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a­­mpersand Ampersand is a logogram representing the conjunction word ”and”. This symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for ”and”. It is a part of speech that connects two words, sentences, phrases or clauses together, creating meaning, correlation, function. Ampersand is also a graphic design agency with a big heart for Typography and beautiful books. Henk Bossuyt

Wonen en Leven in Brussel The Art of Living in Brussels Lannoo Tielt Belgium Steward, Tabori and Chang, New York

THE ART OF LIVING IN BRUSSELS: ”This elegant book offers an inside look at the art, decoration, and architecture behind the ornate interiors and magnificent gardens of Brussels.” ”Lavishly illustrated with nearly 300 color photos of marvelous urban landscapes and exquisitely appointed rooms, this is an expertly guided tour of a fascinating city and its residences.” THE ART OF LIVING IN FLANDERS: ”This beautifully produced book gives readers an inside look at one of the most quietly magnificent places in Europe.”

• Hardcover with Jacket • Antal sidor: 208 • Format: 250 × 250 mm

De Bourlashouwburg Fรถrfattare: Madeleine Manderyck Lannoo Tielt Belgium

• Hardcover with Jacket • Typface: Galliard • Pages: 176 • Size: 250 × 330 mm

Pierre Bruno Bourla was a Paris-born Belgian architect. He was the city architect in Antwerp from 1819 to 1861, and a professor of architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. His most famous work is the Royal Theatre built between 1827 and 1834, known popularly after him as the ”Bourla theatre”.

Wonen een Weelde Walda Pairon Författare: Ivo Pauwels Lannoo Tielt Belgium

”This elegant book offers an inside look at the art and decoration of Walda Pairon”

• Hardcover with Jacket • Pages: 158 • Size: 250 × 250 mm

Gevoel voor Sfeer Fรถrfattare: Chris Meplon Concept: Henk Bossuyt Lannoo Tielt Belgium

• Hardcover • Antal sidor: 214 • Format: 250 × 250 mm

Romantisch Tuinieren Dina Deferme Fรถrfattare: Ivo Pauwels Lannoo Tielt Belgium

• Hardcover • Pages: 144 • Size: 250 × 250 mm

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”Vissa böcker blir man bara så lycklig av.”

Grafisk formgivning av framför allt illustrerad facklitteratur och exklusivt formgivna böcker inom olika ämnesområden som foto, historia, arkitektur, interiör, trädgård, mat, kultur med mera. Henk Bossuyt | | 0705113737


Presentation of bookdesign by Henk Bossuyt


Presentation of bookdesign by Henk Bossuyt