills from Vedanta, and eventually helping the Dongria Kondh. We (Srikanth Sir, Varshini,Chubaas, Sourab) sincerely request everyone to sign this petition and share it as much as possible. You can learn about this in detail, over here: 6X1d1N1k/ And can visit the petition here:

Articles THE ALARM CLOCK By Narayani, Grade 5 The alarm clock screams Much to the sun's surprise The alarm clock shouts For me to wake and rise The alarm clock whines And jumps up and down If my head is under the pillow it gives me a frown I hate to get reminded of another school day when the alarm clock starts its irritating, loud bray The alarm clock is a nuisance with its angry glare and stare there's no alarm for an alarm clock Brainstorm Volume 1.1 20

which is not at all fair. MY PET DOG By Shatanu Ghosh,Grade 4 I have a pet dog, Who sleeps like a log He rolls like a log In the hall. He is as black as a crow With bushy eyebrows A small jaw Small paws And that’s my pet dog. MOON By Narayani, Grade 5 She sparkles in the night with beaming light She is the queen of night so bold and bright She travels around the earth everyday in her majestic way She gives a gentle smile which spreads miles and miles

SHOULD WE WATCH IPL MATCHES? By Dhruv, Grade 6 “IPL”, the word thrills not only me but millions across the world. After what happened this year, some parents in the house say "I have wasted my time watching the cheating and corrupted game"; well of course everyone in this world have their opinions. Three people in the Rajasthan Royals team namely Ajit Chandila, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan were involved in the spot fixing scam. It was not only these players, there was Gurunath Meyappan Brainstorm Volume 1.1 21

who is the son-in-law of BCCI president Srinivasan. Bookies will bet with others saying "this ball will be a wide or a no ball" and different things. The bookie and the player have a private call and the player would give a signal like taking the wrist band and transferring it to the other hand etc. Then the bookie bets and gets loads of money. 50% or more money will be given to the player and the rest to the bookie. The Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf who had loads of experience in his umpiring career was caught in a situation like this and all this happened for a single word, MONEY. Do you really want to watch a corrupted game like this? It’s up to you. It was not like this 50 years ago when there was only the 5-day format. Just read this article once again before switching on your T.V. to watch the next IPL match. WIND By Narayani, Grade 5 Wind travels through the whispering wood in his majestic, mighty walk he goes towards his unknown destination to us he rarely talks When he is furious He blows with all his power and damages everything from a tree to a tiny flower

INDUS VALLEY CIVILISATION By Saraswathi, Grade 6 The INDUS VALLEY CIVILISATION was called so as it started by the River Indus. One day, as construction labourers worked near the railway track, they found some bricks and started using them. Soon they suspected that it belonged to a very ancient civilisation and informed the railway authorities. Later in 1921, two archeologists called Dayaram Sahani and Rakhaldas Bannerjee carried out Brainstorm Volume 1.1 22

excavations in Sind and at Harappa which revealed that a very advanced civilisation, far advanced than Europe had flourished in India. The cities were divided into two parts. The citadel and the lower town. Citadel was built on a raised platform constructed with bricks and stones. It protected the city from the recurrent flooding of the River Indus. In the lower town, roads ran at right angles. It was the residential area where the merchants, artisans and craftsmen lived. Sun - dried or baked bricks were used for constructing houses. The main entrance opened into lanes and not into the main street to keep out the dust. Each house had their own bathrooms and drains which get connected to the drains in the street. The Great Bath which is located in Mohenjo – Daro, is one of the prominent architecture of the Indus Valley. It looks like a large swimming pool with a flight of steps on either side of the pool. Rooms surround the pool on all four sides. The Great Granary consists of two similar blocks. They have six halls further divided into rooms and compartments. They had an open space for ventilation. They were divided into three castes. Upper caste, middle caste and lower caste. The kings and nobles were the upper caste, the merchants and traders were the middle caste and the servants and casual labourers were the lower caste. They either wrote with a stick on soft clay, or used a sharp tool to scratch marks on stone or metal. The script is un-deciphered yet. If deciphered, it might turn the history of India upside – down! The spindles discovered in the excavations show us that the Harappan citizens knew the art of spinning and weaving. They were the first people to cultivate cotton. Men wore a piece of cloth around their waist and a shawl around their shoulders and women wore sarees. Both men and women wore jewels. The jewels were made of metal, bone, shell and beads. Pottery was one the most popular industry the reddish brown clay was baked, glazed and decorated with black. Excavations have founds small bits of pottery and animal motifs. They worshipped Lord Shiva as Pashupti. Mother Goddess was worshipped for fertility and prosperity. Brainstorm Volume 1.1 23

The Indus Valley Civilisation flourished for thousand years with very few changes in their lifestyle, but they began to fade away by 1500 BC. Exact causes are unknown. Suspicions based on the excavations are: 1. Natural calamities destroyed the city or led to mass migration. 2. Fire destroyed the cities. 3. Foreign invasions might have led to its decline. 4. Deforestation might have made the land uninhabitable. Although this great civilisation has been wiped out of Earth, it has left us some achievements and teachings. As this great civilisation had flourished in India, we have to be proud to be Indians. Jai Hind!

FLOWER By Kanimozhi, Grade 4 Beautiful flowers are laughing in the air, Looking as pretty as a butterfly Having colourful petals With pollen in the middle, Roses, Hibiscus, Lotus, Lillies, Petunia, Pansies and many more. Roses in red, white, pink orange and Yellow.

Chelsea's future - Will they move on? by Ashwin, Grade 10 “Fat Spanish waiter!” screamed the crowd when Rafa Benitez took to the side-lines. “You don’t know what you’re doing!” they shouted whenever he made a substitution. Brainstorm Volume 1.1 24

At Old Trafford, Manu fans were confused to see the blue crowd join them in hurling abuses at Rafa. Why is he hated to this extent? We can all recall that day when he said Chelsea needs to get flags behind their team and also adding he would never manage Chelsea .Ever. But this was a LONG TIME BACK! Aside this, Rafa entered Chelsea in unfavourable circumstances , He was replacing a true blue who is loved and admired by many across the world .The guy who was fired by Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich. Yes, he was replacing Robert di Matteo and people wondered if he could live up to his predecessor's records. Despite the fans vulgar abuses he did do a good job. He won the Europa cup and finished third in England. He also dominated all the matches against Manchester United beating them on most occasions. At the end of the season a new manager arrived, A MAN FROM OUR PAST. His last season at the Bernabeu was a disaster and no person in his right mind would want him as their manager, but Chelsea is the club where he is loved and admired. After all he won two premier league titles for us, the first that Chelsea has won in 50 years. So, we waited for the arrival of the second coming of the selfproclaimed “special one”, Jose Mourinho. However, his second coming hasn’t been very good despite the Chelsea fans overwhelming love. With Chelsea preforming badly, losing to Bayern Munich, Everton and only winning a match against Aston Villa, though Aston villa deserved to win that game. Chelsea, this year don’t look like very good title contenders. In 2004, with Center midfielder Frank Lampard, striker Didier Drogba and legendary Captain John Terry forming the base for this team. Chelsea won the premier league and broke the record for the most number of wins. Back again, Jose Mourinho seems to have put his faith back on Lampard and Terry. Who are both, right now, old and in a bad form. He also bought in Samuel Eto’o, he who helped him win the champions league in Inter Milan. But he is 32! Most strikers hang up their boots at this age. Also, Mourinho hasn't yet decided on a striker or a centre mid fielder. Mata being the obvious choice is Brainstorm Volume 1.1 25

made to warm the benches. Also his rotation policy doesn't seem to be working. The current state of Chelsea reminds me of a team, Arsenal. When Arsenal appointed Arsene Wenger in 1996 ,The team won three premier league's and Wenger was soon becoming the greatest manager .In 2003, Arsenal then famously known as “The Invincibles” having never lost a game in the league until they were finally beaten by Barca in the champions league finals, a year later .Something went wrong and not a single trophy has been claimed by arsenal for the past ten years .Yet, Wenger remains manager ,because of arsenal LIVING IN THE PAST. Is Chelsea to suffer the same fate? Abramovich has always been merciless with his managers. If he starts to perform and Chelsea wins titles, it would be simply perfect. After all every story needs a happy ending but, if not will he sack Mourinho? It certainly won't make him popular but, it would be the right thing to do Well, you think you can take me on? By Pranav, Grade 4 Well, you think you can take me on? You must be crazy! There ain’t a single thing you’ve done That’s gonna scare me. Oh but if you wanna go I just wanna let you know Get off my back And join my game. Palankuzhi By Tejaa, Grade 3 A game which I love, A game for two Old or young. Tamarind seeds are tiny shells In a specially carved wood Two rows with Seven cup like holes Brainstorm Volume 1.1 26

Five seeds into each cup The game starts. The player scoops the seeds From a hole keeps on Dropping a seed into other holes The game continues till He has no seeds Now, it is the next player’s chance But only the winner TAKES IT ALL!

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