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A Unique Solution To Common Problems Presented by:

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WARNING The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pumps & Tank Mixing Systems will, Dramatically Increase Your Equipment Efficiency Dramatically Reduce Operational Costs Eliminate Blockage & Ragging Problems Dramatically Reduce Motor Overload Conditions Offer ‘Guaranteed’ Returns On Your Investment Positively Affect The Bottom Line Of Your Business Reduce Your C02 Emissions & Carbon Footprint

Solving Problems Saves Money & Reduces C02 Emissions


The Increasing Operational Challenges Regular call outs dealing with blocked pumps. Expensive overheads for callouts. Lack of resources to deal with regular problems. High energy bills.

Additional administration and associated costs. Management of equipment that doesn't work. Actively looking for efficiency savings.


Operational budget cut backs. Increasing Targets & Objectives.

What Are You Pumping?

Standard Sewage?

What Else Are You Pumping?

More Standard Sewage?

Frequent & Premature Equipment Failures Plugging at the suction intake. Binding of materials around the impeller Abrasives which rapidly wear standard materials (Grit, Stones, Gravel) Reweave of materials behind impeller Shaft deflection and vibration when handling solids. Approximately Approximately 22-24% 22-24% of of submersible submersible pumps pumps failures failures are are associated associated with with Reweave Reweave of of material material behind behind the the impeller impeller && Shaft Shaft deflection. deflection.

How does The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pump deal with all of these problem areas that no-one else can handle?

Other Manufacturers ‘Non-Clog’ Type Pumps Can’t Handle This Heavy Duty Environment.

Plugging - A Familiar Sight?

A Blocked Sewer Similar to many sites throughout Northern Ireland, course hand rake screens had been installed at multiple SPS’s and were a constant drain on the NIW recourses. The objective was to remove the hand rake screens and thus remove the operational costs which typically consisted of:

• 1 operator - 5 days per week to manually rake the material into a bin. • 1 lorry – at least 1 day per week to empty the bins.

This task will easily amount to an annual cost of over £3000 the addition of any further costs arising from pump failures, repairs, sump tankering etc which would be added to the base figure.

What would happen if the screens were removed? there would be premature failure to the existing standard Non-clog type pumps unless, they upgraded to the equipment designed for this duty, The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pumps It is policy within many water authorities not to fit screens upfront to protect equipment. However, it is commonly accepted as a compromise over consistent and frequent failures of low cost and poor design of pumps.

The cost implications of this are substantial!!

Rags & Debris result in regular & costly failures to Other Manufacturers ‘Non Clog’?? Equipment

Rags & Plastics Cause Plugging, Binding & Weaving of your equipment, resulting in premature Failure!!

GRIT causes regular & costly failures to Other Manufacturers ‘Non Clog’?? Equipment Standard Pumping Equipment is manufactured from low cost materials such as Cast Iron which cannot handle:

Grit, Stones & Other Abrasives.

Premature Failure of Standard cast iron Impeller worn after a few weeks of operation

Motor Overload Conditions Result in regular & Costly failures. Shaft Deflection & Vibration causes Seal Failures

Bearing Failure

Motor Failures

Inadequate Designs cannot cope with Heavy Duty Requirement.

Motor Overload Conditions Result in regular & Costly failures. Reweave of fibres behind the impeller results in: Seal Failures

Bearing Failure Inadequate Designs cannot cope with the Heavy Duty Requirement. MOTOR FAILURES!!

Common Myth All ‘Non-Clog’ or ‘Macerator’ or Cutter type pumps are the same!

FALSE Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pumps are not to be confused with other types or brands of chopper pumps, macerators, grinder or cutter pumps. The Vaughan Pump is a patented product and so it is UNIQUE in the pump world.

Available Configurations

Horizontal End Suction

Electric Submersible

Hydraulic Submersible

Self Priming

Pedestal Dry Well

‘Chopper’ Pumps & Sludge Mixing Systems

Features & Benefits As The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pump is:

Solution & NOT Cost Driven, What Technical Advantages does this bring? Take a Closer Look The Attention To Detail vs. Others ‘Chopper’ Pumps & Sludge Mixing Systems

The ONLY pump on the market designed from the ‘Inside to out’

As a ‘Chopper’ The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ has the unique ability to handle heavy Solids & Debris laden duties where all other equipment fails. Guaranteed!!!

Highly Efficient Impeller Design This Unique Patented design integrates Pumping and Chopping into ONE efficient system. The CHOPPING is done right where the pumping is done.

Increased Increased efficiency efficiency reduces reduces energy energy usage usage and and lowers lowers electricity electricity bills. bills.

Why is the Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pump Impeller design so efficient? Solids below 10mm

Solids above 10mm


The Chopping action occurs as close to the most central part of the shaft rotation possible. This requires less energy even with the toughest materials.

Solids below 10mm are chopped in this new improved design with the new cutter nut tooth's leading edge scissor action design

Field adjustment with: NO special tool or shims necessary!

The E-series design incorporates a unique back pull-out plate with external adjustments of all critical cutting clearances.

The ONLY pump available with ALL wear components in hardened materials

As Standard

• All Wear Components – 61-64 Rockwell C (min 60) • 4 times harder than standard grey iron. • Designed to withstand impact. • Designed to withstand abrasion. • Minimal spares required over 20 years


Built to last

Flared Bore intake Vaughan offers 140mm as the smallest intake. Allows the solids to get right to the intake chopping action without obstruction.

Others offer 50mm which block the intake

140mm Flared Bore

Unique Cutter Nut Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pumps

Cutter Nut Eliminates Plugging

Double Cutter Bar System Extends across the intake

Chopping Action

V-Notch Shear Plate Cutter The sharpened leading edge ensures the debris is effectively broken down with minimal effort.

‘V’ - Disintegrator

Patented Cutter Bar Shear Plate For The Rogue Materials & Stubborn Baby Wipes

Rear Scissor Edge Action

Cup Shaped Chopping Impeller blades Machined edges slice the material against the back of the shear plate as it enters. The semi-open impeller clears it quickly and efficiently.

Scissor Action Chopping





According to the experts in Blade Technology Vaughan


Upper Cutter Ring The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pump eliminates material REWEAVE behind impeller. The biggest killer of mechanical seals in submersible pumps. This problem also causes bearing failure and motor overload conditions.

Heavy Duty Mechanical Seal

Vaughan Cartridge Seal A unique design built to withstand the rigours of chopping. The main sealing faces are protected from the process with the new shrouded design. Large oil bath chamber allows the seal to ‘dry-run’

Vaughan - No Compromise SHAFT Design Features Oversized Shaft Lowest shaft overhang Minimal Shaft deflection

Benefits Extended and Reliable performance of your equipment

Performance Guaranteed

Heavy Duty Shaft Vaughan Minimum Shaft size 1.750� (45mm) Compared to Competitors: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm

Oversized Seal-and-Bearing System Withstands the rigours of Combined Chopping & Pumping high solids content slurries. Oversized and designed for severe use. Angular contact ball bearings for high thrust loadings

All of this simply means‌‌. ‌.Longer Life and Reduced Maintenance

A Comparison to Other Manufacturers? Standard ‘Non-Clog’? Type Pumps

There can be no comparisons made between Vaughan and other types of equipment.

Other Manufacturers Lightweight Bearing Systems

All have Single Thrust on top All have small shaft diameters Most commonly 20mm to 35mm All have Light Duty lower double Radial bearings

Other Manufacturers Lightweight Bearing Systems

All have Single Thrust on top

NONE OF THESE DESIGNS All have small shaft WILL COPE WITH A HEAVY diameters 20mm to 35mm SHOCK LOADING Most commonly

All have Light Duty lower double Radial bearings

All other Non-Clog? type pumps are basically a Centrifugal type with something added on: i.e. Cutter Bar, Knife-edge, Grooves NOT SUITABLE FOR HEAVY DUTIES

Other Manufacturers’ Mechanical Seals LIGHT DUTY designs are no match for Vaughan


SHAFT DEFLECTION The main chopping action takes place between the Auger-type impeller edge and the machined grooves on the I/D of the flange

Cutting Action takes place on the outer edge of impeller. This creates excessive radial forces to the shaft causing deflection with resultant Mechanical Seal & Bearing failure.

How Confident Are We? The Vaughan Non-Clog Guarantee With almost 20,000 units in service, the Vaughan Chopper Pump has not only proven it’s value in problem solving, but also established itself as the reliable alternative to conventional pumping. Over the years, product reliability has also allowed Vaughan to guarantee the NON-CLOG performance of all chopper pumps. This guarantee is your written assurance of clog-free solids-handling performance, above-and-beyond the standard materials-and-workmanship warranty. Below is a sample guarantee so you can see how simple and direct Vaughan's guarantee reads — no "catch phrases" or vague requirements. Vaughan Co., Inc. Performance Guarantee statement: Vaughan guarantees to ____________ the NON-CLOG performance of the model ________ chopper pump to pump _______ without plugging for the duration of the warranty period, based on the following conditions: Terms ……………………

You will never see anything like this from other Pump MANUFACTURERS!

The Vaughan ‘Chopper’ Pump Demo Trailer

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Vaughan Chopper Pumps

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