Sales Enablement Magazine: Spring 2020

Page 16

How to Reduce the Hidden Co$ts of Sales Training If your sales training is built

organization might pay to fly

around a set of sporadic boot

reps into HQ, book hotel rooms,

camps, the reality is that reps

cater meals, and book valuable

won’t retain most of that

time with subject matter experts

information. That’s because in-

for each session – a shaky

person sessions often hit reps

investment if sellers forget most

with a lot of new information at

of what was discussed.

once, which can cause cognitive backlog (which means learning

However, the wrong approach

effectively goes “in one ear and

can also incur some not-so-

out the other”).

obvious costs. Here are 3 hidden training expenses and how sales

There are clear costs associated

readiness technology can help

with on-site training. An

you reduce them. 16

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