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LULU "Lulu, we all have started to build our nest and you are still yet to start. If you do not do so now, it might be too late for you to raise a family in this breeding season." "I am yet to find a spot, as I am looking for a beautiful site to build a home for my children" replied she. "The usual ones are kind of boring and dull, and my kids deserve the best."

"But this is were we have all built our nests for generations, as

it is safe and also there is safety in numbers, food and other things to build a nest are quite accessible from here" said the concerned voice.

But Lulu had her mind set. She ignored the pleading of her friend and went in search of her dream site. This time she was desperate as she too realized that time was running out. She flew father than she had ever done, and as she was about to

return in disappointment, luck favored her. Her troubles have begun (when your desires are not reasonable, it is better to be unlucky than lucky). She chanced upon a stream, where in the middle of it was a small island made possible due to a large boulder which diverted the water on either side. She imagined her kids waking up to the sound of gentle rippling water, and they could just dive into their own natural pool

from the top of the boulder. In her minds eye she could see all these things crystal clear. And she was busting with energy and joy.

She started promptly to build her nest. "You idiot narrator, regular birds build nest, super moms like me build beautiful homes. Am I a super mom or not?"

"Yes, Lulu, you are" (let's be silent for the rest of the story, lest I incur her wrath) "It seems that Lulu has finally found her spot," posed one bird to Lulu's sister as they saw her flying with twigs and sticks in her mouth. "Yes, it seems so, where ever that spot is. We have all completed our nests and have laid eggs too and she is still building her nest."

The news spread and every one became curious to visit the spot, as they saw her hauling building materials for a long time now. The next day they all flew with Lulu to the spot where she was building her nest, sorry, her home. When they reached there they saw an yet to be completed nest, in the middle of a beautiful island.

"Lulu this is great, the choice of location is superb. I wish that I had been as determined as you." said one.

"Wow!, is this what they call paradise?" praised another. "But, this is far away and it is quite tedious work to haul the materials needed to build the nest. And by the looks of it you might not complete it before the season

ends. And more over it is in the middle of a stream," even before Lulu's sister could completely voice her concern others nodded in agreement. But Lulu dismissed it saying, "I can do it, Am I a super mom or not?" "But, Lulu, I have my doubts" replied her sister. Well, you can always count on family to encourage you, for concern and jealousy are sisters too, one can pass for the other.

To curt a long story short, Lulu was still toiling with her construction, just as her sister predicted, right till the end of the breeding season, as all the birds were ready to fly away with their litter, as winter was approaching. They all pitied Lulu. Poor creature. "Well, we warned her," said her sister sarcastically, "fools don't deserve pity. Let us hope that she has learned a lesson or two." "Lulu, let us leave," requested one, "it is not worth the effort. You can start over afresh next year."

"No," replied an adamant Lulu, "I will see to that I complete this, no matter what. Am I a super mom or not?" She said this not as a reply to the other bird, but as a battle cry to encourage herself. "Crazy" muttered some and they all left her to face the harsh winter, alone.

When they returned, the following year, they saw a beaming Lulu, who somehow had managed to survive, "Welcome mates,"

said a smiling Lulu as some eagerly embraced her and others not so much (by now you should know who).

They all flew to see her home. It was beautiful. She was the

envy of the flock. What determination. What hard work.

"But, Lulu, this boulder is shaky," said her sister spoiling the party with her concern. "Yes, it rained heavily one day and the gush of water loosened it slightly. But nothing to worry, I have noticed it and it is not a matter of great concern. It is only slightly wobbly" replied she to an annoying sister.

But Lulu's had a true friend and she noticed the flaw in her thinking; if change comes in small increments, she will barely notice it, before it is too late. Lulu had to be warned. But she has gone far from any reasonable argument to persuade her to change her mind and abandon her home. What should a true friend do? The more others tried to reason with her the more determined she became to stick to her decision. (Never corner someone for they might stay cornered)

"But what if the boulder comes loose and the water floods the island" persisted Lulu's annoying sister.

Right then Lulu's true friend knew what what she had to do. Later as everyone ignored Lulu and started getting busy with their own work, except for her sister who was still mouthing ridicule at Lulu, the true friend caught hold of her and praised her,

"Keep doing what you are doing, for Lulu might wise up some day and listen to you and see that you are right, the river is no longer safe. You can save her from further embarrassment."

Which in all means was not what Lulu's sister wanted. How to remedy the situation?

"I am sorry," said her sister to Lulu, "I should have praised you for your hard work. Well, congratulations. Every one of us looks up to you for inspiration. Go on raise your kids in this beautiful place. They are blessed to have you as their mom. And if you need any help, please let me know", saying this she flew away.

This sudden change in her sister made Lulu suspicious. Why did she praise me now, after making fun of me for so long. She thought about this. "Maybe this boulder is not safe anymore?" She saw reality with new unbiased eyes. And as they say, change is hard, but today is a good day to change.


Lulu, can you see the change?

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