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including HST


Helping one another grow

Bowen Women in Business meet on a monthly basis to offer support

Nearly double the debris

Divers and volunteers removed 1,414 pounds of junk

Water or oil?

Film screening and forum explore implication of Kinder Morgan project

New CAO brings wealth of experience

Celebrating physical activity







t the council meeting on September 17, mayor Jack Adelaar announced Kathy Lalonde’s appointment as the Bowen Island Municipality’s chief administrative officer (CAO). Lalonde said that she is excited and hopes to “offer some stability.” Lalonde has been employed by the municipality since March 2000. “I was hired a couple months after the municipality’s incorporation as a confidential secretary,” Lalonde said. “Then I became deputy clerk and, after that, corporate officer.” Since the resignation of former CAO Brent Mahood on March 1, 2012, Lalonde has been performing the wide range of duties of a CAO in an interim capacity. “The interim role gave me an opportunity to find out whether it was something that I would love to do,” Lalonde says, explaining that she always thought of herself as a good lieutenant but never as a captain. And she found out that she enjoys the work, especially with the support of BIM’s staff. Lalonde brings a a lot of experience and extensive knowledge of what it means to be an active part of our unique community to the table. In a press release, Adelaar states, “In Kathy Lalonde as our new CAO, Bowen Island is gaining a valuable resource behind the helm. [Lalonde]’s vast knowledge of the history of the municipality since inception will serve to keep us progressing as an organization. Her excellent rapport with community members will provide continued open dialogue and approachability at municipal hall. We also gain a strong, efficient, intelligent and fair-minded leader to encourage and inspire staff and council in reaching the community’s goals and objectives.”   Lalonde has been living on Bowen for over 20 years. “I first moved here during the big storm in December of 1990 to a week of power outage,” she said. She spent 10 years commuting to downtown Vancouver and says she understands the commuter’s perspective well. She considers the island to be her home first and her career second. “I hope to be here for a long time,” she says.

Kami Kanetsuka has won the 2012 Literary Writes award for nonfiction for her piece that chronicles a trip to Nagaland. Story on page 6 Susanne Martin photo

Peace of mind, financial stability and benefits during your lifetime – enjoy all three in every one of our plans.

he Bowen Island Municipality’s community recreation department is planning a block party and extends an invitation to islanders of all ages to join the fun on Sunday, September 30, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Bowen Island Community School. The focus of the party will be on health and fitness. Shauna Jennings, community recreation programmer, is excited about Bowen Island’s participation in the Sports Day in Canada that is part of a National Participaction initiative. “Participaction was big in the 80s as an initiative to get people moving and doing sports,” she said. “During the last couple of years, thousands of communities in Canada organized special events around this.” And this year, BIM received a grant that will allow the recreation department to host an event that will showcase programs that promote health and fitness. “Part of the initiative will be to show Bowen Islanders what is available for them in terms of health and fitness,” Jennings said. “Our instructors will be on hand for demonstrations about the classes they are teaching as part of the community recreation programming. This is also an invitation for people to continue staying active.” Jennings is working on a schedule that sees 15-minute slots for instructors where people can get a taste of what it’s like to practise Tai Chi, Pilates, Irish Dancing or cardio kickboxing. “The event has something for all ages, from senior’s weightlifting to the parent-tot equipment where babies can crawl around on mats,” says Jennings, adding that this promotes good role modeling. “By bringing the families together, kids can see adults who are having fun and being active. It teaches them about the benefits of being active for life.” continued, PAGE 2

2 • FRIDAY September 19 2012


Twice the goose SARAH HAXBY CoMMUnity SCHool CooRdinAtoR


ue to the popularity of the Rhyme Time on the Rock Mother Goose program, Bowen Island now has two options. The Goose on the Loose replaces the Rhyme Time on the Rock at the same time and place but with a drop-in fee to cover costs. Lorraine Ashdown, known as Coco, will lead the program that is designed for families and welcomes parents, caregivers, children and their siblings to connect and practise what they enjoyed as part of the Mother Goose program. This community learning program has been created in response to the desire of Mother Goose participants to keep the fun going. It runs on Wednesdays, from 10:45 to noon at the Gallery at Artisan Square. Donations of a $4 sug-

gested minimum will be accepted at the door. Thanks to funding and support from WEcan, Family Place, Bowen Children’s Centre and a BIM community grant, community learning continues to offer a free Mother Goose program at the Gallery at Artisan Square. A ratio of one child to one or two parent/caregivers is preferred. Using interactive storytelling, rhyme and song, this program includes a snack and is geared for parents, caregivers and their children: newborn to two years old. Maximum of 12 families per session with priority placement for parents who have not taken part in a Mother Goose program before.  Facilitators are Wendy Harding, Kerry Watts and Aubin van Berckel and the program runs on Wednesdays from 9 to 10 a.m. For more information, please see

block party promotes family fitness continued, PAGE 1

“We are encouraging the community to come together and celebrate being active as well as to kick of our fall and winter programs,” Jennings said, adding that it’s a launch of this year’s online registration as well. In addition to the instructors’ demonstrations, there will be ongoing activities on the turf and grass fields and the tennis courts. The thriller dance team will do a presentation and games like bocce and croquet are set up. “The event is also targeted for

youth,” Jennings says. “The Bowen Island Youth Centre will be here with a portable skate board park.” Hockey fans will get a chance to find how good their slap shots are as Bowen Island’s RCMP officers will be on hand with the radar gun to measure the speed, according to Jennings. The event promotes a heightened awareness about fitness in the community and also offers an education component. “We want to share what we know about being healthy and how that builds community,” Jennings said.

Fit 4 Our Future! On September 24th, MP John Weston will present his Bill in the House of Commons to put National Health & Fitness Day

Volunteers consider the pile of debris brought up from Deep Bay’s ocean floor. Tom Lightfoot photo

Dive nets record garbage MARCUS HONDRO ContRibUting WRiteR


he second annual Dive against Debris in Deep Bay last Saturday netted nearly double the amount of marine debris brought up from the ocean floor last year. In the end, this year’s dive removed 1,414 pounds of junk that included a bike frame, a fire extinguisher, eight car batteries and a row boat. “It is amazing to see a community of people come together to take care of the environment and have so much fun at the same time,” organizer and diver Amber Spitkovski said. “It is also encouraging to see the young people who showed up for the event this year.”

A team of divers, free divers (divers without tanks), boaters, kayakers and shore volunteers did the job and Spitkovski, who also organized the event last year when they brought up some 827 pounds of marine debris, said everybody left with a positive feeling after helping get rid of junk left on the ocean floor. Other debris removed from the bay, piled up on Sandy Beach and hauled away included plastic binds, a knife, barbecue parts, old cables, a pair of binoculars, rain pants, crab traps, rope, both a computer keyboard and a music keyboard, a portable DVD player and miscellaneous garbage. The Dive against Debris, sponsored by the Bowen Island Municipality, is a part of a worldwide marine clean-up effort called Project Aware.

B o w e n I s l a n d M u n I c I pa l I t y Pursuant to section 224 of the Community Charter, Bowen Island Municipal Council will consider adopting a bylaw exempting from property taxation for 1 year (2013) the lands and improvements or both that are owned or held by charitable, philanthropic or other not for profit organizations and that Council considers are used for a purpose that is directly related to the purposes of the applicant organization. The properties being considered and the estimated total ad valorem property taxes that would be imposed if they were not exempt are:

Roll #

Proposed Exemption for 2013

Estimated Total Ad Valorem Property Taxes if not exempt











BC Camping & Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists







BC Camping & Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists







BC Camping & Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists







BC Camping & Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists







BC Camping & Recreation Guild for Christian Scientists







Bowen Island (PAC#150) Royal Canadian Legion







WCD Investments (Tir na nOg Theatre School Society)







Seymour Bay Foundation (Bowen Island Golf Association)









Owner / Occupier

on the Canadian Calendar. Rivendell Foundation - Rivendell

Join the celebration at 8:30am, on September 29, at the West Van Community Center

Details & parade route at

Stay connected @ John Weston MP John Weston

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WCD Investments (Municipal Hall Land & Improvements -Class 6) Total Value of 2013 Permissive Tax Exemptions

Estimated Value of Proposed Permissive Tax Exemption









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FRIDAY September 21 2012 • 3


Healthy boundaries

Kelly Matzen in her garden with her son Tyler. Matzen practises something she calls ‘ picket fence parenting.’ A picket fence is white and nice and gives kids a sense of security, Matzen says but adds that there are usually pointy ends at the top and if kids try to climb over it, there is going to be a jab. If kids know how far they can go, they work even better within the those limits, Matzen thinks. Debra



elly Matzen calls herself a play-at-home mom but comes with an impressive list of credentials including a masters degree in counseling psychology and an award-winning book titled When You’re About To Go Off The Deep End, Don’t Take Your Kids With You. The parenting expert will share her expertise with a group of parents in her upcoming Mommy Mastery course plus two free workshops on Wednesday, October 3, and Saturday, October 13. Matzen shows up for her interview with her son Tyler in tow, presenting an opportunity to observe her as a parent in action. She doesn’t disappoint, neither does Tyler who sits patiently through the hour-long interview, now and then asking questions of his own. “For me, parenting is a lot about common sense that is not so commonly used,” Matzen says. “Nothing I’m going to say is rocket science.” She adds that often people come to see her and have an ‘oh-yeah’-moment when they hear things spelled out. Matzen has seen clients who are dealing with difficult behaviour and struggles at school and says. “The first things I will look at, right out of the gates, is the sleep schedule. Are they sleep deprived?” she says. “Often they go past that tired phase into that adrenaline-rush phase and they think that they are not tired. A lot of studies link lack of sleep to increased misbehaviour and also lower grades.” Matzen has found this to be an issue affecting local families. She adores Bowen, she says, and has been living here for a year. “You can’t get me off the island,” she laughs. “This is fairy tale land for parents and their kids, it really is. The sad part for me is that there are some families who are struggling when there are some simple things they could do that could make a difference.” Matzen says that she has been in “the parenting trenches for over 20 years” and her approach has shifted with time. “At the outset, I used a lot more punishments and rewards and for some kids, it’ll appear to work. Fortunately for me, I then met my match. I was the go-to girl for children with special needs and I got pretty good at it,” she says, adding that she got a bit “cocky” thinking that this works for everyone. Matzen was called in to work with two boys aged five and six. “I thought it would be a piece of cake,” Matzen laughs. “And that night, a dessert plate came zinging by my head. I realized that maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought.” Matzen says that some parents also find that what works with one child doesn’t necessarily work so well with another. Or that a child might suddenly display a new behaviour or that they come back from school where they picked up on other children’s behaviours. “Whenever we’re disciplining, redirecting or teaching, we think about the true message we are trying to get across,” Matzen explains. “Are we teaching virtues, respect, compassion or joy?” Matzen thinks that, without being aware of and clear on the message, we may only stop the behaviour in the moment. “Frankly, a lot of the discipline used by parents and teachers only teaches our kids not to get caught next time,” she says.

Stringfellow photo

For some of Matzen’s talks, she asks members of her audience to raise their hands if they ever lied to their parents. “Yes, I see that your hands are up too,” Matzen says with a laugh but then she grows serious and adds, “That’s my big concern. It’s not to avoid doing things because you’d get in trouble but to do them because they’re the right things. So how do you teach those emotionally intelligent perspectives to children. Frankly, it’s a heck of a lot easier and more enjoyable for parents and children.” But this is not widely taught and Matzen says she is constantly amazed because “we need licences to get married, to drive and to fish, yet we’re given amazing opportunities to raise children and lot of parents are not prepared for that.” “Parenting is the most difficult job on the planet and one that is not respected enough,” Matzen says. “My heroes in this world are mothers, fathers too but mostly mothers, and I don’t think we get enough credit.” “The challenge that I see on island sometimes is that there is so much freedom. But with that freedom, many times there are not enough boundaries,” Matzen says. She adds that she doesn’t mean boundaries that will impede creativity or hamper independent thinking. Her big concern is that after Generation X and Generation Y, the Generation S (generation spoiled) is on the rise. “It’s frightening to me that many children grow up with such a sense of entitlement and are not looking for what they can give but are constantly looking for what they can get,” Matzen says. “I personally do not want to live in a world where everyone is just looking out for him or herself.” “As Bowen Island parents, we get to make sure that, yes, we celebrate that freedom. But we are also making sure that the boundaries are there,” Matzen advises. She adds that



In Effect May 17 - October 8, 2012


Snug Cove

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Daily except WeDNeSDayS/ DaNGeROUS caRGO, NO paSSeNGeRS

her professional career has taught her not to judge people but to look at the behaviour and the outcome and then see what is working and what may not be working well. Matzen says she sometimes wants to show parents a mirror or even a crystal ball and say: “In my best estimate if you have a child who has those values and these beliefs about the world and who they are, where is that going to lead in five years or ten years?” Matzen says a lot of parents come to her and say, “My child is rebellious.” “They think that this is the problem,” she says. “And I have to tell them that this is not the problem - it’s the solution for [the kids]. And our job is to become a team and find out what was the initial problem and how can they solve that in a way that is respectful and in a way where they connect more and have more fun. With a lot more laughter and fewer tears for everybody.” “Sometimes parents come to me when they have a second, third or fourth child and it’s becoming too much, when mom’s batteries are low,” Matzen said, explaining that she has gone through a similar experience. “When I was working with Grant and Graham, I would be with them for three or four days straight in their home doing lunches, taking them to school, all of those kind of things. I was also doing my pre-doctoral internship and was really stressed.” Matzen recalls that she had often told the boys when she was getting frustrated that her batteries were getting low and needed to be recharged, asking them to give her five or ten minutes. “We were walking to school one day and I was nagging them to hurry up. I was not a happy camper. And the youngest one looked up at me and said, ‘You know, I’m starting to think that your batteries are just not the rechargeable kind,’” Matzen

H: 21 L: 12

1125 2145 Sat. 1239 2242 Sun. 1350 2357 Mon. 1451

13.8 13.5 13.8 12.8 14.1 12.5 14.1


12.1 14.4 12.1 14.4 12.5 14.4

0127 1542 Wed. 0255 1625 Thurs. 0407 1701

LOW FEET 0416 3.0 1636 10.2 0512 3.3 1758 10.5 0614 3.6 1930 10.5 0721 3.9 2048 9.8 0829 4.3 2146 8.9 0932 4.6 2234 7.9 1027 5.2 2315 6.9

laughs. “I was ripe for a mommy-breakdown and I’m glad I had this experience early.” Matzen admits that she still has some of those moments but is much more aware of the impact it can have on the family’s life. “Many of us are living life on automated pilot and are not taking time to say: Is this really working for me? Or could we do it better?” Matzen’s goal is to shift the focus from crisis management to prevention. “Right now, I am starting what I call a Mommy Mastery group.” Matzen says, adding that dads will be invited to join some of the sessions. “If I can help moms to be happier, it usually triggers a domino effect in the family,” Matzen says. “I’m excited to give them this intensive, hands-on experience. This has been a career dream for me.” Matzen hopes to have an on-line component on her website and the Bowen group will serve as a kind of a lab. “They’ll have access to me even between sessions to say, ‘I’ve been trying this, what do I do now.’” “I had that kind of access when I needed it,” she says about her time looking after Grant and Graham. “I could call my advisors. When push came to shove, I had backup,” she said. Matzen says that she will include role play in her sessions and adds that she is “really good at having a temper tantrum.” She’ll do a home visit and chat with the dads and the kids to get them on board. Mommy Mastery is billed as “a ninemonth-program to bring out mommy’s best, so she can inspire more of the family’s best.” For more information about the course as well as the workshops on Bowen Island or to sign up, please contact kellymatzen@

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Volunteerism to be applauded Dear Editor:

A Re:

BICS grass field expansion s I have been “reasonably” involved in the development of a much needed public recreational amenity on the island (golf course), I have considerable difficulty understanding any complaints or challenges to the Bowen Island Football Club (BIFC) for their recent expansion of the BICS grass sports field. As I understand, the club incurred the full cost of the expansion and believe they completed the project in a first class manner, I question why anyone would choose to look a gift horse in the mouth? Full marks to the BIFC for their passionate commitment to the artificial field “next door” and dedication to improving the grass field in order that it can better serve the communityat-large and not just the members of their non profit, volunteer organization. It is interesting to note Morgan Quarry’s (BIFC president) letter was alongside Lois Meyer-Carter’s column in the Undercurrent of September 7 entitled, “Volunteers – the heart and soul of a small community”. How coincidental and most appropriate. As one who understands and appreciates the value of volunteerism, and has experienced a great deal of it, both on Bowen and elsewhere, I applaud and thank the BIFC for their donation to the community. It never ceases to amaze me how some are eager to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Yours truly,

Bruce Russell

Second Training for Courage clinic at Evergreen Acres Riding Centre To the Editor:


ast week, horse trainer Paul Dufresne held his second Training for Courage clinic at Evergreen Acres Riding Centre. Many of the horses and riders taking part had been in the first clinic in March and, this time, they felt more confident and were quicker to obtain the softness and relaxation that is achieved by the “endotapping” technique that Paul teaches. On Wednesday evening, Paul used Luna, one of our Fjord horses, to show the relaxation, reassurance and obedience that his work with the horse achieves and went on to guide Luna stepping bravely over a large crinkly tarpaulin and batting a large coloured ball. He then rode Padrino, his spectacular Andalusian stallion, in a dazzling display of horsemanship and agility which included piaffing on a raised wooden box, canter tempe changes and pirouettes over the tarpaulin. We look forward to having Paul back in the spring. Christine Miller The Undercurrent is published every Friday by Black Press Group Ltd. All Advertising and news copy content are copyright of the Undercurrent Newspaper. All editorial content submitted to the Undercurrent becomes the property of the publication. The undercurrent is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, art work and photographs. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) for our publishing activities.

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Rotary stage a community asset To the Editor: his past Saturday, about 50 people came out to celebrate the warm sunny weather to the sounds of Deer in the Headlights and Walk On Dead. My hope is that this event plants a seed for next year. It was a demonstration of sorts – to demonstrate to us, the community, that the Rotary stage is a fabulous community asset. After all, the architecture of villages and towns is nothing more than a stage for daily life, and what a better way to celebrate daily life than to enjoy live music.  The use of the stage also illustrates that when there is activity in the cove, it is a vibrant and colourful place to be. Perhaps a key objective in Snug Cove re-development can be finding a permanent home for a more permanent Rotary stage, maybe in the form of a small amphitheatre just behind the Snug as an anchor for the Orchard Cottages and Snug Cove re-development.  I would like to thank everyone who supported this effort including the musicians, BIM staff, Piers and Joan and the Snug, and BIAC for offering help in finding funding for a more substantial music in the cove program next summer and fall. Stay tuned.

T Looking for answers at Islands Trust town hall meeting To the Editor:


attended the meeting held at Cates Chapel on September 12 where I had expected to hear a statement from the Islands Trust Council explaining what they had accomplished, etc. I was aware that there were to be delegations but learned that in almost every case the delegations were informed that the Trust did not have the power to do much to implement the requests. I was very concerned that the trustees were asked by a delegation to oppose the application to install large wharves on the Cape Roger Curtis waterfront and I reached a boiling point when the Islands Trust chair stated that this matter was up to local government. Well, it was the local government at the time that did not accept the neighbourhood plan proposed by the CRC owners. Bowen Island did not gain the 300 acres of parkland that included waterfront that was part of the neighbourhood plan because of the action of the council at that time. I believe that the Islands Trust had approved the plan but one of the local trustees voted against it. What did the Islands Trust do to support the CRC applicants? That was the time when the Trust could have stepped in and done something creative to implement their commitment to preserve and protect.

#102–495 Bowen Trunk Road, PO Box 130, Bowen Island BC, V0N 1G0 Phone: 604.947.2442 Fax: 604.947.0148

I regret that the audience at the town hall meeting was subjected to my rant but I was upset by the fact that the trustees did not make the time to summarize for us taxpayers (who paid for the three day gathering) the three things I asked for: What have you done for Bowen Island? What can you do? What will you do? I think that in return for the millions of dollars we have paid in the last 38 years, they could have given us an hour or two for a dialogue. I know that, in about half an hour, trustee Andrew Stone convinced me that the Trust is on the right track and that we do receive significant services. He explained that the trustees are working very hard and that I could have attended the many meetings to find the answers to my questions. But, three days? Needless to say, the results of the recent survey indicates that a majority of the Bowen people are dissatisfied with the cost of the Trust to taxpayers. Obviously, the Trust and its local trustees need to have a real town hall meeting or a letter to the Bowen community to explain and justify the expense. Frankly, I am still sceptical about the value we receive in return for our tax dollars. Respectfully Ian G. Henley

James Tuer

Mail-out met requirement for transparency To the Editor:


his is my second - and last - response to the letters criticizing the mail flyer Building Community on Bowen that was prepared by councillors Duntz, Jennings and Rhodes. John Sbragia (September 14) believes it’s wrong for elected officials to publish a document they have written using funds provided by a business enterprise. I disagree: what’s wrong is for such funding to be provided covertly. And that’s true regardless of whether the funding is from individuals, businesses, governments or not-for-profit organizations. Knowing the source of the funding, members of the public can then each decide how carefully they should examine the merits of the arguments contained in the particular publication (and they will also be able to use that knowledge in the next election). In my view, it’s ultimately the arguments being made that count. In fact, more light and less heat would be generated by a public discussion that concentrates on the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments rather than on the supposed motives, benign or malign, of those who are making them or paying for their publication. And by the way, the three councillors’ flyer very nicely met the requirement for transparency about the funding. Bud Long




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Bowen authors take centre stage Water is more precious than oil Welcome to year 22 of Island Neighbours: stories of Island history, people, activities and events. To share an item, phone Lois at 947-2440 or e-mail to: ernice Lever popped her head into the Undercurrent office the other day exclaiming “The new issue of BC Book World is out and it’s full of islanders – it’s almost a Bowen Island issue!” BC Book World is the quarterly publication that provides a marvelous guide to books and publishing and Bernice was right. Her latest book, Imagining Lives, was noted on page 26 along with two of her poems, Ignore Linear and Privates plus a fine photograph. Pauline LeBel’s many talents were noted on page 35 and her new book Science, Wisdom and the Future: Humanity’s Quest for a Flourishing Earth was listed. And, yes, her photo was there. Adding to the island content was the page 3 story and charming photograph of Bowen’s Kenyaborn Amrita Sondhi, a multi-talented person. She is a certified yoga instructor who created a successful boutique in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood, A chance encounter with Lululemon’s Chip Wilson led to her interactive role with that firm. Her first book was the 2006 Modern Ayurveda Cookbook: Healthful, Healing Recipes for the Modern Life that is now in its third printing. She’s tucked a TV show into her busy schedule and has now produced her second Ayurveda cookbook, The Tastes of Ayurveda: More Healthful, Healing Recipes for the Modern Ayurvedic (Arsenal Pulp, $26. 95). Ayurveda is the 5,000 year-old healing tradition from India linked to the development of yoga. It’s based on the concept that one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being comes from a number of sources, including a healthful diet based on one’s individual constitution, Amrita is also the founder of Movement Global Design, providing cutting edge yoga lifestyle clothing in sustainable fibers. In keeping with her focus on sustainability, 10 per cent of proceeds from Movement and the cookbooks go to the Pamoja Foundation, which she co-founded in 1999. It aids grass roots entrepreneurs to move from poverty to self-sustainability through micro-loans. Amrita attributes living with purpose to her yoga practice and is deeply grateful to those who come to her classes. as she believes that her teaching brings her infinite returns and keeps the dharma wheel turning. Bowen creativity will be further demonstrated at the Living Artfully reading and discussion being held on Saturday, September 22 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Gallery at Artisan Square. Bernice Lever and Lisa Shatzky are two of the five personalities participating. Living Artfully: Reflections from the






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Far West Coast is the newly published book in which 42 contributors share their varied experiences and expressions of the creative island life style through stories, memoirs, poems, visual art, music and dance. Lisa and Bernice will be joined by Vancouverite Michael Scott Curnes, Gabriola’s Sharon McInnes and dancer Celeste Snowber. Presenters will bring books of their own for display, purchase and signing. Admission is by donation and refreshments will be served. The evening sounds like great fun. Ten Years Ago in the Undercurrent of September 20, 2002, Barbara Murray interviewed municipal council candidates Peter Frinton and Luz Budzinski. Frinton noted that his interests covered waste management, a civic facility, as well as unresolved issues from the LUB. Budzinski, chair of the Ferry Advisory Committee and a founding member of the Nature Club, said his priorities included affordable housing and finishing the Snug Cove Plan. • Norma Dallas wrote a thoughtful salute to Sensei Jim MacDonald who died on September 15. • The Undercurrent of September 27 spoke of the moving memorial for the Reverend Christina Burnett on September 22. The intimate spaces of the little red church were jammed and more than a hundred other friends sat outside to share the thoughtful tribute to this remarkable woman who died so unexpectedly. • Kathy Dunster’s letter noted her five years of attending quarterly meetings of the Islands Trust and its importance to the federation of 470 islands. Barbara Murray’s interview of councilor Ross Carter focused on his long attachment to Bowen Island as well as a number of major issues facing the island. • How about a bit of Bowen road trivia? Adams Road: George Adams was a successful contractor who built Vancouver’s Carnegie Library, early parts of the Vancouver General Hospital and the W.H. Malkin warehouse which later became the Old Spaghetti Factory. In the thirties, he and his family were frequent summer visitors. Adams noted the availability of the 850-acre property at Tunstall Bay that had been the site of the early explosives plant. It had been on the market since 1914 or so with no takers. Adams paid $16,000, bought the lot, built a house and moved there with his family in 1939. Later, his daughters Maisie and Lillian became active in Bowen community life. • The Last Word: Just for fun. I used to record unusual license plates that I saw. I’ll share some of my findings with you. How about M A Six, or FX M UP or 4 GRAMA? Then, there was PAC RAT, and O BOUY and 0007-VV. Does anyone else out there enjoy spotting these unusual plates? If so, send me your discoveries and I’ll add them to my list.



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would be affected have already said NO to the Kinder Morgan project. That should be enough clout, shouldn’t it? If the people most affected by a risky venture cannot be bought, shouldn’t that be end of story? Not since the recent passage of the notorious federal omnibus budget bill with its watering down of environmental watchdogs and protections and its concentration of decisionmaking in the prime minster’s office. This project will be decided by the national energy board in Ottawa which has yet to refuse a pipeline proposal. Another rubber stamped project? Not on our waters! Please come to our Water Is More Precious Than Oil Forum and view the film White Water Black Gold, an international award-winning documentary about David Lavallee’s three-year journey across western Canada in search of answers about the activities of the world’s thirstiest oil industry: the tar sands – a journey from ice fields to oil fields. The filmmaker will be on Bowen for the screening. Rueben George will also be here to speak passionately about his work to stop the pipeline. The film will be followed by questions and answers with Sven Biggs of Tanker-Free BC to answer technical questions about tankers and Kinder Morgan. Showtime is on October 4 at 7 p.m. at the Gallery at Artisan Square. Admission by donation. Proceeds go to Tanker-Free BC (www.tankerfreebc. org). All ages welcome. Come and be informed. Say YES to clean water in the Salish Sea. For more information, contact Pauline Le Bel at songspinner@ or 947-0907. Water is more precious than oil.

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hen I met Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation at the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering in Lillooet in June, I discovered he was the grandson of Chief Dan George. Instant connection. My song, Web of Life, was inspired by the words of Chief Dan. Rueben told me he has taken a year off from his job to protect the waters of the Salish Sea. Why is he doing this? The good news: After an absence of more than 100 years, a pod of orcas visited Galbraith Bay on Bowen Island last June; and great schools of whitesided dolphins now frequent Howe Sound. For 80 years, toxic copper-laced waters flowed into Howe Sound from the Britannia Mine near Squamish, greatly damaging marine life. But a new treatment plant now captures the metals from mine waters, and health is returning to Howe Sound. Encouraged by evidence that herring were again spawning in Howe Sound, the Squamish Streamkeepers wrapped creosote-loaded pilings with landscape cloth, which greatly expanded the success of spawning herring, a major culinary delicacy for whales and dolphins, The bad news: A proposal by Kinder Morgan seeks to expand a pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby to carry bitumen bound for China. Bitumen is the heavy oil extracted from the tar sands. If spilled into water, it doesn’t float like oil. It sinks to the bottom, forming a lethal floor. This bitumen would be loaded on giant tankers that would daily negotiate the narrows of Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea, a delicate ecosystem with powerful and challenging tides. It’s not a case of IF there is a spill but rather WHEN and how big. A spill would contaminate the waters that surround our beautiful island. As well, the pipeline would run through the Rocky Mountains crossing pristine lakes and rivers. Over 100 First Nations DIVERS bands whose waters and land

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6 • FRIDAY September 19 2012


Account of strange journey to Nagaland wins island writer an award SUSANNE MARTIN Editor


hen Bowen Island writer Kami Kanetsuka entered her submission into the Literary Writes competition, she knew that she had given an account of a fascinating adventure. Yet she says that it came as a surprise when she was selected as the winner in the non-fiction category. Kami will read excerpts from her story titled Strange Journey to Nagaland on September 30 on the main stage of the Word on the Street event between 11 and 11:45 a.m. with other authors selected by the BC Federation of Writers. Kami has attended Word on the Street in the past but this is the first time she will read. “I usually go and attend the workshops,� she says. “But this is the first time I won a competition like this.� Kami’s writing has been widely published and she says she has “been writing forever.� “I started in Bangkok where I wrote for the Bangkok Times,� Kami says, adding that she contributed to the social page. She then moved on to write for the Rising Nepal in Kathmandu, a publication that included a daily quote by the king. This love for exotic locations and adventure has stayed with Kami whose contributions to the Undercurrent mostly consist of dispatches from interesting places or happenings. And it finds reflection in Strange Journey to Nagaland, the piece that won her the award. “Nagaland was closed to foreigners from 1951,� Kanetsuka says, adding that this was due to the long history of tribal warfare and struggle for independence. “It is part of India and located at the north east frontier area, the NEFA,� she explains. Kami went to Nagaland in 2010 as one of the first foreigners to go solo into a region that had previously only opened its doors to groups. Her trip provides the backdrop for her story but Kami’s interest in Nagaland, and its people, started 35 years earlier. “In 1975, I met a young man in Darjeeling,� she says. She attended a dance, Kami recalls, in a long Mexican dress that was not exactly appropriate attire in India. “I danced the whole night at end of school event at Darjeeling’s St. Joseph’s College,� she says. “Afterwards, I went out for tea with a few people.� Kami guessed that the striking young man was of Tibetan or Japanese ancestry. “He was this gorgeous man with long hair and high cheekbones,� she says with a laugh. “He told me that he came from Nagaland. There was this immediate fascination, of course.� The fascination was not one-sided. Kami learned that tribal people kept their hair long and, if they were wealthy enough, sent

“The next day, they made arrangements for me to see the musetheir children abroad for their education. The young man learned um,� Kami said. “It had a great collection of jewelry and woven that Kami came from England, had a daughter and was in Asia to fabrics.There were photos of tribal people with bones through work as a writer. their ears and then one with five heads on a tree. And then, when The two met the next day in the Tibetan guest-house Kami was I was just about to leave, I found a display about the first doctor in staying in and continued seeing each other for the few days before they both had to leave. “Then we wrote letters for four years,� Kami Nagaland.� Kami read that the doctor had been assassinated and says. “They were beautiful letters, I used to keep them as well as the remembered that he was her long-ago boyfriend’s father. Kami says she didn’t have any intention to look for him but when envelopes as they had incredible stamps.� After four years of writing she mentioned the connection to the woman running the guest letters, they lost contact. house, she learned that they were part of the same tribe. The next “In March of 2010, I was in Kolkata staying with friends when I day, Kami heard that the man she used to write letters to would call heard that they are opening up Nagaland for tourism,� Kami says, her the following day from Mokokchung where he lived. explaining that she went to Nagaland House to find out whether “After dinner, I would sit with the father of it was true. “I went into the office imaginthe house and watch television,� Kami laughs. ing it to be full of tourists but when I walked “That evening, I was sitting there watching into room, there was nobody there,� she says a game between Liverpool and Manchester with a laugh. “There was this lovely young United and waiting for a call from someone man very similar to my friend and I asked I haven’t spoken to for 30-something years.� him if it was true that I can go to Nagaland.� She is not even a soccer fan, Kami says as she Kami hasn’t forgotten the reply. The young describes the strangeness of the situation. When official told her that, yes, she could go but the call came, she could barely understand him. that he thought she was very courageous. “I “His voice had gone husky. He said he wanted didn’t know what he meant but when I got to meet me in Dinapur where he had to go on to Nagaland, I figured it out fairly quickly,� business,� Kami says. “But I had bought a ticket Kami laughs. After many years of traveling to Mokokchung.� and making her money from travel and culIt seemed as if they would not meet as the tural writing, Kami is used to venturing off man headed to Dinapur at the same time as the beaten track. But flying into Dimapur, the Kami relaxes on a bench on Kami headed to Mokokchung. But circumstanconly tourist on the plane, she started having Bowen before planning her es changed and she found that the only way to doubts. “There were no buses or taxis going next trip. Susanne Martin photo leave Nagaland was by returning to Dimapur. into town,� Kami says, adding that she resort“He was happy that I was coming to meet ed to calling a contact she had been given at him,� Kami says. “And, of course, he wasn’t that gorgeous young the Kolkata Nagaland House to pick her up at the airport. While she waited for her ride, Kami struck up a conversation with another man he was. All his teeth are broken from chewing paan. His hair is shorn and dyed black. He is wearing glasses and moving very young native, a woman from Kohima, who offered to share a ride slowly.� She adds that 35 years cover a long time and she surely has to her hometown the next day. changed as well. Kami’s friend insisted he cook dinner for her and Kami thanked her and, after a harrowing experience of finding accommodation and an uncomfortable walk through the city to get put her up for the night. He even accompanied her to Assam as he felt that it wouldn’t have been safe for her to travel alone. a vegetarian meal, took her up on the offer. “I think I’m addicted to adventure,� Kami says. “This is how I’ve Kami’s relief of leaving Nagaland’s largest city dissipated when made my living: freelance writing about cultural travel and environshe ran into similar problems of finding accommodation in mental things. It came as a surprise that I found myself in a place Kohima but her traveling companion had a suggestion. “We got another taxi and drove to her mother’s home that she rents out on a where I would rather not have been alone.� At the same time as she long-term basis. It’s beautiful and has a flower garden and animals.� prepares to read her story at Word on the Street, she is scouting the net for a cheap flight to Kathmandu. Kami loved it and was glad to stay.



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New Presentation Centre now open at 1147 Homer Street, downtown Vancouver. Please call for a private appointment. Private Tours available directly from Yaletown Quayside Marina to Snug Cove Marina (Bowen) This is not an offering for sale. E.&O.E.

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FRIDAY September 21 2012 • 7


Helping one another grow SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


he three women come from different backgrounds and have followed different career paths but they have one thing in common: they want to create better conditions for women who run businesses and live on Bowen Island. Carmen Dives, Tina Overbury and Angelyn Toth shared their views about Bowen Women in Business, an initiative that began in the spring of 2012. “We started with a group of 25 people,” Dives said, explaining that the group has been meeting on the last Wednesday of every month for networking, coffee, treats and a presentation. “The number of women who attend varies,” Dives said. “But the group has been growing steadily and includes women in many different professions.” Their fields range from cosmetics, website design, writing, social media, network marketing, health products, animal care, real estate and art, according to Dives, who is a realtor. “The women on Bowen Island have so much to offer but often they haven’t had a lot of support,” she said, adding that “the island is so vibrant but the economy needs a boost.” Tina Overbury’s background is in the network marketing industry where she is a vice president and business owner with Arbonne International. She is also a filmmaker and writer/director with five short films under her belt. “I have always been a networker and a team builder,” Overbury said. “I’ve created and been a part of numerous women’s support groups.” Overbury explains that she has a passion for community and learning and lives by the idea that group knowledge is always bigger and brighter than that of the individual. Overbury is relatively new to Bowen (she’s been here three years) and wanted to be more involved in the business community as well as make like-minded friends who could support one another. “I’d like to be exposed to new ways of doing, thinking and generating business ideas,” she says about her hopes for the group. “I live for my next aha moment. TOYOTA MERCEDES CHEVROLET DODGE PONTIAC AUDI ACURA


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My wish for this group is that we can see ourselves as business owners who grow as individuals and businesses way beyond the construct of ‘living on an island.’ We may live on an island, but we needn’t feel like we are one.” Angelyn Toth owns the Xenia Retreat Centre on Bowen Island and has made the facility available as a meeting place for Bowen Women in Business. “I also have a thriving home-based business,” Toth said. “I was introduced to this group by a friend who thought I would enjoy connecting to other women entrepreneurs on Bowen.” Toth found the meetings very helpful. “To my surprise, I gained a lot of insight and many ideas from this group of very inspiring women,” she said. “Feeling the camaraderie and sharing authentically with each other provides vast support and a skill base that we can apply to our own businesses. Even though some of the women are in what would be considered competitive companies, I do not feel the competition – only support and caring.” Toth believes that the meetings are a way for women who would otherwise be working at home alone to receive feedback and ideas for their work. “The encouragement and the network of people this opens up is powerful,” she said. Dives said that she is looking for community partners, for example the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce, and will consider joint meetings in an effort to bring in high-profile speakers. The next meeting of Bowen Women in Business will be on Wednesday, September 26, from 9 to 11 p.m. at Xenia Retreat Centre. There is a $10 charge toward covering the cost for the speakers and to provide coffee and treats. Dives wants to extend the invitation not only to women who run their own businesses but also to those who are looking for opportunities: “They can come out and join us to get ideas or be motivated and inspired.” She added that the group offers a sense of belonging and a lot of shared enthusiasm. “Between all of us, there is a lot of business expertise and our motto is to help each other grow,” she said.


Saturday, nd September 22 10:00 am (no early birds) On the Market Lawn next to Snug Cove’s Boardwalk.

For Info: 604-947-0640 Bowen Island Living it. Loving it.

AGENT BOWEN ISLAND SINCE L ESTATE To View Video Tours of Listings www.bowenhomes.ca2009 A E R G N I C # 1 T O P P R ODU

938 Spyglass


Two properties for the price of one. In Bluewater, this 2 or possibly 3 bedroom (loft) , 3 bath home is located behind a gate in a quiet and private setting backed by a lovely forest and stream. The home is warm and inviting throughout with care and attention to detail provided by a professional Designer. Recent renovations include a kitchen with all new appliances and granite counter tops. Sunken living room with an airtight wood burning fireplace and a vaulted ceiling. Large family room downstairs. Huge brand new decking for relaxing and summer entertaining – accessed by the Den, Dining Room, Living Room and Master Bedroom. Neighbouring forested property also included providing added privacy. On the bus route and very close to Crayola Beach.

Carmen Dives and Tina Overbury are part of a group of women in business on Bowen Island who support one another and meet every last Wednesday of the month. They share ideas, resources and treats and host speakers. Dale Casey photo

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8 • FRIDAY September 19 2012


MEDICAL OFFICE SPACE TO SHARE Central location, newly renovated.

A play with heart and legs work on little bits and jump from scene to scene,” he says. “And if it doesn’t work, you do it over. On stage, that’s it.” Baur adds that he’s been testing himself lately. And Soul Food is part of that. “To put it on the n Marc Baur’s new play Soul Food, he strings stage on Bowen is like baptism by fire,” he said. “After together a collection of six stories meant to that, we take it to the mainland. After that, we take it inspire hope. On September 28 and 29, Baur to wherever it’s going.” will share the stage with Marco Hohlbein to bring “There is a lot of audience interaction,” Baur says, the play to the community where he has re-invented adding that the set is minimal: two stools on a bare himself: Bowen Island. “Soul Food is an inspirational play, it’s a two-hand- stage surrounded by five-foot posters, “As we go around, we unveil a banner at the time and that leads er,” Baur says, adding that Hohlbein, a storyteller, into the next story.” actor and award winning theatre director, was his “We can put everything we need into two suitstudent about a decade ago. cases,” he says. “I patterned it after a couple of people “The play asks the question: is true lasting change who have traveled all over possible? And if it is, how do the world. I think [Soul we create it?” Baur says. “We Food] has the legs to do that take people on a journey. as well.” There are comical aspects but Hohlbein and Baur will heartstrings are being pulled portray a “good dozen charas well. We hope people will acters” and Baur says that go through a whole range of some of the stories are “very emotions.” close to home” as they reflect Baur has written the play his personal experience. He’s for audiences from all walks also looked at other stories in life. His idea to perform it with the power to touch peofor ecclesiastical communiple. “I looked for common ties originated a long time threads that I could weave ago. “When I was about 30, together.” he said. “I want to I was involved with a church take people on a journey that in Langley,” Baur recalls. ends at a common point.” “One time, an actor came to Baur adds that the mesthe church and did a onesage of the play is pertinent man show, followed by an and thought-provoking. “A acting workshop. I thought I friend of mine has said that would love to do something if you want something to like it.” Baur immediately happen, all you have to do is got started. He wrote plays, lean in that direction and the bought a pick-up truck and momentum will do the rest,” created a fold-up stage. “I Marco Hohlbein and Marc Baur will bring Soul Baur explains. “I hope that got ready to do this inspiFood to the stage on Bowen Island. people will leave the show rational play but then it Submitted photo with a sense that things are occurred to me that I didn’t OK and that they can make a know anything about acting,” difference. It’s meant to be empowering.” he laughs. “I was overcome by fear or maybe good Tickets for the Bowen shows on Friday and sense.” Baur enrolled in acting school, won scholarships, had a 30-year-career in film and television, and Saturday, September 28 and 29, at 7:30 p.m. at Cates Hill Chapel cost $20. They are available online at taught acting workshops across Canada. or at the door. With the intermission, “Since coming to Bowen, I’ve started painting and the show runs for about two hours. I’ve been working on the script,” Baur said. “Now “Five dollars from every ticket goes to the food that I have the training, I’m going to take Soul Food bank on Bowen,” Baur says. “What’s going to happen on tour.” And what better place to start his return to is that a church or society will bring us in and they the stage than Bowen Island. will keep a percentage of the proceeds.” Baur sees “It’s exciting to see what’s going to happen on this as an opportunity for charities to raise funds as September 28,” says Baur who has worked almost exclusively in film and television in the last few years. he and Hohlbein cover travelling expenses. And the actors will get the benefit of the organizations pro“It will be such a blast to get back to the stage.” moting the event to their memberships and mailing Baur says that working on the stage is different lists. from film and television. “With the camera, you SUSANNE MARTIN EDITOR


Wheelchair accessible. Reception area, exam rooms

Suite 101-495 Bowen Trunk Road Village Square Please call Dr. Zandy at



CALLING ALL LEADERS Do you have managerial skills and experience? Do you enjoy leading and motivating others? Make a contribution to public service and democracy! Elections BC is looking for community leaders to manage preparedness and administration of the 2013 Enumeration and the May 14, 2013 Provincial General Election. District Electoral Officer and Deputy District Electoral Officer opportunities will appeal to those who enjoy leading a diverse team towards a shared goal, value the democratic process and are dedicated to public service. These non-partisan, management-level positions are critical to the successful delivery of our provincial electoral processes. The application deadline is September 30, 2012, but applications will be assessed on a first-come, first served basis. APPLY NOW! For more information on qualifications, compensation and how to apply, please visit the Elections BC website at

Elections BC is a non-partisan Office of the Legislature responsible for administering the Election Act, the Recall and Initiative Act, and the conduct of referenda under the Referendum Act . / 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 1 - 8 6 8 3 B O W E N I S L A N D M U N I C I PA L I T Y

Water Restrictions For All Municipal Water Systems Creation Date: 09/18/12

Ad No (File name): BLACK_EBC005078 DEO_4.5x70L

Ad Title: Calling all leaders

Revision Date: September 19, 2012 12:51 PM

Client: Elections BC

Client Project Number: 0409851

Summer is here and we are experiencing sharp drops in water supplies. Publication/Printer: EBC Reference #: Trim: pubs 72020 – 0409153 4.5˝ x 5.00˝ Therefore, effective Various immediately, the following restrictions apply: - Email/FTP to: Colour: NO Shipped LAWN SPRINKLING Elevator FTP site K NO CAR/BOAT WASHING NO DECK/POWER WASHING

Direct: 604.714.2485

Column & lines: 4 col x 70 li

Here are a few tips and reminders: • turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or soaping your hands • use the dishwasher only when it is full • use laundry machines as sparingly as possible • embrace the dusty look for your car • water garden by hand-held hose or containers • equip hoses with spring-loaded shutoff devices • collect rainwater for garden use using covered tanks/barrels • flush toilets only when necessary Please limit your water usage

THIS IS A COMMUNITY EFFORT: LET’S MAKE IT WORK! Thank you, Engineering & Operations For Information Call 947-4255

Archives are looking for interviewers


owen’s community archives are looking for volunteers to explore the island’s history. Here’s why. The stories and anecdotes collected from early settlers by the historians of the 1970s formed a key part of the material used by Irene Howard to write the lively island history Bowen Island: 18721972. In recent years, volunteers have added more interviews to the earlier treasure trove and new volunteers are sought to continue the process. Conducting interviews is a pleasant task because they relate to a person, a family or a subject area in which the interviewer is interested in. Moreover, they’re done at a pace, style and place comfortable for both parties. Some volunteers tape the interview, transcribing the material at another time. Others take notes which are written up later. One volunteer worked directly on her computer with the interviewee close at hand. Whatever the basic technique, the interview is put on paper and reviewed with the person interviewed. Then an index will list the topics covered. At that point, a final copy goes to the interviewee and another into the archives. A number of islanders have already helped in this fascinating process and new volunteers are warmly invited. In recent years, Irene Wanless has been the champion. She has interviewed Eileen Schmidt, Peter

Schmidt, Charlie MacNeill, Stella Meal, Rene Bird, Nancy Bourdet (granddaughter of Jacob Dorman), Dolores Wallace and Ross Carter. Dannie McArthur interviewed Odd Ytrri, Mary Selman and edited the fascinating Ellen Dorman video material. Trish McGeer interviewed Monte Marler about scouting on Bowen between 1918-1933, Diane Marshall helped to research the history of the Stan James development of the 1970s and worked on an extensive interview with Hans Behm. Lois Meyers-Carter has worked with Bruce and Evelyn McLeod, Maude Arundel-Ross, Buster Rouche, Dave Moon, Martin Clarke, Peggy Punnett and Auriel Howarth. Art specialist Betty Dhont created a marvelous multi-volume set of artist biographies and gallery records. Linda Cuthbert researched the history of golf courses on Bowen Island. People who are interviewed often have significant photographs to share that are scanned and added to the photographic database. Lastly, as detailed information becomes available through interview sources, relevant portions are added to the biographical database. Bowen Island has a wide array of interesting people and topics to be explored. Is there a role for you? For more information, phone Lois Meyers-Carter at 947-2440 or e-mail

FRIDAY September 21 2012 • 9


On the calendar FRIDAY, SEPT. 21


• Youth Centre: 6 to 10:30 p.m. Free food, free movies. Drop in. • Legion Dinner: 6:30 p.m. Members and guests welcome.

• Bowen Women in Business: 7 to 9 p.m. at Xenia Retreat Centre. • Drop-in knitting: 2 to 5 p.m. at Bowen Court. All levels welcome. • Weight Watchers: Collins Hall. 6:15-7:15 p.m. Call 2880. • Post Partum Support Group: Meets two evenings/mo. (604) 9472717.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 22 • Community Yard Sale: 10 a.m. on the market lawn next to Snug Cove’s boardwalk. • Live music at Bowen Island Pub: 9:30 p.m to 1 a.m. • Living Artfully, Reflections from the Far West Coast book launch: 7 to 9 p.m. Gallery at Artisan Square. Admission by donation

MONDAY, SEPT. 24 • NA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Cates Hill Chapel. Seniors Keeping Young: 9 a.m. line dancing, 9:45 a.m. exercises, singing and refreshments, 11 a.m. Movie screening: The Iron Lady.


• AA Meeting: Open meeting, 7:15 p.m. Collins Hall. 604-434-3933.

Another Auction item Keep the house safe with this beautiful fireplace guard in brass. It will be auctioned off in support of the Snug Cove House Society. The auction is a fundraiser that makes use of selected donations from the Knick Knack Nook gathered over the last six months. The event will take place on the evening of October 20 at the Legion. Stay tuned for a preview of more auction items and news about on-line bidding for some of the items at the beginning of October.  Submitted photo

THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 • Duplicate-style bridge: 7 p.m. sharp. Bowen Court lounge. Call Irene at 2955 • Youth Centre: 4 to 6 p.m. Practise with your band or listen to music. Free food. • Euchre tournament: 7 p.m. the Legion, $10 registration fee, call Nancy at 947-2858.

ONGOING • Seven Hills Yoga: for full schedule for Hatha yoga and meditative yoga classes, please see www.sevenhillsyoga. com or call 604-671-2845.



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Singer/songwriter Martyn Joseph plays to an appreciative crowd at Vancouver Island’s MusicFest. Spot the Bowen fans (left to right) Dyan Spear, Claire Allan and Leah Kline. Lorraine Ashdown photo

Martyn Joseph returns to perform on Bowen Island LORRAINE ASHDOWN B . I . M u s I c A s s O c I At I O N


few years back, Welsh singersongwriter Martyn Joseph played to a full house on Bowen Island. Due to popular demand, he will return on Tuesday, October 2, to play a show at Tir-na-nOg Theatre at 7:30 p.m. I was lucky enough to catch Joseph on stage a few times at Vancouver Island’s MusicFest. As soon as a person hears Joseph and experiences his intensity and connection with the human spirit, he or she becomes an instant fan. With that in mind, and having watched Joseph connect with his audience on many levels, I became determined to bring him to Bowen Island. And now he is on his way for a return engagement.

Joseph’s abilities as a wordsmith, his passion, his charisma and his humour are what sets him apart from other current singer/songwriters. He has been a performer for 25 years, gracing the stage with the likes of Suzanne Vega, Joan Armatrading, Art Garfunkel and Celine Dion. He has won many awards and accolades and continues to soothe and excite hearts and minds as he makes his way through his latest tour. You can sample Joseph’s music at www. Tickets for Joseph’s performance are available at Phoenix on Bowen. The cost is $24. Children are welcome but it is expected that if young ones become restless, parents will use their judgment and do what is best for all members of the audience by taking the child off to a quiet space in the foyer.

Creative music instruction with Corbin Keep.


Cello, guitar, bass guitar, composition, theory.




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10 Friday September 21 2012








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Reach most sportsmen & women in BC advertise in the 2013-2015 BC Freshwater Fishing Regulation Synopsis! The largest outdoor magazine in BC, 450,000 copies plus two year edition! This is the most effective way to advertise your business in BC. Please call Annemarie at 1-800-661-6335. or email:




An Alberta Construction Company is hiring Dozer and Excavator Operators. Preference will be given to operators that are experienced in oilfield road and lease construction. Lodging and meals provided. The work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Alcohol & Drug testing required. Call Contour Construction at 780-723-5051.


CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO Risk Program STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call Us NOW. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248


ONE DAY POLAR BEAR Tours Calgary and Edmonton departures this fall. Jet to Churchill and experience 6 hours on a polar bear safari; 1 - 8 6 6 - 4 6 0 - 1 4 1 5 ;

D&J Isley and Sons Contracting Ltd. in Grande Prairie, AB. is looking for BUNCHER, SKIDDER, FORWARDER and PROCESSOR Operators If you are looking for full time work, please submit your resume to or fax 780532-1250 LEARN FROM HOME. EARN FROM HOME. Medical Transcriptionists are in demand. Lots of jobs! Enrol today for less than $95 a month. 1-800-466-1535 w w w . c a n s c r i b e . c o m MOBILE MEDICAL EXAMINERS: RNs, RPNs, LPNs, Lab Techs. Insurance Services Co. recruiting in Bowen Island and surrounding. Venipuncture experience reqd. Korean and Farsi an asset. Contact:

EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION 108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES $294.00 DAILY MAILING POSTCARDS! Guaranteed Legit Work. Register Online! ZNZ Referral Agents Needed! $20-$95/Hr! Multiple $100 Payments To Your Bank! More Amazing Opportunities @


P/T or F/T

Magazine Publishing Business For Fun Energetic Entrepreneurs! Exclusive Protected License. We Teach You & Provide Content!

Toll Free 1-855-406-1253 Attention: We need serious & motivated people for expanding health & wellness industry. High speed internet/phone essential. Free online EARN EXTRA CASH! - P/T, F/T Immediate Openings For Men & Women. Easy Computer Work, Other Positions Are Available. Can Be Done From Home. No Experience Needed. FREE VENDING MACHINES. Appointing Prime References Now. Earn up to $100,000.00 + Per Year. Exclusive Protected Territories. For Full Details CALL NOW. 1-866-6686629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM Help Wanted!!! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping HomeWorkers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! RENOVATED HOTEL in Holland, Manitoba, 134 seat bar w/patio, 30 seat restaurant, four rooms and living quarters. Turn key operation w/equipment, $259,900.00 OBO. Contact 1-204-799-4152.

NOW HIRING HEAVY HIGHWAY/ HEAVY CIVIL PROFESSIONALS To join Flatiron at our Edmonton & Fort McMurray locations.

• Labourers • Apprentice & Journeyman Carpenters • Bridge Carpenters • Concrete Finishers • Heavy Duty Mechanics • Equipment Operators • Crane Operators • Grading Foremen • Surveyors • Quality Control Techs • Safety Personnel • Civil Engineers • Superintendents Flatiron is one of North America’s fastest growing heavy civil infrastructure contractors. We have landmark projects across Canada and we have established ourselves as a builder and employer of choice. Fort McMurray opportunities offer a project specific rotational schedule and project provided flights. Our Edmonton projects will be offering competitive compensation on a 4-year project. Flatiron has been named Heavy Civil Contractor of the Year in Alberta and has been recognized as a 2012 Best Workplace in Canada.

Please apply by sending your resume to kmartella or fax: (1)604-244-7340. Please indicate in your email which location you are applying to.



AUTOMATED TANK MANUFACTURING INC. is looking for Welders. Due to a huge expansion to our plant located in Kitscoty, Alberta, 20km west of Lloydminster. We have openings for 10-3rd Year Apprentices or Journey Person Welders. We offer best wage in industry. 3rd Year Apprentice $28-$30/hour, Journey Person $32-$35/hour, higher with tank experience. Profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Join a winning team. Call Basil or Blaine at: (office)780-846-2231; (fax)780846-2241 or send resume to; Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through inhole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform.


COMPANY DRIVER & O/O req’d for Gillson Trucking. F/T. 42¢/mile. Run U.S. LMO avail 604-853-2227


CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET

F/T FORKLIFT OPERATOR NEEDED Min. 32hrs/wk. Must have a valid ticket. Send resume to: HEAVY EQUIPMENT REPAIR LTD. currently has full-time positions available: H/D Truck & Transport Mechanic & Parts Counter Person. Contact Herb 780-849-3768; (cell) 780-849-0416. Fax 780-8494453. Email: LOCAL ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE company looking for day rate and hourly Vacuum Truck Operator. Must have current oilfield tickets and up-to-date drivers abstract. Benefit package. Fax 403845-3903.

HIRING an Electrician (Temporary) at Surrey Schools! For more info & to apply by Sept. 24, 2012, please visit & click on Career Opportunities & Support Staff or JOURNEYMAN AUTOBODY POSITION available Immediately at brand new modern dealership. Lots of work, great pay, benefits, great Northern Saskatchewan community. Apply to Rob Dron at or call 1-800-667-0511. SECHELT WASTE COMPANY seeks Heavy Duty Mechanic to manage shop operations and the maintenance of all equipment. Submit resume to 604-885-4247 or

NOW HIRING!!! 10 Customer Service positions available! Up to $20.00/hr paid weekly Must work well with others!!! Call Erica 604 777 2195 THE LEMARE GROUP is accepting resumes for the following positions: • Grapple Yarder Operators • Hooktenders • Chasers • 2nd Loader/Buckers • Hydraulic Log Loader/Hoe Forward Operators • Off Highway Logging Truck Drivers (Pacific) • Heavy Duty Mechanics. Full time with union rates and benefits. Please send resumes by fax to 250-956-4888 or email: THE SUNDRE ROUND-UP, a 2,000 circulation weekly, requires an experienced editor. Sundre is 110 km northwest of Calgary. Full benefit package. Apply: Lea Smaldon, 5013 - 51 St., Olds, AB, T4H 1P6. 403-556-7510;


Spiritual Physic Healer

Specializing in Palm, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball Readings. Reunites loved ones. One visit will amaze you! Call today for a better tomorrow. 3 Readings $35


A-TECH Services 604-230-3539 Running this ad for 8yrs

PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour (Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.



YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Real Professionals, Reasonable. Rates. Different From the Rest. 604-721-4555.

GL ROOFING. Cedar shakes, Asphalt shingles, flat rfs. Cln Gutters $80. Liability Insur. 1-855-240-5362




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“ ABOVE THE REST “ Interior & Exterior Unbeatable Prices & Professional Crew. • Free Est. • Written Guarantee • No Hassle • Quick Work • Insured • WCB

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GET the best for your moving 24/7. From $40/hr. Licensed & Insured. Senior Discount. 778-773-3737

1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

DUE TO A STEADY growth in our industry we currently have multiple positions open for Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technicians for our field service division. Mining and large construction equipment experience is an asset. We offer very competitive wages and benefits. Apply:

MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.



Certified Utility Arborists and 2nd yr Apprentice Utility Arborists wanted immediately for clearing in and around energized lines in lower mainland & interior regions. Competitive wage & benefit package. Call Matt for details 250-308-6033.

This is creating MILLIONAIRES! Earn $30,000 to $50,000+ weekly with ABSOLUTE proof. This is real! Call 1-800-887-1897 (24 hrs.) This is a serious life changer!




SERIOUS RETIREMENT Impact. Flex hours. FREE training online. 21st Century Flea Market. Sept 23 10am-3pm. Croatian Cultural Ctr. 3250 Commercial Dr. Adm $5.



INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. Apply online! 1-866-399-3853

SURREY: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout and new roof. $549,000. 604-575-5555.


Size not exactly as shown



Power Pack iQcluGeV %oweQ ,VlaQG 8QGercurreQt

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Family owned & operated. Fully insured. We do Cedar Shakes, conversions, concrete tiles, torchon, fibreglass shingles, restoration & repairs. 20 yr labour warranty. 604-723-2626



DISPOSAL BINS Residential & Commercial Services

PETS 477


BUDGIES to good home, (6), all under 2 years old. call (604)703-1818 CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CATS OF ALL DESCRIPTION in need of caring homes! All cats are Spayed, neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. Visit us at or call 1 (604)820-2977 DALMATIANS, 2M, born july 9, ckc reg., shots, dewormed, $1000-$1500. (604)793-5130, (604)723-2232

GERMAN Short Hair Pointer pups, exc hunting & family dogs, champion bloodlines, AKC & CKC reg’s parents, CKC reg litter, 3 F & 5 M avail. $650. (604)703-5744



MATTRESSES starting at $99 • Twins • Fulls • Queens • Kings 100’s in stock! www.Direct (604)294-2331






HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837




We Recycle! GO GREEN!

ALTO CONN SAX $595. Tenor Sax $595. 604-859-5925

SHELTIES SABLE COLOUR full white collars, 3 months old, taken out on leash, 2M 1F (604)826-6311


Price $19,950. obo. Henry 604-309-6012

YELLOW LAB Puppies - exc stock. No papers. $450: 1-(604)820-2687 10% OFF with this AD

PETS 477


Airedale pups. P/b, CKC reg., microchipped, health guar, (604)7943500. email: Border Collie/Golden Retrievers x, 11 wks, shots, view parents, 2M/1F $525. (604)796-2886/799-7033



1-800-910-6402 DL# 7557 GUARANTEED








Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley






Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022

ABLE AUCTIONS in Vancouver is currently accepting jewellery, fine art, antiques and collectibles for upcoming auctions. FREE APPRAISALS Call 604-818-9473



A New Pillowtop Mattress Set Still in Packaging! Can Deliver! $100 - Call: 604-484-0379



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2000 DODGE GREAT WEST VAN Class B Motorhome 318V8 107,000 km. Like new in & out. A/C, fantastic fan, toilet, shower, am/fm stereo w/ CD & Cassette, dvd w/ screen. Fridge, stove, micro, sink. A must see! $18,500 604-796-8792



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Size not exactly as shown

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Sell your Car!

2010 VENZA: Like new, only 20,000 kms, fully loaded, automatic, 6 cylinder, dvd system. $22,800. 604-575-5555.

RARE 1983 GMC 4WD Van shorty. Fully rebuilt. Spectacular cond! Everything new. Nicest one around guaranteed. Too much to list. $12,500/obo. 604-290-5532


Tree removal done RIGHT!

604-787-5915, 604-291-7778

1996 22’ SLUMBER QUEEN 5th wheel. Interior like new, has to be seen to appreciate. New stereo, back up camera, flat screen TV, new HD antenna, m/w, a/c. Incl. hitch. $7,000. 604-625-7761 Aldergrove


FREE BROCHURE - Kings County - “Land of Orchards, Vineyards & Tides” - Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Live! Work! Start Business! -Toll-Free: 1.888.865.4647


• Tree & Stump Removal • Certified Arborists • 20 yrs exp. • 60’ Bucket Truck • Crown Reduction • Spiral Pruning • Land Clearing • Selective Logging ~ Fully Insured • Best Rates ~

2 hr. Service (604)209-2026

1991 Class A MOTORHOME

SCHNAUZER Puppies 2 male, 1 female. M- Salt & pepper , F - black. 8 wks. $800/ea. Jim (604)826-8877 604-882-2733



1987 21’ SLUMBER QUEEN M/H. 86,572 kms. Sleeps 5 or 6. Asking $6,000. obo. (604)859-8515 Abbts

Mode-34 SI. Ford chasse, 460CID engine SFI, 4 spd, auto. trans (with over drive) Power steering, power brakes, disk brakes on 4 wheels, tilt st. wheel, a/c, cruise, burner range, oven, double sink & many more extras. A must see! Original owner. Under 70,000 miles.



Scotty 604-313-1887


P/B Choc. lab puppies, 3 F. 1 M.left, born June 27, CKC reg. vet✓ $700. 604-217-6551, 604-825-1730


2008 FORD 350, diesel. Black. 3 yr warranty left. $27,000. Call 604589-6032 or 604-807-6022.

We Pay CA$H For •Auto •Scrap Metals •Batteries •Machinery •Lead


WANTED pre 1970’s toys. Dinky, Corgi, matchbox, hotwheels, tin trucks. Call 604-889-5414

YELLOW LAB. 2 years old. Female, trained. Shots up to date. C/w accessories. $500. 604-853-0676


Metal Recycling Ltd.

2011 NISSAN VERSA 4/dr h/back, auto, 25,000/km, red, many options, $8600/firm. 604-538-9257.



SAWMILLS from only $3997 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or

SMOOTH MINI Dachshunds. Born July 27/12. Family raised. 1st shots, dewormed. $750. 604-855-6176


2006 MAZDA 3 - 4 dr sedan. auto, 70,000 kms, Blue. Many options. $7000/firm. Call (604)538-4883


The Scrapper

Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

• Portable Toilets • Fencing • Containers • Waste Management • Storage



2 BDRM Abtsfrd/Aldergrove border,w/d and utils incl, sep entry and parking. NP/NS. $900. 604-3282654.


Friday September 21 2012 11

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673




STOP RENTINGRENT TO OWN • No Qualification-Low Down • SURREY- 10707 - 139th St. Nice 2 bdrm. CONDO, Lrg. patio, Hot water incls. Central Area. $788/M

WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Christmas in September $500 cash back. We fund your future not your past. All credit situations accepted. 1-888593-6095.

Call Kristen 604-786-4663



1996 VW JETTA, 4 door, p/b, p/w, sunroof, a/c, cruise, heated seats, etc. Mech. good, clean inside. Must be seen. $5,499. 604-746-7559

• No Qualification-Low Down • CLOVERDALE -18898 65th Ave, HOUSE, 3900 sqft. 5 bdrm. & 2 suites, quiet neigh. $1,488/M

Call Kristen 604-786-4663

2005 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon - 139k, 3.0 V6, 5 spd. manual, 220 hp exc. cond. BC car, dark grey w/ blk. int., no accid. sunroof, pwr. drivers seat, light duty hitch for bike rack, new clutch & starter, recent tires, car needs nothing $9500 778-861-5017



Come to the Bowen Butcher Shop at Alderwood Farm for your free-range THANKSGIVING TURKEY Order before Sept. 30 Open Wed-Sun 10 am-5 pm 1351 Adams Road- 947-9434 COMMUNITY YARD SALE Saturday Sept. 22nd 10 am (no early birds) Bowen Market Lawn in Snug Cove. Furniture, home furnishings, electronics,cameras, tools, toys, games, new linens and toss pillow, rugs etc. etc. etc CREATIVE MUSIC INSTRUCTION with CORBIN KEEP Cello, guitar, bass guitar, composition, theory. corbinkeep@telus.ent 604-947-9454 EUCHRE TOURNAMENT Thursday, Sept 27, 7 pm at the Legion $10 registration fee - prizes call Nancy (604)947-2858 FOR RENT: cottage 2 bdrm + den, d/w, w/d, Millers Landing area, $1300/mo. 604-728-6290 For your personal Vintage Upholstery Older sprung sofa sets Starting at $4000 a piece. Dave McKay certified upholsterer since 1983 cell 250-295-1616.

Island and West Van references. Bowen Island Upholstery



FREE & in good condition: 2 sofa chairs,4 green resin deck chairs, skis, golf cart, metal double bed frame. 604-947-4369 FREE - like new 6’ 6”couch. Will trade for trundle bed. 604-314-0797 Gorgeous house w/ view for rent in Tunstall Bay Bright, modern 3 bdrm/3 bath h/w flrs + tile w/heat, f/p + w/s, soaker tub - $2100 + util’s 604.714.4065 or GUITAR WITH SONG with Louise Escallier at Bluewater Studio. Ages 8 to adult Fall session: Sept. 10 - Dec.14 email: or 604-947-9070. HELP WANTED: Construction Labors. Contact Rondy at Union Steamship Co Marina or phone 604 947 0707 ext #3 High end vintage upholstery since 1983 Dave McKay, certified upholsterer Island and West Van ref.’s, Cell 250295-1616 Bowen Island Upholstery.

Home needed by Nov.1 for our family of five and two cats. Able to pay a max of $1300 for a three bedroom or up to $1000 for a two bedroom with den. We are great tenants and have stayed in our current home for more than six years and are looking for a long term living situation. Please call 2044

House for Rent at Sandy Beach. 3 bdrm 2500sf. Avail. Sept.15. Walk to ferry. $1875/mo. Email PRIME RETAIL/OFFICE SPACES in Snug Cove: 340 sq. ft. office spaces with shared common entrance, bathroom; 613 sq. ft office/retail space; 1,080 sq. ft. office/retail space. For more info please call: 604-947-0099 ext. 104 Or email Spacious and bright 2 bedroom suite in quiet family home near the Legion. In-suite laundry. Wood burning space heater. Separate entrance. References required. Cat OK. NS, $850/month. 947-9228

12 • FRIDAY September 19 2012


A visit to ApodAcA pArk

April 13, 2013 at Richmond Olympic Oval Bust a Move is more than a day-long fitness fundraising extravaganza. It’s a celebration and an opportunity to support the BC Cancer Foundation and life-saving breast cancer research taking place at the BC Cancer Agency

Join the Movement – Register Today!

The captain masterfully positioned his boat so that visitors to Apodaca Provincial Park, located on the eastern shoreline of Bowen Island, could disembark for a short trek around this protected area. Young and old alike scampered up the rocks to enjoy a breath-taking view and listen to an educational lecture about the area by Alan Whitehead. Adam Taylor searched the waters for marine life which he then shared with the public before releasing it back into the habitat. Debra Stringfellow photos



This notice is published pursuant to section 4 of the Recall and Initiative Act. Approval in principle has been granted on an application for an initiative petition. The petition will be issued to proponent Dana Larsen on Monday, November 19, 2012 and signature sheets must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, February 18, 2013. The Title of the Initiative is: An initiative to amend the Police Act. Summary of Initiative: The initiative draft Bill entitled, “Sensible Policing Act” proposes to amend the Police Act to no longer use provincial police resources on the enforcement of current laws in relation to simple possession and use of cannabis by adults. The draft law would prohibit the use of provincial police resources for this purpose, would require police to report in detail to the Minister of Justice any actual use of resources for this purpose and why it was necessary, and require the Minister to publish that report. The Bill also proposes that the Province would call upon the Federal Government to repeal the federal prohibition on cannabis, or give British Columbia an exemption, such that British Columbia is able to tax and regulate cannabis similar to the regulation of alcohol and tobacco. As well it proposes that British Columbia shall establish a Provincial Commission to study the means and requirements necessary for the province to establish a legal and regulated model for the production and use of cannabis by adults. Last, the Bill would make non-lawful possession and use of cannabis by minors an offence similar to possession and use of alcohol.

Initiative Advertising: Individuals or organizations who sponsor initiative advertising, other than the proponent and registered opponents, must register with the Chief Electoral Officer before they conduct or publish initiative advertising. Registration applications are available from Elections BC. Who May Sign the Petition: Registered voters as of Monday, November 19, 2012 may sign the initiative petition. Individuals may only sign the petition once, and must sign the petition sheet for the electoral district in which they are registered at the time of signing. Signed petitions are available for public inspection. For More Information: The initiative application and draft Bill are available for public inspection on the Elections BC website and at the Elections BC office at the address below. Location: Suite 100 – 1112 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C Mailing Address: PO Box 9275 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9J6 Phone: Toll-free: Fax: Email: Website:

250-387-5305 1-800-661-8683 250-387-3578

Opponent Registration: Individuals or organizations who intend to incur expenses as opponents must apply for registration with the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, October 22, 2012. Registration applications for opponents are available from Elections BC. / 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 1 - 8 6 8 3

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