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The CLAW® Sling System is widely known for having the best non-slip pad incorporated into a sling. The extremely durable and odor resistant pad is molded into the sling webbing to allow approximately 1/2” of stretch. This stretch spreads the weight of the firearm across the shoulder area greatly increasing your comfort. The unique gripping action of the non-slip pad keeps the firearm in place on your shoulder, eliminating the tugging, rolling and pulling caused by other slings on the market.

Hunting in extreme conditions this season? The CLAW last as long as you do in anything from miserably hot to arctic cold weather conditions. The pad will remain flexible to -40 degrees fahrenheit and is U.V. stabilized to eliminate fading or cracking. The durable CLAW® Rifle Sling can be used with rifles, shotguns or any firearm with swivel studs mounted on the buttstock and barrel. As an added value, the CLAW® Rifle Sling includes HUSH STALKER II™ QD Metal Sling Swivels. Comfortable to use and easy to clean, the CLAW® Rifle Sling will not hold water like foam, urethane or leather slings.

Original, Contour, or Slimline Profile

• Colored in Quake’s Proprietary Blend

• Flush Cup Quick-Disconnect Metal Sling Swivels.

• Quick-Adjust Strap

• Available colors: Camo, Sand, Stone & Black

57000-4 57001-1 57010-3 57022-6 53005-3 53016-9 58004-1 58005-8 58008-9 58003-4 53020-6 53021-3 QD FLUSHCUP SWIVELS - $32 (Pair) 23402-9


• Original, Contour, or Slimline Profile

• Colored in Quake’s Proprietary Blend

• HUSH STALKER IITM Metal Sling Swivels

• Quick-Adjust Strap

• Available Colors: Camo, Sand, Stone, Snow, Black, OD Green, Brown & Pink/Black



• Original Profile

• Dipped in Popular Camo Patterns

• HUSH STALKER IITM Metal Sling Swivels

• Quick-Adjust Strap


• Original & Contour Profile

• HUSH STALKER IITM Metal Sling Swivels

• Quick-Adjust Strap

58002-7 58006-5 53006-0 58000-3 58001-0 50006-3 53003-9 53022-0 53004-6 53001-5 50002-5 50000-1 50007-0 50022-3 50010-0 50001-8 50019-3 50020-9 50024-7 53024-4 Realtree ® MAX-5 XT TM Mossy Oak Bottomland ®

Containing our very own in-house mix of waterproof filler, our ROCK SOLID shooting bags are available in multiple sizes for rock-solid support in any hunting or shooting situation. Each bag is made of a water-resistant briar proof fabric. The large front is the ideal shooting bag for those sight in days at the range, but is also perfect fit for use in an elevated hunting blind. The medium triangular bag is a great all-around shooting bag, which can be used as a smaller front bag, or even a rear bag for reliable stock support. The small rear squeeze bag was designed for those minute adjustments when sighting in at the range, but also light enough to carry in the field to be paired with a bipod.

LARGE - $35

• 10” L x 8” W x 9” H

• Weight: 8.5 LBS

• Saddle area made of soft but durable material

MEDIUM - $30



NEW, the ROCK SOLID family has expanded to include an extra-large H-shaped bag (not filled), which is the perfect range bag for sighting in heavy recoil calibers. The new H-shaped bag is not filled, so you can customize the weight and feel to your desire. Last but not least is the Saddle shaped bag. Made for straddling over a hunting blind window, fence post, or railing for ROCK SOLID support. 91010-7


SADDLE - $30

4” L
W x 6” H
• Adjustable Velcro Handle •
• Weight: 1 LB
• 9” L x 5” W x 5” H
• Weight: 3.5
9” L x 9” W x 7” H
91000-8 •
• Weight: 7 LBS


SLING - $35

Quiet and Versatile


Adjustable Cinch For A Secure Fit

There is no need to worry about swivels and swivel stud attachments. The CLAW® Shotgun Sling is designed to slip over the barrel and butt of any single or double-barreled shotgun, cinching for a secure fit. The sling is adjustable for length and the barrel strap is lined with soft suede to prevent barrel scratches.

The CLAW® Shotgun Sling reduces the ache and strain from standard acrossarm carrying. Walk and stalk with your hands free for binoculars on those long treks between hunting locations.

Camo 50004-9 Brown 50008-7 Black 50003-2


The All Grip, No Slip Quake Gear Bag Straps are great for use with any luggage, computer bag, briefcase, camera case or field gear bags and are durable, easy to attach and reduce carry fatigue to your shoulder and neck. Quake Gear Bag Straps can be adjusted for various lengths and will attach quickly to any standard D or O-ring bag hooks. Don’t suffer through another trip without the comfort of Quake Gear Bag Straps on your bags.




The GAME HAULER SLING is the newest addition to the Claw sling family. When the ducks have finished flying, and it’s time to pick up the decoy spread, the all new Game Hauler Sling will carry the ducks and shotgun out of the marsh for you. Keep both hands free while wading through deep creeks, fetching the dog, or picking up your decoy’s.

• Quick-Adjust Strap

• Super-strong Hooks

Camo 81001-8

Brown 81006-3

Features Black 81000-1

Need to reach for a sidearm or have your hands free to make an arrest? With the CLAW® Tactical Sling you will always be ready. This silent sling lets you maneuver quickly into the shooting position from several hands-free carrying positions and easily adjusts for a comfortable, secure fit. Sliding the buckle up or down the sling webbing gives different barrel angle options for maximum comfort and function. Tactical slings are also available with bungee connectors for law enforcement applications.

The CLAW® Game Strap offers bird, turkey and small game hunters a non-slip, non-absorbent hunting strap to carry their bounty comfortably in the field. Freeing up a hunter’s hands allows for more important matters...like hunting more birds and game. Plus, this reduces the potential for birds and game to spoil which can happen when using a pouch vest or bag.

The CLAW® Game Strap provides a safe, secure and highly functional alternative for bird and small game handling in the field.

50032-2 50031-5 50030-8



Always have your ammunition, muzzleloading supplies, and smaller field accessories. The Stocker ammo pouch is our more streamlined pouch, holding six cartridges and attaching to your gunstock with the supplied Velcro pads. Three pads are included to make it easier when switching the pouch from one gun to another.

• Holds a total of six cartridges.

• Fits .223 Rem up to .338 Win. Mag.


The STOCKER 2-RD carrier is the newest addition to the Stocker line. Using the supplied Velcro pads, you’ll always have two rounds at the ready for quick reloads and follow up shots in the field.

• Holds two cartridges.

• Fits .223 Rem up to .338 Win Mag, and .410 Shotgun Shells




The Stocker pouch and cheek pad is our larger gunstock pouch, holding a total of 14 cartridges, seven on the outside and seven on the inside. It’s fully adjustable to fit almost any stock with hook-and-loop straps, and also has a soft cheek piece for added comfort.

• Second ammo holder located on inside of pouch.

• Holds up to 14 cartridges total.

• Fits .223 Rem. up to .338 Win. Mag.


Protect your compound bows cam, string and cables with the Quake Ultimate Bow Sling & Cover. Designed to meet the demanding hunting conditions common in the sport of archery, the lightweight, durable cover and sling is easy to get on and off your shoulders. Made of a super tough rip-stop nylon, the cover includes a side tensioning strap to aid in fitting bows from 28” to 34” axle-to-axle. But the Ultimate Bow Sling would not be complete without including our Quake CLAW® pad into the shoulder strap. Allowing it to be carried in multiple positions while hiking, climbing a stand, and riding an ATV, or horseback. Lastly, the shoulder strap is removable by disconnecting the male-female buckles.



More Comfortable to Carry

The CLAW® Treestand Carry Straps are the answer to the continuous transport struggle for tree stand hunters. Fitting most stands on the market, the adjustable straps allow easy on and off from your shoulders, a common complaint heard about other backpack straps sold with treestands. The non-slip, durable straps offer a comfortable carrying solution to an otherwise tedious task and will not hold water like foam pads. The CLAW® Treestand Carry Straps are compact, lightweight and resistant to odor absorption.



Our one-size-fits-all SCOPE BOOT™ gives airtight protection and fits 1” to 2” diameter scopes. Quick and easy to use for all shooting situations, the SCOPE BOOT™ stays attached to the scope reducing the chance of losing the cover in the field. It is also designed to stay flexible under the most demanding weather conditions.

The SCOPE BOOT™ can be used with other optics such as compact or regular sized binoculars, scopes, flashlights and commercial optics, which fall within the diameter stretch range.

Avoid Eye Inury


Serious eye and facial injuries can result from quick, careless, or offbalance shooting when using scope mounted rifles - especially with the use of an unfamiliar or big bore firearm where eye relief of the scope is not known.

Most scope eye ends are made of metal or hard rubber. The SCOPE EYE™ is designed to eliminate or reduce the risk of injuries from such scopes and stretches to fit securely over the scope eyepiece.

As with most safety accessories made for the shooting sports, the SCOPE EYE™ isn’t fully appreciated until after an injury has occurred. The use of this simple accessory can mean the difference between a safe and successful hunt or an unexpected, expensive trip to the doctor’s office.


BUSHWACKER™ Optic Covers are designed to fit both ends of your scope (ocular and objective). Our five sizes fit the majority of all scopes, as well as a variety of binoculars, flashlights, smaller spotting scopes and other field optics. The stretchable covers fit securely and are easy to use. BUSHWACKER™ 270o Matte Black cover has a snap-lock lid preventing dust build up and moisture (rain and snow) accumulation. With the 270o range of motion, the cover will flip back and lay parallel to the scope so it doesn’t block the shooter’s line of sight when looking over the scope for target acquisition.


Please refer to the measuring guide on this page for accurate sizing. BUSHWACKER™ 270o Optic Covers also fit Redfield® Low Profile® and Widefield® scopes. As with all transparent covers on the market, the See-Thru model will cause a point-of-impact change at longer ranges. Although this is insignificant at close range targets, it is recommended that the See-Thru be flipped open for critical, longer range shots.

Size 3 12832-8

Size 4 12842-7

Size 5 12852-6

Size 6 12862-5

Size 7 12872-4

270o Lay Flat Design

One Size Fits All
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